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Have fun playing on the Reformer in this Girl Time workout with Kristi Cooper and Meredith Rogers. They teach creative variations to exercises you already know, allowing you to explore how to make each movement feel good in your body. Their playful banter and great chemistry help to motivate during the more challenging exercises.
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Nov 18, 2019
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Guess what day it is, girl time. Love to be back here with you. And just as a reminder, Mary and I get together and we invite you in to join us and what we've done for years, which is used to be a weekly workout and we would just sort of trade back and forth with our training and what we felt like doing and invite each other to cue differently. It's a bit about being together. It's a lot about being together. We don't get to be together as much as we want to. So we take every opportunity. Yeah. And it's a lot about playing with the work that we know.

So just that as a start of today, um, I think we're going to share block for block and the, the way that we learned to teach philosophies and just see what comes of it. So welcome. You could just start a F. okay. So what we're going to do is we're going to come and we're going to start with some standing cat stretches. So we'll stand just over that, just near the foot bar. Oh one red spring is what I have. And we're just going to take any, yeah. Oh, that might be my first one on line two and we're going to have an exhale and then and bring ourself into this space and let's take another inhale and aligning our bodies, feeling the weight of our bodies over our heels, aligning the knees over the ankles, the pelvis over the knees, the shoulders over the pelvis. And then as we prepare to move, begin exhaling, bringing the head down, allow the arms reach over the top of the foot bar and let them softly land down on the carriage. Once they arrive on the carriage, what we're going to do is reach out and down with our spine, coming down and tighten up, stretch or an elephant shape pyramid flat back. And then exhale, pushing the reformer away even as we're bringing it in to come back to the stopper. And then inhale, send the head down in between the biceps, sending the top of the head out towards the edge of the carriage. Inhale there, and then exhale.

Feel that oppositional arm work using the arms to help use the spring to create resistance for our center. And inhale, reach ounce, spreading the sitting bones, lengthening the spine and exhale, curl back in. And Christie will just, I think two more is enough. Inhale reach ya or does and X, I don't want to convince, I don't want to confess when the last time I was on a reformer was, I won't tell last one in Hillary cha. I can tell you it's been a few days at least and around back in allowing the carriage to softly come to the stopper. And once it does, keep the pelvis right over the feet and roll through the spine to come back up to standing. And then we'll come and sit down on the reformer facing away from each other, putting the feet down on head rest, reaching forward for the straps and make sure that you've got a little bit of space on the carriage behind you. So I'm sitting about the middle of the carriage.

We're going to bring the knees together and lift the spine nice and tall. Breathing in there to prepare on the exhale. We're going the other direction with the spine. Now we're going to rock back using the abdominals to stretch the spring, come down, feel the lower back, connect into the carriage and then exhale, curl back up. Okay.

And lift and inhale and exhale. Sensation that I like to feel is that I'm gluing my feet down into the carriage, but I'm also trying to lift them up at the same time. Like cuffing your feet. Like I'm like imagining that they're stuck but I'm trying to lift them. Okay. And that just helps me to generate a little bit more sensation around my torso and lift the spine and we'll go. Exhale, roll down.

Leveling out the pelvis and India. I see what you mean now. Yeah, I see. Yeah. Exhale to lift. [inaudible] and in here, another thing to think about or would that works for me is kind of pushing the feet away as I go down a different completely different sensation and in here and pulling the feet back as I come up. [inaudible] the left and we'll do that one more time. Exhaling down and inhale and exhale. Lifting up, feeling light in the spine, sitting all the way up at the top and now hold here, lean back just a little bit and bend the elbows wide and straighten and wa and straight. And we'll do three more like that. Two more like that one more like that.

And then we're going to go bend the arms. This is hard, Christie. Okay, great. In the arms and bring them forward is the, are straight in the elbows and bring the arms for three more times. Bend. You know I've been lifting boxes straight in and forward. Maybe you're in better shape than I am then. That's not how I met the last two. And then push shot.

Take the arms forward. Taking. Inhale. Now we're going to go back. What does that mean to roll back onto the carriage roll back onto the carriage holding. Here we're going to lift the right, right Lang and lift the right leg and lift the right leg and down. And now change happens without any shifting in the torso. We lift the left leg and lift the left leg and down. Lift the left leg. This is the last one. We put it down.

