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Strong and Playful Mat

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Michael King returns with another wonderful Mat class put to music. Let Michael take you on a ride that will have you focusing on balance, precision, and stability. In his usual style, Michael progressively adds to the complexity of the movement patterns. Michael's class is a good mix of standing and floor work with the end result being a complete workout that will leave you rejuvenated and feeling strong.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Hi, I'm Michael King. Welcome sue. Palazzi is today with me and we're gonna be using the ring as a prop for the first part of the class. In my mat work classes, I always start standing and it was finished standing. I say the standings, a prep for the mat, work with the ring as well. If you're not familiar with using it, I'll often people pick it up the ring and say to me, how hard should I push it? So I was like, this is a little prep thing just to show you how it should be working today, listening to your body. So lift the ring up and just have it in front of the chest. Have the feet open.

Go ahead and just check underneath that ring. Just think about the pelvis that the pelvis is not tilting forward or tilting back. It's just hanging in good alignment. Now drop your shoulders and lengthen out and lengthen the spine and most importantly, relax your faces. This is never the face workout. This is, you have to get the faces relaxed. No, hold the ring. Just gently. I'm going to call that number one. On a grade of level of tension. Now push as hard as you can. That's number 10. Now go back to five immediately.

Now the good news is we're never going to get past five today. Wanted to do is go back to four, three, two. One is I want you to find between one and five where you feel it's not. You're not fighting it any problems either to challenge a movement, all to help you in. Sometimes as you'll see in a second, but of course, listen to the body as we change every day. The most important thing is find what successful level is for you today.

So drop your shoulders down. Let's get started. Lenzen spine, just holding on one first. Go ahead and think about those deeper. Stabilize these either pulling up from the pelvic floor just lightly without using your glutes. Just go ahead and switch on the center. Long Spine. Now as you're breathing out, just gently push the ring towards the center. Yeah, and then for the Emily's, now let's start first. As you're doing this, the shoulders melt down your bank or your centers switched on and it's constant. So again, I remind you how hard you push is completely up to you. You can just stay with one. You don't have to go to five. As you close the new ring, open the chest at the front so you know closing the chest in your opening out and with the owl as the hands come towards each other, the neck is relaxed.

The next time as you push in, go ahead and just balanced. Push Avante your toes within and bring the heels down. Now we're using music today in glass and as I use music, sometimes I don't. The music is going to help you with the movement as you're breathing out the length and the spine. Think about your big toe pushing down on that floor. I started you off the mat because I like to use the ground is beautiful wooden floor to help with that tension. Now as you push forward, lengthen it up with your arms forward and breathing in and come back down.

Say it again. Don't fight the movement. Just breathing out. I'm really in going through the body with a little so your chest is opening. Your good cage is held in. You're not arching your back one more time. Now come back down and hold the ring just between your hands now without moving the finger toll. As you breathe out, lift the right knee up to look at your rig and make sure it stays exactly the same place. Bring the leg down. Now how? How you lift the leg is completely up to you. Alternate on the other side.

If you want to modify this and just lift the toe to the floor, then just bring it to a lower level. Find how high you can go, but in the app on your head, imagine a glass of water. Nothing stronger. It's not that late. Just keep that glass of water. Still open the front of the chest. Now let's add the arms as well. With this, the out push. I'm breathing in. Come back down. So we're coordinating this movement, but the main focus is that center. You're keeping the sentence switched on. Working the whole time. Play with attention. Know what too much is no way you can take it really out.

One more time with the out. I'm going to turn to the side so you can see the next level. This time, lift the right knee up. Push up in a hold it there. Now we're going to take the leg behind you. Keep the tension on the ring the same. I'm push the leg back and then bring the legs back down and do that with a left. Push up, left knee up.

Now the most important thing is here your spine. As you take the leg back, keep the spine shape. Don't come out to the position. Don't nothing like too high. Make the leg long and then come back down and back again. Breathing out. Now use the ground, the standing leg, touching the ground. Push into the floor. Feel that stability. Now push the leg long, reach out and then come back down.

Let me remind you about your faces again. Keep the faces relaxed. Keep the neck relax, push back length and keep the tension on the ring the same and then come back. Let's add to this. As you push up this time, bring the out. Now. Take the leg behind. Look down to the ground. Keep the tension in the ring and hold it there. Now we're just stunning leg. Bend the knee lightly and push it up straight again.

Bend the knee as you're doing this movement. Push the leg long. Check the pelvis is square. Check your center is connected. Use your breath breathing out. Remember, you can modify it by bringing the leg down and just touching the ground on the floor. You don't have to lift the leg out, pushing down, but of course, how low can you go? Use that stability and more stability. If you need, watch the knees not walking. Push down. Two more. Use your center one more time.

