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Mega Burn Circuit

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The Mega Burn Reformer class with Tracey Mallett is a total body cardio and strength training burner! It starts off with a nice flow warm up, then gets your heart pumping on and off the Reformer using Hand Weights and the Box, and finishes off with amazing stretches. Tracey perfectly blends a series of isometric movements, pulsing and classic pilates to hit your whole body. Save this class and come back to it over and over!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board, Hand Weights

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Hi, everybody, Tracey Mallett here. Welcome to Mega Burn. Yes, you heard me correctly. Mega Burn. We are going to have a fantastic workout today.

Don't be scared. This is gonna be a great workout. All that you need is a big smile on your face, and you're gonna work really hard today. I want you to grab yourself some light two pound weights, two to three pounds. Actually, I'm gonna work three pounds today.

So I've got my three pound weights, I've got my jump board set up, I've got my box right there, and I've already got my reformer set up at one spring, one red spring. So get yourself set up, 'cause we're gonna moving pretty fluidly today. So let's get in front of your reformer, feet width apart, and we're gonna start with just a fantastic squat just to warm up that lower body. We ready? So we go down and up.

So you're in your squat position here. Down and up. Your weight is back on your heels. The toe is lifted. Gonna work into that posterior chain.

Keep breathing. Let's do eight more. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Now, hold it here, hold it back. Little pulses, this teeny tiny pulses.

Draw in those abs. Think of lengthening that lower spine. You're tilting the pelvis slightly underneath you with your lower abs, not your glutes. Can you feel those legs start to work? Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one.

Lift up, turn your legs out. Clear here. We're gonna go right then left, just to stretch out the inner thighs. Quick little warmup. Side to side.

Four more, zero reaching four, three, two, one. Reach, stretch over. Turn around, hips are square. Stretch out that hip flexor. Now, we're gonna go up and down just to actively work that hamstring to lengthen it out.

Gotta warm up those muscles before we start to work them. Four, three, keep the hip square. Two, and a little bit of a stretch. Come back, turn, reach the hands out, and left and right, reaching out. There we go.

Four, three, two, and in that side stretch. There we go. Ready? Turn around. Hip square.

Hold that stretch. Now, we're gonna go up and down. That's it, every time we stretch out that knee, we're stretching out the hamstring. Just a couple more. And one more.

Bend the knee back into the center and just bend and extend those legs. Open up your hips, fingertips on the floor, and look out on the horizon for four and three and two and one. Legs come together, bend your knees, curl all the way up. Let's get quickly onto the reform. Make sure your head rest is up.

We're gonna lower down. Feet on the top. Start to do our little baby jumps and push out. Like I said, I'm gonna be moving pretty quickly today. Just catch up when you can.

If you need to take a break, take a break. And then every time you do this class, you're gonna get a little stronger each time. So we're gonna click the heels together. Click. Start to get a little bit more power if you can.

Four more. Four, three, two, one. Bring the right knee up. You jump in with the left leg. Hold on to that right knee.

Give yourself a little bit of a stretch. Now, focusing on that opposite leg, bending and extending. I'm gonna work with a little bit more power now. I'm starting to increase the intensity. Hold onto that knee.

Give yourself a little stretch while you're working the opposite leg. Bend. Bend. Couple more, ready? Switch that leg.

Opposite leg. Hold that knee in. Now bend, push. I wanna see that knee bend, pushing and working that hamstring. Put a little bit more tension to the back of the thigh.

Focus a little bit more to that posterior chain. Our hamstrings need a little bit of help. Otherwise, the quads just dominate. Trust me, I go from experience. My quads will dominate.

Push out. We're doing amazing. You're gonna do a couple more, and then we're gonna go right then left. You ready? So switch, go.

Switch, switch. It's kinda like a single leg stretch, but we're going for a really nice flexibility stretch here. Draw the knee into the chest. Draw the knee into the chest and chest and chest. Four more.

