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Active Chair Flow

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Grab your Chair and join Jillian Hessel for a creative and challenging Pilates class. This is a full-body class that encompasses all of Jillian's experience and expertise. You will work through a variety of innovative exercises by using the Chair in many different ways. You will target your arms and legs, as well as, your balance and endurance. Return to this class again and again. For the standing work, you can decide how much support of the Chair you will need. This class is not designed for the frail, so if you are unable to do this class, you can try some of our other classes in our Active Aging Program.
What You'll Need: Mat, Table Chair, Hand Weights (2)

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Aug 04, 2021
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Hi, everybody. Today, we're gonna do a workout using your home chair. This is a dining room chair and you'll need for this, of course, a mat, eventually, some light hand weights or water bottles, something of equal weight. These are two pounds. And if you have the ability to tie a couple of stretchy bands in a circle of equal resistance, it's optional, but I have these wonderful tubes.

Okay, so we're gonna start standing, though. So I'm gonna move my props. And I hope you have the ability at home to turn your chair around and brace it against the wall just for some extra stability. All right. So I'm gonna turn and the chair is pretty stable.

I'm standing arm's length from the top with my feet hip width apart, toes are facing front. And just for a moment, find your tripod of each foot, big toe, little toe, heel. Reach your arms up on it in-breath and hinge all the way over. Now, I'm finding I'm a little too close, so I'm gonna back up arm's length from the top of the chair. So I'm gonna use it a bit like a ballet barre, and I'm gonna arch my back.

I have a beautiful view of the ocean here at Pilates Anytime. I'm lifting my chest, inhale. (inhales) And I roll through, drop the head, curl the chin to the chest and exhale. So I call this a spine ripple. And when I come up, I'm on a kind of a flat back diagonal. Hinge the hips, in-breath, draw the chest forward. (inhales) Exhale, curl the tailbone under and roll through that spine.

End in a plank on a slight diagonal. In-breath. Be careful not to drop the hips behind the ankles. Exhale, roll up, and let's just do one more. In-breath, rake at the hips, lift the chest, arch the spine and exhale.

I'm rolling up. And I'm gonna find that plank with straight arms, this is where you need your chair braced. We're gonna do some mini pushups here. So really feel your plank and in-breath, lean into the chair. Exhale, press away.

In-breath. Slow down that descent. Exhale, press away. Three, whoops. Pressing into that chair, so it doesn't tip.

Four and press away. Five, press away. And six, in-breath, exhale, press away. Seven, slow that descent down, that works the muscles deeper. Eight, press away.

Two more. Keep the plank. Don't stick your buttocks out. And one more. And press away.

Now, let's bring the feet right together. Spiral wrap, the tush to the back and repeat the spine ripples. Inhale, lift the chest, break at the hips. Roll through, exhale, drop the head, curl the tailbone under. (inhales) And exhale. Rolling through.

Two more. Rolling through. Exhale up. (exhales) And inhale down. Exhale up, back to that plank position. Now we're gonna change the hands slightly to pigeon fingered I call it.

Press down through the shoulders, lean in and another set of push-ups. Inhale, exhale, push away. (inhales) Inhale, exhale, press away. Inhale, exhale, press away. Four, press away.

Five, and stretch. Six. Four more. In-breath, squeeze and wrap the tush. Lift the tummy.

Seven. And eight. Slow that descent. Nine. And 10.

And press away. Step in with one foot. Keep that back leg straight behind you. Make sure your buttocks aren't out. So I'm really lifting in the front of the abs here and engaging that back glute to get a stretch.

Keep the knees straight, lift the heel on an in-breath, exhale, press down. Feel that line of energy from the crown of the head out through the heel. We'll just do four. This is three. Stretch that kneecap up.

Keep the heel down as best you can. Bend that back knee and stretch. Bend and stretch. And bend and stretch. Now, we're gonna drag that back foot in just a little bit so that it comes up on the ball of the foot and the chair's here if you need it, but see if you can take your hands to your hips.

