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Whole Body Cardio Jump Board

40 min - Class


You will get your heart pumping with this full-body Jump Board workout by Jason Williams. He starts and ends the class with a supportive meditation to help you tune into your mind and your body. For the rest of the class, he alternates between cardio and strength work to give you a fun challenge.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Jump Board

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Hi. This is Jason Williams with Pilates Anytime. And today, I got a real treat for y'all. This is a cardio meditation jump board class. So we're gonna start with a brief meditation, then we'll move, and then we'll end with a nice cool down meditation at the end. Okay? You're gonna make sure you're gonna have all your springs here on the reformer. We'd actually use the jump board as a back support. So come on down for our meditation.

So you can fold the legs. Now if your back hurts, you can definitely lean back here, settle in. If you wanna straighten the legs out here, You can do so as well. Okay? Whichever is more comfortable for your body. The more relaxed your body is, the more relaxed your mind will be. Okay? So go ahead and begin to close the eyes. Settle in.

And this meditation will be a nice simple breath work, which is one of the core principles and Pilates is our breath. So we're gonna take a nice, easy inhale. And exhale. Good. Breathing in. And One more time. Inhale. And this time, bring one hand to your belly.

So as you breathe in, let your belly expand. And as you exhale, let it contract. Breathe in, expand, exhale, let it contract. Inhale and exhale. One more time.

And And you can continue this meditation as long as you like. So you can simply pause the video. Keep it going. And then when you're done, you'll come out. And we'll move to our first exercise. So take your time coming out.

We're gonna turn, and when I do it to 2 red springs, and wanna start simple, nice warm up coordination and align your back. Take your straps off here. And we'll simply bring both feet up to the foot board here. I'm gonna be in the long straps here. If you wanna go short traps, you can do so as well.

So bring both feet up the table top, hips stacked over the or knees stacked over your hips, press slowly back down. You're gonna bend the elbows in, keeping your head down to start. And as you press, you're gonna kick right over top of the foot or the trunk board here, exhale back in. And how lengthen the exhale back in? Good. So continue to use the breath.

Very important. Good. Breathing in. And, good. Give me 2 more. Good. One more. And then exhale back in.

Now we're adding a little split to that. So I'm gonna inhale. Kick out, exhale, back in. So now we're gonna start to warm up those abs a little bit. I'll also get a little hip opener as we extend and kick out, breathing in, Again, I'm keeping my elbows here on the carriage. So it's a nice place to remember to keep your arms.

And they don't move as well. Let's do one more. Driving the head down. Now, again, you don't have to lift the head if your neck is a little tight. Okay? And you'll go out one more time.

Give me a scissor scissor and then slowly relax. So let's do 3 more of those scissor scissor and then slowly relax. Get over under and then relax. Let's do one more. Because why not?

And then relax it on down. Very good. So now you can rest your feet here at the top. So we're removing a snow angels next. So feet tabletop, bring your arms out to the side. Press down to the hips, and then slowly lengthen it back out. So inhale as you go down, exhale, come back out.

Good. Keeping your shoulders down and back. I'm keeping my head down here. Because you'll still fear abs here. Engage.

Good. Breathe. And, yeah, you can always Spice up however you like. If you wanna lift the head and kick, you can do all that fun stuff. But do you. Right? This is your class. I'm just here for you.

Here we go. We got 2 more. Good. One more and then slowly relax it here. Bring arms overhead. And now from here, when you press straight down, you can lift your concierge exhale straight arm back. Straight arm down, lift, inhale, exhale. Come on back. Nice.

Inhale lift, and exhale on back. K. Let's do 2 more. So while we're getting those abs, nice and warmed up, so, again, it's a good way to start that core working. To support our body as we start to move and flow, especially through when we do these jump board exercises last one. And then slowly come on down. Good.

Place your straps back to the shoulder rest. And then we'll slowly come up to seated. And then we're gonna move to red and yellow, and let's get to these hips. Right? So we're about to get hippie, so bring this right foot back, right knee down. My left foot is forward. Two hands here to the jump board.

