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Georgia starts with a light warm-up utilizing the Reformer before she heads into some foot and hip work. In this short class, you'll move through all the ranges of motion of the spine allowing you to get a nice workout that includes some good stretching too!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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So we're going to do a half hour of a farmer class. I have heavy springs, I have three red springs on right now, but we're going to warm up on the floor. Let's take arms up, inhale and the next hill with a flat back and hinge halfway down. And then all the way release and then bend. And then exhale. Rule up slowly all the way. Arms up, rise up onto the toes. Take your breath. Exhale, lower down hauling abdominals. As we roll all the way down, take a breath, bend your knees. This time can you look up flat, back, take your arms all the way back behind you. Find a nice level spine, shoulders all the way back. Take a breath, and as you exhale, deepen and stretch and down and stretch. And then try one more down and then release all the way into the floor.

Take a Bruh rule up on the exhale. Bone by boom. All right, so let's come over to our heavy springs and we're going to come up into an elephant, but we're not gonna move the carriage. We're gonna press all the way back through the arms again without moving the carriage. Drawing our shoulders down, anchoring into feet. We're going to bend our knees forward over the bar, all the way. Bringing yourself down onto hands and knees. Tabletop. Take a breath. Exhale, press all the way back up. Lengthening the heels, downward stretch.

Inhale, bend. Bring it all the way down. Keep with through collarbones and exhale, press up. Stretch. Nice, neutral spine. Okay, one more. Been the same. Don't touch the carriage with your knees, just hover. Take a breath. XL, press and down and stretch. And inhale, keeping shoulders wide and inhale and two more. Press up and stretch and one more press and all the way down.

Again, don't move the carriage gs and then switch. All right, so we're going to bring our legs hooked over the foot bar, sitting up nice and tall on your sitting bones. Inhale, lift your heart right up like a string, pulling you up words, and then exhale, just cascading down the spine bone by bone and release. Okay, so let's bring ourselves parallel feats with your arches on. Make sure your headrest is down. Taking a breath in. Prepare neutral spine. As you exhale, begin to Tuck your pelvis hollow out, abdominals lifting all the way up. Good at the top here. Imagine reaching your knees over your toes, soften the spine and articulate back down. Take a breath, find neutral. Exhale, Tuck, peeling the spine, bone by bone.

Think of a sticker pulling up off of the carriage and a breath and an exhale. Hauling out scooping abdominals, lengthening down, finding neutral to take a breath in this time. Different XL TAC lifting hips all the way up. Finding nice long line over the bar. Take a breath and as you exhale right leg up and then lower, and then exhale, left leg lift and lower, and then exhale, tightening around the middle as you lift and lower and exhale and lower.

Deep in the Tuck of the pelvis saw off in the spine, articulate and then heels wide on the bar. We're going to slightly turn out our legs, finding outer thighs pressing away, and then bend and exhale. This is warm up the hip joint and exhale and press. Let's do three more. Inhale, slowly resist Xcel, press away, find out or thighs. Inhale, can you turn out a little bit deeper as you press? And then one more time. Inhale, resist, exhale, press. And then slowly bringing it all the way.

Point your toes downwards. Take a breath, keep the turnout, exhale the Tuck your pelvis pressing up all the way. Press out. Inhale, resist the carriage. Exhale, press. Inhale, resist. Exhale, press. Can you turn out a little more and then and exhale and in and last time, press and in soft spine. Hollowing out like you're scooping out the inside of a Kiwi.

We're going to roll all the way down. Switch to toes and press and inhale and exhale. Can You keep the heels really lifted even as you bend and press and two more and one more. And breasts holding it up at the top. Heels all the way down. Stretch and rise up. Inhale down. Exhale, lift. As you go down, stretch for a big breath.

As you come up, lift from the top of the thighs, even. Really find the back of the body and exhale, lift and exhale, lift and exhale, lift. We're going to do two more lift guys, my favorite part. Ready, lift. And then right knee. Inhale, left heel. Stretch and lift down and left from the top of the thigh. Pull up, down, and lift down.

Exhale, two more down. Exhale down and hold strong. All right, let's switch. Bring it in. It feels good. Inhale and exhale. Lift. Inhale, and up top. Besides like the leg bone pulls up into the socket and you're maintaining neutral, press down and exhale, top of fi ahead. Exhale, four and three.

So two and one rise. Lengthen all the way and then down and bend. All right, so let's do it. Let's press out. They still have three reds, so nice heavy spring for footwork, for legs and straps. We're going to turn out, you're gonna find that same external rotation right from the base of the bum, or you're gonna push over the bar, lengthening, find the inner thighs, and then inhale, stretch, exhale, preps, and inhale. So in our super glue together. And then as they open up, you're going to feel nice. Stretch, lots of length and breath, and then press or Lincoln to do. Three more here. And exhale, press and two and press.

