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Progressive Cardio

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Join Jamie Isaac in an intense and dynamic Pilates-inspired Mat workout that explores all ranges of movement with strength and agility! You will mix explosive power with full body integration as the workout builds in intensity and repetitions. Using repeating movement blocks that progressively increase in demand. This will transfer into improved strength endurance and our ability to stay effective in our game longer.
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In this workout, we'll take some recognizable Pilates exercises and throw in a few fun and challenging Pilates-inspired movements. The idea of this is that we're gonna play, we're gonna smile, and then you can repeat this, come back to it, increase the repetitions, and then use this workout to build on your stamina. Let's begin just by standing. Take a moment just to lengthen up through the spine. We'll start just by taking opposite hand to the opposite knee.

This is great, 'cause it switches the brain on, as well. So let's just tap across the body. Just bringing one knee up. We'll do a couple more of these and then we'll start doing this with a straight leg. One more on each side, and then try to swing the leg.

See if you can touch towards your toe. But stay in control, so we're not just throwing the leg up there. One more on each side. Alright, now just take the feet a little wider and we'll add a little rotation. Just moving from side to side.

Once again, we're letting the body move freely, but you're keeping it under control so that we're keeping the powerhouse engaged so that the movement is safe. That feels great, actually. We'll do one more and then come back to the center. Moving into our actual workout, let's do footwork. We're gonna take this from the Reformer and perform it standing.

So press your heels together, lengthen up through the spine, and then bring yourself up onto your toes. There's gonna be some balance involved. So if you need to hold onto something or use a gondola pole, that can be helpful, too. But otherwise, keeping the back as straight as we can, the abs drawing in and up, let's work. We go down and press up tall and again and lift.

Try to keep those heels pressing together. As we press up, lengthen up through the spine. Abs drawing in and up. Two more. All the way up.

Lower the heels down, bring the feet together and I want us to round the toes like we're gripping the floor. Get the arches active, as well. Same thing. Bending and straightening the legs. Trying to keep the back as straight as you can, almost like you're sliding up and down a wall.

Pressing tall. Two more. Okay, now lifting the toes, press through the heels, feel even weight through the heels, and let's repeat. Bending and straightening the knees. Reaching up through the head, up towards the ceiling.

Let's press five more out. Keep your connection to the powerhouse. Last one. Now separate the toes again. Stay in your Pilates stance and we'll lift up, press the heels together, lifting up onto the toes.

Reach the head up through the ceiling and keep the head reaching as we lower the heels down and lift for tendon stretch. Lifting up tall. Let's do a few more. Press the heels together. That's gonna help connect you to the seat and the back body and actually keeps you more stable and more balanced.

Let's do one more then. Lift it up, nice and tall. Reach, and reach the heels back down. We'll bring ourselves down to the mat. We're ready to continue.

Lower yourself onto your back. Bring your arms up to the ceiling and just begin by connecting the shoulders down into the mat. Let's take an inhale as we stretch them up to the ceiling. Then exhale, draw the shoulders down. And again, exhaling.

Melt the shoulders back into the mat. One more time. Then take an inhale, bringing the arms up past the ears as far as you can without lifting the the back ribs up. So we're gonna keep the back ribs down. Then bring your arms by your side.

Reaching again. Stretch the arms up. Back down by the side body. Last one. Stay nicely connected.

Abs drawing in and up. Bring the arms down by the side. Chin to chest, nose to navel, float the legs up. Straighten them up to the ceiling. And we're ready for our 100 now.

Let's get pumping those arms. Big inhales. Big exhales. And just to add a little bit of challenge to this, to have some fun, just scissoring the legs as we pump. Inhaling, exhaling.

Keep those abs scooping in and up. Reaching away with the legs, scooping back with the abs, pumping those arms vigorously. Last one. Exhale it out. Then bring the knees in, lower the head down.

