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Move for the Joy of It III

20 min - Class


Join Amy Havens for a quick, full-body Jumpboard burst! You will begin with leg, ankle, and foot warm-up to prepare your body for the challenging work to come. You will switch between leg and arm work testing your endurance and balance. Get ready - this class is going to get zesty!

You take this class with or without 2lb Hand Weights.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board, Hand Weights (2)

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Hi, everyone. Amy Havens here again. Now, we have a little burst of a jumpboard class, 15, 20 minutes. You'll need a set of hand weights. I've got a two pound set here.

You can use one or two or none. You don't have to at all. So I just wanted to do a real quick little jumpy session for us because it's fun. Exercise and workout should be fun and full of joy, right? That's where I'm at these days.

So come on down. Oops, we will need our weights to start with. And I'm on a balanced body, of course. I'm on two red springs to begin. And let's do pretty standard little warmup for the feet and ankles again.

For the beginning, everybody, let's just be in parallel, arms nice and along by your sides. You can just set your weights here. Take a three breaths to get centered. We'll stand, feeling energy out the top of the head, down, and anchored through the feet. And just an exhale.

(Amy exhaling) Couple more. (Amy exhaling) I feel a little zesty here. Okay. Now, guys, let's just do some knee bends to begin. Check in that you can do this and keep your heels flat.

If your heels start to peel up, which could look like that when you're coming down, we just don't wanna jump and land with those heels lifted. So if your range of bending is this, commit to that and really keep the heel down so much safer for your calf muscles, your ankle joints, and knee joints. Pretty much more your ankle, though. Okay. But if you have the range to come deeper deeper, deeper, please do it so you get that full range in your ankle and your knee.

Okay, one more time. Pelvis stays level all the while. Now, we'll roll through the feet. So I want you to bend those knees, stay in the knee bend as you lift those heels up, and then press through straight legs, lower your heels down so we can take a breath in. Exhale, roll the heels up, press and down.

Couple more. How articulated can you move through the foot? And only feeling those nice alive feet. Might always feel really different left to right. Now, we'll reverse it.

Lift the heels, bend the knees. Now, this is where it really how much ankle range do you have? Get those heels down and then push away. And when you push away, or as I sometimes will say stand up because we're really standing up right there, use your hips. You wanna use the back of the hip kind of glued area in the back of the legs.

Let's go one more here. You don't just shove those knees straight. You really use the muscles of the upper leg and the hip. Okay. Now, I want you to pivot into your Pilates V.

And let's do the same little warmup from here. Okay, just yeah. Four rounds of each. So it's a plié or a knee bend. Roll through.

Use the hips and lower the heels. So the jumping today or in this class, we're doing all in turn out when we're doing leg jumping. Sometimes, I'll do mainly parallel jumps. Sometimes, it's a combo of everything. Actually, we do one parallel.

Okay, reverse. We'll do some supine jumping. We have jumping from our hands. We're gonna jump from our side lying. And we have a stomach massage jump.

That's always really fun. One last time. Okay. And then rest. So the hand weights, you get to decide what you want to do with your hand weights.

Sometimes, you'll see me bicep curl. Don't get too married to what I'm gonna do with my arm. Sometimes, you're gonna see me do up and downs. I'll be doing some hug of trees. I'll probably be doing one and one.

I just want you to be creative with what your arm work is, or you could follow along completely with me but I won't be queuing my arm so much as what the feet are doing. Okay, just wanted to give you that. So let's begin. We'll be doing eight jumps. Get your brain ready.

Eight jumps in first position. That's what this is, right? I'll just give you a quick little what that is. Eight jumps with your feet apart, like those. And then third position.

If you're not aware of what that is, don't worry about it. You're just gonna cross one foot in front of the other one. And then the other third is with the other foot in front. That's as complicated as the feet go today. All right, here we go.

Eight from first position. One, two, three. And I'm gonna try to keep my heels together. Try that. Four, three, two.

We're gonna jump. Second position, everybody. And one, and two, and three, and four, and five, and six, and seven. And then third position. You'll do right foot in front of left, left in front of right, right in front of left, left when I'm landing.

Right and left, right and left. We're gonna start all over again. First position, eight jumps. Two, three, four, five. Okay, land in second for eight jumps One.

So I've just got my arms out, just holding the weights. Some nice work in the arms. So here we go. Six, seven, eight. When we jump in third, we're gonna do left foot front.

Here we go. Left and right, left and right, left and right , and left and right. We're gonna do the whole series again. Four jumps, plié first. Two, three.

Second position for four. Okay, third position, you've got right, left, right, left. Oh God, your brain, right hand left. Start all over with the fours. First.

Second. All right. Third. Left, right, left, right. Oh my gosh, we've got twos, everybody, two of each, two of each.

