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Creative Reformer Variations

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Tracey Mallett is back with this solid Reformer workout. Following the BASI Pilates® block system, Tracey mixes things up a bit by replacing some of the standard exercises with some fun variations. After a gentle warm-up on the Reformer, you'll do Footwork with the pumping variation, the hip work with some single leg variations, and before long you'll be doing the Arms Kneeling Series. As always Tracey brings fun to the workout. You'll be happy to see how much you can accomplish in a short amount of time. Thanks, Tracey!
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Jan 16, 2012
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Okay, let's start with a great performer class. You Ready, Christie? Alrighty. So we're gonna start with footwork. So we're going to get the A, we form a set up to your resistance. Right now I have three reds and one blue. Christy had a hard day. Poor Kristy and she's on three reds. Sorry, I didn't let the cat out the bag. Okay, so let's get go. I going to get onto the reformer.

No, I just want you to actually place your feet down onto the reformer. There you go. So your heels are on there. You're gonna put your feet hit with the part level with a sip bones, and we're just going to do some warming up just before we start our footwork. So place their hands down by the side of the body. Okay. Let's place their heels in line with a sip bones.

Their hands are reaching long down on the reformer. I'm going to start with some pelvic tails just to get really into the core. So let's take a nice deep breath in. On the exhale, you're going to draw the abdominals in and going into your power. Vic Tilts. Inhale, neutral and Xcel drawn in the abdominals. Who remembers the ABS, the causing the pelvic tilts. And then inhale back just to a couple more. Inhale [inaudible] in how back? One more time.

Inhale and exhale. Tilt. Ian, how back to a neutral position I want you. Imagine you reaching your head, neck and shoulders off the floor. Looking for was a reaching through. The fingertips. Tips, palms are down. We're going to start to beat those arms. I want you to inhale. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, Susan nose and exhale. Two, three, four, five. And inhale, two, three, four, five. And exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale and inhale. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, 50. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five.

Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, one more time. Inhale to XL. Two, three, four, five. Let it all out. Hold it here. Reach to the right hand side, band, back to center. Reach to the left, inside band.

And Center and reached to the right and center to the left. Pick the tempo up. T kid Kate. Seven six, five, four, three, two, one. Come back to center. Slowly roll down. Nice work. That's play. Say heels on the bar. I'm gonna start with some leg work. We're gonna do some pumping series.

So we're going to inhale, accept slowly for 10 times. You're going to reach out and back. Exhale out to full extension in hair back and really maintaining that neutral spine. Tailbone down and reach and down. Think of that nice with them and back and reach and back to more and reach and back. Last time and reach. Pumping it out.

You take you to three, four, five, six, seven, eight. No, I know on the last one, lengthen. Lengthen, but keep the spine in neutral position. Nice. And then come all the way down. We placed the heels with the toes. Inhale. Exhale, reach out. Be careful that you're not moving the heels, you're keeping the heels very, very steady and you lengthening through the VMO, the quad muscles. Reach and breathe with that.

Nice with them. I love flow and I love rhythm. Who we reach and back and we pitch. Let's do five more like this am five. Relax the upper body and for three XL two give me one more and one buddy for the pumping and go. Oh, okay.

To dynamic. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight. No, I know that she should last one. And those legs [inaudible] and then slowly come down. That's going to your v position. Heels, a glue together. Ready? Slowly, XL. Lengthen.

Inhale back with control. Who reach and back. Draw those abs in as you extend. Inhale, come back. And which six more? Exhale. Lengthen and back. And Five, relax the upper body and four feel those inner thighs. Three. We love that.

And to give me one more. We're ready for the little pumping. Let's go. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. You ready for that last one? [inaudible] beautiful. And slowly control it down. Let's place the heels externally rotated right at the edge. So in that nice external rotation, watch your placements of your pelvis.

ABS are drawn in. Ready, push out. Whew. And to try and relax your feet. I know that's hard. And four Xio five and six. It's all about control and fluidity. Two more. One last time.

Ready for you in angle one and two and three ample and five and six and seven and eight. [inaudible]. You ready for the grand finale on here? Push it out and slowly bring it back. Let's go onto your toes. Alrighty. Keep that heel steady and slowly reach out on and bag and two axa really work. Those abdominals is all about control. Using those apps to keep that pelvis stable.

