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Go back to the basics with the Magic Circle in this Mat workout taught by Meredith. Using the Magic Circle for special awareness, Meredith focuses on simple movements performed with depth. Remember...the basics are never easy! Enjoy!
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Jan 08, 2012
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You work with the ring. Let's set it down just in front of your feet. So Ben down, put the ring down, and then just let's start at the back of the mat with the ring right down in front of your feet and then set your feet parallel to one another. And gonna reach the arms down the sides of your body. And as you feel the fingertips reaching downwards, feel the spine lengthening upwards. And let's just stay here for a minute. Gathering our posture.

So feeling maybe shifting forward and back a couple of times, and then feeling as you settle over your feet, that your ankles are just underneath your knees and the pelvis is just over the tops of the knees and the shoulders are just over the tops of the pelvis and the head is just over the tops of the shoulders. And within all of that there's a creation of space. And inhale. And as you exhale, start blowing the air out of the body. And as you do so, draw deeply in through the abdominal [inaudible]. Begin to just take the head all the way down towards the floor, letting your body just wheel into the ground and inhale.

Let's bend the knees here and start stretching the legs. Start exhaling, pulling up through the center of the body, stacking the spine bone by bone or right over the top of the pelvis. As the upper back starts to stack, we feel the shoulders draw down the head, lift up and inhale again. Exhale again, allowing the head to go forward, feeling the contraction of the spine or could the contraction, the folding in on itself of the spine and the lifting up on the ads in Hilton. Bend the knees. Exhale to stretch the legs, taking the chest even further forward over the legs. And now we roll back up to this fine all the way stacking bone by bone just over the top of the hips. And this time let's lift the arms up and look up at the hands.

But don't change the spinal pressure much. Bring the arms out to the side and take the back flat as you die forward into the floor. Round down just to the outsides of the ring. Do your hands and roll up one more time. And then we take the arms up again, reaching up. We feel the spine lengthen, but we're not arching yet. And then we take the arms out to the side, sending the body forward, hollowing upward through the abdominals. The hands just reached, just outside the ring.

And this time take a hold of your ring with the heels of your hands, peeling up using the ring as an additional weight. It doesn't weigh very much, but it does make a difference as we just take the spine all the way up. And then we take the ring up in front of the chest and we swivel the heels together. From here, we're just going to press into the ring with our entire way sign and we're going to arise up onto our toes. And then as we let the ring relax, the heels come down into the floor, but the top of the head reaches up creating link. And then again, we press into the ring and rise up onto the toes and then feel that we just allow the ringtone gently, let go, letting the ring expand and exhale. The contraction of the ring mimics the contraction of the waistline so the whole inner body is connected and then the heels come down and as every time the heels come down, we feel taller and taller and two more times pulling into the ring, into the central line of the body and allowing the ring to separate. Feel the expansion of the body. On the inhale, exhale, we'll squeeze in list and then we let the heels come down. We're going to do a little mini bend of the knees.

Then the elbows and the knees. Keep the body just upright over the pelvis and squeeze and straighten and inhale. Feel that the bending of the arms is coming from the back and squeeze and press into the ring and inhale, pull, and exhale, stretch, and inhale, pull and exhale, stretch. Now we're going to do a combination. We're going to bend the knees in the arms. We're going to arise upon to the toes. There, start to stretch the legs and the arms out, and once again, just drop the heels down and then bend the knees, stretching the ankles.

As you pull the ring into the chest, go as low as you can without lifting your heels. Then press a little harder into the rig as you lift the heels, stretch the arms out as the legs stretch out, and then drop the heels down. And we do that one more time. Bending in, pulling into the ring, rising up onto the toes, stretching the arms forward, and then bringing the heels down on. Let's reverse that. Let's go up on the toes first. Then their knees and the arms will get a little lower.

This time with the heels off the ground and then we start to press the heels down and stretch the arms up and lift up onto the toes and feel that the center is engaged throughout. Bending the knees in the arms, pushing the heels down and stretching the arms forward on one more time like that. Lifting and bending everything. Try to go a little deeper each time. Keep the pelvis just over or just underneath the shoulders and press out and then spiral the feedback to parallel lifts the ring over the head. And that's okay, Lisa, and let's do this for Lisa. Lisa's got a neck injury, so we're all gonna do this. We squeeze and now we lead and this is just as good. And now we press in and we engage that upper oblique and we inhale as we go across and then put some pressure into the ring as you put some pressure into your way, squeezing and lifting and inhale to go across and exhale to schoolies and lift and inhale to go across and Xcel to squeeze and lift. You guys know what? That rings me. There's pushups coming.

