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Athletic Mat Flow 2

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This is an athletic, face-paced Pilates class where you will be moving through creative floorwork. Tracey Mallett will get your heart pumping, challenge your strength and range in motion. Dynamic, cardio sequences are a key element to this class to ensure a total body workout! Tracey's fun and positive energy will keep you going!
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Hi, Tracey Mallett here. Welcome to athletic mats next edition. Yes, next edition. Thank you so much for all of you guys who have watched the athletic mat class. Though I did it a few years ago that has become so popular that I asked if I could do the next edition.

So here I am. Thank you for coming back for the next edition. I hope you have a great workout. Let's get going. It's gonna be a pretty fast-paced workout, but we're gonna get a lot done in a small amount of time.

And that is what I love, a lot of stuff in a small amount of time. So let's start in the center of your mat, hands on your hips. All right, we're gonna step out to the side in a squat and bring it back. Now remember, like I said, Joseph Pilates was an athlete. He was a boxer and he loved athletics.

So that's basically what we're doing. We're doing athletic Pilates today. We're just warming it up in your squat and bringing it back. Let's do four more, four, three, two, to the other side and down, down. Sticking the hips back.

That's it, pulling the belly in, down, and up, down and up, down, up. Getting that heart rate up. Let's do four more, and four, and three, and two, and one. Take the legs nice and wide, up into a superstar position. From here, we're coming together, go out, together, out, together.

Now, if you feel you can go down and out, down and out. Touch the floor if you can, or just bring it to your knees. We go down and star, down and star, down. You got it. Pumping that heart rate up.

10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, woo-hoo, four, three, two, one. Bring the legs in, right knee comes up, tap those knees. There we go, tap those knees like big marches and you're tapping. There we go, the heart rate is up. We love it.

Ready? Now, we're just gonna tap the right knee up. Tap it, tap it. Bend your stabilizing knee. Think of your abs.

Drawing the knee to your chest, just like a single leg stretch, up, up. Four, three, switch sides, and up. Abs are drawing the knee to the chest. Stabilizing knee is bent. Let's bring it up, and up, and up, and up.

Four more, and four, and three, and two, and one. Beautiful, turn it around. Reach the hands up. Bend the knees, heels up. As we lower down to the floor, slowly roll down onto your butt.

There we go. Rolled roll down. Reach your hands over your head. From here, take the hands behind the head, separate the legs. Are you ready, we're gonna lift your head, neck and shoulders.

We go up and down, lift it up and down. Now, we're gonna bring the right knee up and then the left knee up. So we were marching in place. Exhale up, inhale down, marching in place. You got it, up and down.

That's it, hands behind your head and your chair position, and four, and three, and two, just give me one more with that left leg. Now lift up, extend that right leg, take that right leg down and up, down and up. Now as you lower the leg, the head comes down and lift, down and lift. We get a little bit of active flexibility here. Hamstring length, inhale and exhale and swinging that leg up and down with control for four more, four, and three, and two.

Now hold it here, a little pulses, pulse. Now reach the opposite hand and you're reaching towards your toes, little teeny, tiny pulses, and for four, for three, for two, hold it here, grab that leg, reach that leg out, double pulse, two, two, switch, scissors, scissors, scissors, scissors, reach, reach, reach, reach. So you're drawing the knee to the chest. One, two, one, two. You're breathing.

Eight, eight, seven, seven. Reach those legs out. Six, six, five, five, four, four, three, three, two, two. Now the opposite leg is in front, bend the knee, take the hands behind the head, lift up, lower the head, lift up, lower the head, lift up. Remember your breathing as you lift, your exhaling, your inhale, inhale, exhale, swing that leg with control for four, three, two.

Now one more, hold that leg up, opposite hand goes up and we pulse as if we're reaching for that big toe, lifting up and reaching up, we go for six, for five, for four, for three, for two. Now hold it there, grab that leg, reach that leg out, ready? Double pulse, pulse, pulse. Reach those long legs. Pull the leg towards your chest.

