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Amy Havens brings you a well-paced rhythmic Mat class in just 30 minutes. If you don't have a whole lot of time but still want a workout that moves you right along at the intermediate level, this is the workout for you today.
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So we're going to do a math class this afternoon. We'll start at the back of the Mat and let's work in a nice parallel position to take a quick scan down the edges of the feet. So we'll work at a nice rhythmic pace. Try to get a good workout in, uh, maybe half hour. Take a good breath in. Okay.

And let's roll down top of the head, keeping the knees a little bit forward of the ankle joints. I'm just going to have us do three standing roll downs, breathing in at the bottom and then the XCL heavy Seagram restack the spine. Open up those shoulders and we'll go again. And hailing the strength in the center of the body. Opening up the back. Nice long loose arms from the shoulders, breathing in and exhale.

So starting at that pelvis and round the sacrum down, long up through the size one last time we'll probably add a walkout to plank when we get down there, I think a little weight bearing into the hands. We will. So walking out onto your hands about four or five steps onto our front support. Just opening up the fingers, Middle Finger, point and forward. Stand with the feet nice and close together. Let's just hold for three to four breaths feeling as though we're pushing the floor away and also pulling ourselves up away from the floor.

Sacrum under, slightly softening the elbow so we're not locking out. And now let's go ahead and jump the feet to the Hales. I don't think we'll knock it. It's good. And then come on now let's roll back onto our back. Oh right. So I think we'll go right up into the 100 let's bring our knees first into our chest. Take the hands under the shins, lift the head and chest up and get a little curl.

Actually even with the tailbone so that tail can come up and the head can come toward the chest. And let's extend our legs out to a v little soft feet here and let's go ahead and start the pumping arms and inhale three, four, five. Exhale. So that nice broad chest, strong pump from the back of his shoulder. [inaudible] by activating those low deep abdominals. The tailbone might be a little unweighted. Just a little unweighted off the mat.

Peeling that strength in the high inner thighs. [inaudible] [inaudible] ten two, three, four, five, two, three, four, five. So it's parallel the legs. I'm going to have us come into table top with the legs. Go right into single leg stretch actually. So one leg forward, one leg in, that's fine. Either way. Exhale change and one.

Oh, so we're working 90 at hip flexion and knee flection on the leg coming in. Six and seven. Let's go eight more. Same Tempo. Curl up off the shoulders, just a little higher. Three and four and four and three and two and last one. So let's go in for double leg stretch three times. Inhale, arms and legs.

Circle the arms and around getting the chest heavy. The spine heavy. One more long extension and closing in. Okay. Press the shins again. Lower the head and chest. Now we'll take our legs out on the mat, arms up over our shoulders.

Take a moment to squeeze the legs in and let's work into our roll up. And a feeling I was going to need a little momentum on that first one. So shoulders stacked above the pelvis, belly pulling way back. Inhale, and let's pull this stomach even deeper. Getting rolling over the back of that sacrum imprint. Stretching the arms without losing the ABS and Inhale, oh, how deeply pulling back through the tummy. And again, rolling back, laying down bone by bone, stretching the arms without arching the spine.

Let's take two more. [inaudible] Lynn, the energy long through the legs as he abdominals. Pull back away from them and we roll back through the spine. And one more time. Inhale, lengthen, pulling up over. So let's take a little bit of the rhythm. Pulsing this forward. Stretch.

[inaudible] thinking about not just like it said, it's not a balance. We're stretching the lower back, angling the sacrum under. And let's take four, three, two and last one. We'll roll back as we get our back down. We're going to bring our legs up. We can go right into rollover.

I'm actually going to have us move a little bit on the mat. So bring your hips forward slightly. Yeah, let's do two of each. So as we roll over first, the legs will be together. Let's breathe in first tailbone lifts. Pick up the hips, take the body over the shoulders. Now flex the feet. And today let's drop the feet to the floor. Open the feet, the width of the mat corner and roll your spine down. Slow, steady, controlled.

I'm going to bring my legs down about 60 degrees. Sweep them in together. Up to 90. Inhale and over the shoulders to the floor with the feet. Feel that hard. Reach through the heels. Open the legs, breathing in. And here we go. To roll down.

So as I'm trying to think of bringing my spine toward Yulia, you think of bringing your [inaudible] fine toward me and length and down. Now let's go over with legs apart. [inaudible] toes did the floor legs come in hard stretch through the ankles. Inhale, exhale. Leaving my heels, reaching back, but trying to reach my vertebra across to my partner. Long stretch through the spine. Legs down, open around. Here we go. Last one. Okay. Over toes or the floor.