Slowly press it on back. Nice. It flex your stretch. Good way to wake up the body, breathing in, and out. Good. Take your time. Focus here in your posture. Right? Keeping your shoulders back. Arms nice and long.

Pressing through the heel here in the front. Just left foot. And then back. Another fun option you can do for you to focus more on your posture. Take your left hand, bring it behind the back, and now press it on back inhale. And then exhale.

Good. So, again, if you have some shoulder issues, you may not be able to do this. That's okay. Alright. So maybe just keep the hand here. But it's a good way to get a nice shoulder stretch here as you push back and forth. Good. Let's do two more.

Good, one more. Then our transition is going to be to a side lunge, and you'll slowly come on in. Good. I'm a go to one red and the turn pivot this way. So you're gonna angle your left toe out. Right foot is here at the shoulder rest, bending to the knee. Lengthen it out. Right? And then back up.

So think north south as you go back down. Right? So, again, this leg's along for the lock ride. Inter thigh hip. Stretch. Come right on up again. If you need to use this for a little help, that's okay. Right? Sometimes in life, we all need a little bit of help. Let's go. Breathing in and back out.

Good. Linking it out. Okay. Make sure that toes angled out and protect this left knee. And then one more. Good. Perfecto.

Slowly come on back in. Put your yellow spring back on, and we'll do the other side. So walk around. Okay. So now left foot is gonna be back. Place the knee down, right leg forward.

Stay into this heel. 2 hands. Press it on back. Inhale. Shoulders back. Feels wonderful to get that nice hip flexor stretch, especially if you sit all day. Excel it in.

Inhale it back. Option to bring that right hand behind the back. To get that shoulder stretch. Breathing in. And Good. Pressing through this right heel. Looks good. We got 3 more.

2 more. And then we'll move into that side lunge. Nice. Last one. So you'll go to one red spring. So you'll come on back in the home.

Take the yellow spring off, angle this way, right toe is gonna angle out, left foot here, bend into the knee, straight down. So, again, his hips along for the ride straight back up. Again, using this hand here to steady yourself. Good. Exhale back in. Inhale and lengthen. And, good. If you wanna challenge yourself, go hands on hips. You can do that.

Yep. Breathing in and back out. Nice. Good stretch. Looks good. So give me 3. Nah. It's 2.

Good. One more. And then slowly come on back and relax. Okay. So you're gonna turn and have a seat here to your carriage. You're gonna place 3 red springs. So I wanna do our first exercise using a jump board. So you're gonna lie back and we're gonna start with simple squats to get you acclimated to having your feet here on the board. So, again, you can use as much weight here that's possible for you and your fitness level. So you're gonna slowly press up and now.

So just getting used to bending the knees, thinking about your posture. So if you wanna add a yellow spring or a blue spring, you can do so. Yeah. It's just nice simple squats. You have hands on the hips.

You have hands up. If you wanna gauge your abs here a little bit more, keeping your shoulders back. Nice. You got 4. Good. 3. Nice. 2.

One more and then slowly come back down. Now I'm a go to 2 red springs for my hops. K? So you want a little bit of give, right, when you're going back. So, again, just just get used to 1st round, come up, simple jumps. Alright. So, again, here, you can have a little lift in the head to switch. You wanna see where you land.

So you're gonna lay it softly in the balls of the feet. You have a little point if you like with the ankles, or, again, you can keep the head down if you want a little more of a rest. Some people also like to take your headrest up if your neck is straining here. Alright? But, again, do you, whatever feels good for your body? So maybe here you would go 10 seconds, 20 seconds, or 10 to 15 reps. 3.

Good. 2. Nice. Last one. And relax. And we'll now come on back up, and we'll go to upper body exercise. So I'm gonna go to 1 red spring. And then this is just gonna be simple seated.

Grab your strap. Two hands here, and we'll twist it out and get to some oblique work. Okay. So I'm gonna rotate inhale and exhale again. File ahead in the hands. As you twist. Now keeping my hand chest level or just below, so I'm not engaging my traps here. Okay?

