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Creative Mat Variations

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This class takes you on a journey. Moving at a medium pace, you'll find your whole body responding to Meredith's illuminating cues as she transitions from one exercise to the next. As an intermediate to advanced student you'll recognize all of the exercises, but you may not have tried Swimming while standing.
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Feb 06, 2010
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Okay. Okay, so sitting with bent knees, knees together for now. I'll put your hands on the fronts of your knees. Just find, okay, a sense of length perhaps and and push into the knees with the, not just the hands but from your upper back muscles and use that to help you sit up a little taller. And with that, let's all let go and see if we can stay just there. Breathe in. As you breathe out, slide the pelvis out from underneath your, we're rolling down. Press your knees into one another. Going down just to the bottom of the ribs.

If that's not a comfortable place for you to go, stay a little higher. Breathing in at the bottom. Start XL thinking of folding under through the ribs, so that's curving up through the lower back, coming all the way up and we're sitting tall at the top. Inhale again, exhale starting from the pelvis or moving the tailbone out from underneath you so that we get right onto that sacral area, that flat area. That's a comfortable place for you to be breathing. Start Your exhale. Roll yourself up and lifting tall again. Go on two more times. Rounding down.

So let the theme for today be, how can we be intense in our bodies? Inhale, exhale, come on and quiet at the same time. Xcel to roll down. [inaudible] peeling the feet on the mat. Inhale, Pos. Start the breath. Let all the air out of the body. Once you get to the top, you should be ready for more air. Inhale, turn towards me. Exhale, roll down that side of your spine. Keep the knees and center.

Keep the pelvis stable. Inhale, come across the center, rotating around the ribs. Exhale, come up that side and at the last moment turn center. So we're going to inhale. Go the other way. Shoulders relaxing down. Exhale, rolling down. Come across center. Pay attention to the pelvis. It should be quiet. XL. Roll up that side and it's mobilizing through the lower back. And at the last moment we end wind and center. We're going one more time around.

Here it is x. So we come down and he'll bring it across. Exhale, Rola. Okay, lovely, beautiful work everyone and bring it back. This is it. Exhale, rounding down, just having this in the shoulders, coming around through center. Look for depth up to the other side and back to center. And let's just open up our knees for a moment to the side. Take a quick stretch forward. If you need a little more you can. Push on your knees are, uh, guide your knees towards floor by pushing down.

That's all. Come up and roll all the way down onto your back. So adjust yourself if need be, so that you're in a comfortable space in the middle of your mat. We're heading into the pelvic curl feet flat on the floor. Parallel to one another. Arms down at our sides. Here it is.

Inhale as you pull your abs in and expand laterally into the rib cage, excelling as you flatten your low back first. Letting that be pure abdominals. Then allow the pelvis to leave the floor, taking the pelvis or taking the spine away from the mat as though it were a string of pearls. Pause at the top. Look for a straight line from needs to shoulders. Breathe in and breathe out as you come down. Chest first, each bone of the ribs, five bones of the lower back, and finally allow the pelvis to heavily reached down. And maybe as the tailbone comes down, you'll find a little space in the lower back XL as you flatten that space out, roll in your cell phone. So just articulating through the spine, looking for inner thigh work so that the knee stay just parallel to one another and you can come up just this much higher. Emily, maybe that's it. Excellent.

As you come down one bone at a time, I might've been wrong. I think what you're doing was looking for a talk and I might've made you lose it. I'm going to look again. Exhale we come up. So rolling up using your breath. Feel your arms energetically reaching down towards your feet so you feel a little bit of upper back contraction. Yeah, I think you're good. Just think about coming to this way a little bit and that'll give you some hamstrings and maybe a little more space. Exhale, we're coming down. Knees should be just parallel to one another. So when you get down, Jennifer, I'm going to have you move your feet in an inch on each foot. Perfect.

