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Isometric-Cardio Reformer

45 min - Class


You will build strength and improve your endurance in this Reformer class with Jason Williams. He alternates between isometric holds and bursts of cardio so you can condition your core and upper body while getting your heart rate up. His contagious energy will keep you motivated to continue moving, especially at the points where you might start to fatigue. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Triadball

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Nov 15, 2023
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Hi. This is Jason Williams with Pilates. Anytime. And today, we're here to do an extra a workout called ISO cardio. Reformer. So what this is gonna be is a lot of isometric holds followed by some cardio movement. So you need to build a lot of core strength, a lot of upper body strength, and then we'll get the move and sweat it out a little bit. So all you'll need is your ball today. We'll use that for our cardio portion.

So let's get warmed up. So you can place your ball down next to your reformer. We're gonna start by lying down. You're gonna go to 3 red springs. So take the other 2 off. Live back.

Into your former. We'll start with some footwork here. So to get nice and warmed up through our feet, press the carriage away, slowly drop your right heel down. Get that nice calf stretch, and you're gonna switch and switch. Good. So you're gonna breathe in. And, so, again, getting that nice stretch through the bottom of the feet, that planted fascia into the calves, It's a great way to start your class, your workout, by getting somebody's footwork to ground down, breathing in the nose, after the mouth, feels good, especially if you have tight calves.

Yeah. And, again, you can always give a little hold here if you like Just to get a little extra stretch, especially if one side is tighter than the other. Good. So you got 4, 3, 2. And then let's go to 1st position with the feet. Toes pointed out, heels together, drop the heels down, fill that nice stretch of the calves, point the toes, bend and knees come down. So this is our sequence.

So you're gonna inhale, press up. Drop the heels, exhale, inhale, and back down exhale. Good. So continue that. Point your toes. Dropped the heel, stretch, point the toes.

Man, the knees come down. Good. So my tree or my knees do stack out over my first second toe here. Right? So they go outside and then drop the heels down and then back out. Breeze. Excel. Good. So let's do 2 to 3 more of those. As we continue our footwork, nice and easy, inhaling up, drop the heels down, point the toes. Come on down. Last one.

Inhale up. Drop the heels down. Point the toes. And it's literally come on back to home. Very good. So walking out up to the heels.

So I wanna do a simple bridge. I'm gonna walk my feet a little bit wider. Angle my toes out. Keep the carriage still. So lightning hand, fingers, hands right here.

Roll up to the bridge. Good. And then slowly peel it back down. Drop the hips. We're gonna go all the way down. With our hips to our butt cuts articulate up. So vertebrae at a time.

Shoulders back. And then slowly roll it back down. Nice. Good. Let's do 3 to 4 more. Pressing through the heels, activating these glutes.

Upper hamstrings and then slowly roll it back down. Awesome work. Good. And how to get up? Good. XL roll it on down. Good.

If you wanna take away a little stability, you can always bend the elbows, right, and then bridge up. You want a lot of extra leaveners hamstrings. Right? Good. I'll send you a hands up too as well. If you're feeling a little extra froggy.

Good. And then slowly roll it on down. Bring the hands down. This time, you'll bridge it back up. We're gonna hold Here at the top, press it away. It's a nice long body stretch. Exhale back in.

Good inhale back out. Exhale back in. Good. So I'll get pressing through the heels, keeping the hips elevated the entire time. Good. Breathing into the nose as you extend out to the mouth as you come back in. Last one.

And Excel and then slowly roll it on down. Nice work. Bring your right leg up. We'll do some scissor kicks. So left leg extends. You'll breathe in and out. Good.

Nice little counter stretch for those hammies. Right here, breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth, feels good. So we got 4 Good. 3, 2, 1, and relax. Pulling these in. Get a little stretch. Woila. I'm a go to 1 or 2 reds now. So just two red springs.

Grab your straps. And we'll go to the shorter ones for me at shorter arms or longer arms. If you go to tabletop, 1, 2, and then go ahead press down, down, down, and then slowly exhale come on back up. Good inhale, press down. So now I'll get a little more of a core warm up here.

Abs engaged, knees are right over the hips. Fee ankle is gonna be at 90 degrees. Looking good. Keeping the head down. You got 2 more.

Good. Nice. One more. So this is a nice warm up just to get things moving before we do our isometric and cardio exercises. Now I'm gonna come down. Around for armed circles, back to center, and then back down. So get a little shoulder mobility work here.