And one. Can you turn out a little bit deeper, more external rotation? Open to second position. Okay, so my feet are as wide as the foot bar. Now I'm going to keep the distance. I'm going to inhale, bend, exhale, press. Turning out a little bit more as I press. Inhale. Exhale. Okay. Inner thighs, nice and open here. Expose to the ceiling. [inaudible]. Bring tension out of your toes.

Exhale, press and exhale. Three more and do, and, and then slowly slide the heels together. Parallel up again, maintaining neutral, open and exhale in here. And Xcel. Inhale and exhale. Let's do two more. One more time up. Let's go out to the sides. We're gonna hold the inner thighs lengthened here. Open, open, open as far as you can. Small circles out to the sides for eight.

Exhale as you push. Seven. Exhale, six and five. Kibo lengthening for three n two all the way down to the bar together. Parallel. Let's go up. Funnel length. Take a breath. And as you exhale, oral over, lengthening all the way up or your legs parallel. My legs always turned out. We're going to turn out heels together, toes apart. Start to bend, scooping out abdominals again, rolling through the spine, opening and press turn parallel.

Okay, we're only going to do that once for now. Let's bring her legs out of this trap. Straps. Tip your knees over to the right. Take a big breath in. Exhale tight into center, and then other way and center, and then legs over the bar. Let's try keeping her leg straight to roll up here. So inhale, nod your chin. Exhale, hold [inaudible] rolling up.

Lift all the way so you can find a bit of a teaser here and then really say, okay, so let's take off a couple of springs. We're going to go a lighter spring, so I've got one red spring. You want it to be fairly easy to push away. Here you go into a nice mermaid stretch, so like with closest to the bars up, the other leg is behind us. We're gonna gently press away, keeping tall, keeping long. We want more space on the bottom side, lengthening lot of space for our ears.

Like your long dangly earrings. You're going to take a breath. We're going to twist towards the bar. Can you take me outside hand and go a little bit further and out? Twist over so our arms are crossed. You're going to come up looking over your back shoulder and then press away and an inhale looking up and behind you.

No Way. Oh, I keep looking for the dolphin and then away and then adjust. We take our top arm back up. Okay, check. Do you have space for your long earrings and then stack your spine and then release. Okay, so let's write away switch hand on the center of the bar. We're going to inhale. Exhale. Okay, check the space. Top arm is going to go down and then across we're going to inhale up, keeping wit through collarbones and then exhale round them and then inhale and lift, and then exhale and hollow.

Go more time opening. Shoulders here and then press away and then check your shoulders. Come up all the way to release. Hey, can you bring your feet to the floor? We're going to do a half roll back for a breath in and an exhale half roll back. I'm going to hold onto the foot bar, hold onto the shoulder, Ras and a lift my legs up. Deepening my hollow round spine here. Hello.

Open shoulders are, we're going to reach one leg and then exhale to switch and, and can you go a little lower and lower and five and four, three and to, and one more each leg and good. And then bring the knees in and the ruling out all the way. Okay, nice and open here. So we still have our light string. We have one red spring. We're going to come into a lunch and right Eve's lunch. We're just going to add on a little bit to it. So show this nice and low open.

Collarbones have a nice passive easy stretch your opening through your hips a little bit. We're going to stay back here. We're going to pick up the back leg. You find the glue really engaged. The whole leg is pulling up like you're wearing a really tight pair of pants. Shoulders all the way down. Okay. As you inhale, can you reach back a little further? You're gonna bend your supporting leg, really bend, and then as you exhale, you're going to press up and straighten that leg all the way. Inhale on the way down. Exhale as you tighten, lifting up. Okay, one more time. Inhale. And then exhale.

Pull up all of your energy right up through the crown of your head. This time, as you inhale, reach down, and as you exhale, come up, you're gonna lift your toes up off the floor. Niche. Inhale, reach back, come forward over the bar and lift. Inhale, exhale, k. Ready? We're going to add on one more piece as you exhale. Full plank. Inhale, stretch, open shoulders. Collarbones are wide. Inhale, inhale. When you come up, try not to sink into your body. Not Great.

Let's keep the pelvis really lifted and four and three try landing in the exact same spot every time too. Can you hold one? I'm going to lift my foot right up so the feet are together. Matching shoulders are down. Inhale, press away. Exhale, draw the blades down your back and reach forward. Inhale, and then forward.

And one more time in there. And exhale. Good. Let's lunge down. Have a nice stretch, and then across to the other side. Alright, passives, let it go. Breathe open chest. Pelvis is tucked under, are really supported through the middle, and then press back.