It's right, left. It's right, it's left. First position. Second, left, right. Oh my God, it's singles.

What do we do? What do you do first? Second, right foot. First. Second, left foot.

You get the whole deal. Right Foot, left foot. Four more. Three. Whoops.

(Amy laughing) It's fun when I kind of mess it up there like that. Perfection is boring. One more round. It's first, it's second, third. Your brain might be scrambled and rest.

Okay. Lift your feet. Shake, shake, shake. We're done with the jumping supine. So come on up off your back.

And we can just put these away. We don't need those. But the little bit of arm work that we did do was a nice preparation for this next section and gave you a little cardio burst. Did you feel that? So, okay, so jumping from hands.

If you've never done this before, it's really fun, I think. We just have to be mindful, of course, that the head doesn't get too close to the jumpboard. We absolutely need very light spring. I'm going yellow. If you have a yellow, a light, light, light please use light.

The reason, we want enough air time, jumping time. If you're having too heavy, then you come back in, and it's a little scary and not so fun. Okay, so we're on our knees. Wide hands. And just get yourself in a good position with your shoulders, support with your stomach.

I'm not resting completely down on my feet. I've got a little bit of lift here. You are gonna be coming up on top of the knees during these jumps and going back down at some point. Okay? It's all about this when you come back up onto the knees.

You really get some good glute work. For now though, let's just start jumping. I just think it's so fun. Away. And you just keep your focus, your eyes looking kind of down toward the springs.

You don't wanna look up and have your head up with impact like that landing with your neck lifted. Not good. Keep your head down. Long, neck, shoulders in position. Okay, you can always, always just stay with these.

Use your lats, and strong biceps, and triceps and push away. Use those to control your timing as you land. Okay, I have not counted. It's okay. You don't need to hear me count all the time.

But for freezing, I think I'll take us four more. One, two. And then we'll start coming up on high kneeling. I'm gonna keep going. Rest if you need to.

And what happens? You jump away and you've gotta really use those booties and lift. Press your arms back, land Pretty fun. Look straight ahead, spot something in front of you. Look down to the bottom of that jumpboard.

Use your eyes. It's really gonna help you with your balance because this is a bit of a balance challenge. Six. I'm gonna go to 10. Okay, seven, eight.

Who knew it would be glutes? And one more time. Now, keep going if you can. We're gonna go up with the hands and up with the hands. I feel the need to do a little jazzy hand because I said it would down.

You don't have to do jazz hands. Glutes and sternum lifted everybody. And push. Don't forget the tummy. Seven.

We'll do eight, nine, ten. And then we'll take just a little transitional moment here and pause here because, whoops, I wanna tell you the next one. First, how you doing? Hopefully having fun. The next series, still jumping.

My goodness, my breath. You're gonna circle your arm and trunk rotate, okay, while you're having all that air time. That's the idea. Should we try it? Here we go.

Push, circle. Look right back at that board. Don't spend too much time in this circle because you wanna be able to see where you're landing up. And hips stay square. Trunk is what rotates.

And the shoulder and the head, neck and eyes. Other arm reaches to the board. Hopefully, you're having fun. How about eight more? Up.

And smile. Hopefully, you're enjoying this as much as I am. I love the jumpboard. (Amy exhaling) One more time. Oh, how do you feel?

Hopefully great. Let's come down. We're gonna move into sideline jumping. And we need a spring change. So I would take off the yellow at a little bit more.

I don't love heavy on these either. I'm gonna do blue. Okay. So as you come into sideline, headrest is down, Wedge your elbow there and hand on the shoulder rest. And let's get into the position here.

I like this, but if this doesn't work for you on your elbow with your head and shoulder lifted like this, just to show you quick, you can come down and snuggle in this way. Either one works. I kind of just like to be up on this because little more challenging, I think. So let's begin in parallel. We'll be doing sets of 10 here.

And then there's like a parallel jump with like a flick foot, you'll see. And then we'll do 10 in turnout. And that'll happen two rounds. Then we'll do the other side. Ready?

Let's go. One. How pointed can you like get your toes? And your leg is parallel. Where are you thinking of jumping from?

Backside, not your knee, your bigger muscles here. Scoop up here. Six. And we got seven, eight, nine, ten. You can look at your foot, see it parallel.

Kind of nice to assure your alignment. Nine, ten. So it stays parallel, but then we do a little foot flick. It's for the connective tissue on the bottom of the foot, let's just say that. Don't even worry, it's hamstrings also.

Okay, just flick, push it back. And six. And eight. Kind of fun to hear something different too, right? Nine, ten.

Turnout. Now, your knee alignment, where should that be? Right over your second toes. And four. Feeling those hips now.

