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Grab your Jumpboard and get ready to check in to your full body strength in the final class of Rediscovering Strength with Tash. You'll affirm your work and graduate to the next level with a series of dynamic movements! Each exercise will challenge your stability, strength, and provide opportunities to stretch your muscles. Get ready to sweat in the exciting finale of Tash's program!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board

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Welcome back to Pilates Anytime. Today we are going to use our jump board. I'm Tash from South Africa, and I'm so excited to be here with you. I'm really excited to get your bodies moving. We going to reinvest in our bodies.

We going to be very mindful of how we move. If you are maybe doing something for the first time and it's new to you, I know you will make a good choice for your own body. Remember, you are your own boss. So you can make your own choices if you feel you need to. So why don't you make sure all the springs are off your gears, you've got your jump board on and then come and place yourself in a seated position towards the front section of your carriage, so that your feet or your calves are not pressing into the springs.

All right you guys, come and set yourself up. Come and realign your spine by engaging your abdominals and your back. We're going to reach your arms forward. I'm going to get you to inhale. And as we take that exhale just lift your pelvic floor, then continuously move and tuck and roll that lumbar spine.

Keep the shoulders over the hips, and then inhale to lift up. Keep your carriage still at this stage of the session. Exhale, deep flexion in the lumbar spine. Imagine you doing a pelvic curl. And then lift up, lift up, lift up.

Inhale, exhale, deep lumbar flexion. Just allow those vertebras to move through the muscle activation of your deep, deep abdominals. Three more. Exhale to curl. Your eyeline is forward.

Your arms are in line with your shoulders, and we lengthen up. Two more. Keep that carriage still. Stability is key throughout the whole session today. I'm going to encourage you to stabilize within the movement.

One more exhale, deep flexion, curl, curl, curl, curl, and then inhale extend. And we're going to take the movement deeper. This time move through the initial phase. Continue and just roll back just so the abdominals are waking up. Pause for the inhale, then exhale roll your shoulders over the hips.

And then extend your body up. Inhale, exhale, deep flexion. Continue moving through the lumbar spine. Draw those abs deep into your back. Inhale, pause, and then exhale to roll forward, and lift and lengthen.

Two more here. Inhale. Exhale to curl, deep flexion, deep flexion. Curl, curl, curl, roll, hold, inhale. And we exhale to roll forward and lengthen up.

One more guys. Inhale. Exhale nice and slow, nice and steady, nice and deep. Curl. Curl, curl. Inhale, hold.

Exhale, roll forward. Can you lift your arms up over your head and circle your arms? You're going to exhale, curl, reach your hands forward onto your jump board. We going to inhale. Extend your spine.

Press down with your hands. Exhale. Come back down to the straight spine. And we inhale extend. Getting that resistance, lifting up and exhale to lower down. Three more.

Inhale, inhale, inhale. Shoulders are stable. Exhale, lower down. Two more. Inhale to extend, creating space through those vertebras.

Exhale, lower back down. One more. We inhale extend. Extend, extend. Exhale down, release your hands.

Roll back up and sit tall. We pause inhale. We're going to roll back this time, as far as what you can, keeping the stability in your torso. We gonna hold it here. And the exhale, lift your right arm up over your head, and then inhale to lower down.

You should feel the work in your abdominals. Left arm and lower. Exhale right arm up. Inhale lower, deep lumbar flexion. That's my own little problem area, so you dig deep.

Dig deep with me, feet on the floor. And reach, reach. We do two more. Use the last little bit of the exhale to get those abdominals close to your spine. And one more.

And lift, pause, inhale everyone, and roll up exhale. Lift your arms, circle your arms, and have one last stretch before we go into our foot work. Great. Lift your feet up and out of the carriage. We're going to place your springs on for your foot work. So I'm personally not into the heavy Springs but I'm going to leave it up to you.

I'm going to put one heavy spring and one light spring on for the double footwork series. Come and join me. Let's lie on our backs. You're going to place your feet in your parallel position on your jump board. Make sure your heels are anchored as much as possible.