Let's do three more. Exhale, roll and massaging the spine, using your breath, arms energized. Give it what you need. Breathe in and breathe that. Keeping the hamstrings engaged by dragging the heels back towards the fingertips or not really moving the heels really, but intentionally or energetically. Pull them back. Last two. Here it is. Rolling through the spy. Looking for more, keeping the cin gently tucked to the chest. Inhale, pause. Exhale to peel down.

Massage his spine. Look for even it's on both sides of the spine. Quiet but strong in our bodies last time here. All right, from there, just turn your palms over and Eh, let me say that differently. As you turn your arms over, roll open through the whole shoulder joint, not just the palms and open them out just a little bit there. So they're in Lov. Pick up the legs. Tabletop position, spine twist. We're going to come towards me first on the inhale. Hold there. Exhale, straighten the legs or stretch them toward straight.

Pull them back through center and fold them back in. I'll finish the breath pattern. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale the legs stretch the belly button polls oppositionally we continue pulling back on that same breath and we inhale to bend in turn, so it's kind of a long breath. If you need to breathe, breathe differently, or change the breath for your for whatever reason, please do bend. Inhale and turn. Keeping the knees lined up. Stretch the legs oppositionally from the abdominals which are pulling down and bring it home. Bend in center. Rotate extended length in the legs.

Feel light in the five muscles, heavy in the abdominals. Pull it back and bend and center. Here's our last one in healing as we turn shoulders down, stretch, bring it all the way back and bend your knees again. Reach your hands, hold onto your knees, hug them into your chest for a moment. Push your knees into your hands.

Curl your head and chest and lifts so that you're just curled up off your shoulders. We're going to start here today. Use Your hands. Push down into them and curl again from just underneath their ribs. And with that, the arms can either go behind the head, which is going to be a little bit harder, but we'll give you that neck support or down at your sides. It's up to you. We're gonna reach down with the right toes to just, the thigh pulls away and we pull back in. He'll sit. It's like a leg change. It is like changes in flection and heel down.

If you wanted to put your head down, it would be totally appropriate. So can be done really anywhere. Just making it a little more challenging up here and down. Let's do that same thing but make it a little quicker to inhale and exhale. So we've got two changes on each breath. Keep the pelvis still, which means you may not be able Jen lift a little higher.

MOOC means you may not be able to go all the way down to the ground with the toes. And that's okay. So look for stability first. Oh, I think I said that. I think we've done more than I said we had to come back up. Hold the knees, curl a little higher, let the legs go. Arms come down towards this. What are those hips? Toes go down towards the floor. Arms reach up into the air. Heck, so we reach back. So if your thigh bones move two inches away from you and your back is flat, it's better than if your feet are going all the way down to the floor and your back is lifting. So check it out.

Check it out in your own body and make it deep. Make it work for you. Jennifer, look forward instead of up. Did you see how that helped you lift up already? Just the eyes last to think depth. Use your breath. One more to go.

[inaudible] reach around your knees and bring them into your chest. Come down, take a moment. Don't lose your focus. Oh, come on. Straight back up. Pressing the knees into the hands. Hands behind the head. We're turning this into the Chris Cross. We're taking the right leg out. Straight in a turn to the left knee and change. So try here to keep the head heavy in the hands, to feel the inner thighs engage or squeeze energetically towards one another as they pass. Continue to feel the rotation at the rib cage, the heaviness of the head and chest.

Look for that sense of folding under the ribs. Last four, three, two and one both knees in, lower your head and chest. Lift your right back up. Oh, I'm so mean today. I really am. Stay at the top. Just pick the pelvis up a tiny bit and put it back down just for five. Pick it up to the thigh bones. Move closer to the chest and put it back down. Here's three and down. Here's, do, dig deeply in and yeah, here's our last one and yeah, we're going to head into the rollover. So if you don't want to do the rollover for any reason, and that last one we did is a terrific prep or you could stay on your back and just do little lifts. Um, for those of us who don't know the roll over, it might be a good idea to watch one and then come. But if we know it, let's stretch the legs out on a low diagonal, keeping the back flat from that place, we're going to hit any of the legs towards vertical. Exhale, reverse curl through the spine, rolling over flex and separate the feet.