Then we're gonna change the focus of this to a little bit more ab. We're gonna bring the head off of the mat. And now, we're not pressing the knee to the chest. We're gonna resist. So we've changed the focus a little bit more to your core.

It's like a single leg stretch, and I'm resisting the knees that comes into the chest. And I resist and resist. You gotta land softly. Four more here. Four, three, two, and one more.

Take your head down, back to little jumps. Four, three, two, and one. Slowly bring it down. Take it all the way up. Now, we're gonna take you down to one blue spring here.

Grab your box, put your box short ways. So I've got my box. All righty. We are here. We're gonna push out.

Come to the side. So your knee is against your box. Forearm is down, top leg is bent, and we're pushing away. There we go. So get your knees somewhat close to your box, and in your sideline.

So lift up under underneath a bleak. Now if you feel comfortable, hand behind the head. Your choice, or place it right here for a little bit more support. And push. A little bit more power in that legs.

And push. Four more. Four and three and two. You ready for Pilates side kick? It's coming up.

We go flex. And flex. Flexing that leg forwards. Try not to collapse on the underneath oblique. Here, you get your shoulder blade.

Drawing down and back, flex. And flex. Four more. Four and three and two. Give me one more.

And one, gracefully bring it down. Lift up. Turn it around. We keep on moving. That's our theme.

Keep on moving. And we push out and in and out. Make sure your foot is towards the top corner. Adjust yourself so you're lifted up out your box. Maybe you can put your hand behind your head.

And we're pushing out an in. Woo. That's the out and in. Now, when you're ready, we're gonna go into our lovely Pilates side kick. Let's go and flex and flex and flex.

Keep lifting out of your box. Pull your shoulder blade down. Lift up underneath you underneath oblique. Flex. Flex.

Flex, that's it. Four more. You have this, and four and three and two. Give one more, and one. Bring it down.

Turn around from here. Get your pubic bone right on the edge. We're gonna walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk. And ready, press in and out. There we go.

Your knees are on the mat. Your pubic bone is right on the edge. Lots of pulling and pushing today. Functional Pilates here. And slow.

Keep it under control. Pulling your shoulder blade down and back. Breathe. One more. Take the hands on the top, elbows wide.

Now, changing the direction of your elbows going laterally. There we go. Hands on the top of your razors. Reach out to the crown of the head. All right guys, let's do eight more.

We ready? And eight, seven, six, five. Give me four more. Four, three, two, one more. Pull in, reach out.

Now, slowly come back. Now from here, hand stay where they are, and we are gonna pull a little bit off. Heels together, knees apart. Look up. Now we go down and up.

So you're in your diamond position here. I'm holding onto the railings. I'm not right at the edge. I'm pulling a little bit forward so you can feel that tension on the spring. And I'm trying to keep the reformers still.

And my knees are going down and up, down and up. So I've got some nice range of motion going on here, 'cause the knees can go down towards the box and then lift. Woo-hoo, a little booty working here. Okay, so four more here. Four and three and two.

A little extra burn holder here. Knees together, in and out. We call these, they're like Elvises for shaky legs. I use them in my bar classes, and we're abducting their knees like a clam. I like the word Elvis better 'cause it's shaky legs.

All right. We doing it there. All right, can we do eight more? Yes, we can. Eight, seven, six, woo, five, four, three, two, woo, and one.

That is a killer. Come back, mega burn. Okay, come all the way up. And let's step gently off. All right, we're gonna take it up to one red spring now.

One red spring. We're gonna pick up one dumbbell. I've got three pounds. Like I said, if you wanna go heavier, you absolutely can. We're gonna come into your box, and we're gonna go forwards right in your well.

Put your foot against the box here. We're gonna bend. We're gonna push up, bend down. Push up, bend down. So you're gonna extra weight of your upper body.

Up and down, you could double up your weights too. So you have two weights in your hand. And up. Bend down. Up, bend down.

Breathe in. Four more. Four, three. Exhale, two. And exhale, one.

