Class #3947

Play on the Reformer

45 min - Class


Have fun playing on the Reformer in this Girl Time workout with Kristi Cooper and Meredith Rogers. They teach creative variations to exercises you already know, allowing you to explore how to make each movement feel good in your body. Their playful banter and great chemistry help to motivate during the more challenging exercises.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Guess what day it is, <v 1>girl time. Love to be back here with you. And just as a reminder, Mary and I get together and we invite you in to join us and what we've done for years...

Girl Time with Kristi and Meri - Playlist 1: Reformer Classes


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Great. Cant wait to try.Thank you girls🙏
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Love! love! love! I felt like I was there with you this morning on Girl Time. Great workout, and lots of fun!
Thank you! Love girl time:)
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Simply awesome, thank you!!!!
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Dear Meredith, I was very happy wenn I saw our new video this morning. It‘s hard to believe that you were in the Studio with us just this Saturday and now again on Pilatesanytime. It was so great and magical, I hope that I shall have another opportunity to train with you again. Greetings to Kristy. You are a Dream Team!
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Loved this! Need more of these from the Two of you! Thank you!
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Perfect mix! Loved the side lying especially but all together was pure magic!
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What a treat to work out with you girls! Next week, too? Please? xoxo
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Such a dynamic flow of reformer repertoire full of all the important cues for each and every exercise, hope to see more of both of you together. Thank you!
Thank you to you all for spending our girl time with us!!  I assure you that we want more just as much as you all...
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