Pull your shoulders back a little den and squeeze and lift and inhale across and squeeze to lift. And then let's take the legs nice and wide. We'll do that same pattern that we did with the lakes together. So starting with the ring just in front of the chest. Again, we want to make sure we're just upright over the hips and we pull in going into a nice deep plea and we press out and forward and we bend and come in high windy and press out and forward and we'll do five, seven nice and deeply into that play and feel the pelvis slightly tucked for most of us anyway. Who I'm cramping. Go ahead. I'll be right with you. Little Hop Ddo and last two times pulling and press. We really target the glutes here and bend and press and now we're going to come up onto the toes. We're going to bend the arms and the knees.

We go down nice and deeply and then dropping the heels down the legs and the arms straight and simultaneously and rising up and bending the arms in the knees and dropping the heels down nice and low and pressing and three more times up and bent. And let's draw in ridden. Exhale up and up and bent and dry inwards to exhale up last one and oh, everything bends at ones and heels and the arms stretch and now let's go the opposite direction. Bending everything down, rising up onto the toes, nice and high, both legs and arms straighten. And we target into the upper back. Whoa, whoa. And then we lower the heels and don't fall over like me and rising up onto the toes and pressing everything out in, but feel the oppositional pull of the shoulder blades and out and everything then and we left and we generate the lifts from the middle of the body squeezing as we straighten the arms and down last too. Oh, here comes another cramp. Do you think I can get us finished with this? I think I can.

And then we'll maybe not up oh word. Oh and right on time. Okay, sit down. Okay. Ah, artificial sunshine. It's going to be hot up here again today. Girls. Okay. So just put the ring, let's say just above the knees or just below the kneecaps.

And then what I want you to do, hold on with the heels of your hands and push the ring down into your knees. And as you do that, rise up through the spine. And we're just going to inhale, press into the ring a little bit. But don't curl the collarbones forward. Keep the bones. As long as you just bend the spine backwards, you won't. You'll only be able to go as low as you can without moving the ring and then push the ring down from the lat. As we rise through the spine and inhale, exhale, squeezing into the middle of our bodies and pressing into the ring.

With straight elbows, we dive backwards into the abdominals and we press in and push the ring down. So I'm pushing down with my arms. Then the ring is pushing into my legs. Let's do two more, curving the body deeply, deeply, deeply. And then inhaling, we rise up. I actually just have hooked my thumbs over the top of those things and that seems to really work for me. Gives me a little bit as on what's the word, feedback, and let's go one more time. Press and squeeze.

And right now lift the ring. Just nice and lightly. Feel the shoulders dry down. As that happens, continue that curvature downward. So you're basically still just as bent as you just were. In Yoga, we pause, exhale, we fold back forward. We're going to put the ring on the knees. As we straighten the back, we're going to try to take the body, not just up but forward. Take the ring forward as well. And inhale. Exhale, roll away from the ring. Keep the ring where it is for now.

Keep the ring where it is for now and then come all the way back and inhale and exhale. We roll forward. Allow the ring to assist you as you guide the belly button closer to the thighs and then let the ring just float up. Reaching off into the distance. And one more time like that. Curling away from the ring. First a stab, useless. Establishing the round back, bringing the body down. Inhale. So we come all the way back up, let their income to the knees, pull the body forward and uh, and then reaching the ring off into the distance, pulling the shoulders onto the back. Exhale to bring the body down again.

I want you to find your low back and when you get there I would like for you to please hold. As you inhale, turn towards me bringing that outside arm over the top of the inside arm and XO. We bring it back to the middle and he in here, we take it across. So the rotation of the ring is not just in arm rotation, it's a rib cage rotation and center. So feel that as that upper arm goes on top, it's the upper rib that are going on top of the lower ribs as well. And inhale, twist and exhale to return and inhale to twist and Xcel to return. And we'd do two more to each side.

You guys good and inhale and keeping the knees and the pelvis stow. And here's our last one across and center and across and center. Now hold here, just slide the feet in. Nice and close. Separate the knees and place the ring inside of the legs and place your body down on the farm. I'm just going to scooch forward and here we are. We've got our feet together if we can. If not, they're just slightly apart and now we just squeeze the ring.

Nice big squeeze from the entire trunk. Assessed that you're in neutral pelvis, and if you can't do that without your hands, just put you the heels of the hands on the front side of your hips and feel that the hip bones are in a direct horizontal line with the pubic bone and squeeze it and resist. But don't let the ring apart all the way on. Squeeze in and resist and using the next exhale to squeeze in and hold. And now we inhale, sinking the abdominals a little deeper and now exhale, peel the spine up off the ground. Continue to put pressure into the ring as the pressure is being put into the ring, we've got a little pressure, the upper arms, and in here exhale, we squeeze even more so into the ring, transferring that internal energy into the abdominals, feeling the spine just slide along the floor, becoming longer and longer and let the Ringo little and exhale to start squeezing the ring, feeling the relationship with the abdominals in the inner thighs.