Keep the body upright and we're gonna squat down. Little lunge, inhale, (inhales) exhale, press up. Really work the glutes. Inhale, drive yourself up. And three.

Press up. And four. Press up. And five. Press up.

And six. Press up. Seven. (inhales) And eight. Two more. Nine.

And 10. Stay down there. See if you can bring your arms forward and pulse. (exhales) Shh, shh. Two.

Shh, shh. Three, tweeze the base of the buttocks together. Four. Shh, shh. Five, shh, shh.

Six, shh, shh. Seven, shh, shh. Eight, shh, shh. Nine, shh, shh. 10, shh, shh.

Now, hold yourself steady, focus right between your arms. We're gonna rotate on an in-breath, exhale center. Rotate on an in-breath, exhale center. Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. I'm wobbling a little bit.

Inhale. Squeeze the base of the buttocks. And inhale and exhale. Grab the chair again. Stretch that heel down one more time and step back just a little with your front leg and stand up.

Grab that foot of the back leg and let's do a little quad stretch here. So I'm working as best I can not have a crease in the front of that hip, but to draw the thighs together and lengthen through this hip. Whoo! That's what the chair is for. I'm gonna bend the standing leg just a little. Tuck the tailbone under, really engage the glute and straight and oh, that feels so good.

And then tuck under and straight. Let's just do four. Bend, tuck under and straighten. One more. (inhales) And tuck under and straighten. And place that foot down.

And we have to take the other leg back straight behind. So in this, if you remember, front knee tracking over the toes, back leg straight, and we're just gonna lift four times. Get that abdominal wall lifting in the front, gluten gauged in the back. Inhale, up. Exhale, press down.

Two, we do just four. And three. (inhales) And four. Keep that back heel down. Bend the back knee as best you can, inhale. Different stretch for that Achilles and calf.

Two. Straighten. And three. And straighten. And four.

Straighten. Stand up, lift that back heel, drag it in just a little. Hands to the hips for the squats. Ready? Inhale, down.

Exhale, press up. And see how low you can go to. Tweezing the base of the tush. Three, inhale. Exhale.

Four. And press. And five. Press up. (inhales) Six. Deep, lower abs, glutes engage.

Seven. And we've got three more. Eight, press up. Two more. Nine (inhales) and we hold 10 down there and we're gonna pulse.

Ssh, ssh. Bring the hands up. Two, shh, shh. Three, shh, shh. Four, shh, shh.

Five, shh, shh. Six, shh, shh. Seven, shh, shh. Eight, shh, shh. Nine, shh, shh.

10, hold. And rotate on an in-breath. Inhale, exhale center. Inhale, exhale center. Inhale, exhale center.

We did three sets. I've got one more. And inhale, exhale center. And inhale, exhale center. Grab the chair, stretch that leg down one more time.

Reach through the heel and step back just a little with that front leg and kick up. Grab that foot. (inhales) Work thigh to thigh. Bend that front knee, track over the toes. Tilt the pubic bone under, really reach through the front of that hip. Nice quad stretch.

Four, little bends. Tuck the tail, engage the glutes. And once again, tuck the tail, engage the glutes. And one more. Good.

And slowly release it. And we're gonna turn the chair around now. So I'm gonna spin it. (chair scratching) Oops, sorry about the noise, and place it still against the wall. All right, now I'm realizing I'm having a little bit of a tipping issue because of the window, but if you've got a wall back here, you shouldn't have that problem.

So it does look beautiful, however. Okay. So now for this, it's a little bit of trial and error. You want to stand in Pilates V directly in front of your chair. And you're gonna measure first, because we're gonna be lifting the leg up to the chair and you wanna be able to place the foot on the chair.

So position yourself carefully, do a little experiment. And let's just do... We're gonna take the arms down by the sides and reach out small little knee bend plie, inhale. (inhales) Exhale, come back just four times. Two. (inhales) And three. (inhales) And four. So now, I'm going to take my hands back to my hips and I'm gonna roll up onto the right foot.

Lift the heel, push it down. Four times. Two. Press it down. Three, press it down.

