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Strengthening Mat Flow

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Intermediate flow class based on relaxing into movement and having fun doing so. Enjoy variations on Spine Stretch Forward, Saw, Teaser, and Double Leg Stretch. Challenge your strength with Pilates Push Up, Side Bend, and Up Stretch Arabesque. Most importantly...enjoy yourself!
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Jul 17, 2011
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Here we go. Let's sit up. Okay, find your feet on the mat. Parallel alignment with the hips, hands behind the knees, lifting tall, taking a moment, centering yourself within yourself, linking your mind and your body. And as you inhale and exhale and just connect into yourself, grow the spine or build the spine from the base of the spine to the top of the spine. Let the head be filled with helium, pulling yourself more upright and then lightly. See if you can support that without a lot of tension. And we inhale moving here. Exhale, allowing the pelvis to draw deeply back. We shift just behind the poet. It's, I'm not moving much keeping my elbows bent here. Inhale to lift.

So try here to keep the shoulders where they are and just curve the spine. So your keep, I just said that, I'm not going to say it again in here. Length in the back. We, we're just coming from a straight back into a round back using the abdominals to carve out that c shape and inhale to lift and exhale to come back in that CCO, it's gorgeous. Outside colors is so pretty. Clouds. We're going to move further. Rolling back, letting go, letting go, not just with the arms, but of tension in your body in here. Exhale, come all the way forward. Find that position where you're around and long.

And then lift and exhale. Feeling a little bit of back legs or hamstring engagement, a little bit of inner thigh engagement. We pause and breathe in. Exhale, feel the heels pull energetically back towards the legs as we rise up through the spine. And exhale, feeling of pelvis move first. Breathe in. As you raise your arms up, feel the abdominal, go deeper, reaching the arms back forward. We're going again. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, arms forward, loosening up the shoulder joint, arms forward and inhale. Exhale, curling and lifting tall. I'm not really pulling my feet towards me, but I'm thinking about, I'm thinking about pulling them towards me so I'm not sliding, but I'm anchoring if you will. Let's go again. Rolling back. Find your middle back or your lower back. Anyway, so just about the bottom of the rib cage.

Pick up the left arm and the right leg and I got lost and uh, and then the right arm in the left side and then down. You could change in space. That'd be a little harder and change feels like a marionette. Kind of go both legs down both arms, no overhead. Tried to roll up from there. Oh man, that's a little harder. Sitting up tall. Turn in this direction. Inhale, exhale. Feel the spine come into contact with the before you inhale to lift your arms up in, around reaching to the opposite side.

Anil left returning to center at the end of the XL so that we inhale and go the other way. Excellent. As we guide the spine down, inhale, allow the arms to reach up and over. Excellent. We curl up and return and inhale, rotate the spine. Exhale, feel a sense of lightness within yourself. Reach up in a cross over to the other side and up. And then one more time to the back. Willing down shoulders are heavy as the arms lightly float through space coming up, snacks, ones for you. Candy, the side reach.

We go back. You go back through this center, you can hold on to your legs or not, but we're going to take the arm closest to the window back and look at it and we're going to Xcel to come back to center, stay in around, back, open up and I fell back to center and any, he'll be stretch out and XL to come back and then he'll look back at that hand and ask Phil to come back. How about one more? I guess we'll have to do one more to the other side to make us even, and here it is and then back and down all the way. Setting up for this pelvic curl arms long and straight along our sides. Neck Long. Here we go, feeling the pelvis move for us and then rolling through the spine, finding the backsides of the legs, pressing the pelvis up towards the ceiling and the ribs a little bit down towards the ground. Exhale, feel the chest move through the arms as the arms continue to press into the floor. We slide the rest of the spine downwards to elbow and touches and we go again.

