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Garuda Wall Flow

60 min - Class


Use the Wall to help you create more space in your body with this flowing workout by James D'Silva. He invites you to fill the space of the Wall to stretch and strengthen from your feet all the way up. He moves your body in all directions so that you feel more open in your chest, back, and side body. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Foam Roller

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Hello, this is James D'Silva with Rebecca Morton, and together we've devised a Garuda wall work out for you, and we hope you'll enjoy it. Good. Come. We're gonna stand against the wall. Good. And I'd like your feet a little further out about six inches or so away from the wall. Your hands gently pushing to the wall.

Again, be aware of the openness of the elbows, the openness of the collar bones, and the length of the occipitals. Beautiful. Feel the width of the sacrum. Again, the openness in the bra line and the openness in the cranium. Good. Take a color of breaths of you're breathing (inhales), and (exhales) breathe out. Good.

And again, breathe in. And breathe heart. Good. Now, a few gentle pushes into the wall. We start pushing, widening and leaning back for one and two. So what we're trying to find over here is the sense of leaning into the wall, leaning and widening, four and leaning and widening, five.

Good. Stop there. Very slowly turn your head out to the right, lean into your left occipital. Good. And then you center back again. And as you turn your head to the left, lean back against my hands and lean to that occipital, the right one. Good. And center.

And again, turning, lean, grow into the side. Brilliant. And center. And the other way. And think of the opposite arm as you go out to the right, think of this arm working like crazy. Good. And center.

Now just relax the arms, let them drop. Lengthen the occipitals back, chin to chest, and you roll down. Feel the softness of the arms. Feel the softness of the back. Stay there for a couple of breaths, breathe into your back.

(James inhaling) And breathe out. (James exhaling) Good. It's the beginning of class. So, let go of any tension of the head. Soften and relax.

One last time. And breathing out. Good. Now very slowly, start walking in the knees. Bend the right knee and open the left ribs out. Good. Take your time. Good.

Bend the left knee and open the right ribs out. Brilliant. And bend the right knee. Open the left ribs out, and bend the left knee. Open the right ribs out. This time, as you bend the right knee, open the left arm up to the ceiling.

Gently push against my hand. Length of the occipitals. There you go. Fingers, wrist, elbows, shoulders down. Keep leaning into the wall.

That's the real idea over here. Bend the left knee and reach. Good. Don't work too hard, yeah? Softly, softly part. Good. And then fingers, wrist, elbows, softened down.

One more time. Bend the right knee, open the ribs. Glide and reach. Good. (indistinct) There, that's the feeling. good. And lengthen back down again.

And for the last time, drop. Soften, good. Try and feel the back ribs opening and sit bones against the wall. That's the important bit. Good. Fingers, wrist, elbows.

And down, softly. Now, walk the hands gently to the left. Good. Walk, walk, walk all the way and lean into your right hip. So, it's the oppositional work. Good. Come back to center.

And then the other side. Walk and lean back. And sit at the same time again. That's it. And again, push out.

And good, lean. Good. Last one through. And push out, and lean. Come back to center, and you're gonna bend both knees. Lift the head, lift the chest, lean against the wall.

That's beautiful. Good. And drop the head and come back. Good. And again, as you bend the knees, lift the head, lift the chest. Good. Head, back and down. And now start curling up, small, soften through the knees.

And again, think of imprinting the spine. Beautiful. Roll back again. Arrive at the hands, arrive at the width in the collar bones, soften through the sternum. Let the tailbone soften down. The knees are soft and your gaze out into the distance, eye line. Good. Brilliant.

Turn around to face the wall. Reach the arms all the way up. Good. And you're gonna stand again about six to eight inches away from the wall. Good. And feel the openness of the arms. Now, soften the sternum and the pubic bone against the wall.

Good. We're gonna work on the peripheral line, so you're gonna wrap from the outside. Wrap this all the way around, round the armpits. Again, open the back ribs out, especially the floating ribs out, and grab from the thighs. Good.

And then soften back down again. Good. Take your time. The little pinky connecting all the way to the tip of the shoulder blades. The back widening, the wrapping of the thighs around, stand into the floor. And again, breath.

And (exhales) out. And, good. Again, at the same time as you work from the hands, works from the feet as well. Out of edges of the feet work. And again, two more of these.

And push. (indistinct) Notice how beautifully open her back ribs are. And again, pushing out and grow. Last one, bend and push out and grow. Bend the elbows out to the side. (indistinct) A little wider. There you go. And again, the same way, leaning in. Good.

Let the elbows drop again. The outer edges of the hands and the elbows and the armpits work. Stretch. Good. And breath in. Good. And breathing out, push.

So I wanted to step you back by another inch or so, because it's a bit too easy for you. I wanna make you work a little bit. I'm sorry, my love. Bend the elbows. Good. And as you push out, go.

Open scapular wider, wider, wider, wider. Good. Notice the openness of the scapular. And again, soften. Good. And again, the widening out. Good. And bend. Two more.

And push out. The widening out, those serratus wrapping around. And again, bend. And push out. And last one through. Beautiful.

And reach out and grow. Good. Step back even further, hands in line with your shoulders. And let's kind of go in for shoulder shrugs. Squidge the shoulders in and out for one. Good. And again, squidge them in, and out.

Open more. Good. Squidge. And there's a small spiraling action as you push away. Drop into the thumbs, and roll out to the little pinkies. Good.

Drop into the thumbs and roll out to the little pinkies. One more. Drop in and roll out and circle the shoulders back around in one. Beautiful. Really reaching for the whole range of movement. Good. And push out. Three. Good.

Breathe in four. Good. And breathe in five. Last one through, and six. Let's go the other way around. Down back round, push away one.

