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Overball Tactile Feedback

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Have some fun in this workout using the small ball (Overball). This level 2 class attempts to offer new insight into the traditional exercises via the tactile feedback you receive with your small ball.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Feb 28, 2012
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Place the ball between your knees. Please sit up tall, lightly squeeze the ball so your feet are parallel. Hold on to your knees or someplace where you can be tall. It comes to train. [inaudible]. Inhale, exhale, squeeze the ball and get lighter on your spine to get taller. So I'm not squeezing hard, but just enough to kind of connect and I feel like I want to hold underneath somehow. Get my biceps go on. Inhale, exhale. Lightly.

Squeeze the ball from above the bombing and closer to the powerhouse and see if you can connect to your upper back as well just by growing tall. Inhale on this one. Exhale, squeeze and tip the pelvis so you roll back, getting a little bit of a stretch. Slide the feet in a little closer as you go until you're about at the top of the pelvis, squeezing the glutes. Inhale, you continue to use your arms. Press the shoulders down, exhale and pull yourself forward. Now imagine holding back at the waist a little and then subtle again. Inhale, exhale, tip the pelvis back the arms relatively strong cause they want you to feel the connection of your arms to your back. Then inhale, repressed the shoulders down.

If we need to exhale, sink the abs as you pull yourself in. Just warming up. I'm gonna take this a little faster now so it's inhale, exhale, same thing. Rolling back in. Hey, blow out your ear. Come forward and stacking your spine. Inhale. See if you can feel the wave like motion in your body.

Inhale and exhale. Just keeping that going and trying not to lose the ball. The top easy on that. Inhale at the top so you're not bringing the shoulders up. Exhale forward and inhale heavy arms. Exhaling down, squeeze. Inhale, exhaling up. Then from there, I'm going to move forward a little just cause I know I'm going.

I'm going to do a little rocking back. Squeeze the bottle. Little keep the general shape. In other words, you're not going to hug the knees in a lot. Flip the feet and now just rock. We're not real rock. We're not doing rolling like a ball. I just want you to rock through your pelvis. Keep trying to keep it smooth. You can hold under the knees, you can hold on the knees, but seeing about any sort of flat or tight spots that you might have in your back and doing two more, keeping the inner thighs engaged. There's one one more.

And up we come and staying up. Okay. Take the ball, put it behind your back. Great. And I'm not going to wedge it. They're new, right? And they're kind of full as well. Not as full as yours. Reaching forward or you can hold the arms. It's the same exercise. Feet still apart. Exhale, press into the ball. Okay. Oh yeah, they're big. I was like, oh, we're hanging out.

So it's our challenge. Bring the feet in quite close. Okay. And inhale. Exhale without your feet. Pull the ABS in and try and press into the ball like you're going to pop it. Don't let it move you though. Take the arms up, put them behind your head. Start to arch back. But don't go so far. That's uncomfortable.

Try and get to a long line and then go into a little extension. Exhale to come forward. Keep your hands there. In here. We're going to go back to what feels like a nice long line and then just slightly past it. Keeping the glutes in inner thigh engaged and exhale. It's like chest lift on the spine corrector. Maybe inhale back supporting your head.

You may end up looking at the ceiling but not behind you. Exhale, press into the ball. If you're getting popped off the ball, we may be pressing too hard. Inhale back, trying to focus from now on the front of the body. Contracting as a back of the body gets forced into that ball. One more there. Inhale, get back there, get that little bit of tip of extension and exhale. Then go back to the long line again so you are on a diagonal, glutes are engaged. Exhale, rotate to the front. Take that arm and reach across to your opposite arms.

Reaching across and we just press and the truth is what I'm doing rather than just reaching lifting, I'm more or less, I'm in position and I'm thinking to pull the ribs or the abs back. So there you go. So I'm not so interested in going forward with the upper body. It's more like can I bring the oblique into my ball, into the ball. Exhaling. Let's do about three more. Very Little Movement for now. Very Little Movement for now. We will go into a little extension. Okay, from there, keep the arm there cause I think it's a good measure.

Go ahead and let yourself drape back a bit over the ball. Exhale, come through, neutral into that contraction and arm. Kind of going downward by your hip. That's right. Inhale back supporting your head. Exhale, so not going so far back. My low back arches. Really it's once I get in neutral, it's a little bit of upper back extension, pulling the abs back into the ball. Nice. And again, giving yourself one more. Trying to keep the knees straight ahead. Here it comes from there. Take your hands back, switch to the other side. You're dying. Good. Come to the center of good. Come on up. I kinda was too. So I thought we only did five. All right, so you're there, Jim and windy and Helen are ready. Here we go. We're going back. Same place.

Okay, so good. So I'm assuming it's a little more through the upper end. I don't know. Nevermind. More upper edge of the ABS. Maybe not. Okay, good. It's not your back though. It's not your back. It's all down. Okay, good. All right, so we're a square where hands are back. Let's do a few in the middle so we know we're in the middle.

Once you feel that long line, it's just that little bit of upper back didn't have to be big. And then from right into the chest, per arrest, into the ball. Good. Inhaling back and Perez to my body, it feels like the ball is more lower than upper met. Probably right in the middle is probably the best way to say it for me. So if you feel like you're not supported, change it. Okay, we're rotating to the back. Now. Make sure your knees don't change.

