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Creative Circuit Variations

50 min - Class


You will feel the burn with this challenging Reformer workout by Courtney Miller! This class, which was inspired by Sara, alternates 3 Reformer circuits and 3 standing floor circuits to work your entire body. She includes fun variations to movements like Plank, Teaser, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Weighted Balls (2)

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Hi guys, Courtney here, and I'm here with Sarah. She's one of the badass teachers at Pilates Republic. I'm so excited to be working out alongside her. We rarely get to do that. And I chose today's workout to kind of compliment Sarah's teaching style, which means it's gonna be really hard.

And fun. And fun she says. So the way we're gonna do this class is it'll be three reformer circuits and three floor circuits. Let's start with our floor circuit first. So we're using toning balls.

These are two pounds each. If you don't have them, don't even worry about them. We're gonna face one direction, so just join us. Weights maybe or not, up to you. And then come into a low squat, bending your elbows into your sides.

We're gonna do three tricep extensions as we send our right leg back. So that's one, and that's two, and that's three. And then rise to come up, bring your knee with you. Circle that leg around, and come right back to where we started. Do it again.

One, two, three, rise to come up, bring the leg with you, and circle it around. And then one more time like that, so kick it, and kick it, and kick it. Balance to come up, circle that leg around, and let's meet in a squat. Take a wide stance so you feel really stable here and take your hands back behind you, palms up. Little circles up and around, up and around.

Chest is wide, neck is long. Four, three. These weights are already adding up. I know. Reverse, up and around, up and around, up and up.

We've got four, three, two, and now hold them up. We'll rise up to standing, circle the arms overhead, meet the weights above, and then bring them behind you as you dive into your squat. So lift, and down, nice wide chest, up and down. This is a great time to find your breath. Four, three, two, and then one more time, one.

And you get to throw the weights on the ground, but we're not done our little floor series. We've got some pushups and tricep dips. She makes me do them all the time. So we're gonna face our carriage, hands onto the carriage, wide fingers. Let's just do five of our best, knowing that we're gonna do this three times.

So narrow elbows takes you down. One, two, three, four, and five. Step in, flip it around, and tricep dips. I think we can do ten. One, two, remember this is a body weight exercise, so lean back.

You want your body weight over your arms. Nice, chest is wide. Two more. And then you can just sit right down on that mat. That's our first floor circuit.

So you're gonna see that come back up a couple more times. Let's straddle the machine facing back. We have one blue spring on, so find what's kind of similar to half spring or a blue. We're gonna start with cat cow. So squeeze your legs into the frame of the machine.

Hold onto the shoulder blocks. Hover your boot, look up. Keep your elbows straight as you push the carriage forward. Chest goes as low as you can, round your spine to come up. Let's do four more of those.

So lean flat back hinge, chin to chest, scoop to come up. Straight elbows. Lean flat back hinge. The closer you're standing to the foot bar, the lighter it's gonna feel. Two more, lean and scoop.

One more time, lean and scoop. Take a seat, put your hands back behind you, and swing your legs out for a modified boat pose or teaser. Reach your arms up, straighten your legs if you'd like. We're holding for five, four, three, two, one, feet down. Reverse that cat cow.

So what I mean by that is keep your arms straight, hover your booty, round your spine first to push the carriage out, and then flat back extend to lift. Yep, that's perfect. So really exaggerate that scoop down, and that lift up. Again, tuck your chin, scoop down, and lift up, two more. Scoop down and lift.

One more time. You should definitely be feeling some abdominals here. And lift up. Take a seat, hands go back, legs come up. Are you gonna extend the legs?

Up to you. Hold for five, four, three, I knew you could do it, two, one, back to the straddle. All right from here, guys, meet me in a hover, hands behind the head. We're gonna pulse down. Sarah makes us pulse all the time.

Five, four, three, two, one, both hands go to the left shoulder block, swing your right leg over, and stand on one leg. Kind of make a letter T position with your body. Take your left hand behind your back, and then push that carriage forward. Five, four, if it feels too heavy, step back a bit, yeah. Three, two, one.

Now you're gonna add the leg, tap it down, and tap it up. Five, four, burning already, three, two, one. Bring the carriage in and meet me back into that straddle position. Uh-uh, we're not gonna sit, we're gonna hover. Nice try.

