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Notice Movement in Stillness

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In this class, Christi Idavoy teaches you through push-pull movement that enhances your awareness creating an uplifting sense of lightness. You will develop more skills to listen to your body and your intuition. Prepare your space to be rolling and moving beyond your Mat. This play of opposition will create a deeper sense of connection to your center.
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Oct 20, 2021
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Hi. For this class, we're going to need a little more space than just our mat. So you'll want to make sure to clear the area around you so that you can easily roll off and back on, and off and back on to your mat rolling. We'll be rolling around on both sides of the mat. So to get started, we're gonna have a seat on our pelvis, and bring our feet out in front of us.

And you wanna bring the feet and pretty close to your sitting bones. Sitting bones and close to your feet and your hands in close to your pelvis, so that you feel like you're sandwiched in there. And you'll notice there isn't a ton of space to move. We're just going to take a moment to close our eyes in this space and take a deep inhale. And as we exhale, feel the fingertips pressing into the ground.

Depending on the length of your arms, you might need fingertips rather than palms 'cause it doesn't feel so good to be on the metacarpal or on the knuckles of your fingers. So either fingertips or whole palms pressing down, inhaling slowly and fully, and just notice where you feel expansion, where you feel movement in this compressed body position. And as we exhale, just feeling ourselves, anchoring down through our feet, pelvis, and fingers. And if it feels good, you can even slouch in your shoulders a bit. And following inhale, now we'll open our eyes, open our knees away from each other.

Slide the feet in and walk the hands forward just enough to start feeling. And you might not even need to move your hands to feel. And then we'll start bringing the knees together, rolling back to make space for them. Inhale, open the knees out. (inhales deeply) Exhale, bring the knees together.

(exhales softly) Inhaling to open. (inhales deeply) Exhaling to close. (exhales softly) And you might find that as you're doing this, your feet are further away from you. You need a little more space to keep it going, that's fine. But as long as there's no pressure do encourage yourself to tighten it up.

And notice that as the knees open out, it creates space for our pelvis to move forward. And as the knees come back together again, it asks the pelvis to roll back. We'll just do that two more times. Now, the next time that we open our knees out to the sides, we're going to bring our hands forward towards our ankles and just gently kind of pull up on the ankles so that it feels like it gives your pelvis to roll into, and really notice that it just as a result of pulling with the arms, it gets pulled on. Inhale, allow your abdomen to expand, release in your shoulders.

And now as we exhale, we're gonna roll back off of our legs. If we're feeling a lot in our hip sockets, we'll let our knees travel back up as we round, and then we'll pull gently with the arms as we inhale, letting the knees go out and gently leaning into it. Now what's really important is that we listen to our body. When we're rolling back, we're really able to hang off of the weight of the ankles. The knees hugging in can really help that so that your pelvis feels like it has enough support to roll back.

And then we use the arms to let the knees open and notice how that can bring us forward. And if we feel any pull back in the lower back, we're going to wanna encourage the head to come forward rather than the chest or the abdomen. And as we come back, we can notice the length and the height in our center and then how our pelvis rolls back away from that center as our knees come up. We'll just do this three more times. And you wanna explore where you start to feel sensation.

I have a lot of movement in my hips. I'm physically able to go further, but now I'm feeling a lot. So I choose to pull back to that point where it's like, okay, I can see my boundary and I'm sitting just behind it. And then as I roll back, it's a little bit more of a free space where I don't really feel much today. If you're feeling stuff in your lower back, then you wanna be mindful of maybe your feet pushing a bit more of again.

Roll back gently, feel the edge of sensation and then choose to sit just in front of it. So that we're moving slowly with awareness, respecting what we feel, moving to sense what we're feeling. And then we acknowledge it with action by saying, I can see I've got this range but let me stay back here 'cause I don't wanna sit on that edge where I'm going to wake up my stress reflex, my stretch reflex, and the stress response, right? I don't want my nervous system and my fibers and coils to feel like they're really getting pulled on, 'cause then they're gonna feel like they need to pull back. And now the next time that our knees come together and our slow spine is rolling back, we're going to pull ourselves back up.

