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Garuda Sling

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Improve the mobility in your ribs and torso with this flowing Sling workout by James D'Silva. He teaches a series of exercises that are both challenging and enjoyable. He starts by finding your placement from your feet all the way up and then he encourages you to lean into the space around you so that you can make the most of each exercise.

If you have a different Tower than James, you can use a Reformer Box for the exercises where he uses the platform.
What You'll Need: Tower, Stability Sling, Table Chair, Reformer Box

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Jun 16, 2022
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Hello, and welcome to Garuda Sling. I'm with a lovely Rebecca Morton today and we're gonna take you through a series of exercises, which are both challenging and very enjoyable. So I wanna start with my lovely Rebecca. With the sling around just her hips, yes and her weight all the way forward into the sling. So it kinda creates a sense of leaning, the whole class is about leaning into the space around you.

And that's exactly what I want you to feel, all the way through class. Now, I always like to kinda go through a little drill before we start about what's happening with the feet. So I start with Rebecca actually, with her weight just directly, sorry, Rebecca, over the front of the heels. There you go. And then she's gonna rock the balls of the feet and then forward onto the toes, good.

And then onto the balls, the front of the heels. Now, as you move onto the heels, slightly bend the knees and the back of the heels, slightly bend the knees, good. Even more, good. And then from there, transfer to the heels, the front of the heels, the balls and the toes, good. And as I go back, I can now reach back balls, front of the heels, heels, and then gut.

So you really kinda find the sense of rocking on your feet, gut out, good And as I come back from the toes, the balls, the front of the heels, on the heels and back of the heels, good. And last ones reaching out, So we are finding all those five latitudinal planes of the feet segments, which you wanna hit, yes. And then from there, still leaning forward again to the front of the heels, we're gonna rock from side to side. So, I wanna ask Rebecca to move to the outer edge of her right foot, to the media line of the leg, to the divine line, which is the inner line. The divine line, the media line and the peripheral line, so we're rocking this time longitudinally from side to side.

Yes, we're dissecting it lengthwise, good. And the middle, completely in the middle, middle of the leg and the outer leg. So we're really rocking from the outside, through center to the outside and as she does this, she notices that her outer heel drops when she moves, so just come back for a moment, Rebecca. As she moves to the side, she's moving into the outer edge of the foot, but the heel lifts in opposition. then as she moves into the middle line, for the media line, she thinks of planting the foot down flat and think of the hip bone reaching over the knee over the second toe.

Now, when she moves into the inner foot, she has to feel like her lesser trochanter, is pushing down into the ankle. And again, as the inner foot pushes down, the inner ankle lifts, yeah. Then again, the inner ankle lifting as the inner foot pushes down, media line is, hip bone over knee, over second toe and the outer foot pushes out, as the outer ankle lifts. So be aware of that wonderful kinda motion through the feet and the ankles. Here we go, so from the outside, we have rolling across to one side, good, all the way through.

And again, rolling across to the other side. Now, you have a belt over there, so what I'd like you to do is lean into it and move and let the ribs also move slightly out, the occipitals move and out, let it go, good. And out, let it go. So the outer foot, the inner foot, really working and let it go. Let's add a circle now to this, yes.

So you're out there, move to the toes, then move to the diagonal or little pinky, Then the side of the foot, then the diagonal of the heel, the back of the heel, out the diagonal, the side of the foot and the toes. So, every time you come back, you might need to soften the knees slightly, good. And then you reach, stretch your legs and lean forward, good. And again, softly. Now, notice there is a small action through the ribs and the occipitals there.

Softly, open the back ribs out, stop there, and then go the other way around, reach out, move around the outer periphery of the foot, good. Forward, diagonal side, backward. And again go, reach out and around, beautiful, down and through, one last one through, out. Now, you stop in a little pinky diagonal and cut through to the heel, the outer heel, rock onto the outside of the foot, cut back onto the heel. And go from the hips, reaching out, move into the diagonal around and move into the diagonal, around, good and move to the diagonal, around, and diagonal and go back the same way, out, around, down, out, good.

Around, so good, out, and good, last one through, out, and brilliant, good. Come forward again, lean a little further forward, this time get your hands behind the head. Again, drop the front ribs, feel the back ribs open and you're just gonna lean even further forward, go, go, go, push with your hips. And as your toes push back round and move into a small curve, good. As you roll from the back of the heels to the toes, lift the heart, lift the chest, good.

Lean out, good. And then as you come back onto your center, bend the knees round and lean back, beautiful, good. And again, outta the chest, go reach out all, bob and go round and curve. Last one and go, reach out, go, go, go, go, reach out, there you go. And then as you curve, lean back, pull.

Now, come back out again and go forward and let's move into a circle out, round bend the knees and move across there. The hips are circling, yeah, it's not the feet only this time, but the hips and allow yourself to round, reach out through the ribcage in front, side, back and curve. Let's go the other way around and go, side, out and go back, so much better. Let the ribs open, let the ribs to the front, side ribs, open the back floating ribs up, last one through, out, go, reach, back. One more to finish to the front and good, stop there and go, arch the back, go into undulations, curl knees, go forward, good, and beautiful.

Let it pull you back, resist, go with it and then lean against, wonderful, roll back, up and forward, two more. And let the big toes push you back and the heels allow to you to roll forward, good, down. Now, stop there and go the other way around, lean forward from the hips, good. And you've gotta time this, yes guys, sometimes if you lean back too far and you bend the knee too much, you'll lose it out. Good.

And around, the last one through and reach, grow and come back to center. Leaning forward, bend both knees and then catch yourself up on one leg, catch, good. Bend, good and catch, good. Bend and catch, bend, good, and catch. Bend, good.