Push down and bring the legs together. A little bit of a warmup. Lift the other leg out, so remember you don't, as you pushed the leg behind, you can just bring the foot onto the ground. You don't have to lift the leg out. Now push out, lengthen, check the good cage and then breathing in and breathing out. Push away so good through the spine. Lengthen it. Close that with cage. What's the back of your neck?

Don't have the arms too high. That is making your shoulders lift up. If you need to lower the ring down, a bit lower than do so. Keep the breath gentle within and breathe out. Brush away a Hansen. She will times long leg. Well more. How low can you go? How low can you go and bring the legs together. Let's give the arms arrest. Hey, go ahead, paste to bring between your ankles.

Now keeping the next powder. We are the working Paolo turned out here. We're working on pal is going to help with that pelvic stability. Close the ring lightly. So again, between one and five to some of your legs. Even if you're just holding it between your legs, you've got some tension there. Now feel that connection with the eductors, the inside thighs.

Push on the big tone. Keep your arms down to the side and go back to what we're doing earlier in the balance. Now the goal is here as you go up and as you come down, keep the tension the same. So I want you to focus on the inside thighs as eductors breathing out and lift up. Now as you do it, lift the arms up and circle the arms around. Now breathing out to go out. It's going to help you. It's going to hell with that stability. And as you come around and think of this is continuous movement.

That plot is principle of flow. You, Oh, you go up to come back down, but coming down is harder. Don't see it as a relief. Use that tension going up up and my dad. Keep that back along. Try not to take too much tension into your back. If your back is strong, you're going to try and use it. Thinking about closing that rib cage, trying to get a balanced with that muscle work. Push. I come back down. Now we're going to bounce on the right foot. So take the left leg straight here.

Check the the pelvis stays as low a level as you can. There will be a little movement, but not that it's coming too high. Now open the arms out to the side. It's going to help with the balance and as you breathe out, bring the leg Ed. Everything in open now, parallel legs again, if your legs are tight on the top, strong look quads, your legs going to try and turn out. Really make that muscle. The doctors, the inside thighs work.

Breathing out now lengthen the spine as you bring the leg in. Lengthen the spine longer. Close the arms. Keep the fingers lower than your shoulders. And again, keep going through and check the buddy with the in and breathe out this time. Hold it. Hold it there. Now from here, just do small group over. The leg pulls in, in. Breathe out.

Alessa. Senta soften the elbows. Long spine keep growing and what you leave told her this evening when you arrived. Lesson out Alyssa, reach one more time. Hold it. Relax. The faces are like the jewels. Open out and change all the other side and lift up. Now of course we've only got one side which is more dominant, stronger than the other. So this might be the challenging side or it might not think about it, which is yours. Close in and open out now the knees or feet facing the front. Use your breath.

Try and keep that hip down. Reach the leg towards the ground and lift up with the out again, round and left. Good long leg. The standing leg. Think about a foot. Don't let it roll in and out. Think about pushing. Almost like a triangle. The big toe to the little toe into the ground. One more time. Push in, hold it, hold it.

That is time to check your fingers. Check the elbows and now snowmen. Breathe out. Push small but controlled dreamlike almost. It's floating towards each other. The inside guys are pulling it around. Just formal release, back. Bend down. Go ahead and pick the ring up and this time I want to do is put your hands inside the ring.

Obviously if we're holding always the outside of the ring is very easy to get that chest closed in here. Have your thumbs towards each other. He doesn't matter if they touch. If you've got smaller hands there, we're aiming towards each other. Push it out on the ring. Lengthen the spine. Now from here, lift the arms up, but don't go so high. You'll rotate. Pops out. Find that point. You can control it. Now we're going to bend the knees, flex the spine, breathing in and breathing out. Lift up now keep the tensional during as you're doing it in and breathing now, control curve the spine.

Feel that you're almost going down to sit on the floor. So bend those knees. Sit down on the floor as low as you can, as curved as you can. Get us fine as curved as you can. See the tailbone is coming through to meet your nose. Take a die. Now the next time you come up, bring the right knee up with you. Curve down, lift up and bring that right knee up and down. Breathing in.

So again, you can keep your foot lower. It doesn't have to lift high. Make It successful. Movement by being controlled. Focus on everything. Focus on a spine. It's like a checklist focused on your shoulders. As you come up, keep those shoulders down your back. One more time down and lift up.

Bring the knee down and bring the arms down. Now take the hands to the side. Reach the right foot to the side and lengthen out. Now shoulders down. Keep the head between the arms and as you breathe out, lift the leg away and reach the arms out and then come back down. Now it's not the height of the leg, it's the length of the body. So as you lift the leg up, push it away and down.

