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Hydration Daily Dose

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Enjoy this quick, refreshing 5-minute Mat class with Andrew Aroustrain to help improve hydration in the tissues around your whole body. As well as, help stimulate your lymphatic system to circulate good fluids into your cells leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Make this daily dose a part of your movement routine for optimal hydration!
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Dec 21, 2022
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Hi, my name is Andrew Aroustian and thank you for joining me today. I'm here to take you through a quick daily dose of movement for hydration. Daily doses are a fantastic way to integrate movement into your daily routine. Whether it's first thing in the morning or if you're working from home, take a short break and just do a little bit of movement held in between your busy day. So let's get started.

So what we're going to do is start in a four point kneeling position, okay? So that's hands under shoulders, and knees under hips It's starting off with a little cat stretch. What I want you to do is you'll round your back, just like that. And then as you breathe in, I just want you to lengthen the spine, lifting the chest and tailbone. So what I want you to do first is just find your ranges where it's comfortable for you.

Don't try and push anything too much at this point. Once you're happy, then just start adding a little bit of pace so that pumping, kneading type of movement working through the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles helps to rehydrate at the tissue level. So just do a few more here and rest it out, good. Next exercise is one of my favorites, going into the happy puppy. So what you'll do is you'll lengthen your spine.

I want it to be straight. So you may need to give yourself a little bit of flexion through the lower back there. Keeping your head nice and lifted. And you'll lift your hip to one side and just have a look around and see if you can see what's going on back there. And then try the other side.

And then try the other side. So we're just moving side to side opening up through the low back and middle back. So once again, find your range and then start to add the pace. Here we go, so side to side, opening up through that low to mid back. Couple more, let's do two on each side.

One, two, and rest it out. Find your neutral once again. We're going into the thread the needle. The number, the second in the series. So what you'll do is you'll lift one arm up press the other arm down into the mat have a look at the hand, and then pump it through, rebound.

So once again, find your range rebound on the way through, add the pace down and up and down. And one and one and two. Three. Two more. Four. Last one. And lower it down.

Good. Let's do the other side. So again, just take a couple to find your range. Rebound, finding the range. One more just to lengthen it out. Let's go with the pumps and up and up.

That's it. Good. Two more. Last one. And rest it down. Excellent. From here let's move the hands a little bit further forward.

You're gonna lift the knees up into this kind of hover position and what you'll do it's almost like a knee stretch on the reformer but what you'll do is you'll bring your hips down towards your heels and then come back up and down again. Just get this into your body for a few goes. Last one. Now let's add the pace. So now we are working ankle joint, knee joint.

Working through that shoulder as well. Let's do 4, 3, 2. Last one. From here, finding your pike, take a little breath here take a moment just to let the breath come through. From here, lengthening out to your swan.

Again, take your time with this. Don't push anything. And then back into your pike. Good, lengthening out. Doing good.

Let's do two more. Lengthening out, lifting the head and chest. One to go. Give me that nice extension of the back. Lifting the chest, opening the lungs.

There we go, nice job coming down. Now to finish off, we're just gonna do a little bit of a functional stretch, nice little hip flexor stretch. What you'll do is place one foot in front of you. Now what I like to do is place the foot little bit further forward than the knee. Cuz what that's going to do is you're going to lengthen out into this nice functional position, nice and safe and stable, but still getting that length through the front.

Stretch it out and then just bring it back. Do that a couple more times. Lengthen, got two more. As you come out you can think of lifting the chest up here as well to get that whole front line and come back in. Let's swap sides.

Last one. Alright, so again, foot forward at the knee and coming forward and back. That's it. Two more, lifting that chest, good. Last one and back.

So that's it. Thank you for joining me for the daily dose of movement for hydration. Now you can get back on with the rest of your day. Thanks for joining me.


Excellent!  I plan to incorporate this into my warmup pre exercise daily. Thanks very much!
Cynthia G
Thanks.  Great way to start the day.
Nice 👍🇩🇰
I feel hydrated. Thanks
Awesome! Thank you!
Cynthia G
Really love this daily dose.  Did it at the chair as I had no space.  Works well for me.  Thanks
Lori excellent! Glad you enjoyed it!
Cynthia G pleasure! Sure is isn’t it?
Dorthe V 🙏 
Irene L awesome! 
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