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Day 6: Dynamic Flow

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Welcome to Day 6! Bring your A-game and get ready to push yourself in this dynamic Mat workout with Tash Barnard. You will see all the work you've put in the last 5 days come alive in this powerful, next-level flow. This is a total body challenge where you can push your limits and celebrate your breakthroughs.
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Dec 25, 2023
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Welcome back to your challenge, guys. We are on day 6, and we are ramping it up. We are going to move your body with long levers, doing a lot of unilateral work. So bring your a game. Trust your body, and let's move together.

Starting with your feet in your hip distance apart position, taking your breath inhale, lowering your head, allowing your body and mind to come together in the space as you move and roll forward all the way down. Take a breath inhale. Roll yourself up, exhale up. And, again, breathing in. Excel to roll down.

How those hamstrings feeding? Lengthen a little bit more with your bent knees, inhale, and exhale to call and roll back up. One more brief. Inhale. Exhale. Roll forward.

I'm feeling strong, guys. I'm just giving you the heads up. Feeling good. Take a breath. Yeah. Inhale. And exhale. Bend your knees.

Reach your arms forward and hold it. Yeah. We're going to press your hips back, reach your arms forward, sit back into your squat. And to staying low. It's not a up and down movement. It's a low movement, lengthening, and reaching forward, and down for more.

And 3, Excel. Fill your back. Fill your back. 2 more. And one hold it here. Bring your hands behind your head. Stretch your right leg out behind you. Keep the elbows wide.

Lift your leg up, balance and hold. We're gonna lunge, lift the chairst up, and pivot forward, hover and hold. And inhale lift the chest and exhale forward and hold, staying low 3. An exhale. And 2.

An exhale. Lift your leg up behind you. One more. And XL. Staying here. Breathing in.

Excel pulse the right leg up. 1. XL 2. Excel 3. Don't forget the alignment of the standing leg is nice and stable. 4 more. 3 2 and one place it down, switch sides, inhale lift your chest and exhale, put it on hold. And inhale, and excel hover on hold, and 3.

And exhale and inhale, Paris, into your hands. And one more. Inhale back. An exhale hold it here pulls up 8. 7, 65, and 4, 3, 2, and 1, place your foot down.

Reach your hands forward towards your mat. Come down onto your hands and knees. Make sure your hands are all the way to the front. We're gonna start with a cat stretch breathing. Excel call your lower back into flexion.

And then inhale bring your thoracic spine into extension. And, again, exhale lower back into flexion. And then inhale into extension and exhale, deep lumbar flexion. And inhale into extension 2 more. And exhale, then we're gonna hover the knees up off the floor.

With the same thoracic movement, last one. And Excel and neutral and extend and neutral. Tuck your toes under. Make sure you're pressing through your arms. Keep the back of your neck long inhale. Excel over the knees up off the floor.

Keep your shoulders still breathing. Excel deep, lumbar flection. Keep the knee still back to your neutral. And thoracic extension, and neutral, and Excel call, and neutral, and inhale. And neutral, and XL, more, more, more, more, more.

And neutral, and Thoracic extension, the remote, neutral, and extend and 2 more. XL. Push through your arms, guys. And inhale one more. And Excel. Excel.

Neutral and inhale. And hold. Lift your hips with bent knees off the floor. Hold it here. You're gonna pike your pelvis up. Keep your knees bent breathing.

Only the right leg presses back and bend. And left side and bend. The hips stay still. It's only the knee that moves and prays 4 more. Excel NL.

And 3. XL 2. And one, bend both knees, stretch both knees out, reach and hold, rise onto your toes step your right click forward and reach out into a stretch, breathe in, and breathe out. Hold it. Yeah. Inhale draw that pubic bone forward.

I'm doing my best. I promise. And one more. Circle the arms into your hamstring, stretch, breathe in, and out back of the neck long. And one more. Come back. Press firmly into your hands.

Keep your pelvis as soon as possible as you slide back then lift up and step the left leg forward. And reach up, breathing in, and out, and breathing. One more. Circle down. Stretch and hold.

Great hamstring stretch in hell and exhale, and 2 more. And one, bend your front knee, step your back leg forward, and slowly lower your hips to the floor with great control. Well done. Take a deep breath everyone, lift that bracebone up, feel tolling your body, feel active in your body, exhale, tuck your pelvis, roll back with control. All the way back.

