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Meredith teaches a BASI Pilates® advanced Mat class. This class was taught with our professional "students" in mind and is only appropriate for students with significant Pilates experience. The class begins with a basic warm up and flows through some of the most advanced Mat exercises. The assumption is made that students taking this class have prior experience with exercises like Control balance, Jacknife, Twist and boomerang.
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Feb 10, 2010
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This is a level three mat class. The assumption is being made here that you know and understand the exercises. So expect there to not be a lot of explanation as far as setting up stabilization because hopefully we all are knowing how to stabilize and to set up these exercises. So with that, here we go. Sitting up with the knees bent and the legs and feet together. Taking a moment as you breathe in and breathe out to bring yourself into your body, into the room.

Think about lifting a little bit taller and just start to notice what you notice about yourself. Arms reaching forward without losing the length of the spine. Exhale, start to move the pelvis underneath. You're rolling down just to the bottom of the rib cage. Open up through the low back breathing and when you get there, starting your exhale, moving yourself back up towards straight. If you're needing to use your hands this early to assure yourself that you get straight, please do. If not, just straighten up and breathe in.

Breathe out as you move the pelvis for a sliding down the mat towards your lower back. As you inhale, look for a little bit of depth and start exhaling as you curl from just underneath the ribs. Bringing yourself forward for us and then lengthening up tall. Going two more times there. Exhale, maximizing the curvature in the lower back, letting the shoulders be heavy. [inaudible] growing longer, getting taller as you come back up towards sitting. Last one here, we're exhaling to go down. In fact, bring your feet with you.

Let's come all the way down onto our backs here. Arms at our sides, preparing for the pelvic crow. Breathing into prepare. Breathing out, flattening the spine into the mat, curling the spine up. Boss the mat, reaching bone by mo bone through the spine. Knees in line with shoulders at the top and breathe in. Breathe out as you bring your chest through your arms. Feel the stretching of the arms or the engagement of the upper back as the rest of your spine is placed consecutively down into the mat, underneath you. Breathing in, moving with the breath. Exhale coming, so never arresting.

It's never just a stopping. There was maybe just an intensity or a place to look for intensity with the inhale. Exhale, come and down manipulating the spine, getting it nice and warm. Two more to go. We're rolling up. Feeling an inner thighs pulling together back of the legs, working hard for Ya. Ribs drawn down in, in neck, long and relaxed. Last one here for the day. We're rolling.

What can you find in your movement? Slide your arms out to the side. Palms face up. Pick up the legs, glue them together for the spine. Twist. Come into the front of the room for us on in here. Exhale, milk your way back through center. Don't stop and center. Just continue on to the opposite side as you breathe in and breathe out. I'm Brayden pulling the abdominals away from the knees as you're inhaling and then taking that deeper as you bring yourself through center two more times to either side.

No shifting back and forth in the knees. Fitzy just in front of the knees throughout. Yeah, so last one, take it a little further. If you can keep your up with that shoulder down. Raise your arms back up. Lift your head and chest, reach behind your thighs for one moment. Look for her good, intense, solid curl. Then reach straight down towards your hips.

Taking one leg down at a time. Breathe in and breathe out. As you change and change as the legs move, feel that they're light. As far as the musculature around the legs, all the work is happening. It's I lever in the waist, pulling the legs up. [inaudible] both legs up, both legs, down at the same time. Keep the low back, very controlled, very flat, and bring it back. Inhale legs down and exhale, digging deep to come back.

Looking for ease in the movement. Okay, for the quietness in your body that'll allow you to go deeper into the movement. As your legs move again, take your arms over your head and everything comes home and reaching back and coming in as the arms travel overhead. Tried to narrow them behind you without losing any of the upper body curl. Two more times. Breathing in and breathing out.

Last one, hold here. Bring just the legs, hands behind the head. Lower the right toes to the floor. Turn to the left knee and change [inaudible] have you had so avoid turning the head to turn the body that had just rested in the hands as the rotation happens around the ribs. [inaudible] three more to each side. Three, two, looking for power in the center. Last one, bring the legs up. Come to center with the trunk. Arms reach forward again, lower your head and chest down, keeping the ribs down as the head touches down. Exhale, lifting the head and chest back up. Stretching the legs out straight for the a hundred breathing in and it's exhale.

