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Wunda Chair Exploration

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In this Wunda Chair class, Leah Stewart explores creating flow and connectivity with a fun, challenging, yet feel-good movement sequence. The class emphasizes movement diversity, which includes torso and arm coordination during the Footwork, variations of the Full Pike, Jack Knife, and Swan exercises, and a warm-up that incorporates plenty of spinal articulation and added hamstring engagement to the abdominal exercises. The goal is to move around the Wunda Chair and simply go with the flow! Enjoy!
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Feb 09, 2012
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Hi there. I am so excited as always to be back with Pele's anytime. My name is Leah Sewards and today we're going to be doing a one to chair class and a nice short and sweet, um, you know, whatever that means for me, but we're going to try to keep it nice and short and sweet. I am thinking of kind of, um, I kinda just want to dance on the one to chair a little bit if you will. And, and just done, just kind of enjoy rolling from one movement into the other. And that's kind of my goal here today. So just to, just to feel that nonstop action from the beginning to the end.

So we're going to go ahead and start in a standing position, kind of a modified and version of the standing pike. So once you to load up your, um, your chair, if you're on a balanced body chair, you're gonna do the, um, third rung down. And if it's some sort of a light to medium weight is going to be good for you. So we're gonna stand facing the chair nice and lifted right on top of the feet. Taking your breath into prepare as you actually, you're gonna roll down, touching your hands right on top of the chair and you're gonna press down into a nice pike position. You're going to go ahead and bend your knees, getting a nice ple through the knees and stretching out the back of the ankles.

Inhale, you're going to lift out through the crown of the head, extend up, and you're going to exhale. Extend the knees. You get a nice stretch through the back of the hamstrings. Inhale and exhale. Roll back up into your pike. Inhale, prepare, Xcel folding the torso, lover, and then the knees with an inhale. Exhale, extend out through the crown of the head, up into the back extension. Inhale, extend the legs at the getting a nice stretch through the back of the legs and you can see you have a nice upper back extension the next, so roll into a nice pike in hell. Prepare XL, folding over.

Be careful that you don't let the weight go back onto your heels. Inhale, bend the knee is getting that nice deep bend and XL. Extend keeping the pedal down initially and then inhale, extend the legs, lifting the paddle up and exhale a nice roll into a pike. One more time. Inhale, prepare XL folding forward. Inhale shoulders nice and open and widespread out those toes, XL, head, neck, and chest. Your heads just bypass the edge of the chair and reach up. Inhale, exhale, folding over into the Nice Pike position and go ahead and roll all the way up.

That should feel really nice. Nice little stretch to the hamstrings. Nice articulation through the spine. Inhale again. Exhale, we go down, arms flow forward touching the pedal all the way down from me. Now this time I want you to take your right hand, place it over on top of your left hand so you're in a little bit of rotation with your torso, but your hips stay nicest square. From here we're going to go into our pike stand and keeping the head down. With your exhale, you're going to thread the belly button in and lift up, talking the pelvis, creating more of a lumbar curve, and the pedal will rise.

Inhale, take it down in that nice rotation XL, draw it in and up, and just feel how it stretches out the right side of your back as you connect into those left obliques and inhale down. Exhale and inhale. Two more. Exhale. Try to keep the weight even on the feeds and inhale down. Last one, exhale and inhale. Take the right hand, place it on the right side of the pedal, and then placed the left hand right on top of the right hand. Get that nice rotation in your torso and I can look at you at the camera underneath my arm and keep your pelvis nice and square. And with the excellent, you're going to pull in and up, hiking up, connecting the right side of the rib cage down to the right side of the pelvis and bring it down. And exhale. Remember, you want to keep the pips square as you're rotating at the torso and down to more. Exhale. Ah, and then you know, I'm actually gonna add another one to two more from here.

