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Michael King returns with a graceful Wunda Chair workout using the Peak MVe Chair that flows to an uplifting music soundtrack. He teaches steps of choreography that are incorporated into a combination, with the focus on the quality of the movement and the breath. This fun and enjoyable class is suited for those with previous chair experience.

Because this class moves quickly and is very challenging, we recommend watching this class before trying it if possible so you can see the sequences that Michael teaches.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair

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Dec 24, 2013
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Hi, I'm Michael King and welcome to plot is anytime and welcome to the MV Choreography class. If it's your first time using the chair, let me explain. The chair is really easy to vote just with the springs. We have settings of one, two four and to adjust you just pull out the stopper, take it up to one or two or three and take it down in lower bound, it's really easy, very quick to change. This class can be done without the MVG. Yeah, you can use a regular one. The chair for this, it just takes some time to take a little bit more time to change the springs. As always. With the springs, it depends on how you are working in the day, but we want to be working around a medium spring tension.

Sometimes we the more heavier springs it aids, but something I always tell my class, it's about not fighting the springs. The springs should be there really to help you to challenge you but not fight with. So if you feel you're struggling during the class, please go ahead and adjust the springs and find the right spring setting for you would be breaking down the choreography and then putting the code together today in a combination. So have fun with the choreography and as I say, you could always rewind the video and go back and watch the film again and learn the choreography. As always, it's about the quality of movement and we're using music today, which is going to help sometimes the movement. Sometimes I'm teaching this class, we break it down first without music. So we teach the movement first, especially with a a lower level class, and then we add the movement and the music to it. So hope you enjoyed the class. Let's go ahead and start with your feet apart powder.

Think about how we're standing today. Make your spine as long as it can be. Go ahead and connect the center, drop your shoulders down, your back. Before we start the movement, just focus on the rhythm of the breath. Remember, plot is breath and movement together. So go ahead and take a breath in and as you breathe out, lengthen out. Remember, justice brings is we're working with a combination. Let's start.

We can we think out now with the right Tom's circle up. Push up. Push again. Take it down. Push reach. One more time. We shout now. Balance Out. Read out. Roll down. Push down. 11 up. Remember, connect the sensor. If you need to suffer the knees. Go ahead and soften the knees.

Lengthen the spine quick. Roll down. Keep the shoulders engaged. One more time. Could reach out. Breathe out slowly. Roll down. Now let's take your diagonal with the right arm. Push down. Lift up. Now with the Left, Huh? Circle app. Babylon push.

Let's take the leftover dialogue right down. Lengthen. I'm pushing. Take the ride. Tell him again. Push on the ranch. Left on Babylon. Left on which down shadows, right Tom. Let's put those last two things together. So with a balance, please read out your chef. Roll down right. Tom Pushed down several. The leftover, the head us back to the balance breed path.

Take the center. Check your shoulders, roll that left off and lift us right Tom. Circle over balance again. Greed to chef and take a breath. Roll down, right Tom, who share and live the cycle, the left balance up and roll down. Left arm. Michelle, say that all over. Stretch out and make it a little big at each time. Too Low times we that I'm slowly down. Roll. Is that right Tom? Take it across. Push down, settle over. We can crow the bar as you go. Up and down.

Beat the resistance. Keep the quality of movement left. Arm Up. They did right there though. Let's go back to the circles. Secular, right up pusha again. Lengthen. Good. Both arms circled back. Reached two more times.

One more and come down. I'm going to turn my chair to the side or you to come around to the front of the side. I want to sit on the edge of the chair. No, open out to the side. You can let your leg for info come to the front. Open the arms out. Take a breath in. Reaching over. Lateral stretch. Push out and them up. Do that again. Push Ya and lift it up again. Try and go a little further each time. Keeping that back foot down on the floor.

Now what would it take a circle. Circle the arm forward. Circle back. Do that again as far as you can come forward and open the chest to the ceiling. Take a breath in. Breathing out. One more time. Now we're going to lift your legs up together. Push down. Stretch deck.

Control the pelvis. Lift. Do that again. Pushed. Yeah, make the spine long. Go ahead and check the head position. It's like water's coming out of here and lended out pusha reach. Little variation. Turn to face the bar. Push down. Open the legs out into split and come up again. Push down and lengthen up. Good. Do that again. Push and lengthen. One more time.