Yeah. Notice my legs do not move. They don't change. Staying knees right over those hips. Again, continue to breathe. Two more times around, and then we'll reverse those circles in the opposite direction.

Looking good. And then you'll come back up. Now reverse, kick it out, and around. Good. So now we're starting to build a little bit of heat.

Right? Nice work. Looking good. Feeling good. Doing good. Alright. Last one around.

Now I'm just gonna have a little bit of fun. Bring those hands up. Right? I want you to kick and extend. Kick and extend. So this is like another ice and metric hold here through those arms, feel the abs engaged. Right?

Breathing in. So it's like our single leg stretch. Now if your neck is low tight, bring it down. It's okay. Right? 4. Good. 3.

2, 1, slowly bring it on back. Gotta feet to the foot bar. And now we'll go right foot, right strap, left foot, left strap. Good. So extend those legs. Hands flat. Nice, simple, lower back stretch.

Bring this feet here. Keep your hips down. Feel the hamstrings, your range of motion. And then press it on that using your glutes. Good.

Inhale back or exhale back. Excuse me. Then inhale. Use those glutes down. Good. 45 degrees.

Good. Nice stretch. Good. So from here, we're gonna go into our long spine stretch, which is one of my favorite stretches. I think this is everybody's favorite stretch. Get to the back. So we'll go one more time here, and he'll take it back down.

This time as you lift and peeling your straight up towards the ceiling first, So you're gonna lift, lift, lift, lift, hold, and then start to peel down smoothly. Amazing stretch for that mid lower back. Take your time. Take your time. And then you can even bend in knees if you need a little help and press out. Right? So sometimes it's nice to kinda not put too much torque into your lower back, take it up, up, up. Sometimes I like to kick the legs out to the side and then peel down.

So I get a little more of the side part of my hamstrings here. And then p o p o. Bring your feet together, press it on there. Good. Take your time. Back up. Nice, mid lower back stretch.

Kick it out, maybe. And then peel down. Yeah. You don't have to do the kick out, but sometimes this feels nice to do something a little bit different. Good. 2 more. Here we go. Back up, up, up, kick it out, and then slowly roll it on down.

Last one. Good. So you're gonna thank me later when we're doing this isometric holds. And your core and your lower back feel amazing. Right? Exhale.

Nice. Get that tailbone down. Press it down. Now we'll go into leg circles. You'll come up, kick out. Nice hip openers. Ah, feels good.

Reading in. And out. Hands are flat. Feels good. Get those hips moving. Remember tight hips.

Tight back. Awesome work. 2 more. One more. And then we're reversed in the opposite direction.

Fill those energized, pressing in, and breathe. Looks good. Yeah. You can always lift the head up if you wanna add a little bit of ab work here. Nice. 2 more.

Good. One more. And it's slowly come back to center. Bend the knees down, take one strap off at a time, right foot, left foot. Come on back to home. We'll start with our first cardio piece here. I'm gonna keep the 2 red springs.

Grab your ball that you need. It's gonna go behind the back here. Bring your feet down to the platform. K. So here, we can do our cardio. Also gives us a little bit of ab work. K? So feet come up here to the foot bar.

We're gonna use this. As if it's our jump board hands behind the head, nice simple hop. K. So here, you get that heart rate up a little bit. Nice easy. Land soft balls of feet.

Looks good. Feel the abs engaged here. This is like a 2 for one deal. Right? We call it a BOGO. Right? Get a little core, little cardio. Nice. 3.

2. One and relax it on down. Bring that ball to the side. Okay. We'll swing it around.

And now we'll get a nice stretch for cat, cow, back exercises. So I'm a go to one red, I think, for this one, it'll be good. So stacking wrist, elbows, shoulders, tuck that chin around to the back, Now pressure knees back here. Right? So here again, nothing's gonna move up top. Tuck your pelvis underneath. Here. So I'm drawing into the belly and then inhale lengthen it back. Exhale.

Drawing in. Inhale lengthen the back. Good. So good. So I'm just some pelvic tilts here to get that nice stretch around here to that lower back. And then slowly lengthen it out and round it back in. Good. Breathe. And exhale.

Looks good. Reading in and back out. Nice work. You got 3 more. Good. 2 more. Now you could always add a yell to this. If you a little extra love when you come in for the stretch here. Right?