You want to keep your knees aligned up towards the ceiling. Make sure that spine and pelvis is neutral. So you'll have your own natural curve in your lumbar spine, and you'll have your pelvis neutral. We're gonna start with a foot warmup everyone. You're going to exhale, extend your knees just here.

let's move onto a rise, spreading your toe. So I really want you to work into your calves. Lower your heels down and bend your knees. Come back. Let's repeat that.

Extend your legs on the exhale. Rise up but spread the toes, lower the heels down and bend your knees. Three more here. Exhale, extend, follow through with a rise. Lower the heels and bend back.

And we exhale. Rise up. Lower down. And one more before we add on. Exhale to extend.

Rise up. Lower down and bend. And we exhale rise from here, follows through onto your tippy toes. Work your intrinsic muscles underneath your feet, lower to the ball of the foot, lower the heel and then bend your knees. Come back.

Extend your legs, rise up, follow through onto the toes. I know it's not comfortable, but at least you not working against gravity. And we extend. Three more here. Rise up, point up. Lower the balls, heels and bend, two more, and maintain the pelvic lumbar stabilization.

Rise, rise. Lower to the ball, lower the heel. And one more. And we extend. And this is the position of the feet that you're gonna work through as we step into that jumping section.

Are you ready? So we inhale. You going to exhale, jump and land. exhale and land, through the parts of your feet. (exhales heavily) Exhale, land.

Remember, we activate those legs in the air, keeping the pelvis stable, keeping the lover back absolutely stable with your pelvis. Let's go, four more. Exhale, three. Exhale, two. And one.

Well done. No double bouncing. From here, Let's move into the external rotation. So move from your hip and your toes move out to the side. We're gonna do the same warm up.

You extend your knees here. Rise to the balls of the feet four times, lower the heels and come back. Again. Rise up through the balls of the feet, lower the heels and down. Two more. And extend, and rise.

Lower and bend. Again, stretching and rising we gonna add the full point in. So we stretch, We rise, press onto the toes, come to the balls of the feet, heels down and bend. Be very specific in the movement. Rise to the balls, onto the toes, onto the balls of the feet, then the heels, and down.

Two more. Extend the knees. Rise. Balls of the feet, tippy toes, balls of the feet, heels and bend. One more.

Extend and rise up onto the toes, balls of the feet, heels down. We bend, and we go, jump and land. Exhale and be very quiet in your own practice. (exhales heavily) And explode through your feet, through your legs. Extending those legs in the air.

(exhales heavily) Four more. Three, two, and one. Well done you guys. Press yourself up. Come and flip yourself up.

We're gonna lower the spring resistance. Take your light spring off and have your one heavy spring on. We're going to add single legs, and we're going to do a few repetitions and variations here. So wrap your head around it. As we lie supine, make sure you are centered.

We going to go into the leg changes. So starting on your two feet, continuously working through the parts of your feet, breathe in with me. As you exhale, jump off two feet, land on your left leg. Jump, land on the right leg. jump and land.

It's all about the quality of the movement. Not about the speed and not about the resistance. Okay? (exhaling heavily) And see if you can stretch two feet, two legs in the air before you swap over. Keep going.

Is your pelvis stable? Is your pelvis neutral? is your spine neutral? Let's do six more. And five.

Exhale on the push, through the glutes, through the hamstrings. And four. You almost want to hover at the top of the carriage. Two. And one.

Let's press onto the right leg. Hold it here. Check your pelvis. We're going to do 10 jumps on the right leg. Off we go.

(exhales) And two. Your left leg is your passenger, it just moves with the pelvis. And five, extend that knee in the air. Six, seven, eight, nine. Are you ready for that change?

And change in the air. And one, on the left leg. Two, three. Nice and smooth. Press through those hip extensors guys.

Seven, eight, nine, and 10. Into your external rotation. We're gonna do little (indistinct). If you don't know what that means, don't worry. Keep your legs turned out.

You gonna jump on two feet. Bring your right toe to the back of your left ankle. Single leg changes in turnout position. Jump and land. Jump and land.

Jump and land. Here, the pelvis really has to work hard to stay stable so that you don't wobble from side to side. Remember, stable joints are healthy joints. Keep going. Keep going.

