Class #3865

Athletic Mat Flow

30 min - Class


You will move and work your entire body with this athletic Mat workout by Tracey Mallett. She starts with a warm-up designed to increase your heart rate so that you're ready to flow on the Mat. In addition to strengthening exercises, she includes movements to work on coordination so that you can be challenged mentally too.
What You'll Need: Mat

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<v 0>Hi Guys. Tracy Mallet here. So awesome to be back my second home. <v 0>As much as I love being on any time in Santa Barbara, <v 0>just love it here today. <v ...


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this was such a fun class! this was definitely one of my favorites!
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Get it!
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rapido y bueno  mucho abdominal
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Killer class  Tracey, but I loved it!  
FAB workout!  I especially enjoyed the side kneeling and side lying variations!  Thanks Tracey!
Tracey brilliant !!! Your amazing šŸ‘
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What a super enjoyable class for this early Saturday morning! I feel ready to start my day now! Thanks Tracey! 
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This is a great class. Hard, but great. It's got it all strength, cardio, flexibility.  I'll have to do it a few more times to be able to get through without pausing, but it's a goal.
love LOVE loved this mat mashup of greatness!
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