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Brett's Daily Mat Class

40 min - Class


Brett Howard invites you to his Daily Mat Class, a full-body workout he incorporates into his personal movement practice. This strengthening and stabilizing flow will have you feeling your abdominals working in no time! All you need is your Mat and 40 minutes, and you're ready to take on the day.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Brett , this brought back happy memories for me of when I fell in love with Pilates ! It was through the mat work ! Loved this class and so appreciate your clear, confident heartfelt teaching style ..Thank you !
Silvana S
This was wonderful thank you!
Thank you Brett, so good!
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Thank you Brett! I am saving this one to come back to.
Maria P
Excellent workout and thank you for sharing your daily routine. Just curious, do you do the same one every day or change your daily routine? (Obviously you do very complicated ones after you go to your studio lol- I find this one easier compared with the rest of the workouts you have on PA).Also- you have a unique way of counting that make your workouts so easy and fun to follow- thank you for that as well!
Ellie P
I was feeling a bit flat and not wanting to do pilates today, but within 2 mins I was really enjoying myself and reenergised. Thankyou!!
I really enjoyed starting with footwork as I haven’t done that for awhile! I also appreciated the allowable cheats for neck pull and leg position for mermaid as my hip flexors have been tight to enjoy mermaid lately. Your cues are always great .
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Great class- just the right moves and perfect length for the class - thanks Brett!
Courtney G
Clean, direct and effective.  Time well spent! Thank you.
Carolyne E
Very great class, very good energy, thanks Brett!
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