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Leah Stewart's Full-Body Strength Mat class is a challenging workout that draws inspiration from the plank. You will join Leah in four-point kneeling and push-up positions, with plenty of moments of reprieve to balance out the intensity. Get ready to feel a deep connection throughout your entire body in this quick 20-minute class!
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Mar 05, 2024
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Hi there, and welcome to our full body strength class. This is gonna be a quick, powerful class. There is a lot of ways that you can do full body exercises, but today, we're gonna focus on everything inspired by a play position. So we're gonna be spending a lot of time in our 4 point kneeling position, a push up position. We're gonna go in and out of it.

I promise you I'll give you some reprieve. As we go in and out of that on our shoulders and our wrists and our elbows. So let's go ahead and get started in a four point position. We'll do a brief form up, and then we're just gonna dive right into it just to give you that beautiful, quick, full body workout. So coming on to your hands and knees here, I want you to just feel that connection here. So we're gonna drop the chest down, draw the scapula together just so that everything sort of relax.

You can even let your belly relax a little bit here, and then exhale push away, engage the abdomen, engage those shoulders, and press up. Inhale, scapula come together, and exhale. Inhale, and exhale. Just start to feel Just that connection into your elbows as well, keeping a little bit of that bicep connection so you don't go too much into the hyper extension of your elbows. 2 more inhale. Exhale.

Last one, inhale. And exhale. So filling that engagement there, you're gonna shift your hips down over your, the heel that's closest to me. It's my right heel. So shifting here and back up to the 4 point.

And inhale, other side, and exhale. So just back and forth. Inhale, and exhale. So you're keeping your spine nice and straight here as we just warm up the hips a little bit. Now I want you to widen the pelvis as you sit back and then I want you to just feel that connection, that little bit of tightening of the pelvic floor. Inhale stretch and exhale. 2 more sets, inhale, and exhale, keeping that bicep connection so that your elbows are not going hyper extended.

And inhale. And exhale last one to the away from me. Inhale and exhale. Now we're gonna add on to it. Inhale. And then come into a pike, extend, inhale, and coming in.

And now you're gonna go working your pelvis from a posterior tilt as you're here in the nice cat stretch position to extending reaching out and then cat stretch. So remember that as you do that, you are reaching the hips out behind you with inhale, and exhale. Last one. Inhale. And exhale. Find that position there and release to the middle. So you're in a nice straight position here, holding it here. Now, you're going to take I'm gonna turn towards you for just a minute so you can see. You're gonna take your rib cage.

You're gonna shift it out to the right or toward me. You're gonna curve up into your cat stretch, you're gonna shift your torso to the other side, and through the middle. So we're doing these big circles, shift You're gonna come all the way to the curve here. And to the other side and the middle. Keep going in that direction. Shift toward me.

Curving. To the opposite side, and middle. Last one, shift toward me. And up to the side, and middle to the other direction away from me. And up toward me and middle. You can arc your back through the middle.

Show away from me and up. Toward me and middle 2 more and away from me and up toward me, and middle last time away from me, up toward and middle. Come through the center here. Now what we're gonna do here is you're gonna lower the elbows down. Lower them down. So you're keeping your spine nice and straight, lower them down, and press up. And inhale, Exhale.

Inhale. XL last 2 and inhale. Excel, last one, inhale, and exhale. Now you're gonna keep your feet, and you're gonna draw your toes underneath you. Take your hands a little bit forwards with a little bit of forward of your elbows. You're gonna go inhale.

Now when you exhale, you're gonna shoot the body forward into your plank position there. And inhale, drop your knees, drop your elbows down so they're touching the mat, so you're in this nice position here, stretching out those hips, feeling that strength, and then feel your abdominals engage, your hips engage, your shoulders engage, as you press boom, and inhale. And inhale. Inhale? Inhale, and hold that position there.

Drop your right knee and bring it up. And your left and bring it up. And inhale and exhale. Nice and strong in the shoulders. Engaging in the center body feeling the strength and the power through the torso.

Just bending at the knee, Just gently tapping it down, do it right, and up, last time with the left, and hold that position shift back. Hold the position here. Stretch it out here. And we're gonna come back into that position. We're gonna do both knees.

Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. 2 more inhale and exhale. And inhale and hold that position, reach, lengthen, and take it back. All the way, feel the stretch, We're gonna be going in and out of this stretch position.

We're gonna head into the plank again, and we're gonna add some hip extension to it. Keeping the body steady, and then we'll go into a little bit of playing with our, body positioning here. So here we go. Take your breath in. And shoot it out, wait onto their left foot, and lift the right leg at flex foot 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 from the hipic sensors. 7, 8, 2 more, 9, and 10, adjust to the middle, other leg. 1, 2, feeling the power through the shoulders, keeping the biceps active, keeping the strong torso.

7, 8, 9, 10, bring it here, drop the knees, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale 2 more. Inhale. Exhale. Exhale, drop the knees, and take it back. Feeling that stretch, your heart rate should be picking up.

That's exactly what we want. So now I want you to come forward. I want you to do some planks on the elbows. And playing with our our pelvic rotation. So you can choose.

You can clasp the fingers if you'd like, if you prefer that. Or you can keep your hands, flat and, your arms parallel, your forearms parallel to one another. Whichever you prefer, I want your elbows to be directly underneath your shoulders, and I want you to come into this plank position. So from here, I want you to swing your pelvis toward me rotate and pick it up. Inhale. And exhale, rotating from the obliques in the waist.

Inhale. Exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, Excel last one, each side, exhale, inhale, and hold it. Drop the knees down and stretch. We're gonna do that one more time. And I want you to focus on, again, rotating from the waist and see if you can get a little bit further, almost like if you're gonna tip that hip bone down into a, like, a water and just make a little tip, a little ripple that affects through the water, because you're just tipping it down but all of that power is coming from the waist and from the obliques, and then you're feeling that strength in your shoulders as well. So you're really feeling that beautiful full body strength in that coordination as you move here, and keep your heart rate up as you can tell minus.

So let's go back into that plank position. Elbows are nice and strong. Legs are out. Fill the connection through the upper back, swing toward me. Inhale. Exhale.

Inhale. Exhale. In In adjust your feet if they're sliding. Don't let it deter you. One more set.

Reach and hold at their knees drop and down. Come back up to all fours, filling that beautiful position there. Let's do some cat stretches drawing in. And center, then lift upper back up, and center. Nice and small.

Drawing in. And center elift and center. Last one drawing in. Center and reach. So now challenging our ballot We're gonna move our hands in a little closer and our knees a little closer. We're gonna continue that rhythm and that pattern of the cat stretch.

But we're gonna do it with one arm and one leg up opposite arm from leg, filling that balance, and exhale draw that elbow in toward the knee, drawing in and reach and lift up and down. And exhale. And reach, lifting up, and down, and exhale. And reach, lifting up, and down one more, exhale. Reach.

Lifting up and switch. Here we go. Reaching out and drawing in. Reach is testing that balance, that full body control, and Long lines of the arm and leg reach and ruts and in. Out and reach and center last one and in. Outreach and center hold it there.

Switch again coming from here, filling that position. We're gonna do little pulses ten times. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, continue, bend the other elbow, 3, 45678 9, 10, hold that position, take the hand down, the front arm down, soop 1 elbow long, or belt 1 elbow straight, reach that leg behind you, fill that extension, pull set leg 1, 2, holding strong on the torso, strong on the shoulders. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and bring it up in one movement. Lower it down.

Other side feeling that control pulse 1, 2, 3, 4, moving from the shoulder, from the hip, 7, 8, 9, 10, bend the elbow. 1, 2, fill your control your balance. 4, 5 get lower, 6 straight in each straight elbow, 8, 9, 10. Reach that arm out. Keep that knee straight and up. 2. Filling the control on the torso, 4. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and press up.

Find it, hold it, release it down. Good. Now I want you to come on to your side. We're gonna do a little bit of a side series here. For some side body strength, full body strength. So cross the legs here, top foot in front, below the knee.

We'll do a little bit on our forearm and a elbow, then we'll move up to our hand. So filling this connection here, bringing this arm here, we're gonna press up. And down. Very simple to start. Down.

