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Turn Up the Heat Reformer

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Turn up the heat with this advanced Reformer workout by Laura Hanlon. She teaches traditional exercises, adding seamless transitions between each movement so that you can keep the flow through the entire class. She includes exercises that will challenge your stability, strength, and control like Long Back Stretch, Star, and much more.
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Hi, I'm Laura Hanlon, back on the Universal Reformer for a little bit more advanced work today. We'll get started seated. Beginning with some leg and footwork today. I'm on two reds and a green. Three reds, whatever works best for your body.

Same with that foot bar being up at appropriate level and headrest lifted as well. We'll start scooting the hips towards the front of the reformer. Reaching the arms forward. Taking a deep breath in at the top. And exhale to contract.

And roll all the way down vertebra by vertebra, settings ourselves up. Shoulder blades against the shoulder blocks here. Chin and chest are lifted. Palms pressing firmly into the carriage by the sides. We'll start today in a prehensile position, wrapping the arches of the feet around the bar.

Staying parallel. Zipping up tight through those inner thighs. Lengthening the carriage all the way back as we breathe in. And exhale to return. Inhale to lengthen, lifting in the knees and the thighs.

Exhale, breaking right at the hips. Using those glutes and hamstrings as we move through the leg and footwork. So, we're lengthening the front of the legs, engaging in the back of the legs. Inhale to press. Exhale to resist.

I like to think of my lungs expanding with the spring as it opens on the inhale. And everything closes on the exhale. We have three. Resisting back in. And, two, inhale to lengthen.

Exhale, breaking right at that hip joint. One more time, press and return. Little pulses here. Back an inch, and in an inch. Inhale out.

Exhale in, three more. Squeezing the seat. Deepening in the waist. Last time. Lengthen all the way back once more.

Deep breath in. And exhale to bend and return. Sliding the heels up onto the bar, stretching the soles of the feet here, flexing all ten toes to the ceiling. We'll press out on the inhale, and come right back in on the exhale. Lengthening long through the legs.

Resisting back in. Inhale to press. Exhale to return. Really resisting against the springs. Warming up the abdominals here.

I'm thinking of keeping my neutral pelvis. Pulling my belly button deeper towards my spine. Staying open across the shoulders. Inhale. And exhale.

Twice more, chin stays lifted away from the chest. Nice long spine bending halfway. And we pulse for five, and resist. Press it back, and in. Keeping this nice and small.

Engaging the backs of those legs, last time. Lengthen all the way back, stretching through the thighs, flexing all ten toes up, and bending to come back in. Coming to our first position, heels together, knees and toes apart. Lengthening all the way back in this Pilates v Pilates stance. Feeling that external rotation.

Squeezing those inner thighs and glutes together. A little bit more challenging to not tuck here, so keep that pelvis neutral. Keep the hip bones and tailbone reaching through towards the foot bar. Lengthen and lift in those inner thighs. Bend to return.

Inhale to press. Warming up the whole body here. Finding that length. Deepening into the core. Inhale.

And exhale. For three. Knitting the ribs a little tighter. Pulling that belly button a little deeper too. And in, last time.

Press, resist, return. Pulsing back an inch, and in an inch. Inhale and exhale, for three. Squeeze the heels together, two. Last one, press all the way out.

Lifting in the knees, the inner thighs, the seat. And bending the knees to resist all the way back in. From here, we'll bring the knees together, lowering the feet down onto the ledge. Reach those arms to the ceiling. Take a breath in.

And exhale to round and roll up. We'll lighten our springs a bit for some single leg work. Staying on maybe two reds, or a little lighter, a little heavier, depending on your body here. Rounding and rolling all the way back down. When we're working on one leg, we'll start on the heel.

You want that heel right in line with the sit bone. Flexing through the foot. Reaching the toes to the ceiling. And then, we'll begin to extend that other leg long over the bar, also flexing through that heel. Pressing back, keeping the pelvis square.

Lifted in that right butt cheek. And then, exhale, bend to return. I love this single leg work. It's so nice to feel that single leg, one leg dominating. Although, this top one is still engaged.

