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Pelvis Awareness Mat

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Monica starts class today with some awareness exercises for your pelvis. Proceed through class with this a strong sense of strength through the pelvis and Powerhouse. This class uses the Magic Circle for added depth to all of the exercises.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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May 22, 2012
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So let's go ahead and start by just lying down on the mat. So feet towards each other and lies straight down. Good. And we're going to start with some awareness exercises for your pelvis. So have your magic circle pretty close to you, but of course we always start off with your square box.

So shoulders straight across, hipbone, straight across. And then have your knees just open a little bit and your feet a little bit open. So they're in line with your two hipbones right here. Great. All right, so I'm going to fix this just a tiny bit. This guy's really heavy. It wants to be light.

Your energy is going to be in your power house, right? Not In your feet right now. Okay? So I want you to take that circle and we're going to start off by putting it between your inner thighs. Good, right? Like above your knees. Good. And instantly we might want to let those feet open really wide, but they do want to be just in line with your hip bones. Great. And I want you to just not to squeeze it or anything.

That circle you can squeeze as hard as you want to or as light as you want to. So sometimes if you start tuning out during your workout, remember that you want to squeeze it a little bit more to get just that much more juice out of your exercise. Since we so hard to find time to work out nowadays. So arms down by your side, just try to feel your navel sync to your spine. Two things I'd really like to work on today are, is your stomach kind of feeling like an elevator as if your naval is people?

Are People going into your lower back, like their navels touching your spine. It's like people go into your lower back and the important employees is they don't just go in, but they go up. So it's like that elevator rises up towards your sternum. Okay, that's a really important feeling and pilates. But you also need to be figuring out where am I pulling up from? And that is your hips.

Or we're gonna really focus right now on stabilizing the hips. So I want you to picture your pelvis and there's two hip bones and they come together in the front, but they come, they um, connect with your sacrum or a triangle bone in your lower back, in the back. And I really want you to think about that. Maybe pictures skeleton or an X-ray that you might've had and the Cartlidge or just the part that joins them. I want you to actually, without tilting your pelvis, just press those bones closer together. Just imagining it a lot in your head because that helps you and then release.

So just within your pelvis now, no tilting, nothing. Just press those bones almost as if your pelvis was in a vice and we're pressing it together. Great. And release. Obviously the muscles in your bottom are going to start to help out, right? So let's do that now. We're going to pull in your belly always and then press your pelvis together and keep your pelvis tight and tilt your pelvis towards you so that your tailbone comes up a little bit and maybe your waistband sinks down more and then release everything. Very nice. And we're going to do that again without tilting.

Press the pelvis and then tilt that pelvis towards you. Great waistband should be deep into the mat and then release candy. I want your feet to come closer to you. Yeah, you don't want them too far away from you in this exercise. Now we're going to advance it even more. So I want you to pull your belly in, squeeze your hips together, then allow them to tilt towards you and keep tilting towards you. So now that your waistband starts coming up too, and then the next bone, and then the next phone, and even your bra strap.

So the only thing left on the mat are your shoulders and your feet and you're a straight line from your knees to your shoulders and it's not your lower back that's holding you up. It's your boom da aids your bottom and your stomach is helping. And now I really want you to articulate, melt down each bone, one bone at a time, and always trying to lengthen each one away from each other until your tailbone is down. Very, very nice. Now we're going to add some beats once we're up there. When we add the beats, I don't want your pelvis to rise up and down. I want it to stay even on the same line and said the circle just pumping, squeezing in and out. Okay, so again, press your pelvis together, then tilt it towards you.

Then keep rising up like a strand of pearls coming up off the mat and be very careful your back's not working here. And be a straight line from shoulders to your knees. And now let's pull, set, circle 10 times one to really think about that pelvis, starting from the pelvis, nine, 10 and hold, and then melt down your chest bone, your sternum, the ribs, the waistband, and finally your tailbone. Nice work. Let's do that one more time. If you can do 20 great. If you can only do 10 that's fine. And then we'll roll down. So we're trying also to avoid pushing the feet into the mat. Okay.

