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It has been almost two years since Meredith Rogers and Kristi Cooper have filmed a Girl Time together! Move along with Meri and Kristi as they teach each other through a playful and creative Reformer flow. This is a full-body workout that will leave you feeling challenged and connected. Enjoy being back together with these two!
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Nov 25, 2021
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Look who's here. Yay! It's girl time. Once again, so happy to be here. Meredith Rogers, I'm Kristi Cooper. And we are in the studio, happy.

And we're gonna work out, that's about it. What's it been, two years? At least. It's been a long time. Long time, so.

Yeah let's do it Be nice to me. Yeah, you know. Yeah, we'll see. We'll see. Okay let's just start with a roll down.

Get us on the, or should we set up our equipment first? Lets do that. We're going to just kind of go right into foot and legwork. So I'm setting up three red and a blue. Me too.

Pretty heavy, well for me. But you don't have to go quite so heavy, you decide. And then standing, I just wanna like hold your hand. You can't do the roll down and hold my hand. That'd be weird, alright.

Strange. Parallel feet. Stand tall, shift your weight forward just about. Like you're gonna fall. And then bring it back.

Find that middle ground. Find the ground, arms heavy. Spine is light. Raising your head to the ceiling, don't have to do anything, it just happens. We inhale.

Exhale, your head fall forward. Start to think about allowing the front of the body to tighten up so that the back of the body can release a little bit. Feel free to bend your knees. Inhale, hold it here. Did ya slide backwards? If you did come back.

Over your feet again. Start rolling back up. Tuck your tailbone under. Keep your arms on your back. For me that just means wide collarbones.

So that when I get to the top, my shoulders are right back in place. And I feel a little more broad than before. I need my arms this time. Me too. Inhaling up.

Bring in energy or whatever you need. Exhale, we're going down again. Head. Draw a little bit tighter into the belly. Let the arms hang, but keep the collarbones wide.

As if the arms are hanging off those bones. How about bend the knees, bring your spine with you. Exhale, straighten them. Two more of those. Inhale, bend.

Woo. And straighten. I'm all crooked already. Me too. Inhale bend.

And straighten. You can keep your knees a little bent if you want. As you roll yourself back up, back up, stacking. Ending up hopefully where you started only taller. Let's open up those arms, take a deep breath in.

Go ahead and look up. You can even extend your upper back almost like you're gonna arch it. Exhale let it all float down. And let's go to our reformers. I'm putting my head rest up part way.

Okay. I have a lot of. Mine is already. Okay, lying down. I'm gonna look at my straps quick.

Oh yes. I did that beforehand. Well smart. Alright. That's going heels parallel.

You are touching those shoulder rests blocks. Arms down. I always do this weird little dance with my feet. I don't know why, it's like am I ready? I think I'm ready.

Here we go, we press all the way out, hang out. And just make sure, like Mary is. Look up, are you kind of level? Did you leave your pelvis, I guess flat? Keep it like that.

Pull yourself back in and we'll go a little bit faster pace. Out and coming in. I tend to exhale on the way out. You decide. (breathing sounds) Lets go five more here.

See if you can connect to the back of your body. The hamstrings. There's two of those five. What about the backs of the arms? Oh and the backs of the arms.

Ooh. Well that's a good idea. I don't know if I can think that much. All the way out, but actually I can. Come on in, stay there.

So we've got the back of the arms. And going down to the balls of the feet, all ten toes are on. And now off we go again. Keeping the heels still. Finishing that.

And actually the arms really help don't they? Mhm. Do you have a cue for that? Push into your arms. (both laughing) Brilliant.

Okay. But what you also have to just make sure that you're not pushing so much into your arms. That the back isn't unstable or going into it like thoracic extension. Okay. Or keep the ribs down.

And press into your arms if possible. Awesome, do two more, I know that's more than 10. Lets do it anyway. 'Cause it kinda helps me connect to my hamstrings, for some reason. That'll do.

Swivel so the heels touch. Let's not go too wide with the knees. Off we go again. Get all the way. Make sure that you're not tucking there at the end.

That's a place that sometimes happens. (hard breathing sounds) And the springs in the beginning that's the warming up. I kind of, oh I don't know. Equate it to what the ribcage might be doing. Just expanding and contracting.

What do you think? I like it. Let's think about it a minute. Three more, one. Pull back in.

Oh like the moving or the analogy. I don't really know, both. Oh. That'll do. And stay down, go heels wide.

