Full-Body Mat<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 79

Full-Body Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 79

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I really like the pace of this class, it was a great faster paced shorter full body workout.
Lauren P
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The time flew by so fast for this class - just perfect especially since you covered everything. Such a great workout. Please try and do some more of these complete short classes for days when one doesn't have a whole hour to exercise.
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A very good workout and wonderful way to start a Sunday morning. Thanks Kristi!
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Good short workout!!Thanks for the class!!
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Thanks Kristi, I'm loving this 30 Day Challenge. On to day 4 and feeling confident I will be able to make this a habit.
Thanks for today's workout =)
Thanks Kristi!!!
You're welcome!
I could not do a lot of the moves and no adjustment was suggested. I am 61 and in reasonably good shape but this was terrible for me!
I really liked the extended leg circles, I felt it in my hips and butt the next day. My favorite class so far in the 30 day challenge :)
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