One, two, three, four, five and breathing, spanning the ribs. Deepening the breath. Yeah, challenge your legs maybe to lower a little bit, pumping your arms from the back, keeping the collarbones law. Three more full breasts. [inaudible] exhale, bend the knees. Pull them right in towards the nose, but keep the tailbone down. Inhale, lower the head and chest. Lower the feet to the mat. Stretch them out in front of you.

Turn the palms to face one another. Lift the head and chest. Derazio abdominals downwards. Rolling yourself up. Creating a long but curved spine. Exhale, we're coming down bone by bone, reaching the feet out into the opposite direction. Breathing in as you lift. [inaudible] putting all the air out of the body as you come up.

Well is heavy down the back. Yeah. Inner thighs active, pressing the backs of the legs down into the ground. So creating not just an abdominal exercise, but a full body experience. Last too.

One more time. What can you find? How can you intensify or make the work better? [inaudible] this time as you come forward, stretch all the way forward. Let the head relax. Maybe guide yourself a little further further into the stretch and then rule yourself up. Sitting up all the way tall. Arms out to the side, palms up for the spine. Twist, flexing the feet there. Nice and lined up. Knees are lined up, bones are lined up and coming to me, looking for the length as you come through center.

So it's not just about going around, it's about going up. Imagining a spiral from the base of this spine all the way to the ceiling that the, you're just rotating around. [inaudible] shaders still hips are quiet. [inaudible] last one to both sides. Using the obliques to find the movement coming back to center.

Lower the arms down. Separate the feet, reaching the arms out in front of you for the spine. Stretch forward. Breathing in, breathing out as you start from the head, feeling the ribs knit together, keeping the low back long as long as you can, and then sending the low back forward over the thighs. Inhale in stenting through the spine, feeling the abdominal supporting the spine, creating a length through the body. Exhale, undulate back down and come all the way back up to sitting on one breath. Inhale, filling. Exhale, head first ribs drawing down the front of the body. Inhale, lengthening into a long straight back. Exhale, sending the spine first forward and then articulating back up.

[inaudible] doing that three more times. [inaudible] exhaling down, keeping the legs active to intensify the stretch, to intensify the work in the spine. Last too. [inaudible] no, change it at the top in help to find your straight back. Pause there. Check it out. Ribs and abdominals and growing. Long on the diagonal. Turn towards me in that extension and inhale to bring it back.

Exhale, going away. Inhale, so not just turning, but reaching forward with the spine. Inhale to come back and exhale. We'll go in the other way. Last one. [inaudible] coming back through center. Breathing in, breathing out as you take the spine even further than you ever have all day and roll. [inaudible] we're rolling back down.

[inaudible] inhaling into extension. Exhale, bring the arms down, guide yourself a little further forward or, or create the best, most solid position that you can. Inhale the arms come back and with the exhale little presses back with the arms. A certain slides forward. Not just forward in fact, but up and out. And Five, four, three, two, one. Take it down and roll yourself up. Bending the knees. Open leg Ra. All right, holding onto the ankles. Heading into the open leg rocker.

Stretching one like leaning back a little bit. So you're just behind the sitting bones. Look for length in the spine. Check out your position and then bring me up. I like to meet him holding here, upper back. So something that works for me is try to pull the in arms, sorry, try to pull the legs away from your upper back. It's like you're pulling your shoulders slightly down to separate legs and then squeeze the inner thighs. So there's a resistance factor there. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, Rola.

I almost didn't make it. You guys in here. We're all back annex. Finding a listing in here. We go back and exhale, we're coming up, rocking back, using your breath. Creating good work. Sorry I got distracted by the Pelicans off the window. Lift, lengthen. And two more guiding the eyes forward and above the feet as you carry your spine into extension. Last time holding here, letting go. As you lower your legs, bring your arms out to the side. Sit Up, flex your feet, turn towards me. And so inhale lengthening up in and turning back to center, which Hearne ringing out the spine and how length and or create long a longer spy and press the back arm against an imaginary solid or an imaginary surface.

So something I think about is pushing the back arm back and pulling the front arm forward. So there's our sense of opposition in this exercise. And let's do two more, a little quicker. It's inhale, exhale, inhale, bring it all the way around to the other side and you nail all the way up and around. And Marie, last one for the day. Lengthen up, bring the arms back. Is that the arms down and bend the knees, leaning back just a little again. She bring up the legs, they're to the floor. Let go. The teaser prep. Starting from the base of this spine, tucking the tailbone under, coming just to the shoulder blades as we exhale. And then inhale, come and straight back on. Yeah, for a long spine x. So we come down and our thighs will help you a lot.