Bring it down. Pulse, eight, seven, six, five. On that supporting leg. And hold it. Amazing, come all the way up.

Push out, turn around. Put your foot here on the box. Squat down. Are we there? Let's go.

Push out and in. Out and in. Out and in, that's it. Your stable side is working super hard. That leg on the floor is working the hardest here to stabilize the whole body, because you're pushing against weight.

There we go. Four more, everyone. Okay, four, three, two, one. Hold it here, ready for your squat. Little teeny tiny pulses all on that stabilizing leg.

Four more. Four, three, two, and one. Lift up, amazing. Come all the way down. Let's step onto your box.

Bring that carriage in and bring it in. I'm gonna pop my little weight down on the floor for now. Okay. We're gonna take it down to one blue spring. So a half spring.

We're gonna walk into our core now. Put your hands behind, bend your elbows so you are on an incline. Super important that you are on an incline. Now from here, you're just gonna push back and in. So you can see my hips are towards the edge of the box.

My hands are pressing forwards, my elbows are bent. Now, start with a little baby jump, a little tiny baby jump. If this you feel not comfortable, just push out and in. And then as you get stronger, more comfortable, then you can add the jump. It's a little bit more challenging.

It's like a jumping teaser. All right, so look towards your feet. Keep pressing forwards. Now it's gonna get a little bit more challenging, or you can stay exactly where I am. We did like a little pike, like a little lift.

So I'm lifting with my core. The object is to lift with the abs. Of course, your quads are working, of course, and your hip flexors. But I want you to put a little bit more focus on your abs. Teaser.

Teaser, so I could take a picture of you. Jing, right there. Hold it, that's it. Hold it. Can we do four more?

Four. Exhale, three, exhale, two. You've got one more. Exhale, one. Bring it down.

Feet, feet, hands forwards, toes on the floor, heels against your box. You know what's coming up next 'cause we are right here. Ready? Lift your hips up. You're still on a light spring.

You are on a blue spring. You're gonna push out, bring it back. Balance. Down, push out. Draw the knees underneath toward your chest.

Hit the stopper, balance. Push, out. Bring the knees underneath you, hit that stopper. Stay low. One, reach.

In, stay low. I'm watching you stay low. Ready? Four more, go. Four, in, stay low.

And out, in, stay low. Two more. And out. Drew it in. Stay low.

One more. And out and in. Stay low, stay low. Tilt the pelvis underneath. And we go tilt, release.

Tilt, release. Exhale, tilt, five more. Five, release. Four, release. Three, are we breathing?

Two, one more. Hold it here. Hands down, lower down. Woo-hoo. Release.

Come all the way down. Back of reformer here. Get down onto the floor. We inhale, exhale, curl down. Walk out into your plank position and hold it here.

Right knee towards chest. Left knee, right knee. Keep your hips in line with your shoulders. You know what's coming. You can do this.

You can either stay here. Maybe you're marching in place. That's totally fine too. Or you can take it to the last level with me and go. Go, go, go, go, go.

Press, ready. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Hold it. Up we go into our pyramid. Heels are flexed.

Hold that position. Do not come out of it. Ready? Go back down again. We're gonna repeat that or run in place.

I don't care what you do as long as you're moving. Ready? Come with me. Go, run. Eight, seven.

Come, you got it. Six is the mega burn. Five, woo-hoo, four, and three and two and one. Woo-hoo. Hold it there.

Walk your feet to your hand, see, look, my heart rate is up. I'm panting with you. This is a live cut class. No editing here. We are working with it together.

All righty, next one. Half spring, you've got it on that blue spring. We're gonna get up onto the top here. Now, hands forwards. Right knee is against the edge.

The opposite leg is here. Now, if that does not feel comfortable, your modification would be just here. Pick where you wanna go to. I'm gonna go right here to the hardest variation, of course. Arms here, put your shoulder blades down, and just push out and in.