And our abdominals are engaged to hold it there. But you really feel the back of that right seat working here as you lengthen and as you resist. Inhale to press out. Exhale to come back in. Long lift in the thigh.

Reaching both heels forward, all toes up. Press. And resist. Last two. And in.

Once more, inhale. Again, we come just halfway in for our pulses. Pressing out an inch, and in an inch. Back, resist for three. Squeezing that right cheek, two.

One more. Press all the way back. Lower the left heel down. Love when the train comes by. Float that right leg up.

Keep that left heel on the bar, right in line with your seat. Take a breath in. Begin to break at the hips. Using that left glute to resist all the way back in. Inhale to lengthen.

Exhale, deepening the belly. Draw those ribs a little tighter. Pull that belly button a little further towards the floor. Lengthen long through the legs. Long through the crown of the head and resist.

Inhale to press. Exhale to return. We have three. And in. All the way back, two.

And in. Really good for balance here. Imagine you're standing on one leg, bending halfway. Wee pulse, back an inch, and in an inch. Inhale, exhale, resist, for three.

And two. Really warming up those seat muscles. Press all the way out, both heels onto the bar. Taking a breath in. Hip distance apart, and bending those knees to return.

We'll do the same thing on the toes. Stay in parallel. Right ball of the foot in that high heel position, right in line with the sit bone. Left leg to tabletop. So good for ankle stability here.

We press out on the right leg, hips stay square. Deep breath in. Exhale, squeeze the glutes, deepen in the waist to return all the way back to home here. Inhale to lengthen out. Exhale to come in.

Nice, long lift in that right thigh. Beautiful length for the legs. Lifting in the knees. Inhale and exhale. I like to work with a full extension here.

Of course, taking care of your own body. If you're super hyper extended, or you can't fully extend your leg, work within what works best for you. Inhale to press. Exhale to resist. Last time, all the way back.

Halfway, and pulsing here. Back and resist, inhale, exhale. Think of working both glutes, and that low belly to stabilize, last time. Once again, we'll press all the way out this time, extending both legs. Working to get that left leg perpendicular.

Squeezing the seat, we flex both heels. Reaching the right heel down, left heel high. Point through the toes. Inhale to flex. Deep in the belly, think of a zip in the low waist.

Using the core here. Using that right seat to lengthen and lift for two. And up. Once more, lower. Point and lift.

Bend both knees to come all the way back in for our other side. Left toes on the bar, right in line with the seat. Right leg to tabletop. Pressing out, feeling that long lifted leg. And return.

Inhale to lengthen. Exhale to pull the carriage in. Really working both directions here. Inhale. And exhale.

Keeping the hip, knee, ankle all in line with that middle toe. Press and resist. Lift. And return. Last three.

And two. Keep drawing the ribs a little tighter around that midline. Halfway, we pulse back an inch and in an inch. Keep that left heel high. Feel that calf working.

That hamstringing and glute working for two. And one. Press all the way out, extend that right leg straight. Think of creating the letter L, for Laura, with both legs here. We flex through the heels.

Feel length down and up. And point through the toes, zipping up through the waist. Four more times. Flex, inhale. And point as you exhale, for three.

And reach, two. And up. One more time. Point and lift that leg a little longer, a little higher, bending both knees to come in. From here, we'll bring the arches of the feet back onto the bar, staying hip distance apart, and then lowering the headrest down.

Moving through our spine with a little bit of bridge pelvic press work here. Lower those palms down to the mat. Opening up across those collarbones. Gaze stays lifted here. Taking a deep breath to prepare.

And then, exhale, begin to scoop, tuck and curl. Initiating from that low belly. Lifting the hips all the way up. Now, we're on two springs. The lighter you are, the more challenging it is to keep that carriage still.

Use your hamstrings and glutes to pull it right into that stopper. Take a breath in. And exhale to roll back down vertebra by vertebra. Knitting those ribs together. Pulling that belly button deep.