Can You keep your legs still failing? Not letting the inhalation allow you to create length in the spine. Last one here. Okay. Excelling as you find your way back down to your shoulders again, pause there. Bring your knees a little closer. Hands to the knees, check it out.

Intensify double leg stretch, reach in the arms overhead. The legs go out. Exhale. Push the arms around through space. So it's not just the obs that are working. We've got our back working. I've got the backs of the legs active, challenging each and every movement. Remembering that it's not just about the active creating pictures with the body, but if exercising the mind, the last three, does your knees come in? Your tailbone stays heavy here. Here's the last one.

Heading into the single leg. Stretch both hands on the left knee, right leg straight. Can you lift a little higher and change as you touch the leg or as you bring your hands to your knee? Push down onto it and with that pressure downwards, curl up a little higher. Energize the back of the straight leg and our joys. Both legs and fat. Last four very keep fighting for it. And one crisscross. Yeah.

Had heavy in the hands. The eyes just move to the position. Yes. Follow the ribs. Really staying clear up off that bottom shoulder. Here's five, five, four, three keeping the neck long. One. Well one, bend both knees. Bring them in. Bring them a little closer without lifting the tailbone.

Lift the upper body a more lower the upper body. Lower the legs, place the arms down at your sides. Breathe in to prepare for the shoulder bridge and exhale to role milking in working through the spine. Hold at the top. What you, we're gonna come down just once. Inner thighs in the back of the legs again about where you're standing on your feet. Your comes a full shoulder. Brie Jack sailing to come. [inaudible] [inaudible] pickup the right leg extended to the ceiling and it's exhale to take it down and work in the back of that free swinging leg in order to keep the hip high so the pelvis is lifted through here.

Arms along in straight fingers together. Okay, last three to bring the Lega, flex the foot lift a little higher. If you can lower the leg back down to knee level folded in, put it down with huddle. A lot of shifting in the body. Pick up the opposite leg, stretch it to the ceiling and it's XL. Sir, go down and [inaudible] reeling the leg up from just under there. Last four and three and two and lift a little higher.

Still check out the hips, lower the foot down, pointing the foot. Bennett folded in and slowly melt the spine down. Bring up the right leg. Stabilize. Bring up the left leg. Stretch the legs out in front of you. This is the rollover breathing. As the legs come towards vertical. Breathe out as you rule over, flex and separate the feet.

Keep the spine long or think about getting longer as you lower your legs and exhale to roll down one bone at a time. Shoulders still in space. Point the feet. Circle the legs. Touch, breathe in and moving. With the breath. We rollover. Flex separate, lower without shifting the spine and come down points. Circle, touch for you then and read it and roll down. So by using breath, can you create a dance like feeling in your body? Circle, touch, separate. Inhale, XL over. Flex. Bring the legs together, lower them down.

Durag the knees across the eyeballs, across the tip of the nose. One bone at a time. Comes into the mat. Point the legs, lower them, bring them up. Separate. Exhale to rollover. Flex, bring the legs the other. Can you get your spine at least still, but maybe even longer as the legs lower down and then keep them quite close to you as you roll through your spine points. Separate. Inhale, exhale, rollover. Flex, squeeze lower. If you're going to and roll down as your tailbone and touches, lift your head and chest. Point your feet.

Reach for your left ankle, Shin Calf. Lower the right leg to the floor and anchor it down. Guy The left leg a little closer to you. And then pulse and change. Hamstring using the anchoring of the bottom leg to ring the top like higher. So it's not that we're holding onto the leg, it's that we're pulling the leg away from the hands towards the nose to more and the body still has the legs change you. Space left leg comes back up, hands behind the head. Hamstring two and we pull deeply to post the top like in last one. Turn to the left leg, hamstring three bringing that side as close as you can to your chest.

Continuing to anchor the bottom like and bring the top leg up in. Two pulses. Last one. Bring the right leg up to meet the left. Lower the head and chest, arms down at the sides. Rollover the Jack Knife. Lower the legs down towards the Mat on the inhale and lift all the way up. Got to use the back of the legs. Use The glutes. Use the spinal extensors.

Exhale down bone by bone. [inaudible] keeping the toes opposite the eyes. Lower the legs to wherever you can. Keep your spine flat. Bring them up. Sex Alto, roll over. Inhale down in him. Look for a long street line and exhale down.