Opposite arm reaches the across. Good. Come down a little bit, Jim. You might have to back your ball up over. Yeah, there you go. That's great. Alright, here we go. Remember we're not focused on the movement. We are contracting to pull the oblique up and under the rib one there's your exhale here. Press two very little movements. Surgery. Your energy is going into the body for a little less motion.

Actually five. I don't know how many do I think that's it. And there put the hand back and I'm sorry to keep it out there. You could put it back right. Let's keep it out there for measuring it. We arched back a little. Here's, we did another five and we exhale and as we came up the arm, that straight arm kind of went down by the hip. Inhale, back. Exhale. Feeling the front of the body pressing into the back of the body, the back of the body into the ball. There's three who I feel it too, Helen.

I think you can tuck your pelvis a tiny bit that that's better. One more time. Woo. Right on. All right, well you're curled up. Bring your hand behind your head. Come Center. Rotate to the front. Come on, Aaron. Come on here. Come through center. Don't want to go to your back. It's never worth that. Okay. It looks like a mom. Almost everybody's ready. So come back to center. Reach forward and help yourself up.

Should we stretch it? Walk your feet out a little. That's all right. I'm happy with it. And let's go into first squeeze the glutes so you feel like you're upright and holding on wherever you feel like the most support. You're just going to try and stretch that upper edge of your abs or all of your ads, I should say. [inaudible]. Okay. Now for more fun, I'll get you in the more extension in a minute, but for now, take the ball and place it if you can at the Achilles tendon and then pull the feet into the glutes. It's pretty close. Pretty tight.

You can have the knees apart. Since the ball is kind of small, if you want to challenge it, bring them so that knees are together. All right. For now. We're not worried about landing it. We just want to keep the shape, keep the glutes involved. Elbows wide, rolling back and forth. Here we go. No pausing. Just keep it. Keep the shape, nothing changes. Use your breaths. The same contraction. Two more. One more. Holding it up. Great.

Take the ball out. Feet apart again. And we're going to just roll up the spine. So you tuck the pelvis in, place the ball at your sacrum. So it's basically back of the pelvis, not quite on your tailbone and not right in the middle of the low back so that when you rest on it, it almost tilts to see which way would it tell to you. Almost tilt you into a hyperextension where you're going to arch your back more, but not quite arms down and flat. For now, we're not going anywhere yet. I haven't tucked, I haven't arched, I'm just sorta neutral here. We're going to exhale and try to contract the abdominals as if we were going to push into the ball as if we were going to Tuck the pelvis.

But in fact don't move the hips yet. So here we go. Inhale, exhale, lightly squeeze the inner thighs and think about, I'm just about to Tuck the pelvis, but don't relax. Inhale, exhale as if you wanted to put more pressure on the ball without using your feet and do it again. Can you feel that? That's just something you want to kind of sense in your body. Exhale, squeeze, not a lot of pressure or strain, and then now this time we'll actually, we'll roll into the bottle a little, so start that. Exhale, get the contraction and do tuck the pelvis so that you round the back and lift up off it until you're in a nice high slant board position. Inhale if a ball or it shouldn't roll around much. Exhale, we come back down. Think upper back first. You'll be touching the ball. It's okay, or you will soon if you don't want it right away and find that neutral place again. Inhale, exhale, roll. Yeah, passing through that place.

Just having the tactile awareness as something to work into. Down we go. Exhaling. Yeah, holding the neutral place when you get there. All right. You're going to want your arms pretty firmly on the mat. Inhale on the exhale. Bring the right knee up. Inhale, exhale, change legs.

Yeah. Inhale, exhale, change. Nice and smooth and change. I'm doing a little inhale, pause. Exhale, press change. Inhale, exhale, change. Inhale, exhale, change. One more time. Exhale, change. Leave that left knee up there.

Bring the other one back up and put them together from here. Either just keep the knees like they are. You may need to bring them a little closer to you for what I'm going to do, or straighten the legs up. Okay. From there we're talking the pelvis to go straight up with the legs. They're not coming towards you and then release. Exhale for us up. So you, you're, you're slowly contracting to press into the ball to lift.

I'm pro most like their hips aren't going to come totally off the ball. You're just rolling into it again, right? But do you try to get a sense of your legs going upwards to the ceiling and up and down and up and down and up and down again. Up and down. Now everybody bend the knees, bring them along a little closer and I'm going to say just cross the ankles for now, so I'm just letting my knees relaxed slightly apart. From there, we contract, we come down, we keep the knee angle the same. We touch the feet to the floor, keeping the control of the ABS.

Pull the knees in, let them come a little bit past 90 contract. Lift up, come down and lower to the mat and it's inhale, lift. Exhale, tighten lower and and inhale to exit in here. Change the cross of the leg. Inhale, pull it in. Exhale, squeeze, lift. Inhale, lower to the ball and legs go down. And inhale. Exhale, inhale and exhale and in, up, down.

And then from there, just take the feet apart. Put them back on the mat apart like pelvic curl again and exhale to roll up. One more time like that in here. Excellent. Oh, sorry. Take the ball out. Sorry. I forgot that part. And we roll down. Alright.

