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Athletic Mat Flow 3

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The third Athletic Mat is finally here with Tracey Mallett! This class is a beautiful fusion of heart-pumping cardio, creative Mat play, and dynamic strength for the whole body. Fast-paced and challenging enough for anybody, join Tracey as she pushes you to explore your capabilities with a bright smile and great energy. This class is the next edition to Tracey's first Athletic Mat Flow and Next Edition: Athletic Flow. If you haven't taken this class, definitely add them your queue!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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Hello everybody. Welcome to Athletic Mat Pilates. This is the third edition, so if you haven't done one or two, it's time to do one, two, and then you're gonna get to three which is right here today. Grab some light dumbbells 'cause we are adding a little extra challenge with those light dumbbells. I have three pounds, two to three pounds is fantastic to build a little bit of upper body strength and challenge ourselves just a little bit more.

All righty, so we're gonna start into your center here and you're gonna put your hands on your hips and we're just gonna bend and extend. Bend and extend. There we go. Bend and extend. Four more, four, three, two, relève.

Up and down, up onto your tippy toes. Let's get those calves nice and warm 'cause we're gonna be needing them and up and down. Four more here. Four, three, two and one. We're gonna lunge to the side, bring it back in, lunge to the side, bring it back in.

Lunge, hips go back. Lovely squat position. Let's just take it to the other side. Little squat, hips back. Press the weight back into our heels.

Four more here. Four, three, two, one. Now tap it out to the side, so we can keep it low impact here if we want or we can go into a little jumping jack just to warm up. You ready? Either stay here or jumping jack, we go out and in.

Jumping jack and in. If this is too challenging, just tap it out to the side like we just did. Keep it going. Eight more here, ready? Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, bring it in, turn it around.

Let's sit down onto our mat. Legs together, let's pick up our dumbbells. Palms are facing inwards. We're gonna roll down to our C curve position and roll up. Roll down, down into our C curve position and curl all the way up.

Keep your arms reaching forward, working those shoulders and inhale down, exhale up. Now we're gonna add a little chest press here. So we go up over into your shoulders. Lift shoulder and then back. Curl up and reach overhead.

Draw down through those abs, lift up, bend and extend. Curling down a little bit further each time. So you're laying your shoulder blades down towards the floor. I'm going a little bit lower. Two more, control that movement.

Exhale roll, overhead press, one more. Curl down slowly, slowly. Roll all the way up, overhead press. Now continue that journey all the way down, heels in line with your sit bones and we're gonna open and close in that fly. Now what's gonna happen is we're gonna bring the knees together towards the chest as you open your arms.

So open your arms, knees to chest, and then replace. Knees to chest and replace. So you're dipping the toes down towards the actual mat here. There we go. A little bit of coordination.

We're moving at the hip joint, those abs and back. Breathing, let's do four more of these. Three, two and one. Drop the legs down, keep the hands where they are and place the hands all the way down out to the side. Pelvic bridge all the way up into your bridge position and we're gonna lower down, back up again.

Lower down, back up again. Now we're gonna add the arms. We go down, lift up and down. Lift up. Inhale down.

Exhale up. Inhale down. There we go, working that posterior chain and our arms. Pressing the pubic bone up towards the sky. There we go, let's do four more here.

Exhale, four, up. Exhale three, exhale two and exhale one, hold it there. We're gonna go into our lovely tricep extension, elbows in line with your shoulders. Now we're gonna make it a little bit more challenging because we can. Now we're gonna bend, lift that knee.

Now bend, lift the opposite knee. So you kind of walking in place in your bridge and we're just lifting our knee towards the chest. Now trying to keep your pelvis as still as you can. Here we go. Lift and knee comes towards your chest and back.

Four more here. Four. Keep the elbows still over your shoulder joint. And one more. Extend, lift up.

You are in that bridge position. Hold it there. Pelvic curl down through the spine. Extend the legs, reach the hands somewhat over your head. Pull your shoulder blades down.

Ready, roll all the way up. Lift up, open, curl down. Reach the hands over your head, curl in that C curve. Open up, curl down. And again, curl up, draw those abs, open, close, curl down.

Three more. Curl up, open, close, curl down. Two more, draw the shoulder blades down, round through that spine and round back. And last time round. Open, curl all the way down.