It comes from the bottom instead. So pull your powerhouse in, squeeze from the pelvis, tilt that pelvis towards you, and slowly pull up like a strand of pearls. One Pearl at a time. And now squeezing it. One, two, three, four. Get your bottom up. Eight, nine, hold and roll down one bone. ABS. I'm really melting. Gorgeous. That's it. Very, very nice job. All right, so now we're gonna take the circle away and I want you to bend your knees into your chest. Give it a hug.

And we're gonna start off with the hundred. Could you guys feel the bottom? Wake up there. Yeah. Strengthen your pelvis. Great. I want you to use that for the hundred as well, but we're going to put the circle between your ankles so it plays a circle between your ankles. Good. Inhale, lift the head up and look at your belly. Exhale, come up a little bit higher length in those arms. Ready for the a hundred and I want you to lengthen those legs about right here. Turning the feet out the feet. Don't squeeze the circle your pelvis does.

And here we go. Inhale. Two, three, four, five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. Can Ya Kim see you. Okay. Straightening your legs. Okay, we're going to lengthen out. Good. You can keep it like that if you want candy. There you go. Good. Very nice energy here. Very good. While you're pumping, I want you to feel that strong pelvis, but I want you to feel those people that went inside and are coming up under your sternum, underneath your chest. Very important feeling that we get this length because I want to get a little longer and taller here today. Good. Curl up. Just a tie. Yes. And it's inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Move the upper arm a little bit more.

Annex Ham. Good. So I want you to touch both of my hands here. Ah, there you go. That's one last one. Big Breath. And exhale. Great. Hugging those knees and take away that circle. Very, very good. Nice. I want you to go ahead and lengthen those legs on the map. Straighten them. We're going to go for the roll up. Arms up to the ceiling. Good wrap.

And squeeze your legs together. Good. And I want you to bring the head up through, arms, up to the ceiling, bring your head through your arms and then roll up one bone at a time. Good. You can do this with knees bent. Absolutely, and good and rolling back down. Lower back, middle back, upper back. Good. All right, so either do it with knees bent or with legs straight, but what I want you to do is as your head's about to make that big effort, I want you to squeeze like heck your stomach. I mean not your stomach, your bottom. Something's always working. So squeeze your bottom as you're rolling down, lengthening those legs away. Good. All right, let's all stay together. We've got arms coming up.

Head and exhale. Press your hips together. That's wonderful. Candace, great job and Willington as you only on press your hips and reach your legs long. I love it, Michelle. Good job and let's do it again. We're going to do arms head. The belly pulls in and up, but those legs are worrying. I love how you guys are staying in place. I'm very impressed and we're rolling back. Press your hips together. Reach your hips away, reach retreat, and two more.

That is a super advanced thing to do to keep your legs reaching away as you're coming up. And even more so as you're going down, press your hips, laying the not pelvis away, reach them away. Excellent job. One more time. Arms, head and belly in and up. As you reach and start going down, press your hips. Lengthen away, reach good. And what is so impressive is everyone kept their head on the mat. Fantastic.

Go ahead and bend your knees and place the feet flat on the Mat. Good. And we're going to do single leg circles. You're good canvas. Very good. Yeah, you're good. It's nice. And even in straight looking around. So when we do single leg circles, if we can imagine that we're still pressing our hips together. So even though the legs moving freely, you're not going to be doing the hula with your hips. Okay? So knees together right here, like feet together.

Hug the right knee into your chest. Good. Straighten the leg up to the ceiling and always either behind the fire or the calf, whichever one you want. But not the knee stretching. Why don't you stretch? Put your hands behind your leg and stretch. Good. Watch that knee. All right. Arms down by your side and press your hips together.

Are you aware of those hip muscles right now? Keep them together. Powerhouse. Pulls that leg up to your nose as high as it can, and then cross your left shoulder around and up. It's a nice quick circle and cross around enough. So I'm seeing your hips do the Hula. Let's make them quiet. Oh, that was gorgeous. And around it up. Yes. Two more. Oh, rounded enough and last time and going the other way. It doesn't mean your leg has a circle really small.

