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Foam Roller Release

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Work out the kinks with Meredith in this Level 1/2 Foam Roller class. Challenge your balance and stability, then enjoy some stretching.
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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Okay, we're going to spend a little while on the roller now come and sit. So we'll start right away with a pretty significant challenge there yet for it. And I hope so because it's coming. Okay. So we sit right on the edge, lifting up nice and straight. Now if you feel unsure of yourself here, you can always keep your hands close to the ground so your hands will catch you if you need them to, or you can reach your arms forward. And now we just try to roll the spine backwards, taking your time m printing the back into the roller [inaudible] and all the way down. Okay. So what I want us to do here is just scoot back so that the edge of your cervical spine, that the edge of your neck is over the top.

And then we're gonna take the hands with the, with the head, with the hands, and now take your body all the way over. So we go into a little bit of thoracic extension here. Super Important in action that we don't get a lot and inhale. And as you exhale, you let the elbows come a little forward and you just curl the spine. You just lift, pressing the lower spine into the roller kind of feel.

If you tend to go over to one side or not. And then going all the way back, letting the hands support the head as you take it all the way into extension. And as you go through extension, try to keep the bottom most rib on the roller and then we exhale to curl. Gotcha. And we hold there inhaling and exhaling to lower down, working our way down. Feel the stomach imprinting downwards as a spy in Princeton into the roller. And inhale and exhale.

We curl that cause I'm going to have as hold here. So what I'll have us do first is just reach for your legs, guide yourself into a nice high position. I'm going to give us a couple of arm choices. Number one is to just put the arms down and hold yourself up here with your arms. Number two is to reach the arms forward. Number three is to put the hands back behind the head.

And that's the hardest choice in the inhale here. I'm not even sure if I can do this, but we'll see. Xcel picking up the left leg. You can hear the left toes. Just tip them. Exhale, picking up the left way. Okay. Curling the chest forward. Yeah, I was going to looking to see if anyone's doing this murderous position with me.

I'm reaching forward. Wendy, I'm out. One more. Lifting, holding, holding, curling yourself into the lane. And now placing the hands down, lowering the leg. Take the hands behind the fise curl just a little bit more. Okay, here we go. Hands behind the head or whatever your hands were doing before and we just pick up the [inaudible] just a little bit. Good.

And then reaching now. Well that, that cue that I often talk about, um, in the, the shoulder bridge and stuff about pushing with the back of the moving leg. So if the right leg is up, we feel the hamstring pushing the leg down and that will create some stability and number one reaching and take it down. I now take for the last time, the buddy all the way over the top for just a moment and press the backs of the ribs down as we arch back and then let go of your head and just wiggle yourself forward so that you're all the way on top of the roller now. Okay. And then everyone just keep the elbows dance. I would go back to the first choice. We press into the forums once again, curling the head and chest forward. Okay. And then we're going to lift one leg.

You're going to want your arms here. Let's see other lay and then stretch the legs up. But pull the abdominals down. Let's go into external rotation. Get a little glute squeeze here. And now both lakes go down just a little bit. Imprinting the spine into the roller and both legs. Ah, and both legs down and both legs on.

When you saw those rollers you thought stretch, didn't you? And Dan and I, just one more down and up and from there just to let the head come all the way back. And now we're going to make a little circle with the legs. So we're going to separate them. Reach down and together, just small enough so that there's a lot of control up. Open down and together and separate down together.

And last two separate down and together. And here's number one, holding the spine stuff and then we reverse. So we go down for us, keeping the backs of the legs active, keeping the abdominals active and down and around the top and squeeze together. And just three more digging down deep through the abdominal. The last two times down around and up is number one down around in.

And then bend the knees and place one foot down at a time, just the arms. So they'll come to step over the shoulders and go into a shoulder stretch here. But I want you to create some activity more than I want you to make it really super stretchy. So take the arms up and it'll be both. Take the arms up as high as you can without lifting the middle back off the roller and then start to bend. The elbows don't go all the way yet. So as you start to bring me elbows out so that they're in line with the in like a goalpost shape, hold there, feel the elbows reaching away from one another and then feel the tips of the elbows point towards the ceiling just a little bit.

