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You will move and work your entire body with this athletic Mat workout by Tracey Mallett. She starts with a warm-up designed to increase your heart rate so that you're ready to flow on the Mat. In addition to strengthening exercises, she includes movements to work on coordination so that you can be challenged mentally too.
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Hi Guys. Tracy Mallet here. So awesome to be back my second home. As much as I love being on any time in Santa Barbara, just love it here today. We're going to do wait for it. I know you already know what it is. Otherwise you wouldn't have turned it on, would you? It's athletic, Matt Polaris. Yes. Now just remember guys who Joseph Plot is, was if you ever get chance, go and Google him and I bet you have never done that before. Go Google him.

Go see some of his Matt workout classes and they're super athletic. He was a boxer, he was an athlete, so I'm not doing anything that Josie polarez really wouldn't do. Okay, so let's get going. Okay? All right, so we're going to start with our hands on her hips and all we're gonna do is just press down, reach out through the crown of the head. We're going to center ourself before we actually start moving. Press down, lengthen through the crown of the head. Remember, I've got those beautiful sticks here. Keep that spinal alignment. Reach their hands down, open the feet. Inhale here. Exhale.

We're going to roll down through the spine, stretching out those hamstrings. Mine are a little tight today, and then we're going to XL and roll all the way up. Let's just do that one more time. Inhale here. Exhale, draw those abs in. Reach down to the floor wholly. Here we're going to bend and extend Bandon. Extend gently, stretching out those hamstrings, getting that body nice and warm for our fabulous workout today.

As soon as do formal four and three and two and one. Hold it here. Whoa. Yourself all the way up. Okay, let's start moving. We're gonna just tap those knees. Really simple. Yes. Knees, nice and high and we're just happy. And so the elbows and nice and high. Remember the arms belong to the back. Yes. So remember, pull the scapula down. Work that back.

Bring the knees up. There we go. I'm going to stay in place a little bit here. Okay. Now we're going to do 10 more from now. 10, nine, eight, seven bleed, six and five and four and three and two and one. Bring it down. Squat back and squat back. Now, all I'm asking you to do is press the heels back and just move those arms. There we go. Can See my heart rate is going up, which is what we want to get in. Ready for air flow on the floor.

Let's just do four more in that neutral spine, slightly and printed heals the back. Those hamstrings are firing. Think of the posterior chain back of the legs as we drive ourselves up from that squat. Can we do four more? Okay. Four and three and two and one holy here. We're going to tap it out.

Now you can either stay exactly where we are or we can do our jumping jack and this jumping Jack really is just to get the blood, the oxygen, he blood going around the body and just feeling good about ourselves. We've got to move. All right. Can we do 10 more or we can go here so you've got two choices. Okay, good by four, three, two, and one. Just move how you're feeling. Your heart rate is up. All right, we're going to get down on the floor. Now says come down onto the floor.

Turning around. All right. Extend those legs out. C curve with a spine and who ruling down through the spine. Inhale. Exhale, reach forward. Seeker with a spy and slowly rolling down. Today we're going to go a little of a brisk pace, so just a little bit faster than what you normally would go, but still attention to form should always be consistent.

You are breathing, you're exhaling as you exert the energy and you can hear my heart rate is up with you and that's exactly where you need to be. And two more. Inhale here. Exhale, reach forwards. Keep that beautiful, brisk pace. Now the next one, we're going to lift the leg just a little bit off the floor. It's kind of a pike as you come up and you are lifting. So our position with the opposite leg now, so you're alternating those legs lifting at a little further contraction with lower those lower apps as we reach towards the toes.

Flexibility. Beautiful. And again, two more. One more and roll yourself all the way up and roll back down again. Bring their hands down by the side of the body. Bring the knees up left to head, neck and shoulders off the floor, and then come back down again. Slide the hands down towards your feet and then come back down again and then you lift. Take the hands back behind the head. Interlace the hands. We're going to step down, step down, step up, step up, step down.

And so now all of you are gonna be challenged physically, but also mentally too. It's about coordination and giving our mind to work. That's why we've always got to continuously challenge our bodies, not just physically, but mentally to lane. Different motor pathways through our body. One more time. Now switch down, down, up, up, down, down, up, up.

Breathe. Keeping that head lifted down, down, down, down, up, up, down, down. Hold it. Here we take it down and up. Now be careful that you're not yanking on your head, the ABS, lifting your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor. This is what's happening. As you lift, it's your abs, not you has.