Tuck the pelvis, roll through the spine, pushing their ribs down, lifting the hips up. Inhale and exhale to come down all the way. Now we're going to do a little quick pulsing pattern. So pulse two, three in neutral spine, and now roll up to the top of your pelvic curl and hold and pulse. Two, three, four, five and bend your way down just to the bottom of the rib cage. So you're very, very curved in your body. And pulse. Two, three, four, five and then placing the pelvis down, maintaining the squeeze in the ring. And we do that one more time. Pulse two, three, four, five and guiding this fine upwards all the way.

Sending the knees out over the feet and we hold, took pulse to feeling the internal energy through the abdominal wall. And now we carve out the back. Carve up the absa here in this nice hollowed scooped position. Last squeezes, one, two, three, four and five. Peeling the spine all the way to the ground, lifting the head and chest. Take the rings in your hands and then just drop the knees open for one small moment.

Hm. And then bring the knees back together. Lifting one leg at a time. We're heading into the spine. Twists. Want you to keep the ring just over the shoulders. In fact, push the ring into the air so you feel your shoulder blades come away from the floor and then press into the ring just a little bit. As you feel the shoulders drop back now they don't squeeze together. In fact, do squeeze together and feel how the squeezing together of the shoulders causes the rib cage to lift.

Now separate the shoulders and feel the ribs and the sternum. Relax to the grab. One more time. We lift the shoulders off the ground. Don't have to squeeze your ring really here you just have to hold it and then drop the shoulders down and then press the shoulders back and together and then feeling them separate and we've got that nice stable shoulder position and now we twist towards me on the inhale. And exhale sir, come back to center and an inhale to go across keeping the ring just above the chest. Totally still. And inhale to come across and exhale to come back center and inhale and exhale to come back center. One more time.

[inaudible] and center and place the feed down. On one and then the other, keeping the ring in the hands. Breathing in, squeezing the legs together, we press a little bit into the ring and into the trunk and we roll up off the mat. Just reaching, just reaching to see if you can touch the tip of the ring to the knees. And then inhale to come back. And exhale. We do that again, curling this fine forward bending from just underneath the rib cage. You reach up and see if you can get the ring to connect to your knees and then push down on it and then inhale to come back and exhale. We press into the ring, feeling the back, engage, reaching, reaching up, hollowing through the abdominals. Reach. Just tap the size and come down.

One more time like that. And again, lifting up and come down. Now here's what we're gonna do. We're going to come up into that upward position again. So here we go. Feel the fold coming from underneath the bones of the ribs. Feel the hollowing, the scooping of the ABS, and now kind of like we did when we are in that half a roll back. I'm just gonna roll the ring over to the Mi and back to center and roll the ring over to the opposite side and then try to push up into it and back to center and roll the ring. And just like you did when you were sitting up, pushed the ring into the legs and feel that helps you to curl up higher and across and up, higher and across. And maybe we can even slide the ring up a little higher on our legs, right and across and back to center. And just one more, a cross back to center, a cross back to center. And then take the body down, bringing the ring overhead. As the ring goes overhead, it just goes as far as you can with the bottom side of the ribs down.

And then we're going to lift the head and chest. And I don't know what's gonna happen here, but we're going to try and roll up. So here we go. If you get stuck, here is what you do. You take that ring and you hook it over your knees and you Bobo Your Sofa and then reach forward and inhale and exhale to come down. Keeping the legs nice and still manipulating the spine from the front of the body. Take the head all the way down and bringing the ring overhead.

Bring the head and chest up off the ground. Roll up if you need to. I need to today Hook through ring. Pull yourself until you don't need to anymore and then take the ring away and lift up and inhale and take the ring on a high diagonal and roll away from it. Reaching, reaching one more time like that. Inhaling, exhaling to lift. Maybe you don't need to hook the ring this time and now bending over towards the knees, keeping the ring where it is.

We're going to start annex a leg extension as well, so we're going to come from this position back to this position. Inhale, prepare. As you exhale, begin to roll back, stretching the legs out the front, take the body all the way down. Lift the head and chest. Start to fold in underneath the knees, bending over yourself, stay round at the top and inhale. Exhale, take it down. Sliding the legs out. Push the legs into the ground as they find the ground and India and folding the spine in and hauling out through the abs as we just curl up into the knees. And three more like that.

Reaching back down and all the way home. And Inhale, lift the head and chest and curl your body in. And inhale and exhale back. And last one, lifting up, folding yourself in on yourself and holding here. Let's just slide the feet in a little deeper.

Put the ring just on the outside of the ankles. Push down on the rink, keep it nice and close to your body. And now rocking back and rocking and tracking back. Finding our balance at the top. Stay just behind the pelvis and hold and then bending the chest forward towards the ring and bringing the heels nice and close to the legs and we find our balance and hold. And two more times rocking back and rolling up. And one more time. Rocking back. [inaudible] I'm rolling all the way at. Place the feet down for a moment. Take the ring off again. Start to roll back, coming back again, just getting down to the lower back. Nice and controlled, nice and smooth.

