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Jump Board Cardio Burst

20 min - Class


In this Jump Board workout, Amy introduces jumps in first and third positions and brings in more complex leg beats/changes that are derived from ballet.  Emphasis is put on the connection of the inner thighs for these beats and she also introduces more complicated footwork or 'steps'. All jumps in this class are done in external rotation so please be aware of your hip/knee/foot alignment during your landing on the board.  These movements take coordination and strength to execute and will definitely get your heart pumping.  This 20-minute burst of cardio will be a must to come back and do again and again.  Enjoy! 
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board, Fitness Ball

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So this morning I'm going to do another jump board workout and I'm on a balanced body reformer. I have my head rest up. I have just a red and a blue spring and I'm going to be on that the whole time. So I wanted to keep it pretty consistent. I'm on a carpeted floor also, so I have a sticky mat down in front of my, the legs of my reformer so that I don't slide and slip around. So I'm actually also on this camera angle today rather than our other profile angle that I've done before. So you can see different footwork patterns instead of, I'm not going to be doing as much parallel today, a little more turnout, a few things that I've learned, you know, dance background, some of Sean's mom, some different intricate foot patterns, um, things like that.

So I'm going to roll on down and I gave myself a little bit of an abdominal warmup before doing my jump board session. And you may choose to do that as well for yourself. So you're not coming in just completely cold. And as usual, I am going to start with my jump board extended so that I can take just a quick scan of my body and get myself aligned and arms nice and long. I'm going to start with my toes up. I am going to go into a small first position this morning and like I said, most of it will be within external rotation today. All right, so I'm going to go right away with starting with some just basic jumps in. First I'm taking eight repetitions, three and four. I'm keeping my heels pulled together so that I get that inner thigh engagement.

I'm gonna go out to second position for eight two and three and four and five and six and seven. Coming back to first position, four jumps and one and two and three and second for four and one and two and three and two and first position two jumps second for two. I'm gonna do singles for four, three and four repeating the entire pattern. Aiden, first, Dan, two and three and four and five. Shoulder check. Open them up and seven and second position for eight. One [inaudible] creasing deeply in the hip joints. Stretching the toes, stretching the tops of the feet. All right, first position for four here's one again, heels together hitting the inner thigh work. Second Position One [inaudible] three and four. Two in first position.

Second position for alternating, one, two, three, four landing and first and stretch. All right, I'm going to move into a cross position which I learned in ballet. Third position my knees like third better than fifth but you can also do this pattern in fifth I would be careful with most people in fifth unless they're very well trained in turnout with their hip, knee and ankle upon this impact could be a little bit stressful on the knees and trying to turn out too much from the knee and foot rather than the hip. So for where I'm at today, my life, I'm going to go to third position and I'm focusing more in hip rotation than knee and foot. I'm going to repeat eight here and to the re and same thing I'm thinking inner thighs, staying together, pooling together in the jump. Other foot in front for eight. Here's one.

Really bringing the inner thighs in and five and six and seven like the other pattern. I'm going to go back for four one and two. [inaudible] left foot in front. Dan One. How quickly can you bring those guys together to each foot in front? Twice left single crosses for four. One, two. This is also called Sean's [inaudible]. We're going to go back for eight here.

One and four. Four three, two left leg in front. Four, eight. I'm trying to stretch the toes. Stretch my body long. Shoot. Seven, four on the right one. Feel my heart rate moving up left foot and when? Two on the right. Two on the left, singles and one and two and three and I'm landing in first and stretch.

Okay. I'm going to start with my left foot on the jump board. My right foot, this is, I learned as a COO pay, which means to cut and the copay could either be in the front on the ankle or ankle behind the foot on the back, the ankle on the back. Again, I'm going to prefer to stay in front for this and I'm just going to jump off the left land on the left. Jump land, that extended leg. We want to cut quickly into the ankle. Push off, cut, push off, cut, push off, cut, push off and again, this is a lot in one leg. I'm on a red and blue. You could absolutely go lighter. Chip, you want the dynamic of cutting in two more. Last one and then just extend place your foot and other side.

All right, important to jump from the glutes through the fide to the foot. Here we go. One cut in to cut in. I'm not taking my extended leg two turned out or definitely not too low to the ground strengthening to extend it out. Cut in eight more. I'm gonna my hands now.

Just went to my hips when a feel for my pelvic stabilization. Six, seven and eight. Okay. Going to the first side again for eight. Now I will show a little variation of the jumping leg. It's okay to jump straight up and down.

It's also acceptable to flick this leg a little more out to the side. I'm going to do eight Mike. That one. Cut Two, cut three shoe four. Watch the ribcage. Watch the pelvis. Seven and eight other side stretch. Place the foot here I go out, cut out, cut in, cut in, cut in am for three.

Shoe to last, one in in stretch place both feet. Feel free to add some porter raw. I may do that in a moment. Now I'm going to do is yet tay [inaudible] left foot is on the jump board. Little turnout. My right foot is not touching the board. I'm actually going to jump, kind of brushed my foot and flick it again out to the right and change feet.

It'll land on my right foot. I'm going to do a few in slow motion brush the jump board. Rush, the jump board rush so that Kobe, I showed you a minute ago. Now I'm landing foot behind. I'm gonna repeat this for a little while. Rush Land Rush.

Trying to look at the jump board slightly so I follow the corners of the board. Rush, strong. Jump off your standing leg rush and add a little arm rush and rush and rush show. Again. I'm my jumping leg. I am slightly jumping a little out to the side. Yeah, for more jump, jump and jump and rush land.

And let's rest for a minute. I'm going to go back to the first series, eight eight, four, four and twos. When to take a little breath. I'm going to come back to the single third position. Jumps. I'm going to go into some showers, Ma and teach you another one. So here we go. For eight oh one and back to something basic.