So take your focus into your core. That towel bar is anchor down. Now we're going to hold it here. We're gonna do tiny little pulses. That's mid-range. You're not going all the way up. You're not going all the way down. He just focusing in that little mid range here. Now from here, you're going to hold it here. Hold. Now we're going to reach, reach back, back, retreat, back, back, reach, reach, bat back retreat. Now our position, one to take you back, one to take you back.

One to take you back last time. One to take you back. Now switch those legs back out, down and up. So now we never think of using our arms with our legs extended and like a little mini crunch here. We're going to really focus on length and in the feet away as we lift up the head, neck and shoulders off the floor. And they were going to do a couple more. Hold it here.

Now Paul's eight pull seven pull six plus five and four and three and two. Holy here, reach the arms out and lower down in. How here? Watch the ribcage. Exhale, reach forwards. Left all the way up. Arms out. So twist here. Spine twist.

Yeah, flex the feet. Well, remember it's the apps. One, two, one, two is hot to keep the rhythm and talk at the same time. One to one to one to one to hold it there. Lift up, bend the knees, bring those legs in. We're going to slowly control it down.

We're ready for a double leg stretch in how rich acts around in how rich XL around. Lengthen those arms and feet away from the midline of your body and inhale, reach. Exhale, round. Inhale, reach your abs. Appalling the knees to the chest. Four more, four, three, two, one. Holy hear. Hands behind. Roll yourself up. Balance, reach. Find that balance there and we're going to hold it there for four, three, two, one. Bring the legs down, rolling like a ball. Inhale, exhale, reach. Inhale, exhale, reach your choice. You don't have to do the reach. I can just stay here.

Your choice down your choice. I'm going to take you to step a cause. You are always as a solution. There's always a variation. I'm going to go back so you have your choice. One more. Bring it in, right. Hold down, single extra to go.

Now resist that knee into your chest. Now we're going to take it on top. Resist, resist, bring it forward. [inaudible] on top. [inaudible] in front. [inaudible] on top.

[inaudible] hold. Read the hands around. Insulate those hands. Hold it there. We're going to go into a lovely pelvic tilt, pelvic tilt. Elongate those legs, pelvic tilt, Ilang out. XL Rich XL [inaudible]. Each three more. Reach to keep the head off the floor. Two more or one more and bring the knees in. Wrap the hands around, roll yourself up, reach up.

Beautiful extension there. Flex the feet. Elongate forwards. I'm going to just press up, take a deep breath, get your breath back. Meantime, you got a little active recovery here, our focus and our mid thoracic spine and you're lifting up and you're focusing on your breath, your mid thoracic spine and bring heart rate down just a little bit as do four more here. Four and three and two and one. Slowly come back. Turn to your side. Knee, hand, reach over in that side.

Bend here. Hold it there. We're going to press the hand down your sideline lift. Press up and down, lift, reach, knees together and down. So you've got a lovely oblique action here. A doctor in a thigh. Press down and lift.

Awesome job guys. Press Nice together. And press o d here we take down, up, down, up those in the thighs and down. Holy here. Five, four, three, two. Take the leg behind. Hold it, rotate. Enjoy holding here.

Bring your right knee in and Ya go joke. Jock. Ha Ha. You're driving your legs from your core. It's your core that's driving your knees to your chest. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one plank. Downward duck. Oh, your pyramid. How old did that woke you feet. Bend your knees. Turn gracefully to the other side.

Embrace place your hands and knees, your shoulder and Rita the arm out. You guys there? Alright, let's get going. Press. Press that foot down. Me. Purpose, knees together. Good. Think of power. Strength.

Beautiful. That's what pull out is, is all about power. Strength, flexibility. [inaudible]. Keep it going. [inaudible]. Now last time.

How are the here and up and up and three, four, five, six, seven. Hey, can we do two more for good luck? Okay. How old did they turn it around? Get your plan of action going here. Yes. You got a, you ready? We're going to run now. I can't go and run. Drive. Those are hubs for right, so you're not working. A whole body is working now.

Plus my little heart is tickling just like yours. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Hold it. Roll down. Take a break. Short ablaze, pull back, active brake. You and your extension. Floater. Kick. So this is your little break here. You like, this is not a break yet. It is. Your heart rates coming down and we floated kicking those legs.