Exhale and take it down. Last one, and Xcel all the way down. Come back to center. Square yourself. Bend your knees here. Nice and deep. Reach out through the head, the neck and the chest. Come in to the extension. Inhale, extend the knees. Getting more extension through your back is stretching the hamstrings. Then XL curl underneath. You. Keep the curl.

Keep the curl. Watch as you let your arms go down. Watch it. The abdominal wall stays in. Come all the way up and we're going to go ahead and lower down from here. I want you to lie on your back and I want you to place your feet right on top of the pedal, about the back of your heels and you're going to engage the hamstrings and draw the pedal just this several inches down. It doesn't need to be all the way down toward the um, the base of the chair arms in to go overhead.

Getting a nice stretch through the back, through the shoulders, taking your breath in with an exhale. You're going to flow over into your hundred prep position, keeping the hamstrings engaged for you, knee flection, and inhale, you're going to take it all the way back. And with your exhale, arms come up and over folding nice and deep, reaching toward chair, keeping the abdominal wall flat. Then inhale up and reach back. Finding the link and Xcel. So don't make this so much about, oh, I gotta get my ab work right away.

Think we're still warming up the spine. So we're producing nice spinal flection here by way of the abdominals. But think about folding the spine as opposed to just trying to dive right into some deep hardcore ab work. And up you go. So I want you to hold here, grab the back of the thighs, allow yourself to float a little bit more into flection. And then we're going to do some legs here.

We're going to squeeze the back of the hamstrings, pull the pedal down, XL one and up. Exhale to now. As you do this, I want you to think of flattening the abdominal wall continuously and down and at three more and down and up. One more and down. Hold it in that low position. Take the hands down by the sides, feeling it contracting. Take the arms up, don't move the torso. Take them out to the side. Don't move the torso and now move the torso, leg and thing. Keep your arms just off the Mat and take the pedal up nice and slow.

Bring your legs together and we're going to go a little bit faster. Kind of rotating at the waist, but a gentle toss of the legs back and forth with the arms just hovering over the mat. So inhale to the right. Exhale. Inhale to the left. Exhale. So it's a little swifter than we normally do. Our Bassi stiles fines with Supine, so I just want you to feel that kind of shift from side to side. Across the pelvis is the knees are going and the spine is rotating.

Give me two more sets, right. Exhale and left. Exhale and right. Exhale. One more and left. Hold it. Open the legs back up. Take your breath in as you contract and pull the pedal down. You live the tour Celeb, come back to that hundred prep position.

Lift your right leg to tabletop, holding the left hamstring intact. Bring your arms up behind the head and you're going to twist to the left and pull the pedal down just a little bit in how come back to center. Now this is quite a challenging exercise, so if you feel like you're not quite ready for it, don't move the pedal. Just keep it steady or you don't need to have any Tencent on the pedal at all. You can just focus on the rotation. Exhale.

One more time. Exhale back to the center. Take the right flip down, grab the back of the thighs and pull yourself up. Refined your position nice and steady through your abdomen. Bring your left leg up to tabletop fingers in our lace and twist over to the right. Take the pedal down one. Now what I'm trying to do here is to keep my pelvis absolutely square and twist, flattening the abdominal wall nice and deep and twist two more. Remember you do not have to move the pedal if it feels a little too advanced and twist back to the center. Left foot comes down. Inhale, exhale, pull yourself back up. Bring the pedal up.

Bring the knees to tabletop, sly the feet down underneath the pedal. Slide them toward the center of the chair and bring the arms back. Now if you'd like, you could wiggle back chest about an inch or so, but I like you to feel the challenge of doing the roll up with the knees bent in this position. Palms facing up toward the ceiling. Inhale, Tuck the pelvis here. Find that scoop with an exhale. Squeeze the legs together. Let your hands glide over the top. I'm going to let you come a little further than shoulders over wrists.

Take your, oh, excuse me, shoulders over. Hit. Take your breath in. Then exhale, rolling down. I want you to fill an inward spiral of the thighs as you come deep into the pelvis and take it back and into hell. Lower back connects. Exhale, floating up. Come over the top, breathe in and exhale down and back. Three more and inhale. Exhale up the top. Good. So keep the shoulders nice and low.