And this is quite difficult actually, looks simple, but it isn't, getting you on your leg, good, down, and catch. Last one, down and catch, good. Down and go opposition, down, jump, reach. And reach, good, and lean into the belt and start prancing in your runs. Up, up, up, five, six, seven, eight, step forward three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Run, two, three, four, five, six, eight, run, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Now run forward, two, three, four and back, two, three, four and forward two, three, four, and back four and forward two, three, four. And back three, four and forward two, four, and back two, three, and finish this place, three, be quick, quicker, quicker, chap, chap, chap, chap. Six, seven, eight, last two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, slow down, good. Good, and then relax, come back to center, brilliant, good.

Let's get you on your knees and let's have your elbows. Is this too far? If it's too far, bring the carriage in a little bit. How do you feel about this? Is that okay?

I think it's okay. Yeah, yeah. Good, good, brilliant. So, we're gonna start, I mean, she's on her elbows now, the measurement is hand to elbow, hand to elbow, then place the elbows down, clasp your hands, get the wrapping of the inner shin and keeping longs, feels the strap pulled back. And as that happens, she allows herself to stretch out tall, good and she pulls with the arms, straight back and she leans forward.

Just that simple as that, up and then you lengthen back and down, good. And push forward, pull with the shins and allow the hip bones to take you back. And again, pull with the elbows, good. And just this, and back, good. Pull with the elbows, go to about four or five of these, it's always good to start this way, good.

Now curling up, tailbone, lower, middle, upper, lean forward into your cobra. And then the tail will take you back, tailbone arches and takes you back, good. Tailbone curls, rolls and brings you forward and keep the head, get tailbone arches, now let the head roll in, one last one, from tailbone, lower, middle, grabs through and lift, good. And, now stop that, let the head roll through, lean back and arch, good. And let pulling of the arms, the head arch is good and curling round in through, good and pulling up and arch.

Last one, this is really good, down, shoot, good. And now stay there, as you come forward, send the right leg out behind you and lift the left knee off the floor, good. Place a knee down, place the other knee and drop back into your rush, good. Pulling forward, good. And send the left leg out behind you, lift the right knee up, but hold it, place the right knee down, good, slowly, left knee, and you sit back.

And again, coming forward, grab right leg out behind you., lift the left knee, keep that connection in the armpits, knee down and bring the knee forward, rock back. This wrapping allows you to lift from under the armpits, leg reaches out, lift the knee up, place it down, bring it forward and sit back. We're gonna add onto that. And pulling out, leg out behind you, lift the knee and take it back into plank, good. Bring the right knee forward and hold it, good and I've got this down, and down, down and be back.

And one, take it out behind you, good, and lift the knee, take the other leg out, tall, good, draw the left knee in, place it down, bring it down and sit. You're gonna go into, dolphins next and pulling up, good, leg out behind you, lift the left knee and place the foot back and lean back in. Don't lose those elbows and then come forward again, tall, good, knee comes up, knee down, knee down and sit back. Last one through, and forward, lift the knee, and back, move into your dolphin stretcher. Don't lose the armpits, and then come forward, good and knee down, knee down, and let's go into circles with the hips.

And coming out, reach, good, lengthen back, around and through, good. And again, forward, round, go deep and lengthen and good. And as it happens, let the ribs also move, don't arch the head back too much, but keep the length through the back of the head, all the time out and come back through. Let's go the other way around, hip ribs and heart, good. And good, so let every kind of joint kind of celebrate, yes, you want this wonderful feeling of opening out, good and rolling through, and circling through.

Really keep it length of its occi, there you go, that's the feeling, the occipital has to work in opposition and keep you lengthened out and through, good. And place your hands on the edge, curl the toes under, and let's lift you up into downward doggy. But my darling, can I just bring this forward? I can see you're slipping, there we go, good. Yeah, that's a downward doggy, I said, now, this is a great place to have this stretch 'cause as you're getting the length out of the hips, I'd really like concentrating on the tailbone, the tailbone lifts up in opposition.

You don't arch the back completely, yes, you wanna keep the length of those big, thick muscles out there, but what you do wanna do is work through the shoulder blades, wrapping around sensation. Big toe coincides with the thumb, then the little pinky coincides with this little pinky that opening out position, good. All we're gonna start with first is bend the back knees, lift the head, lift the chest, good and keep pushing back, I'm really pushing into her hands, good. And now curl from the tailbone, lower, move into the upper spine and reach back, good. Let the sit bones take you back and arrive, beautiful, then one more time, my hands on the sacrum, I'm gently pushing out backward.

Yeah, there you go. And then as I stretch out, it moves into the sternum and the hands, curl tailbone, lower, middle, upper, chest and head. And if the heels take you back at the sit bones, let's add on. Rolling up into a plank position, rolling through into a plank position, good. Keeping the length and let's go into, bend the elbows, good and push out for one, take your pelvis with you, you'll suddenly find people wanna stick their bums out as they go down.

It's works happening around the pelvis as well and three, good. And four, good. And five, let's move the right hand, bend the right elbow slightly and push out, move to the left hand, left elbow, good. And push out, good, the collar bones stay really nicely open and you don't dip, sorry about that, good. And the other side, good.

And that's more than enough, good. Move back into downward doggy, so good. And let's go for undulations, curling up tailbone, lower, middle, upper, chest, let the sit bones and the heels take you back, good. And tailbone, lower, middle, upper, chest, heels and sit bones take you back. Go the other way around, head move, pushes the pubic bone, head curls, bow and down, good, and your out, head curls against this round, and brilliant, good.