Releasing the hips at the bottom. If you're like me, and your hamstrings are feeling tight today, maybe you bring your heels a little closer to the bar. Especially challenging with long legs, I have to say. Take a breath in. Exhale, start that scoop from the low belly.

Press into the feet, press into the palms. Curl those hips up. We're aiming for a straight diagonal from the knees, to the hips, to the shoulders. Chin stays lifted off the chest. Squeeze the glutes a little tighter.

This time, we press the carriage out. Maybe just a little bit to start, because we wanna focus on that lift of the hips. Maybe you go a little bit further, but not if your back is arching. Not if those hips are dropping. Keep squeezing the seat really tight.

Pull that carriage in. Feel your glutes and hamstrings working so, so hard. Drag it in one more time. Inhale to press. And exhale to pull.

Take a deep breath here. And exhale, slowly roll back down vertebra, by vertebra, by vertebra, releasing the hips at the bottom. You should feel your legs. Let's hug them into the chest. Give them a moment.

Gentle rock side to side. Taking a breath here. And exhale. From there, we'll lower the feet back down to the ledge. Reach the arms up.

Deep breath in. And exhale to round and roll back up. I will lower my foot bar here, moving into some hundreds. If you would like to lighten your springs, depending on what you're on. I'm gonna stick with my two reds.

Scooting those hips a little bit closer towards the edge. Reach your arms forward. Take a breath in. And exhale, round and roll back. This time, setting ourself up with a little bit of space between those shoulder blocks.

Reach back, lift your headrest back up for that slight lift, and grab your handles or straps. We'll begin extending those arms straight to the ceiling, drawing the legs to a tabletop position, and then press the palms gently into those straps, so they're tense, taut. Take a breath here. Exhale, press the arms down to the mat. Finding our setup here.

Reaching long through the fingertips. Long through the crown of the head. We'll draw the knees in towards the chest. Bend the elbows, tighten by the waist. Take a breath to prepare.

Exhale, keep your arms and legs bent. Peel the chin up over the chest. Thinking about a tight ball shape. Take another breath in. Exhale, extend everything out.

We breathe in fives. In two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Deep breath in through the nose. Exhale it out.

Keep lengthening through the limbs. Zipping up through that low belly. Inhale. And exhale. Maybe you're working parallel or with a slightly bent knee.

Maybe you choose to slightly externally rotate. Keep focusing on the breath. Inhale. And exhale out. Three more breaths in.

Carriage staying still. Maybe curling up a little higher. Reaching those arms towards the springs for two. And exhale out. One more breath in.

And exhale out, two, three, four, five. Hold and reach up one more inch. Draw those knees all the way back into the nose. Then the elbows. And release the head down.

From here, take a breath in. Keep those springs and hands topped. Begin to extend your arms straight up to the ceiling. Take another breath in. And begin to extend your legs out on a long 45 degree angle.

Little more core work here today. Deep breath to prepare. Exhale, press the palms down. Lift the legs straight to the ceiling. Curl up to the tips of the shoulder blades.

That is it, lower the legs. Reach the arms up. Take a moment to release the head back, inhaling here. Exhale, curl up. Fingertips reach to the foot bar, toes to the ceiling.

Keeping that pelvis anchored. Try not to tuck your hips here. We're not going into any type of rollover. We're simply using the low belly. Zipping up tight to lift those legs up.

Not lifting the hips. Inhale. Exhale, press the palms down. Curl up a little higher. Pull the belly a little deeper.

Two more, inhale, hovering the legs over the bar. Keeping those hands pressing into the handles the whole time. Working in the back. Working in the triceps, last time, inhale. Exhale, press, curl up.

Belly button pulls deeper to the floor. Bend everything in to rest. Now, we'll bring that carriage home. Release the straps back onto their poles, and extend the legs out long. Arms reach to the ceiling.

Deep breath here. And exhale to round and roll all the way up to a seat. All right. We will grab the box today, which we will be using in this class. I'm going to change my springs to one red, as we will be starting with some pulling on the straps.

Some nice arm work. So, it's one of my favorite exercises. I just think it's so effective. It allows us to move the back into some extension. Hyper extension.