Breathe in and roll down. Yeah, I'm back. So again, we're articulating the spine, finding the stability in the abdominals that in the torso, working those hip flexors to lift the trunk up. Rolling back. And one more to finish it. Make sure your dominant wall is flat here and x sale. Uh, I want you to sweep the legs in. Hold this position nice and tight, right into rolling like a ball. Inhale.

Xcel up in the, don't touch the bat like I did. Balance and inhale. Yeah, XL. I did it again. Don't do it. And inhale. You want that nice control. There we go. And inhale. Now when you're doing rolling like a ball, the idea is to keep your SAPE completely steady, completely stable. There's no moving, there's no shifting, no throwing of the head back, no opening of the thighs away from the torso.

Hold it. Now we're going to take a little break to do a spring shift. I want you to bring the weight down, maybe one increment. So I went from a three down to a two on this balanced body chair. So whatever that means for your equipment. So we've changed our spring. We're going to go right from our rolling like a ball position, taking the right leg and then the left leg up, moving into the open leg rocker.

So extending the back nice and strong. Inhale to curve the lower back rolling XL, find the position, catch it and extend the spine. Inhale. So I want you to feel when you go from the straight back position, that is a curve. The lower back, a posterior tilt to the pelvis. It's not a drop of the upper back or a hunch of the upper back.

So let the upper back curve naturally by way of the lumbar spine and the poster, your tilt of the pelvis going back and rolling up, catching it in the curve and then finding the extension. Let's do it one more time rolling and I catch it and roll that place your feet gently on top of your chair. You may need to come a little bit further forward and take your hands on the edge of your pedal, but your legs are going to stay open. We're going to come into a nice curve, are going to do our pike sitting here with the legs open, taking your breath in with the Xcel, narrow the abdominal wall in and press the pedal down. Inhale up. Exhale, inhale, and exhale.

Inhale up. Two more. Exhale. Inhale up. One more time, XL. Okay. An exercise is about stability. Now take your right hand and take it in between your legs and keep your left on the outside of your left leg.

So we're going to get a little bit of rotation in the torso, working into the obliques a little bit more. So taking your breath in and exhale and down. If you need to lighten the weight you can. So again, stability, anchoring with the abdominals, with the pelvic floor. One more time. Exhale and take the right hand on the outside of the right leg. The left town in the middle of the leg skinning a little rotation, a nice tuck of the pelvis, straight knees. Exhale and debt. So every time I'm pressing my arms down with my lats and my triceps, I'm really trying to scoop deeper underneath that left side rib cage to the more exhale, bring it up, come to the center, grab the right leg and bring it up.

Grab the left leg and bring it up. Find your balance. We're going to roll back. When we roll up, we're going to plant the feet and try to stand up. So we want to take a look at me first. You can. We're going to Tuck and roll. We come up, we plant the feet and glide yourself up to a standing position. Removed right into our footwork.

We're going into our basic footwork series. You want to have two springs on, whichever resistance you want, but you want it to be heavy. We're going to simplify the work of the work by cutting down the repetitions, but we're going to add some torso movement to it. So sitting directly on the edge of your chair, your feet are gonna be flex is your on your heels. Arms are going to be out to the side.

So I want you to think of spreading the toes out, taking your breath in this time as you push the pedal down, you're going to contract forward with an exhale, like a hug the tree position with the arms and inhale, open them up. Exhale and inhale that X. I want to almost to be as as somebody took you and just punched you in the belly so you're really folding over your center and then articulating back up one more time and fold over the center and articulate that. Find it nice and strong and come to the toe position. From here, bring your arms forward and inhale. You're going to take the arms out to the side.