And five, we don't need a lot of extra tension, right? Too heavy on this. Also, we get kind of jammed up and through here. Light spring is usually really nice to keep the flow. Uh-huh.

I think nine, ten. And guess what? We do the whole thing again, but let's just do it in five. How's that? Five, and four, and three, and two.

Flicks. Ready? And oh, one And three, four, and five, five and turnout. And a one. Could always have put this hand behind your head.

Could have been an option I showed you. I'm sure if you wanted that, you would've done that for yourself. We have last one and land parallel, everybody. Wonderful. How's that feel?

so nice, right? Other side. I won't be able to see you. That's okay. Make sure your hips are on the mat.

You don't wanna start too far back here. I think that's a given. Parallel your foot. Go ahead and stretch out. Make sure you've got your nice lift here.

Shoulder position as well. Put set. And let's go. We have 10. I love watching the foot.

It's really nice to see your own alignment. You don't wanna let the femur drop down, or internally rotate, or land out of alignment, right? So watch that. Yeah. And push from your hip.

And six, seven. You're still getting your heel down, aren't you? Right, rolling through to heel. Nine. Keep going parallel.

And we just have the little brush of the foot. It's brush and brush. You'll most likely start to feel the back of the hip a little more with this brush. It's kind of weird how that kicks in. Seven, and eight.

Like you're striking a match. And then turning out really make sure that landing is accurate. Knee over second toes, turning out from the hip. And five. Lift on that bottom waistline.

So again, you could always put that hand back behind the head. Eight. Good. Everybody's doing so great, I just know. Here we go.

Second set of five. And one, two. I'm saving the very best for last, everybody. And four, five. Keep going parallel, flick the foot, brush.

And such good work for the hips, and the breathing, and your brain, full body. Okay. And then, everybody, come on in and rest. And then the last set of jumping business that we have here is stomach massage position. Mm-hmm.

So you've seen me do this before. I kind of like it. So here's the deal. Get cozy in terms of it's not the stomach massage kind of traditional where you're trying to get your tailbone this way. I don't think that's realistic here.

This is hard enough just to get yourself hold on to the edge of the carriage. Get yourself in your Pilates V. What am I about... Hand in hand, maybe. That's about right.

You'll know to be able to get into this setup. Shoulders over pelvis and round yourself, right? So you've got that. Now, you may or may not be able to keep your heels down. I'd love it if you could, but if you can't and your heels are starting to come up, all right.

But try not to peel the heels up. This is so hard. Six. It's so good for us. And seven.

So really, you guys got really work your C-curve. This may not be for everybody. And see, my heels aren't landing, are they? No. Hmm.

Heels, there they go. Just four more. Three, mm, and two. Gosh, that used to be easier for me. Oh, well, that's all we do.

Guys, we're gonna finish with the figure four stretch. So just take an ankle above a knee. This foot down here needs to be aligned, right? You don't wanna have your foot turned out parallel. Put your hands on this knee here and just lean forward a little bit.

You can round your upper back. We wanna feel the stretch in the hip of the legs on top. Go as low as you feel like you'd like to go. And then I would like you to come all the way to sitting tall, cross this leg completely. Get a little cozy.

And then turn a little rotational stretch. Just feel lifted. So that little burst of a jumpboard series can kind of mix that in between clients or in a mat session. And then just come down and do some jumping. Just fun to jump, I think.

Get a little cardio burst. Okay, so here we go. You can lean into it, everybody. Important to take that time to stretch out. I think just a basic stretch in those larger muscles of the hip.

Okay. And then lastly, just cross completely here A little twist up with your sternum. Good. Thank you for jumping with me. Let me know how you like that.

I'll see you next time. Bye-bye.


Valya Karcher
I really like the shorter class format. It's easier for my schedule to watch while I'm getting ready in the morning and over coffee. It gives me a fresh mindset going into the studio for classes. Thank you Amy and PilatesAnytime!
Love this full body, quick workout,  and variations especially the arm jumps with rotations, really cool, thanks Amy! 😊
Love those arm jumps on a yellow spring! Quick and efficient! Thanks Amy!
Short and sweet bootie burner!
Taghrid K
Great fun class Amy, loved the variations especially the arm jumps and circles. How a short spurt of jumping energises you. Thank you 
Oh my goodness! Can’t wait to try the “Stomach Massage” jumps…😳
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Those stomach massage jumps took me out!  I was shocked at how wobbly my legs felt at the end of that workout.  Just shows you how a well structured class can work you incredibly well in a short amount of time.  Nicely done Amy!

Thank you Amy- so clear and concise, I can follow along with just your audio cuing. Gonna keep working on that stomach massage- whew!
Loved!!!! And loved some more!!!
Yes, yes - quick and zesty - perfect for those rushed mornings when you need the energy up!
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