Really nicely works the spine, the muscles around the spine, the triceps, everything. Also, the glutes. So, as we set up here, chest just off the edge. You're squeezing your buns. You're lifting those thighs.

The glutes and hamstrings stay engaged, so we don't drop down and endanger our low back. So, whole body active. Reach for, here, we have some rubber above the hardware. Whatever works best for your form or your body. Shoulder blades pull down into the back.

Long line through the spine. Deep breath in as we begin to drag those arms down and back towards the hips. Working into an extension, hyperextension, of the back. Exhale as the chest lower slightly. And the arms lower down and forward.

Inhale to pull down and back, dragging the arms towards the hips. Exhale, pull that belly button up and in towards your spine as you resist. Inhale to pull down and back lifting in the heart. Exhale to resist it, back forward. Keep squeezing those inner thighs and glutes together.

Squeezing those shoulder blades together. Deep breath in. Exhale to resist. Working with a tight fist holding onto the rope here. Imagine punching your fist towards the back of the room.

And resist. Two more times, inhale, we pull. Exhaling forward. Once more, inhale to pull. Exhale to stay.

Stretch those arms longer. Lift the chest a little higher. We go into a tricep kickback. And bend the elbows. And extend the elbows.

Inhale, bending to just about 90 degrees. Again, keeping that tension in the ropes, in the springs. Punch it back a little longer, inhale. Trying to get a full extension for those triceps, that lift in the chest. Squeezing between the shoulder blades for three.

And reach. And two. Next, staying in line with the spine here. One more, inhale. Reach back and hold.

Take another breath and lift everything up one more inch. Whew, hold it, fight for it. Then, let it all go at the bottom. So often, we wanna just rush, kind of, abort out of those positions that become challenging. Challenge yourself and hold them for an extra moment, an extra breath.

That's where the work really comes in. Grab your handles a little bit lower. I like to work as far down as I can, as my straps will allow, until my arms are starting in a T shape. And, again, I'm gonna hold on with a tight fist here, making sure those arms are taut, straps are taut. Arms are lifted in line with my shoulders.

Legs are lifted. Chest is lifted. Inhale, pull that pinky finger side of the fist back towards your hips. Exhale, open back to the T. Inhale to pull.

The palms stay facing down. So often, I see rotation happening in the wrist here. Much better alignment for those shoulder blades and shoulders if we keep those palms facing down. We're working right into the back of that armpit area. So nice to strengthen and tone there.

Inhale, lift. We're also opening up through the chest. And reach, two more times. Inhale. And exhale.

Once more, lift and pull. And open. Let it go. Give that head a shake. Those legs a little shake.

We will loop these straps back over the poles. While we're here, flip the headrest down. Step on off to the side. Keeping one spring on. Maybe you stick a little heavier or lighter.

I'm gonna stick with what I have. We're gonna do a little rollback series seated on the box today. Depending on the length of your body, you wanna be pretty close to the edge here. With your heels on the edge of that headrest. You'll reach back for your straps.

They are here, and like our carriage riding that- We don't wanna use them to pull, though. We're gonna really let them relax. Take a breath at the top. Pull the shoulders down. Beautiful tall spine, tall posture.

Inner thigh zipped up. Exhale deep in the belly. Zip up all the way to that belly button as you roll down just to the tips of the shoulder blades. Maybe you don't go as far. Working with what your spine allows.

Taking a breath here, keeping that gaze forward. Chin hovering over the chest. Exhale, use the core to roll back up. Those springs and straps will help you. Shoulders come over the hips.

We lengthen up through the spine. Deep breath at the top. Exhale, round and contract. Squeezing inner thighs together. Belly button zipping all the way up.

Hovering off the shoulder blades, deep breath in. Exhale, knit the ribs together. Pull that belly button back as you curl forward. And lengthen up tall. Again, inhale.

Exhale, round and contract. This time we'll lower to the tips of the shoulder blades to stay, keeping the shoulder blades pulling down into the back. Arms reaching right in line with the hips. Try not to lift them up too high. From here, the right leg draws to tabletop.