Placing the ball between your thighs this time and your abdominals holding onto the knees or shins or ankles, it'd be even better. I'm going to say knees first and then you can change it if you want. And here we go. Picking your head up, elbows wide. Getting to a rocking action from down here. Exhale. Keep the ball just as tight to your body as it started. [inaudible] okay, exhaling up. Helps. Don't kick those legs.

They keep it. Keep it. Let those hips come off the ground in the back. Helen, one more time. Get you up. All right, take the ball and hold onto it. We're going to go into the, I forget what we call it, like stretch lands with variations. Very nice. Okay, so what's going to happen is we're going to roll down. Let's just go with me. You're looking forward. Let's say we're going to be holding the ball in the right hand. Okay? You're going to stretch out. Reach the, circle the arm around. Grab it with the left. Make sure you curl up a little gym, curl up, curl up.

There you go. Take it in the left hand. Refold and grab it again to the right's this full circle, same direction. Inhale, reach around, grab it with the left. Exhale, bringing around ticketing the right, you know, our body doesn't move. And exhale, two more like that. Inhale and pull. One more eyes are focused and we're changing directions.

Keep it in the left arm. Go around, grab it in the right hand. Bull and over and Paul and our round suck and pull it back in. Three all around. Oh, that might've been five. But anyway, one more time for fun. Let's go reach all the way. Finish it and rest your head from here. Curling back up. Extend the leg closest to the front.

Just reaching the ball forward. Like you're going to set it on your ankle and change. You'll have to lift your arms just barely too. And you can even press down on the ankle, but don't let the ankle drop. So I'm pushing down on that ankle and the ankle into the ball and, and let's go. And four, three, two, one, both legs and head goes down.

So far so good. Great. Oh yeah. Curling back up. Sounds Kinda simple. We're going to extend the Skus, extend the front leg again and then this time we're taking around the ball. To the edge outside of the ankle. And I'm gently pressing into it. Not so much with my hands as my upper arm or my leg up here. Okay, let's go change. Take your time. Find it. Press into it. A little.

Shooting the arm over the Shin so you don't have to worry about clearing that. There you go. And she can even use it as a little traction to twist you more. Take your time, twist your spells more and by twist. Good Jim. I mean the upper body and good. Try and look forward a little bit more, Helen, just by curling a tiny bit up. I know you wish I wouldn't watch you, your new puppy, keeping you up one more each way. PRRS PRRS, come back to the center and rest your head. Uh, pick your feet up and put the ball back under the sacred please for rollovers. Oh, nice assist here. So I've got it again where we had it before.

The legs go straight up and if you can keep your arms relatively close to your hips, if the ball does move out to the side anyway, you can kind of stop it from doing that. All right, so your legs are at 90 they're going to want to drop towards you a little. From there, we're going to do our roll over. Inhale, use the back of the arms. Exhale, feel that tech to the pelvis. It'll help you over to your horizontal position. Flex your feet separate. Imagine your feet are being pushed into a ball here.

Exhale, roll down. You can take the stretch looking for the ball. Position it if you need to. And Circle now, which can often do is take the leg slightly lower than you used to. Be able to inhale, exhale over. Try not to close off that hip space. Flex the feet, separate them. Lower man down. We go. Finding the ball. When you get to 90 think about, I'm going to anchor the trunk and I might be able to take my hips lower. Inhale, exhale. Little easier going over, isn't it?

Maybe and enjoy that and work with it so that you can still feel it and circle that one more and trust that the ball will help you so you don't toss yourself over. Inhale, separate, lower and really bring your legs closer unless you're not needing to work. Flexibility. I'll be changing directions here. So we inhale circle to the V so it's hip distance and I have to go over keeping that space open. Inhale, flex, close, lower end down. We got squeeze the inner thighs as if he had the ball between the ankle circle. All right, and over flex. Squeeze, close and down we go. Push through the heels, push through the heels, massaging your way down and circle making sure you don't let the back arch at all right there. Let's make this the last one and close to come down right, and just finish it with that circle and bring the legs down. All right, lift yourself up to move the ball and roll down. All right, we're going to put the the ball under the right foot. Okay.

Still in a pelvic curl like position only course the one leg is up, so as best you can you've got them lined up as if there would be side by side and we're going to roll up focusing more on the leg that's on the ball but still conscious of keeping the hips level. Okay, here we go. Inhale, exhale. We peel up. Started dealing with that [inaudible] or that leg ease in the ball and the side is definitely helping you. There is no doubt the look at your hips. Now you still want them as even as possible. I realize the one leg will be higher but not the whole hip. Yeah. From here, press that fi the thigh that's working with the ball down to live. Both sides of the hips. The thighbone goes down into the ball or the foot, but think psi to lift and press into the glute. A little more hamstring.

Let's go for four, three, two and one. Can you want to play with that a little? Can you hold that position if you didn't cramp and float that other leg up? Huh? Yeah, so I'm stepping on the ball. Keep the hips up and just float that other leg up and put it down. Floated up. Same side. I'm just keeping it bent, but straight's fine too.