I'm going to turn so you can really see the curve through the spine. We're gonna place our hands behind us as they were, keep the feet where they are so they're a little further away from the body where we can really just hang out now, chill back into arms, the way we'd be if we were hanging by the pool, something very relaxed. Just be mindful that your hands are an even distance away from the midline of your body. And now as we inhale, we're going to press down through the arms. Notice how as I press down, it starts to send the chest forward.

The pelvis will start rolling forward and that'll cue the legs to open up. The sacrum is moving forward towards the pubic bone and it's like the front of the head moving back and towards the skull. As we breathe, we'll roll the knees in. The sacrum rolling back, hands keep pressing the floor away to help send the back of my head energetically up and around my knees. Inhaling, knees opening, belly expands, press down through the arms, opening up.

Exhaling knees coming in, pelvis curling back, feet pressing. My arms are still firm but since I'm letting my upper back roll through, you'll see how the shoulders will change position to make space for the ribs. So we'll just play with this for a few more reps and just notice, you're welcome to close your eyes. Notice how bringing the knees in towards each other starts to roll your pelvis and how it just kind of makes sense for the head and shoulders to roll forward when the knees come together. And then as the knees open out to the sides, how that starts pulling on your pelvis and how it just kind of makes sense intuitively for the chest to rise up.

Notice that the movement pattern will wake up your intuition. (exhales softly) Last time. And the next time that we're exhaling, rolling the sacrum back and the forehead forward, we'll stay here, exhale slowly. Be really mindful that you've got space between your chin and your chest. And imagine that your feet press, they help pull back on your sacrum.

And as you're exhaling, it's the feeling of your hairline. So it's not your forehead and it's not your crown it's in between those two points where your hairline starts, that area is beaming forward over your knees. That way you can keep your spine in this position and take your hands either to your knees or behind your knees, depending on your body's proportions. Hold it here, and again, keep your legs heavy so that we've got something we can roll the pelvis back away from and notice that as you roll your pelvis back, it actually allows your head to come up 'cause now we've got the support of the arms as well. So that we're feeling long through the back of our head.

Our forehead is sending that beam of energy that shoots up and around and then rolls back down and under us, right? So that we're really feeling like we're in a sphere. And as we exhale, our knees are gonna push into our hands and we're gonna roll back this way. As slowly as we can, hugging the knees into the chest, let them separate. And we'll just start rocking from side to side by pulling on the knees.

So notice that pulling the knee to one side and then pulling the knee in and over to the other side, will take all of the weight of your body so that you feel like you're really heavy and playing with your weight transfer to create movement as opposed to pushing the floor away or trying to lift up. And now you're gonna roll all the way onto your side, let your forehead continue. So you can roll your forehead on the mat, look over your bottom shoulder. As your head rolls back, pull the top knee into the chest and over so that it rolls you on to your other side, just the same way. And just play with this, rolling from side to side.

And notice that as you roll to the side and your head rolls onto the mat, your top knee can keep moving forward relative to the head rolling to look over the shoulder, it allows for some more movement through the left side of the body or the top side of the body. The bottom side rolls to look over the shoulder on the floor and the top side is rolling in the opposite direction. And if that's a lot of information and your brain's like, wait, what am I doing? What's going on? That's great.

Those are great spaces to be in where you're experiencing new things, new awareness is lighting up. We're just gonna do this motion one more time and it's going to bring us up to sitting. So we want to make sure our hands are on our knee caps, fingertips pointing down the shin, and there's a combination of the top knee pressing forward and the bottom elbow pressing down that just kind of magically brings you up. And then we're gonna roll back down through the elbow, draw the knee in towards the chest. I come onto my side, top knee pulls in and sends me over.