Down back round, push away two. Down back round, push away three. Good. And constantly kind of (indistinct) of as you drop in thumb, as you push away your little pinky. Drop in thumb. And good. Now, circle the right shoulder up.

Left shoulder down, and then squidge the shoulders in. Open them out of the diagonal and center to circle the other way. Squidge, open circle. Squidge, open circle. Squid. Good. Open circle.

Squidge. Open circle. Squidge, and open. Stay there. Bend the elbows and push back and find your balance. Go, push, find your balance. Good. And go, catch yourself.

And find it. Good. Catch yourself. Good. And find it. I'm playing with her. I'm pushing her a little bit as well.

She catches herself. Go back and soft. Last one through. Now lift the right foot up. And maybe you'll be on balance.

Up. Good. And then catch yourself. And again, occipitals help you. Good. And down. Good. And catch. And down.

And catch. And down. Well done, and walk out of it. Brilliant. Good. Let's get you sideways against the wall here.

Good. Now have your feet parallel out, yeah? There. Good. Yeah. Now, for this one, I really wanna think outside foot, inside foot. So as you lean out to the side, feel the outside of your right foot.

As you push away, roll to the inside of the right foot and the armpit wraps around. Soften the ribs. Good. And again, think of leaning in. And again, as you come back again, think of the occipital also reaching out and the side ribs moving away. So, you're moving into your side ribs first. Good.

And then move back again and grow into the occipital. Good. And there's a lot of work happening in this arm. There's that wrapping sensation and closing through the inner thighs. Good. Push from the outside foot to the inner lining of your feet. Good. And out. And pull back.

Beautiful. Much better. Out. Good. And pull, glide down. Last one through. Out. And pull. Let's make it a little more difficult. Good.

Here we go. Same thing. The back wrapping at the obliques to come around as well. Good. Reaching back here. The obliques and the serratus, they're kind of intermingled.

So we want to kind of register in this moving round. Good. And push back. Good. And (indistinct). Last one through.

Push back. And good. I saw that's not enough. Take it back a little further. Good. And again, open, grow and then push. Good. And just five of these. And good, too good.

The more you drop, pull the ribs up. There. And then push from your (indistinct). There you go. Those ribs working on the side. As you come, go, reach, grow into them.

Last one through. And excellent. Well done. Come to the other side. Sorry. That's a lot of work. Good. Really good work. Good.

So, she's gonna roll into her left outer foot. It's the left outer foot that rolls her back into center. Yeah. Good. And out. Good. And, good.

And as that happens again, her ribs move from the side all the way to the center and there's a small lift from the opposite occipital. She softens into the side, then feel the lift go through. Good. Reaching back out. Good. And pull back out.

Two more. Out. And there's a lot of work happening over here, people. Yes. Reach out. Good. And center. Taking the arm back a tad. Good. Same thing.

And wrapping, push out and grow for one. Good. And wrapping. Good. And two. Now, and wrapping outer inner heel. Yeah. And you walk back into center. Good.

So you rock onto the sides and the insides and back onto center. Outside, inside. Good. And center. Last one through. And outside, inside. Good. And roll into the center.

Take your hand back a little further. Good. I'm really working up through her arches as well. She moves to the out and the inside of one leg, and then back again to center. And there's that rocking. Good. And the outer heel drops as the outer ankle lifts all the time.

Roll it and lift it back. Good. And again, reach it out. Good. And roll it. But lift the outer ankle up in opposition. Down. Good. And push up. Brilliant. Good.

Turn around and face the wall this time. Good. Yeah. Good. And let's kind of go for arms circle. So, you wanna need to be a little closer in. Good. Come a little bit more towards me. Good.

So, you got a nice range of the wall. Good. And you're gonna move just a bit slowly. So you're gonna move into the wall as you bend the elbow. Send the arms up deep into the wall. Now circle the arms out, push away, away, away, away. Good.

As you go in deep and go stretch and use the outer arms. You can feel that nice widening of the back. Good. And breathing in. Good. Reach. And (exhaling) breath out. Good. And breathing in.

Reach. Good. And breath out. Good. I'm gonna move her hair out to the side. Good. And again, so you can see what the scapular are doing. Good. And breathing out.

Wide, last one through. And breathing in, reach. Good. And breathing out, widen. Go the other way around, and go reach out tall in and under. And you notice her floating ribs wide in the back. Yes.

She's getting the strength all the way from the feet up the back of the legs into the sacrum, all the way up into the occipitals. Yes. So, that wonderful sense. The back body is working like crazy as the back line of her body. Two more. And breath in. Good.

And breathing out. Good. Last one through. Breathing in, and push. And good. Let's go for a figure of eight. You go and reach, stay down as you circle.

Circle the arms from the ribs, and then you push back out again. And again, feel these ribs open. Good. As you circle around, feel those ribs open and then you push back out again. Wonderful. Good. And open. (gasps) And circle. Open. (gasps) And you push away. This is beautiful, Rebecca. Good.

And feel like you're leaning. Feel like a lizard climbing up a wall. Good. And, up a wall. Good. And pull back down again. One last one through.

And out. Good. And out. Good. And coming back, and let's go the other way around. Move into the side ribs lift. And go, move side ribs lift. Good.

And you pull back. Good. Side ribs lift. Beautiful. And lovely. Good. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And center.

And those floating side ribs. Good. And (grunts) good. Push back, and good. Well done. Wow. That's a lot of work.

I'm sorry. (laughs) Good. Okay. Let's do some arm circles against the wall. Good. We're gonna have your left foot forward. Good. Start with the back of the hand on the wall. Good. You can start sending the arm forward.

As that happens, twist. Now. Stop there. Drop the ribs and open the back ribs out. Good. And then start circling. Turn the palm around. Good.