One more time. Cool. What a town. Inhale. Exhale, roll down. Then slide the leg out till it's straight leg is on the ball still and you can pick up the other one. The one that was just supporting you. Hold on to it behind the knee maybe. And Roll yourself up and both legs go straight and stretch forward.

Same leg is still on the ball. He felt it in the Capitola. Okay, so my suggestion is going to be for the next time is to try to relax the foot a little, which is completely counterintuitive. Let's see what happens if it, if it doesn't work, I think it will, but if it doesn't, we may pull you off the ball. All right, let's change sides. Come down. [inaudible] switching it so the other foot's on the ball. What happens is we try to control the ball with our foot. So it's kind of true for most movements is we use the extremity to hang onto it.

But if you can trust a little bit that the closer you work from the center, the more control you'll actually have. So we're in the pelvic cropped position. They both legs are straight. I mean, sorry, both knees are bent. Here we go. Focusing on, for me it's the left leg, the opposite leg. We're rolling up the leg with the ball. Here we go. It's no doubt I have void on both legs.

I don't want to think I'm doing something I'm not, but I really feel that opposite side. The one with the ball inhale, we're going down and exhale and then up again. Inhale, exhale for me I think of, and again instead of the foot, I'm thinking that thigh bone is on that ball. It's nowhere near it. I realize that, but it's just the idea here. We always stay here and as we progressed into the ball first we did both hips lifting, squeeze lift, and it's the idea that the entire leg is pressing toward the floor perhaps. So I have not lifting the opposite leg yet. I'll get there in a few more press and press.

Then if you feel up for it and it should not be in your back, you got to hang onto the abs to keep that Tuck of the pelvis. Here we go. If you're gonna do it, exhale, lifting up one and putting it down. Take the weight can enjoy. Here's two. You can set it down and rest for a second. Three. I'm giving you four. One more time. Put it down, roll down.

Make sure you hit all those vertebra and then pick up the knee that was not on the ball. Stretch the other leg out and roll up pro street. Did it work any better? She cramping and still in both. Okay. If the ball gets too far away, you feel it more on the calf. Okay, fair enough. All right then sitting up [inaudible] tall ass. You take the stretch for spine. Stretch the ball in the middle. [inaudible] okay, keep the hands kind of wide here.

And the idea that I'm trying to go for here is, again, we're going to push on the ball a little bit, but if you focus on the hands, you're going to lose the shoulders. Most likely. So any kind of pressure that ends up on the ball, it won't be a lot. It'll come from the shoulder girdle. Okay. All right. Let's see how it goes. So you inhale, exhale as you around. There's my shoulder girdle press. I'm rolling the ball forward, the ball sort of at my wrist. Now I'm continuing to pull the hipbones backwards as I go down, down, down, inhale and exhale, roll back.

Been using the ball to give you a little assist back to the top. Inhale. If it feels too narrow for the shoulders, [inaudible] get another ball or you can just not use the ball at all. You can still hit the just shoulder part x. Here we go. This is the fun part here. This is where the shoulders want to keep rolling the ball forward.

You keep the shoulders on your back and make the spine do it. Inhale and exhale. We roll back up. Yeah, and inhale. Nice. Good job on the feet. Everybody. Xcel we go. Imagine still lengthening the lower part of the spine as you progress forward.

Good, good, good. Nice work. Everybody. Stay here for a second and just on your next exhale, see if you can deepen your contraction in your abs to get more stretch in the low back. So just exhale holing the ABS in and up. One more inhale and XLO roll back to the top. [inaudible]. Okay. Just leave the ball there. Come back up to the top.

Arms are turned out at the shoulder and we go. Going down against, see if you can put your forehead on the ball there. New. Go ahead. Go ahead and go into back extension here. So you start lengthening from the low back through the middle, back into your high diagonal. Excellent. Good. Chin down a tiny bit actually. And ribs in. Nice. Helen, Ian, Hal, if you haven't already an exhale, we around forward and are all up. I don't know if this will work for you. Troop setting it right. I'm on right on top of the thighs as close to my belt.

I am kind of wedging it into my belly and that's what I'm going to try and go up and over. You know, you always hear that cue, see if it works. It may be too small XL if it rolls, just you know, for bugs you just get rid of it. But it's the idea that I'm going up and over that to get my forehead on the ground. Inhale in, sorry. Inhale in the back extension. Your ball will move here. You can even move it with your abs. Get longer. I get longer. Easy though. We don't need to strain in the neck and arms. Exhale, round over and roll.

I'm just starting the balls bugging me so I'm going to move it. But same thing. Inhale, exhale down. I can imagine the mall. That's very nice. I think you're good actually, but just check and see if you can spread out your upper back a little. No, I think you good. Okay. Inhale in the back extension. Can you feel the stretch to the hamstrings? Can you be any longer without strain? Inhale.

If you haven't exhale round and up we come. One more. Nice and down. [inaudible]. Yeah. Inhale. If your arms want to stay down, that's okay. You can still get the spine stretch here. Staying there.

Gently press the shoulder blades back. You know it, but let's focus more on length of the spine so it's not even a forward action of the chest as much as it is a forward action in the crown of the head. Just a couple more. Inhale, hold it. Exhale round over and roll back. All right, taking hold. Actually we'll go right into open land rocker. So, um, let's do a couple of without the ball, skip forward. I'll, I'll use the ball in the moment if you want. Yeah, you can join me. I know, I don't quite know how to, we'll we'll find them if they roll away.