We want that pelvis nice and still no rocking and rolling. Not for now anyway. And we've got about four more. Okay, Christie? Four. Yes, three really worked those legs to one. Where did you pick up the pace and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine hour all the way out those legs out. Beautiful. And then slowly return back. Let's bring your feet parallel. We're just going to push out and press the heels underneath the bar and have a nice little stretch. We're just going to go into running.

So in a little prancing. So we're going to bend your knees and alternate them. Now we're going to do, our breath is going to go. Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale, control. Inhale, exhale, and exhale. Come up onto a Relevate. Bend your knees. Now go into a slightly external rotator position in a v position.

How am I going to reach out against right legs? And all I'm asking you to do is flex the heels under, I don't know, Rice. So it's a little different. You're going to feel a stretch with the perennials. It's nice for a little variety because we tend to do a lot of it in parallel. So just by turning out, just adds a new dimension to stretching out those perennials, which get tight, feels good for ma. And for little lift three and lift two and lift and one, and lift. Bend your knees and then come in.

Why don't you bring both knees into your chest and just give yourself a little hook? Because now we're going to go into single leg. So for me, I want you to take your hands right underneath your knees. We're gonna take a deep breath in and we're going to accelerate, slowly roll up into a visa yet so they as you've reset, and we're going to roll back down again. I thought you were out the woods. Inhale, exhale, roll all the way up. Spine goes up into an extension heart center, reaching forward and then controlling. Blacktail. Let's just do two more. Inhale, exhale, lift up and lengthen. Lengthen, lengthen.

And then roll down. This is your last time and then we will swing it to the side. Inhale, XL, lift. How am I going to slowly take the hands down, pivot around, and let's take a spring off. Now we're going to want to single leg, so I'm going to take off a half a spring. Are you going to be fine? I'm proud of your Christie. Okay, now we're going to graciously go back down again. There you go. That's my gal. Alrighty, so we're going to start with single leg.

You're going to place your here and right leg is going to be bent and we're just going to extend that like straight up to the sky ready. We're going to push out and push and back keeping that leg exactly where it is and push and down. Try and still maintain that pelvic stability, but also trying to keep a neutral position, which I know depending on your hamstring glands, that will be hard, so go to where you can still keep that neutral position and reach out through the big toe. Give me one more and hold flexor for, we're going into Lexa circle and he now exhale and exhale. Exhale. Inhale. [inaudible] on a in Halle doesn't stop.

Exhale. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Last time. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Point the toe. Reach that leg up. Bend your knee and pull yourself back down. Good. Let's switch to the side. Bend the knee and then extend that leg up. Ready and push away and to remember you are per body. Try and release that tension in the upper body. We all do it.

We will need a little check points on that. Lengthen. Good. Seven XL eight axle nine you've got one more and you're going to hold the extension holder flex. Now really press the energy out through that heel already for Lex circles and inhale. Exhale, beautiful. He inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, reverse and it's a never stops. That circle never stops in exhale, exhale last time. Inhale and Xcel. Point the toe, bend the knee and pull yourself down.

Now on to your toe. We're going to reach that leg out in Paolo. Slowly for the first one we extend, we flex, we point bring down beautiful Christie up and flax and point and down. Good, so everything flexes together. You point and down, a lot of control out and flex and point and down and out and flex. You are number five. That's five more.

Reach and flex and lengthen and enjoy the stretch and then you're out of the stretch and down 30 more and amplify and point and down. Two more and rich and flex points. This is your last time. Reach and flex and point and a good job. Let's go to the other leg.

Reach that leg out and out. Flex point, control it down. Lengthen, flex point and down reach. Can you see the rhythm without music? You can still have rhythm up and down. We've all got internal rhythm inside of us.

You just have to tap into it and reach flax 0.4 more. Reach flex 0.3 Ma and lengthen flax too. Ma. Getting a lot to know. I requested they feel the heat. One more time and flex point and down. Beautiful. Swing the legs from side to side. Okay, from here, once again, we are going to bring our knees in.

We're going to roll all the way up into our vi-set. Hold it here this time. Let's go a little bit further now to challenge hold five, four, three, two, one. Hands behind. Take the hands down. Swing yourself round. Okay, let's go down into one wet spring. Now I'm going to go into some ab work and then we're going to go into some strap work. Okay, so let's come back down onto our back. We're going to grab our straps from behind.