Hands behind the head, pulse it down. Five, four, three, two, one. Hands to the right, shoulder block, swing that left leg over. Find that letter T position, right hand behind your back. It's like a bullseye for your belly button to pull up towards.

Just press. Five, four. That glute is working. Three, two, and one, add the leg. Tap it down when the carriage is in, lift and press.

Five, four, three, two, and one. And back to the straddle, and let's sit down. We could do another set of pulses. Let's do them, ready? Five, four, three, two, one.

And then swing your legs up. Make sure you have some room behind you. Grab a hold of your longer short loops. The short loops are gonna feel a little bit heavier and harder, but we're on a blip. So choose wisely.

You're gonna roll your hips back, pulling your abdominals in, float your legs up. That's optional. You can keep one or both legs down. Let's do T first. So out to the sides.

Five, and four. Of course you could straighten your legs if you want to. Three, two, and hold the T, ready? Arms up, arms T, release forward. Do that again.

T. Arms up, arms T, release forward. Do it again. T. Arms up, back to T, release forward.

One more. T. Arms up, arms forward, and straddle. Hook up those straps just for a moment and meet me into a kneeling position. Walk your knees back so they're wide and under your hips.

Let's take our right hand onto the headrest. I like it on the side so my wrist stays long, and then your left hand holds the rope. The higher you hold, the heavier you're gonna make it, okay? So, no balance yet, but we are going there. I want you to pull your left arm up and back for five.

And when you lower the arm, stop it right below your shoulder. Four, shoulders level, nice. Three, you got it. Elbow soft on that supporting arm. Two, and one.

Hold the arm up, but bend your elbow, getting ready for triceps. I want you to add the balance here if this feels right for you. Your right leg will extend back, and it's gonna stay up for your first set of five. Kick it back one. You know if I say your first set of five, there's gonna be more, right?

Two, three, four. And now just like we did with the arm presses, you're gonna add the leg. As you bend your elbow, drop that leg low. You can keep it straight. Yeah, just tap it down.

Yeah, and now kick it up as you do your triceps. Five, four, three. So hard. Two, and last time, one. And rest, awesome.

Fear not, we'll take a break in a plank. Just joking, it is not a break. Palms in prayer, elbows wide. Instead of being right up against the shoulder blocks, try coming back a bit, 'cause we are on a blue so we can really push it. Curl your toes on that wooden platform and press yourself out.

Awesome. Okay, so first set of pikes, round your back, lift your hips, hold that scoop, and then find your plank. Good. Remember this is two exercises combined into one. So there's your plank, exclamation point there, there's your pike, boom there.

One more time, and exhale. Lengthen all the way out. Come back to your knees. We'll see some evolution on that next round. Take your knees wide, same thing other side.

Left hand on the headrest, right hand on the rope. The higher you hold, the harder you work. Find a good squared off position and pull back for five. This is a back exercise guys, you should feel super strong. Four, good.

Your tail feathers are lifted, your ribs are closed. Three. That's two, yep. And then on one hold it up, bend the elbow, and freeze. Set yourself up for a balance challenge.

The opposite leg lifts, we kick it. Five, ribs up, four. You know a four point kneeling position is not that different than a plank as far as how your body has to collect itself. Add the leg, tap it down when you bend, and then swing it up. Five, four, three, two, and one.

I feel like it's that last one that gets you. That last one. Back into a pike we go, walk the knees back, take the forearms down. So to be clear, our palms are together, elbows are nice and wide, giving lots of room for our head. Press yourself out, find that alignment.

Pike lift, hold it. One leg comes up, that's an optional. As you press out, both feet are down, and you're in your plank. Pike hold it. The other leg comes up.

As you press out, the foot comes down you're in your plank. Keep going. So the idea here is what you're introducing is a weight transfer challenge. So she's got both feet on, takes her foot off, good. What's so important is the stability in the upper body.

Even yourself out, Sarah. One more each side, exhale as you lift, nice. And exhale as you lift. Beautiful, back to the knees, back to a straddle we go. Since she loves to pulse, let's do it.

Hands behind the head. Five pulses down, you ready? Close those ribs. One, two, three, four, five. Stretch towards your left, reach your right arm over your head side, body stretch overhead like that.

Yeah, and then come on back through. Five pulses, one, two, three, four, stretch in the other direction. Laterally flexing, come back to center, do it again. One, two, three, four, hold, overhead stretch. Make sure that arm is in front by that ear, right, not in front by the nose, but rather back.

