Class #741

Reformer Workout

50 min - Class


You asked for it! Julian Littleford is back with a high intensity Jump board class! Julian is not one to waste time, so in this 47 minutes class you will go through 4 sections of jumping interspersed with classic exercises. The first 15 minutes will help prepare you for the ever increasing intensity of this class as you move into the first of the jumping series.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Jump Board, Hand Weights

About This Video


Hello everybody, my name is Julian Littleford and I operate JL Body Conditioning Pilates in Del Mar, California. I have two of my greatest teachers here with me, they've been kind enough to demonstrat...


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That was fantastic!!! It is so nice to see Julian back with a class - I love the pace and depth of his classes - always a wonderful challenge. Hope to see more!!
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Heyyyyyy:) julian is back. Thank you very much.
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i needed this energy. amazing! Thank you!
1 person likes this. good to learn from Mr Littleford again! Great session - sure to be repeated! Thank you
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Yea Julian!!! Wow, fantastic class! Thank you thank you! Really wish I had air-conditioning...
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Fantastic. Great fun!!!! Love that you told us how many springs and colors!!!!
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Nicely Done Julian!! Loved it!!
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Julian, you are back with same vigor and challenges! Holy moley, I am pooped now, great workout. Thank you, and you look fabulous, hope all is well!
Tried this today with my clients! Fabulous! Great to c you back! Best wishes to you!
Love you Julian¡¡¡ Fantastic class, please stay close :D
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