Let's stretch our legs out long. We're gonna play with the roll up. We'll start with a more conventional roll up. So bring the ears between the arms, rounding up, stretching over the toes, scooping the abs back. And let's lower it back.

Vertebra by vertebra. Inhaling the arms up. One more just like that. Reaching forward, lowering back. Now this time, we come all the way up, and we'll just bend the knees a little, scoop your abs back, and then come up to sit.

Now this time, as you scoop the abs back, let's add a little twist, so reach out from fingertip to fingertip to stretch, come back up through the center. Let's go to the other side. Reaching back. Up through the center. And again, reach it back.

Stretch as far as you can. Up through the center. One more just like this, and then I'm gonna invite you to leave your knees there or turn the heat up a little with the legs out. Reaching back as far as you can. How far can you stretch before you come back up?

And again, how far can we reach back before we return? Last one on each side. Abs scooping, hips staying even, the sit bones, hips, all in alignment. Anchor down into the mat. Very nice.

Then just lower ourselves gently down onto our back. Ready for the rollover. So bring your legs up to the ceiling. And begin with a standard conventional rollover. So we'll lower the legs away.

Let's bring them up, over to the center. Separate and control as we come down. Let's repeat that. Press the shoulders and the arms down into the mat. Okay, let's reverse it.

Take them up, over, and then bring them together. Then resist as we come back down. Out, over, scooping your abs back one more time. And then resist as we come all the way down. Let's leave the legs pointing to the ceiling.

Reach our fingers towards our toes. Chin to chest. Let's reach up and press your palms down. Can you lift your hips up? And again, reach for the toes.

Lift up the hips. Reach for your toes. Should feel the abs warming up, for sure. But working the shoulders, the arms, even the back body's working. Last time.

Up, then we'll lower ourselves down and bring one leg down, the other leg to the ceiling. Ready for some play with the legs and the hip joint. So I want us to take our foot over as far as we can go, keeping the shoulder down. And then take it wide as far as you can, keeping your hip, opposite hip pinned. And then let's move those a little swifter from side to side.

Here we go. Across and out. Across and out. Two more. Keep control.

Bring the leg to the center, lower it down. And let's go up for 5, 4, 3, 2. And 1. Let's scissor the legs. Scissor the legs.

Scissor the legs. Alright. Repeating the same on the other side. Take your foot all the way over. Lifting this hip, but keeping the shoulder pinned down. Let's take it out to the side.

How far can we go? And then we go across the body for five. Here we go. That's one. And two.

Three. Two more. Bring it back to the center. Lower your leg away. Really reach it long and connect here as we go up.

And 4, 3, 2, and 1. Let's scissor, scissor, scissor. And roll ourselves up to sit. Ready for rolling like a ball. So bring your seat forward.

Now, holding onto the ankles, we'll start with roll like a ball as we know it. And then let's throw a little more fun into the mix, not that rolling like a ball can't be fun anyway. So pick the feet up, hug it in, and let's roll back. We'll do a couple of these. Scooping the abs, keeping it as tight as we can.

Let's do one more roll. Now what do you think? You can continue rolling or let's try and roll all the way to stand. Rolling up and just stand tall at the top. Let's go again.

How about if we jump? What do you think? Little jump and roll and a little jump at the top. Last roll. Come all the way up just to sit.

And we're ready for our ab series. So let's move our seat back to the middle of the mat. Stretch one leg out long, hug the other leg in. We're ready for single leg stretch. And let's just work through this ab series.

Just moving with some flow. Abs deep. Lift the leg. Lower back. And let's go straight into it. Hug and reach.

Give it a couple of pulls to pull in the knee into the body. Elbows wide, stay really strong through the whole powerhouse. Whole body should be working. We'll do a couple more on each side. Okay, bring both the legs in for double leg stretch.

Arms, legs, reach long. Sweep the arms and scoop the legs back in. Inhale and out, sweeping the arms. Hug it back in. Let's go again.