And four, other side. Lift the other heel and press. Really work through the foot. And three, push it down. And four, back to the first side, we lift the heel, touch the inside of the ankle, touch the knee, touch the ankle, whoops, and down.

Let's do that one again. Roll the heel up. Now, don't sink into this hip. We've got to really work on that standing leg. We're gonna push off, touch the inside of the ankle, touch the knee, touch the ankle and down.

And again, lift the heel, touch the ankle, touch the knee, ankle, toes. That was the best one I did yet. One more. Up and touch. Touch, press and down.

Let's try that other side. So really spiral wrap on that standing leg, yes? And roll the heel up. Touch the ankle. Touch the knee.

Ankle and press down. Two, touch, touch, back and down. Three. Touch, touch, ankle and down. Last one, up.

Touch, touch, ankle and down. Now you probably wonder where the chair comes in. So that's the next part. Now that we know how we're gonna get up there, we're gonna lift that heel first leg, touch the ankle, touch the knee, and extend the leg out and hold it there. And we're gonna lift it hovering, I mean, a slight lateral rotation on both legs, really tweeze the base of the tush, lift through the crown of the head and lift that leg up off the chair, up.

And lower. Two. And lower. See if you can balance, three. The chair is there if you fall.

And four. And lift it up. Hold it. Pull the thigh back. Touch the inside of the ankle and press down.

Keep yourself nice and lifted. This is a good little practice to get your balance. Let's do the other side. So we touch the ankle, the inside of the knee. Extend out and to the chair.

Tweeze the base of the tush. Lift up through your center and lift that leg. One and lower. Two and lower. Three and lower.

Four and lower. Lift it up and hover. Pull that five back. Touch the ankle and roll through. All right, so now we're gonna do the same thing to the side.

So I recommend that you stand a little bit back because your leg isn't gonna go 180 degrees side. It's gonna go kind of angled towards the edge of the chair. And once again, measure, make sure that you're not too far away. And if you have issues with opening your leg to the side, you can also bend that supporting leg. That's gonna give you a little bit more stability as you get used to this.

So let's start again with just four little knee bends to get our knees opening from the side and from the hips, inhale. (inhales) Exhale, stretch up. Inhale, nice and elastic, reaching wide with those arms. Three. And press up. And four.

Hands back to the hips. So transfer your weight to that outside leg, lift the heel, touch the inside of the knee, all the way up and extend that leg out. Place it on the chair. Here's where you would bend your supporting leg if you need. Reaching out through that toe, lift and lower.

Lift and lower. Lift and lower. And lift and lower. Now let's go into a lunge here. I'm gonna bend my knee.

Make sure it tracks over those toes and press out. I'm looking right over my hand out to the ocean. What a lovely view. Straighten that leg reach up and side bend, which also feels fantastic. Close that rib cage to come up, reach out and again, inhale, bend (inhales) and straighten up.

Exhale, side bend. And this third one, we're gonna stay there. We're gonna bend, reach out and reach up and stretch back the other way, a counter bend to the side. Close that rib cage to come up. Whoa! Find your balance on that supporting leg.

Lift the leg off the chair, touch the inside of the knee, to the ankle and down. So now we're gonna turn around to the other side. So again, measure yourself. Make sure you've got room and that you're standing in the right place. Four little knee bends to get centered, ready?

Inhale (inhales) exhale, lift. And two. And press up. And three. And press up.

Four, hands to the hips. Roll that foot up. Touch the inside of the ankle. The knee, extend that leg out and place it down. Four little lifts.

Bend that supporting knee if you need, ready? Lift one. And two. And three. And four.

And bending that knee, reach out, gaze out over the fingertips of that extended arm. Straighten up, reach up and overside bend. Breathe. Close that rib to come up, breathe in, (inhales) exhale, look out over the fingertips and come back, stretch up and over. And one more time.

Reach forward. This time, stay there. Stay strong in that hip, reach up and over, reach, reach, reach. Let your head go and come up. Find your balance once again.