Come on back through. One, two, three, four, five, and over we go. Now find that squat position, rotate your body towards the left. Hinge your chest down, take your left hand to your low back. Take your right hand to the shoulder block that's under your chest.

Yep, and push it forward. You're in a rotated press for five, and four. We're feeling our legs. Three, two. Now keep the arms straight and just lift your chest up, and push that carriage.

Five, lift, four, up, three. See how low you can go. Two, and then one more time, one. Take a seat. We shall rest in a teaser.

Put your hands back behind you, legs come up. Five second hold, feel free to extend those legs. We got five, four, three, two, one, repeat. Find that squat. Hands behind the head, pulse it down.

One, two, three, four, five, hold. Let's stretch to the left overhead. Reach, come back here. One, two, three, four, five, stretch to the right, overhead reach. Again.

One, two, three, four, five, and reach. I feel like I'm getting like transported to one of your classes. Legs on fire, and reach. Good, and now from here just rotate your chest to the right. Lean forward and put your right hand to your low back.

You've got your hand to the shoulder block that's under your chest. Stay low and press for five, four, three. This hand on your back is a bullseye. Pull your tummy towards it, two. Hold the arms straight, lift, and press.

One, two, straight elbow, three, four. It's kinda like getting saw. Five. Teaser, take a seat, hands go back, legs come up. Five second hold, we got this.

Five, four, three, two, keep your legs up. Swivel your feet to your left. Guess what's next? Floor series, round two. So grab those weights.

Woowee! Not done yet. Good okay, so now we're gonna do that other leg stepping back 'cause you didn't do it last time. So come down into that squatter flie, three triceps, left leg kicks back. One, two, three, everything comes up, the knee too. Open the leg off to the side, and then meet in that starting position.

One, two, three, everything comes up. A lot of stability here. And meet in that starting position. This is your last time guys. One, two, three, everything comes up.

That hip circle feels really good after that last series. And we're down in a squat. From here, take the hands back behind you, palms up for circles. 10 in each direction. We may have cut it short last time, we may have done eight.

Okay, that's about 10, reverse. Up and around, up and around, up and around. Somebody is. Pilates people love to count. Okay, and even though it's a challenge for us, we try.

Go low, rise up. Feels good to stretch. Down, up, reach. And if you wanted to come up onto your tip toes, or play with different variations here, we're just getting our heart rates up. Yep, and heel down, and exhale up.

Three, opening the chest, two, and one. Ditch the weights, I hope you didn't forget about your pushups and your dips. We got five and 10. So five pushups, narrow elbows, down and up. It's a moving plank, so keep everything stable, and shoulders wide.

Two more. One more. Step the feet forward, pivot turn. That was so graceful, and we did it together. It's as if we practiced this.

10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, it's work and it's a stretch, four, three, two, and one, take a seat. Nice. So we do need to adjust our equipment for the next one. Add a red, and then once that red is on, take your blue spring off and then bump your foot bar up to your footwork setting, and just make sure it's locked in if you're using those Allegro 2s or any foot bar. We're gonna come into the well for this space.

So up and over those ropes you go, awesome. Okay, so we wanna stand back quite a lot. We did a lot of push, now we're gonna do some pull. Bend into a squat. Your left foot will be underneath your pelvis.

Hands to the side of the shoulder block. Your right leg will be up and back. Good, now keep your body as stable as you can and pull the carriage under your chest for five. One, two, I kinda have to lean a little bit into my heel to feel stable. Three, four, and five.

Now adding a cat here, so as you pull in, your standing leg will straighten, and your back leg will come in, kind of like flamingo style length, and one, two, three, four, five. Great, hands could be on the shoulder blocks or on the carriage. Place your feet onto the back platform. If you don't have something like this, use a box or something that works. Bend your knees and press your chest towards your thighs, and then straighten your legs for five.

Just a stretch guys, one, two, we got a lot of work coming here, three, four, and five. Now step your left foot onto the headrest. Take your time, you're not in any rush. And pivot your back foot so your toes are pointing to the side wall. I kind of hook my big toe off a little bit, so I feel really stable.

Taking your left hand, same side to foot to the shoulder block on the right. So I'm squeezing my thigh in towards my elbow. Then I can reach my right arm up, and we're making that triangle shape with our body. Good, now keeping the lower body stable, reach your top arm, overhead palm down, and see if you can use your knee and into your forearm, and also the shoulder blocks to rotate your chest up a bit more. Yeah, now keep your legs as they are and exalt that warrior reverse.