Last one. And then slowly come back in the home. Standing for elephant. So bring your feet here stacked. So, again, same thing. Line up the shoulders with the wrist, pressing back. Keep the heels down to start.

Feel the nice calf stretch here, and then slowly come back in. Good. Nothing moves up top. Eyes for it. So you're not using your neck and then peel it back in. Good. So now you can start to lift those heels up. So get that ankle articulation as you peel down. Hamstrings.

Link that up. Good. And then slowly peel it down. Yeah. Awesome stretch. So from here, we'll go to our kind of second isometric hold. Just a simple high plank. Right?

So these isometric holds, you can hold 30 seconds, 20 seconds, Boom. Right here. So now we're starting to engage the abs. Use a little upper body strength. Alright. Don't worry. It won't hold you for too long today. Good. But, like I said, add on. So maybe first time around, you get 20 seconds. Maybe next time, 30 seconds. Right? Breathing in.

And out. Good. We got 10. 987-654 3, 2, and 1. Come on back in. Come down one knee at a time. Very good. So now take the hands, bring them to the platform here.

Tuck your toes. So now little four point bear dog hold. Now you're gonna float those knees and hold here. So another isometric hold, breathing in. And now, again, 25, 30 seconds, maybe. Is again activating the core.

Might feel a little bit of leg work here. Nice. Caught down. Okay. Give about 10 seconds. Looking good.

So start feeling the shoulder light up a little bit. Awesome work. 54 3, 2, and then slowly set it on down. Good. Roll those shoulders out. So now I'm gonna step off here.

Let's add one yellow on to that red and yellow. Take your foot down, foot bar down. So he's gonna lift it up and then back down like so. K. So from here, it'll come to all fours again. So we're gonna opposite hand opposite leg.

Right leg's gonna extend left arm out. Another isometric hold here first. Okay? So squaring the hips, breathing in, and out. So now we're establishing a little bit of balance here too as well. Right? So you're feeling the core engaged feeling that left shoulder, maybe not right, glute. Right? So my right leg is back. Left hand is out. Good. And now we'll start to move exhale in. In Hell extend. So, again, the red and y'all spring, depending on how many you have on, it's gonna be harder with balance.

Right? So less spring, harder, more spring, easier. Here we go. We got 4. Good. 3. Last two.

And then one extended out and then bring it back on here. Good. Other side left leg extends, right arm out. Hold it here. Good. Breathe again. And out. Good. So just holding again, maybe 15, 20 seconds, feeling the abs engaged, feeling that right shoulder out here, and then this left glute engaged, Reading in and out. Good.

543 2. Let's move XL in, inhale extend, exhale in, inhale, lengthen it out. Nice work. Breathing in and back out. Good work. Then let's bring It's gonna be harder on your bounce. So you'll have to engage that core more more.

You don't want the carriage to move. Right? Nice. 3 more. Good. 2 more. Nice. Last one. And then set it on down. Good.

Toast touch. Walk it out a little child's post stretch. Get their shoulders looking good, and then you'll slowly come back up. So Now we're gonna go to a standing exercise here. So I'm gonna start bringing your left foot on. Member safety first.

I'm a go to one red spring to start here just for this exercise. And then right foot up on top. Okay? So simply slide out the carriage, get a nice hip opener, and then slowly come back in. Good. Inhale out, exhale back in. So here, simple movement, and then we'll go into our isometric hold.

Right. Looking good. Breathing in. And Last one. So now I'm gonna bend this left knee, press out hold 15 seconds. Right? Isometric. You're gonna feel this left quad start to light up. Uh-huh. So we're just holding getting synced down into it.

This leg's active too. Right? Good. Shoulders back. Pretending to smile, even though you might not like this because it's gonna burn. Again, we're building strength. That's what ice and metrics do. So, again, you'll have stability in the hip joint Field this quads. 4, 3, 2.

Come on back end. Let's switch sides right. So it's gonna step back. Be careful. Don't touch the ball. Come around.

Right foot comes up first. Left foot. Slide Good and then back in. Inhale out. Exhale back in. Nice. So nice, simple.

Hip opener here. You have hands to the sides. You can bring them out even if you feel like you wanna get a little more stretch in the arms. Wheel the fingers, all that fun stuff. So give me 3 more. Good. 2 more. Keep your posture.

Nice. One more. Looking good. Now slowly come back in. Bend this right knee. Slide it out. Linked in LinkedIn and hold. K? So, again, hands on the hips. You can have them here to the front.