Good. Nice about rotation out. And back in. Awesome. So, good. I'm on one red. If you need to go one blue, that's okay. Can do you? You know your machine.

There we go. Nice work. So it's good to kinda, again, I like doing these core warm ups to start to help stabilize the body when we're doing anything else in class. Right? Nice. Last one. And then we'll add our single arm, press it out, and then rotate, and then back. So I'm just twisting and push. Right?

So right hand here, as you press it on out, and then push. Good. So, again, maybe 10 to 12 reps, whatever feels good for your body. Again, if you want more more strength, maybe you take the weight up. One day, you can do strength and do more weight.

Maybe the next day you wanna do higher reps and do lighter weight. K? Do you. Last one. Nice. And then you'll slowly come back. Now I'm a go to one yellow spring here.

Now my left hand's gonna come across right hand to hip. I'm a pull across. So a little rear delt fly here, single arm. So chin up chest up and then pull straight across. So now I'm working this left shoulder here and back out. Right? So, again, I have longer arms. I'm in the shorter strap.

Maybe you wanna if you have shorter arms, you go to the longer one. Right? So, again, do you lighter weight, the better here. Okay? So give me 2 to 3 more. Looks good. Don't forget to smile and breathe. We need that in class.

There you go. Pretend like you like it. Nice. Last one. And then we'll switch it around and do the other side. Well done. K. Bring that stripe back on. I'm a go to one red, take that yellow off, pivot around, And we'll start with this two hand twist here and then rotate it on.

Again, hands are about chest level. Nice and tall. Pulling through the crown of the head. Working there's obliques. Awesome.

Don't forget to breathe. You know, your breath will get you through it. Right? And that's why we did that breath work meditation in the beginning. Help us bring that awareness to the breath. Good.

And we'll do 2 more. Good. One more. And then we'll go to that single arm. We'll go to the shortest strap for me here. Press it on out rotate. Good.

And back. Nice. So, again, left arm, rotating through, right hand on the hip, breathe, inhale, and then exhale. Awesome work. Again, maybe 10 reps on your side here, and then we'll go to yellow.

To do that rear delt fly. Looks good. Awesome work. So at this class, wanna spice it up by doing our jump board in between these exercises. So go to your yellow spring.

So remember that you always have a little bit of cardio after we do some strength work here. So rear dot fly. Bring it back. In here. Again, you know, long strap or short strap, depending on how long your arms are. Good. Make sure you keep that hand below the shoulder here. Right? So that way, you don't get engage these trap muscles here. Okay?

Good. Bree. And XL. So you got 3. Nice. 2. One more.

Well done. And then slowly come on back. Place that strap on. Let's go to those 2 res. And let's get this heart pumping a little bit. Here we go. Showtime lie on back.

So I wanna start with our hops this time. So go ahead. Take it up. Here we go. So, again, maybe 10 to 12 reps. Lara feels good. Land soft.

Alright. Good. So as we add on, Again, you always wanna think about time, what you can do. Alright. So, like I said, 10 to 12 reps. Now I wanna add alternating right leg hops.

So so I'm a lift this leg. I'm a press switch left, switch right. Switch left. Switch right. Good. So just like a little running motion here.

Hands can be flat. Again, whichever feels good. Land soft. Awesome. We got 5. 4.

Nice. 3. 2. Last one. And then bring her right foot on. Single leg. Just press it on out.

I'm a keep this left leg up. Also, a phone I'm gonna do here is maybe a little hamstring stretch and then back down. So maybe lift up and then back down. So extend, pull this left leg, right leg, extend it, then switch it, bring the left leg, onto the foot jump board and then slowly press it on out. Okay. If you ever wanna add more weight, add more weight, you can do you. Alright? And then back in, nice simple, hammy stretch to give a little work here.

Nice. 2 more. Good. One more. Well done. And then slowly relaxing on down. K. Good. So now I'm gonna come up to kneeling position.

Alright. So I'm a go one blue first. Alright. And then as you come here, right foot by foot, I'm gonna start this right hand. We'll do a simple chest or shoulder press here straight out. So engage the abs here, bending the elbows, slow, slow, slow, and then simply press it on out. So think about, again, that 45 degree angle as you press out, being elbow.