How much, how controlled can you be? Bring the legs up. Exhale, rollover. Inhale, puts them in tension into the Dona and then excel. Yeah, last one for now. Bringing it up, bringing it over, you know, down on. Find it. Annex Hill to come down. Bend the knees, slide the legs along the ground or hug them into your chest and then slide them along the ground. Right. Your hands behind your head. The neck pole. Sorry, Leila.

Inhale, lift the head and chest. That doesn't, that's okay. Sorry guys. Lift the head and chest. Exhale, roll. Apologize to myself as well. Yelling. Elongate the spine. Sit Tall, tall, tall, hinge back on the long diagonal. Think about lengthening the head in the direction in which you're taking your spine and then Tuck the pelvis rolling yourself down. I promise you, if you anchor with your hamstrings, with the back of your legs, squeeze your glutes a little. It'll help reaching all the way over in Haley, long ada ribs and as a hinge back and roll down. Exhale, keeping the elbows wide throughout.

Any lift. Try to think about, I'm sorry. All right. One more. Only one more. Unless there's it. I promise. Kind of get forward one more time. Got To get back down one more time.

So lift, growing the spine. Long. Hinge back, roll down. Place your arms down at your sides. We're going into control. Balance. Ladies that make you feel better. Okay. Okay. Glad to hear am glad to be of service. Let's all hug the knees into the chest just for a second.

Take a minute. Prepare yourself mentally. I don't know, maybe emotionally for the control balance. Alright. So sending the legs up and he'll pick them up to 90 if they're not there already. XL, take it over. Alright, so from here, lower the feet to the ground. Bring the arms out to the side around, back towards the toes. First things first, try to lift the pelvis up. Oh, away from the top of the bottom of the head. Then don't take both hands to one foot. Reach the opposite leg up. And think about a spot on the ceiling that you're trying to touch. There's a pulse up there and we change [inaudible].

So here's where we've got to look for quiet and s in our body. Not that we're not working hard, we've got to let it happen. Writing up the leg will help you. That upper leg will help a lot. [inaudible] last one. Both sides. Lower that top leg down.

Hold into the toes with both hands and roll down. Just keep as you come down, pull your legs towards you, Joey. Bend your knees, hold your ankles, curl your head and chest up. This is rock back and forth along your spine for a couple of rocks. And then we're all at in like a ball, bringing the legs quite close to the body. Shoulders down, elbows wide.

Here we go. And he'll rock back. And exos a coma, massaging the spy. You can't do neck pull. I can't even roll like a ball. Three more last time. Place the feet down. Stretch him out. Stretch out the legs, back. Support, fingers, back. So fingers facing forward. Straighten the arms first, pointing the feet.

Remember, it's not just about the arms here, it's about the whole body. So with that, lift the chest, push down into the mat with your arms, but lift up with your spine. So although you're using the arms a great deal, you're lifting up off them. Here we go. Pick up the hips, reaching the toes down towards the ground in, you know, sit down. It's a hinge. And XO, we left trying to stretch the feet into the ground and y'all sit down, sending the chest forward and exhale. We left in, in June, down. Eyes forward, chest up. One more. Just like so. And y'all sit down, leg pull back. Exhale to lift that Chin.

Hips. Keep the right foot on the floor. Pick up the left leg and Paul, one, four, five, two that sit down, pick up the other leg in it's touchdown. Lift up four. Oh, sit down. All Right, showered. Enjoy the stretch for a moment. You can flex your feet. Can pull with your arms. [inaudible] okay, come all the way back up. Turn this way.

Okay. The sideband. All right, so the fingers are facing away. Got Top leg crossover. The bottom line, pulling up away from the hand. Opposite. I'm straight down by the hip. It's an inhale to bring the body to a plank like position or a side plank position. Exhale, lift the waist, push up, push up, push up, look down at the very last moment.

Bring the arm over the head and here we come back. Exhale, bend the knees gently to and come straight back up in here. Exhale, keeping the ribs in as you lower just the neck to turn. As the arm comes overhead. Inhale back and exhale. Keeping that shoulder rally. Stave up. Exhale to come on. So in order for us should stability of the children, it helps me to think about going away from the arms. Slyly last one.

Exhale, find your side plank position. Bend your bottom, lift your top like try to go so much away from that arm. That could actually lift up in space if necessary. Are we going to kick each other? Maybe. Okay, let's go hand behind the head. Bring the like forward flex point and point back. Sorry when I meant to say this, kick kick with a flex foot and reach back.