There we go. And four, and three, and two, and one. Bend those knees, lower the legs, take the hands behind the head once again and lift up. Hold it there. Reach the legs out.

From here, extend the arms over your head, continue that roll forwards, curl, curl, curl, lift up to a flat spine, open the hands out, rotation, rotation, flex the feet in a little rotation, one, two, one, two, four, four, three, three, keep the feet still, two, two, one, one, hold it there, bring the knees in, holding that little rounded, like a ball. Take the left leg out, hold onto the right leg, curl yourself down and resist that knee in front, we press, single leg stretch and press, and press, resist the knees as the knee come to the chest you resist, resist, resist, resist, and eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four, three, two, one. Chair position, hands behind the back of the knees, roll yourself up, hands forward in that little curl. Let's get ready with the opposite leg. Reach the opposite leg, curl yourself down, back into your single leg stretch, but this time, the hands are behind the head.

Ready for our crisscross. We twist, we twist the shoulder towards the knee, the chest stays open, the inner thighs are swishing against each other as we rotate and look in the direction that you're moving and eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one. Chair position, take the hands round, back of the knees, roll yourself all the way up, beautiful, reach those legs out, hands forward, we're gonna go into our rollover, ready? And inhale, take the hands by the side of the body, lift the legs up, exhale all the way over, touch the floor, open, flex the feet, curl down, curl down. Now circle, lower the legs and inhale 90, use your abs up and over, touch, open, flex, curl down, one vertebra at a time.

Now circle the legs, lower, lower, lower the legs. Now inhale 90, exhale using your abs, come over, touch, open, flex, curl, reaching out through the energy, through your heels, circle two more times, inhale 90, exhale, touch, open, flex, rolling down, vertebrae at a time. One more, guys, and inhale 90, exhale, curl and try and touch the floor if you can, open, flex, and curl down, one vertebra at a time. Circle the legs, bring the legs up, continue that circle, circle the legs, bring them straight up, circle the legs, bring it back, up and circle. Now reverse it.

Take it down as far as you can with control and circle back, inhale, down, exhale, circle, bring it back, straight on top of each other, inhale, scoop out those abs. Two more of those beautiful circles and back. One last time, inhale, down, exhale, pull back, up, bend the knees and roll over to your side. We're gonna roll over to your side, lift all the way up, take the hands behind the head. Now, from here, we're gonna bend, kick, flex, bend, kick, flex, (speaks in foreign language) and flex.

You're reaching out through the heel, lift up on the underneath oblique and one, two, and down, one, two, flex it, flex the energy out through the heel for three, down, two, down, one. Hold it here. We go flex, flex, point, look back, flex, flex, point, look back. So you're bending your knees like a little attitude as you look back. Inhale, flex, look back, inhale, flex, look back, and toss that leg back.

Three more, flex, flex, look back. Two more, flex, flex. Keep lifting out the mat, one, two, and flex, and put your leg to the side, take the leg behind. Now, we're gonna lift up, reach, head, and down, lift up, reach, head, and down. So what's working now is your obliques, reach, head, and down, and lift, reach, head, and down, obliques, reach, head, you got a couple more, lift, reach.

Last time, lift, hold it there for four, for three, for two, and one, hand back, behind the head and come back down. Lift all the way up, turn around to the other side, reach the leg out, hand behind the head. We go one, two, flex, one, two, flex, one, two, flex the energy out through the heel and one, two, flex, one, two, flex, three more, three, and reach, and two, and reach, one more, hold it here. We go flex, flex, point, and look back, flex, flex, and back. Now, lift underneath the underneath oblique.

Try not to sag into that shoulder. Don't sit into the shoulder. We flex it forward. Now look back, look back at that foot. One, two, look back, inhale, inhale, exhale back.