Now as we lift the right leg again, we turn and center. Alternate sides left. [inaudible] rotate left and center. Right leg rotate, right. Come to center thing. Nice and connected through the center of the body.

We're going to do that one more time. One time. Too many. These are one more time. Too many. These are not that hard. Okay, fine. Okay, so for Christie, we're going to come up and have a break. Before we continue. Did I say I've been moving and in Canada and now exhale, Christiana roll back onto the Karen. Thank you. Now hold yourself there. Lift one leg. I don't care which one. Lift the other leg. Now allow the Springs to help you manage that position in your spine and straighten your knees and bend that.

Straighten your knees and pull in the torso stays. Absolutely still the low back stays imprinted onto the carriage. We'll do three and bet two. I'm imagining lifting my chest towards my thighs even though I'm not moving, but it makes it feel more difficult. Yep. Um, that was three.

So now we're going to take the legs out and now as we bend, we turn to the left. Legs go out, we turn to the right. We're going to do that five times. Christie on both sides. Thanks. So here's number four. I got it. Keeping the lift as we come through center also number four and center, rotating the rib cage, not just changing the orientation of the arms. Really get a good turn and center. Two more times, both sides using the depth of the breath to ring out the lungs. One more time and center and to the other side and center with straight legs.

One last time. Lift the legs up, bend the knees, put your feet back down and roll yourself all the way back up again. You're welcome. Right. Thank you. So would you like to take over from me? Yeah, take advantage of my skills lately, which is legwork. So let's turn on our sides. Let's do foot work, but we'll get to both legs in a minute and put on, I'm thinking two red. Okay. Or medium weight. Little less than you would for the whole deal. I'll leave my headdress down. You can put it up if you need to, but lie on her side.

If you can. You're arresting all the way down on your arm. If not, you can bring that top arm in and rest your head in that case. In fact, I'm going to stay with that one. I'm going to lift my head headdress. Okay, so top leg is on heel is quite forward, so you may be, your toes are coming off, but if you can keep your heel down, they can stay on and your stacked from here. The bottom leg is bent in, right resting on the carriage. Let's just press out and just check in with our alignment. Nice and long and bend. So the online portion of that is to me, the waist is long on both sides that I can keep weight into the heel or at least the mid foot. Most of the ride and in and out.

And then from here, let's go for 10 shorter ones. So the quick one and two and think of pulling back in three out of ten four and pull at five and pull six keeping resistance. Seven, eight. Here's nine. Go all the way out on 10 fully extend and really press that top hip maybe slightly forward so that you, you prove it to yourself. Then come on down. It's pretty much the same position, but you're going to turn it out. So I'm more on my heel or closer to my heel than anywhere else.

Press all the way up to street. Try not to roll back on that and then come back in. You might have to move this position more forward. I'll do five. Here's two and pull it back in. This is that place where you can kind of resist the spring back in, so it never feels like you ever quite get the rest. He might want to.

Here's five and we'll do the 10 of thumping. Let's go one and and three, four, seven, eight, nine and all the way out. Let it feel kind of good there for bring it back. Let's just switch sides. It says roll on over. [inaudible] I have to say Chris SIM feeling a little out of shape today. Well, you've been why? You're never out of shape. That's trouble. Yeah, maybe. Maybe. Okay. Heels on, toes on or off, whatever you need, but your hips are stacked.

We press all the way out. That'll be the day when you're not in shape. I'm sorry. You're feeling fatigued though too and proofed. This is for everyone. Feel the full extension. Sometimes I skip it, particularly on one side more than the other song. Sing it now. Two more. I also find myself wanting to roll back on my upper body. So watch for that. Here's your 10. We go press one, pull in, press two, drag it in three, four, five, four.

I'm wondering if that cue you gave earlier about the foot works here. You're pulling one more. I think I'm going to go all the way out here and bring it back in. Turn the foot out. Ooh, that's different for me today. And off we go and bring it back.

Line it up. Doing our five here, full extension three. Ah, let's kind of kid four [inaudible]. Here's five and let's do our 10 we press one, we pull back, we press to keeping the spine stable and still, I believe that's five six it's not all the way. Seven Oh eight nine all the way on that last one. Bring it home and now we're just going to have to get up to put more spring on for double all leg or both legs. I'm going to go three red and a balloon.