Exhale, lifting. I feel a sense of the knees. We're reaching towards the big and middle toe, sliding the body forward, energetically. Exhale to come down, finding your way all the way down into a neutral pelvis to lift again, exhale and breathe in to breathe up. Pressing those up or arms down into the ground, releasing the pelvis. We're going two more times here. Exhaling to left in healing, to pass. Exhaling to let all the air out of the body as we place this fine Bolin Bible and into the ground. Here's our last one. Lifting up, holding at the top. Let's look for just a little bit of a posterior tilt or a tuck. Will feel like a little glute. Squeeze and let it go and find it. Again, not a lot of movement here. Oh, cramp coming and Tuck.

Finding those hamstrings. Here's another place where not with, not by moving the feet, but by sensing them being pulled back. We can find our hamstrings. He was our last one and we rolled all the way. Let's do this spine twist with our feet on the ground. Sorry, that was just me cramping. Here we go. Inhale across towards the window. Exhale from the opposite side of the waist, feet drop back and across to the other side and exhale to come back.

Let your arms come up over your shoulders and as your knees drop towards me, send your arms in your eyes to the other side. Exhale, windmill, everything back through center and inhale across to the other side. Gently loosening up some musculature, supporting the spine and across and back, keeping the knees nice and aligned across and back. How about one more to each side, across and back, across and back. Bringing the hands behind the head here, separating the feet just a little bit. Inhale, exhale, picking up the head and chest.

Feel the ribs knit together and press down into the ground as you curl the chest. Stuff in heel-toe hold, so we linked in the body down east and typically contracting the abdominals as we tip the back of the head and exhale to lift. Feel the head heavy in the hands, hugging at the top to intensify that contraction and Xcel to lower the body. Allow your legs to be somewhat involved without tucking the pelvis. We feel the backsides of the legs engage a little and release and last to exhale and to lift. Inhale, intensify and XL tit. Come down and here's our last one. Lifting a this time. Guide the hands behind the five.

Curl yourself a little bit forward and let go. Lift the left knee. Inhale to pause. Exhale to change sides. Nice and controlled through the pelvis. Back is absolutely flat. The angle of the knee doesn't change. The hinges happen, happens around the hip joint. Press through the arms as though by reaching them they could potentially pull you even higher. Still imagine that someone's holding your arms for you when you find the leg closest to me in the air. Pause.

Reach the outside arm around and reach past it and change. So the arms are about shoulder distance apart. They just come with the body. As we find that rotation, let's now push that inner arm against the leg and help it use it to help us rotate and push and sly that outer arm up towards the knee, reaching across, reaching across. One more. That's it. Both legs, up, arms down to your hips. Inhale to head, bring the head and chest down. Exhale to lift back up, pressing the air out of the lungs. Inhale to come back. The a hundred breath. We're just going to do three. CF has you lift.

You can come a little higher each time. Any inhale down. Here's our last one. Exhale to lift. Pause there. Here comes the a hundred stretching the legs out and it's XL two, three, four, five [inaudible]. We all know that we could bend our knees here if we wanted to add or lift the legs a little higher if necessary and in and for two, three, four, five and [inaudible] and five, two, three, four, five and it. So for the next five, let's exhale the legs in and inhale them out and exhale them in. And inhale as we stretch as three, two, three, four, five pulling the knees as close as we can without lifting the tailbone too and stretch. And one, two, three, four, five and inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. Bend the knees, hold the back of the legs, curve the spine more and just rock gently back and forth right through the middle of the back and find your way all the way to the top. Placing the feet down, stretching the legs out, separating the feet for the spine.

Stretch arms out front and we lengthen tall and [inaudible]. What's going on here on it? Okay, here we go. Sorry, I'm feeling a little cheeky today. Who's talking in the back of my classroom? Alright, we're tall, we're telling them we're having fun. Here we go.

The head goes down, feel the ribs, press back, curl the spine forward first. And then once you're as forward as you can, then start to take it out and inhale and exhale to roll back up. Stacking the spine from the front of the body, all the way of building it, all the way to the top of the head. What I mean by the forward word is that feel like a chest lift sensation first. So your and then your keep curling forward.