And now we're going to bring the right knee up under the ring and the left knee under the ring. And now here's our double leg stretch. We take the legs out in the ring, goes overhead and we pull the knees underneath the rink. And as you go forward with your arms, I want you to think about pressing in with your arms in here and pull. We're going to go two more times here. Reaching and coming back and reaching and I'm changing it, but here it goes. We stretch out to the initial position, bring the legs up, bend the knees to bring the ring over the top, stretch the arms in the legs, out, brewing the legs up. Then the needs to bring the ring over the top. Lisa, you just modify for your shoulders as you need to.

They can go here and lifting and bringing the ring over the top. And let's do two more. Stretch everything out. Bring the legs up, pull the knees under there and reach the ring over the feet and last one and up and everything in that. We're going to reverse that so we go out. Oh wait, wait, wait. Then how do I reverse it? Okay, so we, we're here right now. We lift the leg, Stubbs. Got It. Bend in, ring goes over the legs. Push everything out. Lift up, bringing the ring to the legs. Bend the knees, bringing the ring further towards the feet. Everything goes out. I do it right. I don't know. Lift the ring to the legs.

Bend and reach through and all the way. Lift the legs to the ring. Then the knees under the ring. Reaching forward. One more time. Everything out. Lift the legs to the ring and the ring to the legs then and bring the ring into your chest and bring your knees into your chest. Yeah, that was confusing. Lesson. Alright. Are you doing okay? I'm going to take the ring now and it's going to go just behind the head and we're going to take the hands and put them just on the front side of the ring and feel here that the head's just nestled right at the base of the skull, right at the occipital ridge and the hands are just on the opposite side of the ring. Now we're going to find our upper backs in.

The way we do that is push into the ring like you're trying to stretch it, but the head pushes it in the other direction. Feel the elbows pulling away from one another. So there's the support of the upper back that we're looking for. Now let the head stay heavy, but reach through the abdominals. Keep that arm position, bring the legs to tabletop and now we take just the right leg to the ground and now we change.

Exhale and exhale and we're dieting the chest forward. But keeping the head heavy in the ring and reach and reach on. One more time. Reach. I'm going to change it now. Take the leg, that's it, down on the ground and stretch it up. And now it's like the single leg stretch, just the single leg stretch plane and reach and or heat and three and three and two and two and the last time and hold. Now that straight leg is going to bend and go down. We're going to go into rotation. Both legs stay bent, cross towards the leg in the air and now hidden from the hips, bent knees, perfect.

And across and across and two and two and one and hold the bottom legs. Gonna Straighten. Here's our regular criss-cross across for five, four, three reaching all the way up into the knee. With that outside Elba and last one and this is it. And both knees in and the head and chest down. And now we're just gonna take the legs out straight and take the ring from off the head and take it into your hands.

And we're just going to lift the head and chest. Curl yourself off the mat, reaching all the way over, bending the spine, over, hooking the ring around your feet and just hold wherever it makes sense to you and Ben, the arms guiding the forehead down towards the knees. Literally see if you can touch your forehead on your knees today. Okay. And now we the spine. Keep the ring where it is. Just start to reach the spine out longer and longer and longer.

And now just lift the ring and turn it up right? And sit up and bring the ring into the chest and we press into it. And now we turn it, twist, twist, and center. So keeping the relationship between the ring and the trunk consistent, that means to me that the ring doesn't go any further across than it already is. When it's in the middle or when your spine is in the middle, we just twist and center and the ring is just attached to the body.

Twist and center and twist and now come towards me to stay and just lift a little taller and we're gonna squeeze. But as we squeezed, we're going to try for a little bit more rotation every time for five as three and two and one and then come center and take it to the other direction and squeeze about turn more and to keep that front shoulder back. Four and five and then we come to center, go and again, we're going to turn but it's different. Stretch the arms but feel the shoulders pull back and then take the ring up, not super high, but list the back a little bit and then bring the ring back down, pull it into the chest and come to center and go the other way and stretch the arms forward. The ring lists, the eyes follow the ring and it's just that tiny little extra back extension and then down and center and inhale. I just changed it again, but that's okay. Reach as you exhale. Inhale to come home and exhale to come center and inhale. So it's as though the extension of the spine is what's lifting the ring and inhale to come back and Xcel to come center. And once again, just reach forward so that you can hook the ring around your feet so that you can pull yourself forward into the stretch.

And then coming all the way up. Let's just slide the feet apart and bringing the ring once again out in front of the body. Good. Yep. And push the legs down. But lift the spine taller as you do and we're gonna reach forward. I want you to set the ring down on the ground, wherever it is, wherever you can, and then we're going to roll towards the left foot, reaching over into the stretch of the right side and roll to center and roll towards the right foot and roll back to center. And then let the ring come off the ground.

But reach a little further forward with your body as you do. And then peel the spine all the way back up to straight. And inhaling at the top we go again. Excelling has the ring reaches for the abdominals. Respond by drawing backwards into the spine. We're going to go to the right this time. Any, I'll just roll the ring over towards the right hand. Feel the right shoulder, draw down. Exhale to center in how we roll over to the other side.

