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Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Brent Anderson is back with a Mat Class full of information that you may never have thought you needed to know but will be thrilled you now do. This distinguished instructor masterfully takes you on a tour of your own body utilizing his rich knowledge derived from his many years as a physical therapist, researcher and spiritual guide. Oh! And you get to sing too!! Enjoy the exploration!
What You'll Need: Mat

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All right. So what I'd like you to do is we're gonna do a little check in our body, a little awareness plan. I like to do it in standing. So with our eyes closed, provided you don't ha...


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I am so enamored with Polestar Pilates. I think that was the most beautiful mermaid variation I've ever seen. Brent Anderson I love your work!
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Awesome! Such great cueing and explanations. Thank you and more please!!!
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The guest instructors on PA are unbelievably talented. I greatly appreciate the visualization of the anatomical structure of the body with the movements we are doing. It’s amazing to me how without “working hard” you can feel so liberated. Brent is astoundingly talented! Thanks to PA for sharing his genius with me!
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Yes, fantastic! So many familiar movements, but fresh cuing, imagery, made such a difference in the way they were felt and the ease of movement!! Hopefully I can convey even a little of this to my clients!! Thank you so much.
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Thank you so much for having Brent host this class. I love his approach and his talent in getting his point across. Fabulous learning experience!
Amazing class. Loved working from the bones!
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Fabulous! I enjoyed the skeletal cuing/perspective...for me it was easier to visualize the movements. Thank you Pilates Anytime for hosting Brent with his knowledge and wonderful sense of humor.
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Loved this class!
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Once again thank you Brent and Pilates Anytime!!!! Love that I can watch this from home and watch it more then once!!
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One word: wow.
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