Reach your hands to hover off your knees. Control. Control. Drag your heels in. Lower your head press your arms down into the floor. We're gonna do 2 pelvic holes with the feet on the floor, and then we're going into the single legs. Breathing.

Excel. Just get the balance and the precision of the spine moving in the center of your mat in hell here. Excel to roll down. And down into your neutral breathing in and exhale. Person and hold. Squeeze into that left boot, lift your right leg off the floor.

Excel to rolled out. And down back to your neutral breathing and exhale up and left. Reach and hold. Inhale. Excel down. Cool.

Back to the neutral. 2 more inhale. Excel up. Left and hold and exhale down. And one more breath inhale and exhale tuck and roll, lift, and hold the stand your leg up to the ceiling, circle your ankle 5, and 4, 3, to reverse and 5.

4, 3, 2, and 1 bend your knee. Place your foot down. Press it into the floor. Left the left leg. Excel to cool down.

And down inhale and exhale back up and left breathing. Excel, cool down. Through your spine. Your leg is just a passenger, inhale. Keep moving and articulating your spine.

One more breath. Inhale. Down. And down. Back to neutral, breathing, and exhale up, lift, maximize your hip extension, extend the leg. Circle 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, 54.

3, 2, and bend your knee. Place your foot down. Reach your arms up to the ceiling. Inhale. And exhale, cool down, extending your arms back over your head, and enjoy that two way stretch as you circle your arms to your tee. Bring your knees up off the floor, rotate to the right side, inhale, and exhale to the center.

And inhale over to the left side and exhale back and breathe in. Shoal the blades on the floor. Moving that spine from side to side. And inhale, we're gonna do a lot of rotation a little bit later, so get your body warmed up. And work deep for more inhale and breathe out.

In hell of An Excel 2 more. Inhale over. An Excel. Last one. Inhale over and over and exhale back to the center. Reach your arms back over your head, breathe in. Lift your arms.

Lift your chest and extend your legs away. Exhale. Inhale back down. If you need to support your head with your hands for your neck, go ahead and place your hands behind your head. And back and exhale reach and reach and inhale back formal. Exhale, exhale, and inhale, back breathe out. As you lift, draw the abs deep, deep, deep, and back two more. And back, And one more, you're gonna pause and hold it here.

Bring your hands behind your head. Draw your heels together and beat. 30, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 2, 4, draw your abs into your spine, 10, more. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Bend your knees, lift your chest a little bit higher, and lower down extend your legs to 90 degrees, flex your ankles here. And point tutors and inhale flex and exhale points and inhale flex to more inhale. And one, and reach. Circle the arms back behind your head, breathing. Excel. Call your head and chase back up off the floor.

We're gonna scissor the legs. Exhale. Keep reaching your chest towards your hips. 4. XL 3. Excel 2, and we rotate.

Excel, Excel. 4 more. Excel321 two legs up, bring your knees, rock yourself up. Cross your legs. Reach your arms forward.

Hands on the floor. And jump into your plank position. We're gonna hold it here. Point your right toe off the floor. Lift your hips.

Reach your leg up, step to the outside of your right hand, back into your pike up and forward into the lunge. We repeat that same leg. Up and out and lift and lunge again and up and out and up and lunch back to your plank. Alright. Guys. Let's go on the left side. Left her off the floor.

XL, lift your hips. Lift your legs. Step to the outside bum. Back into your park and forward and hold. I wanna encourage you to have a strong upper body in the in the plank position. Please keep racing through your arms.

One more sequence. And left and out. And left And planks, stepping your right leg forward. We are building up from our rolling lockable. 5 Rolling Locker balls.

We go up and over, hover and hold. And I've and over hover and hold. 3 more. Then we touch the toes over the head. You've done this. You've got this.

Let's go to One more. And up. And we go touching over with control. With control, don't be world. And hold.

Talking to myself here. Always control and 3. Do you remember what comes next? The squat, 2 more. And up.

And one. Ready for the squad and up. And we roll over. Up and hold 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, and roll. Over.

There's a big brother coming off to this today. Okay? Family is growing, guys. The family's growing. And, again, 3 more. Wrap your head around it.

It's gonna be hard. We have to do it together. 2 more psyching myself up here. Hold 5, 4, 3, 1 more, and over. Touch. Up.

Hold 5. 4. Single eggs. Let's go. Rob. Over 3 on each side. Boom 1, 2, 3, did you do it 4, and 5, and Over up.