Again, I roll my forehead towards the floor, but now my elbow presses into the ground as my knees pushing into my hand to help me up. And now I roll down playing with the pressure of the knee into the hand so that I don't come crashing down. But I practice the pressing and the pulling in a way that allows me to find more lightness. And just notice that you can play with the push and pull so that the knee is helping to slow you down and also helping to bring you up. And it does take some practice, some time of playing with this and really feeling the moments where you need more and less pressure in different parts of the body.

We're gonna rise up and bring the outer knee in and then roll back down this way, and onto the other side. Pressing up, bringing the knee in, rolling it out, coming to the other side. One more time on each side, notice how it feels to roll through the hips and notice how we're just playing and allowing the body to kind of guide one movement coming from the next, which is basically like, okay, now that I'm up here, what options do I have? Oh yeah, I can just do this. And you're again, practicing, developing your ability to listen, to notice what's available, to let your intuition come through.

We'll do this one last time. And the next time that we're up with our left hand pressing through our left knee, the right shin is out in front. We're going to stay here, setting up in like a mermaid or a Z sitting position with the right shin in front. Bring the fingertips out to a pyramid shape. So your fingertips are your base.

The crown of your head is the top. And we're just gonna inhale, reach the left arm up and over the head, plant the right hand down. And as you come up and over, be mindful of softening the bottom elbow to keep space between the neck and the shoulder. Inhale while you're here. And as we exhale, we'll cartwheel the left arm up and around, bringing it down towards the mat, lifting up and over to the other side.

And again, the bottom elbow softens, it bends so that the shoulder stay wide, the neck stays long. Inhale while you're here (inhales deeply). And as you exhale again we're going to reach up and over. And now this time I'm gonna start to play with bouncing my weight over my bottom hip and stretching my top leg out. And then we'll bend that knee, come back in, lower the left hand down, inhale, come up and over.

Exhale, reaching up. And you wanna balance the timing of reaching out and over. Notice when you're on the outer edge of your bottom hip, then your leg goes out. And if it feels like it's not too happy with that, let your upper body come down just a little bit lower. You can always put your hand on the mat if you need to.

Then we bend the knee, come back in, reach the arm up and over. And again, reaching out and long, play with that moment of finding balance there, bend the knee, come back in, bring it up and over. This time this movement is going to take us all the way down. So I'm gonna slide out, lengthen my left leg out. Now, pull the bottom elbow under, reach it forward and come onto my shoulder.

The left arm can come up and over the head and we'll create this beautiful long line across the left side of the body. Inhale while we're here. And if the right side feels like it needs to get stretched out a bit, do that so that you're not in a side bend towards the floor so much, but really feeling length out through your center. And now as we exhale, we'll take our straight left leg forward, turn the upper body, open arms towards the ceiling, inhale while you're there, notice how that feels. Exhale, slide the top leg back as the top arm comes forward.

So we're exploring this pattern again, just with long limbs now and bigger ranges. And breathe. Notice when you're breathing, how does it feel? How does it help you carry yourself through space? Reach long as if your left foot was carving sand out of some space here.

Like you want your heel to reach away from your body, your left fingertips to reach away from your left heel. Always respecting the edges of sensation, where it might be a little too much, where we might have to lift further away from the ground or bend our knees and elbows. Now the next time that the straight left leg is reaching forward and your chest is open towards the sky, you'll hold it there. We'll bring the straight left leg up towards the ceiling, bring the right knee in, stand the right foot on the mat and notice that you're on your back now with the straight left leg. Inhale while you're here, as you exhale, bend your left knee, straighten your right leg out.

And we're gonna go through this and reverse on our other side. So we're gonna take our right leg up and over now towards the left side, stretch the right leg all the way out, bring the whole body onto the side onto your seam. And again, feel like you're reaching long. Your bottom arm is going to come under you reaching out in front, and the top side is reaching really long. And as you're ready, your straight right leg is gonna move forward as your top arm rolls back.

Inhale while you're there. Exhale, take your straight right leg back as your right arm rolls back up and over, and down towards the right hand, reach the top leg back. Think of the energy of reaching the top of the thigh away from the sitting bone. Like you want to send your hip down and out through your foot as the leg rolls behind. So that when you come through your side, you really appreciate that your legs are the same length, but your top leg keeps growing as it moves.