Again, lean... That's it, lean away. So you don't wanna ever kind of throw the ribs out. So the back of the hand stays up till there, then turn the palm. Now turn the palm, and drop the front ribs. Good.

And again. Back of the arm. Good. Now moving to the palm, cue the palm on for as long as possible, cue the palm on. And now as it comes down, you turn into the back of the arm. That's it. Reach there.

So basically, I'm actually gonna keep her hips square and move around with the waist. We're gonna stop there. As you go back, stop there. Open these ribs. There you go. Don't squash them in. Good.

And yeah, this is about the ribs. Back ribs, side ribs. Back ribs and front ribs. Good. And center. A couple more please. And reach.

Think as you come around, what side of the foot is working? Yeah, that's it. And back again, last one through. This is so much better. And again, reach out.

Now, stop there for a moment. Open three. That's, wider. You can get the back... Good. Then keep the width as you reach out. Good. And try and keep the width, yes.

And brilliant. Change sides. And go back. Yeah. Art, and come forward. Open the back ribs out as you come through.

You can feel that nice contouring of the obliques as well. Out. Good. I'm gonna hold you here. Good. And go, lean into the back ribs. Start. Yes.

And a lift palm. And go. Open into the back ribs, last one through. And reach up, and open. And very nice. Let's change sides.

That's just that whole thing. You're trying to find your internal hood. It's an internal hood. As you move, you still keep your Cobra hood. Yes. Keep it wide and open.

Change sides. Beautiful. Good. Come back a little back towards me, so you have more space. I really want you to fill the space up. Yeah. Good.

And again, here we go. And go. Let's send the arm. So, you're gonna twist towards me. Good. And as you send the arm up, turn the palm around wide. Good.

I'm gonna hold onto you to get more length of waist. Good. And again, I know. Reaching. I'm gonna hold onto this side. There you go. And I'm gonna hold onto this side, but keep... Yeah. Lean. There you go.

Back. That's it. Feel very much like walk like an Egyptian. The first Kouros, they always have their... If you go to the museum, the first Kouros, the sculptures have that one step in front of them. That's about movement, yeah?

So, be the first Kouros, the first walking man. Good. Out. There, that's it. Last one through. And out, through. Good. And reach out, and open.

Go the other way around. And go out and around. Good. Keep the back ribs open. Good. And center. Good. Lift up, round, tall and center. Much better.

Good. And out. Good. And good. And she's really working. This is all about the ribs, yes?

The ribs, and that wonderful moving around the waist. Yes. And the lift from the ankles all the way up into the shin bones, the femur bones, out of the pelvis and up into the occipitals. Let's go the other way around. And out back. Good. Round. Keep that openness. Good.

And simple. Go back. (indistinct) There. And keep it. So the more you twist, don't close the back ribs. Good. The more you twist, widen, widen, open. Good. And lengthen back.

This is so much better. Good. Last one. And back of the arm, go reach, grow, grow, grow, grow. Good. And center, out and through. Brilliant. Let's face the wall, Rebecca.

Just kind of start with smaller... Come more towards me. Good. Go into a curving down. Good. And good. Lift, arch, lean through, stretch and lengthen out. Good.

Curve. Tail bone rounds. Good. And stretch and arch. Good. Beautiful. And again, curl under, wrapping, (indistinct). Good. And lengthen, and go push and arch. Good. And let's go forward standing, wanna bend the knees. Good.

And then you come back again. Good. And the other side. Go bend. Yeah. Good. And center. Try and get your chin against the wall.

(indistinct) if you can. Good. And again, reach out. Good. And center. Now turn this hand and send the arm through. I wanna pull you, lean back. Oh, that's the rule. Good.

And then you stretch. Good. And the other side. Good. Lean, roll into the back. Good. Out. (laughs) I'm sorry. I don't need to manhandle you. Pull. (grunts) Good.

Keep the knees bent. And go, pull, pull into the back, back, back more. (grunts) Good. And one more. And go. Reach.

As I pull you, you lean back. You lean back. Bend both knees. The more you bend the better. Good. Last one through. And go.

The more you bend the better. There you go. Good. Now, slightly different. Same thing, but send the back of the head... Bend the knees.

Back of head, now stretch this leg out and lean away. Back of the head. Brilliant. That is a delicious stretch. I promise. Try this, then you stretch. Lean. Into ribs more, back ribs. Yeah.

Lean away. Good. And again. Down. And go. Push. There you go. And center.

And reach back. Grow, lean away. Good. And center. And let's go into rib circles. So, walk around isolating into the side rib cage.

I'm just gonna put this down. Good. And again, good. Reaching out. Good. And go. Good. And again, reaching out.

Nice. And go. Reaching out. Move all the way through. Take your time.

And reach out, go. And hit the diagonals as well. Good. And finish. Let's go the other way around, and (indistinct). Beautiful. And go down. And good.

And reach out. And reach out. There's so much you can do against the wall. Good. Step back. Step back a little bit, and let's kind of go into...

Yeah, down with doggy. Good. Yeah, come to the center. There we go. Now, come ready make sure your sit bones are directly over your heels, yeah? And lean your hands against the wall.

We're gonna start curling up, tailbone, lower, middle, upper and chest. Roll back from the heels and you lengthen. Bend both knees. Lift the heart, lift the chest. Good. And push out.

And again, curl tail bone, lower, middle, upper. Lean into the heart. Good. Push the heels back and arrive. Now you're gonna bend the right knee, twist. Bring the ribs around. Good. And center.

And then grow Yong. Good. And center. One more time. Yong, pull those ribs, pull the waist out. Good. And then center. And Yong. Brilliant.

And center. This time when you bend the right knee, bring your right hand around the left ankle. Pull, lean out. Good. And stretch. And go, bend, pull, lean out. And stretch.