Closing meditation with the outline and reach again out Lyft at this time. Hold it up. Now cross the leg in front and then take the leg back out. Try and keep the upper body fixed. We liked the eyebrows. Cross the leg. Push the leg away long. So from this balance alone, we're working the muscles down the side of the waist, five of those obliques.

Keep the shoulders down and lift up. Now as you lift the leg back up this time, just rotate and look to the ceiling and then come back. Cross and lift up and down. Bring in and breathe out. Now if you feel this is a little bit too much as evening, just stay with the front and just stay with the leg crossing. Don't you don't have to add the rotation. Find where you can take it, how far can you take it again by the end one more time with the out reach away.

Lengthen and come back down. Now the good news is we're gonna got two legs. Bad News is we have to do to the side. So from here, reach out and fix that position. Shoulders, Dab, check the his spine and now just breathe out. [inaudible] and breathing it again, weeding out. We only superficial leg movement going on. Come back to focus on the center.

Forget about the leg. Think about the center doing the work you feel the arms are getting too tired. Don't push so much with the ring. There's literally hold it between those hands. Put the work where we're wanting to be, which is in the center. Use your breath with the out, breathing in and again, breathing out. Push out. Now begin to cross the leg cross and then lift up pendulum light.

But keep the upper body fixed so the ring doesn't move. Just the lower body. Keep the ring fixed with the outline zone. And so the icing on the gate, add that rotation if you would like to or just stay facing the front, but in the end and again with the outlines and now again with the end with the outlet. Lengthen again where the end and really out push. Yeah, lift that. Rotate two more. But the two best get.

Push it. One more time. Lift. Push up and come back and bring the arms down. Put the ring on the floor and circle the shoulders back. So after all that upper buddy, well let's just open the shoulders out. Lift the arms and circle back. Release Open.

Really out. I'm pushing, super preparing for the movements on the Mat. Think about the body. You think about the spine again, don't forget the center. Keep it switched on. Now with the hands, rotate down to the right and lift up to the left. Do that again. Rotate down. Curve down. Now how low can you go? Can you get your fingers down to the floor and lift up and down?

How much rotation can you get? How much can you curve back and lift? One more time down. Lift up. Hold it. Lift the arms to the center. When the arms down, let's reverse that down to the left. Curve down and lift up again. Breathe in, breathe out, push up.

How far can you rotate? Use the sentence to support the spine. Try and get further back each time curve and lengthen up and breathing out to wall down. Lit Up. One more time down and lift up and come back to the center. Now open the legs out. One more thing before we get to the mat.

Then those knees tilt the pelvis under. So I wanted to keep it a balanced pelvis. I want you to tilt the pelvis on and really use your glutes here. Now from here, take the elbow down to the hip. Reach up and lengthen out. Now as you breathe out, close the rib cage and flex the spine. Push the hip down again. Breathing in again, breathing out.

Wash length and flexes by one more time in, I'm breathing out now with the hand reach diagonally forward and from your fingertips all the way back through the pelvis. Curved the spine like someone's pulling you forward diagonally and you're sitting back away from that pool. Flex within and really Lenzer. Now stretch your right leg straight. Come down, hold the back of the leg and look up to the ceiling. The left knees bent the right leg straight. Now stay there. Five breaths.

Breathing in. As you breathe out, pull down towards that leg again where the ith close the ribcage. Breathing out in bringing out turns was that leg one last breath. Take a deep breath into the nose. As you breathe out, curve a little bit further. Come to the center, bend your knees and slowly roll up. This is on the other side over to the side. Bend Pelvis, Tilt Endo and use those glutes. Stretch over to the side. Lengthen up. Push the hip down. Now here, if you use this with cage close with cage in, so you're using the back of the ribs to open up that thoracic, so really open out and stretch.

It's like someone's hit you in the chest and you're curving away from it. Urban. As much as you can. Tilt that pelvis under. Bring the hand forward. Diagonally reach. Yeah, as much as you can tell that pelvis sander, reach that hand forward as directly as you can. Pull away from it like you're sitting back on a chair. If you know you have tightness in the lower back and the lumber, really focus on that pelvis tilt.

If you know your attention is a little bit higher and your upper body focus on that arm. Now stretch the left leg straight. Go down, curve over. I'm pulled towards that leg so rest, stretch down. Take the hand down to your right hand down. Hold the left leg, so curve down, bring this handout massive and then lift this hand up as if this hunted the leg. Good. Lift up. Now the right knee is bent. Play with that. If you want to bend a little bit further but a little bit further, see what happens.