And again. Now on these next two, let's just play with it. Reach the legs out. Let's do some heel beats. Two more.

Then sweep the arms. Bring it in. One more time, reach it out. Heel beats. And then bring those legs all the way in.

Stretch your legs up to the ceiling for scissors. Let's take an ankle, stretch the leg out. Pull, pull, switch. Stay strong in the legs. Strong through the whole body.

Abs deep. Keeping the integrity of the powerhouse. One more on each side. And then bring the legs up. We're ready for lower lifts.

So take your hands behind the back of the head. Scoop the abs, bring your nose up as high as you can. And let's lower, lower, lower. And lift it back up. Lower, lower, lower.

Draw the navel in and pull the legs back up. Three more. And up. Two more. And up. Working strong.

Last one. And up. Bend your knees for crisscross. Let's criss, and let's cross. Stay with me. This is where it gets a little tough, towards the end of the ab series.

And one. And one. One more each side. Reach. Reach. And then come all the way up to sit. We're ready for spine stretch forward.

So take a moment with this exercise to breathe. So breathe it in. Sit tall, and then exhale, press it out, all the air out, and then refill. Let's go again. Exhale it out.

Inhaling up. One more spine stretch forward. Inhaling to sit tall. Now bring our feet together at the top of the mat and bring your hands by the side of your body. Now here, it depends on how your shoulders feel, but you can move the hands around, even make fists here for this exercise.

Let's do a little tendon stretch. Here we go. Lift the hips up. Push them to the seat, and then scoop the abs, press the navel back. Lift the hips up again, high as you can.

Abs draw back as far as you can. Press in up. It's always fun to take exercises that we find elsewhere in the studio, this one from the Reformer, and bring them to the mat. Press back one more time. And back.

And then, just to keep ourselves working, let's just march on the spot. Can you keep your hips even? And get the seat and the hamstrings doing some work. One more on each side and then lower our seat down. Bring our seat to the front of the mat.

Feet apart. So open leg rocker. Let's reach forward, take our ankles, and use our abs and the whole of the powerhouse to draw the legs in towards us. And let's begin with a little stretch. Take the right leg up.

Get it as straight as you can, lifting the heart up. Proud chest. Other leg reaches. Now can we take both legs up? You're welcome to just sit here and balance, but if you're feeling ready to roll, let's roll.

Abs scoop, rolling back, and coming back up again. Try and use your abs rather than the momentum. Take that moment to pause at the top. Now let's challenge this further. Can we do that with our arms free?

Kind of like we're doing our spine stretch forward. Hold it at the top. That's the challenge. Just do one more. And reach.

I gotta work for that one. I got there, though. Legs together. Lowering onto my back for corkscrew. So press our legs together, shoulders and palms press down.

Let's go through the biggest range you feel that you have available to you. So to the right, down, around, center, and lift. Resisting down. And again, around, center, and lift. Resist on the way down.

Let's repeat. Holding onto both the abs, the inner thighs, and the back body. Lift. Lowering down. One more in each direction now.

To the right, around. Work strong. Resisting down. To the left. Around. Up. Now resist all the way down. See if we can continue to roll all the way up.

Ready to play with the saw. So take your arms wide, take a breath in. So we still wanna breathe through this exercise, but let's add a little fun. So take an inhale tall. I wanna reach as though I'm gonna saw my little pinky off.

But then place my hand behind me and lift my hips. Let's come through to the other side. Exhaling. And then inhaling to lift. Pressing your hips up.

Inhaling all the way through. Around, up, and lift. Let's go one more in each direction. Breathe it out. Breathe it in.

Lift. And then all the way around. Come back to the center. Sitting tall. Let's turn ourselves over, ready for swan.

So bringing my legs together. Lift up and lift over. And we find ourselves in a plank position. So we can come down, lower ourselves down for swan if you want. If you want to keep the the heat going, let's add a little push-up.