It just means you have to find where do I hold stable and then I reach away to lake. Then the leg, we want long, beautiful, lean muscles. One more down around Ana. Good and hugging that knee. Put that foot down and let's switch to your left. Hug It in, left leg up. Stretch good arms by your side. Just turn out that hip a little bit. Good. And use your belly.

Those people going inside and they pull up to get that leg up as high as you can. So let's get it up a little higher candy up, up, up there, and then cross around. Lift and cross around. Lift. Good. And even though you're doing wonderful here, just a little less energy with that foot reaches up to the ceiling. One more. We're going to cross around enough and reverse down around up. Great. Quiet hips there, Candice. I just want you to cross your right thigh a little bit more so you get a little more of a challenging stretch. Yes. One more. Good.

And hugging that knee. Very good. Put that foot down. Now both these are bent and their feet are flat. Squeeze your bottom. As you inhale, lift up your head and squeeze here so you have some strength than walk up your legs rolling up one bone at a time. Good job. Yes. Good. Now lift your bottoms forward to your heels and you're gonna hold onto your ankles. That's it.

Pull back into around back there yet. Go balance with your feet up off the mat. Just an inch. Nice. Okay. So even on this one, I want you to, so you're trying to be as curled up in a ball as you can, and even on this one, I want you right now. Let's try to press your hips together like you did in the very beginning, and you're going to roll back using your stomach in with the air. Exhale right on up. Hold beautiful hips. Love it. Inhale, roll back. Lift those hips up and come up in new hold. Nice. And Michelle, lift your bottom up all the way over your shoulders as you go back, rolling back all the way over. Nice. And use your powerhouse.

Gorgeous and rolling back and up. So don't let this area be a dead zone. It has to squeeze and roll back and exhale right on up. Beautiful. One more. Roll back and use those hips as you come up and rest down your feet.

Good job. All right, so we're going to do the series of five and on the series of five, we're always gonna squeeze here first so that our stomach can do the in and up. And then we want those long, beautiful legs, right? So we're going to, you lengthen those legs. Let's go ahead and lie down your map and bring your right knee into your chest. Right hand on your ankle. Left hand on your knee. Good. Almost. Yes on top though. There you go. Good.

And we're going to extend the left leg. Reach it. Inhale, lift up your head. Exhale, come up a little higher. There we go. All right, so again, don't let your bottom be a dead zone. Squeeze your bottom. Reach your leg long away. And use your stomach to pull one knee in and switch and switch where? Right and left. Good and right.

Still pressing here and press good. Those people are going in and up. It looks perfect. Reach and reach and right and left. Another set, right. Grab both ankles and double leg stretch. So both like squeeze out as arms, reach and pull both legs in. As you circle back, press your hips together as you lengthen those legs along and pull them all together and presses your people. Go in and up and in.

And two more reach. And then last time, presence since as you lengthen out, good or circle back and hold onto those ankles as you rest your head down for a moment, give your neck a break. Now we're going to do single straight leg and double straight leg. Again, it's a really free movement with your legs, but it can't be so free that it injures you. So you need to be strong in your hips, but free and long in your legs. So let's see if we can do that. We're going to extend the legs up to the ceiling and crawl up just your right leg with your hands.

So you're gonna bring your head up and you're gonna crawl up your right leg til you get to that ankle. So still or two, your calf is fine too. So still press your hips together and reach that left leg long and low only where you can keep your back flat. And now let's switch legs. It's left and right. Again, free movement here, but strong hips and switch and switch and down the middle of your body. There you go. [inaudible] very good, strong center. Love how you're keeping your frame and box. Still Gorgeous. Candace, last one left and both legs up. Go right to the hands, right behind your head.

Legs are up and lower the legs a few inches, but pull them up to you more and press them here always and then pull them back up. Good. Press your belly can pull in and up and then pull them back up to more strong hips. Scoop in that belly. One more. The stronger hips along with the legs. And now just bend the right knee and twist right up to it. Let's get these over with and switch to the left. Strong hip still and to the right twist, twist, twist, and last time scooping your belly even more and hugging those knees. Rest down.