Lift that leg off the chair, touch the inside of the knee, the ankle and roll down. All right, so now we're gonna go to the chair. So you're gonna take your chair away from the wall and we're going to sit. So now we're gonna come to the chair, grab your props. So you have light hand weights for sure and optional, but wonderful if you do have these little exercise bands.

So I'm just gonna show you the placement and then I'm gonna turn sideways so that you can see in profile what I'm gonna do. But you can stay facing straight ahead, so you know what to do. All right, so one band is just above my knees on the lower thigh. The other band is just above my ankles. And the idea here is going to be that as I'm doing my little squats, I'm pushing out a little bit to engage the adductors.

So grab some weights. These are optional, too, if you have a client that's new to this, but we're gonna position the sit bones right at the edge of the chair. So you'll be sitting facing straight front. The arms are hanging down at the sides and just focus your eyes straight ahead. Press out a little on the band, if you have it.

And we're just gonna practice sit to stand, all right? So we're gonna do it in pieces. Keep the body completely neutral spine, and just hinge from your hip joints and reach the arms forward on an in-breath. Now, exhale, it's like chest expansion. Come to upright and draw the arms back.

Inhale, pitch forward. Exhale, sit tall, focus those eyes. So as I pitch forward, my eyes are cast down a little, and then as I come upright, they come right back to straight ahead. Now we add on. So in-breath, forward hinging.

Squeeze the base of the sit bones, press up, hover, come back without thudding and back to the start position. Inhale, forward. Squeeze the sit bones, lift up. Hold that neutral spine. Come back without thudding and sit down.

Two more. Inhale, squeeze, lift, and come back and sit tall. One more. Inhale, squeeze, lift, and slow that descent down. That's the hardest part.

Now, adding on again. We inhale forward. Hiccup and press up. Straighten those legs by driving the heels to the mat. Sorry to the floor.

Inhale, hinge. Find that slow descent. Trust the chair is there and come back. Let's do three more. Inhale, forward.

Press up. Exhale. Pushing that band apart with the thighs. Press out. Inhale, exhale.

Come back. Two more. Plant those feet strongly and press up, focus the eyes straight ahead. (inhales) Inhale, squat. Slow the descent and sit. One more. (inhales) Press up.

And hold and reach back. Inhale (inhales) and exhale. Adding on once again. Ready? Inhale, forward. Lift up.

Press up, push out on the band and rise to the balls of the feet. Wohoo! And lower down. Hinge from those hips, neutral spine. Reach, reach, reach the sit bones back. The chair is there and sit tall.

Again, inhale, (inhales) exhale, press up. Focus the eyes. Rise. And lower. That wasn't so great.

Inhale, I hope you're doing better than me. And two more, ready? Inhale, (inhales) exhale, press up. My weight rock back too much on my heels that time. And lower down.

And press. And one last time. Breathe in, hinge forward. (inhales) Squeeze the buttocks, press up. Rise through the crown of the head to the ceiling and lower down, and hinge at the hips. Slow the descent and sit tall.

Great. All right. So place your weights aside for a moment. Cross one over the other, so they don't roll away and take off your bands. And we're going to roll down now and use the surface of your dining room chair, like we would on the Wunda Chair for the series of five.

So as super AB workout. Position and your sit bones right at the edge of the seat, take a breath in, (inhales) exhale, curl your tailbone down, just like stomach massage on the short box and bring one knee to your chest. Hold that ankle and extend the other leg. And let's in-breath as the knees pass. (inhales) Exhale, one and two and three and four, don't scrunch your toes, reach long. Six.

Seven. Eight. Nine. And 10. Flex your feet and repeat driving the heels out like pistons.

Ready? And 10. Nine. Eight. Seven.

Six. Five. Four. Three. Two.

And one. Bring both knees in. Grab the back of the chair with your hand. And we're gonna do double leg stretch, just using one arm. So on an in-breath, stretch the arms and legs (inhales) circle that arm around, exhale.