Let's take our hands to the right and push-up just to the side of the mat. Come back to the left. Push-up on that side of the mat. Uneven push-ups. Just challenge ourselves a little more.

And one to the left. And pressing up. Come back to the center and lower gently down for our swan. So rest your forehead down on the mat. Hands are by the shoulders on the mat, connecting the back body.

Let's lengthen up as we inhale and then lengthen as we come back down again. It's all about making our body as long as we can. And down. Now reach your arms out a little way. See if we can lift ourselves up into extension and add a little twist as well.

So we lengthen up. See if we can reach tall up and come back down. To the other side. Lengthen up. Reach and return. One more on each side.

Here we go. Lengthen up and reach. To the other side. Lengthen up and reach all the way down. Hands by the chest again. One more swan.

Breathe it in. Exhale, lengthening back. Now take your seat back to your heels for rest position. Just draw the navel away from the thighs. Take a moment just to get yourself rested.

Get the heart rate back down. And then we come onto our hands and knees on all fours. Now for this one, you can curl your toes under for a little additional support. And let's reach the right arm and the left leg out away from one another. So as we reach, we stretch.

Bring them back. Change sides, reaching out and bring them back. You wanna land the knee and the hand together at the same time onto the mat. One more on each side. And then let's get the abs involved a little more, not that they're not working already.

This is a tough core exercise. Let's bring them in, reach it out, and then scoop your abs. Elbow comes in towards the knee. Reach it out again. Let's do four more.

Four, and three, and two. Reaching out and bring it in. Let's do the other side. So reach them out so we're stretching. And then we bring that energy in.

Lengthen, reach it out. Abs draw it back in. Three more. And in. Two more.

Last one. All the way in. Wonderful. Now lower ourselves back down onto our tummies. Okay, so from here, let's keep working with extension.

This time, just taking our arms just out to the sides. And keep your palms facing down. I want you to lift them up. Lengthen your body. And as we come up with the torso, reach the arms behind us like pulling straps on the Reformer.

Now stay lifted as we reach wide and we draw back. Come up a little higher if you can. Out to the sides, just lengthening all the time. Stay up if you can. Let's do two more.

Reach those arms back. Last one. Lengthen back. And then place the hands into the mat. And take your seat back to your heels for a little more rest position.

This time, while we're in rest, let's stretch the side body. Walk your hands over to the right and stretch. Hips back down. Feel that side body get a stretch. Just breathe into the side. Let's walk our hands to the left and do the same.

Take the head back, draw the opposite hip back. Just breathe in, into the side body. Just stretching it out. And then come back to the center. Let's kneel up for thigh stretch.

I'm gonna move forward on the mat. Bring my arms forward. Now connect again with the powerhouse, the seat, the inner thighs, all connected. And let's hinge back at the knees and lengthening up tall. And again.

Scooping the abs, reaching back. Feel that stretch through the whole of the front of the body. Two more to do. Lengthening back. Reach a little further each time.

One more. Okay, from here, hands back down onto the mat. Curl the toes under. We'll have a little play with movement. So take your seat back, elbows wide, take your nose along the mat, and then press, lift your heart, scoop your abs, take your seat back to the heels.

And again, we can push with the toes. Push with the whole of the body. Scooping the abs, taking the seat back. Let's do one more like that. And then the invite, as always, is to stay doing this, or if you want, let's see if we can do something similar with the knees off.

Press our hips up and we'll lower the nose to the mat, lift the heart up, stretch, and then scoop the abs and take the hips back. Two more of these. Head comes down. Lift the heart up. It's very strong on the arms, but it's the whole body working. One more time.

Lift and then the hips come back. And then lower once again to your knees and take rest position. That's a well-deserved rest. But as always in our Pilates, we never get to rest long. So let's turn ourselves over for bridge.

Lower onto our backs. Arms down by the sides. Now take your feet wide on the mat. Press your elbows into the mat. And for some intention, let's make fists.