Nice job. Very good. Sit on up. Good. Straight legs. There's a little bit wider than your mat. Good. So when you're doing this exercise as spine, stretch forward. Good. I want everyone to draw a lot of their box right now so you have a straight line from one shoulder to another shoulder. Okay. How about on the bottom?

Can you guys find these two hip bones? You could find them everywhere and combined them. There you go. Good. So feel these two bones that are sticking out and I want you to kind of weeble wobble on your bottom. You'll feel your sit bones too, okay? No matter how and doubt in your bottom you are. You'll always feel those two bones that you're sitting on.

Okay? Does everyone got them? Okay? Okay, so the important part on that is that these bonds don't ever tip forward in front of those sit bones. They stay right over your sit bones. When we stretch forward and chaos, we're going to do the spine stretch forward. So that is important because guess what? You're going to press your hips together to keep them there, and you're going to reach your spine away from something that staying stable, okay? Instead of just taking it all forward. So sit up as tall as you can. Arms up at shoulder height. If it's hard for you to sit up tall like this, you can bend your knees a little bit to let go of the hip flexors.

Pull those people into your belly, make them go up ascending an elevator. There you go. Lift off your seat because you're squeezing it. And now exhale, reach away from at top of the head first going, going. And now candy. You want to roll up one bone at a time so you roll up like in your sitting against an imaginary wall. That was great. Take a little, break that with your arms though. Sorry. Just with your bottom. Inhale and lift up again and exhale. Roll off. That's better. Like now, keep those hipbones over your sit bones. When you stretch.

There you go. And rolling back up one bone at a time as if you're rolling against a wall. Great. Give your bottom a little break and flex your toes back. If you can squeeze your bottom, lift up and roll forward. That's it. Always keeping. Yep. You know it.

So you can stretch and then roll back up a little bit. Keeping those hip bones back next time a little bit more. And give your bottom a break. We're gonna do one more. Squeeze up off your seat pole in the belly and exhale forward. So Canada's, think about keeping your waistband against my calf as you go down and down.

Gorgeous stats. It keeps stretching away from it and then roll right back up yet. Sliding those shoulder blades down and rest your eyes, your arms. Nice job. All right, now we're going to do open leg rocker. I want you to come forward a little bit on your mat. Good.

And we're going to grab our feet here. Good. And pull into your stomach so that you're just balancing in with your toes. Just off. There you go. Few checks. We have a box, our frame. We don't want our shoulders to be like this, so you want to feel like your shoulders are nice and open and sliding down your back. Good. You also want to keep your frame perfectly square. We move our legs, so we're going to focus on our bar, our frame, staying square, extending your right leg, whichever one that one might be. There you go. And then you're going to bring it down. Good. So no movement in the frame, right? We're not gonna wiggle around. We're just going to stay steady.

Like we're balancing a plate of China on our head and down. And you can hold also behind your knees if it's a little tight on your hamstrings. Good and down. Let's go for the left now. So you're going to extend keeping your frame cause your powerhouse is pulling in. Nice job. Now we're going to do both legs, but make sure that lower back isn't popping forward. Okay? Keep it. Keep your belly pulling in. So you're going to extend both legs and then bend.

Nice. And one more. Extending both legs and bent. Good. We're do a little open leg rocker now. Okay. And I want you to extend both legs up a little narrower. Imagine you have magic circle there and we're going to roll back and come right back up and come. Just enjoy a little adult there. That's it. And Roll back and roll right back up. Hold it there. Cause you guys are doing so good. I know Michelle right when I say it right.

Press your hips. Try to find those right now and roll back. Lifting your bottom and exhale. Roll up and hold those hips nice and tight. Beautiful and roll back and roll up. Try to find that seat one more time. Rolling back and up.