Again, do your range of motion with your shoulder here, so be careful. Again, if you have any shoulder injuries, not to go too far back. Alright? This is a nice one to utilize your core, get a little chest shoulder workout, and also working bilaterally through each arm. Right? Good. Awesome work.

So you got 4. 3. Nice. 2 more. And one. Well done. Slowly come on back.

Let's get this left arm. So switching it up and then getting coming up, pressing on out. Alright. So interesting thing about shoulders, If one side is a little tighter, it may feel harder. So you might be right handed and feel like it's harder to for me, I'm right handed. This side feels easier because my shoulders less tight.

So think in terms of mobility, it's allowing me to move. Right? So that's why it's good to stretch shoulders. Whenever you do exercises so you can have that equal amount of mobility in the arms. Right? So, again, working a little more efficiently. Here we go. Let's go. Breathe abs engaged.

Looking good. We got 3. Nah. It's 2. And one. Okay. Let's get a little double pump time to or one red on for me.

One red spring. K. Coming back up here, press it out, and then we'll come this way, two hands, and then slowly bring it back. Nice. And then pressing on that. Good. So, again, do you here, whatever feels good for your body, whatever you're capable of, Nice squeeze. Nice. Gotta get a little pump time in. Right?

Let's go. You got 5. Good. 4. Nice. 3. 2.

And one good. Bringing on down. Back to another set of our jump board. Here we go. Bring 2 reds on. Have a seat. We'll add on a 4th exercise to this one.

Right? So We're gonna come here. Start with our hops. Nice and simple. Good. Hands can be flat.

Has to be to the hips. K. You can look up a little bit if you wanna see where you're landing. Good. So, again, maybe 12 reps. May you wanna go for 2 time for 20 seconds, do you?

Awesome work. 4, 3, 9, 2, we'll alternate out right left kick. Right? So here and left. Right foot. Left foot.

Right foot. Left foot. Looks good. Breathe. Uh-huh. So we had that hamstring stretch, not last one.

This time, we're gonna do a jack. So, yeah, 2 more. One more. So my legs will kick out to the sides. So here we go. I'm gonna kick out and back. Guh. Bree.

Simple jacks. Alright. Get a little inner thigh work as well. Land soft. You got 4. Good. 3.

It's 2 more. 1, and relax it on down. Wow. How we feel? How's that heart feel? Yep. Million bucks. Alright. So we'll come to standing next.

So let's go to a blue spring. And I wanna do simple rows. K? So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pull here, and then I'm a step into the well here. Of the reformer. Okay? So bending the knees to a simple two handed row. K? So bent over rows Stay stable here in the heels, lengthen it out, your range, and then pull back. So the farther back you are, you will have a little bit more room so the springs won't touch your feet or ankles.

Good. Here we go. Pitching back to their shoulder blades. Looks good. Awesome. Nice.

Good. So I love doing rows because, again, especially these muscles get week back here to help with your push ups. So you should be doing rows as much as you can maybe 2 to 3 times a week. Right? Here we go. Yep. 4.

Good. 3. Nice. 2. And one pull in step out first. And then slowly lengthen it back.

So place your straps back to the shoulder, Trust, I'm gonna add a yellow spring. So going blue and yellow, we're gonna have a seat, bringing both feet here. So now what I'm a do is grab for me, I'm a grab your shorter strap and have longer arms, and then I'm a walk my feet down. I'm a curl in. So keeping my elbows about chest level, slowly start to peel around down.

So you get this nice c curve here. So if you tuck your chin here, This is where you get that stretch in your upper back or up to your neck and then slowly stack the vertebrae come up. Right? So inhale lengthen it on back. Good. Exhale. Lift that chin. Pull to the crown of the head. Good. And then back now.

So inhale. And then exit. Good. Breathe in. And out. Looks good. So give me 3.

Nice. 2. Good. One more. And then you're gonna slowly come up straighten out those legs. Press out and then pull. Okay? So here, focus on your posture. Right? So pulling back their shoulder blades. You'll get a little bit of tricep work here. Right?