If you can lower your legs without changing your position, you may do so. If not, just leave them where they are and roll down slowly. Again, Bone Bible, nice strong arms. As the tailbone touches the toes point, they circle together to touch. Inhale to come up towards vertical and exhale to roll yourself over in Hilton. Flex the feet. Separate the feet and exhale to roll down.

Jim War con on flattening through the risks and maybe wider arms might help you get there. Point the feet. Circle them to touch. Go ahead and roll yourself over. Come up in over. Good. You okay? Okay. Flexing the feet. Just use this kind of milk, this stretch. Using your abdominals. Bringing yourself down slowly. Yeah. Nice. Good. Last one, gang. Circle the legs around to touch. Just from there and bring them up. Yeah, reverse curl. Rural in yourself down when you get down. Stay.

How can your knees into your chest? Take a moment, relax you back. Okay. And with that, stretch your legs out along the Mat. Bring your arms up over your head for the roll up. We're just coming up to get up. So press the ribs down into the mat, rural yourself up. Take a minute, stretch forward and then roll all the way back up to sitting spine twist hands behind your head.

Either bend your knees if it's tough for you to sit up straight or keep him straight. Whenever you're doing, I'd like for you to flex your feet and with the hands behind your head, try to get a sense of going up before you go anywhere. Legs together, all the way, Paula. And here we go. Maybe they are and we are turning to me. Well let's just do one, one turn for now. Give it all you got and come back to center. Turn around the other way. Think up to go around. I'm bringing it back. Jim, you might consider bringing your elbows a little forward. I think you'll have experienced less neck stuff and more spine stuff maybe.

And turn again. Okay, and come forward. Everyone relaxes their shoulders down the back. We're going to add a second. Polson. It's not really a pulse, it's just go further or it's a chance to go further. It's exhale, turn and turn further and bring it back and turn. Exhale. Inhale. As you pass through center again to the other side. Check out your feet. Are they moving back and forth? The answer should be in.

No, quite frankly on. Come back and change the other side and come back. We're coming back to me. Everyone hold. Take the hand. That's furthest away from me. Bring it around to the front leg. Lift, pull, twist a little more. Bring that hand back up. Come all the way around to the other side. Get to find it first.

Then use your arm to help you. Give yourself a little bit more. Think tall. Think abs will bleaks handcuffs back behind the hat. Bring it all the way back through center. Let go of your head. Reach your arms out in front of you. Breathe in. Tuck the tailbone. Start to roll through your spine, massaging the spine.

Give it a break from sitting up back of the head. Touches arms come overhead in heel. We pick the head chest, arms back up. So we're rolling through the spine. Think about length and inhale. Exhaling as you round down through your spine again. Palms one another. Jennifer, think about your shoulders reaching all the way down. Lifting the head and chest and pressing the low back into the mask.

Huh? Sorry. So reaching the arms overhead, bottom of the rib cage down, lifting the head and chest, curling through this fine. Okay. And let's do two more. How much ease can you find in a, can you find every bone in your body? There's 33 head and chest massaging the spy. And that's the purpose, right? It's not just about our ads. Last one for the day. Come and down. Squeeze the legs together. Coming back up.

Okay. When you get there, quickly stretch forward. Roll yourself back up. Separate your feet and flex them. Bend your knees if you want to. It's up to you. What helps me to, to feel if I'm straight as to put one hand on my low back and one hand on my ribs cause I'm a rib thruster. So that's just something that helps me for informational purposes.

Arms forward. Inhale, exhale the spine stretch forward. Drop the head as you start to drop the ribs, feel the low back. Stay Long. Curl up in over the low spine and then start to stretch the spine forward. Inhale, as you get there, your shoulders should be out of your ears. Thank you Jennifer. Exhale as you roll up through your spine, stacking one bone at a time.