I'm going to go a tiny bit more parallel today. But you could certainly go wide, it's up to you. Off we go, finish the move, and then return. Finish the move and return. (hard breathing sounds) I think I will forever have challenges relaxing my toes here when my feet are flexed.

And I don't even wear flip flops anymore. Why not? 'Cause it's you know, not great for your feet. But they're so convenient. (meredith laughs) Well Okay then.

(both laughing) Right up until they're not great for your feet. Next one will come and we'll stay in. To the balls of the feet. I'm gonna go a little more turned out on this one. Off we go.

And the here, I don't know if it's an analogy. But I do kind of imagine that there was a ball. Or magic circle that initiates the movement around the inner thigh. Seems to keep me connected in the middle. (deep breathing sounds) This feels just good I don't know how many we did or do.

But I'm doing at least two more. Kay. I was just gonna let you be in charge. Thank you, that rarely happens. Not from you but just in general.

(kristi laughs) Two balls of the feet parallel. I'm doing ten calf lowers or raises, however you look at it. We go down and we come up. We go down trying to let the toes just drip over the bar. Oh I could use help counting here.

This feels good, this is five. Five, thank you. I'm good at counting as long as I don't have to talk at the same time. You're very good at counting. Thank you.

So how many more Meredith? I don't know, I was talking. (both laughing) I'm gonna say one, that was probably ten. And let's go into, a kind of a quick run. Let's go down push up, down push up, down push up.

Allow those knees to line up right there at the top. And could we go any faster, for five. Five and four. Four, three. Three, two, two.

And let's one foot hang. Thank you. You're welcome. Have you ever like tried bending your knee. And keep reaching the heel, keep reaching the heel, keep reaching the heel. I do.

But Bend. I do and as I do right now, I can tell I've been on my trampoline too much. 'Cause it's going to snap. I'm gonna switch. Now it's really trying to go straight first.

But especially because I hyper extend so easily. That when I do that little bend, it's like, oh, there's my calf. It's nice. Alright, let's come up, come down. And why don't you take on over Meredith.

Is it possible?, let's try this together. Take your feet on the, your legs out on the bar. Lift your arms up. If you're going to make me roll up. Uh huh.

I'm going to ask you to try. Okay. Here we go, ready? I have no idea if I can do it either. Here we go one, two.

Well that wasn't a spectacular failure. It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't bad. Pull back on the bar. Could you actually hook. Could you hook your legs. Yeah.

To get up? I could. I could hook and cheat Alright, I'm going to find a way to cheat sometime too. Okay pull the bar apart, pull your chest to the bar. Pull the bar to your chest.

And then change your spring. I'm going to do a red and a blue. Wow that feels good. Want to do it again? You want to know what else feels good?

I want to hook my legs. Oh yes, scooch in. Okay. So now lean back. Almost like you're going to hang from the bar, but your arms are bent so they won't let you.

They're pulling you forward, but you're trying to go back. That's a little piece of heaven. Yup. Okay let go. Stay where you are.

See if you can squeeze the bar with your knees and go down. Watch me go through there. (both laugh) Or just push down, like pull it towards you. It's locked in. Yep, there you go.

Just trying to teach Kristi how to cheat. Okay, here we go. So we're going to go all the way down. We're going to get our straps. We're going to take the hands into the straps.

Lifting the legs. Lifting the head and chest and taking the arms forward. So reaching. And returning. Let's do four.

Reaching. Initiating that curve into flection. Not from the arms, but from the spine, from the chest. The arms follow through. And one more like that.

So now we'll start the same. We'll go up. Hold the up. Straighten your knees. Take your legs to the bar.

Bend your knees. Push forward with your arms and straighten. Go down. Bend your knees, push forward with your arms and reach. Can we do five?

We will see. So that just means two more. Active arms. And one more. Hold that.

Lift up. Come down. (Kristi exhales loudly) I know stalling stalling. Here we go, lift up. Straighten your knees, externally rotate.

Open your arms and your legs. And back. And wide. Try not drop the arms underneath the body. So they stay just level to the body.

It wasn't a correction, it's just an idea. Do or don't? No don't. Two. One hold.

Bend. And. I think that's enough. Those always feel good, even though they're hard. You think they feel good?

I think they feel hard. Put your feet into the straps. Maybe I'm just a little out of shape. Let's start with the knees bent, heels together. Take the legs forward.

And bend. So initiate not from the feet, but from the back of the legs. Following through with the feet. Squeezing all the time through the heels. To access connection or.