I lift her torso up as you pressed the pedal down and inhale back to center. Now you're thinking of doing an upper back arch and it may naturally make you kind of go into an answer. Your child's a little bit and I don't mind that so much. I just want you to feel that beautiful back extension, but I do want you to keep the pelvis nice and intact. Of course don't go wild, but just left out arc happen naturally. One more time and XL and bring it back to center.

Now we're going to go into a small [inaudible] position. So this looks like heels together, toes a little bit apart. Knees are just about the width of your shoulder. So from here the arms are going to be in front of you. You're going to twist to the right with our first time pressing down.

So Xcel twist to the rites. Inhale, back to center to the left and twist and back to center. So notice the pelvis, these really anchored and it's about the rib cage spinning around the spine. We're going to do six for this so that we're nice and even twist. So again, I'm moving my legs separately, have my torso and my pelvis. Let's go to the wide position on the B's, spreading the toes out, bringing the arms up to the um, in front of you.

Now this time you're going to do an open and a circle of the arms as you twist. So XL, circle that right on and bring it around and out to the left. Circle the left arm and bring it around and and circle, fill it up, twist. Such a nice way to do the footwork. Usually the footwork, let's be safe. You're working on your stability. It can sometimes feel kind of rigid.

But once that stability is established and that control is established, then we start adding more dynamic to it. And that's when it starts to get even more fighting for the practitioners who've been doing this for awhile because it feels so good. I'm gonna add another set. Xcel twist and it puts a little smile on your face as you're feeling that rotation. And back to center. And last one, here we go to the toes. So from here we're going to combined here, we're going to wrap forward, roll up and extend and center and her forward roll up and extend and center. Yeah, you got it.

So you curve in and you roll that up and then you reach up and center. So again, it's like we're dancing here as we do our footwork and reach and everybody has a dancer in them. So no excuses about, oh, Lee as a ballet dancer doesn't count here. We all have the ability to move freely in our body to enjoy that Nice graceful balletic style movement center. One more and curve and center and up and center and holds. Bring the toes back to parallel positions. Spread them out nice and wide.

If you slipped back, go ahead and glide yourself a little forward. I want you to take the pedal down to where your thighs are parallel to the ground. We're going to do some prancing here with arms circles. So you're going to bend. Excuse me. You're going to push into the right foot. Flex the left heel down. You're gonna keep the pedal steady. As you move the arms and the legs and you're thinking about does flowing through the feet and flowing with the arms, you will feel your quads.

Don't worry about that. Just keep the movement nice and steady. One more time with the circle as the arms. Keep going back and forth, feeling strong, feeling tall, all the way down to center. Hold it and slowly bring it up. If you'd like, you can lower your weight here. I'm going to go down to two and two, so one full increment down from where I did my double leg work.

Parallel heels, bring your left leg out, bring the arms out to the side. As you press the right leg down, you're going to twist to the right. You're going to bring it up and press down and center again, twist to the right and up and down and center. So we do to our movements with two leg movements and twists and up arms. That's the side of the leg. Presses down and center. One more and twist and up arm center and down.

One more time and twist at up. Arms out to the side and center. Let's switch to the other side. So left leg on the pedal, right leg up, arms in front of you so you press the pedal down, you rotate to the left. As the pedal comes up, the arms come up, the pedal goes down, the arms go out to the tee, pedal comes up, arms and body, back to center, twists and up and open and center and twist and up and open and center. And to us, this is kind of fun.

We're working our coordination, our stability and twist. It's not just our average footwork here today and center one more and west and up and open and center on rest. Go ahead and swing your legs around. You're going to come to the back of the chair here. You're going to take one of your springs off.

We're going to go into our reverse standing pike breadth and to prepare Xcel, we go down rolling, finding the pipe and I want you to extend, extend, extend rates, the sitz bones out. Extend that swine as much as you can. Think of your chest widening across the top of the chair. Exhale, you come into your peg, feel the flow through the body. Inhale, press the energy down through the heel, the hands and reach. Exhale, extend. Excuse me, curb up into the pike and inhale. Now bring your hands a little closer together.