Okay, we're up. So just behind the tailbone for the moment, get us [inaudible]. What do I want to say? I want to say kind of for just a second. Relax into your low back a little bit. Like Kinda let it round and just hang out so you can mean slouch a little Jim, just for a second. Okay. Keep the lower back the way it is. Oh well I was telling and now grow up out of the back. So you might have to back up a little. In other words.

I don't want to see your neck get thrown back. I want to see you get taller without arching the, okay, Jim is ready. Let's go. We roll back to the shoulder blades. Big exhale brings you up. Keep the curve in the last minute. You can grow up out of the back and inhale back. You wanted the rolling exercises, Erin, come on.

You're a train wreck. Come on, come on. Let's see. Let's see. All right, for Aaron, let's grab the balls so you can either put them at the ankle, which I think is going to be a little harder, or you could put it at the inner thigh like in the middle of the sigh. I recommend that if you've never done it with the ball, just because that's really where you want to squeeze. Not even hard. Good. Here we go. Inhale, drawing the abs away from the ball. Keep it, trust it. Exhale and squeeze the ball more. As you grow up.

You inhale scoop light hands. It'll fall. Keep the ball squeeze. That's the trick. Last one, squeeze ball. Squeeze the ball, squeeze the ball. Okay, you can set the ball, you can set the feet down and sit yourself back up top. Okay. For this one, the saw, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to say it, so hold it in front. We're going to rotate.

Actually just rotate to the front with the where the ball ends up in the hand behind you. That's what I want to say and now we know, put the ball on the ground. Use it to allow you to twist a little more without taking the hips with you. Now as you go forward, you're pressing the arm backwards. Let your background today a little more than I normally do. Pull back on that ball. Keep the rotation pressure on the ball.

Inhale, roll up, pick up the ball behind you and come through center changing the side. You just switch the hand in. There's your first day and he'll put the ball down. Get a little taller if you can. Exhale, reaching forward as you try to pull the ball back. Leather. That's great. That's great. Find the obliques there. Pick the ball up into a straight spine. Straight up first, then center. Yup. Here we go. Inhale, turn, find it.

I bend my elbow to do it so I can get the traction and exhale, push, rotate. Inhale, sitting up. Bring it center. Inhale turns. Which tans right? Pushed the ball as you reach. Feel the rib cage following the hand behind you and up and center. Let's do a couple more. We got it now. Inhale, rotate.

Find the ball and XL prs evenly weighted on those feet. Inhale up and center and turn and progress in school. We keep weight on that opposite hip lifting up and center. Okay, good. Set the ball down out of your way. Let's do quick one here for the triceps. So you might want to use it a, if you don't want to be on your wrist, you do the theraband behind here.

Didn't. It's up on the chair there, Helen. Okay. Pick up your feet. I'm sorry. Your hips. Good. And then just get your hips out of the way. Just tuck your hips. A little more important is that we don't sync. Okay. They don't want to shut the shoulder, so lift them up. You can look forward. That's okay. That's easy. Just relax, looking forward, bend your elbows and straighten. One, two, three, four and press five if you want to make it a little harder, move your feet out. Seven. Should I tell you how many? Eight.

And I'm going for 39. 10 already. One, two. Don't let the shoulders roll forward. Three you can look forward for. Here's five. Six, minimize the use of the feet. Seven. Eight lasts ten one all elbows. Two, three, four. Nice job. Five six 28, 29 30, great. No big deal. No big deal. Placing the ball underneath your calves.

So this is another arm thing. So if you want, you can go to your fist, right or between back support with the feet on the ball. So, um, I think the same is going to be true for those of you who are cramping in the calf earlier. If you further out, I think it's going to cramp more. So you may want to start more mid calf if they were cramping. Fingers. Face your heels, squeeze the glutes. Start by putting a little pressure into the ball, not through the knees, but through the calf and lift herself up. Nice, long line there. Your feet may or may not touch the ground if you can do, because that's good.

Practice for that part of it. Squeeze the glutes. Big. Inhale and just exhale. Sit yourself down again. Big Inhale, sitting pill. What's that? It would, it would, and hopefully stretch them out. They'll balance you, but they don't have to. Okay, come on. Nice and tall. Good. Lift up through that chest. Gym. Your neck is fine. Just lift the chest, lift the chest and down. That's good. Okay. Now what I'm gonna do is a little bit of the lifting of the leg, so you're going to want to balance it.

So I'm gonna have my leg closest to the front, slightly more in the center. I'm going to need the other one to get up, but it's coming off. Yeah, that's how I'm doing it. I'll pick a leg that and make it a little more in the middle than the other one because that one's staying there. Here we go. We lift up. The one that was not in the middle is the one that tries to lift. Lift up one. Let's try five, two, three, four, and five. Put It on the ball. Come down.

Change side buddy. All right, come on. It's much easier than the other way with no ball. And if not, you're welcome to do it that way. So I switched legs yet they're the one in the back now is a little more on than the other. Here we go. Lift up. You don't have to lift the leg. Give it your best shot. Make sure your long and tall first. And here we go. One to the rest of your body still. It doesn't matter how high the Legos for already.