And I like to open the knees just a little into a frog as I come back. Inhale, stretch one. Circle wide. Two, exhale. Draw down through the belly to come back.

Three more. Inhale, stretch one. Circle wide. Two, exhale. Fold back in.

And inhale, stretch one. Circle wide, two. Pull it back. Just one more. (inhales) Circle wide, exhale. Draw it back in.

Okay, so now we're gonna stretch one leg up and slightly laterally rotate both hips and bring that upper body up, really use the upper abs, inhale. (inhales) Shh, shh. Two, shh, shh. Three, gaze up at the foot. Four, shh, shh. Five, shh, shh.

Six, shh, shh. Seven, shh, shh. Eight, abs are burning. Two more sets, nine, shh, shh. And 10, shh, shh.

Bend both knees. And for a moment, just relax. Take your hands behind your head, hang upside down. Enjoy that open rib cage before we close it again. So double leg straight stretch.

Hips are slightly laterally rotated, hands behind the head. Crank those ribs in, lower the legs. Inhale. Exhale. Ooh! Gazing at the toes.

Inhale, exhale. Two. (inhales) And three. (inhales) And four. (inhales) And five. (inhales) Maybe you can lower your legs lower than me. I got long legs. Seven. (inhales) And eight. (inhales) And nine. Last one.

And 10. Hug those knees and hug the chair. Pull yourself into a ball shape. Relax. And let's do criss-cross.

Hands are behind the head. Twist, inhale, exhale, one. Two. Three. Four.

Five. Six. Seven. Eight, flex the feet. Eight.

Seven. Six. Five, twist that rib around. Three. Two and one.

And hug the knees. Roll up to seated now. And I'm gonna come around the back of my chair and go face down. Have your weights there in case you wanna add it on. I wanna do a prep for swimming and then swimming.

So we're gonna position ourselves tummy down onto the surface of the chair and just reach the fingertips and the toe tips here. I'm just gonna spread my weights in case I wanna grab them. And just find first where you wanna position yourself so that you can lift opposite arm and leg. So I'm gonna grab the weights here. Take a breath.

And I'm thinking of lengthening out the fingertips and tow tips. Reach, reach, reach. And come down. And other side. Press down into the chair, lengthen long and come back.

And reach. Reach even longer on the way down. So we resist the pull of gravity and reach. And come down. Now, let's try everything.

Take a breath. (inhales) And reach out long, long, long, long, long. Control the descent. Come down, you can let your head hang as well. Take a little breath. (inhales) And reach. And come down.

Let's do two more and hold the last one. Ready? Reach. And come down. And here it's optional to use the weights.

We're gonna lengthen up and swim. (inhales) Shh, shh. (inhales) Shh, shh. And I find my shoulders are coming up, so I'm gonna place the weights down and continue. (inhales) Shh, shh.

(inhales) Shh, shh. A little too much for me to swim with those weights, but you can build up to it. Two more sets. Last one. And freeze.

Reach, reach, reach, like you're shot out of a cannon, fingertips to toe tips. And melt all the way down. Hang out there for a second, breathe. (inhales) And exhale. All right. So now, let's press up and come to seated right on the chair.

So again, sitting forward, really having the feet grounded. Grab your weights. I wanna do a little bit of arm work here. So just keeping your body nice and upright and really keeping the knees tracking over the toes. Ground your sitting bones.

Turn the palms to face forward and we're going to lead with the thumb. Exhale, reach out. Inhale, down. Keep drawing the sit bones together and getting taller. And three.

And reach. And four. And reach. Five. (inhales) And six. (inhales) And seven, reach out. And eight.

And nine. (inhales) And 10. And lower down, bicep curl, really engage the top of your arm and curl up. 10. (inhales) And nine. And eight. Resist going down, resist gravity.

Seven. (inhales) Lifting the lower abs, six. It's still Pilates. Five. And four. (inhales) And three. (inhales) And two. (inhales) And one. Stay there.

Turn the palms. Elbows are out. Take a breath. Stay stable and draw in the belly. Exhale, press overhead.

