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Reformer Recovery Meditation

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If you need to stretch and relax then this Reformer class by Jason Williams is perfect for you. He focuses on bringing your awareness inward by using your breath so that you feel more comfortable in your meditation. By the end of the class, you will feel calm, centered, and restored.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

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Hi. This is Jason Williams here with Pilates anytime. And today, we are doing a recovery meditation on the reformer. So this is gonna be the perfect class if you just wanna zone out, chill out, get a nice stretch, and then, lead into a nice, deep, relaxive meditation at the end. Okay? So you're gonna sit just like this on your reformer facing me. And we're gonna settle in by closing the eyes. Take a nice deep breath in and out.

And they're returning to your normal breath. Nice and easy. Nice and light. And as you return to your breath, you're just noticing the inhales, the exhales. So notice a rise in the fall of the chest.

Expansing contraction early. And it's always good. Bring awareness back to our breath. As we move so much throughout the day, We tend to forget about our breathing and just notice our breathing. So this nose and the exhales, the inhales.

You don't have to change anything. You don't have to do anything. Just be aware. No need to judge. Let's bring you a little bit of present moment awareness.

Slowing down from the day or beginning the day. Take a nice, easy inhale to your nose. Easy Excel out the mouth. So this time, we're gonna elongate this Excels. Inhale for 3.

XL for 5. So inhale 1. 2, 3, XL, 5, 4, 3, 2, 3, XL, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. And we'll repeat that pattern in Nailing for 3. Exailing for 5. So when we have this long exhales, that's when our body really distresses, brings us into parasympathetic, Even if you can't keep the count, just make sure your exhales are longer than your inhales. Two more rounds on your own.

And then your softly gently lightly blink the eyes open. That brings us right to center, taking your right hand, bring it to your left knee. Nice simple twist to your left. Switch it out. And then flow it through left hand and right knee, twisting to the right.

For me, you're left. So flow it up, go your pace, your speed. Kinda just ringing out the spine a little bit. Nice simple stretches. And this is a great kinda thing to do maybe after a workout to kinda bring the body back to home.

Nice and easy. It feels good to stretch the back. 2 more. Good. One more.

And last one back to here, left handed, right knee. And it'll go a nice simple side stretch, right hand, overhead, and then bringing left hand, overhead. So really feeling that nice rib cage stretch, feeling good, nice, simple flow. Getting going your pace, your speed. Breathing in.

And awesome. 2 more. One more. And then we'll go into Martin stretch, ting your right leg, bringing it back, lining it with the shoulder rest. I'm going to come to 1 red, one yellow spring. My left hand goes to the foot bar.

Press me while I inhale. And then exhale slowly coming back. Left hand backer red. And then pressing it back out, inhale, and exhale. Good nice, simple flow, feeling the hips, rib cage here, taking your time.

No rush. Good. 2 more. Feeling great, feeling good. Is a great way to start your morning, or maybe end of day as well? And then we'll go to a nice simple two hand twist, press it out, and then back in.

So just give me 5 of these. Nice simple long body stretch to the front. Exhale it back in. Good. Breathe inhale.

Excel. One more. And then slowly relaxing it back, and we'll switch and do the other side. So coming around. Right knee comes in. Left leg extends back.

And then you'll inhale link into that. And then exhale back. Bringing right hand overhead, feeling the hips, rib cage, and then back and then back. Nice and easy. Feeling a hip stretch there, breathing in through the nose.

Out through the mouth. Then last one. And then 2 hand twists, rotating around, pressing, dropping the head down, inhale, exhale, shoulders back, breathing in, And good. And how? And XL.

Last one. And then slowly coming back to center. Good. Coming back around. Bring your feet here for belly massage, one of my favorites. So you're gonna keep red and yellow. If you wanna add another spring, maybe add a blue, Okay. Bringing both feet to the foot bar.

Hands will be in the center, and then you'll slowly press back straighten out the legs. And then slowly bend back in. Good. Nice at all. In the help, press it back. Straighten out the legs.

And then back in. So if you feel like you're sliding, you can always scoot in a little bit more here, and that'll give you a little more extension back here. Back. Good. Okay. 2 more. Nice. One more.