So the hands are slightly below the elbows in space. And then continue to drag the upper arms down towards the body. It was a gorgeous stretch available there. And then we straighten the arms all the way. Turn the hands down to reach up again. So here's, we'll inhale here.

Take your time as you find a good shoulder position, meaning we're not going to let the elbows drop below the hands and take the shoulder into internal rotation. So we challenge that stretch, but we make it functional. Good. Take the elbows out away from one another. Lift the elbow points just a little bit higher than the hands and release. Now the arms all the way to straight and let them come down to your sides. And we'll do that two more times. Lifting the arms up first and then we bend and maybe now you'll go a little bit lower to the ground, but not at the expense of letting the elbows drop below the hands. That's a little bit of cheaty and then the arms reach all the way down.

Just one more. Taking it all the way out, holding the body store. If you wanted to challenge your balance, you could practice about lifting one leg at a time and doing this. I'm just going to keep, keep all of our feets on the ground for here, but it's lots of things you can play around with. Yeah, and then once you get to the place where it feels like the biggest stretch or if you've already gone past there, come back to it. Just let the arms reach out. Don't drop them into the ground instead, take them away from each other, trying to pull the shoulders away from the roller, then drop the ribs into place so that spreads the shoulders out even more and only there without rolling the shoulders at all forward. Do we allow the arms to reach down a little bit lower towards the ground and just breathe and feel how this allows the chest to expand the lungs to expand or anything, a little bit more space. And then gently just let's start to lower the arms down to your sides all the way, all the way, and then we're going to roll off the roller onto our backs.

No, it, it just shifts the roller around so it comes underneath your feet. So there'll be a little bit of hard interspersed with a little bit of stretchy here in this roller class. So we put the roller underneath the arch of the foot, and before we go anywhere, I want you to feel that you're trying to wrap the foot so you get a little foot stretch there and maybe a little bit of calf work. That's it. That's a bonus guys. Pressing the arms down. Now we're going to do a pelvic curl, so we're going to start peeling the pelvis up. You prepare for your hamstrings to work like you've never felt them work before.

Rolling up off the ground. Pelvic curl, lifting, lifting, lifting. Hold on man here and now he exa coming down and keep the shoulders down and just use the extra space at the roller. Gives you to challenge the articulation of the spine to really get bent in that lower back. And then finally dropped the pelvis all the way down. We're going to do three exhaling to lift up, wrapping the feet over the top of the roller, bending through the spine to left holding at the top. Beautiful. And now reaching down, just controlling, feeling that beautiful articulation of the spine coming all the way down to the back of the pelvis. And we go one more time. I'm going to add a teensy little challenge at the top excelling to lift.

So we roll up to Ben de Maria. Your head's just off to the left. Maria, bring it to the middle. That's better. And now just push the roller away about two inches. You'll come more to your heels and then pull it back underneath you and wrap the feet over the top with. That's mean and push it out and up to the feet over the top.

And just two more. I don't know if you'd over the top and reach out and or the feet off the top. And from there we simply roll down nice and slow, nice and controlled. Okay. And then take the legs and stretch them out. So now the ankles are more on top of the roller.

Take the arms up towards the ceiling, right in how? Pick up the head in chess. Look down at your feet. As you exhale, you're going to start to curl your spine and start to bend your knees. So the roller comes towards you. And at the top we'll wrap the feet over the top. So here's like a rolling like a ball position. And then we go all the way out.

Control the role, feel the backsides of the leg. Stay engaged. Come all the way down to your back. I will do about three of these. Two. Inhale to lift. Exhale to curl inwards, challenging the articulation, the curvature of the spine. Get real close to the legs without holding on, and then go down all the way. And then the head comes down just once. More, please. Lifting up, curling your way in, bending, bending, bending, all the way in. Right. And once we get here, take your roller, bring your feet over the top and your role is going to come behind you and do a little spinal massage here.