The left leg comes up to meet it. Take another breath in. Maybe curl up a little higher. Pull the belly button deeper. We're going to some toe taps.

The right heel toes hover. Tap the headrest, pull the belly down, lift the leg back up. Those arms stay right by our hips. Inhale to lower. Exhale, pull the belly deeper to lift.

Inhale, lower, a little extra core work here. Never hurt anyone, exhale it up. Inhale, or it's a good hurt if anything. Pull that belly button down. Nip those ribs together.

One more time, each side, right. And lift. And left. Exhale to lift and stay. Squeeze in her thighs together.

Both heels, toes towards the headrest for three. Exhale, belly button down and in. Be really careful that you don't overly arch your back here, right? We wanna keep pulling that belly button towards the spine to support our low back, middle back. Hovering off the tips of the shoulder blades.

Last time, lower the heels down, deep breath in. Keep them there as you exhale. Pull the belly a little bit deeper. Roll all the way back up. Sitting up tall once again.

Deep breath at the top. Exhale to round and contract towards the tips of the shoulder blades. Can you get into the back of the pelvis? Middle of the waist. Worth that articulation.

Hover off the shoulder blades, deep breath here. This time, lift your left leg up first. Another breath in. Lift your right leg up to meet it. Always getting there with control.

Using the breath, using the core. Take another breath in. Legs stay still. We begin to lift the chest up a little higher. The shins stay parallel to the floor.

Maybe the knees shift slightly away from you. Again, these straps are here to help us. Inhaling at the top. Exhale, lower back down to the tips of the shoulder blades. How slow can you roll through your spine?

Taking your time, hovering for a breath in. Exhale, curling right back up to meet those thighs. Shoulder blades stay down into the back. Inhale at the top. Squeeze the inner thighs together.

Pull the belly a little bit deeper. Articulating low back, middle back. We hover, inhale. Exhale, curl up. Reach up.

Find the lift. Maybe you extend the legs, maybe not. Deep breath in, we hold. Exhale, knees bend back in. Maybe you hold, inhale.

Maybe you extend. Try to keep the carriage still. Keep the shoulder blades down away from the ears. One more time, lengthen. Deepen the belly to bend.

Deep breath at the top. Slowly rolling down vertebra by vertebra. Lowering the heels as we lower to the tips of the shoulder blades. Taking our time. Releasing the heels.

If you have a healthy back, healthy neck, let your spine release. Let the crown of the head dip down towards those springs. I think this feels so, so good. Enjoy it if it does to you. Deep breath in.

Exhale, chin peels back over the chest with control from the core. With the assistance of those springs and straps, we roll all the way up. Sitting tall. Feeling warm. We'll cross our straps.

Moving into, oh, maybe your favorite, maybe your least favorite exercise. I only make the clients, if they're watching this, who I like to laugh at, do this. I laugh at myself when I do it, quite frankly. This transition is a good one. So, whatever strap is on top, you turn over that shoulder.

And we will meet for some hamstringing curls. Just in case you didn't feel them enough from your bridging. I know mine were close to cramping. We'll see how they do here. I'm gonna line my knees up towards the edges of the box, so I have a little diamond shape turnout.

Heels together. While I'm down here, adding on an additional spring. Two reds for me. Let's do it. Hands behind the low back.

Maybe hugging the front of the box. I'm gonna go here today. Lift the chest, squeeze your shoulder blades together. Begin to lift the knees away from the carriage. Your pubic bone, your pelvis is pressing down.

Abdominals are lifted, buns are tight. We begin to pull the heels towards the butt cheeks. Inhale to bend. Exhale, resist as you lengthen. Squeezing into the cheeks, right where that sit bone is.

Really working into that crease. So, it's more glutes, not just hamstrings. Inhaling. And exhaling. Four more times, lift and pull.

Whew, I feel it. Keep lifting those toes to the ceiling, three. And resist. We're only doing two legs here today. No single leg, so push through, two.

One more, pull. And release. Let those legs shake out. Let your straps drop. Give 'em a little wiggle.