There you go, three, three, and back, two, two, and back, one more, one, one, and back. Reach that leg, bend it, lift your hips up. We go lift, reach, head, and down. Lift, reach, head, and down. Obliques, reach, head, and down.

And lift, reach, three, three more. So obliques, reach, you imagine someone's pulling you to reach. Last time and hold it here. Lift up in those obliques for four, for three, and two, and one. Hand behind the head, lower, lower, down.

From here, you're gonna turn onto your quadruped position here. From here, you're gonna curl the toes underneath, you're gonna lift up. All right, we're gonna hinge back, shoot forward, hinge back, shoot forward, hinge, and forward, hinge. So you're taking your hips back and then you're shooting forward for eight, shoot, push away from the floor, down, up, down, four more, and four, reach, three, reach, two, one. Hold it here.

Hold it, hold it. Bend the knees, sit back into your child's pose position. Hold it here in that child's post. Okay, back into quadruped position, curl the toes underneath. Now, we're gonna hover.

So three inches off the floor, one, two, three, hold it. And we're there. From here, we're gonna reach the right leg out. It goes in and out, in and out for four more, four, out, three, out, two, out, one, hold it, bend the knee, back into that hover, lower the knees, reach the same leg out, we cross and reach out, we cross, reach out, cross that leg, lift that leg up. Keep the arms as straight as you can and that leg is crossing and out for three, keep those arms straight, two, and one more.

Bring the knee down, curl like a cat, extend. Ready, scoop out those abs, curl the toes underneath, ready? We're gonna go into a hover. From here, reach the opposite leg away, ready? Inhale, exhale.

Keep the hips still, your stabilizing leg is working, your quad is on fire in and out for four, three, two, one. Drop the knee down and lower both knees, lift that leg up, arms are straight, we cross, reach out, cross, reach out. Super important that you keep your arms still, pulling your shoulder blades down and back, connecting your arms to your back, and that leg going out to the side, working the glutes, core stabilization here for four, and three, and two, and one. Bring the knee down, come into child's pose position, beautiful. From here, guess what?

We're gonna go back into our plank position and we're gonna go into our knees to the chest. There we go. And we're gonna add some power. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Plank, bend your knees, bend your elbows, control it down, reach all the way up, just your upper body, your legs are relaxed they're lower down.

Open your hands out, come back to center and then lower down. So relax the lower body, reach your arms by your ears. Now, reach up, arms are on external rotation of the shoulder joint, reach forward and down. We're gonna go a little bit faster for four reps, up, open, reach, lower down, up, open, reach, lower down, two more, up, open, reach, last time, and up, open, hold it there, reaching out to someone's pulling your fingertips, watch that head, lift up a little bit more, relax your glutes, put your feet on the mat, slowly bring the hands back to where they were at the beginning, hold it there and swim, swim. Okay, you guys are swimming.

Look at that beautiful ocean behind me. Yes, it's real, it's not fake, it's not fake. Pretend you're in the ocean. You are going as fast as you can for eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Hands down, lift yourself up, curl and roll yourself all the way up, come back into your center, tap it right, left, right, left.

Now, you can either tap it here or we're gonna go into our classic, little jumping jack, okay, you ready? So your choice. There we go, there we go. We all know jumping jacks, right? Simplistic, getting that heart rate up.

Okay, let's do 10 more, ready? 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, down. Whoo. Let's get down to the floor. Okay, now you're gonna love this.

You're going to come into your side plank position. So first of all, let's get ourselves into position, hand in the middle of the mat, hand on your hip, deep press here, okay? Take the back leg behind. There we go. Got it?

Reach the hand up. Now we're gonna twist, send your hips up to the sky, twist. From here, reach forward, go back into the twist, and then turn back again. Let's try that again. So twist, plank diagonally forward, twist back, rotate back.

Two more. Exhale, look forward, come back, out, here, forward, back, out. Bend the knee. You got it. Hand behind the head.

