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Get your daily dose of hydration with this quick Mat workout by Andrew Aroustian. He uses the Foam Roller to release, stretch, and mobilize your tissue so you can hydrate your body from within. This is a great sequence to do every day so that you can keep your body fluid and supple.
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Hello, everybody. My name is Andrew, and welcome to your daily dose of Movement focused on hydration. So this daily dose goes hand in hand with the reach movement health modules on hydration, where we look at releasing and stretching and mobilizing through the tissue to best hydrate the body as we move So this little daily dose is something that you can do every single day to help hydrate and move tissues throughout your body. Hope you enjoy it. So we're gonna use a foam roller today. What we're going to do is just lay it lengthwise onto your mat. Now it's important to know that just when you're at home, keep the roller stable and steady.

So as you know, it it rolls. So just keep safe when you're coming on on and off the roller. So what we'll do is you'll take a seat onto the roll and now sit far enough forward on the roller that you don't fall off or have too much hanging over the back. So you wanna make sure that the back of your head is supported, as well as the help So I'm gonna slide myself forward a little bit more. Lay myself down.

There we go. So I've got my head on the roller here. Few little adjustments. As we go. So just while you're laying on the roller, just find your position, taking a few breaths, feet, a hip distance apart. So I like to bring my feet together, little pigeon toe out it comes. Alright. So we're gonna start with a pelvic curl.

So we're gonna add a little arm sequence, just to mobilize through the ribcage and shoulder girdle as well. So as you breathe out, you roll on the roller. It's really nice to feel the spine on the roller here. As you inhale, bring the arms back roll. Bring it forward and roll yourself back down. Good. And 2 more eggs.

How rolling up? As you breathe in, arms go overhead, mobilizing through the upper back. Don't worry too much about keeping everything super, super stable. With those arms, allow the little bit of movement to happen through the shoulder girdle clavicles upper ribs. I'm gonna add now a little circle, feel free to just join me or just stick with the arms overhead. So as you breathe out your left, inhale bring it around, All the way and then exhale roll. Good. 2 more.

Rolling up. Feel the roller on to the back. Inhale. It's a nice little bit of proprioceptive feedback for you there on the roller. Last one, rolling up. Inhale. Up and over and then come all the way back down.

Good. Now from here, we're going to go into a little series. So we're gonna start to mobilize again, moving through those shoulder joint. So start with the arms up here, shoulder width apart. Give me a few little pro tractions and retraction just to kind of find your way. Now, cause halfway in between those two points, you wanna feel the shoulder blades on either side of the roller, but not to completely squeeze in here. So we've got a little bit of resistance against gravity.

So as you breathe in, you open the arms out to the side. As you breathe out, gently close back in. Good. In how to open. Now don't let your shoulder blades squeeze the roller, exhale. Now as you come in, keep your shoulder blades touching the roller. So there's two little points there.

Breatheen to open wide, wide, wide, wide, try not to squeeze. Exhale, just keep that little bit of touch on the roller 2 more inhale across. Exhale. To close, last one. Inhale across, you might even feel a little vibration going on through the shoulder girdle, as you close.

Good. Switches now. So when it comes down, when it goes back, allow this movement to happen. So when your ribs lift when you go back, that's okay. I don't mind that. As long as you're not, you know, overdoing things that are coming out of position, allow this this movement to happen through the shoulder girdle and upper back. Good.

2 more each side inhale. Ex. Inhale. Exhale. Good holding this position here. Alright. So bring your hands together for the next part.

You're gonna flip your fingers up towards the ceiling. You have a little stretch while you're there. Into the forearms and into the biceps here, then you're just going to bend your elbows around your sternum where your hands will go. So he's gonna start with a couple of armed circles here. So you're just gonna move through that shoulder joint. I'm just gonna do about 10 in each direction.

So I want it to be free and flowing 2 more. Let's reverse and around. Alright. Good. So allowing the shoulder blades to move, allow the humerus to move it in the shoulder joint, Good. Let's do 2 and 1 and release. Alright. Nicely done. Now from here, what you're going to do is going in do a little peck rolling.

So the arms will come out to the side. Gonna have a little stretch into this position. So what you're going to do is you're gonna reach one over roll slightly to one side of the roller, come back to center. Other sides, you can just gently roll over to one side, stretch into the pair and into that bicep, which is a really lovely stretch. You may want to bend the opposite arm as you go, good coming back in and across.

And together, good, one more time, each side. Good. And across last one. And across. Good.