Creating space between the bones of the spine in your mind, in healing at the top. Feel a heaviness through the shoulders as you round up and over. Maybe we'll go a little further than you did the last time, but you can't go forward with your neck muscles. You got to go forward with your spine. Exhale to come up. Go in one more time. Just like that. Breathing in, breathing out as you articulate, breathing into home, breathing out as you ring out the spine and sit up.

So make this just as intensive dominantly as we were just lying on our backs a minute ago. Can you find that in here? We're going to add some extension. We can soften your knees if you need to. Here we go, or we're going up and over. Start to send the breasts, the chest, the breastbone towards the knees, the arms up towards the ears. Go long in the diagonal that your fingers are reaching x. Dive back down and articulate. Back Up.

Yeah. Breathe in. At the top. Exhale, we start from arch head. Then the chest goes forward, then the spine forward. Then on the inhale, we lengthen on the diagonal, stretching, lengthening in the direction of our fingertips. That's good, Jim. Just chest up a little bit. That's it. Exhale, dive back down, undulating through the spine and roll back up. Here's our last one. Exhale. We go down in heel for link.

Pause there. Drop your hands. They'll land where they land. Hold on. Push not from your hands, but from your upper back, your chest forward a little bit. Then consider where your ribs are. Pull them in. Pull your abdominals rule deep. Let go of your legs, stretch your arms up over your head, hold with gentleness, turn your body towards me. Keep it long on the diagonal, and he'll come back to center. Exhale, turn it around the other way. Continue reaching on that long diagonal in here. We'll come back to center. Exhale, turn the other way and he'll bring it back. Exhale, we go the other way and that's it for today.

Come all the way back and go all the way forward and take a moment. [inaudible] tell me all the way up. Bending Unis heading into the open leg rocker. If you don't want to do the full exercise where you hold onto your ankles, it works. Holding onto the back of the thighs or to the Sh chins or whatever you want to do. You don't have to have your leg straight. That's the bottom line. Lean back a little bit. So you're sitting just behind your tailbone.

If you're holding onto your thighs, this is where you'd hold. If not reach for an ankle. Use the upper back. Think about pulling the leg a little towards you. As you pull your shoulder down, the other one comes up. There we are. Take a moment to feel that good balance in our body. Round the lower back.

Try not to round the collarbones rock back. Roll yourself back up and using the upper back. Lift the spine so you're back on that diagonal. Here we go again. Inhale back and exhale and now use your breath to find a rhythm. It doesn't have to be my rhythm.

[inaudible] try not to roll on your neck if you don't come up every time. It's not the end of the world. This going to be our last one. Friends [inaudible] hold at the top. Stay wherever you are. Bent knees or straight legs. We all got straight legs all let go. Lower the legs. Sit up for your arms to your sides. You have space doing the saw and it turned in my direction.

Reach the hand closest to me towards the foot closest to me. The other hand pushes against an imaginary wall to help you with rotation. Inhale, lengthen up. We're only going to do one real slow and XLT, come back, turn the other way. Rotating through the ribs. You guys like doing like high fives? Yeah, we go and app and turn. And here we are. We're going to pick up the pace. It's reach. Inhale, lift.

Exhale back in. He'll turn, let the breath be the rhythm and the Mu for the movement or make it into like a dance. So there's no stopping. Every movement turns into the next one in Hillingdon up annex Habakkuk. And he was our last one. We reached diving down, lengthening up and bring it back. Lower your arms down and turn to your sides. Facing me please. Okay, so we're going to come up on the elbow.

My bottom, he is going to be bent. Pull up away from the sh with the ribs. Pull up away from the shoulders to the shoulder is very much stable. Pick up the top leg, put your hand on your obliques. Can you by lowering the leg and lifting the leg, get some work right in there.