Good. So, again, feel this right glute and quads start to engage. This leg is active. This is a good way to tell which leg is getting dominant or stronger. So if you're right foot here, this might be harder to keep this leg out. Right? Maybe you wanna go a little bit longer on your isometric hold here. Breathe.

Sink the hips back. Again, maybe 15, 20 seconds. Add on as you get better, maybe you can go a little bit longer. K. We got 876543 2. One slowly come on back in.

Nice work. Good. So now we're just gonna step back. We're gonna just we're gonna go to one blue, one yellow. K? So we're still gonna be standing here coming back now. So my left foot's gonna place here first. Right? Right foot back. So I'm just gonna simply squat down into my lunge, extend out from my left leg and then pull back in.

K? So this is a really cool exercise for your knees. Also, this balance leg on this right leg here is working is symmetrically, right, because it's it has that little bend, and then you're just working through the knee and back out. Good. So you're starting to feel a little bit of burn, which feels great here also challenges that balance a little bit. 3. 2. Last one. Slowly. Come on back up. Be careful.

Switch size. K. Right foot on. Left foot. Then squat down into it. So just legs and do some work too. Straighten out the right and back chin up chest up.

Good. Right here. Nice and easy. So again, working isometrically on this left leg, right leg is doing some movement, getting hands on the hips, Also, what you can do, if you have, like, a pole or a gondola, you can hold on to that. If you don't feel safe up here doing some of these exercises, sometimes that does help. With balance. Right? So, again, think about progression when you're working. Okay? 3 more.

2 more. Nice. Then slowly come back in. And now forward full, take it down, down, down, down. Let's go to all fours first. Now what we're gonna do here, lift those knees, a little bear dog.

You can use it as hold here, maybe 20 seconds, 30 seconds, back to this four point. Right? Isometric holding, building strength. Right? That's what we wanna do. Looking good. 10 seconds. And you can do it. You can do anything for 10 seconds. Right?

7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ready for us to roll it out. And then back in. Let's move. Nice. Come on. So now we're doing that extension out from the high plank.

Uh-huh. Looking good, feeling good, eyes forward now. So now we'll take that work out of the neck. A little bit. 2 more. Good. One more. And then slowly come on back in, walk those hands, back up. Right? So now round up to the spine.

Back to standing here. My right foot goes on. K. So now getting a little bend. I'm gonna lunge out a little bit more now here instead of doing that little knee extension and then come back in.

And then back out. Good. So simple forward lunges. Easy. Right? So working through those legs a little bit, hands on the hips, maybe hands out. Again, if you're holding on to a pole, maybe in this right hand. Alright. So do you, it feels good. Right? I'm gonna shame your game if you need to hold on to something.

Alright? Sometimes in life, we all gotta hold on to somebody. Right? Let's go. 2 more. Good. One more. And then come on back. Swaddlers. Switched legs. Here we go.

Take your time. Okay. My knees slide it out. Linked in. Here we go. Simple forward lunge. Awesome. Looking good.

Fun thing about isometrics and building strength, you can add them anywhere into your workout. Even here, if you wanna go to a isometric hold lunge, you can do that. Right? So maybe, again, this leg's gonna be working 15 to 20 seconds each side, but it's nice to do a whole and then a movement. Right? So you're building strength. Then kinda building muscle endurance. Right? Let's go. Awesome.

Come on. You need some arms if you want. Last one. K. Come on back in. Take your time. Ready. Forward fold.

Take it back down. I'm a go to one blue spring this time. Lengthen it out. Here. Now I'm a bend my knees twist to the left. Come back out. Bend my knees twist to the right.

And then back out. Ugh. So here you get a little cardio because your heart's starting to pump a little bit with that strength. Twisted the left. Good. Twisted to the right. Nice work.

Breathe. So let's do one more left here and then one more right side here. Awesome work. And then slowly come on back in and relax. Good. K. Let's put our foot bar back up slowly. Come off of there.

And then let's bring it to here. K. Back to some cardio using the ball. K. So let's go to reds, and they wanna place it right here behind the back, same position a little earlier. And let's start with those hops. Skin hands can go on ahead.

Jump it out. Nice. Getting our heart rate back up. So we'll add on to this. We'll go to a little single leg here in a moment. Good. So this can be 20 seconds, maybe 15, whatever you're feeling.