Open the arms, bring the hands down by the side of the body. From here, we're gonna take your little weight, put it round the back of your knee and take your other hand straight up overhead. So we're gonna exhale, roll all the way up, and we're gonna tap and bring it back. So in like a little knee to chest. Now the leg is gonna come up and back and up.

Exhale. Inhale back. Exhale. Four more here. Exhale three, exhale two, exhale one.

Reach the arms overhead, lift that leg. We do a little pelvic tilt. Tilt and back. Tilt and back. So you're tilting the pelvis, lifting the hips off of the floor.

Exhale, tilt, the lower abs are working. Tilt. And that pelvic tilt, lower abs. Four more. Four, exhale three, exhale two, and give me one more, exhale one.

Hold it there. Bend the knee. We're gonna switch, so we're gonna take the other leg. Wrap it around. Take this all the way over here.

Now ready? We're gonna exhale and lift and lift. Exhale, lifting that head, neck and shoulders. There we go and then we're gonna lift that leg. Just a couple more.

Last time for good luck and hold it here. Now, ready? Pelvic tilt, go. And tilt. And tilt.

Exhale, pelvic tilt. Keep the arms over your head if you can. If that's too challenging, put the hands right by the side of your body. Keep holding onto that weight behind the back of the leg. Exhale, three more.

Last time. And wonderful. Bring that leg down. Grab your lovely weights, here we go. Just put the weights down.

Bring the knees into your chest. Lift your head, neck and shoulders off the floor. Circle the hands around, ready? We're gonna do a single leg stretch here with the legs reaching out, the hands behind the head, and your inner thighs are connecting as we switch from side to side. And now, we're gonna go into our crisscross here.

Rotation. Shoulder towards your knee. Exhale. Six. Five, shoulder to knee.

Four, three, two, one. Chair position. Wrap the hands around, curl yourself all the way up. Grab your weights. We're gonna turn around into your quadropad position here.

Okay, curl your toes underneath you. Draw your shoulder blades down and come up into your hover. Hold that hover. You can hold onto your weights like this or you can put your hands on your mat, whatever you feel comfortable. And we are gonna reach, the legs are gonna go straight out, straight in.

Straight out and in. So with a little pulse here, a little jump, or you can step it out and step it in and out and in. Out and in. That lower abs are working super duper hard. We can do eight, seven, six, five, four, keep the knees low, three, two, and one more.

Drop the knees down, reach the front leg out. Now from here, we're gonna take my hand down to the floor, rotate my hand and look out. We are here. Now from here, we're gonna reach the arm straight up and we're gonna go into our tricep lift and the leg is going diagonally out. It's a lot of balance challenge going on here, walking the arm and the leg.

And we are lifting up, stabilizing through that upper back. Inhale and exhaling. Your toe is pointing to the front corner of your mat. Pelvis stays as still as you can. Two more.

One more. Bring it down. Switch to the other side. Press that forearm down, lift that leg up and open the hand up. Ready?

Tap and lift. Tap and lift. Tap and lift. And that tricep extension really lifting on the stabilizing side. Obliques are working super hard here and lifting up.

Let's do four more here. Exhale four, exhale three, exhale two and exhale one. Bring the leg down and let's get our hands sorted out. Back into your quadropad position here. Hold your quadropad.

We're gonna lift up, come back, extend up. Inhale back into that hover. Extend up, back into that hover. Let's do a few more. One more.

Hold that hover. Drop the knees down. Place that one dumbbell away and turn around. Lift that hand up. Now we're gonna lift that leg up and down.

So lifting that leg up and down in that sideline position. Your palm is facing upwards and we are lifting that leg up and down in that sideline position. Here we go. Lift up and down. Let's do four more here.

Four, three, two. Hold it here, bring the knee into the chest. Take it out, knee to chest. Keep the ankle joint in line with the knee. Keep that hand strong overhead.

In and out. Knee to chest, let's do four more. Keep the pelvis still. Three, two, just give me one more. One more, hold it there.

Drop it down. Now we're gonna bring the other leg to join it in your side plank. We plié, turn around and lift into that plank. And then we come back again. We plié, turn around, lift that back leg and back.

We plié, hold that position. Turn, lift. One more time. Transfer in that plié, come back. Lift, bring it back down.

Child's pose. Roll yourself all the way up and let's take it to the other side. Ready? Lift up and down, up and down. Arm is nice and strong and you're lifting that glute me, that leg.

