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Overindulge in food and drink recently? Is holiday insanity getting in the way of your workouts? Need a kickstart? This is the workout for you! In just 15 minutes Kristi will get your heart rate up, and work your abs, arms, butt, and back. You'll feel revived, worked out, and ready to come back the next day to keep up the good habits... even during the holidays!
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Dec 03, 2011
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Okay, so we all overindulged over the holiday, but here we are. Now it's time to get back to work. If you're at all like me though, if you've been over served, the last thing you want to do is move about a lot and really feel how much excess you've been indulging in. The way I see it is we can do anything for 10 minutes a day, 10 minutes. Just commit to that. Don't even commit to doing it again, but let's get going. Move the body shores of the, we can do anything for 10 minutes. I promise you, if you join me right now, you're going to feel much better in a very short amount of time. So come on, let's get the heart rate going. The core going little toning.

You'll feel great in 10 minutes, I promise. Let's go. Stand with your feet apart. Nice and firm. Lifting up bright. Let go of any thoughts. Don't be thinking Pumpkin Pie. Don't be thinking about the excess wine you had. Let it go. Let's just take a deep breath and fill up. Take up all that space.

Embrace the extra space. We're taking an exhale to let it go. Let's do two more filling. I bring some energy in the body and exhale and Oh, don't you feel lighter already? I'm the only one more inhaling up. It's okay to just feel good. Exhale and on this one, let your head fall forward. We're going to do a standing roll down and we're rolling down o the way, feel free to bend your knees. In fact, let's all bend our knees. Inhale, exhale, straighten the legs. Inhale, bend, be nice to the back of your legs.

There's no point suffering. We're just easing into this and on this one, hold the straight legs or as straight as you can. We inhale and exhale to bring it all the way up. Restacking our bodies. We're tall, we're lifted, and we're going to get the heart rate up just a little bit by doing some jumping jacks. So let's go. Nice and energized. Three and four. Just moving. I feel like I'm channeling Jacqueline.

Rest in peace, my original hero, and still those of you who know me know I don't count. So let's just move. Feeling the energy rise in the body. I'm going to go 10 more. One, two, three, four and just when you thought it was over six, seven, eight, nine. Here's something Joseph used to do in his videos. That's 10 it's front switch, switch, switch and then a little faster. I'm like a little jog, right? Nice and easy. You have to look at the original archival footage to really appreciate this.

All men doing it. If you don't want to jump, here's another option. Just step back, step back, step back. Keep going. I'm going back up cause it's a lot of stuffing. I had, let's go for more. Three, two. Can we do one more round in jumping jacks here at ais and ten nine well that's going to be 27 you breathe in yet. There's five, four, three, two and one and we'll just march it out from here. Just nice and easy. March.

Oh, I'm out of shape. How's that possible? I didn't even go anywhere. All right, take a deep breath in. Breathe. Breathing. Heart is good. Very good. One more time. Nice deep breath. And if your heart rate's really high, keep walking around a little bit. Otherwise, pull your mat out. Let's go lying down onto your mat.

Again, be nice to yourself and this is not about punishing. This is about reawakening connection present. [inaudible] sitting tall. We inhale. We're going to keep moving fast. Exhale, roll back just a little bit. Inhale, exhale, come forward. There is an inhale there, an exhale, feeling the energy moves through the body and exhale, changing the breath on your little here. I'm inhaling DePaul forward, holding the abdominals back, straightening up, and exhale. [inaudible] if all we did was take these deep breaths, that alone will make you feel better, so never hesitate to give that to yourself. The holidays can be so stressful just in and of themselves, let alone what else might be going on. All right, Linda, just just one more and as we do, we're going down about halfway here. Bring your feet in a little closer and from here, let the arms go.

Reach them up. Inhale and exhale. Now. If that feels too hard, if you move your body when you do it, just continue to hold on. There's your inhale. Exhale, sink the belly, or one more time. Inhale and on this Xcel. Find your legs deep in your belly. Pull yourself up and straighten the spine again. Exhale down. We're only doing 10 minutes so you can hang on, right? Inhale, reach the arms way back. Exhale. Inhale back. Now as your arms go back, you don't get to fall back. That's cheating. We don't have time for that.

One more time. Inhale and exhale. Find your legs. Pull yourself forward and oh, that's good. Forward just a little. Roll yourself all the way down. Bringing your knees in, close up to tabletop. From here, reaching the arms as if you had it. Your upper body was a teeter totter. Press the sternum down to bring your head, neck, and shoulders up. We start pumping those arms for inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale.

It's the a hundred right? If you know mark advanced version, you do it out. Two, three, four, five. Maybe you try it with straight legs and out reaching. Taking that deep breath. This is more to heat us up. If you can hold the back still lower your legs a little and do three squeezing those glutes. You got to work everything we can right now and out. If you've got it in you and try a little lower do but make sure you're not coming off your back at all and and that you don't feel it there. Inhale and out. If you want a little more challenge, it's up to three, four, five and down. Last set up, two, three, four, five and down. Any one of those versions is good. Bend your knees, set your feet down, stretch the arms back, separating your feet just a little bit, so about four inches, five inches apart. We exhale to peel the pelvis up sequentially. Bring the arms down by your side and press them into the ground so you feel those arms working. This is full body, right? Make everything count.

From here, we're just going to hinge to lightly touch the glutes. Re squeeze them, no tucking and press up one and down. Press two. I've got my upper arms reaching into the mat for feet are nice and level five squeezing the glutes. You know this is what you wanted. Yep. Go ahead. Feel those hamstrings. Feel the glutes. I'm giving you. Five more. Squeeze as hard as you want to.