Now, shall we do it without the mat? Would you rather do it without the mat for the moment? Yeah. So that you can feel. Sometimes guys, you need to have a good surface under your feet 'cause that really helps you understand, how to really work against the heel.

Is that better? Yeah. Yeah, I think so too. If it slips and you're constantly trying to hold on with your toes and then takes away from the beauty of the movement, good. Now, the next thing we want to do, we did those wonderful undulations.

I'd like us now to move into the Vinyasa, which is, you're gonna bend the knees on one, as you bend the elbows and lift the head on two, still lift it up tall. Cat's about to pounce, on three, you take your chest all the way to the edge, then you stretch out into the feet. Lift the heart, lift the chest, curl from the head to roll through the spine. There's a lot of work over here, bend the knees on one, bend the elbows, two, chest, three, stretch the legs, stretch the arms, curl from the head and lengthen back. Let's do it one more time and bend the knees, bend the elbows, chest through, stretch the legs, stretch the arms, chin curls, and lengthen back.

Let's go the other way round, curling tailbone lower, middle, upper, reach, bend the elbows, bend the knees and roll through your feet as the sit bones reach out. Again, much better, much better, curl to move it to upward dog, bend, bend, and reach back. Now, I'm gonna do it one more time. I'm gonna notice how well she keeps her arm displaced, her shoulders don't lift, nothing kind of throws her off balance. The ribs are constantly kinda corseted, yes, it really nicely kind of held in place.

Do that one more time, so curling tailbone, look at the way her armpits wrap around, the scapular wraps around, yes. Then as she bends, nothing changes in the shoulders, good and then she lengthens up, beautiful, good. I'd like us now to roll through the foot, yes, you roll through the foot, the knee, the hip and arch, good, send the heel back and you lengthen out. So, really a foot takes roll through, move and rock through the joints as it were and back there one more time, parallel, roll through and reach the heart. As it pulls back, you pull back with the sit bone, the head aligns itself, roll out through and arrive, good, roll back and beautiful.

Now, were gonna do the sideways, exactly the same thing, roll the foot to the diagonal and into the side hip, the ribs, and turn your head to the side, good. And pull back from the hip, and align yourself. And again, reaching out, growth, feel the length again of the occipital, good, roll back down and center. It's really a beautiful movement, as you move out, hip, ribs, you can reach out and lean back, good. And again, there's a move in the shoulder girdle as well, good.

Yeah, adjust, thank you. Now this is another thing, you'll find it slipping up and down, place it back again, really important, you get that evenness roll. Look, so one shoulder comes forward slightly, the other goes back and then you roll back out again and center, beautiful. Draw the right knee up into the forehead and curl, place the foot forward and arch, stretch into the leg, into the arms round the back and curve. She's flex the foot, she places the foot down, she bends the knee and she lifts forward, knee into the forehead curl, lift up and place the foot back, arrive, good.

And knee curls up in towards you, the pelvis pushed the knee and the foot forward. Now, the foot that flexes and moves through the body and the knee bends as the pelvis pushes you go out, good knee the forehead curl, beautiful and lengthen back downward doggy. Let's try that one more time, it was really good. And again, knee into the forehead and pelvis pushes, lift up tall, flex a foot around the back, pelvis, knee, foot out and move, stop there. Open out the back ribs and then let the belt pull you back and out, good.

Last time, and knee, and forward, I'm loving this, good and back up, and arch, and lift the knee up in towards you and place it down. Let's go and do some knee and hip and leg circles, so you've gotta draw the knee in towards you, come forward, circle the knee under the side, lift the heart, lift the chest, reach your leg out behind you and then you center, good, parallel curve. As you open it out, lift the heart with the chest, leg behind you, roll the hip down and bend, open, and you stretch back, lovely, good. And I'm ready. Watch, there's a beautiful sense of altogether, the elbows, rocking through.

Now, opening the knee out to the side as you bend, lift the heart of chest, bend the elbows, curve, keep it down, stretch the arms and go, good and rotate, and head into the knee, good, and reach out, good. And out, curl, and good, let's go to the other side. Couple of things to think about, yes, as you bend the elbows in the second turn as the knee comes up, arch, keep the elbows bend curve, it's the arms that stretch and then the leg goes back out. Timing wise, here we go. Left knee comes in towards you, open and keep it bent, stretch the arms, stretch legs and turn, in, open, arms and turn.

In, open, arms, then the leg and let's take it outta the side, knee outta the side, curve, now stretch the arms. Stretch the legs, one, curl, two, arms on three, stretch on four. Under, arms, and brilliant, bring the foot down and let's go into hip circles again, move diagonal side, diagonal front, diagonal side, diagonal back, diagonal side. Keep that rhythm going through, and down, look, beautiful with the head as well. And good, one more time, diagonal, let's move across, turn the head and let's go down this way.

The other way around, and side, and front, and side, she's really walking through the outside feature, moves the outside foot, to the front of the balls of the feet and outside foot and brilliant, into, we do reach out Warrior, so, you're gonna bring the knee forward and place it outta the side, you're gonna move out the side this way and bend, good, then you're gonna move across the other side and bend, good. And move back again to the side, turn the feet in parallel, and knee to the forehead and lengthen back, good. Take your time, it's a difficult one. Knee pulls into the forehead curl, move from the hip out the side, drop into your side ribs. As you move across, you could do it without holding on to outer foot, and again, move across the side.

Again, rotate the foot, the hip and lengthen, good, and knee to the forehead curl and step back. Let's try that one more time, and curl in, and reach out, good. Stay down in the lunge, good. Stayed down in the lunge, good, rotate out, lift the chest, good lean to the forehead curl and step back. And again, knee to the forehead curl, and side, and move across, good.