Are you breathing? Are you smiling? Maybe there's a tiny little burn. That's okay. Well that should be there.

Four more. And three, and two, and one. Jump off two legs and land back. Well done everyone. We going to jump into a small-V position.

If you haven't done this before please make sure that your feet land on the board before your carriage crashes into the stopper. So you're gonna jump, open and land. Jump, open and land. Remember, safety always comes first guys. Jump and land.

Open and land. Exhale. (exhales) Exhale, heels down. Exhale, heels down. Press, four more.

And three. Exhale, two. Exhale, one. For the Brave hearts; Let's see if you can take your legs as wide as your body allows you to go, but maintain the stability in the pelvis. Only for those who feel comfortable, right?

Same movement, bigger range. We go. Out and in. Exhale, inhale. (exhales heavily) Be controlled, be intentional.

And don't be wild. Let's go. Six. (exhales heavily) Five. Four.

Exhale, three, two, and your best one, one. All right you guys, come and sit yourself up. Well done. Who's carriage crashed? Be honest.

That's okay (laughs). It happens to us the first time. I'm gonna get you to change your spring tension into your light spring. We're gonna do some abdominals in the jumping series. So remember, with the abdominal work, if your neck feels stressed and strained, please pop your head down and keep moving with the legs.

You always have options in Pilates, always. Come back into your supine position. From here, I'm going to get you to shimmy down a little bit so your shoulders are not touching. Make sure you in the middle. Lift your chest up.

Curl up into your chest lift. And we just gonna jump. (exhales) So the lighter spring is going to target our deep abdominals more. Great work, exhale, and breathe out. (exhales) It's all about the breath.

And four. Make sure your legs stay level to each other. Three, two, and one. We're going to add on. Arms up, down.

Exhale, inhale. (exhales) Arms up, lower. Four more. Exhale, three. If your neck's not happy, place it down.

Two. And one more. And lower, great work. Lower the head down. From here We're gonna to add some rotation.

Lift your chest up again, exhale. Lift your left leg up off your jump board. Reach the arms up. Rotate over towards your left side. We bend the right knee and we jump, and land.

Stay on the obliques. And exhale. inhale and exhale. Reach diagonally across, exhale. And we do four more.

Exhale, three. Exhale, pelvic stability. Two, and one. Gosh, I'm such a terrible counter today. Other side.

And exhale. Quality over quantity guys. Be intentional about your movements, your body. Use your beautiful Pilates principles and your options that you have. Four more.

Exhale, three. Exhale, two. Stretch your leg in the air. And one. We're gonna go, alternate side to side, over.

Up and over (exhales). Inhale, exhale. Give me precision of movement. Two legs, straight arms up, and over. two legs, straight arms up and over.

Lift and down. Exhale, inhale. Four more. You should feel those abdominals, not the neck. Three.

Exhale, two. And over. Finish in the center, and lower back down. Great work everyone. Bring yourself up into your seated position.

Readjust your straps, your springs. Add your heavy spring on. And we are going to move into our hip work. Coming to lie supine make sure your straps are close to your head rest so they're easy accessible. And we place our hands in our straps.

Press your legs away guys. Be safe here. Bring your right foot into your strap, press into it. Bring your left foot into your strap. Let's have your heels in your external rotation.

Find your neutral pelvis. We just extend out into the frogs. Keep your ankles dorsi flex. Inhale to bend, and exhale extend away. Inhale to bend.

You want to create the resistance on the flexion of the hip and knee. And four more. Stretch and hold. Inhale to bend. Exhale, three, extend.

And bend. Exhale, two more. Spine is neutral, pelvis is neutral. And the last one, hold it. Go into your plantar flexion, lift your legs up to 90, tailbone stays down.

Exhale, press your legs down. Circle around, and together. Again, exhale, lower and circle around. Exhale, lower. We literally just mobilizing and moving your hip joint guys.

And around, three more in this direction. Exhale. And around. And exhale and around. Two more.

Keep that pelvis stable. And one more. Around and together. Let's reverse it, AB duct. Lengthen and draw those inner thighs together, and lift up, and open.