We love options. Right? Here we go. 2 more. Good. One more. Single leg. Here we go. Right foot. It's just gonna work. Right? So you need to keep this knee in.

Now the phone 1, bring it through. Right? Here and here. Right? You got 3. Good. 2. 1.

Left side. Here we go. Right? Good. Maybe through. Land on the ball of that foot, nice and easy, starting to feel the abs, remember that buggo deal from before, right, a little 2 for 1. Come on. Nice work. 2 more.

Good. One more. And relax. Nice work. Come on up. Now take the ball out, move that to the side. Wanna swing around and do a little upper body here. K? So let's go one red, one yellow spring, Right hand comes here.

Left hand goes behind the back. Okay? So I'm a sit back my hips and then slowly press back. So straight arm here. Now bend the elbow. So single arm chest press. Take it on out.

Good. Alright. So here, get a little individual arm work. Right? So if you're right handed or left handed, if you're right handed, Maybe you wanna do less on the right side, more on the left side. Here we go. Looking good. Abs are engaged. You got 4. Good. 3.

Nice too. Here we go. Left hand, bring it on, stand it out, right hand behind the back, bend the elbow, pressing on back chin up. Good. So again, you'll find each arm will be a little bit different here. Alright. Depending on how tight you are on your shoulder.

So maybe you wanna adjust by moving this left hand in or out. If you bring it in, might be a little bit harder. I'll feel your tricep. Maybe bring it out. If you want more range of motion here to bend that elbow out to the side. Right? Here we go. You got 3.

2. Good. One more. And then slowly come on back in. Good. Roll those shoulders out. So now we get to add a little bit of upper body cardio.

So now I'm a press back, extend, and come back in. And push. So I'm on a red and yellow still. If this is too much and you find you're coming back in a little quicker, go to here. But keep your chin up. Eyes up.

Here. Good. Avs engaged. Take your time. Alright. Again, maybe you wanna do 15 reps.

Maybe 15 seconds. Again, whichever feels good for your body. Again, we're getting that cardio portion in while getting a little bit of strength. Two more. Good. One more. And relaxing on and good.

Put your red bring back on. Grab that ball. Here we go. Getting those intervals in. Alright. Now go ahead. Bring those feet up.

Hands behind the head, brace the head and neck, getting the balls and right in the center of your kind of your scapula or your shoulder blades, two hands. 2 feet. Press it on out. Let's go. Woo. Uh-huh. Now we're on fire.

Let's go. Come on. Hashtag fire glutes. Let's go. Come on. Let's work.

I feel on those abs. 3, 2. Guess what? I wanna switch it up and go to the left leg first. Why? Because it's too easy to start in the leg we just did. Right? So always ask what's your stuff about. Right? Come on. Keep the body guessing a little bit.

There you go. So just a left leg. Again, you bring it underneath. Bring it in. Have a little biking action. Good. Two more. Good. One more.

Right foot. Here we go. Lynn, bring it through. Nice and easy. Woo. Uh-huh. Heart rates up. Abs are working.

5. 4. Good. 3. 2. Last one.

And relax it on down. Nice work. K. Fun part. Side body exercises. Get to some obliques. So I'm a go one yellow spring to start, and I'm a come to you could take your straps off.

Bring them inside, come to your elbow, feet good to the platform. My left leg is forward. Right leg is back. So we're gonna start with ice and metric hold, press out. Lift the hips and then this hold here. K? So here, getting a oblique underneath.

Breathe. K. It can only be 10 seconds. Give me fifteen seconds. Do you. Right?

Awesome, Mark. Again, keep the hips up. Alright? Maybe I said, Skye. Now if this is too much, maybe bring his hand down. Okay? Give yourself a little help. Right? It's okay.

Good. 4, 3, 2, 1. Relax it on down. Bring it in. Let's do the other side. K? Come back. Back to isometric hold. So left foot here.

Right foot will be on top. Press it out first. Get set up. Now lift up. In here. Good. Shoulders back.

Uh-huh. So, again, filling those obliques underneath on the side. Good. Hand could be up, could be to the hip. If you wanna bring the right hand here, so, again, my left hand is here, right hand says, Scott. 10, 9, 87, 6, 54, 3, 2, bringing on down. Nice work. K. Let's add a blue spring on.

Alright. So now from here, get a little cardio. We'll switch it back. K? Left foot goes up. K.

And then we're gonna press away first. So get set up. Come in. Now push. And push. So again, a little side. Work with this glute.

