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20-Minute Total Body Flow

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Join Tracey Mallett for a Reformer workout that targets all areas of your body, perfect when you're short on time but want a full-body session. This is the class Tracey personally turns to for a quick, effective session with her clients. Expect an invigorating, efficient workout that leaves you feeling accomplished and refreshed.
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Hello, everybody. Tracy Molly here with Playas anytime. This is gonna be a short workout, but don't let that fool you. We're gonna have a good workout. Actually some of these exercises as these are kind of what I do in between clients when I've only got, like, 20 minutes. So these are some of my favorites.

They work, and I love them. And I still do them how many years on? 20 years on. Maybe more. I think I've been doing Pilates since I was sixteen, so many years. Anyway, let's get back to the workout. So let's take a seat. We're gonna do 2 reds and a blues at two and a half springs. Make sure your head rest is up, and we're gonna start with, legwork to start with. Then arms and then abs. That's kind of the scenario today.

So we're gonna come all the way down. We're gonna be in our sideways lunge. You're gonna be right in the middle of your reformer. Put your hands right on your shoulder rest here. Towers are pointing forwards, and we're gonna push out an in.

Now we are going to full extension here, and you're lifting on the underneath oblique We've got that nice little gap there. Be mindful that you are in the middle of your reformer. That's a good kind of note to know where you need to be in space. Now the underneath leg is actually at actively working, so you should feel those in the thighs. Let's do a couple more.

Now we're gonna do our little pulses. That means mid range of motion. So right in the middle, we do our little pulses. This is the burn. Yes. That mid range of motion.

Okay. We're gonna do 4 more, and 4, and 3, and 2. Now last one, fully extension. What's your hip and we come back down externally rotate, we go again. Full range of motion. Now watch your hips Keep your hips stacked.

We're not sinking into the reformer, and we're going to full extension your quad. Drawing away from your knee. There we go. Feel those legs walking. Are we ready for a mid range of motion?

Let's go. Dada. Little teeny tiny pulses. Right. In the center of that movement. There we go.

Let's do 5 more. 5 and 43, and 2. Now last one fully extend that leg, and we come back. Now tow parallel is the drill, and we push out and in. Keep the ankle joint still. Push out and in. These are just some of my favorite leg work to do.

Working in parallel and in that external rotation, single leg. So my weakest leg actually works, and the strongest leg is not gonna be able to take over. Are we ready? Pulls go 1, 2, there we go. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, last one. Oh, the way out.

Watch the hips and come back. Turn out now. Lift up on the underneath Blake. Don't forget that. Push out one in. Go. Fully extend.

Can you feel those quads working? Building strength in the legs? And let's do 4 more. 4, 3, 2, pulse. Go. Mid range of motion, little, tiny, little pulses. There we go. We feel the burn, but guess what? We smile through it.

Smile. And it makes it so much easier when you smile. Dada, and 3, and 2. One more. You ready all the way it goes. Out. And then we come back. Oh, feel that. Now take that leg.

Just pull it back. Give yourself a little stretch. Now we're gonna go straight to the other side, timies of the essence. So we turn over to the side. Let's go to the other side.

Here we go. Top leg is in front, underneath leg is extended, and we push out and in. Keep your hands on the shoulder rest to stop you from popping that way. And also helps you work a little bit more into the legs. You're holding yourself in place.

Our focus is on our lower extremities. There we go. Full extension. Let's do a couple more. Are you ready for your little burn zone? Duh. I call this the burn zone because it's right in the middle, and it's like ouch time, isn't it? But we are building strength and power in those legs.

4, 3, 2. Now one more fully extend those legs and come back externally rotated on your heel, push Allen in. We don't stop. We just keep on moving. Pilates is about moving your body, and we're moving from one exercise to another just like a dance. And we just keep moving.

And we keep moving. We got a couple more. Ready for your burn zone and go. And out and in and out and in and 4, and 3, and 2, 1 more fully extend smile. And then come all the way down.

Now you know my secret. When I smile, you know, things are tough for me. That's my secret. Push out an interview in parallel on a Relave. There we go.

And push out in it, and your hips are stacked to everybody. Are we lifting up on the underneath oblique? Super important. We're not sinking into the bed. We're always trying to lift and levitate off the bed. Are we ready? One more. Go. Duh. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, fully extension all the way out, and come back. Last but not least, external rotation on a tow, and we go out and in. Oh, come on.

We need that. Those legs are working in parallel and external rotation. So we're hitting all those muscles at all different angles. For strength and stability. Alrighty. Keep going.

3. 2. Now ready, mid range of motion. Go. And 10 and 9. Keep going at 8. And 7, and 6, and 5, and 4, and 3. And 2, now one more fully extend that leg and then come back.