Like you're lying on the ground and trying to get higher and then start to go along and then breathe in again and then roll up. Stacking the spine, creating more and more space between the bones as we lift. And let's do it again. Two more times. Feel the ribs draw back, sign that flection of the spine first and then stretch for the further the spine goes. The more the abdominals. Drawback. Inhale, pass. Keeping the shoulders well away from the ears. We link them back up. I like to imagine I've got like the African princess rings around my neck.

So there was no possibility, right? You can imagine me as an African princess, can't you? Yeah, let me to my wildest dreams. And here we go. All the way. We're going to take it through extension, but instead of going overhead, we're going to go to the sides of my new favorite exhale to go forward. Allow the arms to drift slightly above the feet and inhale, press the chest forward and the arm out. Exhale, dive back forward. So we recontract come on. I love it too. Exhale to roll forward. I don't know it. I just found it somehow and it's become one of my favorite things to do.

Pressed the chest. [inaudible] it's like you've got four points. I don't know. More than four, Huh? Because we got the feet and the arms and the head and the tailbone. Oh, I don't know. All right. Did that, where'd that come from? Let's try that next. Who might become her new favorite things still forward. Here we go. Press out Lincoln. Forward on the diagonal. Then dive forward.

Rounding yourself down. Roll up, and as you sit up, once again, press the arms to the sky. Love it. Thanks Dad. Bring the arms forward. Rolling down. Inhale, the chest reaches out the arms press. We dive back forward. We roll up and as we finish extending the spine, the arms, maybe they f float in the upper back. Just holds them in place and then we reach follower. Let's do one more.

Rolling forward, taking the arms out to the side, lengthening this fine out or not, and then just press back like you're flying and back. Think down in back actually what's in fact move the arms down, down and down and down and now back up. Not Higher than shoulder distance. Oh, I like it. Do it again. Yeah. And Ah, and I didn't go forward and come out and then slide the legs together and now bring the arms to the side. Should feel kind of easy to sit up straight now. And here we go. For the twist, it's exhale and intensify and center. Feel as though you're rotating around a vertical line and are reaching up through the top of the head and center and keeping the feet flexed and stuff and center your shoulders. Okay.

How was circus class sounds fun. Hold here. Rise the arms up, lift the spine, open the mountain. Come back to center. Maybe Candace, instead of lifting the arms, you could just lift your body or use your arms to lift your body and then open and back to [inaudible]. Now let's do it one more time. Turn and reach and down and center on the last one. How are you for back support? Oh, and center. It's this money. You're okay here.

All right, let's do back support. And you know, you can all offer you this one. You won't get nearly as high up. It's essentially the same action. Okay, so either on your elbows or on your hands, feet reaching towards the ground. So we're already pointed, we're already lifting off the ground as far as our back muscles are concerned. And we now rise all this up. What gets you better? Come upon your hand and little lift. Try using the backs of your legs a little more. Oh, you're with me now. Okay, so here's what I'm thinking. As you lift, press into your feet.

That's going to help you engage your hips and then lift the chest through the arms and then sit down. But keep lifting that sense of lifting the chest through the arms. Two more pulling the abdominals towards the ground as the pelvis arises into the air. And Dan, and here's our last one. It's lift and, and then reaching forward. Just make sure you have enough room to roll. We're gonna roll re bring your arms around the front.

I'm going to keep the arms forward here. We're going to rock back towards the shoulder, US rock back up. Maybe you guys are in Hilton Rock Backer Yoga. All right here you done. And stretch the back and round and stretch them back.

And here's another idea. Let's go through the round and as we come up, place the feet down, grow the spine long and then recontract to come home or back and um, and stir its nice little light on those feet. Curl the spine, rock back. Rule h a little bit more forward and back. This is reminding me of Lisa. Clayton's teaser or explosion. I think that's in our future. I hadn't back and last time and then bend the knees, reaching for the ankles for the SA. I don't know why I made that sound scary. I saw, I don't know why I called this, this, uh, this is not this odd, but it's coming up after this. This is the open leg rocker. Here we are.

We're long and tall and we're rounding the spine and we're rocking back and coming up. Go ahead. I'll catch up with you. Can't quite get that feeling. A little melodramatic. Maybe I should let that go and concentrate and, and grow and back. All right, hold at the top. Let go. Press the arms. Zap. Well that's harder than I thought it was going to be. Grab the legs and roll back and even want to do it too again.