Okay. Double check your support foot on the floor here. It's level, it's parallel to the reformer. Pick it up. Okay, so pulling up a lot of energy through the front. Back of the thigh. Connected. Take your breath in. Zoom down. Exhale straight. Inhale, bend, stretch. [inaudible]. Okay, ready? We're going to add the little jumps of inhale on the way down.

Exhale. Just start little jump. Inhale, reach away. Exhale, a little lift. Good. Exhale, a little lift. Okay. Ready is the fun part. We XLE lift. Inhale away, come over the bar and then away. Good. Exhale and hips are high. Good. Three more. Exhale, lift and stretch and two and stretch.

Can you hold one? Placing the feet. Shoulders are all the way down. Long Spine. Inhale, reach away again, no arching. Keep the lift. Exhale, pulling forward. One. Inhale blades wide and on your back like a set of wings. Exhale, polling them down and then one more inhale, and then exhale. Let's land and stretch. I can come all the way in. Okay, I'm going to grab hold of my box here.

I'm bringing it up as a long box onto the reformer. Make sure you bend your knees to lift the box. Alright, let me have a seat just facing away from the springs away from the bar. I still have a fairly light Springer's have one spring red and I'm going to take the straps up all the way over my knees like I'm putting on a pair of pants. It doesn't matter if the, if this job is to the inside or the outside of your leg, whatever works for you.

Just lie. Okay, nice and tall spine. We're going to inhale and you're going to want to come forwards. You're almost off of the box. Don't lots of space and we're going to exhale ruling back, hauling out the abdominal scooping out. We'll all the way down and then release. Okay.

Support your neck. Think of a bowling ball. Just dropping into your hands here. We're going to nod the chin, round your spine from the ribs, bow forward. Okay. On this, and we need to Tuck your pelvis. Your lower back is tucked and flattened into the box. We're going to take a breath, and as we exhale, let's start with the right leg. Let's lift it, bring it all the way up to tabletop.

So it's gonna go away about three inches, and then it's going to come back towards us maintaining that nice round back in Halloway knows you. Exhale, pull for three and in, Hey, can you saturate the work right down into the abdominals? That's two. Okay. And then on the exhale one, we're going to keep going, but we're going to add a twist. We're going to exhale, pull and across. And then inhale and exhale, drawing belly button d and good. Just two more exhale, po resist, and last time and good.

Lower down. Take a break. Inhale. Heavy head is the ribs. Pull you up into your curl. Tuck your pelvis, lift the left leg. Okay, I like to adjust it. Bring it up towards your knee, right? Get the most out of it. So we inhale, the leg is away an inch. We exhale, we pull one, and inhale and belly button drops in towards the spine. Two and inhale. Ready?

Three K to twist. Xcel towards the knee, up and across. Inhale, back. Exhale, up and across. And inhale. It's too hard. Exhale and okay, one more time and bring it back. Lower down. Circle your arms and hollow.

Let's roll all the way up. Nice, tall spine. Okay, unhook. Let's turn around. Stretch that out nicely. Okay. Come and bring your hands wide on the foot bar please. Tucking the pelvis, lifting your legs, pressing out as the blades. Draw down.

You lift up into extension breath, and then exhale, press away. Feel the blades wide and on your back. Opening up. Inhale, open, Eh, XL. Cool. Last time. Inhale, stretch, and then press. Okay. Now that we're all stretched out, we're going to come back. Turning around. I was going to say this is my favorite, but they're all my favorites, so all right, so I've got the same exactly. I still have my one red spring.

I'm going to take my loops and I'm going to tack and you know, Roll back. I'm going to reach my arms all the way out to the sides and then curl all the way back up and then take a breath and then exhale rural back. Alright. So reaching all the way out to the sides. Nice. And then ruling all the way back up.

Okay. And one more time, just like that. Alright. So this time, let's hold, let's bring the knees up. Okay. Find neutral through your spine please. You can let your head rest if you've got space. If you're little like me in reach the arms out to that side down and a curl. And inhale all the way back. This time as you exhale, start to roll up. And then inhale, we're just going to add a single leg reach and then back as we inhale, and then exhale the second leg, and then exhale.

Let's do two more. Lengthening, wrapping the arms out to the sides of reaching out. Rolling back. One leg, big reach. Sure. And then, well done. All right, so let those jobs guide you all the way up. Okay. So let's come off and just twist the box to the side.