Which is nice. So sitting up nice and tall. Sometimes if you have tight hip flexors, you can always have a little pad that put on your butt that'll give you a little more height, and it'll take the pressure out of hip flexors and your lower back. Alright? So I wanna do about 5 or 6 more of these again. I'm on one blue, one yellow spring.

Sometimes you might wanna just go one blue. So here it's not about weight. It's more about form. Precision slowly come back. Good. Give me 2 more.

One more. Nice. So we did that single arm rear delt now we're gonna move to double. So I might go to 1 blue, or you can stay at blue and yellow. So I'm a pull out. Let's see. Arm straight out to the sides here and then slowly come back in and then come back out. Again, keeping my hands below the shoulders, Right? So I'm not using my neck. Same up nice and tall. Breathe.

Good. Awesome, Mark. Alright. So, again, working those back muscles or those posterior muscles pulling back. Nice. Start getting a little burn in the delts. Right? Nice. Last one.

And then relax on that. Give yourself a little shoulder shrug. Wiggle it out. Right? Alright. Biaset curls. Right? So now I'm a press in.

You can keep it, like, straight. If you wanna go back to vent, you can do that as you lengthen out. And back in. And, again, imagine a little platform going to underneath your arm here as you do your curl and then back. Alright. Gotta pass up the guns. Right?

Let's go. So I have to call this one Thelma, This one, Louise. Alright. Let's go. Pop it out. You got 5.

Good. 4. Nice. 3. 2. And wanna give me a little stretch for it. Nice job. Woah. Roll out their shoulders, put your straps back on.

Time to get our jump on. You ready? Swing it back around to Res. Now if you wanna take it up, if you're feeling froggy, you wanna add a yellow, maybe I'll do a yellow. Why not?

And so I have 2 reds and a yellow one. So I'm gonna add on from here. K? So we'll start with our jumps. Here we go. Nice and easy. So now you get a little more resistance.

Alright. Awesome work. Looks good. So essentially, we're doing kind of like a stacking. So we start with 2 cardio exercises, moving to 3, moving to 4. Gay can always add on, get creative.

Nice. One more. And then we'll alternate out right foot, left foot. Here we go. Show time. Woo. Uh-huh. Now we're cooking.

Nice. Nice and easy. Good. Always land soft. Protect the knees. Alright.

Good. 4, 3. We'll go into those jacks next. Here we go. Ready? Down. Kick it out. In out.

Come on. Nice. Uh-huh. Again, 10 to 12 reps, maybe 20 seconds, whatever you feel like, and even a time you can add on or take down as you do these. Tomorrow.

Now I wanna know Chris Cross applesauce. Ready? Scissor scissor, sister says. Alright? Come on. Getting wow. Nice.

So little crisscross with the feet. Maybe left first. Maybe right on top. Do you. Come on. Awesome.

2 more. Good. One more. Hey. Relax it on down. Nice work. Come on up. How are we feeling? $2,000,000?

Alright. So we're gonna move next to a little bit of upper body. I'm a go one red. And then we'll go to kneeling here. So you also take our jump board upper body as well.

I'm a start simple with some presses. Just to get used to being in this position and then bending the elbows and pushing back. Right? So if you need more resistance, Add another red. Alright. Okay. If you want a little more of that push up, now that red, it's gonna take it up. So you might wanna go blue or yellow, but do you. Right?

Nice simple process. Good. So I got 5. So my abs are also really engaged here as I press out. Right? Which is nice. So you're gonna use those when we do our jumps with the arms. Okay? Good. Nice work, 2 more.

And relax. Good slowly come in. I'm gonna take my red off. I'm going to red and yellow. Okay. So now I'm gonna be here. Push and push.

Alright. So I'm leaving the jump board with my hands. Keep your eyes forward. Abs engaged. Right? Come on. So, again, here you go for time. Me, again, 15, 20 seconds.

Looks good. Come on. We got 5. Good. 4. Nice. 3.

