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Work your whole body in half the time with this intermediate BASI Flow class taught by Meredith. Exercises include Double Leg Kick, a challenging abdominal series, and Mermaid. Enjoy!
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Apr 13, 2012
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So it's my intention today to take us through a solid strong workout. I'm really excited that we've got all like good movers in here. I'm going to try to work really hard. We're going to see if we can do it in 30 minutes. That's my challenge, not yours. All you have to do is follow along. Here we go. So we sit up holding the backsides of the legs, using the arms powerfully to lift the spine at an inhale and just exhale and grow taller.

And in here an exhale. I can't have us just breathing here for long. Can I inhale again? Exhale, feel the pelvis move. We're going to round the spine. Keep the shoulders just over the hip, so don't back up yet dad. And inhale, lift the back and exhale. Feel how deep can you draw back on the spine without actually leaning back with the shoulders much and inhale to lift. We're only going to do three more. We feel the flection of the spine.

We deepen with the end of the exhale and then feel. Let's go forward. As we start coming up, go through extension, close to the legs and then back up to straight and two more curling back, feeling that deep abdominal work. Go a little deeper and inhale coming forward. Okay. And all the way up man. Last one. Exhaling down and inhale and exhale to lift.

I just changed the breath patterns. Scoot your feet real close. Reach your arms forward. Round your spine, coming all the way down into the mat. Okay. Dropping the head down. Assessed that the feet are parallel to one another scape.

Feet in a little Maria A. Yep. So pretty close to you. Everyone. Lift up and touch your heels. Yup. Reach up and touch your heels. Reach up into two heels and then lie down. There you go. And inhale, heading into the pelvic cro. We flatten the spine first, then we roll the spine up, taking it away from the mat, press the arms down. Feel the length of the neck and in here to hold. Exhale, we let the chest go backwards. Feel the arms. Press down. Support the upper back as you undulate through the spine, releasing the pelvis all the way down to neutral, excelling to lift again. As we roll up, we feel a sense of the knees reaching out over the toes.

We really work the backs of the legs. Ooh, so much that I'm cramping in here. And exhale, coming down. Feel the arms. Reach in the direction of the feet. Undulating, warming up the back, releasing the pelvis down, excelling to rolling up, feeling energetic through the backs of the legs, keeping the ribs just below the pubic bone in here and exhale to come down and feeling the pelvis. Drop an EMEA Xcel fighting your way back up. Hold at the top. Picking up the left leg. We just left. Keeping the pelvis stone in. You know the toast. Tap the floor.

Keep the knee bend. Exhale, we pull back in how we tipped the floor x, how we pull back last two times x. How to pull back one more time. Feel that right, like working hard. Inhale, hold, exhale. Then the spine back down. Actively pressed the arms down. Don't let the shoulders girl forward dropping the pelvis all the way down. We roll back up as we exhale. Lifting again, rounding the spy, placing the left foot down, reassess the strength and the neutrality of the pelvis. Pick up the right leg. Exhale. Inhale, reach into the toes. Feel as the leg goes down, we engage the back of the leg.

That moving leg to keep the pelvis in space are lifted. Last two, last one. Here comes our pelvic curl. Rounding down, feeling the chest drop, feeling the length of strength of the arms. Rounding all the way down. Find neutral XL to come up again. Good pause there. Lift up nice and high. Place the foot down. Pause. Inhale, take the arms overhead as you roll through the spine will reach the arms. Oppositionally stretching the whole spine, one bone at a time. Dropping the pelvis down to the ground. Take the arms to the sides.

Pick up the left leg using the abdominals. Engage. Be ready to be in the middle of the exercises. You pick up the right leg and inhale towards me for the spine. Twist. Anchor through. The backside of the right are the opposite arm. Exhale back to center. Inhale, draw the abdominals backwards away from the knees.