One more. And go pull, and stretch. Last one through. And go, pull and stretch. Good. Both hands back on again.

Draw the right knee up into the forehead. Curl, place the foot forward and arch. Draw the knee towards you. Curl. Send the leg out behind you. So, she's got her leg at a 90 degree angle.

She rotates the hip out. She rotates the hip in. She bends the standing leg and she stretches. Let's do that one more time. Rotate the foot, the knee, the hip.

But her shoulders are square, and she rotates back in. Her shoulders are still square. She bends and she centers. One more time. Rotate and bend the knee out of the side and then you take it back straight.

Bend it back into attitude. Good. And straighten it. Out of the side, bend. And straight back into attitude. Good. And stretch.

Last one. Bends, and little pulses. One, two, three. She's already working like crazy with the right arm. Four and five.

Stretch your leg out behind you. Bring it back into attitude. Five pulses, yeah. One, two, good, three, four, five. Draw the knee into a curl.

Place the foot forward. And again, send the right arm up against the wall. Circle it, stretch the front leg out. Curl, and down. And left leg, up.

Left side. Sorry. Down, and (indistinct). And take the right arm down. Stretch the front leg up against the wall. Glide down, and go stretch back. Good.

Against the wall. Good. Push against the wall. Draw the knee forward. Good. And place the foot back. Good. Here we go. The other side.

And left knee curls in towards you. Place the foot forward, and arch. Good. And knee in towards you, send a leg out behind you and you stretch. Rotate the hip up. Don't rush it, rotate the hip down.

Bend the standing leg, and up. And rotate. Take your time. Rotate. Now, I'm really kinda glad her shoulders are very square. It's just happening from the foot and the ribs. And again, rotate back again.

Bend the standing leg, and you stretch. Let's do that one more time. Lift from there, stay there. Bend the knee out to the side for one. Good. And reach out.

Take it out in attitude. Good. And good. And she's moving from the outer foot and to the inner foot. Good. And stretch, and stay there little pulses up. Five, four, three, two, one.

Take the leg out behind you, move it into attitude. And go five, four, three, two, one. Knee curls in. Good. Place your foot forward and down. (indistinct) And got reach one. Good. Stretch out, and pull it in.

Change sides up. Stretch out and pull it in. And back out, lift and down. And back out, lift and down. Beautiful. Knee in towards you. Good.

And place the foot down and good arrive. Good. Curling up, tail bone move against it. And let your sit bones reach back. This is lovely undulation. Curl through and just move forward and pull back through.

Go from the head. The head arch is good. And the head curls through, and center. We get the head arches from, and the head curls, and center. Good.

Walk yourself forward to the wall. Good. And let's have you backing the wall. I'm just gonna bring this back a little bit. Good. And now I'd like you back against the wall. And have your, exactly, have your hands behind the head.

Have your foot against the wall. Good. Yeah, and just stand up. First and foremost, again, (indistinct) and back of the head leaning against the wall. All you're gonna do is push yourself away. Find your standing leg. Good.

And then you go back again. Good. And go push too. And good. Nice. Her feet are really nicely opened. The toes, opened out good giving her that wonderful sense of spread.

And then back again. Good. And again, open those ribs out in the back. Good. And center. Let's add on. You go out, push out. Bend the standing leg and stretch it and come back.

And again, push out. Don't sit back on yourself. There, and grow. Sit on your leg, and then back. Good. Push out, bend, stretch, and sit back and push out.

Bend, stretch, and back. Add on, push out. Foot to the knee. Good. Foot back against the wall. Good. And back. Good.

Push out, foot to the knee. Stretch back. Good. And excellent. Two more. Push out, and center. Push back. Good.

And down, last one. Push against, arrive, place the foot down. Good. Change legs. My foot's cranky. Sorry. (laughs) No, but this is how much it works.

Yeah. Exactly. Again, Rebecca is pointing out, your toes actually... And this is really, I keep talking to all my workers about the outer foot, the inner foot, the front of the heel pushing towards the toes, the back of the heel pushing against the sit bones, it's where your weight is on the foot. And the toes, either they pull, or they push.

So there's this constant pulling and pushing. So, all this against the wall. The outer foot, as I pushed. Inner foot, how it affects the hips, the ribs, the head. It's so important.

Yes, I'd like to kind of go into details, but I wanna give you a workout. So, here we go. Other side. Good. Take your time, and go. First, push, arrive, and then play the feet out.

This is when you gather your feet, find your feet. Good. This is when you play to soften back. Again, gather. Good. And reach back. Brilliant. And again, feel the arch of the foot lift. Good.

And lengthen back. Good. Now, find it. Bend in the standing leg. Good. And reach. Good. And so don't lose your base of your diaphragm.

Up, and as you bend, widen. Feel the width, then grow up underneath you. Good. And then you back. Again, catch it, widen. Good. And then (indistinct), and back. Good.

There and sit. Good. Push out. Good. And good. Now comes the fun. You push out. Your foot to the knee.

Your foot back. Good. And you push out. And there. And reach. Good, girl. Don't rush. Good.

And there. You need such concentration of your guys. (laughs) And up. Good. And hold, stay there. And then bring the foot down, my darling, you are amazing. (Rebecca laughing) Good, good, good, good.

Okay. Now for the whole set of knee bends or (indistinct), I've got a form roller because it really kind of helps nice with the places behind the sacrum and kind of work your way up and down. You can do it against the wall flat, but I'd rather... Again, you'll find it'll stick, especially after a good session, you're sweating. So I think a foam roller, good. Place it against the sacrum.

A little further back. Good. So you really have to work crazily. If it's still under your sit bones, then you kind of work like crazy. Good. Place the hands behind the head. Good. Again, those occipitals, don't forget those ribs. Good.