Exhale, exhale, exhale, and lift up. And open and reach. Four more, lift up. And reach together. Three more.

Enjoy your movements guys. Let your body move. That's why you here. Two more. And the last one.

Up and around, and draw the legs together. Hold it here. Check in with your body. Is your pelvis neutral? Is your spine neutral? We inhale, inhale, inhale, extend open.

Exhale, draw the legs together. Find the adductors. And again, inhale, open. Your carriage will move. And we exhale, lengthen and draw, draw, draw.

Four more, inhale, extend, reach and hold. Exhale, draw together. And again. Inhale, open, and lengthen. Pelvis stays still.

Exhale together. Let's do one more. Inhale, open, reach and reach. Find the muscles of the inner thigh, and draw the legs together. Great work you guys.

Bend your knees. Free your right foot from the strap. Place it on the jump board, nice and safe. Take the left foot out. Bring your straps back down.

And we're going into the corkscrew advanced mat exercise on the carriage. Shift your shoulders down so they're not touching the shoulder rests. Hold onto your strap's pegs. As you lift your legs one at a time up off the floor, you extend your legs away, exhale. Don't rest on your jump board.

Inhale, lift your thighs. Exhale, articulate your spine up and over your pelvis. We going to rotate in yours waist as your toes point over to your right shoulder. Exhale, roll down the right side of your spine. Keep in mind your jump boars is there.

Semicircle the legs down and around. Lift up on the left side of the spine, and meet your feet in the center. Let's reverse it. Inhale. Slice the toes over to the left shoulder. Exhale, roll down the left side of your spine.

Semicircle the legs down and around. Up on the right side, and Finnish in the center. Again. Inhale to the right, press out of the neck. Exhale to roll down.

Semicircle down and around, and up, And center. Again. Inhale, rotate to the left. Exhale to roll down. Keep the pelvic lumbar stability as the legs lower away, and center.

Two more. Inhale to the right side. Exhale, roll down the right side, right side, right side. Semicircle up and around, and center. Last one.

Inhale, rotate. Check that your pelvis is stable. Exhale, roll down. Abdomials engaged. Roll up and around into the center.

Hold it here, breathe in. And in the center. Roll down slowly, exhale, exhale. Exhale, bending the knees. Place your feet on, on your jump board.

I'm gonna actually get you to push yourself up please. Sideways up. Take your light spring off. I'm gonna keep my one middle heavy spring on. We're gonna do semicircle variation before we go into our stretches.

Line yourself back down everyone, bringing your body in your supine position. Again, make sure you wedge the balls of your feet into your jump board. If you have padding there, I dunno what your jump board looks like, but make a safe choice as in to where and how you place your feet securely on your jump board for the semicircle. Bring your hands onto your shoulder rests. Press your carriage out underneath you all the way.

Bring your pelvis to rest towards the spring. Your shoulders are out of your ears. I'm going to keep my feet parallel for now. And I'm gonna draw my ribs down cause it feels so good. Breath in.

Keep the carriage still as you articulate that lumbar spine, the same as what we did in the seated warm up. Roll the pelvis up and lifting, lifting, and lifting. For now, keep the heels pressing towards the jump board. Inhale, pause. Then we exhale, roll down, curling down, curling down.

Keep the carriage still, keep the carriage still. Draw the ribs down. Find your spring and bring that spine into your anterior. Inhale. Exhale to roll up.

Deep lumbar flexion. Parallel legs, pressing up, curling up, curling up, lifting, lifting, find your glutes. hold it here. Inhale. And we exhale, roll down. Come on guys, be kind to your spine.

Move your spine nice and free in this session. Inhale again. And we exhale to roll up. Tuck the pelvis. Curling up, rolling up, lifting up.

And we're going to hold the pelvis in extension here. Can everyone engage the left glute? Come on, activate it, squeeze it, contract it. As you extend your right leg up to the ceiling, keep your spine and your pelvis neutral. Flex your right ankle.

We're going to circle the leg inwards. And again, exhale. We just do three more. And exhale. And one more hold, we reverse for five.