Nice. And then pivot turn. Take both hands onto the shoulder blocks and pivot your back heel up. Shift your weight over your left leg, your front leg, and pull your back knee like this. Then tap the ground lightly and pull it in quick for 10.

10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and you're up. Ooh, burns. You're up, and your toes are about where they would be for your long stretch series. So start to walk it out. Be careful guys, the carriage is gonna move, and find your long stretch position.

Good, tuck your tail, pull your ribs up, press back as far as you think you can go, and then pull your chest forward. Keep going Sarah, press back and pull. So 50% of this plank is in your legs, glutes, and lower body. So find it. It is not your hands holding you up, it's your back.

And the more you can push up against gravity, the stronger you're gonna feel. So don't let the body sink down, press up. Two more times, it looks beautiful. One more time, press back, and bring the carriage in. Take the knees down, send your feet back against those shoulder blocks.

Sit your hips down for down stretch, round your spine. Look at your navel. Now from here, keep your arms straight and still, press out from your legs, glutes and hips. Lengthen the spine, look up and pull forward three times. One, press back.

Pull your chest through your arms, two, press back. This is the last one, hold. Sit your hips back, find that scoop then do it again. Leave your arms, press with your legs, and your heels and your glutes lengthen. Look up, one, press back, two.

Think about pushing more into the pinky finger side of the hand. Three, sit your hips back, pull the ribs in one more time, ready? Press with the legs, find the heels, find the two directional energy and lift it, one, and two, and three. Sitting the hips back, taking the hands to the carriage, and stepping the feet together. You're gonna press yourself up into a forward fold.

Definitely find that stability guys. And then if you put your hands on your shoulder blocks, step your right foot back, kick your left leg long. You're right back to where we started on the other side. So keep that standing knee bent and pull for five. Wait into your heel, hips are square.

Four, love the opposition of the crown of the head reaching forward, three, two. And now it's time to cat. So as you pull in, rise and scoop that left knee towards the nose. One, two, three, four, and five. Hands onto the shoulder blocks.

Find your feet onto the back platform. You don't have it, try using the box, or feet to the floor perhaps. Bend your knees, stretch your shoulders, lengthen five, and four, three, two, and one. We're gonna step the right foot forward, foot onto the headrest. Pivot your back foot.

Take a second to find the foundation. Right hand comes to the inside. Squeeze your knee and thigh towards your tricep and elbow. And then rotate that top arm up. Triangle pose.

Good, and then reach that top arm overhead right angle. And so we have one long line from our wrist through our shoulder, through our hip. Then the legs don't move. We reverse it. Big stretch for that side body, pivot, windmill, and hold.

Your back knee comes in. Tap the ground, these are quick 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, step it up. Phew, and take your knees down. Okay, take a second to reset, find your breath. We're gonna have some kneeling front.

Reach back and grab your straps. We're still on a red, I think we should use the long loops. If you're feeling extra strong, use the short loops. And then I like to have my feet back against the shoulder blocks. I know not everybody does, but I like them.

Okay, so we'll start with offering, bring your elbow us right into your sides, rise up. And find that balance, find that synergy. Kind of calm the mind, calm the breath. Reach forward just about to eyebrow height, and then bring the elbows down right into the sides. Reach forward.

So just a little reminder that we're working the front, keep going Sarah, and the back of the shoulder evenly. So if you're overworking the front, what happens is the whole upper body collapses. The whole shoulder griddle comes up and forward. So just like you did in your long stretch in your plank, find that back body connection. Leave your arms straight for circles or tear drops.

You go down, and then a little bit wider than the frame of the machine for five in each direction. You wanna do your best to make each exercise originate from the powerhouse, right? We know that the arms are an extension of that powerhouse via your pecs and your lats. So as you move, move from the torso. Reverse the direction of those teardrops.

If it starts to get heavy, guys, just sit down. You don't have to be high kneeling, and you can also change your spring. So a blue would be the option down from a red. Good, two to go. Awesome.

One more. And then take your hands behind your head for salute. But since you're low, let's add a seated squat here. So thumbs connect, hands towards the nape of the neck. As you rise up, you press up for five.

Inhale bend, four. So there's power in this up and forward movement, three. Awesome, two. And one, circle those arms around and sit back down. Hook up your straps.