She's having to work quite hard 'cause the floor is quite slippery as well. Sorry, Rebecca, tall, but it's good, it's good for the feet for the toes, kinda makes it so much more way good, that was really brilliant. Now, we're gonna move into the wonderful port de bra section and we go, draw the knee up and place down, keep the arm coming up, circle it back, stretch the front leg, bring the hand down, and up. Stretch the front leg, bring the arm down, take the arm back around, open the side ribs out, good and bend, and back around. Yes and arrive.

Now both hands, reach forward, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And bring them down, good. And then take the arms back, this is quite difficult, having to balance, good, knee up into the forehead curl, that's it, and then sit back. Allow the body to, again, to redefine itself, start again and left knee, and forward, reach up back around. I said really make that into a yawn, good and then take the right hand down back in opposition and you bring it through, down back and through, this is so good, little pinky spiral, middle finger lifts thumb wraps run comes around and thumb goes back up.

Ribs, armpits, elbows there, lift the knee up in towards you, good, and stretch back. Can we now go into that big stretch over here? So draw the right knee up, we're gonna go into a bit of a stretch over here, place a foot forward and arch. Go back to what you were doing before, where you would stretch the leg out, now you turn the foot out. Swivel on the back leg, place the elbow and drop, and allow yourself to really drop into the hips and the ribs.

Now, very slowly, then turn the back for parallel, hands on and stretch the front leg out completely, round the back. As the front leg reaches down again into its lunge, turn the back leg out, good, and find your Warrior II position, find the length outta the ribs. Now, stretch of the leg you're on, down, down, down, and again, find that nice kind of reaching out through, good, get the arm, what are you doing over there? I was turning in the wrong direction, but the armpit wants to wrap around, good. Bend the front knee back again, good, find the position, then as you turn the foot around, place one hand on, one hand on, good.

Knee the forehead curl and lengthen back. There's a lot happening over here. So this again, slowly to the other side, knee curls in towards you, your foot forward, then define your lunge, reach back and curve around, push the arms. Now, as you turn on the heel of the left foot, drop the right arm down and really lean out the side, good. From here, as you are, tiered back again, find the roundness of the shape, the back, good.

And as you bend the front knee, turn the other foot out, but now, when I say turn the other foot out, feel the side shin pushing the floor and open out here, good. Then as you stretch the leg out, keep that connection down, bend the front knee, keep that connection, beautiful. And the right hand spirals to come around front, good, hand, hand, lift the knee up tall and step back. Amazing, good. How was that?

Was it okay? Good. Now, take the hands and place them under, actually, no, stay up, come back a little bit, otherwise it makes it really difficult, good. Again, work with what you have on there dear, you might have change shop and change a few things. I know on certain days, I have to be very careful with my back.

So again, play with what you have, bend the elbows and go and reach forward into the floor. So there's small lift of the sternum there, one and then you come back up again for one, it's a little, yeah, dolphin pushups, two, she's wrapping and grabbing and push up, two. And elbows drop, but she doesn't lose that wonderful connection of the armpits, it's good. And good, stop there, think of the sit bones reaching out of the diagonal back, good. That said, nowhere your impetus is coming front to take you back on your arms, good, two more, and push back, good.

Last one, down, good, and push back, now, bend the right elbow and the left knee. Right elbow, left knee and push up, left elbow, right knee, good, and push up. Right elbow, left knee, good, and push up, left elbow, right knee, good, and push up. She's already walking and she's treading through, walk opposite arm to opposite leg, good, and reach. Last one, down, and reach, good.

Walk your feet and your hands a little closer to each other, please, good. And again, you wanna be clear, if you wanna stay forward in your hands, curl the head under in towards you. I'd walk your feet a little further forward, good, I'm really making it difficult for her. And from here, you're gonna curl the head under, bend the elbows and lean, I'm gonna come out of it. You're gonna bend the elbows, lift the heart, lift the chest, lean, and good.

And curl forward, through, good and bend the elbows and reach, beautiful. And two more, curl under, elbows bent, bob, and reach and going forward with the heart of the chest, good, and well done. Soften the knees and bend to roll through, and center, that was really, really good, it's a long time to have a belt around your waist. It was good, again, play, on some days you feel wanna push yourself, so walk a little further forward or away from whatever surface you held yourself onto. I think let's put you on the stool, now, there's a whole section, with the belt behind, what I call the bra line, which is the diaphragm.

But I'd like to start simple first with you, It is kind of also with those patients that need a lot of help and a lot of understanding. It's a nice way to kind of start seated down, I think you need to be back just by a tad, just a tad, good. So you have a nice sense of opening the back and almost that your arms become part of the springs. Again, she's just on her sit bones, the lower body draws up and under, the back ribs open out, the lift from the occipitals, her feet, well planted into the floor and she's just gonna rock to the back of the sit bones of the flat back. Sit bones, the front of the sit bones and widen out, good, and back and forth, back.

And don't arch, yes, for the first one, just keep it plain, a flat kinda rock. And actually it isn't, you are constantly, as you go back you're lifting this, the occipitals, as you go forward, you're slightly dropping the chin. Again, you're balancing the head on the moment, but when she goes back, what I'd like her to think about, is her scapular bones reaching out and her back ribs widening, good, that's much better. And come forward, good. This time, start curling the tailbone under and roll onto the back of the sit bones, roll back, then you roll up through the sit bones, lean forward in an arch over, good.

And then you're gonna sit up back again, tall, lean back and round curve, so much better. Rock back the sit bones, slightly in front to arch and take you back up good. And good, last one through, angle curved, sit back and come back up forward, and forward and arch, good. We wanted the undulations not just yet, but let's go out for side leans. We're gonna lean out into the left, on the left shoulder, reaches back, her left ribs open, she looks, she guards over her shoulder.