Remind the inner thighs that they can join the party. This is a party, right? Absolutely. Good, two more. And even the back of the arms, right?

Oh yeah. For the same reason? Yep yep. Last one, hold out. Point the feet, circle down, around and together.

(Kristi groans) I'm so tight and down. Out, around, and touch and down. Out, around, and touch and down. Out, around, and touch. Let's do two more.

I think that makes six by my count. Is that six enough? Whatever it was is enough. Okay. And I do my best to count but.

Don't worry. It's just not something, you should count. I can't count and count, and nor can I count on you to count. Right. Well that seems like a problem.

It just seems like we're moving. As the legs are reaching down, think of stretching back through the body. So you're creating length. Legs are reaching the way. The body is reaching back, creating link through the waste in that way.

That works for me. One more. I don't know how many that is. So for those of you counters, please forgive me. It's perfect.

Let's open. Flex the feet and come back. Point the feet and open. Keeping the legs traveling on a straight line. Flex and squeeze back in and point reach.

And flex squeeze. And point reach. And flex squeeze. And point reach. Would you like to do the short spine today my friend?

I would. Okay, let's do that after this one. So we are going to bend our knees. We're going to take the head down. Settling in, feeling the back of the head.

Reach the feet forward. Bring the legs over the body. (kristi mumbling) Come all the way if you can into the stopper. And then keep the carriage still, as you lift up. Keep the carriage still as you bend your knees.

Keep the carriage still as you roll down, dropping your thighs down towards your body. As your spine moves into the reformer. When you get as low as you can flex your feet. Bring that shape through. And then forward.

And fold. Do you want to know what I was just thinking about? Yes. You mean the short spot? No.

Oh, what? I was talking about the short spine. But I was thinking about the short spine, yes true. But also, the fact that flex your feet and bring the shape through. Was 20.

Almost 22 years ago, that you were my teacher. Folding up. Is that right? Yeah, that's right girl. Amazing, since I'm only 32. Maybe longer.

I'm just kidding. Lift. Is that right? Yeah. Of course it is.

I know exactly, 2000 right? Well that's when I was like qualified. So it would be before that even. Well, think of all the things I've taught you since then. Uh huh.

I'm just kidding. That's true. I am certain I have learned way more from you about all things pilates and life. Last one. That's cool.

Over a, it's like minute ago. Our relationship has made it through, 3 seven year itches. And I can name them. (both laughing) Yeah me too. Like oh this ones going to do it, this ones going to do it.

Okay, that's enough. That's enough. Bend your knees take your feet out of the straps. Put them down on the bar. Let's give Kristi a chance to play with this again.

So scoot towards the front of your carriage. So your knees can find the bar. Then lift your arms, then wrap your knees around it. It doesn't work if your bar is, is not locked, not pulled in, locked in. Look at me, woo hoo.

Yay you did it, good job. You know it's not really cheating. Oh why? I mean I'm about to fall in the springs but. You're pretty too.

But it's, because then you can resist against it. Hm that's pretty cheaty. Okay, so we're going to come up. We're going to take the blue spring away. We're going to do a stretch.

Yeah. And this is what I want us to do. I want us to put. Just put your foot on the carriage. This is not, not quality teaching here yet.

But step into the frame. And then so my left foot inside of the frame, it doesn't matter. I'm going to let the carriage be held by the leg that's on the ground. So bring it against your calf. 'Cause you're going to move your foot.

Okay. And then take the foot to the opposite side. So basically you want pelvis squared. The foot that's on the floor is just underneath the hip on that side. We're going to take that back leg back.

Yeah, so you're just dropping down into that hip flexor stretch. Enjoy as a suggestion. Really good. So next we take the back leg straight. We take the front leg straight.

I see you're flexing your foot too. I am, I'm lifting my foot off the floor. Bend the front knee put the foot down. Bend the back knee and come back. Yeah.

Okay that's even more heaven. Right? Should we do it again? Yeah. Take the back leg. Stay active in that back leg as you take the front leg.

Bend to the front knee. Bend to the back knee. Bend to the back knee. Thank you. (both laughing) I don't know where I am.

You want to do one more time or is that enough? That's enough. Okay so what I like to do to switch is I just let the carriage come up against my leg that's on the ground. So I just hold still and then I switch. That's funny when it's so foggy, it almost makes like a mirror, huh?

The window. You distracted by your beauty in this moment? No. That what's happening? Just watching you.