Exhale, we come back to center. Inhale to lift. The ring just hovered. The reached the spine further and Xcel to come up and now we're going to change and it goes like this. Exhale to go forward. So this is spine stretched with extension, except instead of lifting the ring over the head, we're going to start to bend the arms, bend the arms and the whole the spine into the ring. As you pull the ring into the chest, stay lifted. As you stretch your arms back forward, keeping the length of the spine, then bend all the way down and roll all the way up the like.

Inhale again. Exhale, take it back again. Feel the abdominals working at the same time as the spine is bending forward. Start lifting the chest simultaneously. Start bending the arms, press into the ring as you rise up through your back, pulling the ring right into your chest. Really feel that upper back. Turn on and then we stay there as we stretch the arms out. Take it all the way further forward and then bring it all the way back up.

Shall we do it one more time guys. Lifting tall, exhale to go forward. Good. And then just pulling in, bending the ring into the body. The body lifts slightly into the ring. We bring the ring a little closer to the chest and press the chest a little bit more forward and then take the ring back forward, dive all the way back down and come all the way back up. Let's bring the legs together and just point the feet and start to bring the body back into the ground. Nice and slow curving the body, feeling the articulation of this by the ring will end just above the chest and we'll bend our knees. We're going to go into the shoulder bridge, so planting your feet, in fact, try to get your heels right next to your body.

And then just wiggle them about two inches forward and press into the ring by pulling the shoulders into the ground. And here we go. Pulling the spine off the ground. So there's activity there and we're reaching and sending the knees forward and holding. I think we should just enjoy what the way down there. A little pelvic curling. Never heard anyone reaching. Feeling in the alignment of the legs, feeling the shoulders relaxed into the ground. Let's go that again.

We're rolling up. Let me Ching. Okay, so here we go. We're going to lift the right leg off the ground, bring the knee just underneath the ring and then stretch the leg up so it's reaching into the ring as well. And then just take it down to the level of the opposite, like flex back touch and reach down and flex back to touch and reached down and back and two more. And the huck and one more and a hold there. And we just make five little footprints on the ceiling. One. And as the hips lift up, pull the shoulders into the ground.

I don't mean squeeze, I just mean heavy. And one more, and let's just bend that knee and put the foot down on the ground and we're going to rural just to the bottom of the ribs, carving out the abdominals, carving out the spine. But don't let the shoulders curl forward and just take that stretch through the spine and now rolling yourself up again, feeling that the pubic bone is higher than the rib cage. Feel the hamstrings working powerfully. Lift a bent knee and then stretch that leg into the ring and then take the Lego away just to the level of the opposite knee and up and down and back and down and back and last to the ring stays still, but we've got to bring the leg up to meet it. And here we go.

We make five little footprints on the ceiling as we lift the foot into the sky, the shoulders pull into the ground. Last too. One more. Fold the knee back in. Leveling the pelvis, take the ring overhead, stretching the spine away. As you begin to roll all the way down and releasing, and they take the right leg down onto the ground. We're going to bring the left knee and put the foot underneath the ring. Okay? So what I want you to do here, maybe just lift the head for a moment, assess that the pelvis is straight across, and then let the head come back down to the ground. Okay?

And then we just guide that leg by bending the arms and feeling the shoulders spread. The leg comes back towards the body a bit or as much as you can comfortably feel the leg, the hip of the leg, that stretching, pulling towards the opposite ankle bone, slightly anchor with the bottom leg, and then draw that leg a little deeper in. And now we've been that knee pulling the ring into our body and now we pulled down with the upper back as we stretched the leg into the air. Inhale as we engage the hamstring, bending the knee into the body, excelling as the leg stretches, and we continue to feel that pressure downwards on the ring that we're creating and we pull and now we stretch up just two more times, bending and stretch up and bending and stretching up. Okay, here's what's going to happen. Hold the ring on the, on just the opposite, the foot end. Take the ring down so that your arms are straight and the legs that are kind of a low diagonal. In fact, lift your head and chest up and take the ring down to here. Okay.

And by here, I mean about 60 now we're gonna roll up, roll at using the abdominals. As you clear the low back, begin to bend the elbows, lifting the back in the ring together and now we stretch the arms forward. As we bend the spine away, try to keep the leg pretty still. Meaning you're going to have to create some room. Just come to the shoulder blades. If he come all the way down, we won't be able to leave the leg. So end. Here we go again. Curl over your body up in over.

Stay rounded until the shoulders come about over the hips and then bending the arms and lifting the back of the leg together and now start to fold away from the arms, straightening the arms. Good. Reaching back, reaching back, keeping the leg where it is. Feel the shoulders dry down. Let's do one more. Rolling. Rolling, bending in. Okay. And now take the ring and the opposite hand of the leg fits in, but the ham that you've just taken off just behind you and bring that leg across your body. Now turn into the leg that you're rotating, walking that arm a little further behind you. So the body's lifting the legs, pulling across or getting a little bit of back extension, a little bit of rotation, and then gently make your way back to center. Place that leg down. Well, Whoa, back to my elbow. Roll all the way back down onto the ground for the other side. I liked it.