Where can you get that stretch with the end and really out length and out. Just enjoy this stretch within we the out. One more time, but the in breathing out, come to the center, bend. Both knees slowly roll up and then bring the feet together. How's everyone feel? Okay? Okay, so whoa, dance the mat. Come onto your mat, onto your knees. Now you might want to w maps over if you wanted to fold your mouse over as we're using your master this evening.

If you feel you need a little bit more padding or even trebled them over cause I want you to rest on your mat as you're doing it. Now we're going to take the ring again and it's going to be a tool to show you not to cheat. What I want to do is take the ring down to the sides of the right. Take the left leg out. Now the first we were doing this evening is kneeling psychic, but I'm not going to let you put the hand on the floor. You're going to use that ring. Now first of all, lift that arm up and lengthen.

Now closer with cage. Make sure the pelvis is above the knee. Now your goal is to begin, start lifting the lake as you breathe out, but try not push on the ring. So don't let me see that ring close as you're lifting up. So it's just a little bit of a balanced tool. So it's not challenging the movement, but it's challenging.

You do the movement we're not doing as we did visit me in the hands. I want you to focus on using the muscles of the waist. Breathing. I now lengthen the spine. Watch your head. Don't have the head so your neck is tight and tense. Keep that in line. Now lift up a little variation here.

Hold that position now keep the ring still and just start circling the leg. Shoulder relaxed. Usually your breath breathing in and breathing out. Long leg. The leg is growing. Make it longer, longer, longer and now reverse brewing that leg, sir. How high can you get the leg? Don't push on the ring. It's your cheat, your tool cheat or your cheat tool. So don't push on it down. Pushing down. Hold the leg out now, I mean the like forward and take the leg back.

Now he is thinking about the arm that's lifted. It doesn't move. So you're not counting, balancing, keep that arm fixed. All that work is coming from the center. Now use your breath out to come forward into come back and use the full breath with the app and bring the in. Don't shorten the movement and cut off that breath one more time forward. Come back, hold it there. Now a little bit of a naughty thing.

Lift the arms up balance and let's do the other side. So really getting from one side to the other can become part of the movement. Often when people, when you finish that movement and people are so relieved, they go, oh, thank goodness and you kind of lose. Lose the love of the setup. So if you go from one side to the other side as a transition, it helps you keep that focus. So let's see if this is your good side or not. So good side, arm out. Lengthen out.

Now Watch the neck closed, the mid cage, long leg parallel. Now as gentle as the music we're using this evening with the leg acid. Always when I do use music, I try to use music that doesn't dominate or dictate. It helps you with movement and control. Think about the shoulders melting down your back. It's like someone's got two ice creams down your back and they're melting.

That's your shoulder blades. The scapula melt them. Yeah, there's whatever flavor you like, so that can be chocolate, ice cream, vanilla, but then melting to melt them down. Does it have to be high? But it needs to be long. Now let's have this time and hold it. Stay there. Stay. Now start circling the leg. Now even on this one, keep that arm fixed. Lip Cages closed. Long Spine. Water's coming out of the air. Let water drop out the air. Don't keep it in [inaudible] and remember it's circles not to square.

Keep it circular. All tag it all. Any other shapes? Circles. Now reverse the other direction. Keep that hand fixed. Lengthen out, push out. God close Eric Cage. You guys are smiling, which is really a good thing because even if the body's in agony, focus on that center that hold it up. Stay out in the hold it now. Keep the arm fixed and are gently pulling the leg forward and bring that leg back and remember here, fix that up so you're not using the upper body to counterbalance. You're using the center long leg.

Find your range of movement if you want to keep it smaller, keep it smaller just so you're going front and back. Find what works for you tonight. The body changes all the time instead of expect, maybe if you're tired to go to a level you didn't previously find with successful movement is tonight. Lengthen. Push. One more time. Pull in, come back, hold it. Let's go for that balance. Lift the ring up, balance up, up, up and release back. And just stretch back and lengthen back.

Lie on the Mat with your feet to the center. So if you had your mat rolled up, open it up, lay down your back. And what I want you to do is put the ring between your knees to lay down on your back supine position. Now here, feed on the Mat. Don't have your feet too close to you. Don't have the feet too far from you. Now that all depends on your leg length and much flexibility in that position.

You should bet to move the pelvis quite freely. It shouldn't feel like the pelvis is tight. Now I'm going to have you work to this evening with your pelvis in a good alignment in what we call today neutral. So put your hands on top of your pelvis, your thumbs into your navel, fingers down to your OTP backbone, and just tilt the pelvis forward and back and then bring your hands until that level. Uh, now there'll be a space into your back.

That space for each of us is very different. Depends on your posture, depends on your back. I want you to keep that space. Visualize what's under the back. Think about either cold water or even light or air passing underneath your bag. And I don't want you to stop that light or air. As you breathe out, connect the center and just gently bring the knees towards each other without changing the shape of the back end and open out. Now as you're closing the knees in, don't use your glutes.