So everybody get into the position that you want to be in. Either following me or your knee on the carriage against the box. You got two variations there. Now, arms are straight. Now, we're gonna jump.

Watch you don't lift your leg too high. Otherwise, you're gonna miss the jump board. So you're gonna keep it under control and push out. And out. Now, we are on a blue spring.

You can go to a red spring too. In the future, if you want a little bit more, obviously, challenge. But honestly, I'm working on a blue spring, and I think this is perfect. But there's always some of you that wanna be challenged a little bit more. So that's what you would need to do.

Keep it going. Let's do five more, everyone. Ready? Five, keep those arms straight. Four, three, two.

Keep that leg low. And one. And bring it down. Switch with the other leg. You got this, hence, just push out and in.

When you're ready, let it go. And jump. Lot of balance here, look at the arms. Your core is balancing you. So it's all about your upper body stabilization, allowing you to jump.

So this is not about your glutes and your legs, it's about your upper body and your core. So shift your focus to that area. Get the focus away from your booty. It's about your upper body here. Keep your hip square.

Nearly there. Just a couple more. Woo! One more, you gotta focus. And then down. And relax.

Well, kind of. We don't relax in this class. We come into the side. Turn to the side, your knees are hanging over. Pick up that strap.

Now, we're gonna put your hand down, so I'm gonna make sure your headrest is down, hand down. You in a side bend, your elbow is high, and we're gonna go into a simple tricep extension. Now your focus is down towards your hand. There we go. Now, once again, if you wanna make this challenging, you could go to the smaller strap or choke it up.

But try and keep on that same spring. Fully extension. This challenges me. Four more here. Exhale, keep looking down.

Four and three and two. Give me one more, just one more. And bring it in. Take that strap, wrap it around the outside. We're gonna take it on your foot to start with.

There we go, this is kind of round your ankle. Take your hands back, bend your knees, push that leg out, and then abduct the leg. So I'm in a slight seeker position here. My hands are behind me, my elbows are bent, and I'm abducting the leg. Once again, walking into the glute and opening and close.

Not as easy as it looks. That's why we're doing it. Mixing it up sometimes is good. Keeps the practice fresh. Keeps your body challenged, and keeps your mind mentally challenged too.

Careful more. One more. And bring it back. Take it in. Switch to the other side quickly.

Elbow high, hand down, and extend. Now, look down to the floor as we extend. In, in, in, press up. Now, a little cue here is try and get both cheeks of your butt planted on the box. Little challenging.

And the outside hip wants to elevate and you're gonna stop it. Look down to your fingertips if you can. Get the elbow high full extension. I want you to hit that full extension. Nearly there.

Here we go. Couple more. One more. And then back, beautiful. Take that strap on the outside ankle, wrap it around, hands behind, legs straight.

Press out on in. So I'm on the incline position, there we go. I have like the best view in the world right here. Looking at that fantastic ocean, fluidness of the water, which is gonna correspond to your body. Your body's moving fluidly.

Fluidly, as we abduct the leg, the abs are tight, and we press out and in. All right, can we do four, four, four more from here? Ready? Go. Four and three and two.

And you've got one more and one. Bring it in. Take that strap. Put the strap down, and we're gonna step up. Bring your box.

The box goes down now. So right the way down here. I'm gonna take it up to, I'm going to work at one red spring. You could take it up to a green spring if you want a little bit more heavier. But I would start off with one spring and then you can take it up.

Got my weights here. I'm stepping up, stepping up. So there's a little bit of balance challenge here. Your right leg is gonna start here. And all we're gonna do is to start with, lift up nice and tall, arms by the side of your body.

I'm just gonna abduct the leg to start. There we go. So this feels pretty easy, not too challenging. If you wanna take it up a little bit more, you can. But we are gonna do some lunges from here.

So you choose now if you wanna take it up a little bit higher, go to a green spring, or a red and a yellow. I'm staying at one spring for now. Now, I'm going to push it out. Push, bring it in without crashing, and I'm gonna step back into a lunge, come back again. Press out, bring it in.