Feel that as we go from side to side, it's a shifting of the pelvis so the back pelvis lifts up as we go onto the front of the pelvis and back to center and front back. I'm talking about front, back of room. Inhale across. It's worthwhile to every once in a while just to glance at the knees, excelling to come back in, healing across, excelling to come back, keeping the legs here we reach back into, lock the hands behind the head. Inhale to stay and prepare. Exhale, curling the head and chest. Sta Look for depth. Look for high, tried pulling the elbows forward and letting the spine curl just a little deeper and then released and exhale to let. So lift up first with the head heavy on the hands and then just point the elbows forward. And Cao, it allows the spine to bend a little bit deeper and inhaler so it's a long exhale. Lifting up at the end, we point the elbows and curl a little higher and inhaling to come down and exhaling to lifter. Pausing here, intensify the curl. Drop the leg furthest away from me into the floor. Twist up and around towards the leg closest to me and change.

Exhale and exhale and exhale. Feel the rotation from around the rib cage. Feel that Nice, strong lifted position and as the legs passed by one another, they're squeezing towards one another. Let's do three more to each side. A little reps, lots of intensity. Last two. This is the second half of two. Sorry, am here with number one and number one both legs up please. Arms forward in. He'll take the whole body down. Exhale, lift the whole body back up, reaching the arms past the legs. Inhale, tip the toes. Exhale, drag the knees up. Inhale, take the whole body over the top. Exhale, come right back up.

We just shoot up off the mat. Inhale the toast to the mat. Keep lifting the chest towards the sizes and ties. Come up and inhale to go back and Xcel to left and in Hilton. And exhale, pull and reach back. And two more.

Lifting and tip the toes and dig deep to pull back. And one more time. Exhale to live. We're going to stay here still. Gonna tip the toes excelling to come back in. He'll stretch the legs out straight and we go into the a hundred it's one, two, three, four, five and in and out. Looking for stability. And in three, two, three, four, five. Nice, strong arm position.

We pumped from the back and in good and five, two, three, four, five and in here. And curling a little higher with each exhale. And India doesn't have a six and India number, seven two, three, four, five. Then in number eight, two, three, four curling the chest. Forward number two, three, four, five and in number ten two, three, four, five. Yeah. Anyhow, bend the knees, breached the toes to the ground, lower the body down, arm overhead. Stretch the legs out in, picking up the head and chest. Exhale, peeling the body. If I need a little rounded, long shape over the pelvis. Inhale and exhale.

We curl down through the spine. One bone at a time comes into the mat. The arms are already overhead as the head comes down. Inhale up. Exhale, check her, holding back on the ABS. As the spine comes up and over, and exhale coming down, feeling energetic. Squeeze in between the arms. I want you to imagine that you're squeezing out something between your upper arms. You just squeeze your own self and inhale a little bit lower with the arms brook and exhale down a little bit straighter with the arms, windy, and inhale and exhale all the way. Dig Deep, dig deep, dig deep, dig deep and down.

So the challenge in my mind with these, this quicker classes that we've got to commit the work right away, you've got to stay committed to the work throughout the whole movement. Taking advantage of every moment. Take the body all the way forward. Drag the hands along the ground as you roll yourself up. Lift the arms out to the side and then in row, interlock behind the head. Nice straight back. Flex your feet and we go into the twist.

It's a double x hole, one to find center and Exhale, exhale and find center. Go a little bit forward with your body, Maria, like two inches forward. That's it. So we guide the head upwards. I actually pull up on my skull trying to grow my spine or Linkedin, my spine even higher each time and turning and center and turning and center. One more time around. Exhaling and exhaling. And then we bend the knees and wrap the arms around the ankles. Curling the spine away from the size, picking up the feet by just going a little deeper into that connection for the rolling like a ball. Here we go.

Rolling back and signing balance and rolling back and finding balance. And again, rocking, keeping the legs nice and tight to the body and rocking back. Keeping an active press into legs with the arms and active. Pull down with the shoulders and back. One more. Rocking back, rocking, placing the feet down.

Place your arms behind you. Help yourself sit up nice and tall as you stretch your legs out, flexing your feet and separating your legs. Reaching forward for the spine. Stretch in here. Exhale, feel the head drop forward first. Find LinkedIn's for the abdominals, drawback towards this. Fine pausing there to inhale, go further. Exhale, rolling back up, stacking the spine, bone by bone.

Sometimes we need to think about a little forward action. Deb, you're actually too far forward. I'll leave it or not. Woo. There are miracles and down we go. Down we go. Pressing the legs into the mat. Inhale for length. Exhale, rolling back Baca and all the way til one more time. Nice to excelling forward. Feel the abdominal support the position. Feel the reach through the spine and exhaling to come up.