So we're pressing down with force through the elbows. And let's bring our hips up to the ceiling. Let's press up as we inhale. And then exhale. Down slowly through the spine.

And again, press the elbows down, inhale up. And we can really arch up, pushing the hips as high as we can. Lowering slowly, vertebra by vertebra. One more time, press the hips up, really pushing the elbows down. Lower through the spine all the way down.

Now bring your feet together, arms by your sides. Lift the sit bones to the backs of the knees. And this time, we're looking for length through the body. So we're trying to elongate the spine. Bring one leg, point it up, toes up to the ceiling.

And I want us to push our toes through the ceiling five times. Here we go. Let's push up for 5, 4, 3, 2, and one. Lower the leg out and down. Let's change legs.

And it's the same on this side. Try and press through the glutes and the heel on this side. 5, 4, 3, 2, and one. And then keep the hips up as we control our descent, lowering down, vertebra by vertebra. Very nice.

Okay, rolling onto our sides. Let's have some fun with our side series. So I'm bringing myself right to the edge of the mat here 'cause I wanna start us actually lying in this side position. So you're gonna activate the entire body, sort of reach longer, reach longer. And I want us to see if we can roll, with control, to the other side.

Don't worry if you fall. This is all about fun. So here we go. Rolling from one side, rolling back to the other side, working together. And then we're going to our side kicks.

Stretch your top leg long and let's begin. Leg kick, front and back. Kick, kick, back, back. Kicking strong, reaching long. And again.

The upper body as quiet as you can keep it. Two more. And let's go up and down. Heel on the instep. Lifting up. Reaching down.

Lift it up, reach the leg long. And again. Two more to do. And up. And last time. We make circles now.

Small circles. Reverse them. Now bring your legs back into a line with the body. You know what's coming. Let's reach out long.

Three log rolls. Here we go. Rolling once. Rolling twice. And rolling one more time for kicks on the other side. If you've come off your mat, just bring yourself onto the mat.

Legs to the front corner. And here we go again. Leg kick forward and back. Kick strong. Reach the leg long.

Three more. Pressing the bottom foot down. Last one. And now we go up and down. Lift your leg up, reach it out, lift it up, stretch it long.

Try and keep the upper body quiet as you can. I know that's not easy. Last one. And then reach your leg out for circles. Small circles from the hip.

Reverse them back the other way. Alright, now let's roll ourselves back to the other side and then over onto our backs. Ready for teaser. So stretch the arms long, stretch the legs long. And let's connect with the entire body, so full body integration on this.

As we reach for the knees, reach for the toes, and lift the arms up, lowering down with control. Let's go again. Lift it up. Reach and lowering down with control. Don't spend too long at the bottom.

Let's reach back up again. Lift up, lowering down. One more to do. All the way up. Reach.

And then lower everything back down to the mat so that we can turn over, ready for our swimming. Now, for swimming, just reach your arms long, reach your legs long, and come up as high as you can. But don't compromise the length in the body. Let's lift it up. Big inhale to come up and then breathe as we swim.

And just swim fast. Swim strong, as high as you can. Hold, hold, come higher, and lower down. I'm sure that was great. So it was so good, let's do it again.

Reach your arms long, everything comes up. And let's swim, and lower with control. Curl your toes under as we place our hands by our chest and push up into a plank position. Knees off the mat. And as we exhale, in one whole unit, push ourselves up and just hold this plank.

Hold it strong. And let's rock through the heels. Let's do one more rock. Now, from here, you're welcome, if you want to, if that's feeling a little strong, to come to your knees. We can still complete this next exercise, but I want to bring my left foot to the outside of my hand, step forward, and feel that stretch, both in the front of the hip, gets a little mobility and stretch in the back hip.

Take the foot back and change. Feel that stretch. Take a moment of pulse or move as your body needs. Let's go again. And step and step and again and again.