And we'll step on off to the side. I always feel that. Hopefully, you do too. Turning the box, we'll move into some short box here. So, depending on your height, mine will go over my shoulder blocks.

Maybe yours is in front. Hooking on some additional springs and weight, so we don't go moving around here. And then, grabbing that strap. No need for a pole today, unless you really wanna use one. We're gonna use those hands just on the body.

All right, I work with a slightly bent knee here. I'm pulling up and outward with my strap. I feel my outer legs work a little bit. I feel my buns kind of fire up to get outta my hip flexors. Whatever you need there.

We'll start with those hands at, as my mother taught me, an "I Dream of Jeannie" position. Can wish that this short box series goes quickly for you. Maybe, if you love it, if you don't love it. I don't know. Sit up tall, take a breath in.

Exhale, begin to contract and curl back. We're gonna take two breaths today. Really taking the time to scoop out from the waist. Inhale, pause at the bottom. Exhale to curl back up.

Think of rounding over your arms, shoulders over the hips. Lengthening up tall, shoulder blades down. Really pressing those arms into one another, inhale. Exhale, round and contract back. Inhale.

Exhale to curl up. Pull that belly button back. Lengthen and lift, two more times, inhaling. And exhaling, rounding down. Imagine rolling onto a mat, inhale.

Exhale, that belly button pulls back in to curl back forward and lift tall. Once more like this, inhale. Exhale, round and contract. Maybe going a little further. Maybe going all the way back.

Taking a breath in. And exhale, rolling all the way up. Stacking that spine up tall. Making sure you're still right on your seat. We'll switch the hand that is on top.

Make sure those shoulder blades are still anchored. I know it always feels a little funky, that's why it's important to do. Squeeze the buns. Lift out of the hips. Single breath, we inhale to hinge back with a gorgeous flat back.

Whew, words. Exhale, lift. A little challenging when you're moving, yeah? Inhale, lengthen. Lift out of the hips.

Zip up through the waist. Exhale, knit the ribs together. Lift right back up onto those sit bones. Inhale up and back. Keep reaching up with the toes.

Forward with the heels. Pulling apart with that strap. Really working from the core, trying to get outta those legs. Two more, inhale. And exhale.

Once more, lift out of the hips. Hinge from the hips. Lengthen through the spine. Exhale, knit those ribs together to lift. Finding those sit bones and release.

We'll go right into some side sit ups here today. I'll start facing you all with my left foot hooked, really squaring off my body. That bottom leg can be up. I prefer to hook it underneath for a little extra support here. Just helps me feel secure.

Depending on that arm length, maybe hand or forearm comes to the headrest. I like to bring this all the way down. Taking a moment to enjoy this side stretch. Really finding length through the side body. It should feel really good.

It also allows our outer left thigh, our IT bands to relax here, so we're less likely to really grip and use them. And, instead, work our lovely, little oblique muscles. Begin to lift up. Think of finding a beautiful diagonal line here. Left hand behind the head.

Take a breath in, pull the ribs together, belly button back. Hand behind the head to meet it. Inhale, lower a little further. Exhale, lift up to that diagonal. Think of lowering like a rainbow, inhaling.

Exhale to lengthen and lift. Keeping those hips and shoulders square. Inhale to lower. Exhale, lengthen and lift. Trying to not use that outer thigh.

Working from the waist. Using that bottom oblique to really control this, for three. And lift. Working both directions, two. Exhale up.

One more, lower. And lift. Lower back down. Twist towards the floor. Take the frame, and enjoy this rotation and stretch.

Letting the head hang heavy. Holding on, crawling those hands away. Opening up through that outer left hip and back. Deep breath in. And exhale, let it go.

I'm gonna crawl those hands all the way back up. We'll spin around for our second side. So, that right foot hooks into the strap. Maybe the left foot is in front or underneath. Squaring everything off.

Starting with our side stretch. Left hand, forearm to the headrest. Maybe to the floor. Reach that right arm over. Pull those shoulders down, and enjoy this moment to lengthen through the side body.