Making sure the spine is not hyperextending as a leg carries back [inaudible] he's using the Fulbright [inaudible] last two [inaudible] [inaudible] the light a little higher end space. Place it down to what you perceived to be just forward of middle. Slide the opposite leg out from underneath you. Bring the left arm up and bend your knees all the way down. Let's get your feet a little closer to you. Bring the left arm, right arm, whatever arm this arm up and side bet you bring me all the way back down. Set up for the twist.

Same starting position as a side bend. Inhale into the side plank position. Exhale, lift the bottom hip as you reach first toward your ankles, and then away underneath your arm. Inhale to come back. Exhale, we're just going to hover here, so bringing the hips down, lift up out of the shoulder. Inhale, come on. Exhale to range in the alternate. Come back and Xcel to however the hips. Laughter come into a pike. Turning the pelvis, turning the spine. Bring it back. Hold. Hover.

Yeah, put the, buy me down again. Lift the top leg up again. Reach it away from you. Balance. Let's see, being with the bottom arm. Ooh, pull out his parlor tricks, but Anthony put it next to the other knee and sit into that hip as you stretch. [inaudible] what is relaxing? [inaudible] and just continued towards that hip. As you sit down, swing your legs around to the other side. Here we go again, a side bend, so take a moment to find it. Here we go. Lifting side plank. Exhale. It's the waist that works. You Know Blake, specifically the head looks down, the arms reach over and heel back to side plank. Exhale, bend the knees, move slightly away from the arm.

It's just very small moment in which you touch and we go again. Exhale up, coming back, bending the knees. Two more to go. Yeah, making a rainbow with your body and [inaudible]. This is coming up one last time going into the, and one last time I seen up to that bottom waist, bringing it back to side plank. Lower the bottom knee. Bring the top line up. Say you want hope, not a lot of weight in that bottom arm and the head.

Check it out as your back arching too much. Just think about it. I'm going to bring the leg forward and stretch. Okay. Lengthening the neck into the hands. So with that sort of allowing the head to kind of the hand to push the head forward, we allow the hand to be a stable base for the head to reach back into.

Let's do two more. Here it is. Bring the leg down slightly in front of center. Sli The opposite leg back underneath it. Reach the top arm up. Bend your knees to the Mat.

Let's get your feet a little closer to pick up the army or just working. Bring it up. No. Okay. Coming back to waste the food. Have to move away from you a little bit again. And here we go.

And who we left. Exhale, we're going hiking that bottom HIPAA turning at the waist and he'll come back and exhale. Hover down, lifting up out of the shoulder. Now using your obliques to lift. Exhale. If the bottom half reached through the arm, come back down last too. Alright, did we just do this one? Can I remember that? Okay. And then down for us I think, and then up and then, and then the, and then we balanced.

Oh, and then me lifted the leg even higher and then we stretched. Yeah. Okay. Take a minute here. Just make your way towards hands and knees. I gotta wipe my hands off. Okay, I'm ready. They come in through a plank position here.

So front support position, looking for strong active legs, strong active center. Point the right foot and pick it up for six. As a light goes up the backstage, it's perfectly stable. The toes and don't shift the hips. Pick up the other leg and it's using, working from just underneath the hips, the knees too straight. It's like you're floating the leg up, but also out the toes down. Lift the hips on, pressing into the heels, eh, come up onto the toes, articulate forward. So talking the tailbone under, finding, playing position. Palladia push up, bend the elbows into the body and press back.

No pause there. I'll lift the hips without shifting the hips side to side. Walk the feet straight back or the hands straight back in. Excuse me. Had heavy exhale. Come on. Shoulders reaching down in the back and yelling at the top x how we roll down. Excuse me. At heavy on the Mat.

Walk yourself forward. Three pushups, shoulders reaching animation. He is too. Yeah, I saw last one. Unless the hips walk the hands to the feet. Roll Up. [inaudible] no back down. Last set.

[inaudible] heavy shoulders. Heavy head, deep abdominals. I don't want to hear their last three. Well hung up from just under the rims all last time. Hold. Dropped the knees to the ground. Sit back on the feet. So here for just a moment, breathe into the rib cage.

Expand and contract into the bag. Come back forward or roll back up. Lower your hips to the ground. Interlock your fingers. Elbows just underneath the shoulders for the single leg kick. Lift the chest up. Eyes go up to pull up the ABS so that they're definitely up off the ground.