And the secret there, Michelle, is you really want to focus on something and try to keep your eyes on it as long as you can and then come right back up to it. Instead of thinking rolling back, you got to think of just always rolling up. That's the secret. All right, legs up. Just like you were. Bring them together. Come on back. Bring them together and leave them there and do your best to roll away from your legs. Line down onto the mat. Good. Alright, now you can bend them, but definitely the transition. I want to keep that transition from open like rock or just relaxes. Knees into your chest is fine. How come? We're going to go into corkscrew again, I want you to focus on those hips and that belly point in and up, so legs up.

In fact, sorry, bend them. Let's add that circle because it's so helpful in corkscrew but at between your ankles. Good and you can keep it super small. Okay. Arms Up. I mean legs up from your hips. Squeeze. Not your ankles, not your feet, but from your hips. Pull those people into your belly and let them come up a little bit and lets everyone dropped their legs towards the ocean and then circle down around and away from the ocean and center and go the other way away from the ocean down around and center. Good.

Press your hips as you go towards the ocean around and pull them center. Press your hips as you go away from the ocean. Scoop that belly in and center. Great waste. Work towards the ocean. One more time. Good and away from the ocean. One more time from your hips, not your feet or watch those feet and nef take that circle away or we're going to sit up for saw. Arms Up. Good. That's it. You can scoot back just a little bit, Candice. Thanks, candy.

Any and don't let them fly away behind you. Keep them a little bit in your peripheral vision. That's it. How's that bottom? Is it awake or is that you? Just sitting on it, make sure, make sure we're pressing your hips together, lift off of it, and twist to the ocean. Let's go this way and exhale damn good. Inhaling up and it was too the other way and exhaling down.

So this is the same thing as spine. Stretch forward. Inhaling up those hipbones states still twist and exhale and you don't drop your hipbones forward. As you reach forward and inhaling and in, you want almost picture a big physio ball in front of you and you have to round over that physio ball. Use your belly to pull in and up over it and center and scooping in and tourist and you're going to reach over at your hips or staying right in plays. Lifting off your seat, Anna. And one more time away from the ocean goes that bottom has to be awake, lifting, lifting, and come center and relax.

Good job. All right, we're going to bring our legs together and everyone's going to turn onto your stomach for some serious hip work. Great. That's perfect. Candace, go ahead and just flip on over. Nice. Okay. So we're going to, I want you to first rest re arms long by your side. Good. And just rest your legs down. Good. Um, so right now you want to picture a mermaid. Okay. If you had a mermaid tail, your legs would end in that Nice flipper. So your Palabra stance is that flipper. I need to see that so that your thighs can wrap and squeeze and I want you to really have no light between your inner thighs. It's wonderful. Okay.

Ideally when we do neck roll, we are pressing our hips together like this, squeeze in the back of our inner thighs and most importantly reaching long towards our feet. So you're like pulling your lower back really long cause you're pulling with your strong pelvis away from your lower back. Does that make sense? In the opposite direction, your stomach is pulling into your back like those people going in and then it's pulling up so it's stretching towards your head. So your hips are stretching towards your feet and your belly is pulling in and up towards your head. We're going to put your hands under your shoulders, bending the elbows. If you're super flexible, keep them there. If you're your back's a little tight, you're going to bring your hands a little forward on the mat. Candy, put your hands under your shoulders. There you go.

A little forward on the mat and then a little out to the side if you need a little help. Okay, so looking straight down. Keep that mermaid tail, pressing your hips together. Reach your legs away from you and you're going to start coming up with your head and let's keep coming up, but think about it. How long can you keep your legs together? Come up all the way. It was straight arms. Even if you lose your legs, we'll go over your shoe, right shoulder. Circle the head down around to your left and look forward and hold it.

Michelle wants you to pull your shoulders away from your ears. Look left, circle the head down around to your right and look forward and now you're going to come down, always trying to wrap and squeeze and lengthen your legs away from you. Great job. Let's do that one more time. Okay. Belly pulls in and up and you're going to start coming up, squeezing your hips together, lengthen your mermaid tail away from you, coming all the way up. Look over your left shoulder, circle the head down around to your right and look forward again. I want those shoulders further away from yours. Look right down around to your left and look forward.