Legs in breathing, rolling the spine, creating space between those bones. Feel the flow, Laura. Feel the shoulders. Press. Now let's hold the legs up for just a second here. Flex and point the feet just four times, okay to collate the toes and flex. Depressing the shoulders back as well. Last one, flex and point.

Let's send the right leg down today to the mat. Once it's down there, take an extra thought of a stretching from the hip to the foot. Anchor the leg and will soften the left foot for our leg circles. Five cross round and lift. Concentrating on the bottom leg, pressing into the floor. Last one, cross around and up. Five the other way.

No loose in that hip, not using momentum, but a little swinging quality. Last one around and here. Now hands behind the thigh. Pull it in toward the body a little bit. Bring the chest to the thigh so we're increasing some scissor happening in there. Let's go ahead and hold that stretch. Let's take the body back down and we'll let go of the leg, the leg where it is, and once again we'll do some percussive rhythm. Pulsing the leg to the body and exhale, trying to find those low abs there in with the hip flexors, the other legs scissoring out long [inaudible] and for three, two, and whole.

Now is it goes down. The other comes up. Wait, so that bottom leg anchors down. Here we go. Crossing over. Inhale, exhale around an up, cross around and left. Free up that socket. Okay, now five the other way. Yeah, remaining pressed back with their shoulders last time. Yeah, behind the thigh. Square that hip and raise the head and chest.

Go for a little deeper stretch in our hamstrings, laying the head and chest back down and once again, establishing that position of the leg, letting go. Try to hold the leg right there. That's actually low abdominals and of course it flexors pulsing the leg. The other leg is stretching. Long foot can be relaxed. Good. And four, three, two, and one. Now let's bend the both knees into the chest. Hold onto those shins, raise the head and chest and start a little rocking from the mat.

And the rocking wood is going to bring us up on the next one. We're going to hold our balance. I'm gonna reposition my hands. Go ahead and get a little lower. We'll go right into rolling like a ball for five or six, maybe six repetitions. Here we go.

And tailbone up and chest up and tailbone up and chest up. So we've got our elbows slightly open away from our thighs. Scoop [inaudible] last two [inaudible] and our last one, uh, extend your left leg out to me and roll on back down to the mat. So we already did a couple of the already ab series, so let's go into our scissor and pull. Pull, pull, pull. I liked this actually getting a chance to really emphasize my leg, reaching across my mat to my partner. Stretch.

[inaudible] reach a little higher to the angle. There are four, that's it. Three, two and whole. Let's go double straight leg. We'll just go down. Let's see if we can get our toes toward each other and exhaling. Yeah, toes or heels. I don't care. And we go lifting the chest up off the floor.

Last to retreat. Treat, retreat. And last time, there we go. No, Chris Cross. How about going to the left and twist and West? Is this the crown of my head? We're in a little knothole behind me on my mat or a little corkscrew.

I'm twisting within that spiral. [inaudible] and for, we've gotten longer because we hitting toes and last twist right there. Whole Neesan. Let's rock herself up and then move back for spine. Stretch forward. So here we are tall. You know, let take an extra breath or two to sit reaching through the heels as if we're right against the wall as both of our arms. Just a tad. In fact, you know what?

Let's go like this and as we exhale, I'm going to his. If we holding a ball, rounding forward, reach the ball, the imaginary object toward the front of the Mat. At the same time the abdominals are pulling way back. The heels are reaching from way long gate in his spine. Let's take a breath and roll back up to sitting. Leaving those shoulders down, arms a little lower.

You get good Andrey variety and exhale. Now their breath cycle reaches us further trying to keep our weight. Go ahead. I'm just going to take a peak weight on the Sitz bones rather than in front of the sitz bones. So we've really got that nice placement of pelvis stacked but our spine bending forward further and let's roll up from there. We'll leave our shoulders down. We'll do it one more time and XCO so attempting more Ben, but without shifting off of our sits bones, I'd rather shift.

They want to not shift and a flex through my feet. And let's roll up. Since we're ready to go for a spine to us, let's go ahead and just take this here but arms, legs together. And for a moment of visual that our arms actually we're going to take our arms a little further behind our back and in front. So we'll do a, let's say an XL back. Feel the back rollerblades together. Shoulder blades apart, shoulder blades together. Nice. Two more times though. Really reaching the chest out.

Now what if we stayed here? Well, we're going to stay here. Why am I doing that today? Our eyes to the side. Breathe in. Now let's pull us to the uh, the brick wall. Then chest, chest, and chest and chest, chest, chest, God, growing taller, reaching through both heels evenly and west to west. Twist four more to go a little over.