Flakes together. Arms out. That's easier. Open, grab and roll back. Well that was it. And then up, bring the legs together. Bend the knees, reach for the knees. Roll back. Try in your way down with finding a strong contraction through the abdominals. We're gonna do five double leg stretches.

Oh, I'm back an l and all right, and in here. Pushing the air out of your way or scooping me energy. Well, I think this is five. Now hold it here. Take your hands behind your head. Lift the legs up. Lower the legs, down, up and down. Up and down.

Three and two. And um, one. Bend your knees. Chris. Cross for five oh one crossing the body with their hips, keeping the elbows wide and the head heavy. There's three, three, four, four, five, five. Bend the knees. Hold the left leg, hamstring. Pull one for five and reach anchoring the bottom line, trying to pull the leg out of the hands that are pulling the leg in.

He two, two, one, one both legs. Bend the knees. I think I can remember that. Let's see for reaching and soon the arms be touch one another behind you. Here's to all round and one around. Hang on. Take the hands behind the head. Legs and it's down to three and keeping the back on the ground.

Two, three and three to three and four to three. M Bend the knees for the crisscross Wa one, two, two, three, three. I said the saw was coming didn't I? And I didn't do it. Hold Center. Final. Ope? Nope. Hamstring Paul. One and one and two and two.

Everyone. Okay, we're going to make it to one. I think these are called suicides of something like that. Then. Then he's, here we go and apps and in one and app and three and in legs have hands behind the head and it's down and Lilly to keep in control. Left one and live. Chris Cross, one, one, two, two, three, three hamstring pot. What one, two to three, three legs, up, knees bent here comes to [inaudible] and back and back. Double leg lift down and Ah, and Dan and I've, Chris Cross, one, one, two, two hamstring. Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul does and like that. Then the knees one time through, arms out and around, hands behind the head, leg, straight, legs down and up. And then he's criss cross and one oh, that's it. Just the one, right? Right. And both legs up and bend the knees and stretch the left leg down on the ground and take the right leg straight up and make a big leg circle. Lift the leg. All our lift the hip off the mat.

It crosses the body. It swings around in space. No bleaks pull it home and around. I'm making it a little bigger as far as the movement goes, but can we keep it just as much in control? Last one and reverse. I'm in healing for a full circle and excelling for the next feel.

How as you place the pelvis down, it's the obliques that make that happen. Last to handle one and up. Bend the knee and twist to your left. Looking over your right arm. Right shoulder. Enjoy. Okay. Bring it home.

Right leg goes out and anchors left leg comes up and stretches. Um, arms can be down or in a t shape. Here we go across the body. Reach out around and cross down around enough anchoring with that supporting. Lay. Last to add one. I am lifting my hip hop, I'm reaching, I'm lifting it almost a full fist stuff off the ground. So much bigger movement than normal last year and last one. Okay. And then we get to bend and twist to the other side.

Looking over the opposite shoulder. Okay. Come back to center. Put your feet down. Another pelvic curl. Just one rolling up. Exhale, arms straight and lot and rolling down next. Yeah. And Rolling up and holding. Lifting the right leg and willing down the spine.

Feel the center of the spine. Come into the mat and rolling up the spine and rolling down the spine and running up this fine. And so our last one, we're holding at the top for shoulder bridge and here it is. It's down, back. Exhale and inhale. Feel the length of the leg reaching out away from your body. Last three, two and one place the foot down on the ground will all the way down through the spine. Give yourself a moment. Check in with your upper body arms pressing, upper back, active at are coming up.

I got rolling up the spine less lega and rolling down the spine. Arms down, shoulders down and up the spy. Imagine someone's pulling you from your foot. It's that light, that easy. You just have to fall. And um, uh, one more. Hold on. Can up for the shoulder bridge. We did eight down and back. I'm pointing on the way down.