Once again. And now the next time, just do this once more. And the next time that your top leg is reaching behind you, you'll bend your bottom knee, sliding it up, bringing your top arm down in front. We're gonna reach out through the top leg and push down through the top arm to bring ourselves up to sitting again. Now this time we'll lean out with the hands coming up and over the left hip and slide the right leg back in line with the hip now, or as far as it feels available.

As you exhale, bend your right knee, place your right hand on the mat, lift the left arm up, inhale (inhales deeply). Exhale, bring the arms back up into a T again. Think of your left fingertips reaching for the horizon and your right leg lengthening out to find that balance point. Bend the knee, draw it back in, right hand comes down, left arm rises up. (inhales deeply) (exhales forcefully) And breathe.

You can always take the right foot further in front. If you are feeling a little tired on the hip, we don't have to go as far over every time. We'll just do this once more. Kinda that tight rope feeling. And then we'll bring the left hand down to the mat.

Find your Z sit, your mermaid position on this side, fingertips on the ground. Notice the triangle through your body. Crown of the head centered between the hips. And as we inhale, we'll reach the right arm up and over. Plant the left hand down, bend the left elbow, press into the left hand, to really lift the spine up and help anchor the right hip down.

Inhale (inhales deeply). Exhale, bring the right arm back up and out of that, coming back to the center. Left arm lifting up, one last time to the other side. And then coming back up and now playing with this pattern a little bit more. Again, we're gonna reach back out.

We'll use the weight of this leg to help you come all the way down. Slide your left elbow in under your shoulder, reach the left hand out as you come down, bring your right arm over your head and slide right leg forward. The right arm is gonna open up so that you see the ceiling, right arm traveling over your head. And now you'll circle your right leg up towards the ceiling coming back onto your mat. The left knee comes in next to the right knee, left foot standing on the ground, right foot up towards the ceiling.

Inhale while you're here. And as you exhale, bend your right knee, straighten your left leg out. Inhale here (inhales deeply). Exhale, switch (exhales forcefully). Flex your foot, inhale (inhales deeply).

Exhale, switch (exhales softly). Flex your foot, inhale. Exhale, switch. Keep going. Flex your foot, exhale point and switch.

Only flex when you're at the top inhaling. Point, switch with both ankles pointed. Inhale, flex the ankle at the top. Exhale, point, and switch. (inhales deeply) (exhales forcefully) Last one.

(inhales deeply) (exhales forcefully) Now we'll keep our left foot flexed, left leg extended. We're gonna take our legs in this shape up and over to the right side, but we'll keep our head neck and arms open towards the ceiling. The straight left leg is gonna sweep down as the left arm comes back overhead. Again, this pattern, reaching now the left hand in front of the face, fingertips on the ground. Feel like you're pressing through your left heel as your right knee comes up just enough to help you feel like you need to push down and start making your way back up again.

Inhale and sit up, exhale. We're just gonna practice this cartwheel down. So the left arm comes up, the right arm comes forward. You can first do elbow. This weight of this left leg is so important to help us slow that down and then just let the leg come down for a second.

Inhale (inhales deeply). Exhale, fingertips in front of the face on the left hand, press out through the top leg, reach, as you push down with the left fingertips and you roll your body up and around your right hip. And then again, we reach the left arm up, reach out in long, roll down. If you feel like you want to open your chest to the sky, do that, come back to the ground, reach through the left leg. The left arm can start to swing now if it starting to feel like you don't need the fingertip push.

If it's still feeling very heavy, when you're trying to come up, then you'll keep coming back to bringing your fingertips in front of your face. You can have your elbow in your hand, pushing down, reaching out to come up, okay? Otherwise we're gonna start practicing sending one arm under as the other arm comes up. Opening up to the chest, sending the top leg forward. Now the top leg will roll back, the arm comes up forward, we circle it around, we come all the way up.