And the chest, chest, chest, chest. It's almost like I'm reaching this arm to war. Do to, there we go. And let's go center. Let's point the feet a little soft and we'll stir. Do No. Oh other way. Shoulder work. Now we'll take the arms circle up to three, four, five, six, seven and down to, wow.

Let's go up again. [inaudible] good and down. Two and three. Four, five, six and seven and eight. Open like rocker. Yeah. Alrighty. So let's take a little checkout. We're parallel with our legs, arms, nice and straight, but not locked. And then feeling the weight. Nice.

And even on the back of this sits bones are really the coccsyx and let's roll. That might've been preemptive of me to roll and exhale and we roll back. [inaudible] taking three. There we go. Oh, Lacrosse the sacrum. [inaudible] feel the shoulder slide a little. That's what we needed. Let's take three more sacred shoulder slide. Maybe those bones say crumb.

Sure. What are blades slide. It's working. One more sacred and shoulder blades. Slide Amy. There we go. Legs together. Okay. Going down. Preparation for corkscrew so our legs will stay relatively where they are.

Our arms will reach. We'll let go of we did and we're rolling back or legs are staying there. It's as if I'm still trying to reach to Leah with my legs. I really am trying to reach to Leah [inaudible]. My arms are going to come down now bring the legs up to 90 let's take a rollover. We'll roll down the right side of the spine.

Feel free to make this a bigger gesture with the legs if you want to. I'm a lunch. I'm not going to go too big, but I'm coming down the right side of my spine. Cross the right sacrum, left side up around and center. Now down the left is that opposite shoulder stays anchored. [inaudible] rounding up down the right side. Swing around, tail over, up to the center. One more time.

Ah, round it up. Now as we come down, we're going to come right up to a sitting position for saw. Tada. We did it. Inhale the gala. So let's twist to the brick wall handling twist chest again. Now reach a little bit. Let's take a moment. Reach the back arm, back front, arm front. If you have it, I need to turn and look at that back arm and press it up a little bit. And then restack sitting. Let's go to the right, the other side and reach back.

Arm is up weighted on that opposite sits bone. We'll do four more with a little more flow and kind of that quintessential wringing out the body. Good. Squeeze Zen. Fill up the lungs last one around and exhale and let's roll ourselves up and lower arms. Feet can swing around outside in our sticky mat. We'll come on down.

Okay, so let's start with neck roll. So the legs extended hands are by the shoulders. I'm actually going to have us put our hands a little bit more toward the sides of the chest rather than shoulder. That'll put the elbows a little yeah above the floor, scoop up into the abs and let's go ahead and reach first through the crown of the head. Continue that feeling as we start lifting the chest up. I'm not going to go any higher than the base of my ribs on the mat. Good.

Feeling the energy in the upper back and mid back was Turner. Head to our right shoulder, neck roll. So looking down towards the fingertips across the front of the chest, over to the other shoulder and back to center. We can inhale, turn the opposite way and XCO circle around and back to center. We'll do one more each way and twist. Exhale, the whole, all the while the shoulder blades are setting on the back low and down around center. And let's bring the chest down. Keeping the hands there. Let's move into Swan. Full breaths to bring us up and to feel the upper back.

Really get the first part of Swan. You're fine and you're fine. Feel good. Stretch across the hips and we've got ourself pressed up. Our arms are locked. We've got a good strength through our legs going back and if someone had a hold of our ponytails and gave us a little pull back, our upper back might come up and back a little more. Right? I'm coming down just forward long front of spine.

Two more swan. Full breath brings us up. So you might even think, what if someone had their hand behind you helping your head come back over your shoulders. The sternum forward and up the legs. Strong hamstrings. Active. Just a little bit. Quite a lot actually. And coming down longer. Longer. We're each, we'll have one more and we press never not exploring the extension out the length out. The higher we go. I'm still thinking of that.

The out and the up. The out in the up left I says hole, maybe three preps, dive arms out to the side and we won up. Keep going and do and three. Thank you Leah and then come all the way down. That wasn't planned. [inaudible] bummer. Good. Okay, let's come up into a cat back position. Nice.

Restretch the lower back. So here we are. Open up the hands, press your shins onto the mat, really pressed the Shin so that we can find that Lumbar flection and deeply round the head toward the tail and the tail toward the head. Pressing those shins might trigger a deeper contraction in the belly. Check that we're not shrugging the shoulders and let's go back out in just to a neutral spine. So I'm still activating triceps and lats. Breathing in. Yeah, a little bit less ruby and exhale and crural. Press the Shin bones. Press the shins that could the pubic bone come closer to the forehead.