Then she pulls back and she lengthens, good, there's a sense of twisting and leaning and especially from the floating ribs, lean your floating ribs against them. Then it's the back arm that pulls you up and you center, so you twist and you lean out, it's this arm that pulls you back, so allow that side to pull you back, there, beautiful. And again, let it pull you up and center. Now, she's gonna move outta the side, she's gonna curl into her back ribs and she's gonna arch her tailbone through and center, good. And side, good, and cut round the back and think of the people, one lifting through the spine and centering you.

And again, reaching back again all the way back, beautiful, round and continue to the other side, continue rounding and roll the heart forward and center. And side, work from the scapula into the ribs, work to the other shoulder blade, and again, round through and forward. So what I get people do, since they haven't got that nice rounding through, I get 'em to do a few rib circles. So move the heart forward, diagonal side, diagonal, and take them through this again. And again, as there's a small shifting of the armpits as well of the hands because of the rest over, there's a small spiraling action through.

So, she goes out to the side, reaching, good, and reach. Go the other way around, reach there, around, notice her fingers kind of turn in one direction, turn the other. So again, get your client aware of what's happening, as the ribs move, the hands will also kinda accommodate the movement, good. And now, let's do that whole thing one more time, so she's gonna lean onto the side, good, round the back, notice the hands sort of reach out to the other side and then she's gonna center palms down. Go the other way around, out, good, and down round, reach out and center.

And again, does that make sense? Yeah. Round good. And out, and center, so a lot of the work sometimes, I planned a class, but I also wanted to kind of instruct Rebecca in such a way that I gave you the right queuing as well. One last time, good.

I said it, I wasn't kinda prepared all the way through and I didn't have anything much to say, sometimes it's really important to you for you to understand what's happening with the whole body, when I kinda cue from one section and arrive, good. Now, go to undulations, think of the tailbone curling through and the pubic bone lifting to bring you forward. So it's a dance from the tailbone and the pubic bone there and pubic bone out, don't bring the head back too far in the sense of, don't arch it back. Think of the length of the occipitals and then you come forward. So do that one more time, good.

And as you go, don't let the head go, don't let the head go, the sternum will take you forward, out you need that moment where the sternum can lift that little higher before you go out. Go the other way around, think of the head leading the way, lean back, the head leading the way, forward and through, and good. Now, also notice where you are in your sit bones, front of the sit bones, on the sit bones and back of the sit bones on the sit bones. Front of the sit bones, on the sit bones, back of the sit bones, that's really important, good. Well done, good.

Now, let's get you up and off that. Sideways? It would be nice to do sideways as well because you see the ribs, and pull it, really, really important, a nice work the front and the back. Now, you need good feet, well planted feet, the foot has to really be able to push into the side, so you have that pushing action going through, side foot. All I want her to do, place her hands behind the head say, so you see that nice action of the ribcage.

Remember clasp your hands, pull them away from each other, hands behind the head, supporting the head, armpits coming around to hug someone and elbows in your peripheral vision. Lean against the belt and just move into the side ribs, just displacing the floating ribs out there, and then you center, good. And they are floating, and you center, now, move into floating ribs and drop into a side bend, and then let it pull you back. Floating ribs and drop into a side bend and come up from this other ribs, good, floating ribs and drop, good, and come back. Let's go for undulations, roll through the ribs into the head and come back ribs head, roll, good, and pull back.

Push from that leg and go, that feels, so ribs move up and then diagonal, yes. As you go up on the diagonal, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. And let's go the other way around, the head leads the way and go back one, and the head leads the way, good, and reach out, sorry, Rebecca. But if I can exaggerate the movement for our viewers, we'll get much better results, good. So now we're gonna go into a...

You think you could sit further out this way? Is it too much? (indistinct) Yeah, because it kinda gives you that nice feeling. Now, this is gonna slip up and down a little bit. Yeah.

I tell my clients get over it, I'm placing it back down and again go up, but the amount of goodness is gonna bring to your ribs, it's like, my God, here we go. So you're gonna go out from the ribs and side bend, good from there, you're gonna pull back into the back ribs and round, move into the lower ribs and side bend and ripple up from the side ribs and center. There we go, ribs and down, and come around, armpits curve and reach from the ribs into the side bend, lift up tall and stand, that was beautiful, one more time. Reach down, good and pull back, and down side and come back, brilliant. Everything to the other side.

I know, it's a nice job, just feels so good, it's like, they've been given a bit of a holiday. Yeah. The ribs, they want to sing. The first things we did was, hand over here, place your feet up, properly, good. And we have, so good job, And then center, just very slow out, good and center.

You're doing all the right things that I say, but as you gotta go out, you have to think of this armpit wrapping around a little bit more. There's a lot more work happening, there's always a bit of a storytelling and a repairing and a kind of putting together. The set changes every time, even if it's that small, but routine good, and center. Now go for the ribs and the waves, ribs out, sorry, and come back again. It's first, just a balance, and down, good.

And you come back against, it is an oscillation, and down, good, and you come back up again, reach down, good and you come back up again. Now go out into the ribs and let the ribs pull you back, so we're getting into undulating from side to side and you come back, good. And yes, so she's doing the right thing. And coming up on the diagonal, on the diagonal before she goes down, on the diagonal before she comes up. Now on this, that diagonal throw, the head down on, that diagonal lift up.