Exhale, four. And three. Shoulders out of the ears. Two, and hold it here. Five glutE pulses up on the left side.

One. Exhale, two. And three, four, and five. Place that right foot down nice and safe, and lift your left leg up. Make sure you've activated your glute.

Dorsi flex your ankle. We circle the leg, inhale. And exhale. Lift your hips guys, lift your hips. One more, hold it.

We reverse it. Inhale and exhale. Smooth exhale. One more lift and hold. Stretch your knee.

Bend your leg. Place your foot down, breathing in. And we're going to roll down one last time. Exhale. Exhale.

Exhale. If your body is happy with that, have one last hyperextension stretch, breathe in. And then we lift the pelvis up. Pull yourself in, bring your carriage in underneath you all the way. Beautiful work everyone.

Cross your arm over, push yourself up and let's come into your kneeling position. We're going to do a full body integration series, but first we're going to stretch. I'm gonna just put my one light spring on for this stretch. I just feel that's what my body needs right now. Come and kneel yourself up on your carriage, then stand up everyone.

If you have your light spring on take good care cause it's super unstable, but come and bring your body into your up-straight-one position. All right, from here, we're going to just slide the carriage away. Step and lunge your right foot forward onto your frame. If you don't have a frame or your equipment doesn't allow for this, please improvise what works best for your body. We're gonna hold it here.

The left hip is going to stretch. The right hand is going to stay safely on the on the jump board. Breathe in and out. And breathe in and out. You going to anchor with your arms, lift your pelvis up, bring your foot back into your up-stretch position.

And then step the left leg forward, lunge and hold. Inhale. Bring your chest up. Have a proud posture. Be intentional about how you align your joints.

One more, and then come back up. We're gonna repeat that once on each leg, breathing in. Exhale, step forward, lunge it out. Bring your left arm up in line with your ear this time everyone. Stay low in your lunge.

Breathe in and breathe out. Hold it here Inhale. Think posterior tilt. One more. Place your hand down.

Just add a little hamstring stretch. If you're on your light spring, hold it here. We breathe in, and we breathe out. Two more inhales. Great work.

One more. Bend your front knee. Bring your carriage in. Lift your pelvis up. Get that beautiful shoulder stretch and step the left leg forward, holding it here.

Lift your right arm up. Moving the pelvis posteriorly we breathe in. And out And two more. (coughs) And one more. Place the hand down.

Extend your front leg into your hamstring stretch. Keep that spine straight, inhale and exhale. And two more. One more. Bend your front knee, lift your hips up.

One last up stretch. Just hold it. Inhale and breathe out. Look at the alignment of your ankles. There's always something to correct.

One more breath. Bring your feet down. And this time steep off your carriage. Awesome work you guys. We're going into our full body integration.

I'm gonna keep you on a very light spring this time. So I'm going to take a notch down onto one, my one lighter spring that I have on my carriage. And, we are going to do the reverse knee stretch, followed by the reverse knee stretch oblique. And then we're also going to add a single leg in on the knee stretch reverse. So I don't have my knees touching the shoulder rest, I have some space here.

Bring your hands forward onto your frame. And then because you're on your light spring you can really draw deep into those abdominals and pull your carriage so much so with your abs that your shoulders are stacked over your wrists. We breathe in. Pull the carriage forward, use your abdominals, exhale. Inhale, release it back but keep the abs lifted.

Exhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale to release. And again, exhale to curl. Inhale release. Don't let your shins come off your carriage, use your abdominals, not your glutes.

And we gonna call in this time and we're gonna hold it here. Extend your right leg up off the carriage out behind you. Stay here (laughs), stay here. Inhale. The knee goes back. Exhale. The knee comes forward.

Inhale and we get a bit of a dynamic going. Inhale. Four more. (exhales) breast out of your shoulders guys, exhale. And three (exhales).

And two more. And one, hold it in. Place your right knee down, stabilize the carriage. Then extend the left leg away. Hover and hold.

Knee goes out and exhale forward. Inhale and exhale forward. Five more. (exhales) Keep the back leg as high as what you can throughout the movements. Three more.