So you want to come to about say, I don't know, I just tell like maybe the brawl line perhaps. Um, again, there's plenty of choices. Arms can reach forward. I like to support my head, so that's where I'm going. And then we're gonna use the legs here to help us massage her spine. So we're going to push with your legs, starting to roll the roller down towards the lower back and stay kind of Tuck into, into the position. Yup. And come down, bending the knees, and then we roll the roller towards the upper back. And I've, I've kept my hips up off the ground and you can walk your feet if that makes more sense to you or you can just keep shifting back and forth with the legs. And now we roll the roller and bend inward.

So you're going into flection as you're going towards your lower back. Maybe there might have to lift up off the ground. So again, snow really perfect position here in my opinion. You to have to do what works for your body. I'm going oh all the way to my neck this time it feels great. Dropping the head over the top and now we're on one more time reaching forward and if you find any tight spots, sit in the mode for a minute and then continue onwards sitting in the whole time and then all the way back all the way back and then we just drop all the way down.

Let's come all the way to the neck here and drop the pelvis to the ground and just reposition the roller right under the neck and the arms down. Just sit our sides. This is going to do a couple of neck rolls here. We're going to just turn over bringing the right ear or with the left ear, whichever one you've already started down into the roller and then come back through center and then turns so that you're looking down towards your opposite shoulder and feel that as your neck rolls from side to side, there is no opposite shoulder lifting. So there's kind of an energetic, not a real foresee pole, but a downward pull away from the role of the neck and find center and over to the other side and length. And sometimes I like to bring my Chin in a little bit and get just a different spot in the neck. I'm going to go one more time each direction, cross and across, and then find your way back through center and just carefully kind of fly the roller out from underneath your head nice and easy and let the head come down. And then from here we're going to roll all the way over onto our stomach.

Well this is probably one of my you guys. Um, I can talk you through it if you feel like you would rather see this way. Um, I think there'll be good, this is one in probably, you know me and my upper back. I love to work my upper back. So this is favorites. It's a great exercise. So you want to be depending on the flexibility of your back, you know that the further you are down towards your hands, the easier it'll be. Anyway, I'm going to go about mid, mid arm. Okay. And then from there, just relax the chest downwards.

But our head's not on the ground here. So does the heads just above the arms. Now we're going to go into external rotation of the shoulders. So we roll the underarms forward, pointing the elbows towards the Mat. And from there we plugged the arms into the shoulder joints. And with that rolling the roller towards us and that allows us to extend through the [inaudible] back. Good. Nice.

And then just take it all the way back down, undulating down. And I'm keeping my head from going down all the way to the ground just because you're already in back extension with your arms there. And then again, we go into external rotation and it's a don't push down on the roller to do it, but instead be light on the roller with your arms. Allow the ruler to support your arms somewhat and then focus the attention in the spine. Nice Dab. That's maybe one of the most fantastic positions I've ever seen your shoulders in and I love it. And then going down all the way and we rotate back away from that external rotation too. That's a little forearm massage as well, which might be good for those of us who, not me, but if you sit at a typewriter all day, your forums get fairly tight.

Let's go two more times. Lifting, lifting, remember to be light on the arms and then Dan, good. Then one more time. Now don't go to your maximum list here, but find a place where you're really energetic through your upper back. Just gently bend the arms a little bit. Tapping into the upper back a little more. I would go why Deb? Everyone go wide. So when your, and they're not going to bend a lot, just allow them to say soften out to the side.

Like you're trying to stretch the roller in between your forums. That's it. That's it. And then forward. And we'll do that two more times. So not a lot of band, not a lot of dropping of the elbows. They just softened to the sides and the roller rolls a little bit backwards. Just hang a little bit of attention to the backs of the shoulders. Last one, softening the elbow, stretch the roller with the forearms, create that sensation and then release all the way down.