Lifting it up, reaching that hand up to the sky. Here we go. Four more here. And then we've got a knee to chest. Ready?

Hold it here, knee to chest. Try and keep the ankle joint in line with the knee, putting the shoulder blades down. It's almost like you're levitating on the mat. You're lifting up and out of the mat. There you go, lift up.

Okay. Working that glute muscle. Couple more. One more, hold it here. Now pop that leg down.

Draw the shoulder blade down, get nice and strong. All right, we're gonna lift up into that side plank. We got there. We're gonna hold it there. Plié, rotate, lift that back leg up.

Rotate back. Plié, transferring here. Rotate. If you don't wanna do that plié, just hold it here. Plié, rotate, lift that leg up.

And again, plié, back. Rotate, lift that leg up, drop the knees down and come back into that lovely child's pose. Hold it there, roll all the way up. Knees hip width apart, hands are forward. Tilt the pelvis underneath, we're gonna go into our thigh stretch.

So we are hinging in one unit, going back. Now we're gonna add the arms. Arms back down. So tilt the pelvis slightly underneath you as you are reaching the arms forwards and back. Now this time, you're gonna hold it there.

Neutral position. Tap and lift up. If this is too challenging for the knees, either take a break or go into a bridge position and pelvic tilt in that bridge position. Down and up, down and up, just one more. Down midway, hold it here.

Pelvic tilt, exhale tilt, add the arms. Exhale, tilt. Couple more. One more, drop down. Place that little dumbbell down with the other one.

Come forwards, walk forwards into your plank position here. We're gonna step, step, step, step. Right left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, left, right, left right. And in, left, right. And in, left, right.

And in, bend the knees we go. Right, right and in. Pick it up, pick it up. Right leg, right, left. Bend your knees, get the booty down.

Switch sides, left, right. And out, out, in, in. Out, out, in, in. Keep that rhythm, just keep moving. Hips are down for four and three and two and one.

Downward dog, go into your pyramid position. Hold it here. Step back your feet just a little bit more. Inner thighs connected together, lift that front leg, your parallel. Now push away into your cat, twist and come back into your cat.

Round, twist, send it back up. Two more. Cat, twist and lift up, one more. Cat, twist, twist, lift, drop that leg down. Ready for the other side?

Hips are parallel. Four more on this side. Let's go, exhale. Cat, twist, twist, lift up. Cat, twist, twist, lift up, two more.

Boom, boom, one more Cat, twist, twist. Lift that leg up, bring that leg down. Drop the knees down. Walk forward so you are in an incline pushup position here. Hold it here.

Now we're gonna try and transfer to the left. Lift that right hand up and then twist the other side. So keep the hips still, very challenging. As you can see, I'm trying to keep my pelvis still and I'm shifting from one side to the other and trying to keep my pelvis as square as I can and that's what you need to be doing. Watch the pelvis.

Let's do two more. And let's do one more, keep that pelvis still and back. Hinge back. Now come all the way forwards, bend those elbows. Reach.

Now we're gonna lift up into your swan. There's your swan. Look right, look left, and we're gonna rock. Rock. Rock.

Just very simple. Arms are by the side of your body, rock. Rock. Press your pelvis down into the mat. Four more, four, three, two, one more, catch yourself.

Lift up. Draw those abs in, child's pose. Pull all the way back. Curl your toes underneath. Downward dog or in your pyramid.

Walk your feet to your hands. Curl yourself all the way up, back into your center. Step, step and step. So you gonna use that lateral movements here. Step down.

There we go, you got this. How are you feeling? Keep moving with me. It's so worth it. Keep it going, eight more from now.

Go eight and seven and six and five and four and three and two and one. Back to center. Breathe. Release. Look up.

Curl down, touch your toes. And curl all the way up. Step, turn around. Walk forward, pick up your dumbbells. Step back.

Right leg goes forwards. You're in your lunge position here. Now pitch your body forwards and then come back. So you're taking your weight forwards and then centering back in between your legs. Forwards and back.

So we're all there, we all know what we are doing here. Now hold it here. Hands find your balance, reach, come back. Ears, bicep by your ears. You're aiming for your ears.

Working the back and the legs and down. Reach that back leg. Pushing off that back leg. Push. Push, give me one more Push.