10. (inhales) And nine, elbows wide. And eight, just about shoulder width apart. Seven. (inhales) Make sure you're not hiking your shoulders. Six, pressing up to come down and pressing down to come up. Four. (inhales) And three. (inhales) And two. (inhales) And one, come back down.

Let's finish that last bicep curl. Turn the palms and unfurl. Let's do some shoulder rolls. So bring the shoulders forward on an in-breath, way up by your ears. Exhale, back and around.

Inhale, forward. (inhales) Up, make sure that your eyes are leveled. And three. (inhales) Up and around, just to relax. Four. Reverse it from the back. Inhale, up. (inhales) Exhale, staying tall.

And this is two. Inhale, exhale, three. (inhales) Inhale, exhale, four. So now we're gonna do a spine stretch and I'm gonna turn sideways so you can see me, but stay facing front. Arms are hanging down at the sides with the palms facing one another. Again, check that your shoulders are right over your hips.

Focus the eyes straight ahead. And we're gonna breathe in. (inhales) Get tall and dropped just the chin to the chest. Drop the shoulders forward, drop the upper ribs, the waistline and keep the sitting bones there, it's our spine stretch. Breathe in, stack those vertebrae as if you're rolling some wallpaper up a wall. Breath in, tall, exhale, head, shoulders, ribs.

Always draw the belly in and roll it back up. Focus those eyes. Again, lift up, exhale, down. Two. Three.

Four, roll up. Two. Three. Four, two more. Lift to go over.

Let the arms hang right from the shoulders. And last one, we're gonna hold it down there. Lift up, (inhales) exhale down. Stay there. Keep the belly drawing back and circle those arms.

One. Two like little pendulums. Three. Four. Five, reverse.

Five. Four. Three. Two. One, breathe in again.

Ground the feet, draw the abdominals up and unfurl yourself and sit tall. Good. So now let's go to the floor. We're gonna grab a mat and I'll meet you on the other side. So here I am set up with my chair on my mat to help with stability and we're gonna come to the mat.

So go ahead and sit down. And we're going to lie down and place the feet on the front edge of the chair. You're gonna have to figure out for yourself how close your buttocks need to be to the chair. So you can be hip width apart here, and I have the arches of my feet on the chair. So we're just gonna do a regular old peeling from the tailbone pelvic lift.

Really push the feet into the chair, breathe in, (inhales) exhale, hollow the belly out and roll the hips up on an inhale. Exhale, roll down. And roll up. And roll down. Let's just do two more.

Roll up. And really pull the ribs away from the upper body. The pelvis away from the ribs, and one more. Up. And roll down.

So let's add onto that basic theme now, I'm going to take one foot, flex it and cross the ankle over the other thigh, just above the knee. Breathe in and roll up. And you're gonna feel that hamstring really firing. Roll down. And let's do four, two.

And roll down. And three. And roll down. Let's hold number four up there. Extend the leg straight to the ceiling.

Little pulses, ready? (inhales) Shh, shh, two. (inhales) Shh, shh, three. (inhales) Shh, shh, four. (inhales) Shh, shh, five.

(inhales) Shh, shh. Point that foot. Bring it down and roll the spine down one vertebrae at a time. And extend the other leg. Flex that foot.

And four rolls up. Take a breath in. (inhales) Roll up and down. Notice the differences. Two. Your body may not be totally symmetrical.

Three. Level those hips. Hold, number four up there. Hold it. Extend that foot and little pulses, five sets.

(inhales) Shh, shh, two. (inhales) Shh, shh, three. (inhales) Shh, shh, four. (inhales) Shh, shh, five. (inhales) Shh, shh.

Point the toe. Bring the foot to the chair, breathe in, exhale, and iron your spine out. Give yourself a nice hug. And we're going to roll up to seated and do the saw. So this is similar to the Wunda Chair.

We're gonna point the feet first, outer border of the front edge of the chair and bring the arms out to the side. I call this a T of energy. We're reaching out with both arms, fingertip to fingertip, drawing up through the spine. Let's now flex the feet and in-breath, rotate your body way past the chair, if you can. Exhale, reach and saw.