Uh, Emily, come up this way a little bit. Yeah, better. And then so just I just wanted you to feel that that's where that's happening from as well. We get a little work in the hip. We're going one more time now. Hold the leg in the air. It's going to come forward with a flexed foot. Kick a little further and reach back. The most important thing here is that the spine doesn't change, that the shoulders don't change. Uh, another personal tool I have is to keep my hand just underneath my ribs to make sure I'm not sinking. It's just something I do.

You don't have to do it unless you want to. Think about glutes as you go back. That'll help you to keep your pelvis stable and it's forward, forward and stretch. It's not about going as far back as you can. It's about going as far away as you can. Last two, last one. Bring it back. Hold it back there. Take your free arm, stretch it around.

Reach forward as you're reaching back through your back arm. You're reaching forward through your phone. I'm looking for a stretch. Bring it all the way back and bend, unique. Come in, slide all the way down onto your side so that your ear is on your bicep, legs straight out. Ideally the legs will be straight out if they need to be slightly in front of you, that's fine as well. Abdominals in a hand on the thigh or in front of the belly.

Lift your legs up and put them back down. Now see if you can find a difference between just lifting up and reaching away to lift up and reaching away to go down. Keep focusing in the center. Look for calm, gentle, but intense work. I got four more times. Pay attention to your neck here. Is it gathering tension or you are bringing your, do you have a lot of tension in your hands? Is what well was trying to come out of my mouth. Last one, lifting up, up, hold there.

Can you slide your top arm down your thigh if it's there or if it's not there, you can help yourself up from this angle and just lift your ribs towards your hip, keeping your legs in the air in. He'll slide back down. Can you create length without lowering the legs? Slide the top arm down. Or if it's in front of you, you're just, it helps you a little as you come up and you come back down. Uh, I don't know if it, you can Emily, but can you bring the topic? Is it a hip thing? Bring your hip, top hip towards me if possible. Well, they're right there.

And now here's our [inaudible] parlor trick of the day. Slide your arm down your leg. You're going to need your abs to squeeze them in. Can you pick up your bottom arm? Ah, lower everything down and rest. Take that top leg back again. Take this top arm forward again. Big Stretch. Help yourself up to sitting. Then the bottom knee, so it points out to the side. Then the top knee.

So the thigh is up against the foot. That doesn't really work with them. Let's go. Anyway, I pick up this arm. Uh, so I've got the arm opposite my parallel Shin in the air. We're just going to reach up and over. [inaudible] Yep, you're just going that way. Now reach forward and as you reach forward, stay on your sitting bones.

Meaning don't lift up off your pelvis, but reach forward with your spine. Bring that arm all the way around. Put it down, push up with your hips, bring in the opposite. I'm into the air. Let the head be free. Make two great big circles with that top arm, keeping the shoulders stable to also allowing for mobility there and then reaching that top arm overhead sitting back down as the hips come down. The arm that's in the year is going to reach in front of you. When you have your balance and you're sitting down, you'll start to bring the other arm around with that arm.

The arm that was just in the air comes down and the arm that was just on the mat comes up and over. One more time. We've got it. Good. Okay. Sit Up, spin your legs around to the other side and come down to your elbow supporting the shoulder by pulling up away from the arm with the rib cage, the bottom knee is bent and at a 90 degree angle from the hip. Take that top like lifted up but also reach it away from you. And here we go. So we want to pull up off that bottom rib and we're just going to lower the leg down. What we did here was just feel that we could, we were in fact accessing our obliques. And here's one more.

So a little bit of a lift up through that bottom Red Paula. That's much better and you can bend your bottom knee, which is going to make it a lot easier as far as balance goes. Here we go, flex that top foot and kick it forward. Don't move the spine, not even a little and send it back. So that's where we kick in our hip extensors, our glutes, our hamstrings. So I had slide and there was a dynamic. Okay. And forward.