Bring you back, hold it here. Take the arms back, press back, here we go and just press those arms back. Get down deeper, you got this. Get down closer to the floor. Press those arms up in the tricep extensions here.

All right, that heart rate is up. And four, three, two and one. Lift up, step forwards on that front leg. Come back. Bend the knee.

Just pitch that body forward just so you know where you are and then come back. Now we go forwards over that front thigh and then back. So you're transferring your weight forwards and back. Yes. A lot of balance challenge going on here.

So be mindful, connecting to your core, right? Use your abs. Now we have it, let's put the hands here. Ready, forward and back. That's it.

Elbows nice and high. Let's work those arms and back. Knee there. Four, three, two, you ready for your triceps? One.

Hands back and ready? Bend your knees, bend your knees, go. Up we go. Knees are bent, those legs are burning. Trust me, I'm right there with you.

Let's keep going. Don't quit now. Come on. All right, you got six more, ready? Go, six, five, four, three, two and one.

Step forward. Woo-hoo! Step forwards off of your mat. Put those little weights down. Okay. We're going to take your hands to here.

Right leg goes behind. We're gonna bend your knees, come down, reach and we're gonna roll down. Lift those legs straight up. Okay, pelvic tilt. So we lower the legs.

Inhale 90, pelvic tilt. And then back. So my legs are going diagonally up. Go. And back.

Inhale 90, diagonally up and back. And again, let's do three more of those. And back. Two more. And back.

Last time, aim for the sky and back. Hold it there. From here, reach the hands over your head. Keep the legs where they're at, palms facing inwards. You can bend your knees if you need to bend your knees right now as a modification.

Otherwise, you're gonna come with me to our teaser. We inhale, exhale. Roll all the way up. Reach the hands by your ears. We roll back down again.

Keep the legs where they're at and back. Inhale, exhale, roll. Yes, it's getting challenging 'cause your legs are tired, but you're gonna come with me because you're strong. Keep your legs bent if you need to. Inhale, exhale, roll.

Arms by your ears and bring it back. One more for good luck. Inhale, exhale, arms by your ears. Lower your legs. Lift all the way up.

Cross your right leg on top of your left leg. Curl into a boomerang. We roll. Reach over. Switch.

Roll up, balance. Reach the hands behind, clasp them, draw all those abs in. Circle the hands up and over and tap forwards. Curl. Hands by the side of the body up and over.

Switch legs. Try not to use your arms as you come up. Float the hands up. Take the hands around, interlace those hands. Use your abs and circle the hands up and around.

I feel like swan dive here, I mean "Swan Lake" here (laughs). And curl down. You got two more. Switch. Try not to use your arms, everybody.

Lift up, float those hands up. Circle the hands around, try to clasp those hands. Curl. Reach the hands up and over. You have one more, ready?

Curl through the spine, arms by this side of the body. Use your abs. Lift, switch. Try not to use your arms. Float those hands up, you are strong.

Hands behind your body. Clasp. Use your abs, reach up and over, amazing. Legs go forward. You're gonna roll down.

Bend your knees. Lift your hips up nice and high. Take that right leg up. We go down, flex up and down. Flex up.

We toss that leg. We inhale, exhale, in, exhale, four, three, two, one. Hold it, bend that knee. Switch to the side. Keep the hips lifted and down.

Keep breathing. Keep your hips still, moving at that femur, just at that hip joint. Two more. One more. Take that leg down, hips are high.

We crawl down, down, down. Bring the knees into the chest. We lift up and we go into double leg stretch. Inhale. Exhale.

Now inhale, reach, turn to the side. Yes, get your head off the floor, get your hips in gear, feel those obliques, ready? Bring it in. Double leg stretch. Inhale, exhale, you ready?

Reach, rotate, lift up. And then come back, draw the knees into the chest. Two more. Exhale. Reach, rotate, hold it there and smile and bring you back in again.

You have one more. Inhale, exhale. Reach, turn over onto your side. If I can do it over a mic pack, you can do it too. Bring the knees into your chest and two more here.

Inhale, exhale, one more. Inhale, exhale. Roll yourself all the way up. Give yourself a nice little hug. We're gonna turn around.

Hands forwards. Curl underneath. Lift your hips up high. There we go, we are right here. We're gonna bend your knees.

Gonna lift that right leg up and we're gonna shoot that leg. Shoot it. So everyone's gonna shoot that leg. Some of you are just gonna stay here. Some of you are gonna kick it up.