Let's come up. Change other sides. Same thing. Lateral push up again. Reach out, push, lengthen up again. Reach out and up. One more time with Shaq unless and now here's the circle. Circle Board and take it back. Take a breath in. Circle back.

Make each circle a little bigger each time. One more time. Reach this little like that lateral push side. Push and lift up. Do that again. Rush Down, control the springs. Check the shoulders. Long Spine. I remember that head position.

I'm breathing now. Turn to face the bar. Open the legs into splits. Open and push up again. Push down and lift it up. Breathe in as you go down. Breathe out. As you come up controlled, push up. Let's come back to the first side and repeat and push out nice and fluid. If you can take the leg on the floor slightly behind.

You get a little lengthening so that runs at the side. Rachelle, now circle the arm on. Do that again. Take a breath in. Take a breath again, roll and lift. One more time. You look gorgeous. Now lift up both legs out. Take it down. This time you can add a little variation. Come into a little teaser, little teaser. Worry that these up again and lift up rotation. Face the bar, split the legs and open up. Good again and push up as you come up.

Try and get the lengthening through the spine. One more time. We shot and live it up. I decide that actual and come up. Fluid movement. Reach out and push up again. Reach. How far can you guys go? Try to take it a little further further. Here's this circle. Circle forward. Take it behind again. Try One day. Touch that floor. That's a flaw. And reach back one time. Breathe in.

I'm breathing out. Lateral push as you come up. Little teaser again, rotate, push up. Check your head. Let the spine turn and face the bar. Take a breath, push down and lift it up again. Breathe again. Push down and let the one last time reach up and let them up. Come to the top of the chair. Take a breath in and breathing out. Gorgeous. Let me turn my chair to face you guys. So for the next one, we're going to wait to have the feet apart.

We're gonna circle sitting on the chair. Lift the arms up. Now it's like a swimming. So breathing in sweet Bullock, I left that up to the side, swim to the side and read it and push out to the side. Reach out. Now come up with the legs together. Handle the chair leg. Pull supine, Elvis. Lift the leg. Open the legs. Lift up. Yeah, do that again.

Legs together. Hellness brush open. Reach out again. Hang onto the center. Shoulder. Stable Reed. Open and down. One last time. Breathe. Elvis Open. Let's come back to swimming. Feet apart.

Socal route. Use The music guys. Flex the spine. Take a breath in the round. Let's do little combination. One leg both open the legs. Pelvis lifts. Two circles. Swimming toward to the right.

Good. Bring it together. This is the other side. Let's pull with the left pelvis. Open the legs. Who Shot and swimming? What? Brush and then send to the left. Back to the leg. We go open the legs. I have a son. Check the shoulders. Check the pill.

Check your breath. Read that. I'm pushed again. Can I get a little bit more rotation each time you do that? Lift me his ass. Swim. Let's swim in the ocean. Go forward. Just like those Gulf things again. Take a breath.

Breathe. Sorry. Let's do that Combo feed together. Held it open out. Swimming twice. Chicken right feet together. Lift up. Good pelvis forward, breezy. Slide. Repeat together again. Lift up long leg.

Make the lengthening open app now this time family. Yeah, lift. So lift the pelvis first, then bend the knee. Push forward, stretch. Do that again. Push one more time open. Okay. Brush swimming.

Now how far can you go? Flex. Did he open the chest? Look at the sun again. Look to the sun. Come down. Beat together. Take a breath. Long leg, pelvis like the meet up swimming pool away from the shoulders. Down. Pelvis. Lift up liquid. Open the legs.

Ventas through it. Ah, ah, open out now. Several around. Fuck. Oh, reverse, huh? [inaudible] to the front. Take a breath in the legs. It open the legs out. Breathing like this and pull down. Reaching out. Great. Let's go to the next section.

Make sure with your springs you've got some tension to help you. We're going to do a little abdominal section. Take the hands back onto the bar. Now lift the knees up. Center. Now it's all about control. Find the depth that you can go to.

So as you go down three lower. I'm push. Yeah, I'm pushed. I get three out. Reach out one times. Now the next one. Go halfway down. Fix it.

