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A 27-minute intermediate class that moves at a medium pace. At the end of this short class, you will feel like you have addressed the body on all sides through all ranges of motion. A good class to do when you want a thorough workout but are limited on time.
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Feb 08, 2010
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So come forward in front of you Mattson before you said go to the front edge. You know how to do this. I'm just gonna stand in the middle of, come to your front edge, cross one leg over the other. Take a second. One arm over the other, squeeze through the inner thighs a little bit. Draw the abdominals in and up. And now with that back foot, you can eat can, you can move it however you need to, but you're just going to have a seat and extend uncrossing when you get that nice and then situate yourself in the middle of the Mat. All right gang, you're sitting up tall. We're going to just move right along here. Hug the space, right so you can imagine that pressure right here we are from here with our body straight.

Just pull the hipbones back a little bit and allow your gaze to go down for the roll up. We inhale, exhale, we roll back, reaching back, touching the back of the head and right away the just below the chest presses to the mat to curl you up. And then with your shoulders over, we have to pull the shoulders back a little Jennifer. Inhale and exhale the roll down. Okay. Ian Hillfield. Yes, Mandy. Nice correction. That's exactly what I would've come over and done. So this is good.

This is very good. Are we good? Now if you want to go further, you stretch from the spine, not the shoulders. Polish. Shoulders backwards. A little good. And wait, just wait for them to come up and just squeezing the hubs. Inhale, you coming up and exhale. Nice. Yeah. And altogether fuel those inner thighs. It's almost like you only have one leg and back. Eh, I'm gonna Challenge your tempo a little bit tonight. Okay, so down we go.

[inaudible] last one. Now we're going to stay up on this one. Keep the connections to your abs. Hands close, move forward. Keep you so when you move forward, sit behind the sit bones, right? And then we pick the knees up, toes up, elbows are wide. Stay where you start. That's the trick. Here we go. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, Whoa, Eh, [inaudible] deep connections.

And you nailed back. Keep the eyes in one spot. That's another really valuable tool. Again, email back. [inaudible] looking good, Mandy. I think that low back is changed. Tonya. Bet. One more. [inaudible] holding it here and I set the feet down.

Slide your feet out a little bit and just roll it down. Yeah, take the arms back, stretch your legs all the way out. You've got to move back. Two arms out to a t position, palms up or a low V's. Fine. Taking one leg. Reach it straight up. Here's how this is going to be different. We're going to make a huge circle.

So I'd like you to first without rocking over to one side lift. In fact, you're gonna probably want your hands closer to you for this very first part. Um, lift the leg straight up so my hip came up and I'm pointing through the ceiling. Then take the whole leg over as far as you can. Just keep the shoulder the shoulder down basically, but the hip comes up quite far. Then circle round, open up, go ahead and back again. So lifting as you go over, much bigger than you're used to. Letting the hip move, unlike our normal version. And again, lift, really stirring it and once you get to the top stop, we'll go on the other way. Take it around, go ahead and over, way up, trying to pull up to the shoulder and bring it back. You oppose with that lower leg? It's gonna move. Got To with the range.

I'm asking for one more time. Make it big. Nice job. Windy reach, reach, reach. Yes. And when you get to the top, bring it down. Change legs. It's always a good idea to bend the leg to get it up there and to get it going as if someone pulled your ankle, steroid up, lift the hips and now you know you're in rotation. Cross it over. Go ahead. Circle all the way around and nice and wide and up to reach. So we've just included the back into it, right?

To really lubricate everything as we get ready to go through big series. This must be the third one. Reverse it when it is and or this one's for sure. Not really about speed, right? It's about the range where you haven't under control. One more time.

Let's really pretty merry. And when you get to the top of this one, bend the knee and bring it down from there. Arms are straight up above your chest. Roll yourself up just well finish it to the roll up. Then bend the knees and back it up to pull them in to slowly come down to your starting double leg stretch position to tabletop. Ready? Here we go. Inhale, hold it. When you get there, hands together if you can, and pause. Do you feel your low back into the mat? If not, raise the legs a little bit.

Exhale, bring it around and inhale, reach and around. Changing the tempo end and around. One more time like that and around it changes just straight back and come forward. Bring it much closer though. Inhale, reach back and forth had never changes and hold it there. Turn the palms toward each other out to the side. Inhale, expand. Exhale, reaching under the hips, but don't Tuck to do it. Inhale, expand. Exhale, scoop. Inhale, filling up. Exhale and one more. Full Circle. Reaching up first circle round, holding onto one leg carefully. You're going to pull the lower hand out the upper hand in.

So keep the leg straight. Don't tweak, just keep it straight. A little traction, elbows point to the side of the rooms. Change holds. So you can feel that and now a little quicker and yeah, bodies are still absolutely still. Yeah, and now keep going, but lighter on the hands and light and in fact put the hands behind your head. Keep going. Pay attention to your backs. Here comes your Chris Cross and rotate.