Me two for four Springs for some of you for chords, for some of you. Three red and blue from me today. I'm this balanced body heals in parallel. I'm still down, headrest, up or down. Take care of yourself. I'll leave mine up. Off we go. We so RSO all the way out. Sorry. That's okay. And check your feet and pull yourself back in. Same thing.

Press that. Now that you have that sense of hopefully the backside of your body actually helps, I think to do that. See the legs first? I feel like grounded in both of my legs. Why I do it feel one than the other. And then you get the sense of it. This is six, but let's go ahead and go into pumping here. Same thing. It's inhale, inhale. Excellent. Excellent. Sorry.

Inhale, inhale and exhale. One more round of that in, in an on the exhale all the way out. Somewhere in there is 10 come on down. Yeah, both feet together to the toes. Push out for one. Pull all the way in. Push out to keeping those heels to rate or still, I should say three. I'm only doing five this time. Here's four [inaudible] and five I start on the inhale. It's two inhales, two exhales, two inhales, two exhale. Inhale, inhale.

Now go all the way out on this. Exhale. That's all Evan. I know. I just realized that as a sentence all these years. I didn't know that. I was just curious about it. I literally use my fingers. That's the only way I know how to count on my fingers to. All right, can we do 11 again, but let's do five first day or whatever that is. Once we switched our feet to the heels touching, the toes are turned out and we're, I think having a little fun. I'm having fun managing two more.

That's so funny. Is it 12 or is it, here we go and inhale. Inhale, exhale. Exhale. It's 11 inhale and exhale. Exhale. Inhale again, again, and here's 11 all the way out. Maybe it's meant to be 10 pumps and then you finish it.

It's an exclamation point. Okay. Feet in parallel. I'm not going to do all that. I'm on board. I'm gonna hand it back to you before then, so I'm going to pick calves. Oh yup. Put toes parallel. Off we go, we press out. We're going to lower down. I'm going to lift up. We're going to drag herself back in just building to six to get your fingers ready. Go one, two, get in and out. Again. The challenge for me, although it's kind of working since we started with the single leg two one more.

Three is to keep the glutes somewhat and connected for three crack to one pole in number five or six down up. Work the feet, work the feet. To let them get supple even as you work on Oh four five pull in, right? Last one to six and one for those of us who hyperextend her knees. We're being careful. We're staying in the hamstring and glute and someone counted.

Five and one more bend to go down. We will take a second now we'll go back out. Lower the left heel, bend the right knee straight up. Keep the weight even on the foot as much as possible. Push through that one to switch. Yeah, let's do that again. Noticing the hips don't shift either.

There's some sense of wholeness happening somewhere in here and then we'll go a little quicker. One at up and two up and three and up. Six I'm counting. I haven't told you how many we're doing our high by eight. I'll go to 10. Nine here's 10 let's hold one heel down. If you have to adjust your foot. Do are you pulling on the frame? [inaudible] Oh, careful of Christie. That's nice. I like it.

That's nice. I like to kind of roll through the foot a little bit. It's hard when you're pulling like that. That's cool. Okay, I'm going to just switch. I'll use, I need a little help with the other foot to get me there. [inaudible] I just noticed the tendency, which is ID roll out on or not. I'm cramping. I haven't this crayon page. Just fun fact about me. Tell me more.

Tell me more. [inaudible] cool. I'm going to hand it back to you. Okay, so let's skip the wide foot pus position. The stain just sit up. We'll go down to a one red spring and we'll revisit a moving pattern that we started with it in the beginning of class, but we'll make it a little bit more difficult by adding weight to it. So with that, let's take the headdress down. Turn to face the straps again. And then this time we're going to take the straps and they're going to go over our knees. [inaudible] you'll notice I've gone quiet as this is a, I can't remember the buckle on the incentive. The outside, Oh, I'm to keep it on the outside, but by the time of when, when I rolled down, the straps are going to end up just going underneath my shins anyway. Okay.

So it doesn't really matter. So I like to get into it by just rolling back and holding onto my right. Nice feeling that you're about fingertips. Distance from the shoulder blocks. Okay. Getting yourself nice and connected. Committed to the center of your body.

Are you ready? Yup. Okay. We take the hands behind the head and we take the legs out, keeping the back still and pull and out. So now we no longer have the straps to pull us forward, but we know what that sensation feels like. So see if we can find it here. I'm imagining that we're still being assisted or pulled forward by the straps. We'll do three more or your legs going fully straight.