Five put it down and then you have a seat yourself. Well done. Okay. Coming onto your side. This ball out of the way. Um, yeah. Let's just go straight into the sidekick. So I'm going to stay on the elbow. It can be done on the tip of the elbow if you want.

I'm going to stay here just so we stay lifted. You might want to put the ball. They're kind of big, but you might want to put the ball here and just as you feel yourself sink, it's a good reminder to come out of your shoulder. So we might as well leave it there. All right, legs are a bit forward. He could bend the lower knee if you want a little support. Hips are stacked. Here we go. Kicking forward for two. It's exhale, exhale, inhale, get back there. Feel the full range of your hip joint.

So you want to feel a tiny stretch in both the hip and the hamstring. As you move through it and press press. What's happening is your body not cooperating. The next time we go to the back, hold into the back, hold it to the back here, lift up enough. You can clear the ball, put it behind your thigh, and then grab it with your calf. Hmm. So if I showed you that, so I have that good, however you can hold it and now you're pressing just straight back. Try to keep the calf Preston tight, right?

So you're drawing the heel towards your own butt and then press the thigh back. That's all that part. Sorry. Press good press. Don't let the leg leave the ball, Therese. I hate it when that happened. We're just not having a coordinated, I don't know. You look good. Oh right. Okay, so squeezing it in. I'm still got it there.

I'm going to bring it forward. Okay, and then squeeze it tighter. Bring it even more, as much as you can, and take it back. Keep it nice and tight. Good. Bring it forward and back. That range to feel how bored you can bring the leg, how far back you can take the leg without your body moving. Right. Let me give you one more so you can feel that. How far forward can I come? Now?

It's a different deal when the leg is straight, but look at this one. This is the one that I think matters more. If your hips are stacked and they appear to be, but check it out. You'll know if you have a little divot here and you've pressed your thigh back as far as you can without changing your spine. Take the ball, keep your leg out his though hand on the sigh. Do not let your thigh come forward, straighten it.

That's how far back you should be able to go. Right Jenna, change anything else. Keep it straight. Kick forward one, one. Go back to that spot back, back. That's what you hit every time, right? Two more so that you feel that we're working those hip extensors. That's good right there. Let's just change sides. Does that make sense why I did that? Maybe. Okay. It's so easy to think we're doing it in the knee bands or something like that, so let's start with it on our side.

Thanks for forward were lifted and supporting the shoulder, right? All right, lifting it up. Don't suck it in. Let it reach out and we kicked forward, forward and back. You're going to be a little more aware of it on this side, but you also didn't get that little help with the ball and press press for a long time. I sort of thought about working hard on this one, wanting to feel it really. And it ends up that if you kind of relax with it and let the legs swing and be precise with where it lands, you'll get more work than if you kind of grip. Let's do one more. We'll go to the back and hold it there. Lift up and up to get the ball out. Place it back by the knee or thigh and just squeeze it. Okay.

So for now we're just, we're squeezing the thigh or calf into the ball and now press just straight back back. Try to feel where the thigh and the gluten meat. Okay. And work with that harassed. It's going to be tempting to start turning. I just caught myself doing it so I'm saying it. So just press, keep that sign tight. Tight, tight. Okay, so now let's bring it way forward and just use your hands for a second and really squeeze it in. Okay. And try and keep it now as you let go with the hand and take it back. Good. And if you have a too low, you can put more ball sticking out on the top and squeeze a feeling.

Now the hamstring, maybe even a little stretch for the hip flexors and the [inaudible] glute. Hopefully in the back couple more. Pull away forward. See how far back you can go. Way Forward and back. This will be it. Keep that there. Check your thigh, right. Everything else is lined up. Then you just straighten it back. It should be pretty good in your glutes.

Open up the chest to the wind a little. Okay, here we go. Kicking forward. We did five forward and back. Forward and back. Forward feeling that stretch. Reaching out of the sip bone. Oh, is this fine? Yup. Okay, cool. All right. Bring it down. Turning onto your stomach. Um, you guys can face in the center if you want to see, I'm going to put the ball again. Oh, did we kick it? I'm going to put the ball under my chest. Um, which it's not so easy to say, ah, to give you the sense of being lifted. Now for some of you and maybe even me, that might be too high because these are kind of big, in which case you would be more in the middle of your chest.

You can move forward. In other words, we don't want to start with your back, your low back feeling the work. Um, my hands, my elbows are in sort of a try a tripod or pyramid, like shape. I'll go knuckle knuckle the day. And then before you really even lift, think about stretching your legs away from you so you feel the front of your hip flat into the mat. Okay. And energize the glutes so they're working. Then it's almost like you press the ball forward, but really I'm wanting you to just arch the upper back. Okay. That looks really good. Chin. Oh, you guys look good. Very good.

So then if you can do exactly what you're doing, I like the positions but sink heavier into the ball with your chest. I don't mean collapse in the shoulders, I just mean don't lift off the ball so much, but really let the ball, the front of the chest sink into it. Yeah. And then your legs are still energized, right? You're going to imagine you're going to do a back bend here, so it's like the back of your head starts to pull you backwards. It's pretty settled. That's good. It's plenty of dense money. However, the feet or the knees, one leg at a time, it's going to go kick, kick straight.