And again. As I roll back, my left leg rolls forward. As my left leg rolls back my left arm rolls forward. The combination of the arm and the leg coming forward and out, brings me up. Two more.

Have fun with it. Don't worry about what it looks like. Feel the timing between your arm, your leg, your spine, gravity, your intention, your breath. How do we find the space internally to find the lightness and the movement externally? Last one, 'cause there's so much fun.

And now this time we're gonna come up to sitting, hold it here for a second, roll this knee in and over and notice what's gonna happen to this leg. If I want this knee to come down, I kinda have to, right? It's makes life easier. If I let the front knee bend, and now I turn and look over my left shoulder. And again, if we need support, hands on the ground.

That's always the rule, right? If you feel discomfort, something is starting to nag, hands to the ground. Don't test it and wait to see if it's gonna actually hurt more. If you feel it, hands to the ground, Then we roll back, straighten the left leg as we open the right knee down and we're gonna reach back out, send the left arm over as the bottom arm comes down and go back to the same pattern. My heart opens, my leg goes forward.

I come to the side, I reach up. As I sit down, my right knee comes in and it turns me and I look around to the left side, inhale. Exhale, unwind the spine, left leg goes out as the right knee opens. Left arm comes up as the right arm comes down. Left leg goes forward as the left arm goes back.

Keep going. Come up, the knee comes in, the other knee bends, and we turn. (inhales deeply) (exhales softly) We'll just do a few more here. Again, don't worry about one being like the last. Notice how they feel different.

It's kinda funny to notice how you move on the mat, how you start to migrate. And now the next time that we're up and turned around in that Z sit, looking up and over the left shoulder, we're going to stay there for just a moment, inhale and sit tall. And as you exhale, take your right hand onto your right hip and your left hand onto your left ribs and just gently tell the right hip to drop away from the ribs. You don't have to push, you definitely don't want to push your press, but just bring awareness, and you might feel that your ankle needs to change. Mine just felt like it wanted to turn under.

Some folks find more congruence in their hip when their foots anchor or flex, their ankles flex. So listen to your body. Find what little changes you can make here while you're in this series of rotations so that the right hip can drop back a little easier. Take one more breath. (inhales deeply) (exhales forcefully) And then we'll start to turn towards the right knee.

Bring the right knee back out and over as you stretch your left leg out. And now we'll just switch right here in the center. So you'll bring your left foot in and your right leg out so it's tall, inhale. Exhale, curl back, pull the left knee and just to switch for a second and sit forward. Just do that one more time just giving the legs a switch between them just to kind of hit the reset.

And now the next time the right leg is lengthened out, we're going to stay there. And you might wanna come back onto your mat. And we're gonna go through this game on the other side. So we'll start off with our hips right here as they are, inhale, reach the arms out into a T. Exhale, the left arm is gonna travel forward.

We're gonna roll over our hip again. The right leg slides back, and we play with that tight rope balance at act moment. Now slide your top leg slightly forward to have a seat back down. Exhale, glide out, find the balance point. We'll just do this two more times.

Notice if you can play with getting a little lower to the ground, how does that change things up? Where do we feel tension? And now on this next one, we're gonna take the leg out, bring the left elbow to the ground, reach the right arm up over the head, come down slowly onto your left side. Your right arm is gonna go over your head, sliding your top leg forward away from your hand. Inhale while you're there.

Exhale, slide the leg back as the top arm comes back over your head. We're gonna reach through the top leg, reach through the top arm. Remember you have the option of using fingertips or reaching through the top arm, coming up, inhale while you're here. Exhale, open the arms back out. We're gonna reach out and long.

And again, come down through the elbow, sliding the arm forward, top arm overhead. Overhead along the mat behind you as the top leg travels long in front of you. Long limbs back to your side. You can use your fingertips on the ground, or you can just reach the arm back up and over your head. Here we go a little more rhythmically.