Good. So, again, my right hand is just holding you here to the shoulder. Rest chin up. Shust up. Again, smile, because I know how how much you love this workout. Right?

Good. Here we go. 2 more. Good. One more. And relax it all back. Good. Let's just go to one blue. So now we're gonna get into a little bit of side.

Boot stuff, so bring this left foot up, press it on out. And then when it's sweet for it, boom. And then press it on back. So guess what? Your glute on the left might be a little tired from what we just did. Nothing wrong with that.

It's called fatigue. Right? So now we're getting a little stretch. Hitting that left glue. Looks good. You got 3. Good. 2. Nice. Last one.

Now press it out. Hold bending the in, and then kick it out. So it's that same motion we just did with that push and cardio. Right? Whoo. Tasty glutes. Right? Let's go. Just make sure you stay tall here in the upper body.

Don't collapse too much. Nice. One more. And then we'll do the other side. Wow. Take the strap off. Slowly.

Come on back. Okay? And then we'll do the other side. So you're gonna come take left hand here, right foot on top, So, again, line it up. Press it away first. So line yourself up. Okay.

Make sure you're right in the middle. And then just do a couple presses. And then a little hops here. Right? And then once you get going, you can extend and extend. Right? Bending the knee.

Good. Take your time. So get a little cardio now on this right leg. Good. Nice. You got 3. Again, it can be 15 reps, maybe 15 seconds. Nice.

Last one. And then come on down. Take the yellow spring off. Grab your strap, and then bring right foot here. Straighten it out, and then kick sweep back, and then come forward so you get a little hamstring stretch, feel the hip glutes here, Breathe.

Stay nice and tall. Hand can be on the hip. You can be in hand behind the head. Whichever feels good. Nice.

Sweeping around. K. And one time might be weaker. So, again, you can always take the weight down a little bit. One more. Good. Now sweep it out, bend the knee, and extend.

Good. Awesome job. Looks good. Feeling those hips, the glutes. Nice. You got 4.

Good. 3. Nice. 2. One more. And relax. Pull that knee in. Take the strap off.

Slowly come on back. Place the strap back on. And guess what? We'll do it all again. We'll start with that upper body. Right? So bring get ready. Yellow spring on. Take the blue off, two hands here.

So let's start with those hops. Right? So I'm gonna press away, come back. Push. Good. So, again, you can always add spring maybe for the last set. Alright? Or take off if you want a little bit longer cardio. Alright. So maybe you wanna go 30 seconds.

Maybe you won't go 45 seconds. Right? If you're feeling a little local. Right? Let's go. Come on. Whew. Breeze. Nice. You got 5.

4. Good. 3. 2. You know what? Let's add on. Right? Because we can add on. So take the yellow off. Watch this.

And now we'll press away a little bit quicker. Oh, yeah. Uh-huh. So now you could kinda do a little pyramid. So you can take springs on and off.

For your cardio in the same set. Right? Come on. Nice. 2 more. Whoo. One more. And then come on back.

Place the other red spring on. Grab that ball. Swing us feet around. Good. Paul to the middle of the back, Scapula, hands behind the head.

Here we go. Jump it out. So you see where we built strength, and we're getting that heart rate up. All in the same workout. Nice. Come on. Looks good.

Feel good. Do good. Uh-huh. 3. 2.

Single leg. Here we go. Right. Uh-huh. Go ahead and keep it in the end. You can bring it over top. You can bring it under, over, get funky.

Nice. One more. Whoo. Left leg. Here we go. Maybe under.

Maybe over. Alright. Do you. It feels good. Again, this is your workout. Not mine.

I'm just here for support. Come on. Nice. 2 more. One more. Hey. Let's alternator that left. Right. I got a little trickery on you. Right?

You didn't see it coming. Uh-huh. 4. 3. Right foot.

Left foot. Right foot. Last one. And bringing on down 2 feet. Take that ball out. Bring it to the side.

Woo. Let's do a little mermaid stretch. So bring out right foot back. K. Let's go red and yellow. Left hand on, and then I'll reach it on out. And then come back.

Feel the hips, side rib cage here, good, and pressing on out. Inhale. Good. And then exhale. Good breathing in the nose. Out to the mouth. So this last little bit of a cool down stretch is gonna be a lot of hip openers really get to our glutes.

Alright. Awesome work. Last one here. Good. And then slowly come back. Bring this left hand over top.