Taking a breath in. And exhale. Lifting up, beginning to find that engagement into your waist, into your belly. Right hand behind the head, inhale. Deepen those abdominals.

Left hand behind the head, exhale. Hold it here to prepare. Deep breath in. Exhale, we lift. Lengthen, and lower.

And up. Reach and lift. Keeping those elbows wide. Chest and collarbones nice and open. Inhale and exhale for three.

And lift, think of a rainbow, two, dip down, lift. Once more, lower and up. Lower, twist with control. And then take that frame. Letting the chest release, crawling those hands away.

Take a breath in. And exhale, let it go. One more breath here, inhaling. Enjoying this moment. Relaxing through the body.

And then, walking those hands back in and all the way up. Whew. We will take the box off. Can kind of tuck that strap back in there. Move this on back to where it came from.

We're going to move into some long spine stretch. I'm gonna hook my straps back on for a nice clean line and change to, I'm gonna use one green today. If you don't have that, maybe a red and a yellow. Red and a blue would be a little heavy in my opinion. Do what works best for your body here.

Don't want it too, too heavy or too, too light. You might get stuck. All right. From here, one of my favorite exercises, truly, on the apparatus. You work your arms, you work your core, you work your legs.

Full body workout. All of it. But, especially this one. We go left hand. We go left foot.

Right hand. Right foot swings us on up and we're ready. Get the soles of the feet as much as you can against those shoulder blocks. Press down into the foot bar, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Beautiful posture to start here.

We'll begin scooping out from the low belly, pressing that carriage out. Think of like a reverse plank position here. Then, begin to lower those hips down, bending your elbows. Pulling the carriage all the way in. Using those triceps to press back up.

Inhale, lengthen out and back. Exhale to lower, bring it in, and press it up. Two more, this direction. Lengthen out and back. Squeeze those glutes tight.

Press down into the foot bar once more. Zipping up through the waist. Lower, pull it in, press up. We reverse. Dipping down, deep breath in.

Press the carriage out, squeeze the buns up, pull it back in, deepening in the waistline for three. Inhale. And exhale. Try not to just let the body completely release down onto the carriage. My hamstrings are just grazing it as I lower here.

No plopping. Use your body. Lift, pull the carriage in, hold, take a breath in. And exhale, carefully step off to the side. Give those wrists a moment.

A couple curls, wiggles, whatever you need. All right, now that we have had those wrists shaken out, rolled out, wanted to give us a moment to do that, because we are going to do a little bit of the star today. A lot of the work is done. Inflection, this gives us some lateral movement. How exciting.

If you do have any wrist injuries, please be careful. I'm gonna keep it on that one green spring for today. Left hand starting on the bar. This is one of those moments you can wrap your thumb around the bar. At least, in my opinion, it feels more solid.

We're not really rotating the wrist here, but do what feels best for you, so your body is safe and secure. Left foot comes up against the shoulder block. Take a deep, brave breath in. Swing that top leg up over the top of that shoulder block, and reach your right arm up to the ceiling to start. Pull the shoulder blades down.

I want us to start here so that you really find that lift in the hips. Now, begin to press the carriage out. Find length through the top hand. As you pull the carriage in, press that right arm back down by your outer thigh. Again, two more like this.

Inhale, we lengthen out. Exhale to pull the carriage in. Keeping that body flat like a board. Inhale to press. Exhale, bring it in.

Adding that top leg. Arm and leg lift on the inhale. Exhale to bring it back in. Once more, lengthen and lift up. Exhale, this leg hovers, arm hovers, arm and leg forward.

Still pressing that carriage out and in with control. Leg back, arm forward, inhale. And exhale. Use those abdominals. Staying really stable and square, last time.

Reach, bring it in, hold. Lower the arm and leg. Sweep that arm back by the ear. Reach your leg back. Beautiful ronde de jambe to get off.

Whew. So, a yoga teacher gave me this great cue, which I think about whenever I'm moving laterally. Like in this exercise. Think of being a piece of toast in the toaster. You don't want your backside or your front side burned.