They can stop just short of fully straights of the straps. Don't get lost. Cool. And now we're going out. We'll bend both knees and we'll turn to the left. Keeping the head just still in the hands. Turn to the right so the gaze goes just past the outside of the thigh. Stay lifted or even get a sense of lifting higher as we're coming into the center.

[inaudible] exhaling into the rotation to more to each side. Oh, and row T and last time. Oh cross and Oh, cross and center. And now keeping the legs straight. Can we come up from here? Christie? Come on. Come up. Come up with like a teaser. Oh yeah, sure. Yeah. Hold on. Teas are not too hard.

And then bend your knees and take your feet off of the strategies. Out of shape. I had to use my hands. Would you like to be in charge again or shall I carry on? Carry on. Let's do some sideline hip work today. So let's take the foot bar down. We'll keep on that same or red spring [inaudible] and we'll lay back down.

So I like to position myself for this one a little bit actually really far towards the back of the carriage. Okay. We'll take the strap that's closest. I like to thread my arm through and then I just lay on my arm. But you could put the headdress up like you did on the other side. So take the bottom foot, push out on the frames with the top foot can come into the strap.

And then the reason, one of the reasons why you want to be back towards the back edge is so that that strap is in front of your knee. It doesn't get in your way. And then check to make sure your pelvis is aligned. I just use my hands, see if I'm stack lift the top like Sen. Send the knee just underneath the spring or the strap and press out along the frame of the reformer and bed. I haven't done this in a long time. I haven't done this in a long time either. I tell you I wasn't joking about before.

Have not been making as much time for my personal practice as I need to it. I can feel it more girl time. We'll do two more. I had one more. So that was six just in case we're counting for both sides. Okay, so now we're going to go. We all know how good I am at that. We go all the way back.

So the rope touches the body and then the leg comes back to the front, find the back of the leg, pull back, and also away with that foot and then forward and pull back. And also reach out. I think of reaching out on the diagonal [inaudible] we can do six of these two, that means two more, I believe, I believe you. And then we'll do six circles in each direction. So we'll start here, back up around to the front end and back of the leg pools. We lift up full range in that hip around to the front end down and three up around to the front end to back up [inaudible] and why. And then from the front we'll take that circle in reverse. So lift up, take the leg back in a way and then send it forward in front of or above the opposite knee.

Operand and back keeping the body the torso. Very controlled as still as possible. Was that three Christie? Yeah, I've always though. Okay. Three. Sorry. It feels so good. I actually got kind of an attorney one more, right? One [inaudible] cool. And then we can just bring it back in to get out. You can get out the way you got in and just stand on the frame, step out, hang up that strap and we'll come up and change to the other side so you'll have a better view of the positioning from the back sitting, laying towards the back end of the reformer.

[inaudible] putting the top foot into the strap. [inaudible] taking a minute, checking the alignment in the torso, alignment of the pelvis. So the top leg lifts up in shifts so that the NIGOs slightly under the strap. And then we take the leg straight out along that frame and bent and straight out and straight out. So you want to feel the connection of the heel to the hip. Three more, two more [inaudible] last one, keeping the leg straight. Now pull back. Feel that rope come, touch the front of the body and then take the like all the way out.

If you can ride over that bottom knee. I guess more important than the range that the leg makes is the ability to hold the spine still. So if that range isn't available to you, maybe bend the knees slightly or minimize the range. Here's our last two, and this is the one that we turn into a circle. So we go back, Oh, this is all different. Well back. Oh, I'm feeling good. Same up around and down and keeping that pelvis nice and steady.

Up around and down. There's three to go back up around into, okay, last time [inaudible] and then from the front, take it up and then back in a way and forward up and away. So I'm thinking all the time about reaching that leg as far away from my body as I can. There was a little earthquake happening. Reformer. I would say confusion over here for me. I think this one coming up now listen, number six. Yeah, I think so.

[inaudible] Oh, I think he just changed my life. Oh God. Again, Ben the knee. Oh, back to the frame. Take your foot out of the strap. I changed your life for again. You did. Yeah, exactly. Okay, thank you. So let's come up. So it can be nice to do this. Semi-circle. We'd love to do this on my circle, so let's put the bar up. I personally am a fan of using one spring. That's what I like, but it's up to you. I like one, one red or one red or two red and a blue two reds. The heavier you make your spring, the more difficult it is for your arms and the lighter the spring, the more difficult it is for the legs so you decide which you want to be challenged. I need more control in my life. We're going to get into it like this. Drape the legs over the foot bar and push out with your arms.