Now let's bring our legs up into chair position. Now I want you to feel that resistance already. I'm pulling my scapula down, my lats. Mr Raiders is working there and I'm starting. I'm not here. You always start with some resistance, so you risks are over your shoulders, over your shoulders. [inaudible] ready? So we're going to start in this position here. Now we're going to lengthen the legs up. We're going to take our hands out to the side and we're going to exhale.

Lift the head, neck and shoulders off the floor to here and how we're going to draw up the legs and the head go down and again, so you are looking towards the pelvis and down and and inhale. Beautiful, excellent. Lifting up and down. Slow and control. It's about that full integration of the whole body. Working together as one unit. Inhale and lengthen. Lengthen, lengthen out and inhale. Exhale. So your hands and level with your shoulders and exhale and apt two more times and out. Last time and down, bend your knees. Bring the hands straight up.

I'm still resistance there. Externally, rotate your feet. Now we're going to go slowly. For the first one, we're going to reach and extend the legs out. What not to white. Inhale and come back. So I'm not opening my legs too wide. I'm trying to keep my upper part of my legs still.

As they extend. You still got control through those abdominals. What I don't want is this. No looks very good, but we're not going for that. And Xcel open. Inhale and come back. And again, lengthen and reach and back for more length and back and reach and back. Just a couple more for good luck last time. One more. Hold it up. That hold a reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. And then slowly come back down. Nice. Okay, we're gonna take one strap.

So now we're going to place our foot or right foot into the right strap. Extend that leg up and bring the opposite leg in a chap position. We're going to take it out for four and then in for four. Okay, so take it around and out. Now you'll see it's a very much ever trunk Stape and you have to breeze inhaler acts around one more time in Powell, out and around. Now we're going to go on an m word. So it's round and too, you got to keep that other legs still very and for now, hold it here, we're going to go into external rotation.

So now your supporting leg as external rotated and shaking like mine turned out. We're going to do exactly the same. Accelerate around. Some of you are going to find it easier in Powell owl, so maybe you will find it easier in external rotation to more small range of motion last time. Small range of motion, nice work. Come back into a parallel position, reach both legs up.

We're going to press that leg down into a split and then we place it with the other leg and down. Now here, why don't you imagine you lengthen out that hamstring. You're really reaching up and down, up and down and back to more keeping that power base stable last time and back. Come back to center externally, rotate and repeat. Turned out it down one and switch two and switch three and switch last time for and switch being both legs to parallel. Drop that knee down. Whoa in that bar. Bend your knee and come out.

That was lovely. Really feel coworking. Let's go to the other leg and you once again, you're going to find one side stronger than the other. We set leg up for me. This is my weakest side cause of hip issues. This is why I do a lot of these exercise to really bounce me out where I'm weak, weak in that part of my body. So you in Powell position, let's take it out for four and we kind of getting into the swing of it. Exhale, two key pits. Small, keep that knee over your hips so you're not displacing that leg and out.

Let's go on the inward phase and inwards and three and full. Let's turn it out. Externally rotated. Make sure your knee is over your ankle. Okay, is over your hip. Ready and take it out first and external one and to keep that lens from your rib to your hip, that long length to more. That's the hard part. That's coming to parallel position. We'd see other to join it.

Ready to press down into splits and we pressed down and switch with long lever two, Xcel lengthen three and for meet the other leg to join external rotation. Ready, press down. Ooh, look real that length in those legs too. And try and keep that Pavis stable. Three last time. Full beautiful. Bang the leg up. Bend the knee and push it down and get yourself out of those steps. Nice work. We're going to inhale, bring the hands behind and we're going to dismount again and we're going to go through ivy sit roll all the way up.

Now we're going to swing to this side. Beautiful. Okay, so now we're gonna put, come up to about one red spring, which we're still on right now and we're going to go into some stretches. So we're going to come back to the top of the reform. We put your headrest down, we're going to place that foot just at the edge of the reformer bed and we take the opposite leg externally rotated. Place your palms on the headdress on the shoulder, rest should I say and push forwards into a lunge. What I want to see is the the ankle and the knee in one straight line. So you're here in this beautiful stretch in that hip flexor from here.