(both chuckling) Just dropping into that first initial hip flex. I missed you. (both giggling) No holding back, sorry it's been too long. It's been too long. Here we go the back legs straightens.

The front leg straightens. The front leg bends. The back leg bends, the body comes up. Breathing. One more, back leg straightens.

Front leg straightens. Front foot comes down, front knee bends back knee bends. And then come right back in and then you can just. Very nice. Step out.

Very nice. Why don't you take over now. Do you want to go into just some up stretchy stuff? Or straight into arms? Nope, up stretch sounds great.

Or up stretch or down stretch? My legs are totally shaking, just from that stretch. Lets go into up stretch first. So, I'm going to use. I'm going to use a red to blue.

Okay I'll do the same. So standing up. Heels just part way up, arms are wide, get a connection. Solid connection with your hands. Take a moment kind of drop into them.

Then draw the tailbone back, so your arms might move back a little bit. Your ears are in between your upper arms. Do a little bit more of a reach upwards with the tailbone. But you have to bring the ribcage with it too. So your back is pretty flat in this version.

Here we go, we push back a little. And we allow the belly to draw the springs back home. Push back. Exhale it's almost like you get light on your feet as if you wanted to put more weight into your hands. Even though you're kind of backed away from.

Exhale in. (hard breathing sounds) And down. If you were to look sideways if you did have a mirror. See if your looking under your arm or over. Under is probably the better choice.

And draw the belly in, just a couple more. (heavy breathing) Hit that stopper. Control it. This time we go to, what we call up stretch two. You're going to pivot around the shoulder.

You push out into a plank position. Chest basically over the bar. And then go right back to that pyramid shape. Exhale to do it. Keep going back to that position and inhale, rotate.

Exhale, pull it back. Inhale push, check out your feet every so often. Exhale bring it in. Meaning check them out and keep them aligned. Stay out in the plank when you get there.

And let's just do three push-ups kind of wide push-ups here. One, you don't have to go all the way, but try to keep the carriage pretty still, two. Here's three. And back to the pyramid shape. From there lower your heels.

I've been finding myself wanting to walk forward a little bit. I don't really need to, but I'm going to. Toes up. Why? I do it because I like the sense of really scooping deeper into the belly.

You could do it with it further back too. But for me it just feels. I'm just so tight. Well then yeah, then don't make it something else. For me it just feels good.

So we're essentially in the same position we were in before. Normally you'd have your feet at the heel blocks. So do that if you like. And now we pushed back. And then it's like, here, it's like I'm.

(hard exhale) You can allow the back to round a little bit. Push back, exhale in. Push and in. Well if I'm allowed to round my back, then I can take my legs forward. That's no big deal. Yeah I mean,

just a little, just you know don't, just a little. It's different from the version where you're more rounded in the front. Mhm. And I just like the scooping sensation I get when I do it. Yeah It's nice.

Really driving the heels through the carriage. One more with that thought maybe. And then just go right down to the knees. Feet back to the shoulder blocks all the way. Try to get your toes curled under.

And for the moment just round back. Scoop again so you have a really, I don't know, continuous line it feels like. Then lift yourself. Meaning lift your hips, roll them forward. We're going into down stretch.

Pushing up vertically, almost a wave with your hands. Try to keep your heels on and we go back. And we come in and up. And we push with the bottoms of the feet. Even as we come forward and up.

So those hamstrings are working. Obviously the arms, but kinda minimize them, keep them straight that's about it. Let's just do three more. One and up. Two and up.

Here's three of course. And up stay with it, stay in the game, come up to your finger tips, stay in the game. Take up one arm. The other arm, look at the right arm. Look for the right shoulder block.

If you can reach it do, lean back but press the hips forward and up. Come back up. Other side you can get a little rotation in there, find it. Reaching up. Come on back.

And we're done with that. Want to take us through some arms or something? Sure let's do arms. So let's go one red spring. Turning around.

Keep the energy, keep the energy. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, easy there tiger. Yeah yeah okay, here we go. Start with your arms in front of your thighs. Pull back with your arms.

And forward. So making the range small, pressing the thigh bones forward. So again, finding some connection to the back of the leg. We're going to do that three more times. And two more times.

And one more time. So now Kristi said she wanted to do thigh stretch. So what we're gonna do, so we're gonna pull back with the arms. We're going to hinge, a little hinge. Kristi might make a big one.

