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Quick Full-Body Wake-Up

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This is a 7-minute wake-up to the body after you've been sitting at the computer or just not moving enough. Stand up, and stretch out your arms, legs, and low back. Throw in a little balance work and you're good to go to any class or to get back to work if necessary.
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All right. I'm just watching you guys go on. Yes. Okay. Right. These guys know what they're doing. So we'll go feed together parallel but together and just focus in on the feet. Um, I have a suggestion. Let's look out the window. 50 right? Oh, I had this window standing behind your mat, so we'll feel the floor.

Let's feel the wood surface feet together. Somewhere in between. In the middle there. All right, lovely. And then zip up, sort of, not sort of feel the ankle bones come together as best you can feel the knees come together if you, if your structure makes it so that you have to bend a knee in order to make them touch or the ankles touch, let the ankles be a part and go for the knees. Get a little taller and create the sensation of that zipping in and up. Right. Look for it. Just look for sensation. That might be my theme. I'm not sure I'm going to stick with that one, but that's what's coming to me right now. Going further.

Positioning your pelvis so that it feels level. Check it out. If you're not sure, tilted forward, tilt it back, find it side to side and find level. Then lift the ribcage up off the pelvis. Create what spaces you can and then stabilize and support it. Let the arm bones be heavy and recognize. Remember that they are attached to the shoulder blades, right?

The shoulder blades are heavy, not forced, but heavy collarbones are wide. Do you want to do these? I know you guys can't see. Just reach your face forward for a moment. Oh, let's not do that again. Let's pull back and also up and that probably feels a little strange too, but we'd rather be there from here. Lift just your toes. All 10 toes. Come up. See if you can spread them out there and put them back down. Do it again.

Lift them up. Trying not to lean it all. Spread them out as best you can. Put them back down and again, so the big toe joints are still together. We're just gonna work our way up the body and down. Nice Renee and lift them up. Spread them out a little and down. Excellent channel and spread them out. Feel your feet and Andy's like me.

We find our hands doing it to up spread and somehow that helps and down. Now shift your weight forward. Hover the heels, just hover and then put the heels down. Shift back, not real far, but just a bit nice and forward again, however the heels, a little put 'em down, but let's not shift back again from here, a roll down. Inhale, exhale. Imagine the spine itself just rolling forward and down, drawing in and up on the abdominal. Still looking for that sensation of a zipping feeling. If you get to the floor, that's great. Inhale. If not, that's okay too. Or maybe bend the knees. Exhale. As you roll, reminding ourselves at the arm.

Bones are heavy and sensate them falling down your back almost to the point where it pulls your head up. Inhale, exhale, body weight. Still slightly forward. Yeah. Down we go. If I end up, I'm going to speed up a little here. If I go faster than you want, you can either just go partway or bend the knees so it feels a less impactful up by com and inhale, listen up. Exhale, float the heel, go almost all the way back down. You can kind of barely feel the floor. We'll do a roll down like that. Inhale, exhale down. You're going to probably feel some wobbling in the feet. That's all right. Just feel your feet. Do your best to keep those ankle bones, big toe joints together.

You do have to drop your head and that will be the hard part up on the ABS. Feel that collarbones wide. Inhale. Exhale, same thing up. Keep those bones of the legs pressing together, sliding down, and now, all right. Just to stretch out through the chest a little. Once you're back in alignment, I've got my heels down again. I'm just pushing the sidewalls away.

I've got flex hands have really flexing at the wrist. Okay. For the moment. Fingers together and then try to lengthen your arms even more without, hm. Without using the muscles. What I want to say, I want to say just allow the arm bones to go further. You might get a little connective tissue stretch. Spread the fingers out as much as you can. Can you flex your wrist even more, Erin? No. Okay, good. She's trying and then point the hands down, fingers down, do a couple of circles each way, as big as you can, but all the while reaching and then reverse it, reaching through the arms, just opening up whatever you've been doing and then lace the fingers down behind you without popping the ribs out just down with the arms.

I have the palms apart for the moment. Let the arms come away from the body. If it's available to you, then the knees hinge forward. Taking it all the way over. It's gonna Waken up the body. I'm going to move us a little bit here a lot in the minute. Release your hands down so they let go and roll yourself up.

Okay. Hopefully still feeling relatively connected from the start. All right. Taking your right leg behind you. Trying to keep the hips exactly as they were. Make sure you can feel that the leg is already kicked in. Reach the leg further. Kind of like we did with our arms a moment ago. In fact, let's do the arms again. Okay. And then start to tilt forward. I'm not gonna. I don't really want to go to full scissor here, so let's keep it about 45 degrees.

You're pushing the wall away in this position. Flex the foot and push the floor away from you and see if you can feel your abdominals and your powerhouse almost more than anything. Reminding yourself that the powerhouse includes the glutes. Feel those. All right. Then as you bring that like forward, bend the knee, laced the fingers behind you and lift the arms up. If you can do it with, for one, if you can grab on. If you can't grab the hands, you can just have the hands apart and try to lift them up. Okay. From here, extend that leg that's in the air and bring it down. Let go the hands and the like. That's still in the air. Push the walls, flex the foot. Lean forward to the, from the crown of your head to that leg that's in the air is one long line and you're aware of it, so we don't want to break it there at the waist or the hip.

It's long. All right, let the hands go back. Then the knee, bring it up, lace the fingers and stretch. Can we do one more? Now that we know what we're doing here it comes. Push the walls away, energized through again. It doesn't take a huge strain to do it. It's almost more ease. That'll give you the good stretch. Flex the foot if you didn't already, and bring it all home to change sides. Yeah.

So Johnny here, we'll take the other leg back, right, left leg back. Same, same stretch here. If you can make it a little different and you don't really want to go behind, you could change things. Make it a bit of a diagonal line. Okay. And flex the foot hedging forward. Imagine you're being pulled from the arms of the wrist and the ankle.

Energizing. They're noticing the shoulders don't have to come up. Turn the fingers down. Wait. That'll be a good screenshot. Not really. Let's go back out. That's gotta be pretty. And then we come back up. We're going to list the fingers behind actually laced them. Take your hands up as high as you can on your back.

Yeah. And then as you extend the leg forward, pointy elbows forward. Yeah. All right. Same thing. Here we go, flex and push. That's a great time to remind yourself of all that opposition. As you push the ceiling away, you're pushing the floor away, the middle.

In fact, once you do that, you kinda can relax to the arm and leg and hold in the middle. I mean, you can play with energy dispersion, that's half the fun of holidays. Then you take it out in the real world and do it there. Standing the leg forward, stretching through the shoulder, you get one more flex reach and from the middle of the body. This time, not so much tension in the arm and leg, but still energized, which check shoulders involve those feet a little and we'll just bring it all the way back home.


Helped with remembering how to stand- posture. Loved this short workout!! Thanks Kristi!
Loved this....can use as a balancing cooldown after a challenging mat session. Feels really great to lengthen EVERYTHING. Thank you.
Great work day break! Thanks
Thanks for the feedback! I enjoyed this class too. Seems like I always need this type of stretch/balance.
Great way to start the day or start a mat class for me! Thanks Kristi. Amazing what we can do with our bodies in 10 mins.
short but great for after a days hard work. will be back to do this class for sure!!
Glad you liked it Lorna!
1 person likes this.
I keep coming back to this class when I'm short on time but want to realign, rebalance and energize. Thank you Kristi! And thank you for Pilates Anytime! It's the best Pilates-thing ever! To be able to learn from you all from the other side of the planet :) It's really too good to be true...
Very challenging class. Thanks. BTW you have a great upper body.
Thank you Teresa!
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