And as you come down length in those legs, away from you, lift with your belly. Nice job. Single leg kick. Let's lift up onto your elbows. Push your knuckles together and knuckles like this. There we go. Press your forearms into the mat so that your under arm muscles can work.

And I still need those guys. Yeah, right. So your belly is pulling in like those people going in and it's pulling up towards your chest. Squeeze your legs together here. Everyone should be able to have their legs together all the way. And then squeezing the back of your inner thighs. Lift the legs up a little bit and let's start kicking with the right heel. One, two left to right to left to right, to left two. There we go. Good. Right, and left and right to and left to one more set. Good. All right.

Rest down your feet. Let's place your right facial cheek on the map. Good. All right. And your hands are going to be behind your back. Good. And elbows down. Alright, so two things have to happen to get some good, um, bottom work. How's that? Is Your cramping a little bit? Candace, why don't you go ahead and just let your heels both go in one direction here and then let them go here. Good. And just wave and kind of back and forth. So if you ever get a lower back cramp or foot cramp, which usually means your lower back is tight when you're on your belly, a lot of times you can wave your heels back and forth and that'll loosen up your lower back. That'll loosen up when you're a cramp in your foot. We doing any better there, Candace? Good. Okay.

So I want you to squeeze your legs, press your hips together, lengthen those legs away and we're going to link, pull up that mermaid tail as high up as you can with straight legs. Now feel how you have light under your knees. Almost light onto your thighs. Keep them that way and pull them into your bottom three times. You're gonna bring both legs. One, two, three, real small here, Michelle. So it's going to go one, two, three, and now legs on the mat and give me a good backbend by keeping your hands together. Pull up in the chest, reach those arms long behind you.

Still together. Good. And you're gonna come up. You're gonna come off to three. Look the other way. Hands Bend again, good and down. And you're going to press lift those legs up. Three pulses in squeezing. One, two, three. Lengthen them down and you're gonna do a back bend again. So the legs stay down.

You pull your belly in and up. That's it. And look the other way. Hands back. One more set. Squeeze together. Pull them up. Get those knees up off the mat for me. Gandy in down, and you're going to pull up and switched cheeks and you're going to press and lift. And one, two, three. That was your best one. And now lift up to three. Great job. We're going to stretch our back. You're gonna put your hands on the mat, round your back and sit on your heels.

Good. Very, very good. All right, turn around so that everyone, um, just go ahead and turn onto your back. So the feet, everyone's feet are pointing this way, so just flip on over. Good. No, no, no. I speak that way. That's it. Good. And lie on down all the way. We're gonna keep our arms by our side while we do neck pole. You know, long straight legs on this one for you too.

Straight legs or hip with the part neck. Pool is all about those strong hips, okay. And using them to pull against. So flex your feet up towards the ceiling and open them a little wider so that they're in line with your hips. There you go. Hands by your hips. So start off holding onto the side of your thighs.

Squeeze your hips together. Inhale, lift up your head. Exhale, pull your belly in and crawl up your legs until you kiss your knees. Rounding up if you can. Good job. Kiss those knees. Inhale, sit up tall. Squeezing up off the seat. And now roll down, look at your belly and roll down. So press your hips together and push your heels away as you roll down.

Good. And we're going to come right back up in with the air. Exhale, curl it up. Very good. Press your hips together. Use your hands, crawling up your legs. And inhale. Sit up tall and roll down. Squeeze. Push your heels away. Push him, push him. Push him. Good. Three more in with the air. Exhale, super helpful.

If you crawl up with your Le Your hands as you come up. Inhale. Sit up tall. So use your hands for me. Karen, you want to eat? Crawl up on the side that, that they're there to help you in. He'll sit up tall and then exhale. Roll down round. There you go. There you go. So they're resistance. Okay, I'm gonna. All right, so and in with the air. All you guys doing looking good here.