Yeah, so you keeping your face, your nose Kinda in line with your sternum. The tendencies to look ahead. This version, I want that all lined up. Full, extended reach and timing it as if there was no other choice. But to go all as one piece, go four more, three more, two more. Come back to this inner. Bend the knees. Let your heads go down. Lengthen them out.

Exhale and release the arms. Extend the legs straight up to the ceiling. Inhale, squeeze the glutes. A little inhale, lower the legs to about 45 but not if your back starts to come up. Exhale. We come through 92 rollover, hitting that 90 degree position. Flex your feet, separate them, lower them without bending more at the waist and exhale down. We go, reaching through the body, find the tailbone, point the toes, lower the legs, keeping the back controlled. Exhale up over. Wow. Hauling out the abdominals. Inhale, flex, open, and sure, good. Keep going you. So you pass through that pelvic curl, that pelvic tuck in this over position. Oh God, that looks good.

You still have your glutes engaged a little bit, little bit. It's important. You've got to stabilize the back that way. Otherwise it's, it's ABS, but it's at the expense of the back. One more this way please. Yeah, flex, separate and strong. Flex through the heels is good. When you get there, bend the knees. Set your feet on the ground, slightly apart. First shoulder bridge, so that means the pelvic curl position.

Press the triceps into the mat. So feel the whole length of your arm, including not you. Don't feel pressure in the wrist, but try for straight risks. Inhale, exhale to peel up, finding the hamstring, working it, finding the long line. Lovely. Take the right leg, stretch it way up, and exhale, kicking down what? Flex to come up. Exhale, two stillness everywhere else. Three [inaudible]. Think of a long reach, two more. Hold it down, bend it and put it back in place. Retook if necessary. Other side reaches up. Okay.

And lower foot is basically relaxed parallel. It might have wanted to turn out on you. So I asked you to just sort of feel for a straight foot and up and up. And one more. Hold it down. Keep the hips up, lower the leg more. If you can bend it, drag it right back into place. And inhale. Exhale, rolling down. Adjust your shoulders.

They may have crept up or maybe trying to now as you then take your leg straight up. Now that they're all loose enough for corkscrew, just the basic, we inhale to tilt to one side. Exhale, lower the legs around without letting the back arch and slice back to center. I'll alternate to the back. Inhale, exhaling around. There's going to be some hip movement with the range we're doing. Um, keep it, uh, even at the legs. In other words, the feet aren't sliding on each other and to the pack, one more per side. Okay. See if you can feel this coming from powerhouse, right?

This could be very leg dominant and then it's just no fun at all. Bend the knees and just um, parallel feet roll up about halfway. So I'm rounded in the back feet are basically relaxed and Tuck the pelvis quite a lot and I'm actually going for a little bit more of a stretch through the quad and hip flexors. So once you feel moderate, maybe even just a tiny bit of stretch, then press into it higher. If that does nothing for you in terms of stretch, I'm going to encourage you to gently, carefully walk the feet closer to your butt, more than you would normally do. You can even, well no, keep the feet parallel and then try and talk a little more pressing the heels through the ground to try and get that stretch.

And then as you start roll down a little, move your feet out if you brought them in and finish rolling down. And with that we stretch the legs out. Just hands next to your body. In fact, press into your body a little bit. Head, neck and shoulders up, so palms facing you and then continue all the way up, all the way up and over. Stretch [inaudible] and rule up. Wouldn't that be fun if we had more time to stay there? Once you get up set for each receipt, spine stretch right away with the back extension so you have what to me always just feels like hugging that square. Inhale, exhale. Rounding down from the top of the head. For the first part, the hips are still until now. You're going to literally stick the tailbone out.

The hip bones reach forward, stacking the spine on the long line, arms ending up by your ears. Exhale round. Now the hipbones I think of as the almost the first thing to move to restack. In other words, if they were in front of you a little, they're going to be what initiates your return back. Extensors are actually doing it. Inhale, exhale down, lot of energy through the waistline and then you can even press the heels into the ground a little as you, you long gate arms are relatively easy. Ribs are in looks great and exhale down to come up and inhale growing tall.

Exhale inner thighs and glutes are involved. Inhale, tailbone starts at Middle Back, upper back. This is where people tend to thrust their ribs forward. Does nothing for us. Rather get longer with it and then round to come up to, yeah. Excellent. [inaudible] feeling the continuous movement, energetic but somehow calm. Exhale.

Last one. [inaudible] inhale finding its fine to bend the knees and we'd rather have a flat back and then of course you were going to hang out for a second and let the arms release down. Maybe it rather than pulling forward, push on the same diagonal you're already are. So you'd get more there. Get ready to hold that cause you're going to let go maybe and reach the arms up if you have more room to lean forward too. But it's got to come from the hip. Arms down, arms up. [inaudible] I'm inhaling up, exhaling down with the arms, but it's really up to you and and down. You can round over to rule right back up and arms are pretty wide. Okay, here we go. Here we go.