Kick it up, kick it up, kick it up, kick it up. And maybe you can get both legs straight. Kick it up. Kick it up. Four more.

Four, three, two one. All right, let's try the other side, so everyone can do this. Everyone can do that. So there's no excuses right now, you can all do this. And then as we get stronger, we're gonna use our upper body stability, ready?

Just a little kick. Start small. Start small. Kick, land. Now try and straighten those legs.

Woo! Go at your own level. You got this, we're nearly home. Six, five, four, three, two one. Bring it down. Drop the knees.

Sit back. Take the hands back. Fingertips pointing forwards. Open your chest. We got this.

Come forwards. Swing the legs around. Feet hip width apart. Reach your hands forward, your fingertips are forward. Bend your elbows.

Take the hands back. From here, press the hips up high. Walk the feet out about a few inches. We're here. Heels curl.

Take it back. Curl, lift. Curl, take it back, curl, lift. Curl, take it back. Lift up with the hips.

Curl back. Lift up two more times, curl back. Lift up, one more, curl back. Hold it there. Bring your legs together.

Lower your hips. Kick right, kick left. Stretch out those legs. Four, three, two one. Come down.

Sit up nice and tall. Pick up your dumbbells. Turn to face me. Put your right leg in front of your left leg. Okay, ready, we go.

Three, two, one. Up, come all the way down. Three, two one, up, come all the way down. Palms down, down, down. Open and again.

Three, two, one, up. Open out. Two more. Three, two, one, up, open down, one more. Three, two, one, up.

Open out to the side. Rotation Four, four. Three, three. Two, two. One, one, back to the side.

Palms up, overhead for eight like this. Seven, six, five, give me four more. Four, three and two, you've got one more. Slowly bring them down, palms facing down to the floor. Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow and tap.

Switch with the other leg in front. All right, palms down. Now flip your palms up. Up, forwards and down. Up, forwards and down.

Up, forwards and down. One, two and down. For four more of these. For three, for two, for one. Reach out, now elbows go in and out.

In and out, present. You're nearly there. For seven, reach. Six, reach, five, four, three, two, one. Slowly, slowly, slowly bring it down.

Take the weights, just pop them away. Open the legs. Flex the feet. It's going to a nice side stretch to finish off. Amazing work, everybody.

Heart rate was up and we'll lift up and over into that side stretch. And then we come back, come into a Z position. Right leg is in front and we are gonna reach over into your side mermaid and then up and over to the other side. Feels so good. Hand behind your head and we're gonna rotate, rotate, rotate.

Look back to your back corner and breathe. Stretch, release, other side. Stretch over and stretch over. I feel so good there. Hand behind your head, rotate and look to your back so you're really stretching out through your core, your back.

Try and look into that back corner. Look back to your back elbow. Always feels so good to finish. Out the way for the day, release. Let's bring the legs together.

Curl the toes underneath, curl yourself all the way up. All right, ready for our rolldown. Let's take a deep breath in. Turn to your chest, curl down. We're gonna touch our toes and we roll ourselves all the way up, one vertebra at a time and release.

Give yourself a round of applause everybody. Remember that it was a hard class. A lot of things you might have to have modified today, that's okay. Each step at a time. Just keep coming back and coming back and eventually, you'll get stronger and stronger.

So don't give up. Think of this as a number one goal for you to do. Remember, I've got Athletic one, Athletic two and now this is number three. Good job, you guys. Always great working out with you, seeing you back here right on the mats.


Pilates with Tracey Mallett: Athletic Mat Workouts


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love it Tracey! Thank you for an amazing workout!!
Toni S
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Amazing sequence! Love your style so much! 
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Oh my gosh that was insane! So crazy hard but flowed beautifully! Insane!! I'm tired!! In the best way!
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Amazing class!!
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Thank you Tracey!! I am trying to get more cardio in my week without taking away the toning and THIS is perfect!  Thank you!
Beatriz L
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Great working with you! Always a perfect combination of strength, flexibility and cardio. Will come back to this class. Thank you!
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An amazing class! Thank you
Annie R
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Another great class - love these.  Tracey rocks!
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My new fave session. Thx
Lina S
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Great athletic Pilates class that works the body from head to toes in different planes of motion too. A fun class too!
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