Once the arms are straight, shoulders are locked in place. We're going to step up onto the foot bar and lift the pelvis up. Nice and high. You're parallel turned out. I'm in now. Okay. Then were you going to push out? Note, we're going to roll down, keeping the shoulder blades wide, roll all the way down and back into the spring and then press out about three quarters of the way to straight. Once you're there, roll up keeping the carrots. Still keep the heels down as you lift your pelvis up and bring the knees past the feet and then roll down all the way back into the Springs. Press about three quarters of the way to add, roll up through the spine. Get up nice and high in the pelvis, but keep the feet down and then we'll do that one more time in that direction.

Roll down all the way. Thank you for doing this. Press lift up. It feels good. And then did. So here's our reverse. We keep the hips high. As we press out, he'll stay down and together. Roll down all the way back to the spring. Keep the arms real straight. I keep catching my right elbow, wanting to bend and Rola for Assa. Roll down.

Oh by the way, and then let's do one more rural app. Press out, roll down and bend, and then roll up. One more time. Do it lifting up nice and high. Take your hands away from the shoulder blocks and walk your hands and try to pull up. Press your hips up and pull yourself in. See if you can grab the foot bar. Give yourself that stretch.

You press your heels down. Yeah, you have. Press the heels down, lift the hips. Oh, and then step down with the knees back over the bar. Once you're there, you just slide the carriage back in underneath us while we, all right Christy, why don't you take over from here? Okay, let's get up and go into some knee stretches, up, stretch kind of situation. And then what spring? Um, I'm kind of like in a red and a blue, but lighter is fine. Uh, so relatively light all together, right into knee stretches. So kneeling feed up against the shoulder blocks. I've been practicing for awhile and still working on it. Pitting, getting the book for me too. The whole foot against the shoulder block, hands wide on the bar, sitting back onto the heels. If you can, keeping that, then scoop the pelvis.

I always like your cube of sort of separating the bar. So I'm going to do that and now we push out. Keep the back still and let's go for it. Just pull 10 [inaudible] three cool. Energized. [inaudible] come in on the next one. Flatten at your back.

Let's do the flat back version two so let the legs go a little further. We press, we pull, getting that separation from the hip and the leg. Three push and four for more. One do you don't have to stay with me. I'll quit counting. No, I, I'm like a funny rabbit sometimes and fast and mean. And other times not. Okay. Going up into up stretch. You can leave your spring or add one if you want.

Take one off, whichever heals partway up the shoulder blocks or in between our biceps here. Arms. A straight legs are straight and we just allow the carriage to go back. And as if the abdominals pulled up so much, so much light weight came off the carriage. The Springs bring you home. Sorry I have that improperly. But I'm with you now. Okay, you with me now? Okay. Can we do one more just so I can know what I'm doing? Okay, so then we go into up stretch. What is it?

One or two new to pivot around the shoulders into the plank position. Keep those heels on the bar. Exhale. Bring it right back where you were. Land in the same spot. Let's go ever so slightly quicker. You hit it and you exhale to lift and bring it home and press, and now I will change it to the third version. And Delta plank starts the same. Travel forward all the way.

If you can then pick right back up right away, press it out into that first position of up stretched to come forward over the bar. Lift back up to the up to stretch one more for press. Go forward, lift up. I will reverse it after we land, so keep the carriage where it is. Go forward into the plank and the shape may be under those shoulders. Take it back and into the pyramid. Travel forward over the bar into the plank. Travel the carriage into the pyramid.

One more time over to plank. Press it back up to pyramid and hole. Lower the heels. Lift the toes if you can, and at least to check that you can try to anyway, and now just press back. I'm not rounded in. The upper back is sometimes taught. We're just kind of sticking with the theme here and exhale. I think of those cues you said in the beginning of class, Mary, I don't know what they would be here, but it's a sense of pressing down and dragging forward through the of the feet.

Couple more, even though that's more than three. One more time. Okay. And then come on down to the knees for little down stretch. Put your feet right back up against it for me because I can drop into my low back. I like to roll into it. As I push the thigh bones back, I feels like I'm talking to my pelvis and I'm pushing up off the bar. We slide back. It's all it's going to be today.