What are we working now? Glutes. Hamstrings. I love the thoracic spine that we will need from being at the computer all the time, right? These are the love, hate relationships with these exercises, but this is so important, right? He lift up. All right, we're gonna reach the hand semi. He has his kind of bent and you're going to hold it here. Now this is challenging for me cause I have a very weak upper body compared to my lower body. So I'm with you guys on this one here.

Down. Press up. Lower down. Hold Down, press up, lower down, hold down. Breathe down, up. [inaudible] womp. Push from your core here. Slowly lower down. Lift up has do three more. Okay, one up.

Lower down, two more. Lift up, down. One more. One less. Lift up. Use your core. Lo it. Hold you there. Then we do a little wings. That little chicken wings are going to live the lax and we're gonna bring the elbows up up during the scapular, down towards the pelvis. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Come down, pull yourself back.

Stretch back into that beautiful child's pose. Everybody loves the name Charles pose because in their mind it means rest. Child's pose, Miss Vass hold it slowly. Roll the way up. Phillip. The feet around. Scoot ourself back down in how here and another round we go.

Feet hit with the pot. Ready. Roll yourself down. Hands. Either the side of the body, adjust your heels, close to sit bones ready. We're going to inhale, I can just move my little ponytail out the way and we're gonna roll all the way up into your bridge. We write down average. We're going to come up onto irrelevant cause we're going to make it even harder. We're going to reach the hands over your head, making it more challenging. How much is going to lift it up and down, up and down.

And we're going to do four, three, two, one. Lower your heel, lift that leg up. We go down, flex up, down, flex up, down. And you're keeping the opposite hip completely still. There should be no movement and down and down. Hold the HIA. Slowly lower the hips, extend that bottom leg. Press the arms, palms out.

I'm going to bend it here, but if you're on the floor, your arms are going to be out. We've got a circle. The lack we go across, the hip comes off circle and back, flex across, circle back, get that hip off the floor, get some hip mobility. That and stretch cause go the opposite way. So we go point flex back to center and point. Flex back to send does not feel good and open. Full hacks. Let's do one more. It feels so good.

Open flex and point. Perfect situation to get ourselves into full scissors and scissors. Just making sure I'm on the mat so I don't fall off the mat. Press press now going to make the legs a little bit smaller, smaller, smaller as is about your abs pulling towards the legs. Now bigger. Go for the flexibility.

Yeah, hands behind the head. [inaudible] Chris, crass. [inaudible]. Smaller legs, smaller legs. Lift up, shoulder to knee, full foot. Three, three, two, two, one, one bend. Hold it here. Get your head lifted, hold and then slowly roll yourself down.

Reach hands, back, heels level with the sit barn. Adjust yourself nice and comfortable. Pull your scapula down. Reach through the fingertips. Inhale here. Exhale, roll all the way up into that bridge position. Your hips are nice and high. Where elevate it. Just initiating our hamstrings. Our glutes. Yes, you're going to feel it in your car and then we are going to relevant gonna make a little bit closer here.

Hold it there. Now lower that heel down. Press and drive that heel level with that sip on glute hamstrings. A solid devil. Pay that leg up. We go down, flex up, toss that leg. Keep that upper body still. That's the hard part. If this gets too challenging, put your hands by the side of your body. Okay.

Just give me a couple more. One last time. Point the toe and lower down garage. Julie, extend that leg. All right. Take the arms out to the side or we can hold on. You guys are gonna be hands like this. I'm going to be here now.

Ready for us circles. We're going to point and flex and point. It doesn't matter when you point and flax can be over or out. Just point and flex the effort and open that hip and open. Feel so good on Oprah.

All right, you ready for the other direction? Flexis okay. Actually we're going to point it first point and then flex and point and flex. I feel so nice point. Have legs. Let's do one more and point and flex. Hold it there. Lift yourself up, hold it, and switch, switch, switch, switch, switch, switch, switch, switch. Four, three, two hands behind the head.

We can do a little bit different here, here, here, just a little rotation quick just to finish that off. Six, five, four, three, two, one here. Lower lift free. Go down. Inhale here, exhale and we're going to roll over. Flex that feet. Roll down.

Circle in hell 90 use your apps. Open. Flex and reach the energy out through the heels tab on Hicks. Hicks hits hit circle down. Now he can hear. Exhale over open.

Flex time to to the floor where your toes is. Flex the energy up through the heels. Tab on hits. We still there with make one more kind of guy. She can do it in her 90 open flex rolled down circle. Reach the arms over your head in how he a teaser. Lift and up. If I did it, you can do it and roll down and inhale.