Flexing on the way up using both homes to help me stabilize. Last three, two and one lifts the light, fold the needle back, enrolled, roll down all the way. Once you get to the bottom, we're going to bring the knees into the chest. Hug them right in. Double leg stretch, reverse coming up for five. So we'll start like this. Inhale into the a hundred position. Exhale, take the arms up and around in. He'll just curl forward two inches.

Exhale, pull the knees and stay that lift in income all the way down. Inhale to lift, so arms lift, three inches. Bend the knees and come down for the last three. We're going to try to take it into the teaser. Here we go. Inhale and exhale arms and any horizon through the spine.

Lifting, lifting an exhale, rolling back, starting from the pelvis. Make sure your lower back gets down. Then bend the knees and bring him all the way in. Nice. Where I, here we go. Oh, hundreds. Yeah. XL. Any horizon through the spine. Lifting the chest, supporting the position. Exhale coming down, low back, knees bend and come down. This is going to be the last one.

We're going to stick it up at the top and heel. Hundredth XL arms. Push him around. Inhale, lift. Exhale. Come into the raw, rolling. Likable. Inhale into the teaser. Excellent. Rolling like a ball. Jeez. Or explosion and enrolling. Likable, and I don't reach contrasting the abs around the spine.

And last two. How can you get a stretch in your back? If you round even more? One more and up and bend the knees, drop the feet, open the knees to the sides and sit up. I think we'll do a modified saw today cause I forgot it when I said I was going to put it in. Do this. Hold onto your hands. Where's the palms of your hands up to the ceiling and then drop your shoulders down and then stretched to one side, anchoring the opposite hip. Oh, enjoy. And up and over to the other side.

And now get again towards me. Your shoulders. Kay. Here Kenny. Go here. Just go here. All we're doing is rounding forward feeling the contraction of the abdominal during a circular motion through our spy. And I'm going to go the other way and reach forward like you're trying to press your arms to the opposite side of the room and the last one to each side. Really hollow out the ads that'll give you a good stretch and around and up last time, all round across.

And Ah, here's another good hip stretch and back feet together. And I'm gonna move my feet pretty. I don't know. I don't know a good angle, but not real close. Not Real, real close. Okay. So here's what we're going to do. Support the shoulder, pick up the pelvis, press the knees towards the ground. It's like a hip opener. And then you're gonna move your pelvis down towards your feet a little and you're going to come out of it and you're going to sit down filters. Okay, here we go again. Open up the hips by pressing the knees to the ground.

Then press the pelvis towards the feet, bringing the pelvis away from the feet and sit down. One more time. Press the knees down to lift the hips. Move to the fee away from the feet. And, and here's our modified song. A little late, but better late than never. Hands Behind the head candy you could cross. Um, it, let's turn to the ocean. Exhale. Take the elbow across towards the Shin. Inhale, lengthen out long in that direction.

Sitting up on the diagonal and exhale center and he'll return. Exhale, take it forward and he'll make it long as you left and center. And reach as the body goes for the abdominals. Pull back. Think about the opposing sitting bone. So as you're turning, that's the one that's gonna want to come with you. You gotta hold it back and left at home. Two more. Carving out the APPS, making space for the spine to move forward, supporting the spine as it moves forward and center last time around.

Ah, and center and over around uh, and center. Turn towards me crossing the top foot over the bottom during the side bend. Feel free to go onto your forearm or stay on your hand. And here we go. Support the shoulder. Pull away from the hand with the rib cage and we inhale into a side plank. Squeeze the legs together, the Nfis, the glutes, and then left arguing through the body. Taking a stretch to the upper weighs.

Coming back to center and bending the knees. Moving slightly away from the arm to come down and inhale up and exhale big AHRQ. And inhale down and exhale home. One more time. Lift strong legs. They'll help you arch back and bring it home. Take it all the way down to your side. Stretch the legs out long.

Bring the arm just up towards the sky. And we lived working through the waist and lift, kind of taking it down a notch here, but when we take it down a notch, can we intensify one more time? Now take the arm down. The leg lifts the legs and the, as you lift your legs, reach for your knee, your head will come off your arm and come down and left. Creating almost that same energy of, of a nice big arch through the waist. I'm from a different diagonal last too. And um, last one. And uh, go into external rotation through the hips. We're going to do a few leg circles.