It's a lot of directional change here. Ah, so you gotta focus. Step back and in. Now we're gonna add the arms. Open in and then just keep the arms down as you step back into your lunge.

Just to be careful here. Push out and in, step back, forward. Push out and in, step back, forward. Out and in, step back, forwards, one more. Push out and in, step back, step forwards.

Step back, step forwards. You've got it. You're here. Step back at the arms, reach. Back, lunge.

Tap the reformer. Lunge, tap, lunge, tap. Four more. And four, tap. Three, tap.

Two, tap. One, tap. Step down, step down. Now, we're gonna lead with this leg, which is your left leg. Up, up, down, down.

Up, down, down. Up, down, down. There we go. One, two. One, two, one, two, woo-hoo.

One, two. Simple, simple. Intense is high. Up, up, four, four, three, three, two, two, one, one. Woo-hoo, okay, guess what?

The other side, so quickly get your box. We're moving. We're moving, everybody. Lift up. Pick up your weights, nice and tall.

Shoulders start to push that leg out. Remember, it's not too challenging, but that's okay 'cause it's gonna get harder. There we go. Pushing out into your glutes. There we go.

Now, we're gonna be adding that directional change here. So ready, we push out, bring it in. Step back. Here, push out, draw it in. Step that leg back in your lunge, heel off the floor.

Take it back, push out. Now, we have it. We can add the arms, out and in, step back. So you gotta take all the way the carriage to the stopper, and back and in. Out, bring it to the stopper.

Step lunge and back. Step it out. And in, lunge. And back. You got this, you're doing amazing.

Give me one more. Step back, you're ready? Tap, tap, tap. Add the arms. Tap, tap.

That stabilizing leg, keep the hip down. Woo-hoo. Four, three, two, one, step down. Leading with this leg, ready? Up, up.

Woo-hoo! There we go. Up, up, down, down, up. Down, down, up, down, down. Down, down, up, up. We've got eight, yes.

Seven, six, woo-hoo. Five, four, three, two, one, woo-hoo! Put those weights down, all the weights down. I'm gonna pick up my box. Put my box slightly out here in front. All right, we're gonna roll down.

Walk the hands forwards. Get yourself into a pushup position here. Here's your pushup position. Hold it here. Nice and tall.

Now, we're gonna rotate to face me, face forward. So rotate. Put the hand behind your head. We're all here. Face me.

Pull your shoulder blades down. Let's hold it here. Now, we're gonna drop the hips. Drop the hips. Inhale, exhale.

Drop, lift up. Inhale, exhale. You've got three more. You've got this. Three, lift up.

Two, lift up. One more, down, lift up. Planky. Hold that planky. Pull your shoulder blades down.

Rotate, hand behind your head. Hold it here, drop the hips down, or stay in your plank. If you don't wanna drop those hips, just stay in your plank. Hold it. Down and up, down and up, down and up.

Four more. Up, three, two. And hold it there. Back into your plank. Lift yourself up, walk your feet to the box.

Roll yourself all the way up. Pick up your box. I'm gonna take my box to the end just out the way. Put the box right here. All right.

Come back onto your jump board. One half spring, one blue spring. Get your headrest down. Come all the way down. We're gonna go into a jump here.

I'm just gonna make sure my little straps are set right. Keep it nice, it can jump, you guys. Little jumps here. Little baby jumps. Now, what's gonna happen?

We're gonna jump and we're gonna wrap our hands around and we're gonna hold onto those rises right here. Are we ready? So wrap around and catch. All right, so we're gonna lift the legs, lower the legs. Lift and down.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, double legs, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Now, we're continuing to roll up.

Roll over, roll over. So in your rollover, open flex your feet, curl down, circle, and back. Inhale 90, exhale rollover. Open flex. Reach the energy out through the heels, tailbone hits, mini circle as we lower the legs.

Inhale 90, ready? Exhale. Open flex. Curl, curl down, you have one more. Everyone, one more.