And back in and then slowly relax. Good. So coming forward to all fours, I'm a go 1 red, 1 yellow spring. So here, we're gonna go to our figure 4 stretch to the front. So right over left. Okay? Hands here. Now I'm a press back through the carriage, start around.

And as I press, I'm a slowly let my knees come back in. So right knee here, feel your hips stretch on this right side, and then slowly press it on back. So this is a nice figure 4 stretch in the prone position and you feel your hips here. And then you get a nice length of stretch here rounding through the spine and then pressing it back on LinkedIn. Good. So you got 3.

Good. 2. Take your time. And, again, if this is too much, you know, just do a simple hold stretch here or even maybe bring your foot up to here in the stretch. Right? You don't have to go anywhere. So last one, and then you'll come back in, and then we'll switch to the other side. K? So left foot over my right knee, And, again, one side will be tighter than the others.

Take your time, and then press it on back first. My arms are long, and then let my hips and knees come in. And then slowly press it on back inhale and exhale. Get that a nice hip stretch. Take your time.

So it's like my upper body's still and just kinda chilling out. Right? You don't have to do much. Just let the pelvis kinda do the work here. This feels good. Round through this part of your back. So that pellet toe tuck underneath and then press it on back. Good. One more.

Inhale and then exhale. Good. And then come back to center. Go to 1 red spring. Take the yellow off or both springs off up to standing for elephant.

K. So make sure shoulder elbow wrist line up, and then you're gonna slowly press back. I'm gonna keep my heels down to start. Here's my hamstrings and calves as I come back in Excel. Good inhale lengthen. And then exhale back. Again, just the lower half is moving.

I as forward, so you're not using your shoulders and traps. And then you can start to articulate through the ankles. So you're gonna come up, let the ankles peel here, and then peel it back down as you come in. Hamstrings. Right? And then let the ankles lift. Tippy toe articulate through those ankles, toes, peel it back down.

It's a wonderful stretch for the hamstrings, lower back, and breathe. Last one. That take your time. Yeah. Maybe you wanna do 8 to 10 or whatever feels good for your body. Right? And then slowly come down one knee at a time. Very good. Put all your springs back on, and then and with a nice alignment meditation, folding the legs.

Now you can also have them straight out. That's more comfortable for you. Meditation is about your comfortability. Right? So the more comfortable your body is, the more relaxed your mind will be. And just go ahead, settle, and close the eyes.

And now bring awareness to your hips and the base of the spine. Nice. I'll let it go. So you bring your awareness to the hips and the base of the spine. Imagine a light traveling from your hips and the face of spine throughout your body straight up to the ceiling. Pull me to the crown of your head nice and tall.

Relaxing your belly. Relaxing your jaw, your face, your eyes, relaxing the feet, the toes, relaxing your fingers, the hands, the wrists. Again, feel free to be as comfortable as you want. Everyone's practice looks different. You can always move around in meditation.

Don't feel like you have to sit completely still. So a lot of times, it's about giving yourself permission. To just be, to relax, however you have to get there. Notice how your body feels in this present moment. Now you can yourself some gratitude for your body, for your breath, being able to move.

And that's the countdown from 10. You'll slowly open the eyes. 10, 9, 87654 3, 2, and and that is our recovery, reformer meditation. So, hopefully, you enjoyed that. Thank you for joining me.

Have a great day, and we'll see you soon.


Dawn U
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Happy Thanksgiving!  Just what a needed after my Pilates workout this morning.  Thank you.
Jason Williams
Dawn U Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for taking class🙏🏾
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Thank you so much for this.  Perfect after a hard workout!  Love the meditation in there as well!
Jason Williams
Lori Glad you enjoyed it!! 🙏🏾🧘🏾‍♂️
Katherine W
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Awesome meditative class. Just the right length, tone and approach. Thank you.
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Love This!!!
Jason Williams
Katherine W glad you like it🙏🏾. Thank you for taking class.
Jason Williams
Melanie P thank you Melanie🙏🏾
Loved it. Thank you. 🙏🏻

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