Adding on. Inhaling up the top, exhaling to take the body forward. Make sure you're bending first and then lengthening and that we take the arms up and reach the back on a long diagonal position. Lift your head up a little bit brook and exhale. The whole body comes back forward and like a wave we set all the way up tall. Just pausing to inhale, expanding the body. Exhale, taking the spine forward, reaching first long and then out on a diagonal, keeping the abdominals drawn inwards.

Exhale to take it all way back down and rolling it all the way back up. One more. Only inhale, exhale, taking it forward. Inhale for length, signing that back. Nice. Nice. And now we just press back with the arms and arm and as the arms are reaching back, you're right. Take the body forward and forward. So it's just that tiny little pressure engaging through the upper back extensors. Continue to press the legs down. And in last three, last two, last one.

Sit all the way up and bring your arms out to your sides and twist towards me. Inhale and exhale, reaching forward for the solid length in the back out. Reach forward on a diagonal. As we sit up in rotation and come back in Hilton. Turn the other way. Reaching down and forward. Seal the abdominal stay working as we stretch the back out and find center and turn and a hundred reaching forward and lengthening out in and finding the middle.

And we turn and we reach forward and we reach out in a and we bring it home. And just a couple more rotating to reach to list out enough and find center and last one to reach to lift out enough and find center. Please bring your knees together then none sit just behind the pelvis. Find the legs with the hands. Find a straight back. Lift the legs. Maybe I like one at a time. That's just a personal preference.

You can hang on if you want to or let go. This is the teaser prep. We bend the spine, squeeze the legs together. Imagine squeezing something solid and still in between the inner thighs. Come down to the shoulder blades, pause any, he'll go forward into the legs and around back and at the last moment we lift the back wall XL as we send the spine down, feeling a strong connection to the front of the body. That's what moves the back of the body in. You know, we've been first in warrants in nords inwards, inwards, and then just slightly rising up two more times.

Exhale down. Do your best to keep the legs totally stuck. That's the hard bit in my opinion. I've got a lot of opinions guys. Share him with you all day long. If you want. Last one, find our way, dad. We find our way up and then we just stretch out. Feeling the length of the back, the length of the legs. Rebound the knees, dropping the arms down. Start to take the body down.

Find the knees with the hands curling all the way down into the double leg. Stretch position. Pausing there. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale around the knees. Come in, inhale, exhale. All right, go ahead and reach. So we involve not just the front of the legs but the back of the legs as we press the legs forward, feel the stomach down into the mat. Feel the length of the whole body. So it's called the double leg.

Stretch for a reason, right? We stretch out and then contract in and stretch out to contract in one more reaching. Take both hands to the left knee. Stretch the right leg out. Squeeze that right bump and change. Reach. Every time you change you sink down. Try to curl a little higher. Maria, use your hands to help you reach not quite so high. Brooke and her eat and reach and we see the legs are like on a track.

They just pass one another by and our abdominals hold us still while the legs try to distract from that last two and two and take it one and one both knees and curl up a little or just reestablish hands behind the head, the right leg out, twist to the last and across, squeezing the knees again inwards so they come to wards, the center of the body, try to stay lifted off of bull shoulder blades and try to keep the elbows wide and turn and turn. It's just that nice strong waist rotation. And last four, four, three, three, two, two fun center. Hold the backs of the legs, stretch the legs up, draw the legs backwards more. Curl the chest inwards more. Let go. Arms up, hands behind the head. Let's externally rotate in the hips and take them down and up and down.

And just five. Here's number three. The pointing of the Elvis things helps a little here as well. It might keep, allow you to lower your legs more. Here's number one. Yeah. And up. Catch the left leg. Push the right leg down. It's a double pool. One, two, and another. Double Pole as the legs pass by one another spine stays. Still. We anchor the bottom like into the ground.

Reaching and rich and rich. Last one. Either continue to hold on or keep the leg movement going with the hands behind the head. Four, five curl at mark. You could do this. That would be easier maybe to stay up. That's it too. So we could reach the arms forward. We could have the hands behind the head. This is number three out of five. Number four out of five.

This is the end guys, but we're going to do the hamstring. Pull three. Here it is reaching across and across and across. Keep the focus. Keep the intensity. Three only two. One. Only one more and back to center. Both legs up.