And here it is. Kick, kick straight and switch legs kick, kick, straighten, kick, kick. Think about lifting the knees off the mat. May Not happen with the ball was hive. Don't live too far off the ball. Pull, pull straight, pull, pull, straighten, pull, pull. One more. Each leg. Well, you're starting to sink a little gym. It's just starting to sink down a little. Okay. And then let them go back to the street. All right, from there, go ahead and lift yourself up. Hands by your shoulders and stretch back.

Letting your back round here so it's not just hanging out on the thighs. [inaudible] okay, take the ball, place it behind your right knee. Prepare for a little leg. Pull front the same way we did side kick. So the hands basically right below the shoulders. Okay. Extend your left leg and then as you go into a plank, pickup the other side.

So your knee is gonna stay bent to hold it. Yeah, flex the back foot if you need to hop forward. So you're nice and long and still doing that, that's fine. From here we lift the side up with the ball one. Let it come down a bit. Squeeze the ball a little more and lift two. Nothing else moves three and keep going for and I just don't move your backs.

Five. Bring it down right. Come all the way down and take the ball out. Go right back into the planks, right leg again. Make sure you feel the sense of, tells us connected to thigh and lift up. Same thing. One for five to imagine that ball there. Three, four and five foot goes down. Lower both knees. Take the ball and put it behind your left leg.

So the tricky part when you, when you get into it this way is check. Hit this out for one second. As you go up, there's a tendency to leave the hips out of alignment so you kind of have to, for most of us, I think you have to think of tucking a little first and so I didn't say that last time. I think I should up. Here we go. So you can go ahead and get yourself into the long line. Create a little sense of text so you actually should feel both. Could Tuck your pelvis a little gym. Good. Here we go. And lift one, squeeze lift two, squeeze. Lift three, four. Focusing on the high. There's five. Bring the ball down.

Take it away for a second. Lock it in somewhere. Right back into your plank. Long lines. Good. Here we go. White wide. Collarbones there you go. Two, three, four and five or put it down. Knees go down and just stretch back. Or at least your arms either by your side. You can even put the ball right between your thighs and abs and get a little low back. Stretch. Do you [inaudible] okay, I've got one more for you. For the ABS. I was going to use the ball, but it's just going to be too many words up to your plank. Again, remember when we're thinking shoulders first in terms of keeping them all nice and straight, and by that I mean you're just not overly committing to drawing them down.

They're just easy, straight across. That looks good. Alright, back to plank. Become aware that your glutes are engaged. They should be. Pick up the right leg. You're going to bend that knee. If you have to lift a little, you can cross over so you'd take it to the left elbow. Try not to turn much other than the lower body and take it back to a straight like in the air. Same side. Go again, two and three and back for back.

One more time. Here's five. Change legs as long line. You could do this on your elbows. You won't be able to pull in as much one crossover too. Good crossing over. That's right. Three or here's why.

Keep the feet down. Lift up to your pyramid. Might need to walk your feet in a little bit and press away to get a stretch. Hopefully through the back shoulders a bit and certainly hamstrings. All right, the tie up on the toes, bend your knees and around yourself back to the mat so your knees are on the ground and relax your feet sitting back almost all the way. This one is going to be like the combination or forget what else it's called at the moment, but it's going to go like this. You lift a barely.

You guys were talking about the um, push up earlier. The pushing away. I'm not going to do that, but if that's the idea is like I've pulled back so much here that you don't need a lot of weight yet. Okay? As we transfer the weight forward, you're going to now put weight into your hands. I'll go faster in a minute. Squeeze the glutes now, start arching the back starting at the knee so that you come into this nice long line so you all you do, you're okay. Just press your hips forward and then you start to arch and let your chest go forward. Lifting your head, keep your butt tight. Stay out of the shoulders here, up, up. There you go.

Now I heard you saying is that someone pulled you from behind. Start taking weight out of your hands as soon as you can and they stay there, but just minimize it and right away. Inhale, lifting up, transfer your weight forward. There is weight in the hands. Now the glutes are tight. You simply unfurl. Never letting the shoulders collapse. Big. Inhale, exhale, ribs, pull back, head false and you round almost back, but never quite let go. Inhale to come forward or rounding up. Glutes are tight. This is good.

This is good. Keep going, keep going. Keep going. Started lifting toward the ceiling. Now there you go. And then a big exhale to pull the ABS in. Tuck and spread out. Good. Again, inhale up and roll forward, but should be tight. Now hamstrings are tight. Looking forward. Big Arch. Let it be good.

Shoulders back hard. But now we'll go to the ceiling. Ashley, good and ribs into, go back one more time. You gotta be mindful of those shoulders. It's so easy to want to collapse. Last one, right as you put weight into, and that's where we start to sink. That's where you want to imagine you're levitating off of your palms. Yeah. Good. And then round it back. Okay. Um, I want to do a stretch here.