One more on each side. Last one. And then from here, let's just rotate the body and bring ourselves to create a really nice stretch for the inner thigh. It also challenges our balance. So let's move through the hips now.

Moving from side to side, stretching the leg out and just trying to stay as stable as we can. To support that stretch, use your hands, use your weight on your hands. Let's do one more on each side and then we'll add a little stretch to that. An additional stretch, using the arms to open up the side body to find your balance point again. And then reach, stretch through the side body.

Come back through onto the other hip. And same again on this side. Just reach and stretch it out. Let's come back through and do one more on each side. Stretch.

Last one. Then come back through to the original side and lower ourselves down onto the mat, onto our forearm. Now, this exercise may look like a side bend, but it's not. What we're actually doing is challenging our outer hip and the abductors. So to do that, we could just do clams, but I want to turn it up a bit so we're pressing against gravity.

So now the leg that's doing the work is this bottom leg. Keep our body in a line with the top leg. Press through this knee, this bottom knee, and just press through the leg to lift ourselves up and lower down. So the leg's doing the work, it's not just all this obliques. But, of course, we're stabilizing with the shoulder.

Let's go again. Just press, press, press. And then lowering down. And again. Lowering down.

Two more. Should be feeling this right here. Last one. And down. Let's do the other side.

Same again. Stabilize the shoulder, pressing through the bottom leg. Keep your body, as much as you can, in alignment with the top leg. Pressing through the lower leg. Three more.

Last one. And then bring ourselves back around to the other side. Now, this time, we'll stay with that connection on that forearm. So the shoulder's connected. Stretch your legs out long and stack your feet for a little bit of side bend with a twist.

So lift your arm up to the ceiling. Hold as tall as you can. Just reach and then thread the arm through. Let's come back up, and thread your arm through. And up again.

Three more. Thread the arm. And two more. And reach. Last one.

Thread it through, reach it up, and let's transfer to the other side. Just change arms, change sides. Reaching up, thread it through, underneath the arm. Of course, if this feels like too much of a challenge for your shoulder, you can just hold this position. Just hold it statically and work.

Build that shoulder stability. Lifting up. Two more. Last one. And up.

And then come in all the way, onto all fours. We're gonna take a little rest position just for a moment and then come back onto all fours. Curl the toes under. Okay, from here, let's see if we can just pick the knees up off the mat. And this is a real core challenge that's coming up.

So be really strong. If just holding heels is enough, that's fine. Otherwise, opposite hand, opposite leg. Let's reach them out and then bring them back. And again, on the other side, reach it out and bring it back.

And again. Now, that is challenge enough. But if you feel like your shoulders are strong enough and stable enough, let's add a little challenge. Rotate through the shoulder. Opposite arm, opposite leg.

We rotate and lift our hips and arm up. Let's see if we can come back through and land it. Other side reaches out. Rotate and press the hips up. And let's come back through again.

Land it one more each side. How are we doing? Reaching out. Rotate through the shoulder, lift the hips up, point it up to the ceiling, rotate back around. One more on the other side.

And lift. And then we come back through, see if we can land it and take another rest position. How does that feel in your shoulders? Hopefully they feel strong, stable, and well worked. Curl the toes under again.

Let's take advantage of that body position for a little bit of knee stretches. So lift, round the back, lift the knees off, and we'll start with the left leg. Reach it out, bring it in. 4, 3, 2, and 1. Changing legs.

Here we go. 5, 4, 3, 2. And bring that leg in. See if we can place the foot forward and lower down onto our back knee. We're gonna do a couple of of squats now in this position.

So reach your arms forward and let's just press up. If you need to close the stance, then do so. And let's go down and up for five. For four, for three, and two, and one. Then let's change the legs.

The same on the other side, for 5, 4, 3, 2. And 1. All the way up. And then let's come down. Place the hands down and step back into a plank position.