Take your right hand behind your head. So now we're doing a single, keep equal weight on the feet. Exhale, come up into the pike and inhale. Extend the spine all the way. Exhale, piking up and inhale one more time with the right hand behind the head. Exhale, Powell the crow. Open and widen that lumbar spine. Deepen equal weight on the feet. Make sure you're not crunching your toes with that they're nice and long. Take the right hand down. Place the left hand behind the head, strong back extensors. Xcel.

Bring that right shoulder or arm rather back into the shoulder joint. Come into the pike. Inhale, extend, widen, broaden the chest. Exhale. Again, this is about that Nice, gorgeous movement of the pelvis of the spine. Inhale, open and wide in the base of the pelvis here. One more time. Exhale up all the way and bring it back. Find it. Take both hands down. Inhale, we're going to roll up all the way releasing. Continue to roll that.

Continue to roll that all the way standings hall. Good. Turn yourself around. When right into our torso. Press sits, but we're gonna work a couple contraction and then we're gonna work on articulated fine. We're going to start your spring should be the same legs out going down into your starting position. Eyes up toward the ceiling. Breathing in flat back as you hinge and float up strong. Lifting the chest. Inhale, you want to take the pelvis with you, so bias toward the poster, your tills XL lifting straight up, hinting.

Inhale, think of a little bit of a Tuck so that you don't leave your pelvis behind. One more time. Xcel Hinz strong legs and take it back. Now this is a nice way to do it. Go Rolling through the spine, Chin to chest, roll up through, flection into extension. Breathe in. Then exhale, Tuck the pelvis and roll down into extension and to go chin to chest, rolling the spine and roll up into extension and breathe in and Tuck back into the curve and roll back one more time and rolling.

Articulating like you're peeling your spine off a wall, up, up, up, up. Breathe in and roll all the way. Find it, hold it, hinge up, hinge up and come out of it. Come right onto your side, legs out to the side. You want to position yourself to where your shoulder is as much as you can over your wrist. So forgive me if I'm not exactly there, but it should be good. So legs are out underneath you. You want to make a t watch out for your head, keep it nice and straight.

You're going to glide this ribcage down toward the pelvis. I love that word glide. I use it a lot. So just bear with me. So breathe in. Exhale, my fingertips are reaching toward the ceiling as I glide the rib cage downs where the pelvis inhale, I reach it out nice and long. Exhale to hear me kind of huffing and puffing. This is good. You want to keep that flow, that dance side quality so that you're just that body just invigorated with movement the entire time. Of course, we have to stop at some moments to change springs and make adjustments XL up and take it down. Inhale, one more time, up, up, up, hold it and come right back down. Good.

Take the top leg lifted up and take it down just five times. Lift it up, take it down and lift and speeding up a little bit and and left. Hold it. Stability scissored back and forth. One and the two and the three. Try Not to let the pedal move. Switch and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch and switch back to center.

Come up and we'll do the other side. I'm going to face away from you but you can still hear my voice. I want you to see what the back side of my body looks like as I do this. So again, where's the beginning shoulder over the wrist in a perfect t position. Head as long in line with the rest of the body. Breathing in XL, engaging the trans versus lifting up.

Inhale down XL, glide in the ribcage, down toward the pelvis. Inhale, there's a lot of work going on in that bottom arm. Exhale and take it down again. Exhale and take it down. Three more. So there's balance, stability, control and also grace of movement happening here. One more time and wide. Scapula holds it five times. Up and down. Keep the legs parallel and down, up and down.

Abduction here. Last one, hold it. And scissor, one, two, pedal doesn't move. Switch, switch, switch, switch. Nice and steady. Keep that zipper up through the torso. Switch and switch. Come Center and lift up and find it good. All the way around. We're going to move down to our mats and we're going to go into a rollover series.