And then just kind of ease your way down off the roller. Okay, got a couple more things to do. We're going to come all the way up. So just on the side, and this is going to be Kinda funky up here, but I think I can manage. I want you to just sit on the roller with your hip. So right between the, the say greater truncate or that that bone in the hip and the Iliac crest of the pelvis. We've got muscle in there, right? That's where I want you to put your weight, this, sit on it and now roll back into it a little bit and roll forward.

And there was no perfect leg position. You could have it back, you could have it front. I like my cross over the front. It was a roll forward and roll back. And again a wall. We're all a little different so we're all going to have different sensitive, that's not it man. Yeah that's like gluten medias. It's more muscly but we're going to go to the it van right now. So what we have to do to get to there is the, I guess it it all connect. So I there, there's bits of it. We end up there.

Let's go over the top of that side. Hip Bone and then you're just going to roll. And I walk with my foot, I push with my foot and I pull with my arms and we just roll down the side of the leg. [inaudible] Yup. And it's, it's not necessarily the most pleasant sensation in the world, but it is good for Ya. Let me just roll along the side of the leg and tried to get all the way out towards the knee and then just back about to the hip. Now if you're, um, if you're a total masochist and you're looking for a little more pain bias towards the front of the leg, and I promise you that you'll find the pain that you're looking for if you do that. Okay. I don't know if I can talk that. I'll try. Um, I have another promise for you. This will feel good as soon as we get down. Okay.

So we're going to come all the way back to the hip again and then we're just going to ease ourself off that roller and just sit for a minute and you should already feel the difference between your legs. It's kind of a strange sensation. And we go to the other side. So first we just get right on that muscle, that right on that muscular area and you just sit there and you were going to just rock back and forth through there for us. Yeah, so I'm right between those two bony landmarks of my hip joint. It's a good idea to pay attention to shoulder stability. You can be on your elbow like Deb as it's a great idea.

If that feels better to you. Okay. And here we go. Just gonna get over the hump of that side, hip bone into the femur there. And then we're just gonna continue along. I'm gonna go off into space here, reaching out, pitching all the way down towards the outside of that knee. Wow. I expected this to be much worse. This is usually my bad side. And then all the way down.

Good. And again, two more times all the way out. Oh. And that through the way to a find more pain. If you still haven't experienced enough pain, it's to lift your leg off the ground and put the entirety of your body weight onto that hole. Okay, that's about all I can take. And now we just come all the way. Just gently, really sing down that. Okay, now turn over. I'm having to fuss with my mic a little bit. Okay, so now bring the roller just up against your lower back area kind of right at the sacral area. And, and to get over the top, we're gonna use our legs.

So just push into your feet, roll the back over the top of the roller and come down onto your upper back. So you want that, that base, that bony big bony base of the spine, that sacral ILIAC joint to be right on top of the roller. And we're just going to lift the legs up, take the right ankle and cross it over the left knee, and then press the right knee open a little bit, not with your hands just energetically. And then just check your pelvis with your hands and make sure it's still level. And then from there we're going to just shift over to the left a little bit or right over the side onto that hip.

There's a a decent amount of oblique work here if you think about it and center. And then over to the other side, just compressing into the soft tissue and back to center. And again over to the other side. And again here, if you feel that you need to stick in one spot for a little while, it's the spots that really hurt that need the most pressure I need the most attention. And going over to the other side, and again you can kind of move yourself around in there and back to center. And then once you get into the center, just switch lights. So we've got the left ankle on the right knee and again, it's really worth it to just check that the pelvis that hasn't hiked on one side or the other and then we'd go over to the other side or to the left. I'm going, no, I'm not, I'm going to the right, but we'll do both sides twice.