I know you wanna get off the machine and do your floor series, but before we do, there's one more thing, we're gonna do a knee stretch and push up combo. I think if it's sort of like, you know when you're in a yoga class and you do a lot of like chaturangas, we're gonna do those pushups here. So ready? So hands on to the foot bar. If you change to a blue, go back to a red.

Feet against the shoulder blocks. Press back as far as you feel you can stabilize. Good, pull the knees in and under and kick it back for five, and four, three, two. Keep your legs straight, bring the chest forward. One wide elbow push up, and let's do that two more times.

Press back as far as you can, bring the knees in and under. Five, that low hover, four, three, two, kick it back, hold it back, bring the chest forward. One wide. Last time, press hold, knees in and out. Five, four, three, two, hold it back, chest forward.

One down, one up, and recover. Oh, we're kicking our own booties. Sweating. Karma. Let's grab our weighted balls and do our floor series.

Let's just change it up just a little bit. So from here, you've got your weighted balls. We'll do those tricep kickbacks. We're not gonna add the lunge, we're just gonna hold that spot position and kick it back. Kick, kick, kick, rise.

Again, send it back. Kick, kick, kick, rise. One more time, send it back. And kick, kick, kick, and rise. Now, check it out.

We're gonna go into a squat, one arm swings back like a swimmer swing. Come up, both arms are up, opposite arm. Send it back, and lift, send it back, and lift, send it back and lift. Four to go, four. So whenever you hinge forward, in that diagonal, try not to lose your abdominal connection.

Good, take it down, and up one more time. Make sure you feel even, I gotta do my left arm. Two, keep the arms overhead, come down, kick it back into a balance. Lower the arm, lower the leg, let's kick everything up. Five, four.

You need to get back in the booty again, three, two, and one. Switch the legs, kick it up, arms and legs. Five, four, three, two, one, mic drop. Something's so liberating about that. Done.

And then pushups. Just five. You can do anything five times. Narrow arms, let's knock it out. Five, four, three, two, and one.

Flip it around. Here we go, triceps. Five, no 10. Oh no. Down and up, down and up.

Five more, five, four, three, two, and one. Nice okay, take a seat. Let's make some changes to our machine. One blue spring on, leave that red spring. We'll do our side series first, and we'll finish standing.

So we have a red and a blue combined to keep the carriage stable. If you notice the carriage is moving and wiggling, add more springs. We just want the carriage stable. We're gonna side lie on the machine close to the foot bar so you have room for your booty when you go back. So sideline.

Hand goes onto the floor just underneath your shoulder. Legs are lifted, and then your top hand can hold onto something, or hand behind in the head. We're gonna scissor for five, four, three, two, and now hold those legs together. Try to stay square in your hips. Press up from the floor for five.

Little side cinch. Four, three, two, and one. Now cross your bottom leg under, kind of get those inner thighs working. Roll back onto your hips, lift into a full teaser. How many are we gonna do, Sarah, five?

It's kind of part of the theme. Okay, roll back down, hand to the head, that was one. Roll up, two. And it's a massage for the hip. You know when pilates teachers say that?

Sarah says it feels great, I don't know. And that's four, and then one more. That's five. Let's straddle, face front this time. Just a little mobility for the T spine before we do it on the other side.

So hover, hands behind the head, kind of like what we did before. Laterally flex, but this time pull the ribs in and up. Circle it around, hold. I always like to look up, make sure I'm stretching. And then other side, circle it around and hold.

And then big scoop. I think it feels so good. And scoop. And then one more other direction. And hold it, take those arms up.

Lift your heels, this is what Sarah would make you do. And pulse, and pulse. Five, four, three, two, one, take a seat. Swing that leg over. Woo, okay.

So you'll be able to see what we're doing with our arms a little bit better on this side. So the hand is on the floor. You need room to roll back, and you're really using your bottom leg to help hold everything up. Top hand behind the head. And you're doing like your little swimmer on the side.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Keep the legs connected, and then push up and down. And when I go down, I'm trying to keep my ribs lifted away from the carriage. I'm trying not to pike. It's way harder on this side for me.

Okay, and then we did it. So cross your bottom leg under, roll to your hips. I was kind of excited to get to the teaser. This is almost easier than those side vents. And then take it down.

Five, whoa. Okay up, four. Balance on our hips. Three. Good.

