Class #696

Wunda Chair Workout

50 min - Class


Brett teaches class on one his favorite pieces of equipment, the Wunda Chair. Throughout class Brett offers two variations to accommodate both the intermediate and advanced practitioners. Beginning with Foot Work, you'll travel through Romana's variation on the Tendon Stretch, the Series of 5, Spine Stretch, Swan Dive, and Twist, plus a whole lot more!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair

About This Video


Today we're going to do one of my favorite apparatus, which is the Wonder Chair or the Wunda Chair. I'm going to start with foot work. And what I have them on is one top, one high middle. If I was wor...


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Beautiful session, Brett teaches with eagle eyes. Loved the semicircle- I've never seen it done using the wunda chair
What a wonderful and precious gift from PA.....Hope to see Brett on a Reformer as well.....:) What an inspiration!!!!
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Great class! I haven't done the reverse hundred before. Loved the twist!
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Thank you for another awesome class Brett,
your teaching style is serious/fun
Brava to your Brave Brave Students !!
The Twist ~ Chubby Checker watch out ;)
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Great voice, energy and class. Thanks:)
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Wow, super class! Fun, enjoyable and super tough. Amazing students too!! :)
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Whoa,, isnt he a joy? Love his style and flow. Hoping he comes back for a more beginner to intermediate version though. Unfortunaely I am nursing a torn ligament in my right knee ,, and having to modify so much so heres hoping he comes back!!
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what a great inspiration!!!!!! more of Brett, please!!!!!!much much much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Really loved how he showed the modification right alongside each other. Beautiful cueing!
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Wow! Great session. Love the reverse hundred and semi circle work--oh, and the table w/o moving pedal. Thank you for hard work here! Look fwd to more

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