Once you land in that front leg, sand your hips up to the sky and pull those abdominals. So you're pulling the abs away from your thigh. You pull in your scapular down, your arms are lengthened, and again, we're going to bend your knee and come back into that beautiful lunch. From here, we're going to turn that back leg out. So he's in parallel position. Am I going to reach the other leg back into this plank position? We're going to inhale forward. Exhale back in.

How forwards accent are watching it. Hyperextending the mid upper back. So let's do a couple more in how for hex out back last time. Inhale forward. Exhale back holder here. Now we're going to take out the same leg forwards back again to where we previously was to here and slowly come back.

Let's switch legs. Let's take the opposite leg back. We're going to bend forwards into a nice lunch position in that lunch. So the one leg is externally rotated. The other leg is Paolo. Push away from your shoulder rests from here. Push forward and lengthen the tailbone up to the Scott and draw those abs in you pulling away from the thigh.

Yeah, and then bend your knee and come back from here. We're going to turn that back leg to parallel position. Adjust yourself. Come back out into lunge, into your plank position. Your feet are hit with the pot. Your hands are directly underneath your shoulders. Lengthen out through the crown of the head. From here, let's go into our pike. So we XL pull all the way up and inhale plank and look out. Reach out for the crown of the head.

Exhale, crash. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, eat. Last time. Holy here, holy here and nice work. Take the same leg Fords and brewing the carriage. Go ahead. That's come forward in a great place where we were at. We run our knees. Now we're going to go into some arm work.

You can either work with one red or one blue. I prefer to work with the blue. Christie prefers to work with a red, so I'm just going to bring mine down to a blue and I just do some basic arms. So we're going to pick up your straps as do our chest expansion from here. So we're going to Xcel pole back. Inhale slightly in front of the thigh, Xcel behind. Let's pick up that pace a little bit more. And three, imagine you reaching out, down to the floor, down and back. Think of length in the fingertips.

Down and back, focusing on the mid, upper back. Push. Let's do four more. Feels lovely. Four and three. Exhale to X. Hell, from here we're going to bend your knees. We're going to come down. You're going to walk your hands forward and hold on for the black part of the strap. Elbows by the Saudi. If your body palms facing in and tries to extension, push out and in so you'll Anthony and back and reach.

Full extension. Boom and back. It does. Elbows still out. Slow and controlled. Which three more? Three x health. Two exhale, one bend. Good job. Let's put our straps down and we're going to turn it around to the other direction. You do more graceful than me?

Yeah. Usually when we go forward, you would come down a half a circle, half a spring. Okay, so your palms are facing outwards. We're going to inhale, we're going to go all the way up. Palms go out and come all the way down and again, so palms go up to the sky, the palms go out and the stay in your peripheral view. Let's just do two more and out. Let's do one more. Now we're going to reverse it at reach and hell and keep it in the peripheral view and down to more. Lengthen and down. Last time, lengthen and back.

Take the arms behind the body and to biceps. We're going to pour in and out in and also the elbows. I always call these the Spanish arms. You imagine as Flamenco dances and that those arms behind their body. I was thinking some crazy flamenco dancer for x health three, two last time and one beautiful.

It's come down. Put Our straps down. We're just going to quickly grab the box. Okay, so we're going to put the box down and let's take the bar down. Okay. We're going to have one red spring, or you could have a blue spring depending on your strength. We're going to go for one red spring. Okay, we're going to lie forwards on the box with your chest over the edge. We're going to place the hands forwards.

Your arms are reaching forward and your spine is straight. You're in a size a somewhat connected together. We're going to inhale and exhale. Now on the inhale, we're going to gently draw the scapular down and pull your body up and then inhale and come back down again. Let's go with the opposite breath. Exhale up. Inhale and come back down. Oh God. Xcel.

Draw the scapula down and lengthen through the crown of the head and back. Now it's big. Fast the breath, so it's inhale up and exhale down. Ian, hello. An exhale down. Give me one more time. Keep those arms as straight as you can. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. Hold the here externally. Rotate your feet. Heel, click and click, click, click. But you got to hold yourself up there. Draw the scapular down, pull that meetup aback and click, click, click, click, click, click, click eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Power Lau. Slowly come down.