And you're gonna start rising up on the balls of the feet. Good. And then you're gonna come back down again. Good. Rising up on the balls of the feet. Good. And come back down again.

Rise up. Good. And come back down again. There's nothing much I can correct actually over here. It's rather sad. Good. (laughs) And come back down again. Good. Rise up, now stay there.

Bend the knees and soften down to the floor, but don't.... Don't sit your bum out. And then push back out again, tall and lower. Good. And again, reach out. Now, try and keep the sit bones dropping down.

That's the idea. Good. Much better, much better. Good. Lift up and lower down, and up. And good. The tendency is what Rebecca wanted to do first time, arch. Don't. Try and just keep the sit bones in the same plane.

It's very difficult that way. Good. And it's meant to be right as well. Up and down, down, down, down, down, better. Open the back ribs out and push all the way up. Good. And center. Brilliant.

Bring your feet together in a V-position. Good. Put on your highest heels. Good. And here we go, going down, same way. Don't open the knees out too wide. One. I said you want the roller form.

This is again where you're slightly sticking your bum out. Yeah, thank you. One. Good. And again, you still wanna have your natural kind of arch of the spine, but you don't want to hyper extend through. And again, three. Good. Beautiful. Good.

And push up. Good. And last one through, angle four. Keep opening those back ribs out. Good. And up, and brilliant. Come down.

Let's take you onto second position, widen. Good. But don't gimme a dance, or simply dance as well. Slightly turning. Not all of us are blessed that way. Good.

Okay. Here we go down. Bring the arms around. Let's put a bra. Good. Slightly askew. I don't want it to kind of fall out too. Good.

Leaning back. Just take the arms, as you bend the knees, taking the arms forward. Good. And then turn out. So open out, as you come up, and drop armpit, elbows, heel of the hands. Little pinky reach as if your offering something out. Good.

And then open out. Good. And then ribs, armpits, elbows, heel of the hands. And go, little pinky spirals, middle finger lifts. Good. And open. Good. And ribs, armpits, elbows, heel of the hands. Good.

Last one. (indistinct) Grow, grow, grow, grow, grow. Good. And open. Good. Think of the peripheral line you're trying to push back. The other way around and reach out. Good. And ribs, armpits, elbows, heel of the hands, fingertips.

Little pinky spirals, middle finger lifted. And go, ribs, armpits, elbows, heel of the hands, fingers. Little pinky spirals, middle finger lifts the arm up. It's the ribs that soft the armpits, elbows, heel of the hands and fingers. Last one, and reach.

This is good. It's almost the peripheral line pushing back to come up. And center. Brilliant. Now, parallel again and place right ankle over the left knee. Good. Okay. You don't have to go down too low for this, yeah?

In fact, you know what? Your hands behind there. Walk your foot a little further forward. There you go. Again, it gives you a little bit more space for your (indistinct).

And again, sitting down. Go, sit down. This one's a difficult one guy, guys. Good. And the tendency you'll wanna stick your bum out straight away, don't let that happen. Two. Again, find that softness, but control it in the lobe. Good.

And two. Good. Just four of these. And down, three. Good. And push up on three. Beautiful.

And down, four. Good. And push up, four. Good. And you really wanna track chain size, hip bone over the knee, over second toe. So, be really aware what's happening over there. Good. And here we go.

Send the knee forward, bend. Good. And keep dropping that sit bone. Drop the sit bone. Drop it. That's better. Good.

And there's a loss of space between the hip bone and the floating ribs as well. Good. And down. There's a slight tendency to kind of want to drop into the low... Make it smaller. It doesn't matter if it's slightly smaller.

Eventually, we kind of work... That's it. Better. And, push up. Let's do one more. It was great. Send the knee out, send the sit bone down.

Send the back back. Yeah, that's that's the kind of work. One more. And knee forward, sit bone down, back back, occipitals up. Good. Well done. Perfect.

Thank you, my love. You just listen to instructions so well. Good. Can I next get you... Okay. That was really, really good. Let's kind of go for a bit of tummy work.

Tummy work, but again, lifting out of the legs. Now, a lot of the times when I do my abdominals, I get people to stand up against the wall first to really kind of get that nice feeling of what's happening with the (indistinct), how you connect down to the foot. And also the back of the body. What the back of the body feels like. 'Cause lying on the mat a lot of the times, we do all the abdominal work, but we really don't feel what the legs are all about and how the legs connect.

So, this is how I start lots of the time, hands clasped against the head. Good. And here we go. As you breathe, and have the feet just a tiny bit further away, just a... There you go. Sorry, can you get that nice... The back ribs can soften as well.

As you breathe in, lean back, close the elbows. Keep the length. Then soften, bring the head down. Elbows still stay parallel. Look into your navel.

Now roll back, keep leaning into the occipitals. Roll back, and then from between the shoulder blades, widen the elbows out. Good. And again, breathing into close. Breathing out, try and slightly soften the knees, because you tend to throw... Yeah, there you go.

That's beautiful. And keep thinking of pulling the kneecaps up into your hip bones. Good. And then wide. Now keep that, and start rolling. Lean back into the bra line. Good.

And then roll back up again. Good. And again, as you lean back at the bra line , that scooping sensation, but don't tuck the tailbone forward. Still keep that tailbone connection anchored against the wall. Good. And good. One last one.

Widen the back ribs, open through. Good. And then roll back up again, and center. That was very nice. Stay there. Lift, float the right foot up against the left inner knee. Good.

Open the knee out. Good. Close the knee in towards you and place the foot down. And up. And open that, and reach. Good.

And center. Good. Again, up. And open. Good. And close. And stand out the legs. Good.

And take the ribs and the head with you. Good. And back. Good. And center. Add onto that. Foot, and open, and close. Extend the leg out, and little pulse.