And down, sorry, I get a little kind of spirited, when I teach class, very often, I feel... But she's used to me, they all, my clients, everyone gets used to me, but I just feel very, very passionate about what I'm doing. Here we go. The next time I want you to kinda go out and curve, look sideways, you curve to pull back, you reach out into your side bend, come from the floating ribs, good. Reach out side bend, curve to pull back, reach out through side bend, come up from the ribs and say, one last time, and out, good.

And lean back around and side, good, and center. Perfect, I think give you a break from there. And now we're gonna, again, I love this next bit because it allows you, again to find, knowing your balance, but it pushes you from a different place. You have to really learn to send your sit bones, I go tailbone, sit bones, moving down to the front of the heels, it's really important. So when I work, one of the main kind of grounding principles, is how you first need your ground to be able to lift up.

So for me, my grounding work is pubic bone to tailbone, to sit bones, to moving down into the front of the heels. And that's how I go, boom, I become like a rock strong, so no one can lift me up. So I need this oppositional as this is being buoyant and pulling up, I need her to ground. So here we go, she sits on it, well, not too far down, but this is kind of a small kind of play. But again, I wanted to start as she's grounded to move into that peripheral line side of the foot, back heels and side dive.

She's just kinda finding that wonderful circularity around the outside back and side foot. Again, reach out. And again, you don't have to be too precious about it, I just want you to kinda get a feeling of what's moving around side to side, good. Feel it, good, under the arms and the ribs also, dance along with the movement. So you don't have to kinda be wrecked and kind of mask to like, just go play with what's happened with the joints, good.

Couple more, out, good. But think, don't lose the occipitals, that's even as I put a play, I'm still keeping the length through the occipitals, good and well done. Now, come back sit and take the left foot off, good and sit, and right foot off, you always kinda realize there's one leg that is the dodgy one, and doesn't want to care, but you're on it. Now, and for that one thing of the big toe connection, big toe in other connection, but open the side of the foot. Now, pushing down now to give you that lift, exactly, so what you were noting is as you stand up, grow it to the back of the head, grow, and down, as you stand up, grow to the back of the head, turn that thigh in, good.

Last one, and grow, and the other side, and grow, good. Come back down again and let's go for the circles again, sit on it and let it take you round diagonal front and diagonal side, diagonal back and go with it, but stay down, don't come up. So, it's keeping in the same plane with your hips, good. I dunno if you can see Rebecca, but she's really kinda giving me the diagonal side, diagonal forward, diagonal side, and just so wonderful. You have that nice space in the hip sockets as well, you're creating lots of space by doing that, they're out.

Now, what I'd like her to do, is also feel the back ribs widening because as you push back, what you'll wanna do is, you'll wanna shorten the lower back. No, think of the floating ribs in the back, opened out, opened out, opened out and tall, good. Let's go for undulation. So again, pubic bone, comes forward through tailbone, reaches back, and the tailbone comes between the legs, good. And the pubic one arches back, good and between the legs, so good leg work hard, if you stay in the same plane all the time.

Stay down there, good, carry it forward, good, and back and pubic bone going forward and tailbone going back, stay there, come forward from the pubic bone and go back for the lower back, forward, good. And see if you can do very little on top, if someone saw you from your waist up, they'd think you were just sitting down in one place. So it's just the pelvis moving, just the pelvis, good out forward so much better, it's hard work, sorry, out and good. Excellent, let's stand you up, I know. And let's place this behind the bra line.

Good, good. Now, we've already done a preparation on the chair for all this rocking back and forth, so, this should be easier, much easier, but there's gonna be again, a lot of legwork. So leaning back, now, feel the back ribs open and then just rock a little bit for the front, small bend the knees, and yeah. And as you stretch your legs and rock back, open the back ribs out, lean and open to them, good, stop there. Get this wrapping on the thighs, wrapping on the thighs around, the femur bone and feel the sacrum widen.

It's quite a nice position, it feels like you're in a hammer behind. And when to come back, pull up a small, bend the knees to soften through, one more time and stretch outta, grow. And as you come up, pull the front of the knees up to the hip socket's, still wrapping around a small bend, now let's add up to that. Stand up to find your diagonal still point and as you bend the knees, sit deeply and round the back curve, good. Keep the curve, stretch the legs out and unravel into a plank, good.

Do that one more time, bend the knees and curve, really leaned up, and then from the legs stretching out, move all the way back into the head, good. Now bend the knees, lean back against the strap and arch, good. Feet, knees, hip, there you go, arch and then you come back to center. Yes, you wanna keep the arch. Do that one more time?

Bend the knees and lean back, lean, go, bob, there you go, Stretch the legs, lean, that's the work and then- Yeah. That's the work, good. One more time, sorry. Bend the knees, arch, lean into it, as you stretch, open the back ribs out, thank you, then pull it up and center, brilliant, good. Now, let's go into curve, bend the knees and curve, good, add that nice slice of reaching the elbow outta the side, stretch the legs from the right, good.

Pull the right back curve in towards you, lean out, all right, good. The left back, pulls back into the curve a new bend, as out in through, good, and pull back from the right curve, good. And reach out in through, one more time, pull back, good. And reach out now stop there and reach over the heart, stop there, curve bend and round, good. Play with your weight, sideways, arch over, bend the knees and curve, brilliant.

And again, side, arch, now move to the other side there and then bend the knees and curve. And reach out, move through, move through, down and curve, good. Now, I just wanna dissect this a little bit, come back up again, give yourself a rest. Just walk yourself forward. So, it's not just as simple as me moving my upper body around, the work is actually starting from the feet.