Bend the right knee toward you. Single leg. Long fine, center. Good again. Listen, reach out. Good. Now bring. Be like together. Slowly come up, pelvis up and slowly come back. Lift up. Hell, does that come down? Good. Come on over the chair. Hold the bar. Bend those knees. Let's do that again. Yeah. And lympha eventually if we can go flat.

It's a good day. Let's do it again. Yeah, yeah. Breathe in again. One more time. Reach out, put the legs down, Jeff. Push up and slowly come down. Lift up and come down. Let's do the same thing but a little variation. So just with your right on the ball. Lenten up. So we're going to push down.

Push same side again. Same side, and reach one more time. Now halfway back, bring the legs in. I'm home. Single. Ah, good. Now let's take you to the Bush Bush. Long leg. Who shall bring the leg, pelvis up and slowly come down.

Elvis out reach. Up. Let's come back. We'll do the rotation, but this time on the other side, left arm on the bar. Push. Yeah, and then again, breathe out as you go down again. One more time. Good. Good judge. Arlen do walk up one more time. Push down. Good. Bring the feet together.

Lift up pelvis ups until loaded down. Push that pelvis up. Good. Come back. So this time we're going to do the rotation. We're going to, I'll say I use side as a little bit more advanced. Take the knees up, push down, right Linda. Pop. Change the shaft out and lift them again. And Rita, just give me four more of these push out.

And Linda, she will push one more time. Not back to the single leg. Tough. Go reach, push. Now bring the legs together. Let's go take it out again. Try to keep that boss stable.

Release up all night long change again. Take a breath. One more time to shop. Hi. Come back behind your chair. Take your swings up to medium spring tension. Pull up now. Step on the ball and death damage again with me. Pull up.

Do that again. Read that again. Pull up. Now we're going to continue the same side, but take your legs to the side. Lift up and down. You should control. Use the center. Pull up on the center and down. Take the leg to the side and down.

One more time. Read that now come back, control the bar. Lift the arms out and I'm down. Let's prepare. Step down on the bar. Get some positions ready to get the feeling of pulling up from the center. Bring the head and shoulders down. Using your breath. We go flex together.

Do that again, Rita and down. Two more times. One more time. I'm down. Now. Let's take the outside leg. Lifting to the side and down. Breathe. Lift up and down. See Cuban. Nice and drunk too.

One more time. Breathe. Push up and down. Now you can put it on the box. Control the bar. Take a breath. I breathe out. Jane's legs. Breathe in. I'm reading it now. Push the bar down. We're going to say sensitive sides. Remember, get your head and let's rotate the legs to bring the heels together. Wrap around the top of the leg. Head and shoulders down.

Hold up on the center. Pull up and down. Breathe out. Breathe in here. The tailbone, lifting the seating again, pull up some of the pictures. You have this thing. Can you one more time? Hold up like I'm still a little debt. Now step back. Slowly. Pick the ball up. Now this time push the ball down again. Keep it back. Stable. Slowly.

Chase leg [inaudible]. Keep the back stable. I'm put in the feedback. Hey, cold a chat. Flex roll out. Take a breath in. Read that again. Take hold. The Trumpet Jeff Likes is fine. Floating this breed that squished Joe breeze. Open the check. We're going to go on top of the chair. Now what I want you to do is check your spring. Make sure you've got the right tension.

You're not going to find it. You've got enough to help you. Take the right leg first. Push down on the chair. Step on the left leg. No slowly control rolling up. Push up now from here up open ass. Now control. Swing down. Swing, swing.

Lengthen. Open to the right. I'm back. Open to the left open. Now take the right foot behind. Touch the ball. Control on the top. Amends it up. Open the arm. I that. Now find your range of movement. Brita, I guess lift up this change legs. Push again. Push.

Make the spine get longer. As you go down, come up. Let's get back to this first leg up. Hold it that reach up and back. Left leg rotation and push that back. Left leg down. Now take this body down. Control the spring up. Take a breath. Breathing out. Swing down.

Do that again. Swing. Now put the left leg on the ball. Control balanced up. Push up, left leg down. Slowly down. Take it down one more time again. Again, we shot back to the left leg up, right leg down right there. Take the left leg down. Control floating. Step back. Reach up. Breathe up to the left. Swing down. Lift up, breathe through, right. Good.