Jim, you're starting to sink a little bit. Yeah. Good. And back. Here's four. Jennifer, that looks so good theory to just careful about bending the knee when it goes back. Work from the hip instead of the foot. That's it. Last one. Hold it back there. Hold it back there, stretch the top arm forward, reach it oppositionally from the toes. You look for a stretch. If you don't find when, where I'm going or where I'm taking you, and then bring everything back.

Come all the way down into the mat. Lying on your bottom arm both legs, straight out, legs together. Note if the knees are turned in so your knees should be facing straight ahead. Is that the end of that sentence? A little bit lip pick up your legs, lower your legs. Can you feel a difference between just picking them up in space and then reaching them away to lift and reaching them away to lower. So I have my hand on my leg, but you could have your hand on the floor, on your hip, on your eyeballs. I don't know. Wherever.

Squeeze into lifts. So it's always an intentional contraction of the ABS got four more to go. Here's three legs don't lower very much. Just little and they come more. I Becca, here's our last one and hold. Take that top arm. If it's there, stretch it along the side.

If it's on the ground, that works. Just as well to just contract the oblique so I'm not helping myself a lot, but I can use it for balance and come down good. So it's not a neck thing. It's a contraction. Trying to bring that top rib closer to that top hat and come down. Just one more or maybe two more.

Yeah. Okay. Here's our last one. This is the one where we add in the big finale, right? Hold in, squeeze in science, solidarity. Pick up the bottom arm and rest. Take your top leg back, your top when I'm afforded. Stretch again and then help yourself back up. Sitting up, I've taken my bottom leg, I'm venting it out to the side, my top legs, bending in.

It's kind of a reverse stretch for the obliques button. We'll get the hip flexor out of it anyway, so reach out. Yup. You're going towards the leg that's parallel to the edge of your mat. It's just up to go over. Good. If it doesn't feel good to have your arm that far back, it can go a little bit forward.

Start to send that arm forward and as it goes forward, pull back with your abs. The other one's gonna follow it. That free swinging arms going down on the mat. We're pushing up into our hips. Press the back of the leg into the front of the hip to get a good stretch. Relax the neck. Make two great big circles with the arms, stretching legs.

Really the hit, the shoulder, the waist, and then that arms going back overhead. Reach through those fingertips as you start to sit down, start to bend the spine forward. So this stretch in there as well, hopefully. And then as soon as you can, let that back arm come away. Exchange hands on the mat and just reaching up in over. Okay, that's good. Wick Tim up and come to your hands and knees.

Okay, so we're going to go into a plank position. Hands Underneath shoulders, knees start underneath hips. Don't stay for long. Slide the right leg back. Energize that leg, meaning find the muscles are engaged in muscles in the back of the legs. Squeeze the glutes and then Tuck the pelvis. Just the littlest bit. Pull the shoulders towards the hips. Slide the other leg back hold please Jennifer.

Bring your pelvis down a little bit. Stay right where you are and everyone's just breathing. With every breath you pull your abdominals and up a little bit more. Got Two more to go. Can you find strength, power, and all your limbs? Not just your arms.

Pick up your right foot. Point the foot, stretch it behind you and up behind you and up behind you and up. Lower it down. Pick up the left foot. Can you do that? Shifting of the fee without any shifting in the pelvis. Here's two. Here's one. Lower it down. Pick up the right foot again. Bring it out to the side and back out to the side and back.

Jen, hips down a little and back. Put it down. Pick up the other way. Taking it out to the side and back. Nice and stable. Keep the pelvis strong. Keep the supporting leg strong. Last one, put the foot down, drop to your knees, round your back and sit back towards your feet. You can. Nice big stretch to the back in the neck.

Relax. Roll back through your spine, coming back to your hands and knees, the pilates push up so sliding the legs back into a straight line again. Okay. Nice. Solid spine. Good head in line with his spine. Bend your elbows only to the point where you feel your shoulders going away from yours. That's it for you, Jen, and push up with your abs and your arms. Inhale, bend. Exhale, Press Paula. Maybe just plank is enough for today.