Bottom arm forward, top arm balancing with top limb. They open away from each other. Slide it up, exhale to your side, balancing back up. And just play. What's the angle for your arms and legs that helps you feel more connected through your center?

(inhales deeply) (exhales forcefully) Last two. And now the next time that we come up, we're going to also pull in on the left knee. Just bring that over, notice how it starts to turn you. Open your knee back out, slide back, down and over. Take the top leg forward, top arm back, and again.

Breathe as you move, pull the knee in. Look over, how does that feel? Where do you sense sensations as you go through? If you need to go slower, go slower, hang out a little bit more at certain parts. Don't worry about staying caught up.

Last time, and we're just adding on. So now the left will come in. The right knee will have to bend so that we turn and look over the right shoulder. And then we'll unwind the shoulder, bring the left knee back out as we straighten the right leg out. And then again, we're going to slide the bottom arm forward, top arm over, same thing.

(inhales deeply) (exhales forcefully) Bring the knee in, bend both knees, turn, look over the shoulder, unwind., notice the knees. Hands on the knees might help them work more symmetrically. And just two more. And as you're playing, asking yourself, does this feel like it's just one big movement? Or do I feel like I'm managing a lot of different parts?

Does the way it feel change as I repeat it? Do I fatigue anywhere? What aspects of it feel different as it repeats? What areas might I need to bring more awareness to? And now the next time that we're sitting up in turn to look over our right shoulder, we're going to stay there and breathe.

Bring the left hand onto the left hip, the right hand onto the right ribs. And as you exhale, just communicate to your hip that it can drop down. Exhale, relax your shoulders and your jaw, without straining yet feeling your ability to exhale the twist. So notice that the strength of the exhale comes from emptying your lungs here (exhales forcefully). Squeeze the last drop of the air out.

Look over the shoulder, inhale and wind the spine. Let yourself turn back to center, again, lengthening out the right leg as the left heal comes in close to the hips. And now we're gonna cross our ankles here. One hand is on one knee, the other hands on the other, and we're just gonna rock from side to side this way with our ankles crossed. Lift one hip up, bring the knee in and over.

And now we're gonna bring the knee in and over. We'll notice that because of the ankle crossing, one knee can come over and the other knee can not. And we're just gonna keep repeating it this way. Now the next time that you turn to the side where you can bring your knee all the way over, stay there, step this foot in front. And we're just gonna practice bringing our foot out a little wider to the side, bringing our body on the inside of that knee.

And as we exhale, we're gonna reach forward, send the weight of the head forward so that the pelvis comes off the ground and then roll the pelvis back to sit behind the sitting bones like we did initially. We can always hang off of the shin for extra support, roll forward, reach the weight of your head forward so that it lifts your pelvis off the ground and now your weight's on your front foot. And then again, exhale, roll back (exhales softly), inhale, roll forward. If the breathing is different, that's perfect. As long as it feels like it's supporting you, it feels perfect for you right now.

The most important thing is to just mind the gaps between the breaths. We wanna eliminate the spaces where we're holding our breath. Now the next time we do this, we're gonna carry it all the way through by really rooting down. The weight of our head goes forward and down, our foot and our left shin are going to press down and we're gonna rise all the way up to standing on our straight front leg. Then we'll bend this knee, bring the top of the back foot down to the ground, roll over the top of your foot back into your ankle and sit back down.

Cross your ankles and go back to rocking from side to side. Now the other ankles crossed, right? We cross the ankles the other way, now the other knee is coming down easier. Just notice how it feels. If it's sticky, if you need to move your feet further away from your seat.

If you need to slow down and breathe more or have your hands on the ground. Do whatever you need to do to get this glide through your body. Now the next time that we're over to the side where our knees can stack and it feels comfortable there, we're gonna stand that top foot in front of the bottom shin. Again, bring the body along the inside of that front knee. Play with shifting the weight of your head forward to peel your pelvis off the mat and come onto your front foot, and then play with letting the weight of your pelvis roll back, and you sit tall.