Come on. 2 more. And one. Relax it on back. Wow. Okay. Let's go to the side this time. Right? So I'm a go 2 red.

Take my yellow. I'm gonna take my straps off just so I have a look more room. I'll bring them side the well. Right hand here. Slide it down. Keep your right knee bent. Left leg is on top.

So maybe you wanna start with a simple press out to kinda get set up, right, and then slowly come back. So here, you also have a little ankle articulation as you extend. And then as you get a little more comfortable then, you start adding your hot. Right? So you get a little side glute here as well. Right? Get that booty poppin. Here we go.

Nice. Again, maybe 12 reps, 15. Let's go. Whoo. So it's nice you can add the upper body and lower body cardiac. Right?

I'm good. So we got 4. Good. 3. Nice. 2. One more. And relax. Let's do the other side.

Trying to have to do what I just did. Bang down. Got left hand here. Right foot. Right in the center. Sit up nice and tall. Press it on out first.

So maybe point the toe. Come back in. Alright? Get yourself set. And you can always have this hand here for low support too as well if you need it. And then once you're comfortable, and then add that hop. Here we go.

Good. So, again, each side might be a little different. Looking good. Feeling good. Awesome. What? Nice.

So we got 5. Good. 4, 3, 2, 1, and relax a while. So I set time. Okay. Take your straps.

Bring those back on first. And then I wanna go to 1 red, and we'll do these seated since you're already here. Keep things easy, simple. Right? We like easy and simple. Come on out here. Hands over here.

Hands over here. So I'm a have a little lean forward as I extend overhead. K? Betting the elbow slowly come back and then press it on out. Good. So elbows just above the shoulders and squeeze here. So think 45 degree angle as you slowly come back. Again, I'm at 1 red spring. Alright. Okay. Feel free to go to blue if you want a little lighter, or you can go to a red and yellow. You a little more strength.

Get that horse shoe in the back of the arm. Right? Come on. Which way to the beach? That way. Right? Let's go. Come on. Mhmm.

So let's spice it up a little bit more here. Alright. Wanna add a little diamond shape. So you're gonna press out index finger, thumb touch. I'm looking through the diamond, bending the elbows, and then press it on out here. Right? Good. So switching to angle a little bit. So my index finger thumbs keep touching.

The abs are engaged. Looks good. We got 4, 3. Now it's 2. 1, and then press it on out. Let's switch it up.

Reverse it futuristic twists to the tricep extension. Let's go. Right? Palms facing back. Here we go. Come on. Nice breeze. Again, there's a little bit of lean forward.

Right? So I have that room to come back here and extend out. Got 3 more. 2 more. Last one. And then we're gonna put it all together. You ready? Bring it on down. Put the straps back on.

Here we go. So I'm gonna start with red and yellow. We're gonna come for it for upper body. K. So feet back. Ready?

Push it on back. Here we go. Nice. So we're gonna we're gonna do everything we did, put it all together. We're gonna upper to lower. The whole kit and caboodle.

Let's go to work. Come on. Breathe. Again, maybe 10 reps, 15 seconds. Do what you can do. This is the longer one.

So can't save your energy. Nice. 2 more. Good. One more. 2 reds or 2 reds and a yellow. Let's go.

Have a seat live back. Let's do those hops. Here we go. Take it on down. Push it on up. Here we go. Showtime. Push.

Push. Breathe. Good. Hands down. Yeah. Maybe just this round, you wanna go a little bit shorter in each one.

Because you have more cardio. So maybe 5. 43. Alternate. Right. Left. Here we go.

Left And right. Here we go. Push. Land soft balls of the feet. Come on. Bree. Whew.

Getting that nice burn through the quads. Uh-huh. 3 more. Two more. Then we got jacked. Ready? Kick it out.

Nice. You don't feel so good after this workout. Then we get the fun stuff after we get the meditate. Right? That's gonna bring it all together. Right? Whole complete mind body.

Let's go. 2 more. One more. Scissor it out. Here we go. Over under. Uh-huh. Good.

So right foot on top. Left foot on top. Right foot on top. Left foot on top. Come on. 3, 2.