I'm going to make a baby one. We're going to come back. Ow. And take the arms forward, arms first. Hinge.

And if you cramped for your bad idea. Yeah, yeah your fault. Lift up that left foot. Your choice, your fault, lift up and forward. And pull back and hinge.

This is just going to be the third and last one. And then we're going to do something else. Up and forward. Now this time, keep your body upright. Pull back, push down with your arms and lift your chest up.

Return back to straight. Take the arms forward. Pull back. Push down with your arms, lift your chest up. Squeeze your arms towards your body, come back.

Take your arms forward pull back. Press down with your arms lift up with your chest. Come back, take the arms forward hang up the straps. Turn around. (Meredith clapping) Keep the energy Kristi.

(Kristi laughing) Putting the feet up against the shoulder blocks. (playful laughter) Touché. As I mentioned, I missed you. Okay so taking the straps in the hands, I've shifted to a blue. Do you want to change?

Oh yes, thank you. You're welcome to keep that red spring, but I like a blue. So we're going to take the arms forward up to the ears. Rotate the palms face forward and reach out to come down. And scoop up some energy.

Kristi has plenty to spare. And out to the side. And scoop. Shoulder blades, drawing down, arms reaching out. Two more.

Our body staying aligned right over the top of the knees. One more time. Try not lean forward. Try not to lean forward. I'm not saying that you are.

I'm just saying it as a reminder, go out to the side. Take the arms down the front. Push a little into the straps as you take the arms out. And down. That idea is just to prevent the arms from going behind the body, to get the carriage moving right away.

Two more, please. Around and up. And and down. Around and up. And down.

We're going around one more time. Bending the arms. First fingers and thumbs together. Make a crown. Take your crown straight up.

And bend, wide arms. Straight up. Try not to lean Meredith. Straight up. Press to the back of the legs it helps.

Straight up and bend, lets do four more. I Really am out of shape. (soft laughter) Do you actually hear my back popping? Just when I bend my elbows One more. Take the arms around.

Hold the straps in one hand, sit down at a red. Come back up. Taking the arms up behind the body. And bend. And reach and bend.

So taking that stretch to the front of the shoulders, keeping the body nice and aligned and back. And bend. And back and bend. Think we can do four more? Yes.

Beautiful waves today, three. I was going to say that, they're getting big. They're loud, two. And one that's enough. Oh that felt good.

Hold the straps in one hand sit down and then just replace the straps. And then we're going to leave it to you to take us into some lateral work. Mermaid. Mermaid. I've been doing it a lot lately but.

I'm doing it again. Okay, so shin right up against the shoulder block, use it. Use it, use it. Other foot in front, or you could sit fully staffed. I'm going to do that figure four version.

Just with one red spring for me, sitting as tall as I can. Here we go we're using the arm that's on the foot part to come out to the diagonal line. Use that shin over there. That's your opposition. Sorry, the arm let it go up my fault.

And now here rotate the rib cage. Do your best to find the bar. The spinal column just follows you. Reopen it to the same place she came from. And it's as if the arm pit presses down to bring you right back up to the starting position.

Again, press it out. Rotate the spine. Get there. Reopen. Sometimes it feels mechanical to me, but sometimes it just feels like perfect.

Like you're oiling. I don't know what, it's oiling all the joints. If you can hold on, do, you might need to move the other arm over a little bit. Oh yay I was hoping. Keeping the arms straight.

Start to look forward over the bar, arching the back, push into the shoulder blocks with that shin and go back. I'm just going to do two here. What? (soft whining) Why? Okay, three? Three.

Three it is. Who does just two? Pressing down make sure it's not just in your wrist, right? If you can draw those shoulders and you can even kind of start to look over one shoulder. Come back.

And up, is that three and a half? Good for us. And we go down. You might bring that arm a little back towards the middle or even in front of that. Reopen.

Come back up to the starting position. Once you are there, take the arm off, reach way up. You can use this shoulder block and then take the stretch over. Oh, you can even turn it. You can do all sorts of things.

You can drop around your head and then turn it. (panted breathing) And then come on out. Little twirly twirl. That felt good. That's does feel good today.

Okay you know the drill. Shin in, it's there for a reason, it's your anchor point. We press out the arm does go up on that diagonal, let your head be in line with your spine. So you're not looking straight up. Rotate the spinal column, ribcage will go with.

Get near the bar, if you can touch it, do. Reopen. And come on up, arm goes down. Try to get those hip bones down. Here off we go again.