Exhale, two. Exhale, one. Hold it here. Place your knee down, and extend back just having a quick little stretch and release here. Just a quick little stretch and release.

Bring yourself back up. Rotate your left hand over to your right frame. And you have two hands holding the one frame. Moving into the obliques. Deep lumbar fluxion, don't wedge your thighs into the shoulder rest.

We exhale, draw the pelvis in and back. And exhale. Give me good shoulder stability everyone. (exhales heavily) And exhale. Curl, curl, and back.

Three more. And exhale, curl, and back. Exhale. Two. And one. Hold it, hold it.

You feel the obliques? You should. And come back all the way, nice and safe. Switch over to your left side. Shoulders over the wrists.

Stack the shoulders over the wrists. Deep lumbar flexion. We breathe in and we draw in. Exhale and inhale. Keep the shoulders still.

The movement comes from those deep abdominal obliques. And three. Exhale, two. And one. Hold, hold, hold. And come back all the way.

Good job you guys. I feel inspired to do a few little pushups here. just on your knees with your hands reaching out ahead of you. Let's go for six pushups, in your shoulders, in your elbows. Inhale, bend.

Exhale, extend and hold. And inhale, bend. Exhale, extend and hold. And inhale, inhale. Keep your elbows in.

And three more down. And lift and hold. And two more down. And lift and hold. One more down, hold it here.

Engage your abdominals. Engage your serratus. Hold the position for five counts. And four. Come on guys, dig deep.

Three, two, one. Extend and walk yourself back. Awesome stuff. Spin yourself around. Let's move into our one heavy spring.

We're going to do the shoulder push double arm. Bringing your knees all the way to the front of your carriage. All the way to the front of your carriage. Align your spine. Extend your arms out ahead of you onto your jump board.

And then push your carriage away as you lower your torso towards your thighs. You can just use your screen and make sure your spine is straight, Please? We're going to inhale. Tadaa Push up (chuckles). Exhale, stretch.

Inhale, bend elbows in. Exhale, stretch and hold. It's important that you get the correct mechanics of the humerus shoulder and the scapula in this position. Feel the triceps, feel the triceps. Four more.

Exhale, exhale. Three more. Extend and hold. Two more. (exhales) Last one.

And exhale, exhale. Come back in, elbows wide, fingertips in. Same movement. And we extend. Elbows are out to the side, and inhale, bend. And exhale, extend.

Yes. We gonna jump, but get the movement pattern correct, please. Three more. (exhales) And two. Are your abdominals engaged? And one.

All the way and come back. Lift your chest. Lower your spring resistance. I'm back on my one light spring. One light, not the very light, just the light.

All right everyone, lean your body forward. You might be more on a diagonal line this time, elbows are in. We extend, we land. We jump, we land. Feel your back extensors supporting the arms and the torso.

as you press off your jump board. And exhale. Continuously draw the abdominals towards your spine. Four. Exhale, three.

Exhale, two. Exhale, one. Palms in, elbows wide. Go. Feel your back, but feel your back in a positive way. Your back extensors are working, so good for our posture.

Posture of the physical body, posture of your heart. What does that look like to you? And four. Exhale, three. Exhale, two.

And one. Come back in. Great you guys. I'm gonna lower my spring. We going to do a shoulder push on one arm with the other arm moving into a T position.

So extend your left arm out to the side. Keep your right palm on the jump board. And then jump out and come in. Jump out. We're going to do three more and then we'll do five on the other side. And then we're gonna alternate.

The same as what we did with the feet. Last one. And change, left down, right out. Keep your spine stable. Keep your spine stable, especially cause that spring is so light.

Two more. (exhales heavily) And one more. And we go. Jump, T position, land. Jump, T, land.

Jump, T, land. Are you with me Pilates Anytime? Keep moving. Keep breathing. We do four more.

(exhales heavily) Exhale, three. Down, two. And last one. Catch two hands and lift yourself up. Awesome work you guys.

Did you feel your glutes a little bit? I did. Okay. From here, we're going to bring your spring back onto your one heavy spring. We're gonna come and lie sideways.