Don't forget, we got the side. Here we go, bringing on down. Right? Come on to the side. If you wanna take the straps off, when you look more room, feel free to do so, right hand left foot, press it on out. Set it up. Slowly come out.

Again, take your time. You don't have to rush. There you go. And then hop it out. I'm still on two reds and a yellow. Come on.

Nice. Get that side booty working. Come on. 5. Good 4. 3, 2, switch sides. Well done. Here we go. Working hard today. So line it up, elbow here, right foot, on top, press it out.

So get that initial first so you can find your center, and then hop it out. Come on. Push. Push. There you go.

Awesome. We got 6. 5. Whoops. 4. Don't do that. 3, 2. Last one. And you made it. Let's stretch it on now.

Bring your straps back on. Well done. Good work. You guys are feeling you guys deserve a nice stretch after that. So I wanna start with all the springs on, and then go ahead and log back. So let's do a nice reclined pigeon or figure 4 stretch here. Okay? So I'm a do right over left.

So here you stay. Press out with that right hand to right knee and just hang out here. This might be good enough for you. Okay? Take a deep breath. Excel.

And then when you're ready, you can bring hands through. Lift that top leg, pull in. Nice. And easy. Right? Maybe a little rock side to side, gives you a little extra stretch in this right glute hip. Alright. Breathe.

Awesome work. And then bring that foot down. Switch it. Left to the right. Maybe this is good enough left hand. It's gonna get to that knee pressing on out.

Good. You'd also rock here if that's good enough for you. Maybe you don't wanna bring foot in. If you're ready, lift the right foot up, pull in. Nice hip stretch, rock it outside to side.

Good. Nice and easy, breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth. Slowing down that heart rate and then pulling both knees to the chest, curl up. Nice lower back stretch. Let me roll out the ankles.

You can go to a nice happy baby if you wanna do that. Feels good in the groin and hips, made a little rock side to side. Alright. It's in their shoulders. And then slowly come up to seed it. So here, let's get a nice tricep stretch.

So right hand behind the head, Alright. Left hand comes to the right hand. Simple side body stretch. Good inhale. Excel.

Also, give yourself a little pat on the back for doing so well today. Alright? And then switch it left hand on the head right hand to that left tricep. Feels so good. Also getting to the rib cage here and to his lats. And then slowly roll out their shoulders with return to home. Right? Cross the legs, and you can have them straight out.

You wanna just wanna sit back and relax and enjoy, like I said, the more relaxed your body is, the more relaxed your mind will be hands can be here. Close the eyes, settle in, take a nice easy inhale, and exhale. The locks in your back, locks in your feet, your toes, It's in the hands, the wrist. It's like my meditation teacher taught me. Meditate like you're watching Netflix.

Sit back, relax, and chill. You don't have to have a certain posture. Like I said, the more comfortable where your body is, the more comfortable your mind will be. So, again, give me yourself permission to slow down to be present, allowing your breath to slow down, your heart rate, So all this is a part of the recovery process. It's a long exhales for these final moments.

As you start to bring a little bit of awareness back and maybe wiggling the fingers. The toes, maintaining your head side to side. Stretching out your neck. Coming back to neutral. And when you're ready, your own time is softly, lightly, gently blink the eyes open.

And you made it. That's our class for today. Thank you for joining me. Hopefully, I'll see you soon. Take care. Have a wonderful day.


thank you!
Jason Williams
Penny Xristopoulou you’re welcome!
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I needed that!! the jump and the meditation! Thank you!
Jason Williams
Vanessa W awesome! Glad you liked the meditation part as well🙏🏾
Shona Croft
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Thanks I loved that - and you’re great relaxed teaching style. X
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Thank you Jason , loved your class!!!
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Enjoyed the relaxed vibe :)

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Thank you!  I didn't want to roll out of bed this morning but so glad I did and made the time to get this one in.  Great start to my day :)
Jason Williams
Shona Croft thank you so much!! 🙏🏾
Jason Williams
Claudia thank you Claudia🙏🏾
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