And spin around in in-breath. Keep that opposite hip nailed to the mat, exhale. And sit up, inhale. And exhale. And sit up, inhale, wind those ribs around.

Keep the pelvis facing forward and inhale around. Exhale, reach. And inhale, around. Exhale, reach. Let's do one more set.

Inhale, around. And exhale, stretch. And inhale, around. Exhale and stretch. And come up to center.

Point your feet and relax. So now we're gonna come side lying and you're gonna position yourself up on the forearm of the supporting side and extend both legs right under the chair seat. You can flex both feet and here you have a choice. You wanna make sure, by the way, you're not sinking into that shoulder. So press the floor away really strongly.

You can have a helper hand here, if you're new to this. Otherwise, to challenge yourself further, hand to the hip. And we're gonna take a breath in and lift the hips up. Hold. Hold.

Hold. Lower with control without sinking into that supporting shoulder. Breathe in. (inhales) Exhale, hold. Hold. Hold.

And lower with control. Let's do two more and hold the last one. Press up. Hold. Hold.

Hold. Really squeeze that top leg on the seat of the chair, press up and hold. Squeeze that top leg. Lift the bottom leg. One.

Two. Three. Four, I'm losing altitude with my leg. Six, I'm only gonna make it to eight. Oh, I didn't even make eight.

Oh, well, bend your knees. And let's just grab the seat of the chair and do a little mermaid. Fold in over your head and rotate, one. And open. And two.

And open. And three. And open. And four. And open.

Come up and let's swivel around to the other side. Come to the forearm, extend both legs, flexed feet. And hand, either helper hand to the mat or hand to the hip. I have to be very careful here not to let my rib hang 'cause this is my scoliosis side, so I'm really gonna drive my forearm down and lift up. And hold.

Hold. Hold, squeeze that top inner thigh down to the seat of the chair. And two. Hold. Hold.

Hold, resist that lowering. And three, long line of a neck. And lower. This is our last one. We're gonna hold it up there and lift the bottom leg.

One. (inhales) Two, squeeze the inner thighs. Three. (inhales) And four. (inhales) And five. And six, do more if you can make it. Seven. Woo! And eight.

And lower. And bend both knees. Reach that arm out to the seat of the chair, and reach the arm over. Really stretch into the mermaid. Fold over and rotate.

One. (inhales) And two. (inhales) And three. (inhales) And four. Come back. Reach out and come up. Let's come to plank position now. We're gonna extend the feet out onto the chair.

Hold it there. Squeeze the base of the tush. Little Pilates pushups, if you can. 10. (inhales) And nine. And eight.

And seven. And six. And five. And four. And three.

And two. And one. Lift one foot, balance, pulse. One, two, replace. One, two, replace.

Leg pulse. One, two, replace. One, two, replace. One, two, replace. One, two, replace.

Last set. Replace. And relax. Bend one knee to the mat. Bend the other knee to the mat.

Stretch back into rest position. Take a couple of cycles of breath here, spreading your back ribs like butterfly wings. Inhale (inhales) and exhale. Inhale and exhale. And roll slowly up to a nice kneeling position.

And I wanna thank you for joining me on your home chair. See you next time.


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Beautiful class, thank you. Side lying excercises rather demanding for my knees, but it is my problem adequate to my age.
Good morning from Slovakia!
Well done Jillian ! superb class utilizing the chair !
Jennifer E
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Loving the classes in this series! Thank you so much, Jillian!!!
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Loving this series!  Thanks!
Andrea F
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Wow! Excellent class! The abs sequence on the chair was really challenging. Felt them burning! Thank you, Jillian!
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This is brilliant and fun too!!!!
Sarah  H
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Great exercise! I am 40 years young this workout is timeless and I added extra resistance during certain segments. 
Lina S
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Very creative workout!
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Incredibly beautiful flow. 
Thanks everyone for all the great & positive feedback!🙏😀
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