Keep the glutes relax. So we're using the wing first just to challenge a little bit of stability in that lumbar spine by color, by holding the back. Still you're working on maintaining that stability. But of course if your closing the knees with the ring, you're also releasing the back of the pelvis and the so it's a little bit of a release as well as the stability challenge. Now bring the legs in and hold them.

Still remember between one and five y'all keeping it as still as you can. Imagine two butterflies and just landed well in h me. You don't want to disturb those butterflies. Keep them still. The back is stable now lift the arms up. Don't move the knees at all and just begin to circle the arms around the legs is still have you misjudged it. You're squeezing a bit too much with legs.

It's when these a little bit really make this about the back and don't let the glutes fire up. Keep the clues relaxed. Think about those again, those inside thighs as a duct, as working. Use your breath one more time. Now bring the arms up above you so the hands are above your shoulders. Keep them there. Turn the palms towards each other and are keeping the back stable. Just bring the knees in and out.

Gentle Movement, very subtle work but I like to mix my classes with is working some deep stabilizing muscle which is very subtle and then somethings a little bit more global challenge where you feed it a lot. That global core connection, so you're using both sets of muscles, the deep stabilizers and the core muscles, the core global muscles, work them together. Here we're focusing just on the deep stabilizes. One more time. Hold it, stay there. Keep the legs still butterflies the back. Don't let the butterflies move. Keep them on the knees. Still use your breath with the in with the out. Remember that.

That's what breath cause held. And now bring the hands down, relax the legs and hold the ring. Now take the ring behind you and place it on the mat behind. So the handles are up in this position, so you're on your back. So the hands, uh, facing down your elbows above the shoulders and the ring is at a right angle so it's not going to slip and out. So make sure you've got that ring in the right position.

Now taking what we just did a little bit further. So go ahead and find that pelvis position. Connect the core muscle. So either switch on that pelvic floor, I'll switch on that deep ta muscle, the belt muscle. Now keep the back still. Push down on the ring lightly. Not so much you're fighting it now.

You want to keep that still as you breathe out. Lift one leg tabletop position. We begin place that foot back exactly where it was. I'll make this slow. If you'll tell settlers, give your channel self chance to think about it as you breathe out, lift the leg under. No, not increasing the shoulder tension. Keep the shoulder stabilized, keep the ring in place. So here again, we've added movement to that low level stability challenge. Lift. Now hold it there. Now your choices evening is to either continue with one leg or go ahead and lift the second leg. If you find by lifting the second leg, you losing the position, there's too much tension on the back. Go back to one leg.

Now reach one leg away from you, single leg, stretch length and out. And then bring the leg back in. Breathing in and breathing out. Reach the other leg out. Push away. Now how low can you take that leg away from you? But so you're not affecting the position of the bank. Remember, you're keeping that stability of the spine breathing out. Push away.

Now stop alternating in the middle. At this point, I want you to change your breathing pattern. Take one breath for two changes. We the in one breath. Breathing out for two changes. Now of course the more slower you go, the bigger the breath, the more you're going to try and train that diaphragm. So don't go too quick. Pushing out, reaching long spine, shoulders. So we've got shoulder stability, lower back, lumbar stability, and you go that core and global muscles working together whenever it gets too much. Continue with just one leg. So one leg on the floor, slowly bring the legs in. Place one leg down, place the other leg down. Release the ring and come to sitting position.

Now sit facing the end of your mat. Put the right leg through the ring. Now were they left leg put on top of the rig. Now the left leg is bent, the right leg is straight and you're pushing down on the legs. Now fingertips only please place the hands behind. But just on the thing it dims. And now lift the spine up.

Now both legs are Paolo, so the leg on top and the leg through. Now lengthen the spine. As you breathe out, push that top leg lightly down and lift up. Now as the leg goes down, lengthen your spine God. So I want to see you growing. And when I say Greg, not just eyebrows, the eyebrows don't go up because the light goes down. It's the spine that goes up. Yeah. You look across the room and check across the room.

Check that those eyebrows are down. As I said, it's not the Facebook out. Well then, not law. Now if your back's good and you want to take a little bit further the opposite arm, lift up now just bring the arm in front of you as it breathing out. Don't lose that tension of the lower leg. Try keep pushing that lower leg down. Now again, if you know your buddy and you want to lift both arms up, then do so, but shoulders down. Senta lung fire.

As the leg goes down, lift the arms up and back. Breathing in and breathing out for sure. [inaudible] up that floating up. Shoulders down. [inaudible] I'm push breathing out. Reach up. Lenzen one more time. Reach out this time. Hold it up. Stay there. Stay whole long leg underneath like pushing down long spine, shoulders center.