End up trying to keep the gaze in the same position or maybe it travels upward a little as you go. Can we do two more? It's feeling kind of good one. As you go forward, try like really pushing back into the shoulder blocks. Here's the chance back into the shoulder box so that when you get here you can come up to the fingertips. Oh and you won't cramp or you might, I'll give it to you. Let's turn around. Keep the same. Um, I'm on a red [inaudible] so that's what I'm getting use here. I don't know what you are still on a red and a blue. Yes. I'll turn it around and take a hold of the straps.

We're going to hold on the rope, so above the hardware. We'll start with the arms just forward of the thigh. So there's a little tension on the straps already and then lean a little bit forward so it feels like your shoulders are right over your knees. Quite easy to lean back here and from here we'll press down and back and forward, down and back and forth. Till that. There's that down energies. That's super important energy.

Finding the muscles in the mid back to initiate the backward movement of the arms. It's not about squeezing the shoulder blades, it's just about stabilizing them. We'll do five, four, three, two and one. Woo, who is right. Hey, up the steps and turn around. I personally am going to go down to a blue spring for the arm circles. You can decide what you'd like to do here. Yes, I think that's good idea. So again, I'm also practicing trying to get my feet right up against the shoulder.

Blacks feel as I can getting older. My feet are really starting to lose their flexibility. Hmm. I shouldn't call it Amy. Now we're talking about that. It's like first thing in the morning, especially like what happened, he said, feel the backs of the legs working. Feel that energy up through the spine. We scoop up there, turn the palms to face forward and wide arms to come down.

Exhale, take the arms forward, up [inaudible] and around forward Ana Y [inaudible] three and are too. And Dan and last time just nice smooth, continuous circles reversing here and make the carriage move right away. Palms up to come down, palms forward as we reach. Ah, ah, to come down watching that the torso doesn't waver back and forth but instead stays completely upright. Threw out. So we're not leaning into our straps. Stabilizing the trunk. We're going to do one more full circle.

And then one more. Getting to the top first. Fingers and thumbs together. I straight ahead take the arm straight up and bend. Initiate by gently drawing the shoulder blades down and feeling that the arms straightening works as a direct response to that downward pull of the scapula. Breathing out to push and we'll do four and three to what every chat. Now that you mentioned Amy, I'm starting to wonder did she get that kitty?

I don't know. She's going to add maybe adopted kitty. I thought it was a dog that's shut down the kitchen. Oh okay. So Kristi and I both without speaking about it have added a red spring cause we know that we're going into the biceps next. So if you want some more spring, please feel free. Take their arms straight back behind. Make sure that the eyes of the elbows face directly down and then bend and straighten so the elbows are pointing straight back.

Then we find that we'd get that shoulder stretch for the best. Keep our wrists straight as we're bending the arms and we'll do just about five more in and back. Okay. Three eyes are lifted one and now once we're finished we can just sit back down. Gives me a nice opportunity to look for some dolphins.

And then what's next? I think you were gonna teach side [inaudible] on the box. Oh, you want me to finish up? Okay, so we're gonna finish up, grab the box. You are going to do a side over us, which if anyone's ever taken any class with me, you will know that theirs are maybe my favorite thing to do. So we put the box up. Let's take the foot bar down. I'm going to go kind of easy on one side. Okay. I said, have I mentioned I've been moving five on each side. It's fine, it's great.

And you can decide whether or not you want to have your hands behind your head or you can just have one arm straight, which makes it about 50% easier. So I'll um, that's good information for everyone else. They are hand what Han youth. It's up to you. So we'll start with the, let's say the left foot. You want to sit on the side of the pelvis, pushing out into that strap and up into the strap with the heel of the foot. And I bend over and put our hand down on the headdress.

So that's just a really nice opportunity for us to find the line that we're looking for, which is a straight line. Bring the top hand either behind the head or straight out to the side and then bring the bottom arm up to meet it without changing the orientation of the torso. And now inhale down and exhale. Think out long and down and long down. And hello, I think this is two more last time. Put your hand down. Either put your elbow on the headrest or bend all the way over and let that hand rest down on the ground and then take that top arm up and overhead. Pushing out through the leg in the opposite direction is a nice way to increase that stretch.