Hold. Reach. Oh, 2, 3, 4, and one more on the sec. I have a command test. 4, and 5 are the leg and roll.

Hold 1, 2, 3, 4, and 2, row. Over. What happened to common control for last one and roll? Over. Reach. Oh, 2, 3, 4.

And yes. What happened? You did it. You did it. You did it. Hold on. Let's go.

Let's go. Let's stay in the moment. Me just wind myself up here. Back into your squat. Reach your hands down. Blank out one.

Blank out two right hand in the middle. Rotate towards your left side, breathing in, exhale, twist through, and reach and back and hold. We love her with straight legs, shoulder stability, and up 2 more and roll. And reach back, hold, lower, lower, lower, and one more, and press straight, reach back, lower, lower, lower, and left knee in Hence, beyond your head, lift up 1. XL 2. XL 3.

And 4. And 5. We kick Excel Excel and inhale. An Excel, an email, an Excel. One more.

Excel and reach and extend the arm in the opposite direction, pulse up 5. And 4, and 3, 2, and 1. And we repeat that on the other side. And we go inhale left and exhale reach through. Inhale. Oh, that feels so good.

And lower down. And breathing and exhale, rich, inhale, black, and lower down and up and up and reach, lengthen, lift that leaflet. And come back and hold. Me comes in and behind your head and lift for 5. How those glutes feeling from the band? Previous class, guys, can you feel it?

2, And one. If you don't feel it, gotta try again. Go back and kick and kick and back. And kick and kick and back and 2 more. And one, reach and extend and lift 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, and come down. Back onto your hands and knees. Okay, guys.

We're gonna lower the body for 5 counts to the floor. I'm gonna give you your options. Right? The first option is to have your hands ahead of your shoulders and lower it down for 5 counts over here. If your body is happy to do the long levers, then you join me think you can do it. You need to back yourself. Okay. Try. Try at least one. Alright.

Let's go. Right leg out. Hold. Left leg out. Hold. You're breathing. For 5, we lower down.

4, 3, to all the way down, point your toes, release your legs, flex your feet, pull up your knees, Engage your abdominals, commit, trust your body. Take a deep breath in hell, and press up for 5. 4. 3, 2, you did it. Let's go. And 1, and 2. No. Don't rush.

We're not rushing, slow and controlled, point the toes, flex the feet, pull up the knees, engage your abdominals, breathe in. Press your chest up with your pelvis. 3. 4, and again. 1, 2, 3. Let's see. Let's see. Hold. Hold.

Check yourself. Check yourself. And go down. Point your toes, flex your feet, pull up your knees, abdominals left, and press 1. 2.

3, 4. Let's do one more. Late guy. 1. Come alive.

People, you're undoing us for yourself. Point your feet, flex your feet, breathe in, and go 2, 3, 4, and hold it. Hold it here. Put him on connection, breathe in, and out, and in. Press through your arms. We're gonna lower it to the floor.

We're not gonna come back up. Don't worry. Let's go down 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Bring your hands under your forehead for me. I've got 2 legs. Open your legs.

Use your glutes and hover your legs up off the floor bend your knees. Squeeze your feet together. Hold it down. We press up one. XL 2, XL 3, usual blue skies, and 4, and keep those abdominals off the mat 5.

XL 6 and 7 and 8. Hold it up for 8. 7654321 extend by hovering your legs up off the floor. Hands underneath the shoulders, and you press up into your swan. Two catches, and then we go into your full swan. Breathe in.

Enhold. Enhold. Stay here. Need to just find my balance, breathe in, and in your own range, go into your swan. 4, 3, Left and hold and press into your risk position.

Well, done, you guys. Breathing in and exhale. Give yourself an extension inhale. And exhale down 1 more. Inhale. Inhale.

And exhale. And roll and pull yourself up. Coming back up onto your hands and knees. We're going to go into a variation of a park with a rotation and a push up. I know. It's day 6, guys.

This is a challenge, a challenge for you. So I wanna encourage you if your body feels, it needs to modify. You can do the whole sequence on your knee. And do it over here. Alternatively, if you're in it with me, exchange one leg out. Extend the second leg out.

We point the right toe off the floor. You lift your hips, reach your leg out. Open your hip, lower your left toe to your le your right toe to your left shoulder. Come back up. Bend your knee rotate. Give me a push up.