Hold there and lift your hips up. Pressure. Yep. Lift your hips up into a pyramid shape. Press your spine forward. That was good. It's getting so much better. Okay, we're going to go one more set. Come up onto your toes. Roll back through your spine. Coming back into plank position had stays up. Jennifer, here we go.

Just three. Emily, think about pulling up through your ribs and broadening your back a little bit there. There, there. Now you had wings. Now you don't stay here and N***a, what last one? You guys can rest. Come to your knees. Yeah, maybe another one just to see. Yeah, so it's going to be smaller, but it's going to be more supportive. Rest sitting on your knees, sitting back to your feet. Take a moment when you feel ready to come onto your abdominals. [inaudible] so have you put one hand on top of the other and put your forehead down on to it. From there we're going to do a little bit more hip extension, so why don't you please to pull your abdominals in and allow your pubic bone to get a little heavier. Then without changing that length that you've created in your lower back.

Lift the legs. They probably aren't going to lift a lot, but try to keep them straight. Rotate in the hip joints so that the heels turn towards one another and then squeezing from the inner thighs. We're going to beat them together so this touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch. Now flux your feet. Keep going, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Shoulders down. Please. Point your feet. I'm still in Swedish, but select feet, which feet and lower legs rest. Take a minute. Hello. Hello. Back to settle for a moment. Stretch your arms out in front of you.

Come to a place where you're lifted, at least up off your chest, maybe is high as just underneath the ribs. And then just pull the shoulders down the box. You've got a nice stable back. Look Down Jennifer. Emily, just a little too high for, for what I'm wanting here. We're doing us one prep exercise. So with that abs and we're going to pick up the left arm and the right leg. They're reaching away from one another. A One n one did I say with the same arm? Right leg. Okay. Sorry.

I could hear something happening there and I was wondering if it was me. Okay. Opposite arm, opposite leg, whatever it is. Now pick them up and pick up the other ones before you put the, the ones in the air down. Yep. And then change. So we change keeping the spine long, keeping the abdominals engaged. Keep going. Now if you've got that and it feels steady, you can speed it up.

No bending in the knees, not even a little. So rather than thinking about heights with the legs, think about length with the legs. So they're lifting from Sarah. I know I'm confusing you lifting from right here. Good. Do you think that's enough? I do. Rest.

Just rest. Okay. Hands underneath the shoulders. Press yourself up onto your hands. Anyways, I do a combination. Um, I think that's exactly what it's called. Combination. Said all the way back onto your heels. I'll talk you through the best I can. Your arms should be pretty far away from you. And this is how it goes.

Sorry, choking on my own hair. Rolling through the spine. So you want to start pressing the pelvis forward, scooping up through the abdominals. It's like you're lifting up off your feet. Bye Bye. Pure defiance and gravity start to shift the hips forward. So you're going to drop the hips, but there's definitely has to be some support through the back of the leg.

As the hips drop, the chest lifts forward, the eyes lift up from that place. Exhale as you round back. So you scoop deeply in the abdominals and then you sit all the way back onto your feet. Here we go again. Inhale, prepare. So as you lift with the abdominals, hovering off the heels and start to move, oh word. As you come forward over your knees, your shoulders start to drop away from your ears. Your pelvis presses forward. Inhale, lift up into the spine, eyes up, shoulders down.

Exhale, scoop the abdominals in around yourself all the way back. And let's do two more a little quickly. So it's more like a snake like movement. Let's inhale all the way forward. Hips forward, shoulders down, eyes up. Straighten your elbows if you can in gym. That's it. Exhale, round your spine at all the way back towards your feet. Okay, good around articulating the spine. Yeah, pushing out.

It's like you're trying to, Yup. Round your spine so that all the way back onto your feet. And once there, just rest for a moment. Just rest. Walk your arms when you're ready to your left as far as they want to go and just be heavy in your right hip. Yeah. Walk your arms the other direction and just be heavy in the other hip. I'm coming back to center.