So we can go here. Still work coming toward the front. We rotate. Exhale, extend and hinge forward outside that little toe. Hips are level. Inhale, reach up first. Keep it reaching. Exhale, center. Inhale, rotate a watch the hips. Don't move.

Extend the arms as you hinge forward and go right outside that little toe looking toward the knee. Probably inhale hinges. Keep the arms going up overhead first, then they fold. And exhale. Center. Yeah, a lot to think about there. This part just start going and extend as you go. Inhale sitting up. Let the shoulders fall. You'll have to spin that back arm to make it work for you and center only. One more. Inhale, rotate. As your hinge forward. Let the arms go reach.

Good. I encourage you to look toward the knee. Um, just cause that's where your spine is. And he'll sit up. Sorry Deborah and back to center. Well here, just bend the knees a little bit. Squeeze your glutes as best you can. So you might feel this little half inch rise and from there start to let the shoulder blades fall if they're not already there. Lift the sternum straight up. Start looking up as if you're going to arch. Well not as if trying to arch your upper back, but if your butt's tight you shouldn't be able to arch your low back and it's pretty small and release. Okay.

To add to that point, you can either stay there or slide the legs in a little bit more in place. Your right hand behind you. And I'm like Agilon. Exactly. I saw a rail this weekend, so this is what this is all about. He didn't do this, but he does this and I love it. So give me one second. You're here. It's most to stretch your hip flexors. Give you some back extension. You're going to use your feet in just a second. I am slightly tucking here.

As you come up. As you come up, it's reaching. Okay. You can slightly turn if you want, but I'm thinking just straight back when you come down, sit down and we'll change that. Okay. So you only go as far as, do you feel good lifting? Use your feet, use your button now. Little touch. Feel appropriate hamstrings. Hand just reaching. Nice Jennifer. Oh, I love it. And then come down the seat. Get your hands, your butt back a little enough that you can change and prs to lift up.

Level the feet. Meaning you've got pretty much equal weight on both sides. Maybe you like to look down, maybe you look to look back, whatever it feels better on your neck and, and change and email. Yes. Good. Have your butts are working in that. Worried about your backs and down. Lifting up and down. All right. All right. Turning onto your side. Staying upright though.

Okay. Top leg is in front. So we're going into side bend. If you prefer, you can, uh, I think you all know a version on your elbow. Pulling the ABS in. Let's challenge ourselves. So just cross. Yup, exactly. And Jennifer's doing it in the hard way. So we're going to follow her lead, stretching out her legs a little bit more good. At any point you can bend them a little bit more so it's going to go good.

I want that. I want that there. Inhale, lifting up long lines, beautiful as if someone were pulling hips up, lifting up to then reach overlooking down. Then as you come out of this, you have to move. The whole body says if someone tries to take you by the head to length and you bend a little at the knee and he come down, good work, Anna. Inhale, find the tea first. Then lifting up and looking down at the very end. If it doesn't turn you as you come out of it, it's like you're lengthening up, back out over the risks and and lifting up to go over and back to the tee. From here, lower the bottom leg.

You might choose to come to your fist or you can stay on the hand. Either way. Stretch this top leg, hand to your ear, kinda holding the neck long. Take the top leg up. Go into my fist, come forward and back. Come forward and back trying to keep it at hip height. Forward and back. Come to the side. Hold it there when you get there. Okay. The lift up and forward touch just to hip height, just to HIPPA and make an oval or a half an oval and back. Boom. Up in front.

He did do this and I liked it. I still feel it. I'm trying to avoid the pike. Pick your head up. Just a little Debra erection. Both of you. Yeah. One more. Then the next one. Go to the back. Keep it to the back. You can set the foot down and stretch.

Okay. Coming out of that to go to the other side. Okay. Tough leg is in front. Situating your hand out away from the shoulder a little bit. We go. Inhale, rising up, zip up to the inner thighs.

Inner thighs are kind of critical on this. Then lifting at the waist, it feels almost like the armpit is being pulled to the hip. Inhale, elongate. Not just drop the hips is a huge difference in, in much easier. Also more efficient, lightly touching up again, lift and [inaudible]. Inhale, protecting that wrist. That's it. And [inaudible]. Sorry, is that two or three? Good. Sorry. Lower than the down hands here. That's what I thought. And then I started second guessing myself.

Talk like is up. Look down your body. You want it straight. Okay. Try not to pike if you have to pike it better to be lower leg. I think you're good. Here we go. Forward and back and forward to come back. [inaudible] trying to keep it on the same plane the whole time.