Bring the hands down and change legs at a side. So push the underneath like to Paolo and put the other leg on top with the knees slightly. Flex and bend. Now hands back, fingertips sitting up before you start to get his toes account and I really want to show him often items impress me of one thing or behind. So just one thing, it doesn't afloat. The lengthen up and breathing out. These mats are quite good if you've got your hands on the mat when you move the hands, I shouldn't see that there's an imprint of your fingers.

There should be no imprinting of your fingertips in the Mat. It's like it's like I've mentioned is a cake and you don't want to put your hand in the cake as you're pushing down on the leg length. Now again, all this superficial leg work going on, come back to think about the center opposite arm. If you want breathing out, you should feel not too much tension in the lumbar spine. If you have lower back issues, keep the hands down and again, if you want to take both hands, a long spine lengthen underneath like pointed and pushed out.

Breathing out, push shoulders down, breathing out those arms as you push down on the leg. Lift up and down, breathing in and breathing out. Portion lines and that got everything out. Perfect timing for the train. Just when you want to screen pushing up, blends up, shoulders down and said either we're the end, we're the outlet. Listen Up, hold it up, stay there, stay there. Stay there. Longer spine, longer leg underneath, leg parallel. Push down and release out. Good. How's those hip flexors? Just shake them out a little bit. If they like to.

Five up and legs. There's no go ahead and put the ring between the knees. Now power though with the legs as much as possible is out. Turning out a little bit. Don't worry cause we're going to squeeze the thing in a second. No, hold the ring at the top. Now is it like a modified roller so we can do the small movement curving back as you cut back, squeeze in the knees, lift back up now shoulders down.

So tilt the pelvis like a car seat tilting under to go back. Lifting up. Come to a sitting position. Now take the right hand, place the right hand behind the head. Pull on the left hand. Squeeze the knees and lift the chest up. Lift the chest up to the ceiling and come back. Hands down. Flex is fine. Curve back. So round the spine.

Squeeze the Nice, come back out. Release it like did you come up now this time place the left hand behind. Pull on the ring on the right hand. Lift the chest up the city and I'll lift up. Squeeze the knees, lift up to the city up, up. So I have modified swan dive. Lift up, come back and again hands it on the rig and flex.

Curve back. Good. Keep that tension. Use the center roll up. Come up right hand behind. Now stay close to the thigh so the rib cage doesn't go back. Stay the, keep the distance between the find a rib cage the same. And now squeeze the ring. Lift the chest up like the chest bone.

The sternum is lifting up to ceiling. Lift up higher. Lift up higher. Reach up, up, up, up higher than you did before. Go up higher. Long neck. Lift and flex back one last time. Curve back, squeeze till the pelvis. Lengthen up. Place a handle. Last time. Left hand behind. Shoulders down. Now lift is this. Someone's lifting your chest up to the ceiling. Squeeze the knees, Push, lift up higher, lift up higher, higher lift, release Dow. Excellent. Now let's all face the same direction.

Let's put the feed that end. Face me on the side, so you're lame with a head that end facing me. Now in this position, put the ring on the side and have it just in front of the chest and put your hand on top of the ring. Now again, this is, you are using the ring here just as a bit of a cheat tool just to show you when you're going to be using the upper bodies, the psychic lenses body first. Now this position, lift the waist up off the mat, underneath the leather waist. Relax. Put a little tension on the ring. Now keep that tension. Lift the top leg, but long so not high, so don't let our waste go underneath.

Use that waste like again, little ants are walking underneath your waist. The ring isn't moving six attention. Now lift the underneath leg up. Now of course, any back problems of just at the, you're tired. Keep the underneath leg down. You don't have to lift the underneath leg up. Now before we start, check the body long buddy.

Long legs waist. Now we're going to start bringing the top leg forward, but allow yourself to push down on the ring. And now bring the legs back together. See here we're going to help you with the ring. So the tension is helping you now, not too much.

Don't give us five. Keep that control breathing out. Now remember the underneath lake can either be lifted or touching. The Mat is up to you, but as much as possible, keep that waist lifted. Let me see some space underneath that waist. Now let me make this a little bit more difficult. Bring the legs back.

Stop first. Push on the ring. Now as your leg comes forward, release the tension and the bridge. Now that's where you really see how much you might be using the upper body. So you push on the ring and then as the leg comes forward, the tension releases, even if you can lift the ring up as a leg comes forward, that's a big test. So the leg comes forward.