And then we're going to take one hand around to either side of the frame and you can use your arms to give yourself a little bit of stretch in that direction. And also a little bit of rotation. Are you pulling? I am. Is your left foot on in the strap? My right foot is let's say left. So I am, I left it to the strap, I'm pulling with my right arm, but I'm different than you. Right. You might decide that something else was, is a different strategy for your body. Um, I don't know that there's a, yeah, like our particular thing that works for every person felt good, but what I like to do is just make sure it feels really good for me. So smart. I could do that more often and if it feels good for you too. Well that's just awesome. Yup. Okay. So I've got my hand down on my head, RAs, I'm bringing my hand behind my head.

You're doing exactly what you need to or maybe what exactly what you did on the other side. We [inaudible] the bottom arm, keeping the torsos still and we go over the top and out into a long line and I'm pulling my head forward in the direction I'm trying to take my spine. It's just one strategy that I employ to try to find my line. Last two. Yeah. And one. Yeah.

And then we come back down again. The elbow can either go down on the headrest or the hand can reach all the way down onto the floor. The arm that's on the top reaches overhead and I really push out through my leg in opposition. Okay. And then we're turning one hand on either side of the frame.

Now here could see, that's interesting that we just had that conversation too on this side. It feels better in my body if I pull on the arm that's on the same side as the leg on the strap. So I don't, I guess there's no, yeah, I was just for funsies. I was, I pushed actually first with both hands, lifted the leg and like reached down lift and then went into a little towards extension. Just cause I know that's where it's really locked up. Okay. Let's make our way up and then we'll do this back extension. So what we're gonna do is we're going to turn the box the other way.

We'll go down to a blue spring. Hello. I learned this recently from rail. Thank you rail at a, um, workshop that he taught at learned from the leaders this year. And I really like it a lot. So if your tiny, tiny person you might want to sticky because you may slide around on the box, but I think you and I will be. We'll be fine. I mean I think we'll be fine. Okay, so we want to do is we want to get on the box, make sure you're in the middle and then walk up with your hands so that you're holding onto the risers.

Okay. So starting in a straight line, legs are energized. We're going to bend the elbows straight down and lift the back and then lower the back back towards neutral as the arms go out straight again, letting the eyes travel past the back of the frame of the reformer and then up towards the wall behind you. Cool. And then come back, Paul gliding the scapular down and reach-outs. Let's do four more eyes lift. Arms bend, arms are coming in close to that box and three.

Okay. Down. [inaudible] try to control too. Just as much on the app as you are on the down. I was sliding but it had nothing to do. My size is too at the close. Last time I'm flooding a little bit too and back.

Once the arms are straight again, just carefully make your way back down to the frame and then back in towards the stopper and then stepping off the box. Why don't we just finish here that way we started nice full circle. So we'll come and stand at the back of the reformer with the boxes. Time. Okay. Standing up nice and tall. Oh, I feel a lot more grounded on my feet than I did when we stood here a minute ago and then going down, pining the hands against the box and then we just take the box out. Taking the spine down. W bend the elbows out to the side, stretch the spine longer as the arms straighten and do the same thing as you come in. You're pushing away with the arms, creating opposition.

We'll do two more. Reach out and down. [inaudible] and bend, stretch and backup and one more. Out and down. [inaudible] bend, stretch. And once the carriage comes to a stop, we will Rola and come to a stop. [inaudible] thanks for joining. Thanks for joining us.


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Great. Cant wait to try.Thank you girls🙏
2 people like this.
Love! love! love! I felt like I was there with you this morning on Girl Time. Great workout, and lots of fun!
Thank you! Love girl time:)
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Simply awesome, thank you!!!!
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Dear Meredith, I was very happy wenn I saw our new video this morning. It‘s hard to believe that you were in the Studio with us just this Saturday and now again on Pilatesanytime. It was so great and magical, I hope that I shall have another opportunity to train with you again. Greetings to Kristy. You are a Dream Team!
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Loved this! Need more of these from the Two of you! Thank you!
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Perfect mix! Loved the side lying especially but all together was pure magic!
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What a treat to work out with you girls! Next week, too? Please? xoxo
Such a dynamic flow of reformer repertoire full of all the important cues for each and every exercise, hope to see more of both of you together. Thank you!
Thank you to you all for spending our girl time with us!!  I assure you that we want more just as much as you all...
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