Hold on tight, inhale 90. Use your abs to lift over. Open flex and press the energy up through the heels. We circle and we look down to our feet and we lower down. Flip your headrest up.

Take the hands behind the head. Look towards your feet and jump. There we go, and a super duper light spring now. Super light. Yes, those abs are firing.

All righty. Now, we're gonna have a little bit of fun to finish off here. We're gonna bring the legs up using your core. Legs come up, legs come up. Now, we're gonna add the arms.

Tap, tap, tap. Woo-hoo. Tap the shins. Tap the shins. Six, five, four, three, woo-hoo, two, one.

Keep jumping. Keep jumping, we're not out the woods yet. Yes, drop the head down. Turn your feet out. One more little combo with that jumping, and then I'll let you go.

Gotta finish off strong. You're gonna finish your class how you started it, strong and energetic. Now the legs are gonna have fun now. The legs are gonna go, "Wee!" So it's like an open straddle. Doesn't that feel good?

Just that open straddle. Here we go. Lifting that legs up in that V. Now, gets even funner. Is that word? (laughs) How are you gonna lift your head and shoulders off?

They're matte. And guess what comes next? You got it. Tap. (laughs) Tap. Tap.

Woo, four more. It's like a little trampoline here. Four, three, two, one more and bring it down. Woo-hoo! Knee to chest, I know you all smiling, 'cause even if you just tried it, it's still fun, right? Hold it here, just take your right strap.

We're just gonna stretch. Put your right strap in. There we go, take the leg down. You deserve a nice stretch. Amazing work today.

My heart rate is up just like yours, so take few minutes just to bring it back down to a normal heart rate. Drop that hip. Give those lovely hamstrings a nice stretch. All right, stick it out to the side. The adductors.

Inner thighs. And let's take it to the iliotibial band. Woo, I definitely feel that iliotibial band. Drop that hip down. Long waist, internally rotate it.

Don't jump out on me right now. Finish the class with these stretches. These are just as valuable as all that cardio that we did, and all the strength training. Just as valuable. All right quickly, switch other side.

Get that foot in. Put that foot down. Oh, there's that hip flex stretch. Drop the hips down, long waist. Hamstring, if you wanna bring it further, if you've got some flexible people here, we can pull a little bit more.

Ooh, and then open out to the side. There we go, that nice stretch. Internally rotate it. Iliotibial band, drop that hip. Keep that hip down on the mat as much as you can.

Shaky shake, you're gonna feel your legs shake a little bit. That's a good thing, they're stretching. All right, come back to center. Take that strap down. Bend your knees into your chest.

One last little hug. Give yourself a nice hug. We all need a little bit of self-love. Nice little hug goes a long way. Let's turn to your side.

Sit up nice and tall. How you feeling? Feeling good. See, this is that feeling I was telling you about. You feel really good now.

Reach your hands over your head. Grab ahold of your right wrist, a little side stretch. Thank you so much for joining me today. I had so much fun teaching that class. I hope you had just as much fun doing it.

Switch to the other side. And release. Let's roll up, finish off with a rolldown to realign the spine. Gonna get deep breath in. Exhale, chin to chest, curl down.

Reach to the floor. Roll all the way up, and pull your shoulder blades down. Thank you, everybody. Have an amazing day. See you again right here.



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Always great videos 👏🏻👏🏻
Laurie G
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AMAZING Class !!!  Thank you for always thinking outside of the norm.
Shona Croft
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Fabulous workout Tracey that was fun and sweaty!!!! 
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Great class Tracey. Just love your energy!
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Great class!!
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Great class!!
You always surprise me with your great sequences, I really enjoy doing your classes! :)
Annie R
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Wow - there were some things there that will take second time around to get my head around - but as always fabulous class.  Thank you.
Michele M
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Super fun and energetic class.  As always, thank you Tracey for your  amazing classes on PA!!:D
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Super fun, great energy!
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