There's a lot of suddenly forget about everything else. Shoulders down, waste breathing out to come forward. That leg, you can begin to start taking the leg a little bit for the back as it goes behind you. So even if when you take the leg back, that's when you can push down on the ring is when you come forward, lift the ring up off the floor, lift the ring up, rush, and it's like there's a Sh there's a candle on your shoulder. This not moving, it's lit. If it moved, the wax would fall on burn you. So keep that candle still two more times. One more time. Close your eyes. Sometimes closing the eyes gives you the sense of the movement rather than be distracted by things. Just sense the movement. Sense the waist, sense the shoulders since you're breathing and then relax. Let's sit up under the other side. Swing your feet that direction and lay down here.

Now remember what I said earlier, we've always got one. Cyber is going to be better. Our dominant side, I'll say if you're right handed, often is the right side. So set the body up. Put the ring right in front of the chest, not too far and not too close about halfway. Now first thing, lengthen the spine. Connect the center, either pelvic floor or those deep call muscles.

Lift the waist underneath. Put a little tension on doing first, just a little play with it. Make sure that that's not made you lift your shoulder up. You're keeping the shoulder blade down. Now lengthen the leg first long. Build this very logically if you want. Now Lithia underneath leg as well, but of course this is, we've increased the challenge. Check everything else. Check the waist.

Check the shoulder. Long spine [inaudible] again, think of that ice cream melting shoulder blades. Now stop pushing on the ring and bring the Lake Foley. So first help the movement [inaudible] with the tension, but don't overdo it. Keep that tension light. Coordinate the movement. The challenge of the tension, the more muscle work.

[inaudible] think about the leg. It's almost like you're balancing a cup of tea. So brewing that cup of tea, Ford on the ankle, keep it stable, take it back. [inaudible] now this time, push on the ring first and now move the leg and release tension and then take the leg back and push on the ring. [inaudible] shoulders down, waist lifted, light air, passing underneath the waist, keeping it controlled and again, you've always got the option. Close Your eyes if you want and try and sense the movement.

I remember the buddy likes to cheat. The buddy wants to use the strong muscles. Your whole goal here is to use that muscles. We don't use any other methods. Don't let the lake turnout use the quad. If your quads are tight, make it about power it up. Use your breath, cup of tea on the ankle control. Take the leg back. If you can balance the lifted ring up. If the leg comes forward [inaudible] two more times. Let that one more time out.

Breathing in, lift up and relax down. Bend those knees and come to the sitting position and bring your feet into the center again. How are we doing? Did they tell you it was a three hour class tonight? We're just a third of the way through. Now we're getting close to the end. I want you to start now with a variation. Actually this isn't for the Cadillac, but we'd like to do the variation on the mat with a roll up, but what it stopped the seated position.

So if you have tension in your back and you find it difficult to roll down to the mat and roll back with quality, Doug, go to the mat. Find your range of movement. So listen, arms up legs. Keep the arms up. Paolo legs. As I keep mentioning if your legs turnout it's cause they like to use a strong presence. Bring them powder French, kiss the inside thighs, pull them towards each other. No lightly hold the ring. We're going to tilt the pelvis back smaller than fast and then come back up. Now as you go back, focus even more. Those inside dyes, squeeze the indexes together, shoulders down, shoulders open the chest, and then lift up. Now the various should we do tonight is as you go to the side, we're going to turn, roll and then come back out.

So they're like a steering wheel that whichever side you're turning to. Imagine that side of the spine you're trying to lay down to the mat. This is why, when did you find it? Individual range of movement, how far you go back. But come back up with quality. It's a coming up to the test. So roll down now. Big Toes. Stay kissing and then roll back up.

Squeeze inside dice. Keep the legs together, Palo, roll down, squeeze inside bys. Push the legs away from you. Cause in the Cadillac we often had the strap, which ankles your feet makes it a little bit easier than than that. Roll Down Hill. Now lift up. Now if you can go down to the mat, then use this movement to go down. But if not, please find your range and then come back. Now if you're going down to the mat, go ahead and enjoy that moment of putting the head down to roll down, squeezes size inside the eyes together. Squeeze, put the head down and then come back up. Rolling up.

Peel the spine up and again, roll down [inaudible] so if you're not going all the way down and it gets too much, make it a smaller movement. Now going to do full circle. This was the semicircle. So this next time go down wherever your point is. If it's on the mat, go on the mat, take the ring over around, unroll up the other side, squeeze the legs together. Let's go back the other direction. Reverse that and go back the way he just came. Roll down, squeeze.

Lengthen out inside thighs together. Squeeze, pull, breathe out to come up and up again. Roll down just a few more. 60 Ball Lens. Push back and lift out. We have noises coming in is now noise is coming again. We'll Mossad again. Another reason to play music. Drown out the noises. Arms back this time. Kept up.