Bring the knees into the chest. Hug the knees into the chest. Stretch the legs from there on high diagonal. Bring them up into the air. Inhale. Exhale. Without changing that position, we just pulled the spine over the top, flexing through the feet, separating the feet, peeling the spine down. Feel the arms energetically reaching. Feel the legs reaching into the body. Feel the heels reaching to the wall behind you. Point, circle, touch, inhale.

Exhale, bending over in Hilton flicks. Separate the legs. Exhale, we're on our way down. We've got this one and only one more. So make them worth it. Point, circle, touch, lifting. Exhale over flex. Separate all the way down. Point, circle, attach. Bend the knees, reach for the knees, rock up all the way and turn to face me. So now we do that. Romy, I'm hot.

Taking the arms out to the sides. Yup, we'll all go in the same direction. So lifting up, supporting through the fund, reaching out and comes down. We're going to take a nice stretch, reaching around. Stay light on the arms in. He'll take it into the tiniest little back extension there. Xcel rebend the spine. Open the opposite elbow, but not moving arm out and lift to reach out to go all the way over to lift up and open. And we hinge ya placing the hand down.

It's okay to let the hit lift. A little DAB reaching around, opening back out. We use that. That my right, my left your guys is right I suppose, and all the way over and I skipped the extension but I'll do it this time. Here we go. Last one. [inaudible] all sorts of abdominal work available here, especially right now. We support the spine. Inhale back extension. Tilt the tailbone up a little exhale, fold the tailbone under. Inhale, open, back out, left like you're just defying gravity coming away from the ground.

That top arm reaches that and we take it all the way over the top and then all the way up and let's just swing the legs around to the other side and the arms are still out. Lifting up tall or take it over, but the hand just briefly and gently come to the ground. Curve the spine around drawing the shoulders down. We now lengthen out through the lower back. I'm tilting my tailbone up just a little bit, getting that beautiful stretch XL rebend on. Now we can look at the sunset too. While we're at it and it is spectacular and all the way at Arma and just over.

You can push on your head a little bit, but don't push it out of the way. Just use it. Use that to create a little bit more pressure all the way at this time we just stay around. The young comes down, try to deepen the flection, deepen, deepen, deepen, and he'll open right back at lifting up all the way over. Last time with extension, we come up, we reach out, we place the hand on, we spiral around signing that beautiful back extension. First refold opener.

Lift up. And from there, how do we do it? Come onto your knees, bringing the arms out to the side. We're gonna go to the ocean. I just wasn't sure, but now I've got it XL to come up. So you want the pelvis to be neutral. Check it out. Um, if you're, if you're unsure, just feel that the bones of the hips are straight across and Xcel Tacoma. Take the arms now forward as they come forward. Tuck the pelvis, hinge back, lift up, press to the backs of the legs in the shins. Take the arms out to the side, go to the ocean in here, the arms stay straight across. Exhale to the left. Use The obliques.

That's what this is all about. Inhale over to the other side. Exhale, sending the arms forward. Start excelling as you tuck the pelvis to go into the thigh stretch. When we check the pelvis, we keep the chest long and up and arms out to the side and into the ocean. And as we go, we pick up the opposite leg, lifting it up nice and high, nice and high. Flex through the foot. Bring the free hand behind the head, stabilizing with that bottom shoulder swing there like forward and back and forth and back. We're only going to do five, so here's your chance.

Challenge that hype last two [inaudible] and we hold it back. Now bend the knee and bicycle the leg forward and swing back. Then the knee bicycle, the leg forward and swing back. One more bend by sickle. Swing back. Let's reverse it. Go all the way forward and Tuck the hill to the hip and stretch out as the leg goes to the back. Watch the overextension of the lower back. Last time here, bend reaching all the way.

Lift the leg a little bit higher, a little bit higher still, and now just set the leg down and lift that hand that was behind your head and come all the way up. Drop the hip down. Take the opposite arm up and over, stretching through that side waist, using the obliques to lift. We simply just slide the knee back into place and now we go the other way away from the ocean. Here we go. The hand comes down. That leg lifts up nice and nice and high. We hold on with our abdominals, hand behind the head. Swing the leg forward and swing back using. Try to keep the knee straight Deb. As it goes back, that's it. Can add out and don't over bend the back of the leg, goes to the back last two times, forward and back forward.