Last one up. Try not to go side to side and inhale, sitting up, lifting off that bottom and roll on. Down on down. Great job. Okay. I had you stayed this way. Cause now I just want you to flip onto your right side and face this way so that we can do our sidekicks and we're all on the same direction. Brilliant lineup on the back edge of your mat. About five more inches back. Go, go, go. Yep. And Bend your elbow so that you can rest your head. Good. Bring your feet forward. Voila.

Nice and hold that right there. Good. All right. So if we had the magic circle, we would be pressing our hips together. Super important in this exercise. Okay. They don't go forward and back while we do it. You keep your frame just like you didn't open leg rocker perfectly still.

So your belly pulls in. And my favorite part, this is where I feel this most slender and all of my PyLadies work is what I knew my sidekicks, because I get to really feel the belly pull in and really pull up as I laying in my leg in the opposite direction. So I want you to feel those people going in and rising up. And then we're going to lift up that left leg just a little bit. So that's in line with your hip bone, turning it out. And now it's gonna reach away from that strong stomach that's pulling that way.

Reach even through your foot for me. Don't pull your toes back. Good. And we're going to just swing it like a pendulum, kicking it forward and taking it back and forward and back. Good job keeping your hip still and forward and back and five and back. And Four. Watch those toes from flexing because then it changes it into a, from the knee down. And I want it from the knee up and two, and last one, and now legs together. All right. And then we're still gonna try to keep this hip right on top of this one, even as we kick up towards the ceiling, try to touch that ear.

So push up and then squeeze down. So keep this still right here as you push up better and squeezed so you can really feel that outer thigh as you push up and inner thigh as you squeeze down and push up and your belly pulls it in up, and one more time up and reach longer than your bottom leg and hold it there. We're going to do five little circles now. Circling one, two, good, nice, strong hips, reaching long through that leg. Go the other way. One Straw. Press those hips together. Reach that leg. That's it and rest. All right, pull your belly in.

Pull it up, press your hips together and lift your legs up just a little bit off the mat and I want you to roll onto your stomach with your legs and thighs up off the mat. Make a small pillow for your forehead and lifting the legs up as high as he can. Squeeze those inner thighs, open the legs about the width of the mat, and then squeeze him all the way together. One more time, like that's open about the width of the mat and then squeeze your inner thighs all the way, all the way together. Now I'll do that 20 times faster for 20 times. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten one, two, three, four higher with those thighs. And we're gonna swing those legs all the way around to do the other side.

So we're still going to be facing this way, but the legs will be that way. [inaudible] cool. Line up on the back edge of the mat. Good. I'm gonna help you with this. Just go ahead and lie your upper body and then you're good.

Good. All right. So your shoulders are beautiful. They're in the see other on the back edge, but not your bottom. So you've got to get the bottom to get back there too, a little bit more. There you go. Wonderful leg, feet on the front edge of that mat. Good. Try to hold a little more underneath your head there yet. Go. Good. All right. So again, press your hips together. The bellies pulling in and up. And we're going to lift up the right leg this time just a little bit.

Turn it out. Always trying to make that leg longer than your bottom and like a pendulum. Swing it forward and swing it back and forward and back. Especially when you go back, you should feel your bottom squeeze to take it back, forward and back. You feel your stomach a little more as it goes back.

And squeeze your hamstring and seat and forward and back. Three more. Forward and back. Stronger hips. Keep impressing. There we go. Last time. Press your hips and legs together. All right. And watch that shoulder.

And we're gonna press and we're gonna lift with our outer thigh. Lift it up, and then squeeze with your inner thigh. So keep this hip steady. There Ya go. And I love as you go down for you to pull your belly in and up so you really feel that lakes in opposition. One more time. It's going to go up and then squeeze and hold it there. And five little circles. One, two, three, four, five, reverse it. One, two, three, four. And rest.

Great job. Lie On your backs. Bend your knees into your chest. Good. All right, so we're going to do teasers now, but a little modified teaser. So we're gonna sit on up and have your knees bent and your feet. Perfect position. Just like Michelle. So knees bent, feet flat on the Mat. Okay, you're going to do basically a roll back. So you want to have your hips pressing together, inner thighs squeezing and have your hands underneath your knees. And now pull back your belly button. Have your feet a lot closer to you.