So what I would ask you to do is you want this, pick your pedal where you feel like you can reach it comfortably. It doesn't matter what resistance we have cause we're not going to be using the pedal for any resistance here. We're just going to be holding onto it. So if you have neck issues, I would be cautious doing this work or even bypass it altogether. We want to keep as much weight on the shoulders as possible, but we inevitably have to put a little bit of pressure on the cervical spine to go into some of these positions. So I just want you to be aware and be cautious when you do the work.

A good alternative is the goal hairs, final articulation. So if you do have neck issues and you need to be cautious with that, just do some nice pelvic curls here so you can still get that articulation of your spine. So arms are holding our hands rather holding the pedal palms facing up means our disabled top. We're going to begin with the basic rollover legs are going to go out. Nice angle, 45 degrees in hell up to 90 degrees.

Xcel a gorgeous pal. The curl rolling the legs over to the top of the chair. Feet are on top of the chair. Open wider than the chair. Flex the feet and Xcel roll down. Roll down your toes. Might get tech on the side here, but just move around it as you can. Breathe in Xcel Pell, the curl at you go up, you go up, you go up, you're going over open flex, spread those toes out.

Another two spine down. It feels so nice just to melt down. Feel the articulation, reaching out through the heels. Point and close. Inhale up to 90 Xcel. Shoulders are nice and active and engaged. Holding here nice and strong. Keep this beautiful wave of your pelvis up and over.

I want you to take your right leg leg up. Hold it. Feel that gorgeous stretch. Bend it, extend it, and switch up. Ben, get a little quad stretch. Extend and switch up. Now notice when I switch, I'm getting that leg vertical. Completely vertical bending. It extends.

Switch one bend, extend switch, one bend. Extend. Now hold it. Here you're going to roll down and this open position. Hold here, switch. Inhale, Xcel switch with the legs. Open. Pelvic curl. Not easy, but worth the challenge and roll down again. Yeah, keep the scissor articulate. Soften through the throat, through the spine. Inhale, leg goes down.

Switch and pelvic curl. [inaudible] up at the top. Hold it. Switch legs out of breath. I love it. Good. Breathe in and roll down. Feel that flow through the body is control. Keep the scissors switch and next I'll notice I don't kick my legs. I still, I can't talk as I do it, but I still have that pelvic curl. Hold it. Breathe in. Exhale, roll down.

Shoulders, Sharp, throat, soft and switch. Breathing and pell. The girl, bring the legs over. Find your calm. Find your breath open. Flex and roll. Well, Lex through the feet. Spread the toes all the way around. Point and close. Bend the knees and hug into the chest.

Well yourself and turn yourself around. I want you to go onto a three if you have a zero three, one spring on three or a nice medium to lightweight, we're going to go into our hip opener. Feet are going to be together right on the center of the pedal here. Press the pedal all the way down, allowing the thighs to open the pelvis to stay nice and neutral, so keep a little bit of shortening of the abdominal wall here. Inhale is the legs. Go at XO, wrap the hips around and press on it.

Just want to get a little abduct of stretch here as we do this. Inhale at XO, wrap those hips around and feel the opening of the pelvis and those inner thighs. Inhale that and just feel the relaxation happen in your chest. I didn't have you load a lot of spring on this. Of course. If you'd want more spring to get a little bit more resistance for the rotators of the hip, you're more than welcome to, but I'm more using this just as an opener of exercise, just a nice release, especially after the intensity of those rollovers that we just did. Inhale.

Exhale. Two more. Inhale, exhale. Yeah. Last one. Inhale and exhale. Bring the legs up and close the knees for me. Good. We're going to sit up and you're going to swing your legs around, lowering down one resistor, one level of resistance.

Going right into our back extension. I want you to take the hands up on the pedal. We're going to do our swan on the floor, reaching the head down between the arms, a little tuck of the tailbone, a little pressure, the pubic bone into the mat. I want you to bring your arms as narrow as you can and still feeling comfortable reaching out through the legs. You're gonna engage the shoulders down, lift the head, neck, and chest up. I want you to stop your spine about halfway and just continue to press with the arms. Feel the shoulders, so get that upper back connection. Bring the arms up, suspend the back, and then leave it. Then as you go down. So again, we're engaging those shoulders, connecting up, flowing through the movement.