I'm going to face you. We're going to do some side jumping. You gonna lie yourself in the center of your carriage. Make sure your head is resting on your arm. And your top hand is going to press into your shoulder rests.

So first extend your legs. Just realign whatever you need to realign. All right, side jumping guys. Feel like you've got a chopstick on the top side of the waist and another chopstick on the underneath side of your waist. So you keep them both equally long.

For stability bend your knees. We're going to jump and land. Exhale, inhale. (exhales heavily) Exhale, inhale. Stretch your legs and land.

Stretched through two feet. Four more. Exhale, three. Exhale, two. And from here, we gonna scissor.

The top leg goes forward and land. Alternate and land. Scissor, land. Scissor, land. Relax your head.

Feel the waist. Exhale, inhale. exhale, and keep going. Three. Exhale, two.

And one. Well done guys. Good stuff. Press yourself up. Return around for the other side. Hmm Lie yourself down all the way.

Just give me a second, set yourself up. Stretch the bottom arm down all the way. Relax your head. Press your hands into the shoulder rests straightening your legs to move from here. Chest up, eyes up bend your knees, inhale and jump, land.

Exhale, inhale. (exhales heavily) Jump and land. Press through the parts of the feet just as we did in the warmup. Four more. Exhale, three.

Two. And scissor. Top leg forward, land, bottom leg. Top leg forward. Jump, land. jump, land, and oops.

Four more. Three. Two, relax your head. And one. All the way.

Good job you guys, amazing. Come and jump up for me. We're going to move into some full body integration. So I'm going to give you the option to stay on your one heavy spring, or you're gonna come down onto your light spring. And again, you need to make sure that you have your feet in a safe position on your jump board.

I have a little wedge here that I can hook the balls of my feet in. And if you don't, I'd prefer you modify for yourself. Okay. Find your right foot on your foot bar. From here, stabilize through your shoulders. Oh sorry, I have to change my spring.

That is a bit heavy. So I'm gonna go onto my light spring, which doesn't mean it's going to be easier. It just means I need to stabilize more (laughs). Okay. Are you ready guys? Let's move together please.

Nice and safe, and intentional. Hold your front support. Bring the second leg, and we hold it here. We just exhale move the carriage forward and inhale back. And (exhales heavily).

And just three more, shoulder stability. Exhale, two. And one, hold it. Stay here. Point your right toe off the board.

Hold it, hold it. Place it down. Point your left foot off the board. Hold it, hold it. Place it down.

Bring the right leg down onto the carriage and slide the carriage back slowly all the way, all the way, all the way, all the way. Well done everyone. Let's move on from here. We going to come and sit sideways in your mermaid position. I'm going to set my springs up on my very light spring this time.

And I'm actually going to move my stopper all the way to the front of the gear. We're gonna sit in the mermaid position. I'm going to press closer towards the edge of the carriage. And I'm gonna place my right hand on the jump board, extend the other arm out to the side. You just, it's a shoulder push sitting sideways.

Okay. Are you ready? Let's go. Extend and land. And if you feel safer to look, look forward, look at your hand. Look forward.

Look at your hand. Extend and land. Five more. And land. Four.

We gonna add a rotation in. Three. Exhale, two. And one. Ready? Here we go.

We going to jump, stretch, and land. Jump, stretch, and land. Jump, stretch, and land. Five more. And over.

And back. No crashing because you are in control of your equipment, people. Two more. And last one. And land.

From here extend away. Rotate. Allow yourself to have a beautiful stretch here. Breathe in and hold the stretch, exhale. Two more.

Inhale. And exhale. One more. And then extend and lift yourself up. Enjoy that extension as you come down and back, all the way around to the other side.

Please set yourself up closer to the edge of your carriage. Place your left hand on your jump board. Look at your jump board as you land for safety where your body is going. And jump and land, and exhale. Remember, that scap stability is still very much important in the side jumping position.

So don't let that scapula dance up and down. Keep it stable. Two more. And one. Ready for the side bend.

We go, jump, side bend, and land. Jump, side bend, and land. Jump, side bend, and land. Four more. And over.

Exhale, three . Exhale, two. Control the movements. Let's do one more. And over, land and hold. Rotate around, lean down, have the stretch breathing in, and breathing out.