So we're going to start small, tiny circle about the size of the tennis ball, size of a grapefruit. So as of a beach bar, it's bigger, I don't know what's bigger than a beach ball and big. And then we gotta go back. So we had to have five, getting progressively bigger with each circle, squeezing through the glutes for supporting, but also supporting the shoulder. Here's our biggest one. And then go again. So we're working from the hips. Squeeze the bottom leg as well. Four, five, and then back. One, two, three, four, five. When was that boy, so that would be three. Help me remember three, four, circling the leg within the HIPAA also out of the head.

And here's one or Alaska. Yeah, bigger, bigger, bigger. And the biggest, mm. Let me, um, come up onto your elbow. Take the arm that you're not let leaning on. Reach forward. Take the spine. Followed with that. So you're in a slight rotation. Now feel the glute on that back leg. Feel the stretch to the frontal leg. And we just go little tiny lifts up. Increasing the stretch to the hip.

Does everyone feel stretching in a hit? Yeah. Great. That's what this is for. Oh, last three into and all. And then coming back, bending the knee. Slide the bottom leg out from underneath the top light coming up for the mermaid. So once you sit up, try and anchor both sit bones. We're going to purple class tonight. I just realize that. And let's go away from that working leg and down. Feel the gentleness with your rotation, but a strength through the front for support.

Opening back out to the side, lift like someone's pulling that arm up. Find the tee position, raise the arm that was just supporting you and stretch to the opposite side and then left and reach. Let's breathe in here and read that through the twist. Hold it. Find a tiny back extension on the inhale. Exhale round. Inhale around. Exhale, ah, and heal somewhere in there and exhale over. One more to go guiding the spine out. Setting the hand down, diving around, lifting the back, rounding of opening me, exhaling on Nice and light. Rise up and stretch over and then maybe re reach that upper chest down towards that lower. Nail it on. Take a stretch in the back and then come back and let the hand come down. Let's bring the legs around to the other side for the side. Bend on the hand on the uh, forearm, what you wish.

And here we got a nice strong support. Maybe the ribs up a little bit, Deb on that bottom side. And here we go. Inhale and exhale. Big Waist movement. Arm reaches up and over in the house to a side plank and bent, keeping the neck in line with his spine, feeling a lightness in the body, heaviness in the shoulder, blades at and down. I think this is our last one. I believe we only did three rage. Don't be afraid to use your feet for support and down.

Then we just slid all the way down. [inaudible] starting with the arms straight up into the air, legs together, head down on the arms. I just reached the legs away to left and reach away til focusing on probably focusing on the lower [inaudible]. Blake's focusing on the Trans first. Here's our last one. As you lower your legs, lower your arm and then as the legs lifted again, lift into the side of the body here and feel the head not pulling you up, but just going along with the rest of your spine, the arm that reaches you or I'm focusing on that, pulling the lat down, feeling the reach for the knee. You want it to just push off your arm too much, although you can feel free to use it for balance.

And last time, yeah, we need to reach out and we just went into external rotation. Think about the bottom line, not just the talk, like here's our little circle. Small, bigger, progressively big. Don't be afraid to go to the back and five and then we go back according to the waist [inaudible] five and the front smile. As you make the circle bigger, try to keep the intensity that you feel in the small circle. And five can we go back [inaudible] never neglecting the abdominals. That's fine. And here's our last set. One forward one back to three taking it to the back, four and five and the last set to the back.

Yes to light on the arm, maybe four. Here it is. We just helped herself up on trials for him, stabilizing that shoulder, take that leg and reach it away first and then send it back. Opposite arm reaches for the chest, goes with you just a little bit. There is a slight rotation in the body and then feel the stretch in the hip as you squeeze the glute and take the leg back and back and back. Just sculpting the hip.