There you go. Pull back your belly button and roll down your waistband, your middle back, your upper back til your head touches the mat. Don't lose those hips. Inhale, lift up your head and exhale. Press your hips together for that extra to come up with [inaudible] rolling up and hold it right there. Nope, that's it. And one more time. Rolling back. Use Your hands. Press your hips are sliding down your legs. Good. Keep them like that. Inhale, lift up your head. Really squeeze and come up.

Curling up one bone at a time. Stay right there for me, Michelle. Now you're thought your hips are pressing together. Your thighs are squeezing together. Nothing's going to change. You're just going to bring the right leg straight so that everything else stays together. So knees, thighs, all that roll away from those legs. Keep your, don't let your right leg move going down to your head.

Inhale, head up and exhale. Press your hips together. Squeeze your legs. You guys are making that look easy. One more. Roll it away. Press your hips together so you can really round through your lower back so you don't hurt your lower back. Inhale up with the head. Exhale, pulling your belly in. Hold up, switch legs. How's this feeling, candy? Okay, good. Press your hips together and rolling. Damn. That's it. Head inhale, head up and right when the energy is, you got to press those hips. Nice.

Coming up. One more on the left, right? Is that correct? And press your hips. Yeah. Not Helping me out with the county. Inhale, head up. Exhale, press your hips. Good job. If you really feel up to it, straighten both legs up. Otherwise just do it. That's perfect. You do another roll back and reaching. Inhale, head up and press your hips as you come forward and one more and press your hips. Reach those legs away. Inhale, head up an exhale. Everyone come up and from that position I'd like you to transition into your seal holding here.

Drop your shoulders for me, Michelle. There you go. Scooping it and you're going to clap two, three and roll back and clap. Two, three. Enroll up to three and roll back. Eyes on belly, two, three, roll up to three and roll back. Two, three. Good. This is a major hip exercise too. When you're clapping your feet, it would be great if he had solid hips and we're going to do three more because when we get more advanced, we're going to stand up after rolling and not today, but you'll eventually cross your legs and Sandra it up and it's all the hips that get you to get up. We're going to do one more right now. I just want you to enjoy massaging your back.

That's what the exercise four inhale, roll back to massage your back and exhale roll on up. That's it. And now stand on up. Good. And everyone just come to the front edge of their mat. Good. And stand in a Pilati stance and press your hips together and press them a little forward so that you're on the ball of your foot. Pull the belly in so that those people went into your back and pull them up.

Good. You guys look gorgeous right now. This is a wonderful way to feel for the rest of the day. So I want you to just do a nice little breathing by exhaling. Reach your arms up a palms out. Exhale, blow out all your air. And now I want you to inhale as you push down your arms, like you're pushing the earth away.

Lift up through your body and you are all finished. Nice. Nice job. Good work. Good job.


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Thank You so much Monica, really liked this class and using the Magic Circle is a great way for me to reconnect.
You have such a supportive and encouraging style :)
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I say DEFINITELY level 2 :D

I always learn so much/make new connections in your class, Monica! Thank you, PA and Monica! Every day here is delicious!
Do you work in neutral spine, neutral pelvis or flat back in the matwork?
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This in an excellent class drawing awareness to the intention of the exercises. Monica you are an excellent and encouraging teacher and kudos to the students. This class is excellent observation for teachers as well. Press the hips! Thank you you!
monica is excellent loved this class.
Great class for hip/pelvis/SI connections! I love your simple straight-forward instructions and encouraging style. Thank you, Monica!
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Terrific class, especially for those of us trained by Romana instructors!
Thanks, nice and encouraging lesson. I was stiff from a run and this just rounded me out! Super.
Monica Wilson
Glad it helped!
I love that PA has "real clients" who resemble the women I'm teaching and provides the opportunity to observe such expert teachers motivate them through such a thorough session. thank you PA and thank you Monica for such excellent cues and explanations.
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