So whichever direction you're going is fine. If you feel that the rollers squirrely, just hold onto it with your hands so it doesn't roll out from underneath you. There's that nice stable base underneath you across to the other side. And remember always a hold back on the abdominals. Just supporting the spine is the knee shift back and forth.

We're going to go one more time here, both sides. So as you go away from the knee that's on top, that should give you probably the majority of that hip stretch. But when it compress into that soft tissue of the other hip and then back to center and then into the hip. So it's a different stretch it stretch you in both directions but differently. And then take it back through center. And this is my absolute, this is our grand finale and the best thing ever, uh, uncross.

Let's go right leg into the body. Left leg just reaches out and keep it pretty light. Hold onto your abdominals at the important start to take the leg away from you and then just keep reaching it out until it, maybe it'll come to the ground, maybe just reaching out. I'm looking for a hip flexor. Anytime you want hip flexor, you're always wanting to hold the abs in and just engaging in the backside of the leg a little teeny bit will make a huge difference. Everyone with me while getting a good stretch. You want to know what else works.

If you take that knee that you're holding onto and bring it out towards the shoulder on the same side. So you just open up a little bit more there. And then just sitting here for a second. If you just imagine or allow the leg to be a little heavier, that could change the stretch as well. Okay. And when you're ready to lift the leg up, don't pick it up right away.

Just slide it back along the ground. Once the stretch goes away, then it's good to pick up. We'll hold onto that. Like now, take the right leg out and then just start to reach it away from Mulan. Literally feel as though your, someone's holding onto your ankle and trying to take your leg all the way out of your hip joint and you don't want to hold back on really arching the spine. I mean, it might arch a little bit, but it's not a backbend exercise. And then we just reached the foot down and maybe it'll touch or maybe it feels better to you to just let it hang off the ground. I don't know. But whatever it's doing, it's reaching away and it's supported from the front. Sometimes it takes a minute to find it. And then if you want to, you take that left knee out towards the left shoulder, a little opening up through the front of the pelvis a little bit more.

Oh, is it a good idea to breathe with your stretches? Okay, he's left knee back. If you've taken it at ease, the right knee bent against the, that comes up in both knees match. We're going to roll the roller out from underneath us, but don't just push it right away. Let it go slow. So it rolls along those fused bones of the sacrum and let the sacred be pretty heavy on it as you, as you roll it. So you'd give yourself a little massage there.

Starts to roll along the backside of the glutes down towards the tail bone, which is part of your spine. Yeah. And then just making your way nice and easy, pushing the roller away from you until your back is just allowed to Whoa, relax into the ground. Mind slipped a little too fast. And then just staying here, allowing the arms to open out into a low v shape, allowing the eyes to close. I have my knees bent. You could just straighten them and rest them on the roller. It doesn't matter. I'm just going to inhale, expanding, feeling the openness to the chest and exhale and just allowing the spine, the back to relax and reacclimate into the floor.

I like this feeling, the feeling of kind of being heavy or lying in the sand. Okay. And then when you're ready to get up, my advice is to turn using your legs to shift yourself onto your side and using your hands to help you up to sitting. And that, my friends, is that.


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Good stretching class. It's labeled a level 2/3 class in the title heading and then a 1/2 in the description. I'd agree it's a 1/2 as mentioned in the written description.
Valerie, I also agree that the level should be set at 1/2. Thanks for taking class!
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'll fix it now.
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Love doing exercises on my foam roller! Thanks for the class
Anna L
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Those were amazing hip stretches - especially the transition into the IT band stretch and the hip flexor stretches. Thank you so much Meredith! Love your classes and the way you transition from one movement to another!
Thanks ladies. I always appreciate hearing from you!
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I really enjoyed this session- lovely stretches with nice transitions. Thank you
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Love, love, love this!!!
Really like the extra balance and core strength needed for the leg lifts. Spine massage works the kinks out of the fascia. Poor buffering on the download, restarted itself twice, so didn't get the IT band work.
Thanks everyone. So sorry Sally.
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