So let's just take your right foot forward quite a bit. Basically as straight out of my hip. And then as we sink the hips forward, anyone want to tell for their knee or anything to pad the knee? Okay. Okay. Jim, hop your right foot forward a little bit more. Yeah. And then as you think forward, if you, if we do, uh, if you have room to Yadda, feel stretching me, be in the, we're all on the right leg, the left hip, front of the hip and thigh.

Even if you want more, you go welcome to kind of start to walk up so your hands are off the ground, but before you really get into it, if you don't, if you've never done it, you want to think about maybe trying to Tuck the pelvis like you were about to go into a rounded back. You won't. But that's the idea to protect the back so that when you do lift up, like in the last exercise or even if your hands are on the ground or holding onto something, the sense that my chest, your chest is connected to the pubic bone or the hips, that if your chest lifts, your pelvis gets pulled forward to and then you're easily looking probably forward instead of maybe slightly up [inaudible] sinking into it and then let your hands come down, curl the toes under on the back and let's just transition to the other side. So I like to get in sort of in front of my kneecaps and not right on top of it and just sort of shift forward a little check things out, letting the hips sink in before I take my hands off. There's a subtle sense of trying to Tuck my pelvis. It's not going to appear as though it's happening cause it's really not, but it's an and it only if you want to lift up, you do.

If you lift up and all of a sudden it's in your low back, you may just need a position change, which is to often just kind of lift yourself off yourself, but it also just might be too much today. Breathing relatively easy. It says if the knee is going one way, the hips go on the other energetically and then bring it down. Okay, from here, let's just help ourselves forward to a standing but folded over position. Parallel with the legs hanging. [inaudible] let me let tension just fall out the top of your head and don't get to hang like this too often.

[inaudible] bend the knees a little and then lift the the ball of the foot and toes of the right foot so you're really flexing the foot more. The heels are still on the ground. Then see about seeking, about keeping the foot like that and straighten both legs. If you can maybe even bring the ribs closer to the knee and then set the foot down. Bend both knees, a little. Flex the other foot so that the toes and the bottle of the foot and the arch come off. If he can and then see if you can straighten both legs with the foot up like that, bringing your body, your head closer to the ground, closer to the legs, and then set the foot down, bending both knees, draw the abs up. If your shoulders are slid off your back, put them back on and roll up.

[inaudible] and then just, we did a lot of weight bearing on the shoulders today. So I want to just finish with a little external rotation and then we'll go. So simple, simple, simple is why don't you maybe look out the window, one of them, if it looks nice, um, for arms are just hanging buyers are side and do make them by their side. Sometimes they'd go forward. Um, palms up 90 degrees at the elbow. Okay. So the temptation sometimes is to be here with the elbows, make them right next to your side. And then from there, without squeezing anything, you just rotate the arm bone.

So the back isn't doing anything to the side. Okay. Not a lot of strain. Beautiful. Good. Um, Helen, just let your left hand come down. It's sort of crept up on you. Perfect. Okay. And then forward and open. Let it be easy. If it's easy for most people, unless they're inflamed or really tight, but in time like 10 reps, usually if you take it to the end range, you'll start to feel it in the shoulder folder itself, which is good. So long as you're not straining, right? Yep.

It take it to the end range but not forcing it, you know? So I'm, I'm as far as I can go without really straining. Um, we, we out to fill it and probably 10 or so reps is what I was, I think I said, um, and, and that's good. I'm trying to just sort of condition it. This is sort of the opposite of what we do all day, where the arm gets up into that clavicle. Okay. Is anyone not feeling it at all yet? If you don't feel it, just check for yourself that you're not going into pinching the shoulder blades or, or working the back. It's really like my arm is just spinning, spinning. That's the key. But just let's do a couple more or open out to the side and hold. Okay.

As if he had all look weight on your shoulder, you're not forcing it cause that changes things. It's just like heavy. You start to let the arms get pulled out to the side, like they were attached to the sides of the room. Then we're just going to draw them back as if the elbow is now attached to the hip. And as you do start to slightly lift your chest, you may not see it, but it's a sense of letting the elbows come almost slightly in front. Yeah. You have to be careful actually. You're still flying well, Huh? Yeah. And then as you come in, I'm an exaggerate. But um, as you come in, it's a sense of pulling the elbows more forward. They really don't need to, but that's the idea.

Good. And one more heavy shoulders, heavy shoulder blades, they start to pull in and give it a sense of, I'm lifting my chest. I'll look up a little too, and then just relax your arms and we'll finish with that. Okay. Good job.


Kristi great class with the variations on the small ball. 2 favorites - roll over and plank with bent knee!! Will incorporate them in my class this morning!! Thanks always for all of the great material PA provides everyday!!!
Love this class Kristi! The overball is my favorite prop and you just shared some great ideas/connections! Thank you. so refreshing!!
What a fantastic suprise! Yesterday I worked out on PA with the magic circle and today it's the overball. Getting to workout with two new props integrated workouts this week has been a pure delight! Thanks, as always...
Always love your classes Kristi Great cues! I always learn something new
Thank You Kristi, really love the overball classes.
Thanks for a great class and making it more fun by using the ball as a prop to do a pilates workout!
Great class! Love the way you teach, Kristi
I was having a bad day till now! Thanks for the great class!
Great class Kristi! Thank you!!
So many great ideas Kristi! How do you do it?
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