And down press three there's four. Hold it up on five and from there just contract release. You're not going to see much cause we're already there, but you don't want to feel as in your low back. So you may have to retook and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze. Can you do the right side? Five four, three, two.

Squeeze the left side to keep it. Level two, three, four and five. Big Squeeze. Relax skull. It's a little. Roll yourself down, bringing right knee into the chest. Hug It in a nice and close, kind of reaching the tailbone down so you get a bit of a stretch high left, like straight up. Squeeze the glutes a bit. And from here without moving your spine, you change legs, right? Version one change. Like you're drawing the knee into the chest rather than just the arms working.

Keep it there. If you want or bring your head and neck and shoulders up and little more challenges to take the leg lower, but the point is is that your body stays still. It's all ab work. It's just a variation on itself. Let's go tiny bit quicker. We go on one bullet in two, two out of six, three three reach long for four. Here's five, five and six. We bring both museums from there, squeeze the glutes, Tuck your pelvis, lifted up, release the pelvis down, leave it there. Now it does not get to tuck angle at the knee stays the same. We simply let the feet go down. Maybe they'll touch, not if your back changes.

Exhale, bring it up. Inhale, they go down, knees don't change. Exhale up more advanced. Inhale, reach, exhale down. Inhale, reach, come on and now have more advanced would be to start to extend the legs much harder. You could even go straight up, right? I'm going to give you four more. Pick a version. Lets go one and Paulo. Inhale out. Exhale. Inhale out one more time and keep your knees up and hug them in heart rate up, or is that just me? Hands Behind your head? Elbows are off.

We curl ourselves up again. Before you do anything else, press your head back into your hands. Literally bring the spine up further. Extend your right leg and twist towards your left. We change and change so I went straight to the more advanced or traditional version. If that doesn't work for you, if it feels too much, you just bend the knees and touchdown and I have to say sometimes this works better even for those that are skilled. Let's go four and three. Here's two and one. Finish that come center.

Let the feet go down, separate them a little. Reach the arms overhead again, peel the hips up. Nice and long. Arms go down by your side and I do believe you know this one. We go down to press up, down to press up nice and strong, opening up the chest, telling you 10 minutes, maybe 11 it's going to be enough reach. Maybe it'll be 15 here knows no more than 15 not on youtube. Stay up and from here we take the right leg up, reaching kick down for five to the body. Stay still three.

This is a shoulder bridge for one more. Bring it back up, replace it other side and one bring it up to bring it up. Three, bring it up. One more return it body should be nice and long. Just as you started roll down from the upper back through the middle back and we just rock ourselves up to seated from here. Arms are stretched out. You should see them in your peripheral vision and we're going to twist to the left. Reach forward, flex the feet and keep weight on both sides.

Come back up and center other side. Rotate and dive forward as you pulled back on the abdominals sitting up and center. How about a little faster? We rotate. Exhale, inhale and center. Inhale, rotate. XL reach yet tall. Here's the thing, if you blow out all the air, you will definitely be squeezing those abdominals the way you want to and rotate. Reach up and center. Close the feet, bend the knees, actually separated my feet. Pick up, pick up your hips and keep those shoulders down. Fingers are facing your heels for a little tricep for 32 three and four and up five oh no problem. Just do not sink into your shoulders, right? You've got to keep it nice and down. I'll call that nine and 10 if you'd like.

Pick up one leg for ten two, three, four. It's not worth it if it's going to your neck, right? Take a break. Six, seven, eight, nine change legs and one last 10 to three. Do you feel how it changes to one arm? A little more work? Five and six, seven, eight almost there or lap. Bring the foot down. Have a seat. Turn face down. We're almost there. From here. We stretch the arms out, dry the abdominals in and up.

Reach the legs as if they're being pulled. Then relax the feet. However the arms lift your right arm and left leg is going to slightly look forward and switch and switch and switch and switch. Let's go a little faster. Only if you can keep the center of the body still. Ultimately we inhale for five. We exhale for five. Inhale, nice and stable in the middle, and exhale one more set and let the feet go down. Reach the arms around, list the fingers together.

Keep your chest low, but urge that upper back and release hands by your side. Help yourself up into a rest position. [inaudible] and from there, let's just curl the toes under. Plant the feet, folding over ourselves, enjoying a return to our bodies. It's where we belong. We can do this every day. We can do it as a kickstart.

I think we could even say it's enough. Bend the knees, pull the ABS and roll yourself up. Feeling lighter, stronger, more committed to ourselves, to our health, to our wellbeing. More importantly, that's what Joseph Lot, he's always talked about. Take a deep breath here and you know you can subscribe right here and get all sorts of previews. Do it again. Inhale all sorts of previews of what we offer on any anytime or to find out more about what Palladio's is all about. Click the like button on Facebook. Find out a whole lot more about us. You should congratulate yourself now for the time you took 10 minutes or so.

Well done.


Loved this quick workout Kristi! Have a Merry Christmas!!
Fantastic holiday workout! Thanks Kristi. You're the best!
Elsabe D
Fantastic workout. Short and sweet. Thank you Kirsty!
This was my introduction to Pilates Anytime. I love it! Thanks! Merry Christmas!
Ted Johnson
Great workout, Kristi! Took a little break from working on the computer to do this one and it got the blood flowing nicely.
Kirsty H
Love the energy Kristi - big smile on my face watching you and 10 minute slots are (as you know) perfect
I love your energy, Kristi. Thanks!!!! it Kristi!
Thanks everyone! I must admit I wasn't really in the mood to work out before I got to the studio on this day. It was amazing how much better I felt in such a short amount of time. Glad you are enjoying too.
Nice! Really fast pace, loved the intensity and the instruction as always!
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