Lift up and come to a seated position. Good for the hands inside the ring. Now go back into the center and lift back up. Now go back into center [inaudible] and come back up. Now we're going to change this bet. We're going to hinge back, so instead of flexing hinge, keeping the spine long and come back. Now how far can you go? Use the hands. Push out Paolo back, hinge, back, and lift up. Now hinge back.

Hold that at the point of you gone too far. Bring it in a little bit. Bend the right knee towards you. Take the leg down and come back up again. Back Hinge Center. Bend the left knee. Use the sentence elicit leg reach and come back up.

Take it by this time, shoulders down. If you need to lower the hands, lower the hands. Bend the knee. Now hold it. Then either with one leg all take the other leg up as well. Now as you extend the legs, one lego both legs. Reach the ring up, bend down and stretch the legs and reach forward over and let her one last time. It's kind of the big finish hinge center. Now do the opposite leg.

Now you can either do this with one leg. I'll take both legs up one leg. You keep one leg down and then lift the legs out. Lift the arms up, hold it up. Rotate the torso to the right. Come back, rotating the torso to the left. Come back, lengthen up, stretch and reach forward and let that placed the ring gently down to the mat. Don't throw them at me. Slowly take that. It needs to decide and come back to Danny position.

So as promised, we're going to finish standing. Stand behind your mat again and let's just open the spine up. Open the spine up by flexing forward. So flex forward and open out again. Flex the spine. Now start by hugging yourself. So hug the arms back, hug back flexed up and open out. Open the arms up and again, hug yourself, wrap open out and lengthen up the next time. Take the hands behind the legs, hug your legs, lift up and open out. And again, take the hands down, hug your legs, get as low as you can.

Get the spine down, puff and lit up. One more time down the foot as you can to hold it. That stay there as low as you can. Curve slowly. Roll up, lift up, open the arms out. Take the right leg behind you. Push the leg back, push the heels down. Long Spine, lift up, breathing in and breathing out. Left leg and lift up. Now as you personally like back, turn the hands in.

As you come back, open the arms out again. Left like pushback. Open and stretch. Take the hands in. Hold it back. Now stay there. Bend the leg behind you. Flicks and take the hands back. Now tilt the pelvis, get that little [inaudible]. Squeeze in the gluten tilting under long spine.

Connect the center now with the hands. Bring the hands forward. Yeah, whichever leg you got in front. Take the opposite arm over to it. Take the hand behind the head and look. Turn towards that front leg and then flex the spine and curve. Curve the spine round and lift up. Open the arms.

Stretch the leg back. I'm bring the legs together. Open the arms out other side. Take the leg back, whichever leg you had to the opposite side. Push the heel down. Now we're to get the length of the spine and even on this, close the with cage. So where do you feel that thoracic of the bat? Hold it. Now take the bend the knee behind. Hold and squeeze.

Open the waist. Close, glutes. Tilt under. Now from here. Take the hands forward. Shoulders down. Relax your leg. Yeah, whichever leg you got in front. Take the opposite hand over. Take the hand behind the head. Rotate, but now flex the spine to try and get us curve. As much as you can.

Don't pull on the head just round and flex the spine curve as much as you can. [inaudible] no, come back with the hands forward. Stretch the leg and open out and come back down to center the shoulders. Take a breath in and breathe the app. Squeeze the shoulders back. This crunching going on. You need to consider doing this more.

Not Blot is the shoulder circles. Lift up tight and squeeze. Lift up right behind. Now lift up. Squeeze. Lift your show. Does it touch you yet to tree? As the tree is touched up, Josh and I draw again. Lift up, touch and drop. Lift at the side, reach, reach. Treachery is both of them. Last circle, back. Circle, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. I'm back. If the arms out or the app. I'm really in.

Thank you for coming this evening. I hope you've enjoyed the glass and I see you again soon. Thank you.


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Yo tambien encantada! What a special class. What a special teacher. What a special feeling after sharing an hour with them both. Mil gracias.
Elsabe D
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Wao! So inspirational! Thank you!
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Love your gracious and flowing style. What an enjoyable workout! Thank you!
Guys, thank you for the comments, if you like the music you can download from my web site shop :Inner Harmony
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Michael, great class!! I loved the flow and I personally enjoy working out to music . It helps me stay in sync, is soothing and helps me to stay focused and energizes me when I need it to..
You have a great voice too, so its a double pleasure. Ty for offering the link to your music.
Would love to see you come back to PA and teach a class on your soft roller! Great class!
great class! we are looking forward to seeing you again in belgrade!
Hi Guys
Herr is the link to the music
// /shop/product-detail.aspx?PID=35
The link that Michael King mentions aboveThe Link
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Magnífica clase, gracias Michael.
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