Exhale, left up, not easy and then roll down. Inhale up and then down. Keep those legs high and again, inhale, exhale, round, round, round, round, lift up, hold it there. Twist, twist, twist, twist. He dies. Fuck. Three, two, one. Hold this in. My legs are shaking just like yours. Lift up, reach, and then back down. Slowly turn it to the side. You right at the front.

I promise I'm not going to fall off hand here and we're going to lift into the left upper and lower body. I call this the banana. Usually if you're on the s on a full mat, the feet are going to be right in front and your corner mat. But because I'm elevated here, I'm going to turn onto her back in a minute. Okay, so we're gonna do four more, four and three and two. Hold it there. Let's see if we can balance.

Now we're going to roll over onto our back. Balance Rollback. Yes. Again, roll back. Yes you can. You can celebrate this. Good. Okay. To back and hold it one more and back and hold it. Relax. No, not really.

You're going to go back onto our back again here. Lower your feet. Hands down. All right, just in a little bit, we're going to lift up reverse. Lift up, reverse. So back extension, buns reach. So it's kind of like a little dolphin. Your dolphin lifting up, working your extensors flexors, extensors, flexes more extensive. Hold here. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one release. Inhale here. Exhale, rich. Roll all the way up.

Swing the legs around. Get to the front if you want to elevate the platform. If not you at the back and your feet. A diagonal. Agnelli forwards. Hands to here. Inhale here. Exhale, lift off. So what are we focusing on now? Is Our obliques, the lowest rep to your hip. Beautiful. Lift up. Keep the feet in front of your torsos. You know, arching your back. Okay.

Keep your focus and your side oblique. Two more. One more. Holly here. Yes, it's coming. And we're going to try and balance. Let's see if I'm can do this on the side. You're ready? Hold and back. Focus. Hold. Exhale back. And again, come on guys. Hold and back with those obliques. Okay. You got one more?

I'm going to make it even breathe. Hold. Holy, you did it. Five, four, three, two. How long come down onto your back. Rita's arms over your head in how here? Palms face in. Emerge slowly. Roy's ever transition. Reach towards Tito's flex and point. Flex and point.

Flex and point. Roll yourself all the way up. We're going to bend your knees into your downward dog position and that beautiful stretch. Alright. Walk the hands back. Roy Yourself up. Step to the back. Inhale here. Exhale round. Walk out. Four, three, two, one. Hold, rotate. Lift up.

Press [inaudible] and press the hips down. Lift up. One more. Rotate and down and up. Down it. Up to more rotate. Turn hand on your hip fee on top. Hold it there. I'm going to try and lift that leg up for eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Hold it. Transition plank. 10 foot on top. Lift up. Optional. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one down. Hello Ben. Put, banned. Explored. You guys are strong, flexible, formal. Three. Come on.

Push to push. Hold it there. Look the feet to your hands round like a cat. Hand down. Your heart rate is up. If you're working as hard as me, which I'm sure you are, your heart rate is up. We're gonna roll that self all the way up. Okay?

Feet Open. Inhale. Exhale, Chin to chest. Throw yourself down. Slowly. Inhale here. Exhale, roll all the way up, 10 forwards to you. Reach in the legs out and that second position side. Nice work guys. See, it's amazing what you can do in a small amount of time. I've always said that through the whole of my career. It is so true.

It's about moving from one exercise to the other. The more you do this program, the more you'll know. The more you anticipate what's coming next and the further you can dig deeper into those exercises. Doesn't get any harder than this straight exercise is done correctly. We'll give you an amazing workout. Come back to center. Hold it there.

Lift up, press down, breathe one more, and then slowly bring the legs together. Give yourself a little shake. I'm going to give you a high five girls. You guys, awesome job guys. See you again. Bye.

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this was such a fun class! this was definitely one of my favorites!
Get it!
Gabriela C
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rapido y bueno  mucho abdominal
Diana M
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Killer class  Tracey, but I loved it!  
FAB workout!  I especially enjoyed the side kneeling and side lying variations!  Thanks Tracey!
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Tracey brilliant !!! Your amazing 👍
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What a super enjoyable class for this early Saturday morning! I feel ready to start my day now! Thanks Tracey! 
Tracy H
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This is a great class. Hard, but great. It's got it all strength, cardio, flexibility.  I'll have to do it a few more times to be able to get through without pausing, but it's a goal.
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love LOVE loved this mat mashup of greatness!
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