And up. Want you to feel like you're picking up from the bottom side. Up. Down one more, up hold it, transfer through the middle, find your position, Transfer to the other side, lift the arm up, and down. Down. Pick up from the bottom side, pushing into that elbow, into that shoulder.

Down and up, transferring to the other side. Find it here. And you're gonna rotate underneath. So a little bit of a pipe here. And bring it back and rotate, and bring it back.

Smile on the face, and rotate, and bring it back. 2 more rotate and bring it back. 1 more rotate and bring you back. Hold it. Transfer to the other side.

Find your position. Exhale. And back. So I'm initiating from the obliques feeding the power in that supportive arm. 3 more. Rotate.

And back 2 more, and back one more. And back hold it, transfer through the middle, Find a beautiful plank. Drop the knees down. Press the arms back. And find your rest.

In the interest of time, I'm not gonna go onto the hand for this side plank. Rather, we're gonna transfer into our last series here. We're gonna do a simple, push up series to close our class. Let's transfer into a standing position here. So we'll do a short little little push up series.

I know for me, I'm gonna put my knees down to do my push ups. You can keep yourself in a full plank position, whatever feels better for you. We're gonna head out a little bit of fun here. So you're gonna stand toward the back of your mat. Hands down. So I want you to start by bending your knees. You're gonna reach the arms up.

Do a nice circle. You're gonna dive down. And then the fun part, you get to walk out to your plank position. Knees down if you're gonna do it 3 push ups. Inhale and exhale.

Inhale and exhale. Inhale, exhale straighten those knees, walk your hands back in, drop your head, bend your knees if you want, and circle around. Rolling down, walking out, finding that nice position there, knees down if you need to. Inhale. Excel. Inhale.

XL. Last one. Inhale. Excel, knees straight, walking back, head down, rolling up, and circle. Let's go again down and walking out, having some fun with it, finding the plank, knees down, and inhale. Exhale.

Try to keep your body solid. Exhale. The fatigue will be setting in, and that's good. Exhale straighten those zs, walk back, roll, circle, rolling down. Now this time, I want you to stop in a up stretch down dog position. Keeping those hips up, reaching the hips back.

I want you to bend your elbows down toward the mat and extend them up. Keep those hips lifted. The heels can slightly lift off your mat. That's fine. Reach the heels back down to the mat.

Inhale. And exhale feeling that nice work in the triceps. Inhale. Elbow straight down to the mat. Last one, this makes 5, and press.

Walk your hands in. Drop your head down, roll up, circle around, and roll down. Walking back out, settling into that up stretch position, 5 of them, last one. Inhale. Exale. Elbows down to the mat hips up.

Exale. Keep your shoulders. Low from your ears. Long neck. Exale. 2 more inhale.

Exale. Last one. Inhale. Excel walking in, head down, knees bent rolling up, circling those arms around. And then come forward and relax.

Circle, and this is just a free movement forward and relax. Circle, forward. Last one. Circle. Bring the arms down.

Chest up, breathing, Bring the ice forward. Okay. So that concludes our full body straight class. You should feel just that wonder full vibration through your whole body, your hips, your shoulders, your back, your abdominals, your legs, just sort of being challenged as a whole entity, and just that wonderful that we still love in Pilates when we use our whole body together to control and to move. I hope that you enjoyed this class. Remember, you can use the other short classes in this series, to get all sorts of different types of workouts that focus on one area in a short concise class. Thank you for joining me today.

I hope you enjoyed.


Waller M
Wonderful class! Showed my imbalances in abs, and great for shoulder strength and back! Thanks, I really enjoy your teaching. 😊
Great class-simple, creative and a perfect amount of challenge🙏
Thanks! Great pace! Feel fab!
Anna B
This was lovely, Leah, thank you! I almost neglected my practice today but I'm glad I found this class because it was so worth it! I'm going to check out the other classes in your series now. Thank you again.
Fun class and great oblique work! Thanks Leah!
Great workout! Loved it ! 
Clara Z
Great class!  Can really feel the space between my shoulderblades today; sooooo unusual to really get in there on the mat!  Will definitely put this on into faves.  
This was a beautiful class Leah. Thank you.
Good morning Leah! Only had a shirt window to move this morning and this was a great challenge, efficient and feel great afterwards! Thank you 
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