[inaudible] okay, now holding it to the back from where it is lifted up to bring it in front. Lifted up to take your back, lift it up to bring it front man. Did they get back? I got a big oval. How one more time to go forward to go back and then let it go to the floor. Stretch it out. Ha ha ha.

And then carefully come down onto your abdominals, your forearms, your size. Single leg kick is where I'm going. So that's the extension exercises, but we need those hip extensors working. So draw the abdominals in and up. Spread out the collarbones. So they're pointed to the sides of the room, not in front of you and not behind you either. And I'm gonna make fist. It's up to you. In fact, let's start like that. Either way it's fine.

So you've got the hands like so for now. And then use that almost as a way as you press the fist into the ground, you can broaden the chest, then let go of the hands, turn them palms up so that they're straight ahead. Yeah. Okay. That's, these are great positions. Jennifer. Just slightly look forward and take your chest with you. There we go. If that's too much for your back, you move the elbows forward. Okay.

That's your next thing. Then your legs reach away till they hover. You may or may not see it, but hopefully you'll feel it. It's gonna go right into, I'm alternating kicks. Starting with one leg. It's kick, kick, switch, kick, kick. How about inhale, two, three, four, and exhale. Two, three, four. You want absolute stillness through the trunk. The leg coming into the glute of the bum is pulse, pulse, pulse, and pulse.

Pulse. And I'm here breath so I can give you one. Thank you. And inhale, two, three, four. This is it. Xcel, two, three, four. Stretch out your legs. Lighten up on the form so you can slide your hands forward. Yup. And lay down all the way from there.

Recommit to pulling the ABS up. Lift the legs a little bit. Float the arms up. Shoulders are still down. I'm starting slow. You need to lift the right arm in the left leg a bit higher, but think more about reaching them. Exhale, switch, inhale, switch. Ultimately, you're going to end up on your own breath pattern. If it feels good to you to go faster. We're inhaling for five, exhaling for five, and we go and make sure you're an opposition and excellent.

Okay. Give yourself one more breath pattern of whatever you've chosen. That's it. Then lengthen out and arrests. Yes.

Good. When it feels right, and it might take a second. Come up into a rest position, meaning hips over heels, stretching back. Good. Very good. Very good. Excellent, excellent. Letting go. One more. That'll finish.

It's not an exercise. It's going to be. I want it to hopefully to be a gentle stretch when it feels okay. You can stay there. Honestly, if you don't feel like you want to hit flexor stretch, but otherwise just come up, um, to place one foot in front of the other, relatively far in front and again, just going to keep it mild. Adjust yourself so you're just in front of the kneecap or offered it and attempting to tech ever so lightly. Then encourage extension through the upper back and gently pressing the hips forward. Certainly if you want more, you can take it into a more satisfying stretch for you.

Just wanting to tap into it a little bit [inaudible] and at least forward to your hands can be down enough to curl the back toes under. Let's pass through a pull lank or a pike, the hips, if your legs are really long and change, lowering the back knee down, release the toes once you get there and settle into it. If it's super easy and you're super flexible, all your challenges is to find a little resistance there of stretch. And if it's really tight to be gentle, we want to end feeling like we did this quick touch of the whole body [inaudible] so that we can carry on having addressed everything about one more deep breath [inaudible] and then curl. Curl the back toes under enough to just step forward so your feet are together. Folding over yourself, lift the heels up, see stretch out underneath the toes and then press the heels down.

Keeping the hips pretty high for this one today. The little with the heels again, try for big toes, ankles and knees together. And then heels down. Folding over. Hang your heads. Easy, easy, easy. And we were rolling. Drawing the absent. Shoulders down easy though.

Let your head be heavy to stretch through the back and sorta like we did with the devil, like stretch arms and we'd let the arms go up. [inaudible] and we let them come down and make a bigger up and the release again. Oh arch. Whatever feels good. I'm doing two more. Inhaling and last one, make it whatever works for you. And then when you get up, stay at annex. Nice job. Good work.


I really like the pace of this class, it was a great faster paced shorter full body workout.
Lauren P
1 person likes this.
The time flew by so fast for this class - just perfect especially since you covered everything. Such a great workout. Please try and do some more of these complete short classes for days when one doesn't have a whole hour to exercise.
1 person likes this.
A very good workout and wonderful way to start a Sunday morning. Thanks Kristi!
1 person likes this.
Good short workout!!Thanks for the class!!
1 person likes this.
Thanks Kristi, I'm loving this 30 Day Challenge. On to day 4 and feeling confident I will be able to make this a habit.
Thanks for today's workout =)
Thanks Kristi!!!
You're welcome!
I could not do a lot of the moves and no adjustment was suggested. I am 61 and in reasonably good shape but this was terrible for me!
I really liked the extended leg circles, I felt it in my hips and butt the next day. My favorite class so far in the 30 day challenge :)
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