Pushing with the shin and the arm. Rotate. Reopen. And come back home. This will be the one where we can hold on if we want to, or you can just do a few more without.

We lean into it. Rotate. If you can get to the bar, do, you might adjust the supporting arm. And now keep pushing into the shoulder block as you start to come forward and up. So it's almost like you're reluctantly going forward and up.

And down. So it's not just those arms and springs pulling at you. You're trying to get longer through that curve. As you come up again. And one more for Mary.

Thank you. Good call. And in and up. Up, up maybe look over that opposite shoulder. This one?

The one. That one? The harder one. I don't know. Okay push down again.

Open it. That was the one of those many moments, I had after my fall that I was like, I have no idea. Hold onto the shoulder block or peg reach straight up first it's okay if the shoulder comes up. Then start angling over there. If you want, you can bend the elbow or not, but you could also turn.

Open up and you're free from that. And I think we'll just do some back extension. Huh? Super. Super. Let's take the bar down.

(metal clanking sounds) What are you doing? Am I in charge of deciding? Yeah. Okay good, blue. Well you look like you are cause you're changing the springs.

Well I just didn't, I wasn't thinking it through. Do you have an idea? Do you have a plan? You are in charge sweetheart. Okay so let's get the box.

Have I said missed you? (Kristi giggling) You're fun. Yeah. Okay. It's been too long for sure.

Okay so we're putting the box on. I almost said something negative about Covid then I had to stop myself. Get on the box. (breathy chuckling) Okay so what we're going to do here, first, is hold onto the frame of the reformer with the hands. And make sure your thumbs aren't inside of the frame or else they just might get run over by the carriage.

So we're going to slide the shoulder blades down. We're going to start sending the chest up and forward. Up and forward, up and forward, keeping the legs actively lifting. And then resist the down, meaning work on the down. Let's do four.

That's like the perfect. Slide the shoulder blades down, take the eyes just over the edge of that frame. And then up in front of you. And then return. Two more like that and then we're going to make a change.

Keep the legs active all the time, making sure you're finding both arms evenly, as evenly as you know how. Then return. Control control. Numero uno. Lifting up and forward.

Going back down. Now with your hands walk all the way up. So that you're holding the risers. You're okay, you're not going to slide off the box? I want to.

Yeah, I know. It's hard. Try sticking yourself to it. I know it makes you want to pull off the box, but you're going to be okay. Bend your arms and pull your spine forward.

Five. And back. Are you lifting as well? I am. I'm lowering as my arms straighten and when I bend, I'm pointing my elbow straight down.

I'm thinking about trying to pull the risers apart as my chest goes through them. And then I'm returning. And I'm trying, I'm valiantly trying not to slide off the box and pull forward. Sometimes the sticky mat will help. That's why we need the light spring.

And two more as promised. Pull forward. And return. And forward. And return, taking the hands back to the frame.

Walking back or sliding back. Or making your way back. However you can. Come up onto your knees. Bring your knees underneath you on the box and just sit back towards your feet.

Can reach your arms. I have mine are just outside of the box really. And then we can roll up. And then I suppose, do you think we have room to stand butt to butt? I think we do.

Come around see if you can stand, here. I think we've got room. Okay. Don't lean back. Going to take the arms down onto the box.

Take the spine down. And then out. And then articulating back in, pushing down with the feet, pushing forward with the arms, maximize that spinal stretch. And then go down. And long.

And articulating back in. Sliding the spine in the other direction. Let's do one more, yeah? Yeah. Kay, down and lungs stay here.

Bend your elbows, bring the box to your head. Stretch your arms again, so long spine. Bend your elbows. And stretch. And bend.

And from there keeping the arms straight. Take the body back through. Take the body up. Turn to your right. (cheerful giggle) Girl time.

Happy girl time, thanks for being here. Thanks for being here. Let's do it again.


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Yheeeaaaaaa!!!! I love it !!!
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Grateful for girl time this Thanksgiving morning!
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Happy Thanksgiving, ladies! Loved starting this day with some girl time. 💕 🙏🏻
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AInssss que ganas de veros juntas!!! deseamos muchas clases tuyas Meredith, eres nuestra inspiración como profesora!!!
I'm very happy having both of you together again!!! Happy Thanksgiving!! 😊
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Such a joy to see you two together. Love girl time :)
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Thanks for this awesome class! Love the great girl time vibes!
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Kelly B
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So grateful for this new class with the two of you.  More please!
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