Two, three, four, five. Open the leg out. Good. Drop the sit bone down. That's it. And take it back again.

Use the inner foot, and bring the foot to the knee, and you come down. Good. So, she's on her inner foot. She moves to the outer foot. She moves to the inner foot. She extends the leg out.

She pulses, three, four, five. She moves to the outer foot, and she moves the inner foot and foot to the knee, and she comes down. Good. Now we move with the abdominal. So, draw the knee up. Curve and roll the head down.

Open the knee out to the side, and arrive. Good. Close, roll, lean against the wall. Place your foot down, roll up and arrive. Good. And go, left knee curl and open the knee out. Good. And close the knee in.

Place the foot down and grow. Again, in catch. And open. Good. And close, and down. Last one.

And in, and open, and close. Brilliant. And now let's add on the big combination. And again, curve and open. Good. And close. Extend the leg out. Stay there.

Pulse in five, four, three, two, one. Open the leg. Find that left occipital. Good. And center. Drop the hip. Foot to the knee. Good.

Roll, roll, roll, roll. And then together, (indistinct) and arrive, and up under curl. Good. And open. Good. And close. Extend the leg out.

And one, two, three, four, five. Open the leg out. Good. Whoops. And close. (laughs) And roll, good. And come back to center. Good. Okay, take a break just to shake yourself.

Guys, as I was talking, there's a lot of work happening. There's a shift, again, the outer and the inner foot. So, can I just explain that to them? So hands behind the head. Good. Lift.

So as she lifts, and we talk about the media line. The media line goes hip bone over knee over second toe. So as she kind of lifts, her waist is on the media line. So, there. But as she opens her leg out, there has to be a small shift more towards the outer edge of the foot, not to say that the big toe and her inner heel are not working.

They're still working. But you have to, in the joint of the femur, you have to move across. So, it's almost like a greater trochanter is moving down towards her outer ankle. And then as she closes back in, her lesser trochanter towards her inner ankle. So we already have that wonderful movement in the femur joint out over there, the capsule.

So, you really have to be aware. You can't just kind of keep your leg absolutely held up. There is a moment. And the ankle joint is really working like crazy over there. The feet, you really got so many bones with the feet really kind of working together. Good.

Keep that in mind. Place the right hand behind the head, the left hand out of the side. Again, I want your feet a little further forward, just like a centimeter forward. Good. Now we're gonna go into obliques, and she's gonna roll her head all the way out to the side. Her body comes around.

So this hip stays on, as if someone's pulling her, but she's leaning back and her arm spirals out as she close. And then she rolls back, and she rolls her back to center. And again, roll out. Good. And as she comes around, as I pull on her, she leans back. Lean back, lean back. Good.

And then she rolls back, arm rolls back and pushes against the wall. There we go. And rolling across, down. Brilliant. And center back again. And again, rolling down again, so open.

Those back ribs keep working in opposition. Good, and center. I'll be able to show you better on this side. Good. Change sides. And a little wider. Good.

And she leans into the wall and she rolls. Now I'm gonna pull on her and she's gonna lean back, or lean, lean away. Good. And then she rolls back to center. So I want all the externally start all the way back from the serratus. They're intermingled. And we want those kind of connection to happen all the way through.

So by leaning back, she really gets that connection to the obliques. And the internal obliques really work by pushing back against the wall. Good. Her hip one stays back, stays back, stays back, stays back. Good. And then reaches out.

Change sides again, please. And go, and push out. And you bring the knee up, and same thing, bring the knee up. Don't sit, and roll back into center. Good. And again, roll out of the leg.

'Cause I'm not letting her sit. She wants to move across a little bit more. Good. Up. See that? More wrapping. There. Good.

Much better. And again, go. Wrap. Drop this hip. There you go. One more time. Good.

And go, and push. Rope out, and well done. Guys, this is a lot of work. Yes, I'm really working Rebecca very hard. Her toes and her feet are working like crazy.

So as much as possible, (gasps) thank you. (laughs) I'm sorry. Being a bit of a dragon over you. Now, try not to sit back on... Keep that softness to the knees, so you could really adjust to one bone on top of the other. It's locked, then it becomes a bit of a problem. Good.

And again, go, lift the knee up. Out. Roll. Brilliant. And back to center. Good. And again, roll.

This times it's better. Good. And back to center. Good. And go, roll. Hip drop, there you go. And again, better.

One correction. Good. Last one through, and go, pull across. Lean, lean, lean, lean, lean, lean drop. Good. (speaking in foreign language) Good.

Let's have you lying down now. Good. Really good work. Lie on your back. And maybe a foot away from the wall. Your feet on the wall. Good.

Is that enough? Yeah, I think that's more enough. I'm gonna come down with you. Good. Okay. So now we've done a lot of the work, but I still want to do a bit of work on hamstrings and stuff like that. So we're gonna start by feet.

Hip distance apart. Again, exactly as she was against the wall. Long, lifted, tall, the back of the neck. Again, the bra line, the sacrum, the tail bone anchored down, yes. And we have a peel from the tailbone curling between her legs.

She's gonna roll up. Beautiful. Then she's gonna take her arms all the way back to the back wall. Good. Then she's gonna stay there. Reaching her arms away, she's gonna roll down through the spine. Beautiful. And then she's gonna bring her hands back again into center.

Beautiful. And again, peel. And, good. And reach the arms back. Good. And she's gonna roll down through. Nice.

And she's gonna center. That was really good. Now, adding on, she's gonna peel to roll up. Good. She's gonna extend the right leg up. Good. And then she's gonna take the leg all the way over.

Now, she'll flex her foot and she's gonna grab hold of it. Good. Put it down. Good. And then keep it down as you roll down, keep it down against you. Yes, and then bend and place it back. Brilliant.