Two. And one more. One, dun dun dun. Okay, we're almost there guys. Bump your foot bar down to where it was when we started, and take the red off so you're left with just the blue.

Good, what I love about Sarah's choreography, is she's really, really good with combination movements, so here's one for ya. Step your left foot up onto the wooden platform. You know that's important, right? Step on what's stable first, and then rise onto the carriage. So we're gonna go kind of like a chair balance move.

So put your palms in prayer, and then bend down. You're gonna keep your weight on your left leg, the one that's stable, and then rise up, bringing your right knee up with you. Make sure you find the carriage when you come back down to that chair squat. Let's do four more, so five in total. Up and down, that's two.

Up and down, that's three. Four. Now stay low for five. Make sure you're at the edges. You might even have your big toes hanging off of it.

Stay low for skater. We'll do five presses with the palms in prayer. Four. And I was worried we weren't gonna get the booty. I know Three.

Why was I worried? Two, and now take your arms to T and gimme five more. Five, four, three, two. And now when you push your right leg out, twist to your left rotation. Five, four, three, two, one more time, and one.

And then rise to come up. Your carriage foot is gonna step wide and turn towards the shoulder blocks. And then your platform foot is gonna turn until your big toe hangs off. We're gonna do another little warrior flow, lift your arms up. And then as you push the carriage out, bend into your front knee, and get as low as you can.

And then push down into the mat and rise to come up, we'll do five. Press and rise. It's a stretch, and it's work. Four. I don't even know, I'm just counting out numbers now.

I think we need two more. Okay, hold this one, and let's just do carriage kicks with your front leg. Try not to overbend the knee, I always overbend mine too. This is really good for strength in the knee. Three, four, and five.

And then face towards your shoulder blocks and place your hands on the mat, kind of framing your right foot. And then step your right foot back, and bend both your knees. For those of you who do crow pose, it kind of reminds me of crow. You're gonna kick it out for five, and four. Sarah, oh, I thought you were crossing your ankles.

Sarah has a recent broken toe, so if she crosses her ankles, that's why. Okay, now bring it in. Take one leg off and bring it with you single leg. And then come in and switch. Single leg, and single leg, and press, and three.

We're gonna get ready to do the other side in two. Make sure you feel even. In one. Step your left foot onto the carriage and rise to come up. Here we go, turning facing back.

Okay, so we'll do the squat balance, then we'll do the skater series. So carriage is closed, hands in prayer. Send the hips down and low. Shift your weight onto what's stable, and then lift your other leg up. You could always do this standing on the floor, if standing on the machine kind of freaks you out a bit.

And up. Down and up. Two more. One more. Stay low and just keep those hands in prayer for your first five.

Keeping your right knee over your foot, arch is alive, and press, and then arms to a T for five. Five, four, three, two. And then adding your twist towards the platform for five, four, three, two, and one. Rising. I am really feeling it.

Okay, take your left foot forward and turn it towards the shoulder blocks, and then I kind of hook my foot. And then start with your arms up, and you press out bend, and big inner thigh stretch. Lots of glutes, five. Time to find your breath. Four, three, two.

And then carriage kicks. Stability challenge strengthens the knee. Make sure the leg goes all the way straight. Four, three, fire up that back leg. Two, and one.

Bring it on in, let's windmill. Take it back, round two. So press out. We're gonna do it a little bit different this time. Start with your double knee bends though, in out.

Keep the ribs up. Five, four, three. We'll just cut that outta the video. Two, and one. Now as you press out, bring same knee to elbow.

Like you know how you do it in a yoga float, the three-legged dog. So left knee to left elbow, come on in. Right knee to right elbow. Like really touch that elbow, pull it up towards the tricep. Little bit further.

There you go. One more each side. And last time. Ooh, take it down. My arms are shaking.

We're almost done. Okay, back into a straddle. That's how this whole party started. Grab your shorter long loops, coming into goddess pose. So we wanna find a big external rotation from the top of the hips.

Yeah. And then hover your hips. Stay low, keep your elbows right into your sides. Close your ribs, imagine you're leaning back against a wall, and then low bicep curls for five. Five, four, three, two, one.

Now we pick the elbows up really high, the height of the shoulders and do five more. Stay low in the squat. Five, four, three, two. And this is what Sarah would do, hold the bicep curl, lower the elbows an inch, lift your elbows and your heels up five times. One, two, three, four, five.