Okay. And we put the right foot in and then again, it's, it's worthwhile to just check the pelvis. Okay. And I've got the balls of my feet underneath that pad and then just start to guide the leg inwards. And as you guide that leg towards your body, press the opposite leg away. So no, nothing is is without work here. And then it's just a tiny little bend to pulling from the hamstring. And then we pull from the upper back, spreading the shoulders wide as the leg stretches up into the ring and inhaling to bend and exhaling to stretching. It's important that as the knee bends, the abdominals pull away and the knee comes straight into the body and then we present each time. Maybe we'll go a little further over head, but not at the expense of changing the pelvis and to okay, and what so now once we get that stretch, we're just going to transfer the hands down to the pad.

If you're not already there. As the leg goes away from, you start to pull the head and chest off the ground just as much as the upper leg is working. We're working the lower leg and then we just start to guide our spine. Almost like the ring is magnetic, pulling your body into it and then we find the shoulders over the hips and then we lift the back into that nice long position. Start to stretch away from the ring, allowing the arms to straighten as you've placed the low back down, and then try to keep pushing the leg away from you as you go down towards your shoulders. And we roll back a good, good, good Halloween, Halloween. So it's not the arms that are working, it's the ABS. No ring gives us a little bit of help, right?

But that allows us to focus even deeper on our movement. And we reached down allowing the arms to straighten, going, pushing the leg away as we stretch the upper body in the opposite direction. Last time here, rolling up. Good. And lifting the back. Okay, now we take the opposite hand to the ring. Okay. And we start to reach [inaudible] reach, finding the mat, pushing with that arm, lifting and twisting and bringing the leg across the body.

Oh, and maybe just slide the other arm, the arm that's on the ground a little bit more back. I'm playing with this myself. Push the body up a little bit more and pull the ring up a little. Okay. And now just make your way back through center. Nice and easy and unhook the ring and turn to your side facing me.

Okay. So today what we're gonna do is we're gonna put the ring just in front of us like this and we'll line up the body. Okay. So the head is down on the arms. And what I want you to think about is the same thing we've been talking about all day, allowing the contraction downwards of the ring to be transferred into the center of the body. So with that, we press down through the lad on that upper arm and we float the legs and we release the legs down just a little and barely willies the ring and press down to float up. And really, so we feel how the lats pull into the obliques and the obliques. Pull in to the lats and release and press back.

Pull the shoulder down as you press Lisa. Maybe move your ring a little lower. Yeah, I think that'd be better for you. And we're gonna do that four more times. Maybe a little faster. Push, lift, release, release, push, lift, release, release. And to want us to hold our legs up. Now I want us to push into the ring again and try to lift the upper body up towards the pelvis. Yes. And lower all the way back down.

Legs are still lifted and now we press to lift. Bending at that sideways. Try not to use the arm all too much. Okay, so maybe you could even play around with the idea of not even holding on with the arm at all and yeah, and we just go that two more times. Pressing, curving from the opposite direction. Good and down. And we go one more time.

Hush and come all the way back down and just take the ring and set it on its side from lift up. That's all right. Let's stop. So you're on your elbow. Good. And we pull away from the elbow. We're going to put the ring back, we're gonna just going to bend the knees of the knees just underneath that ring. And then we take the opposite leg, then stretch it out straight. And today we're going to reach and touch the ring with that leg without changing the body at all. And we're going to point to reach back and the shoulder stays totally stable and we push down as we come to touch. So feel that as you're pushing down, you're pushing in with your ass and pulling forward and reaching back.

Release and pulling forward and reaching back really and again and back and forth and back and forth. Oh, we're down. List the waste as you push down on the ring. So that's a good idea. Uh, it's like oppositional, right hand goes down, waste goes at last to reaching forward and reaching back last one and reaching back. Now I want us to hold back and I want us to just start to turn a little bit forward with the body and lift that back like out in, back and out, in, back and out in the back and a little presses on the ring still. That's a nice idea. Debt. Deb's got a ring out in front of her. Ooh, I like it.

Even more. Say, see, see Dev, I really do think you should be teaching these classes. I do. That's a fantastic idea. And last two and last one. And then let's just bend the knee in. You can set the ring next to you. That's gonna bring the knee around into the body, hugging the knee, just up into the center of the chest. Even if the hip lifts up a little bit. And then trying to keep the knee where you've connected it to your body, but roll the pelvis into the ground and then dead, maybe not so much of a twist. Maybe a use.

Put that arm down in. Pull with the arm that's across the leg and push with this arm. Okay. Ready for the other side? Let's go. Alright, so we started down on our side all the way. I got the legs up nice and long. Got that ring underneath the hand.