Feel the hips. Rib cage now. 2 hand twist. Press it out, lengthen out, drop the head, and then slowly come back in, pull back through the shoulder blade, feels good. Inhale, lengthen it back. Excel.

Back in. Nice. So you're gonna feel this hip glute underneath, this left side here, and then you'll slowly come back in. Now we're gonna do a little over under with the head. So you can come here, bend the elbows.

My head is gonna go underneath the footbar here. And I'm gonna press, and then my head goes over top. So over and then under the over. And then under. Drop the head down.

A little shoulder stretch here. Extend it. And then back. Last one. And then come in, and we'll ask to switch sides. Well done.

And then you bring your right knee in, left leg back, right hand to the foot bar, inhale, lengthen it out. Good. Excel. Bring this top pan, rib cage hips, and then back in here. Awesome. Again, Mermaid is one of my favorite stretches to do.

Because it gets so much again, get the hips, you get the rib cage, get the shoulders, breathing in the nose, out through the mouth. And then 2 hand twist. Press it on out. Drop the head down. Let's slowly come back in.

Shoulders back. Inhale. Only thing to that. And then exhale back in. Good. Breathe in. Nice straps.

Two more. And then we'll do that over under with the head. Nice. Last one. Press it out, and then bend the elbows, drop the head underneath, and then press on that. And then come in, head over top. Press and then underneath my shoulder straps here, and then plus What was that?

Good. Let's do two more. Yeah. One more. And hang up. And then press and then slowly come on back in. Nice.

K. Let's keep one red on and move the ball to the side here. So this is gonna be pigeon stretch here. So you're gonna be start here behind, on the right side or left side of the reformer. My left foot's gonna come on just like pigeon I'm gonna come to my knee here in the back. So here, you could stay.

It's simple like this. You might feel it. You can go into that four fold. Feel that. Here. Now my right knee is down here in the back.

My left leg is forward. I can hang out here and just chill. That's always nice. You can extend the right leg back. Bring this hand here and do a little push in and out. So now you get a little extra love in this hip here. Right? So breathing in, And that nice.

And then you can always just hold it, readjust when I bring your foot out. Right there. You can sink down into it. Maybe a little twist away. And then slowly come back. Okay.

Walk it back up. Take your time coming out, and we'll go to the other side. So, again, and I'll walk around. So I'm gonna start you here. Right foot goes this way in. K. Probably gonna be a little closer to the foot bar.

Left knee goes down. Again, this might be enough here, right, and stay in your hip stretch for your half pigeon, or you can come all the way down to the forearms. Good. So, again, do you, whatever your body allows. Option to bring the right hand here. Press out. And then you can keep the knee down or if you wanna extend the knee and out. Right? So my left leg is back, right leg on the carriage, and then you can press a little bit more if you're gonna come down and get a little extra stretch here.

Take a deep breath. And now This feels amazing in the hips. Again, this is just one red spring on. Nice. And then slowly come on back.

And the home dropped the knee down. Come up. Feels good. Maybe a little final shoulder. Try cheer in the back, pull it back, and then come back around, have a seat. Now drop your feet down past.

Your carriage here. So you've got a nice little hip opener. So here, you can kinda press down. Slide 4, hands up. Little Batman for full reach.

You can stay here. You can walk your hands forward if you want. Whatever feels good and see your hips here. Take a deep breath, exhale, bend into the elbows, relax your head and neck. Good.

Awesome. And nice hip stretch, especially after all that. Jumping. Some of those isometric holds. Feels good to stretch the hips into your lower back. Nice work. Slowly come back up, bring those knees in.

Guess what? You made it. Give yourself a pat on the back. Thank you for joining me, and I'll see you next time.


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Thank you Jason 👏👏👏
Jason Williams
Claudia thank you again for taking class. Appreciate you🙏🏾
Robin S
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That was a great class. So happy @pilatesanytime highlighted you! I will now do all of your classes!
Jason Williams
Robin S thank you Robin!! Glad you’re enjoying the classes!!
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So much fun! I really enjoyed the pace, sequence, and encouragement!
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Great workout Jason, Thanks. 
Jason Williams
Rachel P you’re welcome Rachel🙏🏾
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amazing class. thank you. 
Jason Williams
rebecca jane you’re welcome! Thank you for taking class 🙏🏾
Melissa D
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Great class! Thank you! 😊
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