And again, peel to roll up. It's looking good, and up and flex the foot. Good. Grab hold of the ankle, place it on the floor and roll your (indistinct). This should be a really delicious stretch. Let's do that one more time, because it's so nice to do.

And again, (laughs). And reach up, flex the foot as it goes back. Grab hold of the ankle, pull it down. Now, take your time. Roll. Glide down through the scapular as well, through the back of the ribs and let that tailbone drop and bend.

And last one, so push. Good. And reach, and go flex. Pull the leg down. Good. Roll it through, roll it through, roll it through. Pull that hip back. Good.

And bend, and center. Let's add onto that angle. Push up, roll back up again. Take that right leg up. Good. Tall. Flex the foot to take it all the way across.

Hold onto the foot of the ankle. Good. Stay up there. Now bend the ankle against the knee and push with one hand and pull and roll down. So looking a nice glute stretch, rolling and pushed, gently pushing the knee out to the side. Release the tail bone down.. Good.

And change sides. Roll back up again. Good. Leg up tall then flex and take it over. Grab hold of your ankle. And then from there, ankle over knee. Good.

And then roll yourself down, take your time. Hold on to that. Good. Push, push, push, roll through. Drop the shoulders, you don't need them. Release the tailbone, and come up.

Beautiful, and come back. Good. Let's get you completely against the wall this time. So, get your sit bones nicely against the wall. Good. And send the feet up. Good. Arms, that's good enough.

Let's go for a bit of footwork. So, you got toes, ball, heel flex. Good. And ball point. Good. Toes first, then the ball then the heel. Good. And keep dropping the tail bone down at the same time also.

Good. And again, toes, ball, heel flex, and ball and point. Good. And towards ball, heel flex, bend the knee, don't move the heels, and push out through the heels and point. Toes, ball, heel flex, bend the knees and push out through the heels point. And toes, ball, heel flex.

Point the right foot, and then change. Point the left foot. Good. The sit bones wanna lift off, the one that flexes. And out. Good. And don't let it, and out. Good.

And now flex forwards feet and let's go for a circle. Out ball point and parallel flex. Circle, ball point and parallel flex. Circle, ball point and parallel flex. Circle ball point...

But the other way around. And out, bend, parallel point. Out, bend, parallel point. Out, bend, parallel. And go one leg into circling away from the other path and circle.

So, two changes, one, two, and circle it around. Good. And one, two, and circle it around. Good. And one, two. And, brilliant. You know what? Bend the knees up (indistinct), which is the frog pose or the butterfly pose, whichever where you wanna look at it.

Good. And just gently have the big toes also kiss the... It's like the whole foot's in a prayer. Your hands push out against the knees. Gently, the elbows drop.

You just kinda wanna stay there for a little while. Don't push too hard. Just that feeling of leaning out of the back and really feeling the knees gently open out to the side. Good. Breathe over there for a couple of breaths. Good.

And then when you're ready, send the legs back up again. Good. Point to the foot. Have the hands out wide this time. Good. Have the feet put together and the tailbone dropping down.

Open the left leg out to the side, open it out. Good. Yeah. Good. And then the whole idea over here is you don't let your right sacrum move. Keep that right sit bone against the wall, the tailbone dropping down, and then you close back again. Good.

And open the left. Good. And so your arms really kinda work over you. The whole of the side of the internal oblique also on that side kind of really pushes down and you close back again. And again, breathing in. There's a lot of work happening around the upper body.

And close. Good. And reach out. And pendulum swings, and center. Good. One more time to either side. Reach out. Good.

And you push against the arm, and wrap muscles in there. Feel as you are knitting the waist muscles into the center. Last time, open the left leg out, stop there. Open the right leg out in opposition, and good, stay there. Good.

Spend a moment. And you'll find that your legs will start dropping slowly, but don't arch in the back again. Feel like you're pulling the whole of the skin of the back out, moving into the occipitals and round the fulcrum of the head. Good. When you're ready, toes, ball heel flex, bend the knees. Good.

And push back out again and point. (laughs) Sorry. You weren't expecting that. Bend the knees. Good. Flex and point. Good. Flex, bend the knees. Out and point. Good.

You can't see Rebecca's face right now, but she's out (laughs). Again, flex bend the knees. Good. And let's go one leg at a time. So you bend the right knee, and you bend the left knee. Good. Point the other one.

Yeah, that's gonna be easier. Pop and go, pop. Good. And go, reach. And reach. Good. Excellent. Okay. Bring the right leg up and bring it across all the way around. Good.

And circle the left arm around all the way through into, and circle it back around. Let's do that three times. Good. Drop it to the ribs. Good. And again, and go circle it around. Good. All the way through there.

And circle it back. And go circle it around all the way through. Good. And then circle it back and through, stay there. So open the right leg out. Good.

Left leg goes up to meet it. Open right leg out to the side, and close in. Good. And do a circle reach palm, and back around, and open. Yeah. And down and through it.

And it is a delicious stretch, this one. It really is. (grunting) Drop. Yes. That width just kind of gets so much longer. Angle, ribs and rotate and the occipital grows.

That's an angle. Last one through. Don't leave at all those little, little delicious details between the bones and the joints. Go, go, go, go, go out. Last one through, and go reach all the way through. Good.

Get a hip there. Yeah, you did a nice job for the hips. Now keep it there, keep it there, keep it that there. Grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, grow. Out, and lift the left leg up.

Good, drop. Lift the right leg up. Good. You moved away slightly. Good. This time, keep the legs up. Good. Have well kind of placed and start rolling the pelvis up all the way up. Good. Stay there.

Take the right leg all the way up and over. Circle it out to the side, keep parallel. Good. And then you close it. And go with the left leg all the way. Good. And circle it out. Good.

And close it. One more time. And don't drop the pubic bone. Keep the pubic bone pushing forward and down. Good. And out. Good.