Make sure the mat's under you before you sit. Aye yai yai. Last exercise guys. Hold onto your left, but get rid of your right, so you just have one. And then bring your feet up onto the headrest, and then slide your leg either through the short or the long loops, whatever works, above the knee.

It's only a blue. It's only a blue. That was like her famous last words. Okay, lie down. The more of your shoulders that hang off the mat, the harder you're gonna work.

Hands behind your head, stay in the scoop. Just take your left leg up. First set of five. Send it out, kick it in. By all means, if this is not enough, change to a red.

Two, three, four. Add a twist towards the knees that bends in. Okay, here we go, twist. Five, four, three, two. Keep the twist, hold.

Send your right leg straight, bicycle for five. Here we go, twist to the right, twist to the left. Five, four, three, two, one. Plant your feet. I use a little momentum to help myself come up.

Nice. Phew, good job. Whenever I do a really hard ab series, but we haven't done the hundred while I'm doing it, I'm like, well, at least we didn't do the hundred, you know what I mean? Okay, other leg, slide it in. So, scooch forward.

The more of your chest that hangs back off the machine, the harder you work. Hands behind your head, neutral, abs closed, right leg, send it out for five. Five, four, three, two, one. Let's add that twist, you ready, Sarah? Turn to the knee for five, four, three, two.

Hold the twist. Send your left leg long, and bicycle. Five, four, three, two, one. Little momentum to help yourself come up. That was definitely my harder side.

Okay. How do we feel? Do we need to do our feet in the straps? I think we should. I think we should.

Okay, one red, one blue, Lie down, put your headrest up if you'd like. Let's do these inflection. So grab your short loops, or your long loops I should say. Place your feet in. Extend the legs long.

Anchor the tailbone, hands to the carriage. Lift your head, neck and shoulders up. We're gonna of these inflection. I love it 'cause you can see the pelvis is staying stable. Turn your palms up, froggys in and out.

Don't let that tailbone come up. For five, four, three. You could put hands behind in the head if you wanted to. Two, one. Peter Pan, right leg off to the side, left leg bends, pull it into center.

Opposite side, pull it into center. Use those obliques, pull it into center. In and press, in and press. Even it out, I gotta do one more to the left. Keep your heels connected.

I'm gonna rest my head. You can stay up inflection if you want. Legs up, bend your knees through frog, press out. So five of these, they're circles, right? They're like froggy circles.

Keeping the tailbone down. Time to reverse, backs of the legs pressing, and inner thigh pushing up, keeping that carriage stable when the legs go up. Two more. And let's do our favorite quad stretch, do you remember that one? So go out to a straddle.

Let's bend our right knee, internally rotate toes to the floor. Inner thigh stretch on the left, quad stretch on the right. Give that strap a pull if you'd like. And then just be conscious when you come out of this, you sort of have to push with your left foot. So you don't want too much tension on that right foot when you come out.

Straddle, so I internally rotate my left. You can give that a little extra loving if you'd like. We did great, we worked really hard today. That was fun. Take your feet outta the straps.

Let's do a reformer roll up. You can just let strap fall on the floor. Legs straight over the foot bar, arms up to the sky. Toes pointed, big breath in, let's do three of them, ready? Try to get that low back to the mat.

One, rolling down, rolling those hips under. Two, tucking the hips under, controlling the down. And three. Awesome. We did so great.

That was so much fun. Guys, thanks for joining me. Sarah is one of our most popular teachers, you can see why. She's just so awesome. I don't even think, that class wasn't even as hard as her classes.

You're gonna have to come into the studio and take one of her classes. Thank you for joining me, we'll see you guys again soon. Bye.


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Love Love love. I bet Sarah could teach a 🔥 Lunge Series on the front of the reformer. Maybe next time?! And I love the music. Makes me happy.
Rungsi T
Thank you so much for this great and super fun class ,really love it 🥰 
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I'm a huge fan of Courtney's classes, but had to mute the entire class because I found the music so distracting.  I noticed this is  the second class recently offered w/ music and, honestly, hope this isn't a trend.
Alicia H
Loved it!!!
I loved it ladies!  The music was fine for me, not really additive, but not distracting.  I can't wait for the next in the series.
love the smoooooth transitions
Great challenge!
Love it !!! Thanks Courtney and Sarah, I can’t wait for the next class. miss you.. I feel the change in my body since I do yours classes 
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