Overball Tactile Feedback<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 644

Overball Tactile Feedback
Kristi Cooper
Class 644

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Mary Jeanine on rare occasions I think I created something there in the moment... More often than not though, I am sure I amborrowing from someoe somewhere along the way. Thanks to all for the great feedback. Keeps em going!
What a fun class! Kristi, love your style of instruction...friendly and easy going but full of great cues, instructions, and reminders! Loved the double leg stretch while passing that ball around. Thank you!
Great class thnx. However, I kept wondering about the girl in the blue tank top, she had me a little distracted, is she a beginner student?
Great!Tthank you! Also loved the shoulder release at the end.
No Luisa, the woman you are referring to is not a beginner. She is an instructor who does not often take my class. I'm not sure what you found distracting, but it may have been her needing to decipher my cues that are not familiar to her?
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Hey! Just subscribed to Pilates Anytime! This was the first class I watched! Got loads of inspiration for my own mat classes tonight! So thank you!
Welcome Heikki! There are over 520 more classes to see here on PA. The instructors you visit are the ones that inspire me, and in our opinion, are the leaders in the community. I hope you enjoy perusing the site. We always welcome feedback!
Just subscribed tonight, this was my first class using PA. I really enjoyed it ;) Have been having a hard time getting to my gym for their Pilates class. This is clearly a wonderful replacement ! Thank you for a great workout.
So happy to hear it Tracie! Welcome! Let us know if you need any help navigating the site. There is tons to choose from!
My first teacher training was with Lesley Bender and her ball workshop so I've always loved using the ball and 'playing' with different exercises. I joined PA yesterday and I especially liked the double leg stretch variation in this class. Thanks for a great workout Kristi, and some fun ideas.
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