And keep the pubic bone pushing and down. Open the right leg out to the side. And don't lose your hips. Good. There, circle and up. And the left leg out to the side. Good.

And, (indistinct). And up. One more time. And right leg out to the side. And circle, and up. Beautiful.

And left leg out to the side. Keep that big toe connection. Don't lose the big toe connection. And up. Good. (indistinct) Roll down. (groans) Soften, soften, and soften and release. Good.

Bend the knees out to the right. Oh, good work, Rebecca. Good work. Good. Okay. Let's go even deeper into the hamstrings now. So, turn around so we have to face the wall. Good.

And come closer, come to this side. Good. Have both your feet onto one mat. Good. And just walk yourself into the wall, so you're leaning. And I've got Rebecca leaning against the other wall. Good. That's it.

Then she's out over there. In that position, I'll get (indistinct). Bend the right knee, please. Good. So you got a nice sense of opening again, and then stretch it out. You go deeper.

Bend the left knee. Good. And you go deep. Good. And the right knee. Good. What if you walked your feet a little further forward, because I know you're capable. (laughs) Bend the left. Good. (laughs) And last one, bend. Good. And stay there. Good.

Now stop. Whenever you're ready take a leg off, heel, and you stretch it. Try and keep it parallel. Good. Stay there for five. Take the foot in if you can.

Four, good. Three, good. Two. Now slowly take the leg out to the side, big side stretch and bring the foot in, and good. Arrive. And there we go, bend.

Take your time first, take your time. Stretch it out. I'm trying to actually move her thigh in parallel. She's working very hard, and I have have her big toe against the wall. I'm drawing her hip down.

Then she circles her leg out to the side. Good. And she flexes. Good. And she comes down. Good. I'm gonna make her do this one again, so you can see what's happening out. So, there big toe no turn.

Big toe down. Good. And then, this leg is the one that slightly... Rebecca, I'm slightly gonna... Yeah, there you go. Adjust it. Then take the leg out to the side. Good.

And bring it down. Good. And the last one. This is the better angle. Good. Turn the foot in. Good. And take it out. Good.

And bring it down. Beautiful. Good. Gently move away from the wall. Good. Find you're down with doggy. Good.

Okay. She's worked really, really hard. Yeah, the wall work is, it's very strengthening. It's really, really very strengthening work. Because, there's a sense of pulling and pushing against it and it kind of gives you a (indistinct) feeling of lifting up out of the spine. Good. And then walk your feet in and just roll up through the spine. Good.

And bend. Roll up. It's great for balance. My clients who are having problems really balancing on the feet, have them against the wall and great results. Let's get you back again. Thank you. (laughs) Sorry, darling.

I'm really, really sorry. Good. Let's start over at the beginning of class, yes? Again, feel the length out of the legs, out of the spine. Try not to hyper extend.

Again, you want the softness of the knees, but you still want a pulling up of the kneecaps. Good. And then again, gentle push five. And as you push, grow. Feel the back ribs melt, and you grow against the wall. Two, good.

And one, and as you turn your head to the right, lengthen and look out. Now open up the eyes of the back of your head, so you can grow into that space behind you. Good. Come back to center. And again, move across. Good. And go center, and then come back to center. Good.

Drop the arms. Chin to chest, roll that forward. Again, this is just a sigh of rule. Breathe in, bend the knees, lift the head, lift the chest. And breathe out, soften down. Good.

And then this time as you roll up, curl up tailbone, lower, middle, upper. And as you come up, the little pinky spirals and the middle finger lifts the arms up. Good. Hands come up into prayer, soften. And you come down, beautiful. Good. And again, little pinky spirals.

Middle finger reaches up and around. Good. Arms in a prayer, pull and you come down. And the last one, don't move the shoulders forward. And reach. Good. That was beautiful, Rebecca. And the hands in a prayer. Good.

Pull, yes, keep that wide. That has been an absolute pleasure to teach Rebecca. That was great work. Guys, I really hope you enjoyed that class. Remember, leaning allows you to spread the back out.

Again, but working against the wall and working (indistinct) mainly on the floor we have gravity to help us. Over here, we're really working up against gravity. So, it uses a different kind of musculature. And again, the surface we're working on is much smaller, so you have to pull up more. You've already have to pull up and push down more.

So, there's a lot of work involved here. And again, the proprioception that you gather from your feet is quite essential, again, to build up that musculature. So, thank you for joining us. And thank you again, Rebecca. Thank you.

And please join us for all the other classes we have here on PilatesAnytime. Keep looking through all the work we have to offer, and there's quite a lot of that. Thank you so much.

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Thank  you  James . I  was  waiting  your  upload . 
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What an amazing class! Really phenomenal. I think I’ll need to take this class many more times to get a better feel for all the nuances. It would be really helpful to know how far from the wall the feet should be - hard to tell on a two dimensional screen. Many thanks!
Wowww !!!
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Your class just fixed my whole body! Hands down one of my favorite instructors...always bringing something new to this pilates platform! Thank you, James - much appreciation ~ 
Loved this class!!! Wow!!!! it will help me a lot with my clients. Thank you
Wonderful! Thank you James! I was waiting for a new video! I'm so grateful!
Silvia T
This is soooo inspiring!! Thank you James! I like how you use the wall in such a smart way.
Andrea F
Love your work, James. Another excellent class! Thank you!
Brilliant !
A lot of the time we'll flip an exersice over 180 and do, say, single leg stretch in supine and mountain climbers in prone/plank.  But getting up against the wall makes the 90 degree difference of turning criss-cross into an awakening of olbique and and serratus resistance.  Hip abduction and adduction becomes and end-range exploration of strength.  Try this class to challenge the muscles in a different orientation to gravity.

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