So I've curved out over here to go out to the side, although I go to the right, it's my left hip. So the work starts from my outer left foot, outer left foot pushes me across and I can take my stretch over the side to bring me back. Again, pull back from the outer foot, this side, pull back into the knee and the hip and rounds me back. Can we just do that because I think this is the feet are so important, I keep hammering about the feet and it's so important, the curve. Now, she's gonna go out to the right, which is towards your direction.

Now, start there for a moment, do that again, the outer footage, you'll see her knee move forward, her hip moves forward and then she reaches out. Now to come back, it's that same outer foot that pulls back, the knee pulls back and you curve, good. Outer foot allows you to reach back and the outer foot wraps around the side and she curves, beautiful. One more time, outer foot, good, now lean over and bend the knees and curl back, good. And again, outer foot reaches, lean over back and curl and through, good.

Now, outer foot reaches, move around the outside, move to the other side, pull back from the right foot, outer foot, good and curl, good, and out, good. And reach, and reach out the side, good, and curl. Now, the wave, start the head reaching, stretch you legs out, stretch, lift and lean back, bend the knees, curl, stretch. And can you see, she's really going into displacing her way to all the way forward and you see this beautiful undulation to the spine. And lean back, stop there, lean back in the arch, lean back in the arch and come forward from the hard, bend the knees around Seban, feet, knees, hips, ribs, head, good.

Feet, knees, hip, ribs, head, and lean back, feet, knees, hip, ribs, head, good. Now again, sorry about this. I am stopping you because, I really wanna see the impetus from the feet. So you're back in the arch, it's actually the feet pulling, the toes pull, sends the knees, the toes pull to send the knees forward, the hips, the chest, and then this sit bones take you back onto the back of the heel. So take that part one more time, do it slower because it's that action of the hands, like cats running.

Yes, that really pulling on the toes, is exactly what you want over here that are rocking from the toes that heel, so important. So, in the arch, go into the arch, good. Now in the arch, bend the knees and you go forward, so, there, now bend the knees, roll through arch, lean forward and through. Bend the knees and arch, sit bones back, lean back, feet, knees, hip, ribs, head, lean back from the sit bones, feet, knees, hip, ribs, head, lean back from the sit bones, feet, knees, hip, ribs, head, lean back, perfect, thank you. Okay, good, that's what I wanted to do, sorry, because the undulations are so important, but if it just becomes the spine and nothing's happening on there, the work starts from the feet to really move through, the feet pull and then they push to take you back.

And if you have that principle going on, it's wonderful. Let's turn you sideways, let's go to side ribs. Lean into the ribs, so start with your hands behind the head, good. And you have a slight leaning onto it, good. And keep that ribs out and they'll pull you back, good.

And let the foot just say, as you come back, just say it lengthened outta the hip socket, good, and reach out. We are using the same principles all the way through, reaching out, and you come back, good, reach out, drop, and come back, good. And reach out, drop, sometimes say, lift your foot up, find your balance, good, and good, reach out, drop, so the foot becomes really aware of how has to gonna work, reach out, and catch it. This time, keep the foot there now, keep going, same thing, and drag in, good. Now, don't lift it up, good, there down, and just drag it in, good and reach out down and drag it in, good.

Reach out down, and let's go for the waves now, go out, reach for the ribs, reach for the floating ribs and down, reach from the upper ribs lift up, good. And down, and up, go the other way around, the head, leading the way, down, reaches into those ribs, and center, and down, reach the ribs and center. Down, reach, and let's go for the twist and you go twist, and come up, arch up and twist and go arch up, good, twist, good, and take it up tall and twist and up tall. Now, go back in the arch, round and curl up through, go back in the arch, curl and roll up through, in the arch, forward curl and go the other way around. And dive down and arch through, good and dive down and arch it through, dive down and head, arch is beautiful.

Other side, sorry about that. Good, that was good work, really, really good work. Make it playful, the moment you kinda taxed up about something, no, it's not happening today, it'll happen. Give it a chance, but give it the right feedback, also give it a goal, something to work on and not too high up there, but something unachievable and then work on that, building blocks. Here we go.

So our tall, get slightly in the out as we go, ribs out, good, and go center, good, and center, out, good, and center, and out, and center. Now go, and drop, and catch up, good, and drop, maybe you'll find your stamina there, lift it up, good, and down, and catch, good. And out, and good. Now, notice, on her balance, she's not actually on her leg 'cause she needs to keep the work happening around the belt, so her inner foot is actually keeping her on balance on the diagonal. So again, she's not on her leg, but what I'm trying to get you to do is, find the strength along the inner line to keep you lifted on the diagonal.

And that takes a lot, this is why the belt is so good that it strengthens different parts of the feet and obviously the rest of the body to go with, you find all your diagonals, which are so important. Sorry, I won't talk now, and come back, catch it, good. And out, down, and down, good, and out, down, and up, last one through, out, down. And let's go into the waves and go reach through and lift up, reach through and lift up, beautiful. Reach through and lift up, reach through and lift, go the other way around, dive from the head and shut, bob, dive from the head and lift, good.

Dive from the head and then every rib, sing along, out, through, and arching back, so you wanna go, go back- The twist? Yeah, that's right, let's go for the twist, twist and the arch up, good. And bring the back ribs around, lit them up, and down and lift up and down. Lift up, now keep the arch to go back, arch, curl through, arch and curl from the ribs. Reach back in the arch, twist, back from the ribs, back and curl.

Go the other way around, and dive through, lift up, grow, dive through, lift up, and dive through. Lift, last one, dive through, and lift, beautiful. Whoa, good, good. Let's kinda go... Now, this is the last little fellow, as we wanna do a few upper back extensions, but we wanna add a squat along with it.

So really nice to kinda give you that length out of the front of the hips, but also to make you work through the armpits a little bit. There we go. It's locked a little bit. Now, so you wanna start... Do you want a little further back?