Good the forehead. Get closer to pubic bone. Could the head get between the arms? Will the spine go up? Recalculate. All of those thoughts. Just come back into flat. Back from our flat back. We're going to step back with one foot and then the other.

So we're back into that front support position and let's move our front support front and back and we're just going to pull our chest towards each other and push away. We've got our pool and push concept. You could do it by thinking of your feet, but that about thinking of the shoulders and the shoulders. Two more shoulders, shoulders. Pick up those low abs, shoulders and shoulders. Bend the knees down. Just one weight the wrist for a moment. Breathe it in. That's our moment. We're coming up once again into that front support.

Now you'll see some extension on Miss Leah here. Reach your right leg up. We're going to go into a little arabesque. I've got some, but she's got more work with what you have and then push a little bit extra, right? So I want us to have our pelvis square. Yup. Our hands are sweaty, so a square pelvis, that's our air beske right now. As we come down to front support, our leg will come down, but it doesn't drop all the way to the floor. We're going to lead with the foot, paint the ceiling with the sole of the foot.

Press the ceiling up or hands are sweaty, squaring the hips and we come back down. We'll do one more on this side already and we're pulling our weight up also into our core of our body. Pressing that lake. How about five pulses? Leave with our glutes and one, three, four, and five. We can bring it all the way down. I'd like us to step our foot down. Come off the hands. I've got to dry my hands off. Second and other side.

I might want to put my body in a different part of the mat. Okay, so the support got herself supported in her core. Left leg will lift. Here we go. He's squaring those hips. Bellies, draw, pulled up and in ribs aren't arching forward. Lift a little higher. Now let's come down. Chest over those risks. And two more. Lead with the sole of the foot equal push through the arms and coming down.

One last time. Yes, there we go. Now let's pull set for five and one, two, three, four, five and come down. And once again, I want just to take weight off of our hands just for a moment. Take a few collective breaths. Uh, let's try nick. Paul, why not check it in?

Chicken out. So we've got a nice hand hold. Our hands are stacked behind her head or interlaced. Either way, elbows aren't too wide, which could cause an arch of the spine. So let's bring our ribs back. A little soft in the middle with the ribs flex. And here we go. Hindering away from each other. Do what we can rolling back, because as soon as you touch the head, come right up. Oh, good. Round over.

Now try to the same thing as in spine. Stretch forward. Get your weight back on the back of the coccsyx a little bit and then roll up to sitting. It's hard to talk and I mean back and curl coming up. [inaudible] oh yes. Exhale. Keep the sacred where it is. Round over. We'll do one more.

All the way back and down. Controlling the flection and curling up. Up and up and up. Over. Cool. Let's roll up. Woo. Okay, let's go back on to our front. Let's go into double leg kick. We can stack the hymns.

Okay, dropping those elbows down. Let's do four. Start the legs a little bit extended above the mat. Let's take a breath. Here we go. Three kids coming in. One, two, three. Now stretch the arms back and one is to keep your legs up. Let's again, think about this chest. The arms are lifted. They're also reaching back to the feet, but the chest is up.

Now turn the head first. The arms come in, we repeat, and we kick. One, two, three. We reach up. Chest, legs, or long other side. Yes. And Pelvis is flat. Two, three. Inhale and weight lift. One more exhale. And one, two, three. Inhale, stretch. You're gonna love it. Open the arms out to this side.

So let's just hold here and do our flutter legs. They're swimming legs with our arms in a t. Breathing. You're gonna love this and hate it too. Sorry, but take just your right arm by your right side and look to it. So it's a slight side bend.

The other arm is still out to a tee if it can be there and out to the t with the right arm. Once around the other side, side bend, left, reaching left. Oh, fueling the back and arms to a t. And then from there, lower the legs. Place the hands under the shoulders. And once again, we'll push herself up. This start, I'm really resting into the lower back. So that might mean your rest pose or your child's pose hands can come by the cheeks or the temples. Take a good breath. Okay, so we're going to come in just into one more front support and try some.

We'll do some pushups. Three. I'm thinking getting those shoulders organized. So as we bend our elbows, we're gonna keep them very close to our ribs. Inhale, exhale, push two more times. And inhale. Last one, exhale by the hips. Let's walk our feet in to our hands. Bend the knees enough that you know that they're bent and rotate the pelvis down and under just a little bit. Drop that head a few deep breaths.