A nice even toast. Right sole of the foot against the shoulder block. Swing that leg up. Swing that arm up. Press down into the bar.

Reaching through the left fingertips. Pulling the shoulder blades away from the ear. Deep breath, and we start to press the carriage out. Reaching up and away. Exhale, pull it in.

Left palm towards that left outer thigh. Squeeze the glutes forward, inhale, press out. Exhale, pull the belly button back. Pull that carriage in. Arm and leg lift.

It does not have to be huge movement here. Really stabilizing from our right obliques, our right lat, the back of that shoulder. Arm and leg forward on the inhale. Exhale, bring the carriage in, arm and leg in. Arm forward, leg back.

Inhale, keep reaching through your heel. Reaching through your fingertips, inhale. Exhale. Please don't forget to breathe. Center and hold.

Reach that arm all the way up overhead. Begin to take that leg back. Stepping all the way off with care. And standing on up, whew. We'll move into some Eve Gentry hip flexor stretch.

Which, after that, should feel very good. Right foot towards the front edge of the reformer. Left foot flexed against the shoulder block. Knee resting onto the mat in line with the middle toe. Again, one red, staying on my green, keep it simple.

Think of a tuck of the pelvis here. A lift in the low belly. We don't wanna just stick the butt out, and go into some deep lunge. That really doesn't work. Stretching the hip flexor, which is what this is for.

Hold the shoulder blades down. Think about all that beautiful posture work we've done in class. Inhale, press the carriage out with control. Exhale, deepening up in the abdominal. Squeezing the glutes forward.

Keeping those hips square. Maybe you bring your hands here for a repetition to stay square. Try not to just hunch over. I see it far too often. Lift in the waist.

Pull the shoulder blades down. Lift in the heart. Two more times, pressing down and back with control and care, inhale. Lifting forward and up using your body. Once more, inhale to press down and back.

Finding length through the front of that thigh. The front of that hip flexor. Deep in the belly. Coming about halfway in. We'll reach the left arm up by the ear.

Pull the shoulder blades down. And then, take a gentle side stretch over to the right. I'm staying lifted in my waist. Gentle, push back here. So, I'm not all the way back, I'm not all the way forward.

Somewhere in between that feels good on the outer part of that left hip. We'll reach the arm up, body up, deep breath in. And exhale, come all the way back in. We'll rock around for our second side. Such a wonderful way to finish a workout here, on the reformer.

Right foot back. Right knee resting on the carriage. Left toes towards the front edge. Squaring off through the hips. Begin to gently press that carriage down and back.

Inhale. Lifting up, zipping up as you come forward. Up, and then, squeeze that right glute forward. Inhale to press down and back. Exhale to lift forward and up.

Inhale to lengthen. And exhale to lift. Once more, gentle bend into that left knee. Exhale, come about halfway into hold. Keep squeezing that right glute forward.

Float that right arm up. Pull the shoulders down. Inhale at the top. And exhale, taking that side stretch. Again, a little lateral bend here.

Opening up through that outer right waist, outer right hip. Keep dropping the shoulders away from the ears here. Chin remains lifted off the chest. Thinking about the whole body all the way through. Inhale.

And exhale. Inhale, lift up. And exhale, bring the carriage in to rest. We'll carefully step off. And that is all I have for you today.

I hope you enjoyed this workout, and had some fun while doing so.


Brandie D
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This is a fantastic full body workout. I love the deliberate pace for added burn and time to execute the right body form and engagement. Excellent cueing and a practice to learn from. 
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Love it
Love it
Love it
Miri J
I really love Laura's floor workouts, but I tend to do more reformer than floor so I am very happy to see Laura teaching on the reformer! I love the ways she explains the movement, her focus on breathing and the way she moves with beautiful fluidity.   
Diane Diefenderfer
beautiful work my dear!!!!
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GREAT Full Body Workout!  Your cueing is awesome!  THANKS
Destiny R
Can someone recommend a reformer for a beginner? 
Alina N
great workout. I have a wrist  injury and could not do start - is there a  modification for it
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