Oh, stretch it out in that stretch. There we go. So there's our leg work here for right now. Now we're gonna move into some arm work. We'll come back to leg work in a minute. But bring our legs forward.

Set ourselves up. Now I'm gonna go into one red. You could do a blue if you want, like, half a spring. And then guide your way up to one red, but I'm gonna stay with one red. But if you feel this is too challenging, then obviously go down to a blue.

We're gonna pick up your straps. I'm gonna work with the baby straps here, and we reach the palms down. Get your knees against your shoulder rest, and we're gonna pop up Here we go. We're gonna press back. Risa has forwards and then lower yourself down. So that's kind of the movements.

We go up. We press at the same time back, and then we lower down gently back. So now we're gonna go with a rhythm. Daa press forward, sit back up, press forwards, back. Arms stay forwards right there.

Up press. Forwards and back. Up. Press. So you're working your lats.

At sit working your back and your arms, and, of course, your legs are working as well. Let's do a couple more. One more. Hold it up and just press forwards and back. There we go. So we're here.

Now look, your shoulders are over your hips, are over your knees, we're pressing back. We're gonna do 4 of these, 4, 3, 2, one, grab your straps. Here we go. Sit back. We go diagonal, and then we go out. It's kinda like a v.

Smoother v, I'd say, diagonally up in a v, and then we open in a reverse fly. So it goes up, kinda like a chili to arms and then reverse fly. So up to the sky in that v out to the side. Now if this doesn't feel too comfortable on your knees, you can always sit We're working your mid upper back, your posterior deltoids, your back body here, and, of course, your arms. And open, can we do 4 more? Bring it back?

Diagonally up in that fee? Directly to the side. The last time. And then bring it back. Amazing. Put those straps down. We're gonna turn around quickly this direction.

Feet are forwards. Gonna pick up your straps. Picking up the small straps here. Okay. There we go. Now externally rotate here at the elbows.

We preach forwards to the center. Out, bring it in. Forwards. So in that external rotation, they diagonally go out and then you present forwards and you on back. So we go 123 bring it down. Yes. This looks simplistic.

But you can really feel the burn. And when I'm in a time crunch, I wanna go to exercises, though I know we're gonna do the trick. Doesn't always have to be fancy. Simplistics sometimes is the best. One more.

Now press out and in diagonally out. 4 more here. 4, 3, 2, holdy here, come forwards, lift all the way up in a circle, open it out, come forward, lift up, circle out, palms up, lift up, circle out to the side last time. Now reverse it, up, down and out. Keep the hands in the peripheral view.

This is all about shoulder stability here and core work. One more, and then slowly bring the hands down, put the straps back, Here we go. Now we're gonna take it to a blue spring back to a blue spring. Back to some leg work with apps, leg and apps. Make sure your head rest is down.

Okay. We're gonna take your foot into the strap. So for me, I'm gonna take that big strap, wrap it around. Gonna get my knee in the middle of the reformer. And I'm gonna place both hands forwards on my headrest and take the leg down. Now I go back And then just in front of the hip, we're going to a hip extension and just in front of the hip.

So my arms are straight, and I'm thinking of lengthening out through the crown of the head. So everybody lengthen through the crown of the head, We want a light spring because we're gonna do many reps. So we don't need anything heavier than this. This is the weight that I go to. Couple more.

1 more. Bring it down. Now take your back elbow forearm down and lift that leg up. So now we're going into our rainbow leg. So it's like a little circle.

You push away from the reformer. So I'm lifting up on the underneath the bleak, that that nice circle, circle around, circle down. Open that leg up. Pretty intense with your legs. But don't forget your abs.

Your abs are working super hard. Couple more. Last time, one more. Bring it back. Drop that leg down. Pick up your strap.

Just turn towards me. Grab that small strap. Knees bent, look down, and let's work into our arms while we head into that tricep extension. Here we go. Look down towards the floor. Keep the elbow high.

Now look where your rope is. Your rope is in front of your face. Your elbow is high and the top part of your arm stays still. Your gaze is looking down towards the floor, Couple more. One more.

Bring it down. Now we're gonna take this around your kind of thigh. We're gonna come down and we're gonna press that leg back, and it's very light. Gonna press it back. It's very light.

Now we are going to hold it here, and we're gonna lift up and down. Now this is the hard part here is lifting that leg up and down. Now see if we can put a hand behind your head. It's pretty late. There we go. So you're abducting your leg up and down, up and down for 4. 3, it's gonna get a little bit more challenging. 2, and 1. Now we're gonna abduck the legs.

So we go up, kick, in, bring it down. One kick in, bring it down. Duh. You can hold on here if you would like. Kicked. 1 kick. Last time, one kick, and bring it back.

Lift up. Hold it there. Lift that leg up. Press out and in. Yes.