No. As we go to straighten the knees, try to keep the chest close to the thighs for added stretching, lengthening. Notice that the [inaudible] doesn't drop back on the heels. Kind of a false sense of lengthening the legs, getting weight really centered over those arches. Now let's go ahead and put our hands back on her heels and let's get her head a little bit lower if not right on those shins. So we're very warm. That's why I'm taking us into this nice stretch of the legs. Take three more breaths.

[inaudible] [inaudible] so then what I'd like us to do, we're going to come down for a couple more things. You put your hands down, sit down on Juke towards your heels. And let's actually face the brick wall. We'll both face the brick wall on our inside arm. Okay. And a little bit of our twist organizing things. So legs are a little further out toward the back corner. They're not real close up into our waste. Our hand is nice and open here.

Hand is out from the hip. Let's take a nice breath first. Feel that solid shoulder ready to put weight on it. Here we go. And lift up. Now instead of going right up into side, then yes, we're going to try to, we can't see ourselves. So we're hoping that we're lying straight. But that's part of this wonderful practice is learning without having to see in a mirror all the time. Now if we go into a side bend from here, the bottom waist lifts up. That top wastes lifts up. You can let your head go, try squeezing the legs, push the floor away, lift a little bit higher, lift a little higher fam the ribs.

And then as we come down, we'll pass through that flat line, but we'll bend our knees and set our hip down. Just gently. One more like that. Nice and clean and trying to establish the diagonal first. Press up with the hips, never feeling that loss of pushed into the floor as we lift up through the hips. Little bit extra squeeze and let's come all the way down gently, easily, and we'll flip over to face in the front. Same exercise twice. Yes. Sweaty.

All right. Okay. All right, so arm is long. We're ready with a solid shoulder and we're breathing. Exhale, come up. So here we go again. Bottom waist lifts up top, waist lifts up top, arm curves overhead standing into those feet lift and let that head go. Push a little more with the solid arm on the floor.

Lift a little more in the hips. Breathe and exhale coming down, bending the knees. A lot of gentle tap. One more time and exhale up to the diagonal. Okay, you're fine. I think I did go there first day kind of in a place here and then exhale and lift. Pushing the floor away, pushing the floor away, trying to lift those hips high and Ben and Ben and coming down. Good. Okay. Since we're here, ready for a little opposite side.

[inaudible] your hands onto your ankle or calf. Shin for a little mermaid, the little arm by the ear. And as we exhale, we're long side Ben, we're not compressing down on the inside waist, trying to get long of both sides and let's add a little rotation to it so we can turn the torso wants you to put your hands on that Xi and also let the head come down and pull back into the low back. Ah, and come all the way up and re reach that top arm and then coming over. Just don't onto your elbow for a little opposite side. And I know we've just stretched out that sights. We won't see you there long. Let's come up and just swivel the legs and do our mermaid on the other side. Feeling that long arm reaching through the air close to the head and we go up higher and side bend toward each other.

Nice long spine. Breathe again and the exhale initiating in the center of the body, rounding through the back and shift the weight onto the back of that hip. Slightly. Pull that core back and then we'll reach out one last time. Return down onto that elbow. Just one last gesture to the side.

And then our last exercise will be our seal. We'll do seal. So we'll do six on the sixth one will stand to finish. It's why I moved back and I want to get you all right. So our seal, now it's up to you. If you want to do your open close over the shoulders, it's up to you. If you want to do open close, let's practice it here. Just three tight little one, two, three. So we roll two, three up. One, two, three.

It's a little balance when we come to the top. So the belly has to stay back. One, two, three. There's three of them. We have three more. Yeah. And two. One, two, three. Up Care. Last one. We're going to let go. Tuck the knees in. Get your chest over your legs.

That's fine. All the way to Stan. Thank you. Not Fun. That was fun.


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I liked your faster pace but always love the props you have when doing your pilates exercises.
Great work in short amount of time. Loved your cues as usual, especially for Saw and Swan. Thank you.
Just what I needed - on hols and needed a good workout in short time to keep my body in check. Great cueing! Thank you.
Hi Elaine.....thank you....and I'll get some props in the mix next time!
Thank you so much Kerry!!
Hi Eimear......thank you.......glad you enjoyed this short class! Talk to you soon!
This clas was awsome! Great pace and smooth transition, and 30 minutes was just perfect lentgh! Thank you!
Great class! I loved then cue "press your shins into the mat" during quadraped. Thanks!
Sonja.....thank you for the comments and thank you for taking class with me!
Hi Christine.......glad that cue worked for you! It's a good one isn't it? It really helps me get into my lower abs and connects me to lengthening my lower back----which I'm always looking to do!
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