And if you're, you know, I think you can play around with where the ring is. I like it just in front of my waist. You don't want it too far up cause then it gets a bit Nicky. Okay. And here we go. The head is down and we just push with the heel of the hand and the leg slowed up off the ground in response and any other legs go down a little and press to the left. Feel energy in between your legs.

Feel energy backwards and inwards through the waistline as you press down and reach [inaudible] and form, um, three and two and one. And now we're just going to hold and now we push into the ring again. But this time we bend the upper body, Ben, the upper body into the lower body and then take it back down and reconnect with the Latin. Start to slide the upper body up and release. And again, try not to use the bottom arm a great deal or even [inaudible] play around with trying to lift the arm off the ground completely and down. All the last two times, reaching and down and last time reaching.

And uh, okay. And now we just set the ring down from woman and came up onto the forearm. So the ring, it's gonna be just next to the thigh and the body as you push down on the ring, feel the lower waist lifting and response. So there's our multi-directional movement. They're taking the leg out and not just swing and touch and reach and see and touch and reach back right up into the ring.

But as the leg swings for the body stays absolutely stuck. We squeeze the back of the hip, take the like far enough back without arching the back. We're looking for a stretch in the front of the leg and we have four to go. Here's one, reaching back, here's two, reaching back and last too, and one more. And then we kept the leg back and we started to turn the body, and I did a few squeezes here before I saw Deb's clever idea of moving the ring forward on the diagonal, press down, lift the chest through. And now we reach out and out and out and five and six and seven and eight and nine.

And then the knee in crossing it over the body, putting the ring down onto the ground, bringing the knee right up into the chest. So let the hip come up off the floor as much or as little as you need to now. And then it might be easier also Deb with the straighter leg, the bottom like straight. Yeah. Yeah. Let's like take it out like that. [inaudible] oh sorry. Late call on the other side. But anyway, here you are. Now let me just pull the light body into the leg and we start to drop the pelvis down into the ground. So you start to feel you got equal weight on your sitting bones and you arise up through the spine. And I suppose we had to do some pushups. Yeah, yeah. Good. Let's do. Okay, so take the ring.

Can I use the ring for a little bit of support today? Make sure my clothes are on and then we're getting, just put them ring. I put the ring just underneath my ribs. That works for me. Some people like it more just underneath the sternum. It's gonna depend on on how long your arms are, how long your torso are, what shape you are. So find a place where you feel that they're willing, we'll support you as you step back into a plank position. Okay.

Now all we're going to do here, first of all is we're going to pull the pelvis into the ring, almost like you're trying to lift up off the ring and then we're going to let the chest go down, but keep the pelvis is tucked as we can and then piking the pelvis up, pulling the pubic bone towards the ring. It's just tiny. And then back to the putting pressure on the ring and piking up. Then coming back and piking up and coming back. And now we bend the elbows and you let the ring support us as we reach into the pallet's, push up and lift and inhale, fill the shoulders, glide downwards as you put a little pressure on the ring and press and we go three more times. Lifting the abdominals off the ring and uh, and to, to lift and one, two and let's drop to the knees for a minute and then dropped to the all the way down onto the body, sliding the legs out from underneath us, sliding the ring forward. So now taking a hold of the ring just on the sides of it, stretching your arms forward and all they want us to do first is just feel that the contraction of the shoulder blades allows the ring to just gotten guides slightly towards you just a little bit.

And then release the head is just lifted a little bit off the ground. We've got our abdominals engaged XL guide the shoulder blades down. Allow the ring to move a little closer to you and release. And one more like that before we make it bigger. Let me reach out and we release. Now we're going to do that same thing. Be prepared. Lifts the body, Ben, the arms.

Why to the side, try to slide. You'll have to keep your ring pretty light on your mat. Slide the ring underneath your body, pulling the elbows wide, the shoulders down. Keep the shoulders down, pressing a little bit into the ring as you slide the ring back out and take the body down. Going to go two more times. We just elevate the body a little bit and then feel the abdominals working and feel some support from the backs of the legs that you just been bringing. The ring just underneath the forehead, underneath the face.

You can lift it off your mat. You can keep it on your mat. You decide who reached the ring back forward. Oh in lower body down and just one more like that. We take the body up, plugging the arms into the shoulder joints thing nice and strong there, and then guiding the ring under the body and feel as the ring comes underneath you. You're going forward over the ring and then take it back forward and relax. And now we're going to keep the ring where it is. Just put your forms next to your body, press up with your forms, squeeze your knees a little closer into you, and then slide the arms out and sitting back towards the future. Stretch to the back for a moment.

You come all the way back up again. Take the ring again, but it just underneath the Ritz or wherever it was before, wherever it's helping you. Okay? And then take one leg and step it back and take the other leg and step it back. Create that little tucking action through the pelvis. You're nice and long through your backs. Point the right foot lifted out and up and down and out, in and out and out in a [inaudible] and out and up and down.

