Class #571

Mat Workout

50 min - Class


Join Niedra for this individualized Beginner class for a student with a frozen shoulder, using some pre Pilates exercises as well as additional therapeutic movements to address problems of tight shoulders and stiff upper backs. Some of the exercises are done independently by the student and some are assisted by Niedra. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Pilates Pole

About This Video


Okay. So sandy seeing it's you and me today. Um, and you told me that you have tightness in the shoulders. Let's start with some stretches for the shoulders and just some things and then we'll go some...


Nieda, loved this class. Going to be placed into my favorites and at least once a week going to try to do this class- THANKS!
Awesome. At the beginning of the class, I was thinking of a client this would be great for. At the end of the class, I'm thinking I need to do this series for myself every other day!
Great info. I will use this knowledge for my clients.Thanks
Niedra your my hero. I love the way you incorporate with hands-on instruction, assisted stretching and bodywork. Powerful, effective instruction. Lovely!
Amazing job Niedra! Watching one on one classes are superb! I hope you'll do more in the future.
I am so glad to get this feed back from you all, I do love hands on work and consdier it makes a HUGE difference for lcients although more modern trainigs discoruage this due to our current culture but I often feel that clients do not know how far they are capable of going - otherwsei they woudl apply themselves so they simply wont achieve the same results without somehone putting them there. mayeb not too esoterically it is like a transmission of a vision directly into their bodies.
Anyhow - I am perhaps old fashioned in simply wanting peopel to get just how capable they really are.
Niedra - You are never old fashioned. I believe the hands work is key to helping get the Matwork into my body. Its the way Mr Pilates taught his Method. Thank you very much.
Thank you Mat - in my heart I agree, that tranformation and learning is hugely accelerated when an educated person physcially helps the student with placement. Keep going with your practice.
Niedra thank you. Practice is daily.
Could you do a video which exclusively deals with getting mobility and flexibility into the lower back region, to include the hips, sacrum, and the many important ligaments in this region etc.Stifness is very common in this area, as we get older, and the disc space narrows particularly in the L4/5 area.Targeted exercises would be very helpful. Show your hands on techniques. It requires someone with your experience to apply these techniques which in turn will quickly improve the Roll Up/Neck Pull. Thank you for sharing.
Niedra -Please excuse me, can you also, and very importantly, address the imbalances that follow as a consequence of tightness in the lower back and hips, etc. Thank you very much.
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