Yeah. Okay, great. You want it all the way back, would that help you? No, I think it'll be here, somewhere around here, yeah, good. Is that okay?

Yeah. I'm gonna lock. All right, and I'm here, so it we won't go back here. So start with your hands on. Again, and you're gonna stop there, bring your feet a little closer, it'll move a little bit, that's okay.

The platform? Yeah, the platform, don't worry about it, it makes you a little bit more aware, it'll make you work harder. So, then again, foot, knee, hip, ribs and chest, and then, bend the knees, sit. And again, feet, knees, hip, ribs, reach, good. and lengthen bend reach and through, this is the same formula.

Again, go, feet, knees, hips, ribs, arch, good and then you come back out again, good. And you center, good. Now, she's gonna turn towards you, she's gonna rotate her right arm and she's gonna reach, but she's gonna send her hip forward that right hip forward, good. And as she bends her knee, she brings the arm back to rotates the standing arm, good. And that right hip forward, left hand rotates and she lengthens out.

Now, push that right hip forward, push the left hip forward, I beg your pardon, good, and then bend, curl and through, good. And again, as the arm comes down, she's gonna rotate, and push, good. Wait, stay there for a moment, stay there, good, rotate the hip forward, bring the ribs around more, that's the work, good, and pull back in through. And she pushes her right hip forward, she rotates the left arm out and she takes her left hip forward. Push the left forward, same arm as the leg, will push to the front and out, good and bring it back down.

And they're gonna sit into a really nice deep squat, your popo is off the floor. So, back side is off the floor and your curve, you're just gonna rock into the heels, the back of the heels. And if you rock to the balls of the toes, you lift the heart, lift the chest, good And again, rocking in the back, rock all the way back, it's wide on the sacrum and then lift the sternum, lift through the heart. And again, down, back of the heels, so you go back of the heels, on the heels, from the heels, balls towards the toes, but keep the heels dropping down the back. Yes, you never lift the heels off, and good, and reach forward to go into circles, diagonal, side, diagonal, side, diagonal, front.

So also realizes what's happening around the feet, is also happening around the hips, is happening around the ribs, is happening around in the neck, the head. So around the atlas and axis or the saddle joint, you have that nice movement around the head as well, good. Drop, so don't make it come from the ribs, make it come from the feet, don't fake it, is what my teacher would say to me, don't fake it. And here we go, work diagonal, side, diagonal and the ribs are just, they echo what the feet are doing, that's through, good. This exercise leans down, go through, good.

And reach, good. Now, send your arms forward, rise up on the balls, the feet and you're gonna start coming up. Come up, leaning against your growth, stand up tall and then bend the knees and you sit back down again, good. And sit, okay, so you need to go back a little bit, feel, good. Yeah.

Yeah, exactly. So again, make that kind of slight change. Sometimes, some people, their legs are stronger and the upper body kind of slightly weaker. Again, play, play with the distancing that you have to bring in, sometimes you feel you wanna work harder, some days, maybe not, that's a play along. Now, she's really working on, she's leaning back, but these inner thighs are working like crazy to keep awareness through the hip bones, the knees and the feet, the muscles.

Last one through, and reach out, tall, tall, grow out, good. And as you lower the heels, don't disturb the pelvis, good, lower the heels, good. But you hold it there, the ribs, and again, rise back up again, good, and lower, yeah, that's beautiful, good. And rise back up again, so what she did was, she softened the front ribs as, good, but the back ribs widened and you come back up again. Last one through, and down, good, and you come back up again, stay tall, stay tall, walk yourself forward, good.

And to that point, where you can just relax. And again, what I want you to do is, just let go, place the hands behind the head. And turn around to the side there and really let's do a plain and simple roll down. So you close the elbows in towards you chin to chest and roll all the way down, the weight of the hands against the head, draw you over and down and just drop into the stretch, good. Drop into it 'cause you've done a lot of work.

Yes, back ribs, the back of the back, breathe and let the breath move in into these big thick muscles in the lower back, good. Again, open out through the sit bones, soften the back of the knees and then let the arms drop completely, let them drop, good. And then again, nod your head, yes, no, yes, yes and then no, from side to side, good. And then again, feel the softness around the shoulder girdle and so, just twist from side, bend the right knee, good and then bend the left knee, it's just a feeling of moving through and feel the ankle joint, feel the knee joint, feel the hip joint and the ribs just softening, good. Softening, and the head also, the side of the face opening out, good, the side of the face opening out.

And then you soften both knees and you start curling up tailbone, lower, middle and feel deliciously kinda open, good. Feel the openness out of it there, good, and as the arms drop to the side, the heart stays lifted. And as tall as you stand, deep, you are rooted into the floor. Rebecca, thank you, that was really amazing. Yeah, good, good, good, but again, I'm just throwing some ideas at you as to how, again, you regulate the movement into the body from the feet.

How the ribs also dance to the movement, I always say, healthier ribs, are healthy inner organs, because again, think of them like ripe fruits hanging in the orchard wall of your ribs. So again, a bigger orchard wall, more space for your fruit trees to grow. Okay, good. Thank you so much again and please keep coming back to us at Garuda for classes. Thank you.

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K z
Thanks to your video, my body is getting better.  🥰 XOXO
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What a spectacular class! Absolutely amazing. I feel fantastic after all the spinal articulation, and the sling provides wonderful support and feedback. I will come back to this class again and again - so excited by this class!
Haiyan W
Great class! Really help me feel the joint articulation much better!
Great timing! Just bought a sling to use for my more mobility challenged elderly clients, but welcome its wider use as well.

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