Just gently reach forward and stretch and then slowly place your hands on your bar. And we're going to dismount. We're going to take your box and I'm going to turn it this way. Now for taller people, you may want to take it over the shoulder. [inaudible] for a short is we keep it there. So let's put all the springs on it. Finish up with a really nice porter briar side over us, which I love.

So we're going to set, get onto the box, your foot strap. Now externally, rotate that front leg out. Now I want you to flex that foot and Paul, that lag is not to move at all. It's stain still. Okay, so put your foot back down for first. When you take the hands out into second position. Slowly for us, we're going to side bend. Hold it. You wrap the under off, around, under, arm around and reach over and up. Beautiful traction. Exhale, lift up. Lay The foot down.

Wrap the other arm around and then look up into like a mermaid. And again, hold it down and hold and look. And again, lengthen, reach and open. You really feel those obliques working and that gorgeous stretch out and over obliques. Give me one more and open here and reach and hold it there. Come back out. Take the hands behind the head.

Eight quick ones in how the Hex Ella Ain. Exhale. Inhale, exhale, looking good. Keep on that side. Profile sweets. Down and down. And up. Last seven. Okay, we go one more and then from here, come down, rotate your body and that lovely stretch.

Okay. Slowly come up as quickly as do the other side. We needed that. Okay. Open your arms out. Okay, so we'll go over towards the bar first. So we bring the hand over towards the bar and open. Take it all the way down, the beautiful traction and length into second position and look underneath your arm in Mermaid. Um, open. Catch it.

Reach over and lengthen. Ananda and Oh, fun center last time and open. Hang it over there. Yeah. [inaudible] center and hold that stretch. Beautiful. It's finished up with the cream on top. Hands behind the head, up into that sideline, Ian down. Exhale. Inhale down. Exhale.

So keep that leg as still as you can down and up, down three more, I believe. Very, two more. Give me one more time. Hmm. Nice work. And come all the way down and give yourself a beautiful stretch.

See, they're even sharing us. Yeah. And then slowly come up. Okay. I've come off and just quickly take the box away. Just to finish off there. One last stretch. [inaudible] okay. We're just going to come to the edge of the reformer.

We're gonna put one red spring gone. We're going to inhale, we exhale, draw the abdominals, the in a roll down reach and the hands forward shoulder with the part. Now we're going to inhale, think of lengthen as you lengthen the tailbone away. Now exos you've done also pulling you back, pulling, pulling, pulling back. So here's the variation that everybody can do.

And Exxon, no, if you're feeling a little adventurous, we're gonna go into first position v position, reach the right leg up into arabesque. Inhale and lengthen. And then exhale, curve back. And again, inhale, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. Loca acts. Oh, those apps slowly come back down. Let's try the other leg lifted up. [inaudible] Ian Holland. Excellent. Let your abdominals, they were pulling you back, pulling you back, pulling out the scapula. And again, inhale and foot and XL. Curve, curve, curve, curve, curve pack, low.

The leg feedback into parallel and roll all the way up. We're gonna finish off with one roll down and Chris is going to come in to finish off. Feet. Hit with the pot. We inhale chin to chest. As you slowly roll down through the spine, you reach towards the floor. Just let your body go with it.

Feels good to stretch out after a lovely class. Exhale and slowly roll all the way back. [inaudible] abdominals, mid spine. Upper spine. Yeah, up to the top. Thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed.


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Thanks Tracey for this workout - enjoy all of your workouts - especially the Barre!! Anymore of those classes coming??
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Simple yet challenging! Thanks i enjoyed it!
Thank you guys!! Always so great to go back to a solid, simple Pilates Reformer Class
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Amazingly fresh. Glad to see Tracey back again.
A very good use of 40 min without too much talk on set up. I feel like I really moved. Thank you.
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Loved the class, thanks so much!!
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I loved the class superrrr.... Thanks Tracey and Kristi...
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Thanx Tracey !! Really enjoyed all of the fun variations :D
Please don't be so long between classes and yes, please another Barre class :)
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Congrats on this month's PS cover Tracey!
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Loved the class. Challenging and fun. Thanks so much.
tracey, you always give great classes. I enjoyed this class. Also thanks Kristi. It feels good to see you both in the class. Hope you will give us more classes. thank you kindly. blanche.
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