Two more inhales. Exhale. One more. Then extend and lift, and work those extensors as we step down you guys, and grab your box please. Bring your box.

Place it the long way on your carriage. I'm going to stay on the very light spring for now. In actual fact I'm going to come onto my light spring, my light spring the 50% resistance compared to the others. Right. You gonna bring yourself. You gonna feel a little bit pressed in, but extend your arms away as you bring your sternum to the edge of your box.

Make sure you lying in the center of your box. And we just going to bring the elbows to come in. As you extend the arms, extend your spine, inhale, and then lower down exhale, bend and lift your legs up. And we go again, inhale to extend up, and exhale down, lift, lift, lift. And inhale extend, lift and reach, exhale down, bend and lift your legs.

Use your glutes, your hamstrings. And extend up, up, and up. And lower down, lift and reach. And three more. Inhale and inhale, Exhale down and lift. Two more. Extend and lift.

And lower down, use your glutes, lift your legs. One more up and extend. Lower down, bend your elbows. Hold the stability in your upper body here. Externally rotate your legs.

Bring the soles of the feet together. You gonna press into your hands. Think posterior tilt with that pelvis. And we gonna use your glutes to lift your legs up and down. Exhale lift, inhale lower.

Your spine is still an extension. You working from your glutes, not the lower back. And we go for eight more. Exhale, seven. Exhale, six.

(exhales heavily) It's all in the glutes. It's all about the glutes. Five. Exhale, four. Exhale, three, shoulder stability.

Two. And hold it up. Press your feet into each other. Hold it for 10. Come on guys.

This is your last exercise. Commit, Commit, arrive. Enjoy. Five to go, four, three, two, and extend your legs and press yourself up, and come down on all the way. We going to finish off just by stretching your leg up over your box.

Stand up tall, reach your arms up. You've done it. Breathe in, have a little curtsy here for yourself, and then lift yourself up. Let's do that again. And exhale lower yourself down.

Little pat on the back. Well done, One more. Exhale, lower and lower, and lift up. Circle your arms, bend your knee, step forward if you have to, and come and stretch your glutes out, holding it here. Breathe in.

Exhale, pause. And inhale. And exhale, pause. One more inhale. Did you think about the posture of your heart?

Do you think about the posture of your physical being? Press up, other side, cause we believe in balance, in Pilates, not just only the left and right side, let's curtsy it out. We believe in the balance of achieving beautiful physical posture, and having a balanced posture of your heart. Whatever that means to you, commit to it, acknowledge it, and receive it, because you made good time for your body. Bend the knee, come forward.

Hold it here. Breathe in and out. And two more inhale, exhale. And one more. And bring yourself back up right.

All the way you guys. Standing up tall. One last stretch, remembering how your body felt in the beginning of your session. Bend your knees. Look up, lift up, inhale, feel the difference.

Feel the change in your body. Exhale down. One more. Inhale, inhale, inhale, exhale, lower down. Articulate your spine. Roll yourself up all the way.

And well done you guys. You did it. You did amazing. Thank you much for joining me When life gets a little bit frazzled today, bring yourself back into your happy moments of this class. Well done.

High Intensity Workouts: Rediscovering Strength


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AnotHer awesome class! I love the intention that you set to be aware of where your heart is . 💚  
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THANK YOU for this entire series!!! I will come back often to these reformer classes.
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I think a visit to S Africa to take classes in person with you Tash, post Covid, is needed!!! 
Clemencia Puerta
Thank you so much Tash for your Classes!... I have enjoyed sooo much... this one, with the Jumping Board is fantastic!!.... very organized, with all the BASI´s Blocks... I love it!!......
Nelly C
We love you, our body thanks you! x
Vicki Hagberg
It was a beautiful series, thank you Tash. 
This was a wonderful class. Thank you Tash!
Wonderful flow, wonderful mood, wonderful moves❤️Thank you Tash!! 
wow wheeeee! how fun was that! Thanks Tash
Helen S
My first class with you!  I loved it!!  Thank you so much, I love the hearts intention too x

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