Pick up the legs. Kick one foot in twice and change in here on access. I'd say he's nice and still on. The way to accomplish that is to to work that the leg really make the contraction happen at the hamstring and continue lifting up through the ABS. It's worth maintaining support. Last one both like straighten oh your head and chest. Turn your ises towards me. Interlock your hands.

Bring your more right up high on your back. Elvis drop to the side abdominal. Then however the legs and double leg kick kick three, two, one and in Yara and turn that off the other way. It's three two, one and eat. So same thing here to avoid making the whole body wiggle. Can we just focus on the contraction of that hamstring?

How's your inhale to extend? Here's a place where you can really feel it. Use it. Work with that last one. Yeah, hold my nams around in front. Lower everything down. Reestablish your abdominal contraction. Make up the leg. Pick up the arms, lift the left arm and the right leg and swim. Starting slow.

And then moving too quick here as you need to confirm precision in the movement. Last breath. Lower everything down. All right. Back to settle. Place your hands under your shoulders. Oh, can we do it? Tuck your toes under pulling on your abdominals.

Can we come from the ground into a friend? Support position? Sure. Can I lift the hips up? Bend your knees, look through your hands. Hop through your hands. Sit down and sit up. The t's are who? Oh, here we go. He's here.

I can barely see out my mat girls. Here we go. Lean back a little. We're almost there. Stretching the legs up. Let's try for three. I'll bring the arms forward. And then, uh, and with that, as you roll down through your spine, keeping the legs in the year, the arms move downwards as the Ted comes down, the arms reach overhead roll back up, curling from underneath the ribs. Yeah, and come down again. Lifting up last time.

[inaudible] lower the arms, lower the leg than lift the arms and reverse right teaser too. And three, split the legs on the body, so at the low Beck's got to get down first and then you can lower your legs as much as you want to. There's your exhale. Inhale, bring everything back on. Hmm. Exhale, rolling down. And then y'all coming up. Last one with the utmost grace. Lower your legs and stretch.

And what should we end with? How about the boomerang grandson alley? All right, so here we are. Cross your right leg over your left. All right, your spine forward over your legs. Go ahead and look for a stretch here and then roll yourself down. As the low back comes down onto the ground, the legs reach up and over. UNCROSS and recrossed the legs. As the spine comes down, lift the head up, roll all the way back up.

Circle the arms around, stretch the chest, lower the legs, the ground, and reach out to the side. And around hour we'll let yourself back. Oh, roll yourself over. I'm crossing re cross the legs. Roll yourself down. Lift your body up. Circle the arms around. Stretch a little over the lying and pull the [inaudible] so deep to the spine.

As you reached for that, you'd get a bigger stretch. Hold your feet for a moment. Guide yourself a little bit further. Let go of your feet. Roll yourself down. This is the end. Rounding down legs. Reach up in over. Alternate legs. Roll Up.

Head comes up as the hips go down, Rachel. Circle stretch likes. Come down. That's fine. Comes forward. Retrieve your fee. Guide yourself a little further. Ah, and then when you're ready to bring yourself up and crush your feet, the engineers push yourself up so you're reaching up towards your feet. Find a place here. Happy on your mat. Sit down into your heels for a moment. As you lift your hips to the ceilings, stretch your legs or your anchor, your feet down into the floor. Go all the way to straight legs first, and imagine somersaulting through your legs here.

Then bend the knees, pulling up so much on the ABS, and he's been just a little feeling. The femurs go deeper in the hip joint so that the low back can just stretch out longer. [inaudible] and we think, congratulate yourself on a job. Well done. As you roll yourself up, I'd keep my knees bent. I'm going to keep my knees bent, but you can do what you want.

Working through the spine, straightening the legs whenever appropriate. Bring the arms forward. We cannot put the hands pressing down. Oh good. [inaudible].


Lots to aspire to achieve in this one!!
You know it!! That was one of my first classes.
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This class may not have a catchy name but it works e-v-e-r-y-t-h-in-g and still brings serenity to the work out. If I want straight up aerobics I`ll jump on my bike or go running---when I want to check in with more than just my body I'm coming to you,
which pretty much means a daily visit! .
Thanks Joni. Happy Holidays!!
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Awesome! Love the flow of the exercises. As hard as it was it was over before I knew it!
The flow was wonderful! and your cueing allowed me to listen and feel as I moved. loved it! : D
Thanks Ladies! Glad you enjoyed yourselves!
Loved this class! Thank you Meredith!
Great class. Definitely a Level 3!
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How exciting to come back to this class to measure my progress. I can complete all the exercises a lot better than I could 7 months ago.
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