Reach the body long. Now, once again, you can just hold your plank if that's more than enough. You can come to your knees if you need to. But otherwise, if you're joining me, bring one knee to your elbow. Let's lift it out.

Take it back. Other side. You're working the whole body. Stay strong. Stay connected. One more on each side.

And then let's turn over onto our seat for some more rolling fun. We'll do the seal. So from here, take your hands through the middle, around, and take hold of your ankles. Let's draw the legs in. Now stay nicely connected here.

Don't just let the rolling fun take away the actual focus of the exercise, which is to stay connected in the center. Let's clap our feet three times. Roll back. Clap, and repeat. Rolling back.

And let's make sure that that clap is coming from the hips, not the ankles. One more roll, and then we'll roll back and come all the way up to standing for our push-up. Okay, so three claps here. 1, 2, 3. Roll it back.

Three claps. And then coming all the way up to stand. Rotate. And we're ready for our push-up. So heels together, toes apart.

Arms up to the ceiling. With control, let's roll down. Hands come flat to the mat. You may need to bend your knees to make this happen. Let's walk the hands out.

And to begin with, three push-ups, elbows in. And then let's walk the hands back again. You got some more fun push-ups coming up. Stay with me. Reach the arms up.

Big stretch, big inhale. Exhale. Up and over. Let's round it down. Walk the hands forward. 1, 2, 3.

Now, here, let's just have a little play with this plank position. All of these plank exercises, you can use them independently as just little homework exercises that you can add into other workouts that you're doing. So let's lower to our elbows and come back up. Change hands. Lower, and press and press.

We'll do one more on each side. Press. Press. Last one. And press and press. Let's walk the hands back.

Scoop your abs up, bring your hands all the way to your feet. And then rolling up, with control, standing tall. Okay. Let's bring ourselves back into our split squat position. And this time, let's add a little bit of jump to it.

So a little bit of explosive energy. We'll just do a few on each side. Of course, you can return to this workout, and with any of these exercises, add more or reduce the amount of reps that you're doing as you build your stamina. So here we go. Let's bend the knees and squat up and jump.

And repeat. Little wobbly one there. That's okay. One more. And all the way up. Let's finish standing.

We've got the heart rate going. Let's finish in an upright position. Take our arms out to the sides. And the goal here is to bring your knee up to your elbow. So stand tall, bring one knee up, return it down.

Let's do the other side. Knee up and down. And again. Up, and up, and up. And after this one, let's go double time.

Here we go. Up and down, and down, and down. Let's keep going, a little quicker. Keep your body strong, straight, and long. Keep your arms up.

Last one on each side. Finish standing. Roll the shoulders back. Lift the heels, separate them to hip distance apart. Roll the shoulders back.

We'll take one roll down through the middle. Soft in the knees. Just let yourself just roll all the way down. Take a moment just to rag-doll it out. Bring that breath into the body.

And then with knees bent, just roll all the way up. Roll the shoulders back. Thank you for joining me for this fun but dynamic workout. You can return to this and repeat this, increase the repetitions, and build on your stamina.


Katerina G
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That was fun, thank you.
Shona Croft
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And that is my new favourite mat class …. 😍🙌
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Wonderful: the cues are straightforward, the exercises very energetic, and some of it made me think of yoga. Thanks!!!
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Inspiring! Thank you so much!
Jamie Isaac
Katerina G You are welcome! So glad you enjoyed it
Jamie Isaac
Shona Croft That makes me so happy! Thank you for working out with me 
Jamie Isaac
MARIE L So glad you enjoyed it! Definitely a few yoga inspired movements in the mix too (well spotted). Adding in from a variety of tool boxes for this workout! Thank you for joining me
Jamie Isaac
Copycat Thank you! 
Great, energetic class for an early morning workout! Thanks so much!
Amy K
Fabulous as always, Jamie. I really liked the different 'tools' or disciplines you brought into this workout. It is exactly how I like to use Pilates and I came away with some great ideas to use with clients. 
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