Not easy. You guys can do it. If this is too challenging, pop your hips down. Just pop your hips down. There we go, and just push out and in. 4 more, 4, 3, 2, Am one.

Nice work, everyone. Good job for trying. Lift yourself up. Take it away. Quickly up to the other side.

Alright. Get yourself set up, knee underneath your hip, Pop that strap, you'll loop around your instep, hands are forwards, drop that leg down, and start to press that leg back. Super important that your upper body is stable. So your upper shoulder girdle is completely stable. This is what's allowing you to move at that hip joint. So don't just think this about your lower body.

It's actually more about your total body here stabilizing. Now reach out to the crown of the head. Can we do a few more? Yes, we can. Two more. One more.

Bring that leg down. Drop the forearm down. Now lift that leg straight up diagonally, and we go down and up. That little semi circle here. Down and up.

I've got that nice range of motion with the hip. Now everybody lift out of your reformer. Try not to sink into the reformer. It's super important you lift out of your reformer. Couple more.

One more. Bring it down. Come all the way down. Sit up. Take hold of that leg.

Now we're gonna go for the baby strap if you want, and we're going to our tricep extension. Now you can have your forearm like this, or you can be how I was before with the hand on there so you can choose. I'm giving you a couple of variations. This might feel more comfortable, or you can do what we did on the other side, which was the hand here, which is right here. There. Just wanted to show you the differences there so we can be here's a little bit more upright.

So there's your choice. Alright. Keep looking down towards the floor, elbow high. Can we do 4 more? I don't know why I ask you because I'm gonna make you do anyway. Two more.

One more. I learned my lesson a long time ago. I never asked my students. What would you like to do today? Never.

That's a bad idea. Alright. We're gonna come up around your thigh. Knees are stacked. Let me go backwards and forwards. You remember, take the hand behind your head.

This super easy. Yes. I know, but remember how challenging it gets. We're gonna incorporate those obliques. Couple more. Think of this about hip extension here.

Now knees are stacked. We abduct the leg up and down. Carriage is barely moving, and we're opening your femur up and down. So you're moving that femur femur in your hip joint, Personally, I like to do a lot of hip mobility to keep my hips supple. Now we're gonna add the kick.

Kick in and down, and a one kick and down, and a kick in and down, and, kick in and down, kick in and down, hand down. You're ready? We're gonna lift up. Can we do this? Push out and in. Woo hoo. Maybe we can put our hand behind your head.

Maybe you can't. Maybe you're gonna put your hand down for more stabilization. You can explore. An experiment. That's the beauty of Pilates. It's about experimenting on what works for your body.

Every day is different. Couple more. Oh, actually, that's to 2 more. We've got it. Woo hoo. 2 and 1. And then bring it down. Take that strap away.

We're gonna quickly move I have to do this quickly to finish off, bring it down, quickly gonna go. So don't leave me yet. We have to quickly do our sideovers. Come on. You've got it in you. We're gonna go into our side here, put that leg, Find your strap. We've got it, and we're gonna go all the way out.

Are we all there? We're there. Hands behind your head, and we're gonna go down and up. Just gonna finish off this fantastic class with a quick oblique work. These are the best oblique exercises that you can possibly do. Balancing on your hips, your hips are forwards. We've got about 4 more, 3 more, Two more.

One more. Hold it here. Reach the arms out. And then come down. Whoo. And then release.

Let's go to the other side We're always fighting against time, but we've got this, everybody hips a square, down and up. Inhale, exhale in, lower swerve coming towards your hip, really working those obliques, your waist, inhale down, exhale up very linear position. Imagine you're between two sheets of glass, Couple more. We breathe in 1 more mid range. Reach your arms out hold it there for 5 for 4, for 3, for 2, and for 1, drop down, reach out. Yippity doo. You did it.

Good job. And then come back. It's lift up. We're gonna take a step down. And we're gonna finish off with the roll down. Inhale down, exhale roll all the way up one more time.

Thank you for joining me in that quick workout. See, you got a great workout out in a short amount of time. So remember there's no excuses. You can do it. Thanks for joining me. Look forward to seeing you back here again.


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Short and sweet! Lots of good leg and ab work
Jenny H
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love this quick workout!
Maryna Z
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Great class, Tracey! Love it!
Anuszka P
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So good! Thanks so much :)
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New favorite class or those mornings when time is of the essence!!! Thank you again Tracey!
Caroline Close
Thankyou Tracey for a short, sweet and effective class. Brilliant work!
Barbara P
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Perfect for in between classes. Thanks
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Perfect to combine w 5567.   Thank you!
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My go to routine when I have 20 minutes free from now on!
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I got what I asked for at 7am. Great quick class! Thank you. 
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