[inaudible] he heals together. Stomach tight. [inaudible] second position one. [inaudible] you don't want cardiovascular benefit. Sure. Four one, two, three second position. One, two, three, two in each position one.

Wow. Singles. Hello, hold, stretch and place the right foot in front. Let's do eight here. Keeping third position, pulling those inner thighs together and up. Six, seven other foot in front. San One. Hello, back of thighs. Inner thighs.

Rolling. Four right foot in front. Ah, left. Wow. Two. Whoops.

Singles, switch, switch, switch, switch. Land in first. All the way up. Okay. The shortish my right foot in front. I'm going to land with my left in front. My writer's just going to change. Change, change. Inner thighs. No.

So this is really a one leg changing once or two legs changing twice. All right, I'm thinking of my right leg is going behind the left in front of the left, behind the left, front of the left behind. You could also think it's your left leg going behind and then front behind and in front for three to land in first. And again, I'll stretch and hold. I'm going to take my leg up, give my foot a little circle. All right. And Change.

[inaudible]. Okay. More changing. So if I start in third and do my watch, my right leg, I'm going to try to do very clear here. It's going to beat behind the left land in front. Meet land beat land.

It's like a twist of the thighs in right behind, right in front. Right behind, right in front. Sure. Let's take four, three, two, last one and whole stretch. Okay. We'll go to the left leg in front. It's gonna beat behind the right and land in front. Here I go, beat back, land in front, back, back, back, back for more. One to beat, back and back and rest. Okay.

Contra HSA, trois three changes. We went from one, two and three aren't Trisha Cot is four. So instead of changing, it's going to do a beat back front land and back. Then the left leg will be the front leg and it's going to go beat back, front land and back. All right, so this is an alternating pattern. It's interesting on the jump board because the chance of the feet kind of getting down at the bottom is increase. You increase it, um, rather than standing in vertical. So I'm going to do my best not to lose my footwork where I am here near the top of the board. Okay, so I'm going to start in my ple.

A right is going to go back front. Landon back, left, back, front, back, right back, front, back, back, front, back, back, front, back, back, front, back. It's helpful to repeat it to yourself. Back Front, back, Cho, pack, front pack, back, front, back, back, front, back and back. Front, back and back. Front for one and two and three and four and rest. So we've learned basic.

So satay we've learned a third position. So Tay, we've learned some Shaunish ma, some entre, HSA Trois and some entre Schuchat some. So Taiz some genetic coupé has some jetty, lot of information. So what I want to do now is go into econd position. I'm going to hold my arms out. I'm going to take my legs and jump in econd and then beat in and land in econd.

When it irst do about our, just to set myself. Wow. When it beat in beat land beat to beat twice. Beat, beat, land, beat, beat, land, beat, beat. You may see where I'm going here. hree beats. ne, wo, hree. ne, wo, hree. ne, wo, hree. I'm gonna try our guys. ne, wo, hree, our. ne, wo, hree, our, ne, wo, hree, our. Going back down to hree. ne, wo, hree, ne, wo, hree, ne, wo, hree, ne, wo, hree, wo, ne to land. Once you land, once you land singles, beat and beat and beat.

And last ne, I'm going to land in irst and I'm going to stretch a little vigorous workout. I'm going to take my figure our stretch all the way at the bumper. I'm going to bring my thighs toward me. Ah, feeling the heart rate, feeling my sweat dripping off my forehead. [inaudible] so work on practicing that next jump world class I'll do, I'll try to do a little bit more of a string, more of that together.

But if you load the names of the, of the beats, it'll be easier next time I think for stringing it together. Ah, and I'm going to do ne last stretch, which we'll incorporate it a little side stretch and a back extension or hip flexor stretch. And I'm gonna use my a physio ball again. Here we go. So I'm gonna Kneel on my left knee and extend my right nice. Along to the side, little close to the reformer and just get a beautiful side stretch.

Take my other arm in any long gate. Let's take some good breathing here. Opening up the side that are to the ceiling using the support of the ball. Ah, so if you have an extra ifteen twenty minutes and wants and jump board, that'll fix ya. Right. I'm going to do my other side.

Yeah, beautiful stretch. You're free to go over the top of it a little more. That makes more sense. [inaudible] and then last, I'm going to do a little back extension. So I'll turn toward the reformer and I'm going to start seeding little squat back against it and reaching the arms forward and just taking your body over. I think most of you have done something like this. Many of you have.

I'm using a ball. I think it's a ifty five centimeter ball. I like to make sure my head is on it. I don't think it's safe to stretch with your head and supported at all. So you've got to make sure your head is on there. If you feel dizzy, you want to come out of it pretty quickly. Yeah, it was. I opened my arms out, stretching that chest. Let me get my abdominals ready to bring my head forward.

I'm gonna do wo more of those. Ah, trying to keep my spine nicely imprinted onto the ball, much like it was a spine corrector. I'm gonna take that nice big stretch. Breathing into it. [inaudible] wo more times and breathing in [inaudible] and open last time. [inaudible] Ah, and there we go. Done for this job board class.

I'll see you next time. Thank you.


I love your teaching style.
Shoshana Goldstein
Austin, Texas
This was a great class. Fantastic instruction!!!- Thank you- Stacy
Thank you Shoshana! :)
Thank you Stacy.....I appreciate your feedback! :)
I love jumping with no shin splints or ankle pain! Hooray! Thank you for the great class!
Hi Stacey.....yay---no shin splints or ankle pain! That is good news for sure! Thanks for taking class!
Easy to follow! Nice and clear instructions. Good jump board ideas! Thank you
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Hi Emily! Thank you.....glad you enjoyed class.
Awesome. You great. Sue BASI Johanneburg
Hi Sue, thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the class!
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