Class #768

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Michael King returns with another wonderful Mat class put to music. Let Michael take you on a ride that will have you focusing on balance, precision and stability. In his usual style, Michael progressively adds to the complexity of the movement patterns. Michael's class is a good mix of standing and floor work with the end result being a complete workout that will leave you rejuvenated and feeling strong.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

About This Video


Hi, I'm Michael King. Welcome sue. Palazzi is today with me and we're gonna be using the ring as a prop for the first part of the class. In my mat work classes, I always start standing and it was fini...


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Yo tambien encantada! What a special class. What a special teacher. What a special feeling after sharing an hour with them both. Mil gracias.
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Wao! So inspirational! Thank you!
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Love your gracious and flowing style. What an enjoyable workout! Thank you!
Guys, thank you for the comments, if you like the music you can download from my web site shop :Inner Harmony
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Michael, great class!! I loved the flow and I personally enjoy working out to music . It helps me stay in sync, is soothing and helps me to stay focused and energizes me when I need it to..
You have a great voice too, so its a double pleasure. Ty for offering the link to your music.
Would love to see you come back to PA and teach a class on your soft roller! Great class!
great class! we are looking forward to seeing you again in belgrade!
Hi Guys
Herr is the link to the music
// /product-detail.aspx?PID=35
The link that Michael King mentions aboveThe Link
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Magnífica clase, gracias Michael.
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