So it's a short box I'm going to add, so I have all of my red springs on Mason heavy here. And then if you can take your safety strap, should it be hooked underneath? We're going to take one leg long lay and we're just gonna Hook under the safety strap. So there's quite a bit of tension. My knee is bent, sitting bones are nice and evenly weighted to start with. And I'm going to start with a lateral shift. So it's like my inner ear is being pulled all the way out until the leg straightens out. Okay, nice. Hopefully your safety's job is on there. All right, I can, we want to pull up on this leg just like in our eaves lunch.

We have a really strong leg here, glutes engaged, looked down towards your leg, make sure that your hips not back in space. We want to be nice and align. So we did our lateral shift. We're going to start to rotate from the ribs here over into our side bed. Okay. So as you inhale, can you reach down? Maybe you're going to go past the head rest towards the floor.

If you're really long, you might touch and on the exhale, lift halfway up. Try not to come out of the side bend yet. Okay? Just straight inhale on the way down. Exhale, tightening to the middle. Inhale down. Exhale. Inhale down. Exhale. Let's do four. Inhale and three, two and one. Alright, come out of it. You still got that lateral shift. You're going to do pulse towards the Bar and away for more and threes.

You really get that work right into the side body here too. And one come up. Okay, let's switch. I need the other side. Okay, so get my knees bend to started like that. I'm going to laterally shift taking a peak down, making sure the leg is in line with the body, big reach, reach, reach, and then like you're going up and over. Inhale down, exhale and tighten through the middle of the whole core gets work and I exhale to the sky, right? And let's go for four and three. Two really strong arms and one.

And then you've got that lateral shift, right? You're in a push towards the bar and reach and then push and reach. Good. Three more. Create the tension and two more. Oh, okay. Here we go. And, and then release. Come all the way. Oh good. Alright, so now let's bring this box back down to the floor.

So it's out of our space. Good. So you have really heavy springs on, so let's take them down a little bit. Let's go back to our one red spring. We're going to slide our leg straight through the center, taking arms up to the sky so you can lift your whole body up. And then just let the shoulders sink down, lots of space for your earrings.

Bow forward all the way, stretch, and then lift back up really tall spine and bow forward. And then all the way up. Okay. One more. Reach, reach, reach length and right out of the hips. And then up this time, take the right arm back, push away, and then reverse wind, windmill, the arm up to the sky. Get all that height. And then inhale, twist, exhale, push. And then, ah, good. I feel the shoulders opening here in hell. And then exhale, press open. K One more time. And Oh, I come all the way back. Let's see if we have any more heights. We lift up the shoulders, why? And Pass.

Bow Forward and then roll all the way out. Okay, let's add all of our springs again. Okay, so I have all five springs on really heavy, not gonna move the carriage at all, you know, fine hands and knees, neutral spine. We're an explore where we started and we'll take a breath in to draw the shoulders down. And as we exhale, lift the hips, drop the heels half on a nice flat back. Notice how wide your shoulders are here. Grounded through the feet, heels and toes. Bend the knees all the way down, almost touch. Take a breath, exhale and lengthen. Lots of my length now, right? And then inhale, and then exhale. Okay.

All right, well one inhale and exhale. Good. All right, so let's walk forward. Okay, we're going to drop down. Let's just take hold of the inside of the carriage then. And you were going to hang backwards. Just a little hay. Hey, can all openings in the shoulders, let everything drop. Feel your spine.

Just lengthen out for three big breath to one k. Ground through the feet. Stick your tailbone back, sweeping arms all the way. Inhale, exhale. Good. Let's take one big breath in together here, breath, and the next day, and then show there's that. Good.


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That was awesome Georgia. I really enjoyed the flow and some nice stretches added that really help open up the shoulders. Only tiny thing for me was while supine on long box and reaching up and over & curling up it went a bit fast. I was trying to get my placement and keep up. It wasnt clear where the head was supposed to be. Next time I will watch it thru first and check the correct alignment.. But great fun workout!! Thanks.
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Yep, definitely need to watch this first, as there's not enough cuing to do it without watching the monitor every second. Fun variations though.
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awesome variations that bring new awareness into familiar movements! Thank you!
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Thanks Georgia enjoyed your reformer workout - the subtlties on eves lunge and mermaid were really nice!! I am always looking for a new twist to incorporate into an exercise - and these I will use!!
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i like your wokout!!!!! great variations!!!!! thank you geogia.
Nice variations on a theme. Enjoyed having a short 30-minute routine yet lots of full-body movement.
Thanks everyone!This was the first one and I was so nervous and moving a million miles an hour.
Really enjoyed this class. Thanks
Liked the variations packed into the 30 min, but the instructor needs to be more clear with the cuing. Head positions in long box arm series are one of the areas that needed clarity. I realize we can watch the video before doing it but why not be crystal clear the first time around.
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I really liked the cueing and was able to follow well. Hope she comes back and would love to see something longer and harder. :)
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