Overball Tactile Feedback
Kristi Cooper
Class 644

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Kristi great class with the variations on the small ball. 2 favorites - roll over and plank with bent knee!! Will incorporate them in my class this morning!! Thanks always for all of the great material PA provides everyday!!!
Love this class Kristi! The overball is my favorite prop and you just shared some great ideas/connections! Thank you. so refreshing!!
What a fantastic suprise! Yesterday I worked out on PA with the magic circle and today it's the overball. Getting to workout with two new props integrated workouts this week has been a pure delight! Thanks, as always...
Always love your classes Kristi Great cues! I always learn something new
Thank You Kristi, really love the overball classes.
Thanks for a great class and making it more fun by using the ball as a prop to do a pilates workout!
Great class! Love the way you teach, Kristi
I was having a bad day till now! Thanks for the great class!
Great class Kristi! Thank you!!
So many great ideas Kristi! How do you do it?
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