Let's step down on the right leg. Push down, coming up. Lift up. Now hold it there. Take it down again. Hold it up. Reach up the center. Flex open app, left leg behind the top. Rotate shot.

Reach out. Let's do that again. Right leg. Take it back one time. Come up now. Rotation and lift the left leg back flection. Take the right leg. You may step down. Yeah, control. Slowly. Spring up. Swing. Do that again. Spring Open and take it down to the good news is one more time, Bruce, on top of the brake control up now.

Right leg back rotation. I'm push. Get to know where that bar is. Feel the ball with your foot flex. Reach up right leg. Take you back. Let's take it down. Take it down. Control slowly. Lift the ball up, take a breath. Breathing back up. [inaudible] up.

Take it down. We can no, that'll be off circle. Circle, circle. Bring the arms down. Lung spots. Good. Now we're going to put the first three combinations together. So check your spring's, put it online and if you need to adjust the springs as we're doing the combo, then do so.

Here we go. Take the off colon and open up again full and release the shoulders and open up. So from the beginning, balance open, push down, right and over balance. And that left brush and over to the side. Push down, add up again. Smart Circle. Reach both like that. Your staff. Good. Come up.

Let's do the other side. Lateral push. Reach lateral again. Reach out. Push. Reach. Now both legs together, which yeah, come up. We should. Yeah. Yeah. [inaudible] up to the leg. Bulls that sit on the front. Lift up. Elvis, Memphis. Open Circle. Do that again. Pelvis reach. Ah, let's do that again. But when [inaudible] pelvis settled the front separately, right again, lift up. Ah, ah.

Now hold a box. We have domino readout on top. Long Spine. [inaudible] rotation, rotation, the shot. And then that single visit, bring the legs together with the pelvis up. Come around to the back on the beginning. Balance on open balance. Reached out.

Reach out to the front. One time the other side. Push one. Circle big socks. Lift the legs up towards the face. Lift up. Open up again.

Abdominal your shoulders off. Way back now. Good. Lead together. Lift up, lift up. Good. Take a breath. Flex Board. Open out. Walk to the back of the chair. Now stay here. Take a breath. Breathe.

I breathing out now. Chicco springs as we do the pullout. No. Push down on the bar. Face the fat. Now one time lift. Come back. Face the sensor. This. Turn the lights out again. Lift up.

Push up either side. Reach Miss La. Face the center. One time. Get sit back. Lift up. Take the feet off now. Right leg up. Now control. Come up with your right leg and lift it up there again. Right you guys think as change. I love it. Out Rotation. Michelle.

Again, rotation. Get us some glacier. I think we'll take it back. Step down slowly. Control the legs together. Lift up face to center. Lift up other side. Pull up and down. Back to the center and down to the side. Lift your leg and desk. Face the center green, which up to the side. I'm good. Now sit back.

Control the Bach. Control God. Push the bar down. Now step on top. Gun Control. Awesome. How did that take your breath? The swing down. Swing. [inaudible] swing again. Come to the center. Say Your right leg back and up again. Take a breath. Breathing, push, push rotation.

Rotation. Flexion, right. Legs. Push up and up again. Change Cuba. One more time. Let's go down. Control slowly. Roll up now come to the side. Get some brush.

Brush rotation. Yeah, find out where the music. Okay, here we go. Let's do some stretching. I'm going to show you from the site. Come around to the front. We're going to step inside and we're going to push down. My key is take your springs down to a light.

Breathe down, push it up again. Read that and live it up all the way by Gypsy Rita. Now again, if you need to soften the knees though, try and curb the pelvis, don't you? And let them breathe. Push down and same thing at Mr Paz and lift it up the two more times three again, and even one more time today and Memphis now come up on top. Knee on top of the chair. It's not so bad. Sit back onto pelvis.

Hold the football now. Lift your pelvis up. You need them now really using your center roll down. We're going to push down row and lift it up. Just to be with you again is keep the shoulders stable down your back. Take the right leg, lengthen the right leg up and pull back. Lengthen the left leg so you're bringing balance in here. Try and keep the lengthening down and push up again.