Let's lift that leg up and down. How did you get on? If you only managed to do it once, that's totally fine 'cause the next time you'll be able to do four of them, right? Okay, just lift that leg up, working in those glutes. Now, we're gonna do four of these more, four, three, two.

Now bend the knees, bend, kick, bend, kick, rotation, kick, curl, kick it out, curl, power, boom. Come on four more, four, power three, two, one. Bring it down. Turn it around. Back up into your plank, single knees, single knees.

You got it. Ready, let's go for a nice little jog. Who's with me? Go, jog, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Jump, roll all the way up.

Okay, we've got the other side to go now. So come down, hand in the middle, leg out, get ourselves into position. Okay, back leg goes behind. Are you're ready, reach that hand up. So, pike, now go forward into a plank, back into your pike, open, side plank, and rotate, forward, rotate back, center, lift up.

You have two more, remember? And rotate, plank, rotate. One more, you've got this. And rotate, plank, reach forward, rotate. Hold it there.

Drop that knee down, hand behind your head, lift that leg up and down. See, you did it. If you never challenge yourself, you're never gonna push out your comfort zone. You're gonna stay in that little comfort zone. You're not gonna push out.

All of us, have to push out eventually. Otherwise we can never get any further in anything that we do in life. So push out of that comfort zone. It's time. Don't be scared, I got ya.

I'm holding your hand right here. Lift it up. Okay, let's do four more. Yeah, my heart rate's up just like yours and three, and two, hold it here, bend the knees, rotate, and kick, rotate, kick, rotate, you're exhaling power, boom. Okay, four more, four, three, two, one.

Hold it, bend the knee, come all the way around. Okay, come up into your downward dog. Woo-hoo, there we go in that lovely stretch to get your breath back. We're not out the woods yet so don't get too comfortable. You can hold it here.

Take your right leg, circle it around, lift that right leg up, your hip is open, look underneath your armpit, hello, hold it there. Back, square position, bend and shoot, bend and shoot. Your hips are square as they can be, four, three, shoot, two, shoot, one. Now reach that leg the same way it went up all the way around, flex the feet, heels down, ready with the opposite leg, reach that leg up, look underneath your armpit, back to center, shoot the leg, bend, shoot, shoot, reach, for four, and three, and two, and one, reach that leg up, take it back the way it went up all the way down, walk the feet through the hands, bend your knees, come back, beautiful. Curling down, curling down, chair position.

Ready for your double leg stretch, inhale, reach, exhale, around, inhale, reach, exhale, around, inhale, flatten those abs, and around, arms by your ears, and around, inhale, reach, exhale, around. Four more, three, two, one. Hands behind the head, reach the legs up, turn the toes out, inhale, drop the legs, single and then come up, so it's double leg lowers. So you're lowering those legs, double legs and then exhale, bring the legs up. So you inhale down, exhale up.

Now we're gonna add a little open, close. So we inhale down, open, close, exhale, bring it back. Inhale, a little open, close, and then bring it back. Keep the head lifted, open, close, bring it back. Lower, open, close, bring it back.

So three more, lower, open, close, exhale up, inhale down, open, close, exhale up, one more, and hold it down there. Hold, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Bring those legs all the way up, bend your knees and then lower the legs down, hit with the part, lower your head down, bring the hands back by the size of your body. Pelvic tilt, lift your buns up, hips are elevated. Now from here, we're gonna reach that right leg.

We're gonna toss that leg. So start to toss that leg. Get your hands down. We're gonna lift, power, power. We're gonna add a little bit more of a dynamic move to those broad kicks, power, power.

Four more, four, three, two, and one. Lift that leg up, bend the knee, hips up, get that hips up. Okay, ready for the other leg. So let's go down and up. Are you ready to add some power?

Let's go. And up, my leg doesn't wanna move as well as the other one. And this is my right leg too. So remember, that's why we have to work unilaterally, our body is not symmetrical. We try and that's why we train single legs here for four more, four, three, two, one.