Suspend the back as the arms reach and going forward. Again, shoulders to connect. Halfway up with the back. Maintain that position. As the arms come down, I want you to lift them up and press them down. Lifting arms that am, press them down. You'll feel this in the triceps and the lats in the Serita's in the spine.

Inhale, keep that strong. Control that presence in your body. Exhale and bring it down. This time you're gonna lift your left leg up as you go into the movement. Exhale, hold it. Bend your knees, you lift your arms, extend the knees, you XL, lower your arms, bend your knee as you lift your arms. So my size, staying up off the Mat.

Inhale XL, reach it, hold it. And as you lower down, scissor your legs so that your right leg comes up. Breathe in. Exhale. Keep the right leg up. As your body comes up, the pedal comes down. Bend your knee as the arms come up. Exhale, extend. Reaching out. Bend your knees strong. A lot of inner focus here. Extended and reach.

Feeling that presence in your body that strengthen your body. One more time extended. Keep the leg up as you lower the body. Lift the arms. Take the leg down, press your hands right underneath your shoulders. Scoop and come into a nice rest position. Rolling yourself up, coming onto the toes, back onto your feet.

Roll yourself up and we're gonna end our class. Little nontraditional way with the bathroom method here with some pikes, some nice pikes. Load yourself up appropriately heavy. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. We're going to go into our standard pike. Press the pedal down with the feet on the toes.

Place your thumbs with your fingers at the front of the chair and come into your nice, Gorgeous Pike here. Open the shoulders. This gonna feel really good after the back extension. That's why I did it. So I want you to feel that nice openness. Now the initial thought here is going to be to drive that chair. Push that chair down into the floor and open up your shoulders.

So XL, press now start to lift. Make sure you drop your head, looking down at your feet, or excuse me, looking at your pelvis. Lift up high. Bend your elbows. Inhale. Exhale. Press a pipe a little bit more and then lower down. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. Push the chair away. Start to come on up. It helped them. Don't move the body. Xcel up.

Pike a little bit more. Inhale, lower down. Let's do two more. Exhale, Press Oh oh head is down. Inhale, bend the elbows XL Pike and lift up even a little bit more. Inhale, lower down. One more time. Xcel, Pica. Inhale, exhale, go a little bit more, a little bit more widen and lower down. Lower down.

Slowly step off the pedal. Bend the knee and roll yourself up. Fix your hair with your probably need to do, and I want you to take one of your springs off from here. You're going to take your breath in. You're going to roll forward, hands on the pedal, and lower it down low. Write down three. Then exhale coming up the pike of the pelvis. Tuck at the pelvis, and inhale, lower down. Exhale. Feel that back.

Open the spine open and inhale down. One more time. Exhale up app roll all the way up. Roll all the way up. Bring your arms up, fill that extension, stretch. Let your back arch try to bring your hands all the way together and open and bring it back.

Inhale and lifting up. Feel that nice arc, bringing the hands together. Inhale, exhale, bring it back. Nice. And just one big breath in and breath out.

As we flowed through our one to chair session, tried to just dance around and on the one to chair and just enjoy the rest of your day and hopefully that flow will carry you through as you have a wonderful day and a wonderful week. Thank you so much.


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Yummy! Thank you Leah for sharing!! The chair is amazing but add some nice choreography and it really softens the "rough edges" of the work! Lovely!
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Thank you ladies!!! So glad that you all enjoyed the class!!
Thanks for a great chair class Leah. The arms and footwork on the chair took me back to dancing days which I miss so much! Great flow. I look forward to sharing these moves in class!
You are an absolute delight. Thank you so much great Wunda Chair!!
Fun. Fun. Fun! Great session!
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I'm so glad that everybody is enjoying the Wunda Chair class! It's not always a piece to love, but we try
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