Last four, three, two and all. And Let the light come back. And as you sit up, slide the bottom. You out from underneath the top knee coming up for them. Mermaid, excuse me, itch. Here we go this way, reaching into the ocean and we reach, you're pulling back on the ribs, trying to create a very round spine. Inhale, open. Exhale with lightness, floater, lift longer and then stretch over. Sure you're not forcing the ribs forward. And then the lift, let the arms be light in jar hand comes down and out or back extension here.

So we exhale first and then inhale, let the sign length and it's almost feels like a [inaudible] to me through the spine and then around back and open and, and take it across. Last time here, growing up, reaching anchor with the foot into the opposite thigh. Curve the spine, grow the spine around the spine, back, open the body out and lift. Reaching up and over it then all the way up. Okay. Kanza Nice. Alright, so we're going to come into a front support position. Are you okay? This can be done on your f. Everything that I'm doing on my hands, I'm, I'm gonna make sure that you can do on your form, so just know that. All right?

So find your friend support position. All right. What we're gonna do today is seal that surrounding that we just did in the mermaid. You're gonna curve your spine and drop your knees like a knee stretch and then you're going to stretch your back and your legs. So rounding from the pelvis and letting the knees, me not types, they don't have to touch. And then I'm stretching out. And here we go. The curve, bringing the knees to the ground and length and curve hollowing through the waist. Drawing the shoulders away from the ear. An app. One more and yeah, holding here. Eye Candy. Just stay where you are if you want.

We're doing three Polonius pushups. Here they are. One, two, shoulders away from the ears. Three lifts the hips. Press the feet down. Walk the hands back to the feet. One, two, three and roll all the way. Let's add on, raise the arms on there like you're diving into the ocean. Guide the spine forward, reaching towards the ground. Find the floor, walk forward holding here, Lake Pool, front abdominals in. Let's go the left lake for us. Its out and down too. If you can candy a little tiny bit low with your hips. That's it. There's five.

Let's change fee. Her legs to working on supporting through the apps for five hold here. Feet down to Palladia, special [inaudible] and press and press. Now list the hips are pressing the heels into the ground. Walking the hands into the feed, rolling the spine out, shoulder blades, reaching down, finding a straight back, raising the arms, anything a little taller, taller and then we dive in to the imaginary ocean. Letting the head come with the arms. Shoulders fall away from the ears.

Walking forward to three holding here. Let's go the right leg up. We're going to go a single leg arabesque. So we reached the lake coming up into a pyramid and then we just come back down and tap and let the leg carry reach and feel the back of that leg pulling your chest. Just draw one way left and come down. Place the foot down one Palladia sham, left change legs.

Will you just reach out in that handy? Did you give up? Okay, good. [inaudible] will you come back? When are you away? Will you come back when you're, when we're done. This is it. I promise. One poet is pushup. We're done. I'm gonna lift the hips up and lift a walked back to the feet. I promise if you come back, we're done with the arms please. Okay.

Just let the arms be where they are. We're going to do a pike so you shouldn't need your hands at all. I mean they're there for you to help balance and if you needed to bend your knees you could. Well we're going to try to do is press the pelvis and the chest towards one another and then just pulling up with the, as we lift the feet. Yeah.

And the feet go down and we act. So like we've got a rope around our waist and it's guiding us towards the sky. And that action is the wet smooth in the feet. I'm going to do three more nice and heavy shoulders, not a lot of attention to the arms and down. Last one. Okay. And then just let your hands be where they need to be.

The bend your knees roll up onto the toes and then just press the heels down, pressing down, anchoring into the, ah, stretching the calves, stretching the feet as you lift up on your toes, stretching the calves as you reached down. Walk your hands a little bit further forward, coming down onto your knees and then just stretch your body out long onto the ground. [inaudible] fuck CJ, what should we do? Let's do um, goalpost. Okay. Four heads on the ground. Feel here before we even go. This a sense of trying to pull the arms out of the shoulder joint so they spread. And then we're going to inhale and just pick up the hands, hands and forearms. Exhale, lift the elbows.