Whoo, whoo, take that leg down, hips up, curl, down, down, down, release. From here, legs together, reach the right leg out, left leg's gonna join it. Take the right leg back, left leg. Let's go over the left leg now, left leg, right leg joins it, left, down, right. Now go with the opposite, right, left, right, left, left, right.

Now it's up to you how far you can lower your legs. It depends on your strength. So even if you're high, perfectly fine, you're still working your core muscles, but be mindful that you're in a careful position to watch your back, so really draw those abs in. One, two, back. Two more times, one, squeeze.

Last time, one, squeeze, back, and back, beautiful. Reach those legs out, take that right leg up, circle the hands up, hold it there. Put the right hand on top of your knee, lift that leg up and we're gonna go pulse, pulse. We nearly home there, just keep with me a little bit longer. There we go.

We're gonna really work into those obliques. Now rotate, rotate, obliques, rotate, rotate into those obliques for five, for four, for three, for two, for one. Back to center, hands on head, switch, switch, switch, switch side, and lift, and lift, reach up, resist that thigh, resist. Now ready at that rotation, rotation. Shoulder to knee for four, for three, for two, for one.

Back to center, knees bend, hands behind the head, lower your head, reach the hands over your head. Now we're gonna go into a teaser prep, the grand finale, shoulder blades down, curl all the way up, these pants. Here we go. If this is too challenging, put one foot down, curl down, curl down. Now we're gonna try and extend the legs, curl, extend, reach those arms up, bend the knees.

Now curl, curl, curl, hands over your head, exhale, reach up, bend, now, curl down. Now your choice, legs are out, curl all the way up, reach up, curl down, and inhale, exhale, curl, lift up, and up to the sky, curl down, one more for good luck. Exhale, curl, lift up, hold it there, smile for four, for three, for two, grab, hold on those legs and pull, lower down, round yourself over into you quadruped position, hold it here, we're gonna open the legs out and in, out and in, out and in, out and in, for eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Downward dog, you are done. Awesome work, guys.

Should be super proud of yourself. Hold that stretch, walk it through your feet. Beautiful, you survived the next edition. Will there be another one? That's the big cliffhanger. (laughs) Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

Both heels down. Beautiful work. Feet towards your hands, bend your knees, roll yourself all the way up. Swing my ponytail, I think I deserve that swing and come back to center. It feels good to swing that ponytail.

Hands by the side of your body. How are you guys feeling, good? Arms down, we finished off with a roll down, gotta realign that spine, get that heart rate down. Inhale, chin to chest, curl down, touch your toeses, roll yourself back up again, big, deep breaths, reach the hands over your head, release, one more time, up, and give yourself a round of applause. Thank you for joining and working your booties off athletic Pilates.

Awesome work, you guys. I look forward to seeing you again. And if you have not done the first edition, now you can go and do the other one now, okay? Bye you guys. Thank you for joining me.

Pilates with Tracey Mallett: Athletic Flows


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Awesome workout, thanks Tracey!
1 person likes this.
This was amazing and challenging! Thanks Tracy! I enjoyed this workout very much! Greetings from Germany!
Angela M Tamborello
Wonderful and awesome as ever, thanks Tracy...just what I needed this morning!
Leah K
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Great way to start the week! Thank you, Tracey!
Sahar K
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Loved it!! Thanks Tracey
Sahar K
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Loved it!! Thanks Tracey
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Always happy for a new Tracey video!  It’s always a good challenge for me and I so appreciate your sunny personality!
Veronika D
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Tracey, I’m always happy when I see your new video. This one is juicy and challenging just I like it. My best greetings from Slovakia !
Holly J
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That was fantastic! Challenging but invigorating. I’ll definitely be revisiting this one. Bring on more editions, Tracey!
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Thank you Tracey! That was an amazing workout!!
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