Watch your hands just in front of your knees. Tuck your toes under let's the knees so that you're shifting your weight back towards your feet. Maybe start from the top Paula, and then bend down. So where you're comfortable. Like I would start standing and then come down as low as I felt safe. And then we're just stretching. So we're stretching out the ankles, calves, and we're going to press the heels down and lift the hips towards the ear. Hanged down low. Soften the knees with the spine. Relax. What word?

So can you hear? Just find the feeling of perhaps pulling the abdominals in so much that the femur bones, the thigh bones, get a little deeper in the hips. And as that happens, the spine lengthens down a little further. It's probably a great idea to keep the knees a little bit soft to this portion. Taking a breath in, exhaling to roll out. It's making your way up is your own pace. Um, I want to end class today with one more balancing exercise and endo rush away up for me. Get here when you get here to make a point. So in the swimming, when the leg is taken behind us, generally it's not going to go very high until before the knee has to bend.

So I want we're, we're going to do it from standing. So what you're gonna do is raise your arms overhead. Now for some of us, it's going to feel a little better to have a little wider arms. For some of us it's going to feel better to bend our elbows a little bit, but do what you need to stay here and find your abs. So it's again, like you would be on the mat sense of tucking the pelvis forward, pulling back on the AB. So you're lengthening through the low back slightly.

From there in a balance on your left leg, we're going to stretch from the hip, your right leg back, and lift your left leg higher and bring both of those things back and do it again. So it's the left arm and the right leg that travels back. Good. I'm bring it back. Try your hardest not to do it by bending your knee. So Jennifer, you're not going to lift that high. I know I'm picking on you. I don't mean to just, yeah, that's it. Change sides. I think we did four do have our many you did on the other side.

So it's the opposite arm and leg and it's just the arm tries to go further than the really and working from a ride at the top of the hat, working from the ams a lot. And when you feel like you're even, go ahead and reach your arms down to the sides. Just gonna finish off with two roll downs. Breathing in, breathing out, excelling, rolling down, alleviating or letting go. Tension or recollecting energy or deciding what you need from this. Inhale at the bottom.

Get in the femurs to go deeper in the hips to let the low back stretch. Exhale, rolling up as you arrive up to standing. Hello your arms to just float up towards the ceiling. Feel heaviness in the shoulders. Bring the arms around to the side and just start to reach forward with your spine. Finding a flat back, pulling the abs in the ribs up. The arms are reaching away from one another, and with that abs into the spine, fold forward at the waist, heavy head, heavy arms, and roll yourself back up. Just coming up yet.

Thank you so much for coming.


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Once again Meredith, very nice class! Very good mind/body connection cues. I realize now what I need to work on-my oblique twists. Thank you! I feel energized, not drained.
Thank you Polly!
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Thank you Meredith - this was my first experience of your teaching and I loved it! Your slow and considered cueing was just right for me today - allowing time to "be" in the body and not just "do" the exercise, and also rests between exercises to allow the effects to settle....nice. Thanks. I'll be back for more another day. I love Pilates Anytime!
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This was a great workout. I was able to really do each exercise the right way, which in turn made my body feel each one a lot more. I really enjoyed it, and I really enjoy your way of teaching! Thank you!
I ditto Ali above!
Thanks for the kind words ladies. I love hearing from you!!
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Perfect class. The pace is good and appropriate difficulty. Meredith does a good job of cueing the breathing which is helpful in an online class. I also liked the number of reps.
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You are definitely one of my favorite instructors. When I teach I draw a lot from your great mind/body cues and slow, deliberate pace. Watching your videos has made me a better teacher and student.
Wow! Your comments make ME want to be BETTER!!
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Exactly what I needed this morning! I think I am maturing as a student...the deliberate pace combined with such excellent "corrections" (as well as cues) seemed to talk right to me and guide me to deep appreciation of each movement. Of course if you would like to create a new theraband class (hint hint) I'm sure that would make my day tomorrow.

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