And again, 2 more here, open your hip, toe to the shoulder, back up, bend and press up one more up, reach open, Pindony. Back. Come in, press up, and hold swap sides. Lift your hips. Open your hip.

Back to the center, draw the knee in. And press up and hold and lift up and stretch. Open your hip. It delicious hip opener there. And press up one more and lift up and stretch. Open your hip.

And back in and press up and hold lower than me. Lower than me and come up onto your shin. Reaching your arms forward. Take a breath. Draw your air ductus together hinge from the knees back and back and back and forward.

And lean and hinge back back back and forth. And hinge back and lean and lean and forward 2 more. Then we're gonna add a rotation. Keep the pubic bone up and reach and one and hold it here. Right tight to your left side.

And for it. And the right side and for it. And lift. And right. And 2 more.

And one come up Left your arms, hold it here, sit into a hinge forward, and come back. Keep your back aligned Keep your back strong. Keep your back strong. And up. And down. And down.

Can you think what the finale is, guys? Reach and hold. Stay here for 5 and 4 and 3. 2, and one hands on the floor, tuck the toes under breathing, hover the knees off the floor, press your hips up. Please, press, press, star drawing those heels together.

Coming up onto a rise. Yes. I have not forgotten. This is how we are going to finish. And how many froggies are we doing? 30, 30, hands on the floor.

By now, you should feel that your hands can stay on the floor. You're gonna breathe in those heels. Have to stay together, guys. That is the golden secret to this exercise. And we go.

1, 2, excel, 3, and 4, 5. 6, 7. Stay with me guys. And 10. And 120 to go. 2. Heels up.

4, 5, 6, save him 8, 9, and 10 more, and 1, 2, 3 flat hands on the floor, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 parallel heels, hang yourself down, breathe in and roll up. Hey, Sue. Goodness gracious. I feel I'm all over the place. Yeah. Take a deep breath. Breathing, breathing, excel forward, roll down, reach down. Be grateful for your body and your time on your mouth, breathing. XL to roll up.

Celebrate all the breakthroughs. If you did one extra froggy today, then that is the 1. One more, exhale down. It's not about what you do, guys. It's how you do what you do.

An exhale roll up. And you did this so well. Well done, everyone. Happy days. Alright, everyone.

We have been committed to this space, and I'm so proud of you for saying yes to your own work out. Let's finish strong together with the next station, the seventh one out of the 7 day challenge, and it is a complete, like, Venbo. Finish her to all the work that you've done so well. Well done, everyone. See you next time.


Waller M
1 person likes this.
A great sweat and really good workout for the hips & shoulders! Thanks for the series ☺️
Maria P
3 people like this.
Who knew?!? Challenges can be so much fun!!!
Fast- paced sequence building on the previous 5 workouts - actually there are real gems here for everyday functional moves such as: safely and quickly getting up and off the ground/bed, turning/bending from standing gracefully and without losing your balance; successful transitions ; a cardio element as well etc..  There is a lot of thought behind this challenging series- well done , Tash!!!
Ingrid H
1 person likes this.
Great class thanks!
Silke B
1 person likes this.
I am still perfecting the rollover into squat but can feel the progress after Day 6!! Thanks for another great class, Tash
1 person likes this.
Oh my oh my! Tash, so love your honesty and spontaneity…. You laughed with that oh so human slight fail with the single leg squat to stand…can hear how  much you’re enjoying sharing your journey of pushing yourself along with us! You’ve certainly inspired me to work on my weaker areas and not to take myself too seriously that I can’t laugh out loud too. A real joy, thank you so much Tash.

Tash Barnard
Waller M 
Thank you for moving with us Waller!  LOVE the feedback!  Have an epic year & keep investing in yourself!
Tash Barnard
1 person likes this.
Maria P 
This must be my favorite feedback message!  Thank you Maria!  WOW!  Youre super inspiring having completed the challenge!  I am so proud of you & if you dont mind i would love to use your comments on my socials?

Have a epic 2024 xx 
Tash Barnard
Ingrid H 
YAY-eeee so good to hear this thanks Ingrid! xx
Tash Barnard
Silke B 

Keep going Silke - youre going to get this in no time! WELL DONE!  youre amazing ! x
Tash Barnard
Louise O 
This is sooooo awesome!  Thank you Louise!
We totally have to have fun while we move and discover our truths!  

Have an epic 2024!  xx
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