Only inhale, lift the head. And chest candy. Here's what I want you to do. And you had let's everyone do this first. Reach out, around and back. Okay? So there's option number one, and then you come back, you refilled, you take your head down, take your forums down, and you take your hands down. Okay? Second option. Here we go in here, forums.

Feel the rotation through the shoulder joint. Be Gentle. XL Elbows. Inhale, head, chest, exhale, arms overhead or behind you. Just like before, reaching bending, forehead down. Now it goes down and hands down. I'll cue breath, but I often forget. So here's what I would do. Inhale a forums. Exhale, elbows. Inhale, head, chest, exhale, do whatever you're going to do with your arms either forward or rounded back. Inhale, rebend, O head, chest. Inhale, elbows. And exhale hands. One more forms.

Elbows had chest stretch. Feel the length all the way out through the feet. Rebend head, elbows, forearms, rest for just a moment. Just settle. We're going to do one of my very, very favorite back extensions. It's, it's, um, you should feel pretty good, intense work, but it's easy and safe and nice. Okay. So, um, I've got my arms in like the position where I would go for this one, prep on the forums or on the ground there, just outside my upper arms. And then from there, want us to feel a sense of length through the legs and then the shoulders just guiding themselves down the back from there without a great deal of pressure in the arms. Feel. Um, how do I say it?

Left your head. And as your head stretches forward, pull your elbows. Oppositionally try to bend just behind your neck. Okay, that's fine. Your neck. Nice. Maybe behind the neck isn't a good cubit. Let South try and figure out another one. You guys look good. So here we go. Gentle pressure, elbows guiding towards the head.

It's not a lot of push or downwards about backwards is what we're looking for. And then try to send the breastbone forward. It's healing the shoulder blades pulling back and down and then lengthen gun. We're going to do that one more time. Forearms, elbows, guiding the spine forward. Jen gently and then releasing back down. Yeah. Well I'll allow your back to settle again. We're going to come on.

So help yourself up onto your knees and then reach back and sit on your feet or your arms, either reach out in front of you or reach behind you or next to you or whatever feels happy to you. Something that I sometimes like to do is reach around and hold onto my feet and I don't know, I think everyone has felt the sense of having someone push on their back. So try to find that by just using your arms to pull your pelvis down into your hands and feet. Okay. And then when you're ready to come up, just slide yourself up and let's just finish city rolling over to one side. I'm going to sit with my legs crossed, gets it however you felt comfortable. That's gonna take our arms down to our sides and lifting tall through the top of the head and then allow the left year to go to the left shoulder.

And just generally like you've got little spider fingers allow though, right fingertips to just creep away from you. Don't make it really crazy intense. Just allow that nice, easy, comfortable stretch. And then relax that and allow the hand to just slide back, lifting the head up. It goes the other way, and just to let the fingers just inch away from you and then allow the hand to just slide back. The stretch will go away. You want that? And then the head comes up and then just reach the arms forward, feeling the energy that we've created in our bodies and then out to the sides.

And how about this? Reach forward again and just open feeling the chest broad and exhale around the spine reaching forward. Kind of the same feeling we started with with that deep abdominal contraction. Inhale, opening up. Exhale, rounding the spine. Inhale it. Be Easy and free, and exhale.

One more time around. Inhale up. [inaudible] float down and thanks for coming.


I loved this class. There were so many creative variations. Meredith is great.
Thanks Meredith. Met you in Sydney and love your classes!
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Awesome class again Meredith! Was lovely to meet you in Sydney (strange girl that hugged you in one of Rael's workshops).
Love the abs challenge & variation on Teaser! Great job Meri!
Thanks ladies! Big shout out to you aussie are AWESOME!!
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Great mat session...esp loved the "suicides". Combined that with a couple LIttelford sequences. Made for a great props, just the powerhouse! Thank you
1 person likes this.
OOOOO, new modifications (for me at least)! Love it, always welcoming a new challenge. Thanks for the great class!
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Great class Meredith..clear cueing and fun variations!
1 person likes this.
Thanks for a great class...really liked the ladder down ab series and a few other creative tidbits I had never seen before.
Thanks for playing everyone!
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