And here's our bicycle bend and swing and lift up higher. As you come to the front end back. It's easier to lift up higher in the back. But let's challenge that front position. Here's our last one. And reaching out and now fold it in. Reach back and sit or right in swing and bend and a region back and swing and last one bend, reach back, swing and to the side and nice and high.

The highest you've ever lifted and down and right on time. Cause my bottom hip is cramping. I don't even know if I can get up at I did. And we go, oh there we go. Nice big stretch. Feel the know that you're not just going over, but you're going out all the way. And then all the way up from there, turn on your mat, bring your hands down.

Find a nice strong stability position with the hands under the shoulders. Slide the right foot back, put some weight on it. Get ready to put the rest of your weight over your arms. Sly the last night back. We hold it here. Stabilizing, feeling the abdominals working good, Brooke, you can come in just a little tucked with the pelvis. Now we point the right foot in.

Reach out and down and up and down and down. Drop the pelvis a little Maria, and hold it here. Take it out to the side and back and to the side and back and one more and back and hold here. One, push up and drop the knees down. Round the spine, sitting all the way back into the feet. Roll the spine back up, coming back forward over the arms.

Slide the right leg back. Slide the left leg back. Find that Nice, strong, stable position pointing the left leg. It reaches out and down, out and out and out and down. Here's our last one. Hold it out. Take it to the side and back. As it goes to the side, we hold ourselves to very still. And number three, did we do three or five guys? Good. Put the foot down, bend your spine, kind of pipe up into the apse. Bend the knees and straighten the legs and bend the spine first. Bending the knees as a response and straight now and one we're bend up dropping the nice and straight. Now I lied. Bend up, drop the knees all the way to the ground and sit back on your feet.

One last time, eh. And then we come all the way down on tour of dominoes. Turning your heads to face me sliding. You ends up behind the back. Wiggle the arms up a little. Drop the Elvis gently down. Start to draw the abdominals first in words.

As the abdominals lift up here, the backs of the legs begin to engage. Then with support, we lift the legs up. It's a three kick in. One. Two, you're on a stretch long looking down at the mat, looking down at the mat and turn the head the other way. Dropping the elbows down into the floor to three ANA's stretch long. Looking down at the net and another one re [inaudible] and change [inaudible] to three and a stretch one.

Okay. And Change. And we'll do tomorrow and rich. Um, okay. And then here's our last one. Turn to three and reach out. Hold here. Keep the legs low, let go of the arms. And as the arms come around front, try to lift the arms up nice and high. And on the count of like four beats, inhale two, three, four. Exhale, swimming. Two, three, four, two, three, four. Exhale, two, three, four, three, four. Exhale, two, three, four, two more repetitions. Exhale, two, three, four, one, two, three, four. Exhale, two, three, holding up, lower the legs. Take the arms around to the sides. Lift the back.

Back up nice and high. Please see hands underneath of you. Lift up onto your knees with your abdominal muscles and sit all the way back. Now on your feet. I'm just staying here. Taking a moment or two to relax through the spine.

Relax through the shoulders, possibly just relax through the mind a little bit. [inaudible] and as you exhale, just start to bend your way through your back, sitting down on your feet, the arms just coming along for the ride. And then we lift them up and lift the eyes up and the chest up and dropping the arms. Yeah. And we're going to take as far as at that, round the spine backwards, and then lift the body and the arms and drop the arms all the way. Okay. Okay. I didn't believe I could do it, but I did it.


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fantastic full body workout in just half an hour LOVED IT!!!!
Thank You Meredith for yet Another Wonderful Class !!
I always enjoy your classes because your cueing is supreme :) and the workout is deep, especially in flow ~
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You did it! And thanks to your wonderful instruction so will all of us each time we return to this speedy but satisfying workout. Thanks dear heart.
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Loved it please add more 30 minute work outs they are a great way to start my morning before work
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Just about to do this class to kick of my sunday the right way. Looking forward to it
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great workout!
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Fabulous ~ loved it! Great power packed session!
Thank you! ;)
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Great class!
Thanks everyone!!! 30 minutes is tough for me...I'm hardwired for one hour. So glad you liked it.
Joni...thanks! Love you!
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