Now holding this position here, you're gonna bring your arms up here. You're gonna spiral the elbows in towards the waist. That's it, and press back up palms face the front there. So you're gonna rotate the palms towards you as you pull in and up. Pull in and up. Good. So just working through, there's a little external rotation going on here, a little bit of movement through all those joints through the upper arm here too.

You got your wrist, your on the radial joints, all of those little joints moving as well here. Let's do 4 more. 4 as 3. Good. 2. Last one, and then just let the arms reach long and just have that little extra stretch there. Good. So just hold that for a couple of breaths, and then we'll come off the roller.

So what I want you to do to get off the roller is just roll yourself forward onto your elbow, laying onto your side, and then sitting up nice and safely from there. Okay? So just making sure we keep ourselves nice and safe. Alright. So from here, going to use the foam roller once again, for a little side sitting mermaid. So mobilizing now up through the trunk all the way up through into that coronal plane. So you'll take your breath in as you lift, and now lift the arm to the ceiling and stretch it over exhale. Come back up and release. So the foam roller helps.

It really does help to help you stabilize, but also helps you move in crawl in a nice controlled range. Let's do one more like this in house. So this is kind of stage 1, if that's good for you, then we can move on and add a little rotation, so a little mermaid. So as you'll come up stretch, bring it over now, what I want you to do is just rotate take over onto the roller here, you may want to pull it back in a little bit, move your hips with you, it's fine. Take a little moment there, and then you want to roll it forward and then lifting back up, exhale to roll, inhale to lift 2 more. Roll. And lift last one.

Roll now hold the last one, replace the hand where it was at the back, rotate Come back up and release good. Let's do the other side. So the foam roller comes to the other side and might shuffle over a fraction. Alright. Hand on the front row, it's important to make sure the hand goes just slightly forward of the shoulder. Yes.

Try not to get into into that position. Hand there, here we go. Inhale lift. Now breathe right into that top rib as you stretch it out. Come back up and lower 2 to go. Inhale. Lift breathe right up into that rib and come back up last time in her lift and over Good.

Rotate around. Pull the roller back in so that you can grab onto it. Pull the hand to the back, and you flex forward. And lift. Good. And, lovely through that whole left side. Last one, roll.

Replace that backhand where it was, rotate the spine nice and gently, and then coming all the way back. To center. Excellent job. Okay. Now from here, we're going into a little bit of loaded work. So come on up. Going into a little knee stretch position.

So 4 point kneeling, it's important where you set up this roller to give you the the optimal range and things like that. So set up the roll. It's gonna go horizontally. I'm gonna place my knees on the mat to start with. Pop the roller there.

Alright. So you've got the roller underneath the ankle joint here. Just holding that there. And you're gonna put the, hands underneath the shoulders and lift the knees up off the mat. Now roll the roller back a little bit and just reset up your hands if you need to. So as your wigs, how you're gonna pull the roller in towards you in how press it back. Head up in line with the back and round the spine.

In how back to neutral. 3 more. And back. And 2. And back. So getting that movement and you know what?

Let's do two walks. It feels so good. Exhale. And back. Last one. And back knees down.

Nicely done. Okay. So now from here, is going to a little bit of a lunge stretch, so you're gonna have one foot forward. Keep the other one on the roller there. So so if we just like a little hip flexor stretch here to start with, take the length out into the side there, then place the hand onto the floor, stretching out that back leg, do that a couple of times. And Ben, and stretch.

And Ben, last one stretch and hold. Stage 3, if this is where you're at, you're gonna slide the roller back, just watch where it comes over the knee and then pull it back in one more time, stretch it out. That's it. Hold. Come back in. Lower that knee down. Good. Let's do the other side.

So you're here. Foot slightly forward of the knee to start with. Just reset up. Pressing forward. That's it.

A bit of a hip flexor stretch going on. Good. Hands down onto the mat. Couple of leg extensions. Just finding that extra little bit of length through that front. Last one. Good. If it's available to you, press it on back.

So you're gonna hold this position and then come back in. One last one. One more for good luck. Hold hold hold hold hold. That's it.

And then come all the way back in Okay. Thank you for joining me. I hope you enjoyed that, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


Sue S
Thank you, that was a lovely warm-up using the roller. I do love my roller!
Larissa L
Thanks Andrew, I really enjoyed that lunge stretch!
Just lovely, I really enjoy your classes!
Lina S
A lovely mobility workout. I've learned new ways to mobilize using the roller. Thank you!
Thank you! That was really just right! I really enjoyed this class. 
This was a great mid-day stretch break for me. Thank you for teaching me some new moves with my foam roller.
Meira H
I was really tired in the evening and this short class was just perfect. Thank you! :)

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