Put it in and pick up the other leg and reach out and up and down. Good. Out in up the abdominals. Left is the leg lifts and two and one and now we do two pushups. Bend and stretch. Nice and smooth, nice and springy. On that ring.

Bend your knees to the ground for a moment. We're going to go again in a minute. Okay, everyone good? Yep. Here we go. Slide both legs out. Pick up the right leg again. Take it to the side. Keeping the ring still underneath you and back and to the side and back and to the side. Nice. And place it in and reach it to the side and back until the side I switched, right? Yep. Good. And to the side and back and hold.

And now two more pushups and nice and deeply and up. You could also drop to your knees, works just as well on the knees and then drop to the knees. Everybody I'm with, we're all going to do three more on our knees and feel the difference of that. It makes cause it really allows us to focus on our back and I don't want your knees to be scooted out. I just want them to drop like they would drop from a place.

So you're here and then feel as you bend your arms, lowering your body into the rink. You feel how the shoulders can really pull down away from the ears, you can really target the upper back and then kinda light with the arms on the way up and through to a, I don't think it really matters. Yeah, I did have my feet off, but I actually kinda like it better with the feet down. Come to think of it and uh, and that's all. And I slide the legs all the way back and slide your body down and we're going to turn the ring up, right? Like so. And I would go just to the outside, outside of the ring.

If you want a big back extension, go right over the top. But it's a lot of back extensions. So just look after yourself here. Kay. Strong legs, strong ads in here. Start the guide the shoulders down just as we did before and has the shoulders guide the down, the back, the head reaches forward into the ring. Start to roll the ring on its edge, pulling it towards us. Yes, reaching into back extension and then releasing all the way down.

Endeavor to do this with straight elbows. Guide the shoulders down first. Don't worry about how high the body comes up. Worry about the bending from just behind the bra line, just behind the ribs and then release back forward. We're gonna do that one more time. We just take it in. Inhaling to lift.

Maybe you want to give yourself a little bit more this time a little bit higher and then take it all the way down and just let the ring go. Put it down. Once again, put the forums underneath the arms. Press up with your forms, sit back toward your fee. And I just need to scoop my knees. Get there and reset all the way back on the feet and take a moment and let the back rest. And then take the arms from out the f out in front and bring them around towards your feet. You still down on your forehead and you're going to bend your elbows in.

Pull the heels down towards the hip, just relaxing the spine. And then lets just begin to put a little pressure into the knees to roll the [inaudible] rolling all the way up until we're just standing on our knees. And then from there we're going to bring the arms up. Oh the way we look up and we let the upper back arch a little and then we roll over. Reach out for your ring, but try to keep the [inaudible] oh that's just over the needs. You might shift back just a little. Let the hands brush the ground, Ben, the aspiring upwards.

They'll just brush the ground and they'll come off again. And as they come up allow them to reach up reaching, Oh let's bend over. Bowing forward. Maybe the arms go a little further forward this time, pull back through the abs to stretch the spine and then letting them just travel towards your knees as you begin to press the pelvis forward. And one more time reaching a feeling of lightness through the body. Feeling a hollowing, a carving out.

You pull back into that round back a lot in reach. Way Out forward with your arms. You should feel a stretch and then let the arms come back towards the knees, bending the spine up, take the overhead one more time with a nice big brass. We just allow the arms to relax down to the sides of our body and we are done. [inaudible].


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Now I know! The basics aren't easy at all. I'd never done a Level 1/2 class before...when I joined the online community I watched all the individual exercise demonstrations and then went directly to Level 2 and "progressed" from there to 2/3 and even 3. I knew depth, focus and challenge could be found at any level (having learned that lesson from other sports) but today I really got how that applies to Pilates. Thanks.
I agree with Joni! I usually pass up the level 1/2 classes, but decided to do this class after reading her review. I expect to be sore tomorrow!! Thanks, Meredith. You never disappoint me.
Happy New Year ladies....I find when I need the GREATEST challenge I go back to the basics and try to go deeper. Thanks for coming with me!
Great class, love working with the ring. Excellent cueing as always. Thank you!
Great challenge! Your cueing is amazing. Thanks Meredith, learn something new every class I do with you.
Loved this. Doing this one again.
So happy to hear from y'all!! Thank you very much.
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I have just joined Pilates Anytime and this is the first video I have looked at - Haven't done the class yet but it looks great. If all the classes are as good as this I just know I am going to enjoy Pilates Anytime ahd have done the right thing.Ann Sweeney
HI Ann
You will enjoy all the classes. I have taken quite a few and just love them all.
Thank you, Meredith, for another beautiful class! As a new member here there are many other teachers I'd like to try but I find myself drawn to your teaching style. Lovely. Just lovely. And I don't know about anyone else, but for me this was deep work! Didn't feel too beginner at all!
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