Exhale, come forward. Inhale, sit back. The breath again is yours. Start rolling back behind your pelvis a little more now and then rolling over it. Notice all the movement that your pelvis is finding here, your ankle and your knees.

And now the next time that you move forward, again, stay here pushing down into the left foot and the top of the right shin to start rising all the way up. Straighten the left leg and lift the right foot off of the mat. Bring the top of the right foot back down, hinge back at the hips a bit, then bend your standing leg, and then you bring your weight through the top of your shin so that you come down gently and smoothly. Roll back behind your sitting bones, cross your ankles the other way. Turn, shift, push down, rise up.

Hinge, bend the knee, lower down. Use the top of the foot as your landing pad, but as like a handbrake, slowly pulling up on the brake. And switch to rise back up on the other side. So we're gonna keep switching here a few times. Roll back, switch the feet, step forward, rise up by pressing down.

Use the hands as much as necessary as little as possible. You could even play with keeping your hands on your lower back. Be mindful that the shoulders stay relaxed. The expression on your face is relaxed. If you wanna increase the challenge, think about not letting the top of your foot come down and come down closer to your knee.

And picking that leg up sooner as well. You can press into the ground as much as you need and as little as possible. (inhales deeply) (exhales forcefully) Last two. (inhales deeply) (exhales forcefully) Last one, to each side. So we'll finish on the next side, just one more, and then stepping down and just walking around.

Walk around your space, notice how it feels through your legs. Close your eyes as you walk, let your arms swing. Walk backwards a little bit. And then walk sideways. Step, step front, back, step back, step front.

And then finally coming to just stand and again, close the eyes. Allow the feet to feel weighted into the mat, relax the muscles around your knees. Inhale, reaching the arms out to the sides. Open the palms, flex the wrist. Be gentle if you feel lots of pull in your chest.

Slightly, take the arms forward, lower. Find the angle where it's not as intense. Lift your chest up through the arms reaching the heels of the hands away, inhale a little further, and then exhale. Let your chin come to your chest, your arms release at your sides. And we'll just slowly roll down through our spine.

Keep the legs straight for as long as you can. Again, if you feel lots of pull soften at the knees. Inhale while you're draped over your legs and a little more weight forward into your toes. And as you exhale, curl your tailbone down, the backs of your thighs, save your head for last. And once the head comes up, just notice your breath.

And when you're ready, open your eyes and enjoy the rest of your day.

Mindful Movement: Movement is Medicine


I loved this Christi. So enjoyable to play with movement like this. You have wonderful flexibility and energy. I found some moves challenging but will practice. Envy your ability in your final sequence 
Thank you Christi, this felt so good in my body. I am more and more curious about playful free flowing movement, and I find more enjoyment in my body when there are less "rules". Looking forward to more content from you!
Love the idea of movement is medicine - with current hip issues and feeling less mobility but as a teacher I am still moving and just adapting where I can - just concentrating on what I can do rather than what I cant.....!! I shall enjoy attempting the others - thank you 

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This class was wonderful.  I lift weights, do HIIT type training along with Pilates workouts.  I still love all those things but as I get older I feel it in my body that this type of movement is what my body needs to keep me agile and functioning.  Thank you so much and I hope you continue to give us more classes like this.  I loved it! 
Cynthia G
I am definitely a body of two halves, right and left.  Advice to younger people : do this regularly!  My mind and body are still swirling.  Loved it. Glad no one to watch my version of the class.  Thanks so much.
Liz W
I had cervical spine surgery so the rolling to sit up was too much for me.  I had to stop and will look for classes that are more geared to gentle neck recovery and back strengthening.
Shaini V
loved it, definitely a class to many more times. getting the neurons fired up for this new way of moving. body & mind feel revigorated afterwards! Thanks Christi
Allana KD
amazing class - thank you!
Wow, you certainly are the Queen of stretching! Beautiful
Cheryl Z
lovely need to try to master standing with no arms look forward to working on this in 2022. i also enjoyed the twist with hand on the hip
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