Put both feet together and keep them together. Push low and the elbows up. Straight. Arm push down. So gonna straight arms. Bend the elbows. Three shot again, down three again. Take a breath. One more time. Brush. You call me slowly. Come up, step back off your chair.

Sit facing me on the front of the chair and breathe out. Circle the arm back yet again. Brita is having them were the arms, foot. Open route again, open the scapula down. Good again, my g's gone call one more time. Now with your right Tom and your step down left arm, really get that shoulder it. We've used the shoulders a lot today. I really want to get some mobility in that wave to the train.

Now. I'm good. Now. Very gently got thick. I guess I want to keep that movement but go a little quicker. Yeah, push fast. Now make sure both hands are doing the same. Do the opposite to the other. Equal arms. How's that? It's just your hands, so your face, you should stay. Relax the arms up like those hands open out. Take it off. Flicka Jeez, brush. Make it open to the front. Push out. Push, push, push.

Now here's a bit of a mind. Teeth. Get the right time. It's a tested change. I decided, yeah, okay. You don't want to see them behind. Click, click and you guys are putting some strange faces. Bullet Gelada should always look at you. Look up, open out. We're near that. We'll do the same thing with the toes in minutes up open. Bring it forward from Jamie. [inaudible].

Open out, shake the hats. Shake, shake. Just to be good. Just to shoulders. Shoulders back is having good. Three forward. Good. Let's finish the class with a nice stretch. What I want you to do is hold the chat, hold the base of it. Now pull the chat out. You want to sit, sit over there. Now lift the chest to sit. Take a breath in.

Imagine there is no fee. Really the length of the site. It isn't hard to, to circle. That's in the Q u o take it back. No biggie. Bad John. To stretch out. [inaudible] reach out your [inaudible].

You lift the right leg. He may see stretch, lengthen up and open. Jane. Breathe in every day. You lengthen up. Stretch lateral threes and GSS get the same feelings when you're sitting. Take it over. I want, I'm pretty sure you can do that again. Stretch up. Make it a little bigger.

Over stretch. Change Lacks Krish Sammy it. You may say open. Take the arm forward. Feel those shoulders dropping down into place. [inaudible] and breathing out. Thank you guys.


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Well that was different but a bit of fun although it very hard to focus on correct form / technique. Thought I was going to end up in hospital at one point - watching screen, listening to instructions/music, and constant switching of legs on the step ups, nearly lost my balance a few times!
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It was fun but , It went the same for me a faster pace than usual.
I enjoyed it and the time with music was fun. It has been a while that I have done coreo like this. Thank you Michael King.
Hi Guys, Thanks for the comments and yes the tempo is much faster as its aimed for people who know the movements and want a challenge. When I teach this for a lower level class I do less choreography and much more repetition. Hope you are all have a great holiday !
I really enjoyed this class. I teach an MVE chair class once a week at my studio. It is the type of client/class that is looking for a hard quicker paced workout. So I really enjoyed your choreography a bit different, so it gave me great ideas to keep things fresh. I loved your music. Thanks.
I think with all of the classes it is a good idea to review a class first (though I'm aware that isn't always reality for busy folks). In this case we opted not to do the "break down" version of the class thinking filming another class with Michael would be preferred. We'll make a note in the description so people know ahead of time this class is worth reviewing before trying in order to get the most out of it. Thank you for your feedback.
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This class remaind me my dance classesand I really enjoyed it. Sometimes it is good not to be sticked to the perfect control(anyway it is inpossible to do this workout without control)and just follow the music.Thank you so much
Thank you for the comments, and I did want to create a movement class as I think we should be using the method to challenge the body and with this type of sequencing you need to be versed in the chair and the movements. Of course much of my time is teaching people very slowly how to learn the details of each movements. I always tell my students its like learning a new language, letters first then words and yes this is the conversation.
Inspiring class! My veteran clients will love this format! I plan to break it down first, turn on the music and have a blast!
enjoyed watching the class. I would use ose of the moves with 1 ,1 s who wanted a challenge - refreshing as ever.
jajaja so good really fun...nice music...I like you very much Michel.
Thamk you
I`m still smiling all night long
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